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The Best of Lauren

I decided to do a post where I just point you to what I consider My greatest hits! I have sooo much content after more than a decade wallet raping men, and some of it is outstanding stuff!

I present to you, the Best of Lauren

Best Blog Posts

Since we are on My blog, let’s start here, I went through and slogged through some dozen plus years of blog posts, and these are some of My favorites!

The Beginner’s Guide to Serving a FinDomme

Lauren’s Eleven Commandments

What is Financial Domination?

Lauren’s Manipulation Techniques

Psychology of Financial Domination: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Top Paypig Achieves Bankruptcy!

Biochemistry and the FinDomme. (Why you are fucked)

Why Be an Extreme Paypig?

I warned you that I am Dangerous!

Hiding your Financial Domination Addiction!

Introducing My New Brainwashing Program- LR Ultra!

Enhanced Addiction Program for Financial Slaves

6 Things to do to Prepare yourself for your Extreme Financial Domination Session

Best Pay-to-Views

This was a tough one, but I selected a few.

This is the one all pigs should do at some point. (Did you only go part way? Throw Me a message and I will try to help link you further in the series)

Path to Financial Slavery

I think these next few messed up more pig minds than most!

I love gaslighting paypigs!

So many paypigs have been turned into automatic paybots for Me with this series

And of course, the LR Ultra items are mind fuckery at its best!

I have to include some videos of course!

there are sooo many, it was hard to pick!

Best Pay Pigs

Read here for the 25 top paypigs! Soon to be updated.

Great Photos!

I literally have thousands of photos. I estimate I have an inventory of over 57,000 thousand studio and selfie photos to use on you suckers. and several dozen videos. I just counted 574 different sets! What is the “best” is really up to personal taste, so I just picked some of MY favorites to make a little gallery, enjoy.

Announcement- CONTEST time!

Get ready, because I am doing another contest for a week or so starting at the end of Aug and ending Labor day! It’s been a few years, and we are overdue! I’m still working out the details, so keep your eye on your email and this space!

Now it is time for your favorite feature!

The Fuckover Report!

I was on vacation for a chunk of this time, and many huge pigs were licking their wounds for the next cash round, but there was much fun to be had!

Legendary Paypig Alert! Always working sooo hard to keep Me happy and flush in cash is Dr X, who spent $2180 on Niteflirt and another $1005 on Amazon to total $3185

Extreme Paypig Alert! Not having success avoiding Me is My good girl buffy. She’s fighting letting go entirely because every fiber of her being desires bankruptcy at My hands. For My part, I want the process to be slow and prolonged, so I can enjoy a larger final sum as she keeps fighting back debt, just for Me to fling her into more cash peril again! She spent $1011

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy boomer took some addictional steps that wll keep My hold on him even longer! He stroked, called and paid his way to the impressive amount of $913. Yum

My good girl prim came by a couple of times to spend $114 and get a mention

Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dennis and I had poor luck connecting, but we still managed to extract $444 from his bank accounts for Lauren!

This should be a bigger mention, but glue is trying to break free. He actually took out a loan to spend on Me and scared himself. But he will be back. He spent $104 to get a mention.

Paypig Alert! My good boy j the junkie impressed me with $455 spending on Niteflirt and a gift of a book from Amazon!

My good little assbitch spent $113 to get a mention!

Paypig Alert! My good girl marla was back with a couple of nice calls and she spent $435

it’s always wonderful to hear from sissy j. This time around I gave her a daring assignment and I am waiting for her to complete it, then I will pull her exposure page down 🙂 she spent $236

Huge Paypig Alert! I am very happy to report that pigbait got a HUGE alert this time. He’s slipping deeper into My trap, surrendering to his paypig animal instincts and humping his own hand like a clown. He spent $610!

My pawn had very interesting stories for Me on the phone on how he is leveraging yet more money for Me. He spent $219

Huge Paypig Alert! Another pig who borrowed to spend on Me recently was tPay. This is is second loan, and he’s trying sooo hard to make it last longer than the first one. He will eventually spend. He’s been encouraging his wifey to clip coupons, haha, and of course, I am getting all the cash she thinks she’s saving.

Piggy steve q fucked spent $168 one evening. It is due for a huge fuckover. I am not satisfied with this paltry amount from him.

