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Extreme Paypig Session! $13,200 in One Session!


Legendary Extreme Paypig Session!

Two days ago, Monday evening (on a Monday!) My good slave Dr x came to Me ready to finally surrender his IRA to Me.  Lifetime, he has already been one of My biggest spenders and he’s been talking about cashing in some of his retirement for ages to better serve Me.

He made the decision to do that on Monday and treated Me to the biggest session I have EVER had with anyone!  He spent exactly $10, 000 on Niteflirt and $3,200 on Amazon (mostly in gift cards) He surpassed the previous record of  $7676 by wallet cunt many years ago.   He smashed it, in a breathtaking way.

I screenshot some of the paid emails, the biggest ones. (I could have gone on a long time with smaller ones) Click for a better view


On Amazon, he was exceedingly generous as well! I would ask for $100 VISA gift card, and he would report back. “I bought 4 of them for you, Mistress”  I asked for a  $250 card–he got two. A $50 department store card?  He got three. $50 from the pet store?  He got three.    A $200 gift card?  He gets two instead!  He also got Me a very fancy suitcase, a cordless vacumn clearner,  and some gorgeous jewelry I’ve been eyeing.  New cutlery, a book, a bedspread…the list goes on, I’m not listing all of it.

I won’t ever forget how special this fuckover wallet rape session was.

He has promised Me an even bigger session next time!

I also want to detail his spending since the last blog entry, it’s not a lot higher, but I want to mention it.

Since the last blog entry on 4/1, he has spent a total of $10,235   on Niteflirt and $3,262 on Amazon.  Lifetime, his spending on Niteflirt has exceeded $144,000.  It’s impossible to calculate his Amazon spending lifetime, easily $30K though.  He is 2nd on My all time Niteflirt list, but I think he could easily be the #1 Niteflirt spender if he keeps spending like he’s been recently!  (Current leader is fagmuffin at $186K, but fagmuffin never buys on Amazon)

He is no flash in the pan, paypig. Dr x returns to Me again and again, and has served Me since 2008, that’s 11 years.

So Dr X, this blog entry is for you! Excellence in paypig cash fuckery needs recognition! I can’t wait for the blog entry that details how you exceeded this in a session!

Since the last blog entry, I had a last minute vacation! I went to Key West for the first time! What fun, and what a great place! I was surprised by all the wild chickens and all the iguanas, and what a party place it is, with so much to do and live music everwhere. I want to go back now. I also got to go to the Everglades, and that is a very different kind of place but very fascinating and I even got to see Manatees in the wild.

And like everything else in My life, paypigs pay for My vacations!

Also new, is that I will be making a small schedule shift, needed for lifestuff 🙂  I will be logging on EARLIER in the day, probably about 2 PM EST on average, some days earlier, others later. I will be taking a longer break at dinner, from about 6:30-8:30 PM and then I’ll be on until about 11 PM and not usually later. If you want attention after that, it’s possible, but you will be paying extra for it, so its worth Me messing up My sleep.  As always, I am not around on Saturdays, that’s My play and have fun day, and Sundays I might not appear until later.

Now, it’s time for the spending report!

I’ve already mentioned Dr X’s fabulous fuckover, but there was lots of other action too!

Another Legendary Extreme Paypig Alert!  Any other week, this might have had it’s own blog entry, but noddy is gonna have to settle for second place this week. He still spent $2,652 on really big emails, just because he is addicted to clicking and paying Me. I’m sure that he’ll get the spotlight back again soon though!

Also hitting Extreme Paypig Alert! status was egghead! I’ve been slowly conditioning him to crave bankruptcy. My training is working! He spent $1,179 since last blog entry!

Next up is someone I think is new to My blog (but he keeps making new accounts, so I’m not sure) I think he has finally devoted himself to Dr Lauren’s therapy, so I’m calling him “patient z” and he spent $150 on his therapy this month so far’

Paypig Alert! Spending $341 on mostly delicious phone calls was My good boy with the stolen moments. He and I plotted more evil against his wife for profit.

And also new to My blog is “sparky” who I allowed back into My good graces after being a timewaster. He proved to Me he could be a good little paypig and spent $207 this week and did not make himself a pest. That’s what I like!

Paypig Alert! And pit-lover was back, calling, and tributing and buying pay to views with a vengeance. He spent $362 spoiling Me! And he’s SOOOOo close to the 2K lifetime level of spending!

Back after a little hiatus was helpless dennis, earning a mention after spending $113!

Huge Paypig Alert! OinkLoser finally reappeared, and I immediately conned him into calling Me again and again while I kept jacking up the rate. He’s so gullible. He spent $868 getting cash fucked by Me

My nylonslave was back again, always helpless, always returning for more nylon feet photos. He spent $120 this time

Paypig Alert!  My DC foot slave was back calling again, and he is getting addicted to hearing My voice. He spent $339 since last time, including one really long delicious call

And boomerang was back again! This time around he spent $190 including a beautiful $100 tribute that brought a smile to My face!

