Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Brainwashing you Makes Lauren Rich

LR Ultra is spreading.

My brainwashing program is more effective than I dreamed possible. This week’s fuckover report is legendary because I recorded FIVE legendary fuckovers (more than $2,000) and two more Extreme ones (more than $1,000). Generally I have one or two legendary ones and a couple more Extreme. I attribute the increase to LR Ultra.

So many clients are emptying their bank accounts and maxing out their credit cards because of the effects of My brainwashing efforts. My biggest limitation is time. I log on to Niteflirt, and the victims line up to give Me cash.
It’s wonderful! I had to refrain from logging on for a while today, just so I could write a few paragraphs and get the spending report app I have running. All so I could show all of you victims and potential victims the cash and gifts I have been raking in.

LR Ultra is a dynamic program, I’m always looking for new angles and twists to inflict on you. Each hook into your mind makes your imprisonment more secure.

Some of you are experiencing distress from your enslavement, and have related it to Me. This is tiresome, so I am looking for angles that will help you become at peace with your cash destruction.

The truth is, that nothing has ever given you as much sexual pleasure as being turned into a helpless mind-controlled drone for Me.

It’s a little different for each of you because I work with the existing inclinations that you already possess. I bring them out and enhance them. Some characteristics are not useful to Me, and they are ignored or repressed. You are molded, your sexuality shaped to best meet My goals. It is an erotic and intense experience!

It’s time for you to enjoy some photos. Think about how I use My sexual power to control you and cash fuck you

Here are a couple recent ptvs to buy

Now it’s time for


Legendary Paypig Alert!

Totally losing control, and unable to help himself from sending dozens of huge tributes was steve q fucked. This dude fucks himself over so I dont have to. He sent a tribute as big as $999 and many many three digit ones. I dont think he knows how to send ones smaller than $50, and that’s OK 🙂 He got a bonus at work, and boy now he gets to explain to his wife what happened to it. He spent $5191. I bet it was more than the silly bonus!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

J the junkie has totally lost control, succumbing to brainwashing by My body. He can’t stop coming back, can’t stop tributing, and in the last couple of weeks has spent. (Hold on to your little hat) $3548! Most of that was in one session, but that wasn’t the only spree. I have used LR Ultra to brainwash him and addict him to My hypnopussy! In fact, he’s earned a NEW BLOG name, and from here on out, he shall be known as hypno-pussy. This is his FIRST ever legendary mention!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My helpless dennis is under My spell. He can’t get hard unless he pays Me, and only masturbates to My photos now. He will send a tribute just to get hard! He’s really lost control, and I was very pleased to see that he’s spent $2820 since the last review!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

So many legendary alerts this time around! Another slave who was deeply triggered again by LR Ultra is Dr x. I love our sessions, I get spoiled soooo hard! He spent $1981 on Niteflirt and another $1923, with a couple of huge purchases including a computer, a wooden room screen, a pet stroller and lots of gift cards. The grand total was $3904! WOW

Legendary Paypig Alert!

I cannot believe the number of huge mentions this month. Also losing control was My sweet sissy buffy. She knows that she is headed towards bankruptcy, and she’s started dissolving her IRA to help pay off credit cards, which she then uses to tribute Me again and again! The amounts she is sending to her Queen are getting bigger and bigger. She spent $3731 this time around. Just another wow.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Boomer kept calling and clicking and paying and generally losing control. I have him in My delicious trap and he knows it! He spent $1,665 since last month

Extreme Paypig Alert! Coming back for a cash visit was loser421. Everytime it’s a different name, but the result is the same. Falling victim to Lauren. This time it was for $1390. WOW.

My good boy nylonslave spent $201 worshipping his Goddess to earn a mention

Paypig Alert! My very good girl marla has been spending again recently, and calling again and again, buying pay to views and being a very obedient good girl. This sissy spent $412 to get a paypig alert!

Calling back for another raise the rate session was the pathetic jerk jockey, with more tales of how his ex fucked him over. He deserved it. He spent $236.

Huge Paypig Alert! Falling back under My power again is PIG. He knows he’s doomed. He spent $611, but honestly I’m surprised he didn’t surrender even more than that

My oink loser sissy came back again for more spending again! She tries to delete her account, but it’s futile. LR Ultra has a hold of her brain! She spent $344 in a raise the rate session that she didn’t expect!

Paypig Alert! getting another alert is pigbait. This is concrete proof that he has no defenses against My dangerous mind games. He can only get hard fucking his palm and paying Me now. Too bad.

Back after a hiatus was My good boy who loves his stolen moments. He caught me up to take on our personal money making conspiracy and on all the unexpected turns! He spent $195

Paypig Alert! My good boy irish dope came back for another good session! I had damaged him a couple of months ago enough so he had to lick his wounds. He spent $402 to get his red letter mention!

My exposure sissy spent $103 getting her kinky self spread across the web

Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dave stayed helpess and spent $323 getting a red letter alert. What a good boy

Coming back for some click and pay was leather loving “because Lauren says” and he spent $148

New Slave Getting his first mention is “skepti-cat” We had a delightful conversation and he spent $191. (did you know it was that much skepti-cat?)

My greek virgin came back to spent $114. I think I am taking cash he doesn’t really have. Oh well. *laughs*

Paypig Alert! I had a lot of fun with bambi, as we traveled to a pink hypnopalace in the sky. She spent $337

My dangle dude was back, spending $203 to get his mention. So weak for dangling heels!

New Slave! Sweet guy who has been spending and buying things on Amazon gets his first mention for spending $122 on Niteflirt and $38 on Amazon. I’m calling this good boy “freckles”

Back was shiny iz, spending $150. So close to the $2K level of spending!

New to the Blog! Not new to Me, but finally earning a mention is “oldie” who clicked and paid to $127. I have noticed the pay to view amount he will spend it beginning to creep up a bit. GOOD. Well done oldie!

slave pete earned a mention too! I used to call him panty pete, but he asked to be called slave pete, so ok. Even though I think he has a secret panty fetish. He spent $138

New Slave, earning a mention and cancelling her account was project. Perhaps she will see this. I like having female financial slaves, and this is one.

Spending $139 after months of lurking was junky. This bitch is overdue for an extreme fuckover.

Huge Paypig Alert! I lured tPay in. He thought he could get away with buying a couple little pay mails. Oh no you don’t, I will fuck you over so fast you don’t know what hit you. In hardly anytime at all, $609 was Mine.

And close to the $3k level of spending is spawn, who spent $138 during this period.

Also getting a nice mention is quiet gentleman, who is addicted to My selfies and spent $260 this time around

My boyscout spent $222. I love being spoiled by him!

My weak for legs guy can’t stay away. He comes back again and again, to tell Me that he is staying away. It’s kind of funny. He spent $175 telling Me he wasn’t going to spend on Me

Just missing a paypig alert was lex. This southern gent spent $290 clicking and paying. Nice!

Spending $135 was dirtbag. I think he’s due for a red letter fuckover soon

My armpit loser squeaked in for $101 spending to get his mention. You did it!

Making a driveby click and pay was bobpig, who dropped $264. Stay longer and spend more next time bobpig!

rolo spent $136. He keeps trying to stay away, but his stategy is failing. Of course.

Back after a break was grunter! I really missed him and was happy to see his money again. He spent $116

Spending $160 on Niteflirt and $61 on Amazon was my good boy Lauren’s footlicker. So loyal!

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