I was sooo pleased to see more of Loserbeast as of late. I miss our huge fuckovers, but was pleased to see he had spent $290. SOOO close to a Paypig Alert!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG has been slipping into more expensive sessions lately. I notice he’s trying to hard to space them out, but he has been craving Me sooo hard. he spent $585

My “niteflirt client” showed up with a new account and spent $150 this time around

Paypig Alert! My good boy spawn is continuing his click and pay ways and he spent $407. I would like to see him get an extreme or legendary mention soon!

My caged yankee sissy can’t stop spending, this time spending Me $212. I think she will be around more often now. Or else.

Paypig Alert! My irish dope is always a good boy, finding cash for Me. He spent $315 and we had a beautiful couple of evenings sessioning!

My good boy button did more click and pay and earned a mention for spending $246. Good boy button, you could have kept going for a red letter mention again!

My quiet gentleman gets a mention with a healthy $246 of being My slave

Paypig Alert! My wimpy little virgin finally got a decent mention, going over and beyond his usual lame performance! He spent $308 one fun evening

My good girl bambi and I had some fun in the hypnocabin and she spent $118

My boyscout and I had some trivia fun one night and he spent $110 on Me!

My good boy grunter and I had some fun, it’s so nice to have him back in My sights where he belongs! He spent $264

My good boy nylon slave squeaked in for a mention by paying his Goddess $114

My good boy Lauren’s footlicker showed his Goddess a lot of love with spending $105 on Niteflirt and $51 on Amazon prezzies!

My good boy “just another ATM” kept coming back and clicking and paying on ever growing in amount pay to views. He spent $201 very quietly. Very nice!

My newbie, “oldie” spent $143 to get a mention. He’s getting really close to the 1K level of spending

I also want to make mention of the sheer numbers of piggies who took advantage of the sale I offered while on vacation, but didn’t spend enough for a mention. A total of 101 of you spend cash this month, and that is excellent!

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Why be an Extreme Paypig?

 Why would anyone want to be an Extreme Paypig?

I mean, on the surface it really makes no sense.  A man surrenders huge amounts of money to a beautiful woman for no apparent reason.  I’m not talking a couple hundred bucks here, I’m talking about thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He goes on to financial hardship.  She goes on to spend his money. Perhaps she even squanders it on some useless little frolic, or party, or trip. Perhaps she invests it and grows it. Ultimately, it’s not any of the man’s business.  If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you work hard for your money.  Why in the world would you give it to Me?

There are a lot of reasons, and none of them will fully explain what happens, and it’s really likely that the mark himself doesn’t know quite what happened, and it’s highly likely that he will be very embarrassed and humiliated about it.

In fact, I am a highly successful FinDomme, and I’m not 100% sure Myself. I mean, I know what things to do to increase the chance that you will lose control over your wallet. (And I will employ all the techniques I know)  I have an idea of what conditions are in place to make it more likely, and I will leverage every bit of advantage I manage to get over you. No mercy.



The Setup- What ideal victims of FinDommes look like:  (Many of these elements are in play) [Read more →]

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I Help you meet your Paypig Goals!

2019 is the Year of Paypig Goals!

So many of you have asked Me to help them set goals for spending, I decided that it would be amazing to open that up to all off you and create a special Paypig Goal page with little progress bars!

See it here!


The goals all you junkies are dreaming up are amazing. Some of you want to meet a spending goal in a certain time frame, others are aiming at a lifetime goal. Some are aiming to do an extreme session. One is locked in chastity until his goal is completed!

You too can have a spending goal and have your blog name published with your goal (I will make up a name so no one can link it to your account)

You can have more than one goal, and we can plan new goals after you complete an old one. It’s fun! Once you complete it, you get a completed progress bar in the Completed Goals section to commemerate your achievement! For some of you, it will be the most notable thing you ever do!

I wanted to show you all the recent stuff I have released!

And now it’s time for the spending report!

Paypig Alert AND set a Goal!  My good boy hypnowallet couldn’t stop paying and we had a delicious long call with lots of tributing, and he made a spending goal for 2019!  He spent $400 since the last report!

Huge Paypig Alert! The senator was back and spend over $1,000 clicking and paying while on the phone with Me!

New Slave, Huge paypig Alert AND set a Goal!  A smitten loser that I am calling greek virgin spent $663 on his first few days sessioning with Me. Typical greek can’t handle money, but he must be extra pathetic as a virgin! His goal is to hit the $1K level of spending

A fun client I formerly called shopper, but might change the blog name to cheerleader, did some delightful chat and phone calls with Me to the amount of $148. Lifetime spending is really close to $1K!

Set a Goal!  Caged Yankee made a goal of spending $2,000 and spent $160 before he did that!

I did more plotting with my good boy who loves stolen moments, and he spent $172 this time around!

Huge Paypig Alert and set a goal! Despite  being laid up and absent for a few days, PIG still managed to spent $721 and make a goal to hit 100K lifetime spending. It took PIG a long time to become a paypig, and even longer to admit it. He knows it’s true now.

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert!  This guy showed up one night, curious and claiming not to be a paypig, but in about three days spent $853 on Me, getting more and more intense as we went on. I’m going to call him dead cat, because that’s what curiosity does to cats.  He deleted his account, but time will tell if dead cat rescurrects to spend another day!

Set a Goal!  Solataire spent $108 and made a goal to spent $500 by the end of March!

My extreme paypig (in training) is still back, spending $265 this round

Set a Goal!  Irish dope spent $136 and set a goal of reaching the 10K level of spending (currently over 9K)

Huge Paypig Alert, Set a Goal!  Knickers has gone crazy with a deepening addiction. He is even taking out new credit just to spend on Me. It’s sooo fun! He’s spent $838 since last update and has New goals of hitting the $10 level of spending, which will require more than $4K more!

Set a Goal!  Loser steve q fucked spend $143 and set a goal to spend $1075 to reach the 10K level of spending!

My elegant foot lover spoiled Me yet again for $172 with fun and games!

New Slave!  A rare female money slave appeared, this one a college student from a conservative family in need of humiliation.  I am calling her “horny slut” She closed her account, like so many do, but I bet she will be back!

Set a Goal!  titpay atm spent $150 and set a goal of completing a $500 session with Me this year!

and slave surprised couldn’t help but returning again and again for more worship photos and spent $234

Huge Paypig Alert! Set a Goal!  Complete a Goal!  My slave, FBI man spent $712 dollars and set a few goals, once which he completed!  One goal was to pay a three digit email, and that got checked off fast! He also pledged to do a $1000 session (we have planned this!) and another session where he spends his whole paycheck! (I understand that will be about $2500, I like paypigs with paychecks like that)  He also wants to spent $5K in 6 months, and I honestly don’t think it will take that long!

Eunuch paypig spent $164.  I think he should set a paypig goal Myself….what do you say pig?

Huge Paypig Alert!  Egghead spent $668 in mindless pay to view sessions obeying My instructions. We briefly talked about him setting a goal, we need to do that!

Enjoying more of My black leggings photos was “more please” spending $267. He’s in big trouble!

New to the Blog!  Is a guy who clicked and paid $245 with not much encouragement! I’m calling him, “just another ATM”  I hope to see more withdrawals into My account soon!

and panty pete was back for another $145!

Huge Paypig Alert and Paypig Goals Set!  Dr X made Me very happy the past couple of weeks! He spent $522 on Niteflirt and another  $447 on Amazon. He has goals of 10K of Niteflirt spending this year and $5K on Amazon!  YUM

fagmuffin has been a little quiet lately, but still spent $119

Currently bankrupt but still paying, wallet rape toy managed $237. I miss the 4 digit sessions, but that’s what happens when a FinDomme drives you into bankruptcy!

Also setting goals, but not meeting the $100 threshold for blog mention are no yes loser, clubby, janice and caged yankee. I’m sure you will be reading more about them soon!









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Chat is so fun! And dangerous!

The new Niteflirt chat program is such fun! And it’s now open to International callers too, so no one has an excuse. I don’t mind a quick chat message to ask a question, it’s less intrusive than email and you pay 69 cents a volley, so you’re not taking up My time for nothing. (Money slaves need not fear guilt!)

One fun thing is that you send a tribute (I tell you how much in chat), and I start sending photos to do little roleplays! its right here and interactive (you can still save photos from chat windows)

It’s so intimate and fun, like a messenger conversation.

I’ve done some major wallet rapes this week making guys weak in chat.  I’ve arranged scenarios and assignments.

I’ve learned more about how My clients tick and how to exploit them, and they have gotten to know Me better

One long time client who had never called Me on the phone, decided to call and was so happy he did!

It makes the Mistress/slave relationship so much better!

Imagine Mantra training!

Imagine NLP conditioning!

Personalized paypig brainwashing!

Even just fantasy sharing or friendly chat

What are you waiting for?

oh and this is the latest PTV, you should buy it. It’s a beautiful set

  (attention cumstain, it has wallet rape and cum photos for you!)

Now for the spending report.  It’s long this week!

NEW slave! HUGE Paypig Alert! Wow. An ass admirer popped up, and he became completely addicted to Me in a few short days, buying everything he could get his hands on. He was shocked to find himself becoming a money slave. I’m going to call him “eric loves ass” here on My blog.  eric deleted his account after completely losing control. I bet he reads this.  His conditioning program was short but powerful, and it is highly likely he will return.

*  Nylon slave spent $178 on the new pantyhose photos and a phone call! And yes, of course, there are more!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  My longtime sissy slave lily was back bigtime after a hiatus. She spent $650 dollars this week after I lured her in with chat. We did sissy training, paypig training, and bbc lust building. She is Mine!  Nice to cash fuck you again lily!

Paypig Alert!  Also back was OinkLoser.  This guy just passed the $6,000 level of spending and his goal is 10K for Me. 60% of the way there!   He vacillates between enthusiasm and reluctance.  I like enthusiasm!

 * and My pantyhose junkie was back, spending $110. He is unusual in that every cent he has spent has been on the phone. Hasn’t bought a single photo. He likes the pantyhose on himself, more than Me I guess!

HUGE Paypig Alert!   Princess gigi and her clitty, Felicity came around and again this week, spending $763.  mmmmm,  Felicity is what I let gigi name her clitty, and she has become like a second person. Felicity gets hypnotized and likes to pay. She also loves purple lipstick. What a slut!

*  I had a lot of fun this past ten days with My exposure sissy, for $225 🙂

“Paypig” Alert!  My elegant foot lover called Me for the first time in the years he’s been a client. I talked him into it on chat and what an amazing phone call, this guy has a radio voice. I told him he could even do phone sex if he wanted. My foot lover isn’t a typical slave, he’s more into sensual service and romance, and heck, it’s a nice change of pace for Me. I can take romance that gets Me the $420 he spent 🙂

I had a lot of fun chatting with pantyhose viking and planning an adventurous session he’s going to have.  $209 YUM

Paypig Alert!   PIG spent freely this week, his addiction grows.  $381. YUM!

*  My titfool spent $140 to continue this addiction to My perfect breasts. Some of that was a delicious surprise $50 tribute!

New Slave holy jason” is new to both My service and My blog. I call him holy jason, because he keeps saying Oh God, to what I say or the photos of Me he sees. I lured him in with chat and now he is completely Mine. $207 for Lauren!

 HUGE Paypig Alert!   “Mind controlled john” was back! He’s been a long time client, but went dormant for years. Until this week.  And he was easily the biggest spender of the week at $1764!  That pleased Me immensely!  Well done!

 *  wagner was back for another $120 spending on My perfect ass. He loves to see it when I’m wearing stockings with garters!

 *  tranceboy was back with a new name, and $120 in spending.  Another addicted loser who can’t stay away!

Paypig Alert! tPay spent $300 and hit the $6000 level of spending Mmmmm

Paypig Alert! and paycub was around this week, even just now as I was about to publish, he bought a $150 PTV Mmm.   This week he spent $300 on Niteflirt and another $100 on gift cards from My Amazon wishlist. (Keeping me in groceries, coffee, and gasoline!) What a good boy!

This was a very nice week. Well done, boys and sissies, junkies and slaves, fans and losers.  Keep up the good work. Perhaps you’ll see your name next post!

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FinDomme Manipulations

FinDomme Manipulations

I have My FinDomme Manipulations to employ when a new slave contacts Me.  Each possible future slave that approaches Me has potential.
Some of them I have to test, and others self test… paying without any demand or request…..(It is quite arousing to see slaves buy thousands of dollars of My pay to views without a single word from Me.)

Others approach with emails, and soon I ask for a very small amount.  If it is not paid, they are passed over from consideration, and ignored or blocked.

But the ones that respond….immediately they are being trained, even responding to the first test is part of the indoctrination.


Immediately I begin gas-lighting. Telling them their truth. I use a mixture of absolute truth, (you bought that email!) probable truth (or that made you hard, didn’t it?) and manufactured truth. (you are going to respond more and more intensely each time you pay).  I turn potential results into reality and into cash love for Lauren

This gas-lighting is a very effective technique, that I combine with a technique that experts in sales call. “Get your foot in the door”  If I get you to buy a little tiny $2 email, it’s highly likely that I can gradually train you to spend more and more.. I mix in rewards and mold results, audios that train you to be hard for paying, photos that fan your arousal, words that make you curious to know more.

Is this your first time reading?  You are going to become obsessed with reading every word…

you are going to want to know more…

you will buy some small thing. And it will be SOOOO cock hardening. Just wait…

Find things to buy here

I suggest one with a little audio, so you can hear My voice. That’s important, isn’t it? Take it from Me, when you hear My voice along with My photos, it will be BETTER.  one little payment won't hurt

And you know what else.

It will please Me.  I LOVE it when men buy My stuff.

So please Me…and succumb to My Findomme Manipulations!

The spending report will be back with My next blog post, and I will return to the usual Monday schedule for both!

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Paypig training

I do an assessment on each potential paypig that contacts Me.

I am looking for compliance, obedience and ability to pay.

(The most willing paypig in the world is useless if he has no cash or prospects of cash)

I do some testing. Does he pay small emails cheerfully without a deluge of responses asking question after question?  Does he email when he doesn’t have cash to spend? (this does not impress Me).  I am looking for piggies that offer a good investment on My time. I am popular enough so that I can pick and choose, and frankly I don’t have time to deal with ones that do not seem to be worth the investment of My time.

Paypigs who fail I will block, including those that I find annoying or not worth the small amount of money they can offer.

Don’t get blocked. Pay and don’t be a pest.

How do I train?

Oh some of that is a secret. Some of it is bluntly honest.

I trance you. I use operant and classical conditioning. I use hypnotic techniques that are both obvious and covert. I make your cock hard, and teach it to pay Me.

Listen to a sample of how I hypnotically train you. You need more don’t you?

I have many paypigs helplessly addicted to Me. Just ask gigi, PIG and marla. Ask shoesniffer, wallet rape toy and Dr x. Ask Loserbeast, lily and Pigskin. And many more.

Speaking of paypig training, it’s time for the spending report!

sissy marla was My #1 spender this week AGAIN. She is spiraling into BANKRUPTCY for Lauren, this week to the tune of $2453.  I LOVE this! Lifetime, marla is now up to more than $62,600.  She wrote Me today that she had spend over $8000 in the month of May alone. I’m betting I can get that to over $10K for the month!

secret thief intensified his addiction to serving Me with calls totaling over $150.

New to My blog is addicted kevin, better now for getting addicted to Me!  This week was almost $150! Lifetime he is really close to $1,000

Addicted PIG spent $381 as his resolve slipped. I know how to make PIG even MORE addicted!

Even the week after allowed a release, princess gigi managed to spend $772 and she sent Me this, which she begged for Me to put in My blog

Lauren, only one week ago you allowed me to cum (after being chaste for two months) and have a touchless orgasm….I have only been allowed to cum 3 times all of 2015 so far.  I was soooo greatful for you allowing me to cum last Sunday night.  Only one week has gone by and you already HAVE MY CUNNY NUMB (Ed- that means that her little sissy cock is flaccid)…it only responds to your commands instantly…YOU HAVE MY DESIRE TO SUCK COCK VERY STRONG ONCE AGAIN…I was begging to suck real man cock…I wanted a photo of your boyfriends cock to look at while I sucked my dildo while my cunny stayed completely numb…all of that BECAUSE YOU WANTED IT THAT WAY…and now I am sending late night tributes and emails because I have trouble sleeping…I only think of you and when this happens I want to PAY YOU and send you money…I LOVE YOU.  You have me to the point where I was at right before you allowed me to cum one week ago.  It is happening sooooooo quickly now…my cunny honestly just responds to your commands…this is why I need you….I still cannot believe all those wonderful photos you sent me tonite and I even looked at a few before I typed this email…AND MY CUNNY DOES NOTHING…I MEAN NOTHING.  You want it to do nothing…it is to remain numb until you decide otherwise…which is why I love my cunny numb…I love what you love… I will be what you want me to be…I am a prissy sissy with a tiny cunny that only obeys what my Mistress commands…sending you a tribute.  If you want to put this in your blog to show other clients what you have done to me…I am OK with that, I know it would please you to show other clients how I only want what you want and I only obey you and respond to you

What a good little sissy whore huh?

paytard, formerly known as cumstain came around for another $147, but I guarantee there are more wallet rapes for  paytard soon!

I have been doing little sessions with no nonsense guy, and was surprised to see that it added up to $370 this week.  He’s fucked and he knows it!

New to My service this week is NewPigMike….who paid $171 in the process of learning how dangerous I am.

sissy curtsey pleased Me with another $122 this week as I hypnotized her with My flouncy skirts!

And last but not least, pigskin is back! After taking quite  a financial beating he was lying low for a while, but this week the piggy rematerialized and pleased Me to the tune of $1900! Good job pigskin!  His lifetime spending is now over $17,000!


May 19, 2015   2 Comments

My hypnotic surrender Crystal makes you surrender your $

I am not strictly a hypnotist.  I don’t have any special training other then what I have gleaned from speaking with certified hypnotist friends and reading.  I am a natural, I know instinctively how to lull men into a false sense of complacency and make their cock throb on command.

I actually *can* do hypnotic sessions, but I find them a bit draining and less profitable then just fucking your mind up so much you just buy PTV after PTV.  Hypnosis is but a tool for Me. I insert it into everything I do, every email, every PTV, every phone conversation. It is covert. It is overt. It is subliminal, and it is right out there for you to view. It works.

Many men have doubted, and many of these men now have huge credit card debt.  I warn all of you.
I am dangerous.

I am not playing around.

I am easy to talk with but that is part of what makes Me deliciously addictive

I will make your cock throb like nothing else in your life.

I am extreme.

you will be Mine….another addicted junkie for Lauren

This week’s spending report:

Sporadic paypig, “rare whale” was by last night to drop Me off $665 in spending, mostly on My goody bags. He’s one of those that I use hypnotic techniques on…

Here is one of the Mantras I used on him

“I surrender to Lauren and her hypnotic crystal”

Pay Goddess (61) My hypnotic surrender crystal makes

seasoned paypigs like rare

whale surrender.  You have

no fucking chance!

Another slave of Mine, nylon lover, become mesmerized by My reinforced pantyhose (as in the above photo), and I completely took a ride through My junkies credit card accounts to the tune of $752.

My armpit loser was tranced through imagery of hypnotic armpit fragrance making him surrender.  $200 was Mine.

A very polite sissy new to Me I’m going to call curtsey on here spent nearly $200 as well. Very good girl. I LOVE addicting sissies, I find them so easy to manipulate with a combination of kindness and humiliation. Very profitable.

Speaking of manipulated sissies, princess gigi shoved another nearly $1100 at Me this week, while I spent the week teasing her about finally being allowed to cum.  She stayed chaste and soft the better part of two whole months. And this week I kept commanding her to rub her little sissy parts and be hard, and finally after an agonizing week, I allowed her a release. Dear gigi. Next time it will be longer than two months!

paybitch terry spent another $235 after an unsuccessful attempt to stay away. I laugh every time I see a weak little slave try to make a run for it…I’m like a cat with a mouse, only amused at your weak efforts!

My robot paypig eunuch clicked and paid $235 without even any encouragement on My part. I didn’t even realize how much he mindlessly spent until I added it up. Delicious!

And I lured cumstain back in for another $525 dollars. The losertard has a weakness for latex and black strap ons. I exploit that….

My young slave no nonsense guy threw $135 he didn’t have at Me.  Good boy.

After her brutal cash rape last week, marla STILL couldn’t stay away, but this week was an anemic $233 in comparison.

and Last and least is my wallet rapetoy, who spent $427 on Niteflirt on his owner, and surprised Me with nearly $800 worth of spending on My Amazon wishlist, including a new Fitbit Charge wristband, a cute new Rebecca Minkoff purse, new running shoes for My girlfriend who runs with Me, coffee (of course), a new knife for My boyfriend, and a bunch of new garden tools.
I don’t know why more of you Losers don’t buy stuff on My wishlist, you don’t all have to spend big bucks….also I LOVE Amazon gift cards (send to Laurenamazon at gmail), I use it for stuff like household items too boring to put on My wishlist, and sometimes you need to order something where time is of the essence.

May 11, 2015   1 Comment

wallet rape toy, My shopping slave!

One thing I love to have during the holidays is a slave that does My Christmas shopping for Me.

I put everything I plan to get for family and friends on My wishlist and My slave gets it for Me.

This year is going to be the best Christmas ever because of how well I trained My wallet rape toy.


I keep adding more and more to the list.

Presents for Me, presents for My boyfriend, presents for My family and friends

I just added up the amount, solely on gifts that wallet rape toy has spent this year….so far  somewhere just over $19,000 dollars.  This does not count the thousands and thousands that wallet rape toy has spent on pay to views recently!

My robot wallet rape toy has served Me for exactly ONE year this week, and in that time, he has spent ALMOST  $100,000 on Niteflirt. (Not to mention the thousand more on gifts)

Truly My life has been a parade of packages the past few weeks, and its not over yet! I dont ever run out of ideas (laughs)

I know that toy has been liquidating assets to pay off credit cards to make them out again.

This is what happens when I get My hands on a slave. I turn them into a robot.


I hear they are calling Me, “Mistress Lauren, that Domme that turns slaves into addicted robot pay pigs that pay on automatic”

I think this series was his downfall 🙂  You should try it and see what happens to you.



December 16, 2014   1 Comment

Extreme Wallet Rape Weekend!

I’ve been wanting to blog about this all week, and finally got a chance to sit down.

Wow, what a weekend!

On Friday, I noticed My wallet rapetoy buying a $2 email, and soon I engaged him in a long delicious session that built up gradually and culminated in him buying a delicious $999 email! (The maximum amount possible on Niteflirt).   His total?   $5804 dollars for a session that took about three hours. Yum.

If that weren’t enough, I woke up on Saturday to find a NEW piggy in a click and pay frenzy. Mostly on his own (with a couple encouraging emails from Me), this new piggy practically victimized himself to the tune of $1376. I’m gonna call this new one “pigskin”, like a football, since he loves My feet.

I did discover that pigskin has deleted his Niteflirt account–it’s a common tactic that piggies use to try to escape.  Most of the time that they do that, they are still reading My blog, and they come back. pigskin, it’s easy to reactivate your account, just email or fill out this form
and they will help you resume your new addiction.

Here is some inspiration!

crystal danger (102)


April 23, 2014   1 Comment

Wallets open by Magic

Wallets open by Magic

It sure seems like that sometimes!
But the truth is, I am a “master” of weaving men into an addiction.

I confessed to a couple of slaves this week, that to become this powerful at drawing men under My dangerous spell, I studied.

The nature of addiction in general, and sexual addictions in particular.

I also studied the nature of abusive relationships.  How do abusers gain control over their victims, and why is it so difficult for the victim to leave?

I completely understand the dynamics of this, and consciously and intentionally apply the principles that will make it difficult, if not impossible for you to stop paying Me. (until you have no way to to do it) Talk about a mindfuck/mindrape!

Ask Fledgling Slave, who is now 13th on my active all time Spender Loser List, mostly in the last 4-6 weeks.   The only slave I can recall rising more swiftly was Loserbeast, about this time last year.   He is begging Me to stop exploiting him, but still he emails Me several times a day and buys what I send him.   He likes to stroke and pay during our sessions, which of course I encourage with all sorts of games and it makes him go into a “i can’t stop clicking and paying” fugue.   I’m not sure he’s really responsible for his actions at this point, but I don’t  give a fuck, it’s fun and profitable.

oh And ask Guinea Pig slave, who I don’t blog about often, but he hovers between 3rd and 4th on My all time list, a five figure spender.  When I have a new technique to try, it’s Guinea Pig Slave who is usually the one I experiment on  He is hopelessly in love with Me, despite starting out with no interest in Financial Domination whatsoever.  The poor worm can’t enjoy cumming without Me anymore.   Isn’t that funny?

Ask tPay, who spent thousands this summer on Me, and can’t stay away, is just trying to figure out how to pay Me.   He’s started scrimping and saving to pay off credit cards faster, but that is a slow route, and I want him to take out the line of credit he already has set up on a rental property he owns. (wouldn’t that be sooo much faster to pay off the credit card?)  I think he will cave in, perhaps when he reads this.  Good boy tPay–be an inspiration to those aspiring money slaves out there! Remember your mantra tPay–“Bankruptcy for Lauren”

Now, as I have said before, I have been crazy busy, and haven’t had time lately to release many PTVs, but I did manage to pull together this very hypnotic photo set.

Go buy it now

Surrender to Financial Domination



August 30, 2013   1 Comment