Paypig Alert! and back again is j the junkie, who couldn’t stop calling to hear My voice. He has a weak little loser voice, and he’s getting addicted. He spent $377 since the beginning of the month.

My boy, wayne was back and spent $156 enjoying My thick ass!

My sissy cocksucker was back and triggered into a paytrance to the tune of $173

Huge Paypig Alert!  PIG continues with his addictive ways on his steady march to being another 100K spender. This month he’s spent $726 so far.

Making his way back to spending bliss with Me was caged yankee. He thinks he should reform his habits, but we all know he won’t. He spent $203

Sweet sissy j is doing so well with her heel training! There are videos I plan to put on her page when I get a chance. Of course, it’s password protected. For now.  She spent $157.

Huge Paypig Alert was knickers, who surprised Me by spending pennies short of $500 and surpassing the $4000 life time spending!  Well done!

Threatening yet again to quit Niteflirt and to quit being a paypig was deadcat.  He spent $150.

Back again after awhile was fun slave cucky phil who spent $266 on Ass and heel photos. What’s not to like?

dirtbag spent $102 to get his mention!

Huge Paypig Alert!  I was greatly amused by titpay ATM. He likes to send Me tributes in chat while I tease him with breast photos. One day I wasn’t around, and he just kept sending all his cash in chat, while typing to Me like I was there!  That was funny to come back to!  He spend $513 so far this month!

Back spending $179 was fluffy. I had the memory of fluffy and I figuring out a new blog name for him, but it’s escaped Me. Drop Me an email or chat fluffy, and I”ll fix it.

Barely getting a mention was paybitch terry with $100 of spending but a lot of wishes. DO better terry.

Also barely getting a mention with $100 was virgin loser. I want him to realize how much he needs this.

Paypig Alert! My favorite FBI agent was back and spent $308, including a delicious $150 email. I remember he and I agreed on a new blog name but he stupidly DELETED his account, so I can’t read the notes on him where I put it. Oh well, he’ll be back. He always is.

I am really deep in hypnowallet’s head. He spent $167 this round 🙂

Good boy panty pete managed a mention for $113

Steve q fucked spent $150. He better get going on his paypig goals!

and good boy surprised did $235. I really enjoy our sessions, he’s so cute!

Paypig Alert!  Fagmuffin’s girlfriend can’t keep this soft little sissy away, and she spent $498 dollars on tributing Me when she could find free moments from mean girlfriend’s oppressive ways! I’ll break them up soon I think.

So this has been a memorable week, between paypig legends Dr X, noddy and fagmuffin. I look forward to seeing what the next couple weeks brings!

Remember for just $100 spending, you to can get a mention! (Blog names are not the same as your member name, so you can be stealthy and still pay Me!)

and here are recent pay to views you should buy!


April 24, 2019   3 Comments

FinDomme Secrets

The Mystery of FinDomme Secrets!

Being a Financial Domme is complicated and mysterious…right?  So many of you wonder what FinDomme secrets exist that addict beta males to paying them?

Secrets that can destroy a man’s life!

There is mystery, there will always be mystery. Some of the mystery I do not quite understand Myself, as it dwells in the hidden parts of men’s psyche, deep in the primitive brain. There are a few things I believe to be true.    I believe that primitive, ancient men wanted to mate with the very best Woman, and would go to great lengths in order to impress Her, convince Her that he is worthy, show Her he will care for Her, do ANYTHING for Her protection and comfort.

I do believe these are hardwired into male brains. Cultural conditioning has tried to short circuit it, to suppress female power, to fear female power to convince men that they are in charge (laughable!). They have sadly, had some success. This is why some men will fight tooth in nail on any attempt to tear down that conditioning, (witness the recent uproar over the Gillette advertisement)

Some of use have learned how to use techniques to bypass that conditioning on some vulnerable men. Some of us push to take it to the furthest extreme possible!

FinDomme Secret Revealed!  Mantras!

This is why I have found mantras so useful!  They shortcircuit the conditioning and speak to the primitive submissive male dwelling in the DNA, and bring it to the surface!.  I do this deliberately, and it works again and again.

The best part is, the mantra method is largely self training. I make the program, do recordings, and you and your submissive primative brain, respond to it. Sex is a visceral instinct, so tying that into sexual arousal helps Me chip right to the center of your existance.  Think of it as your sexistance, your authentic true self.

I spoke of self training, and I’m going to show you an example. It will cost you $12 to experience the example, starting with the first $2 pay to view

First listen to this!

Next, do this little paypig exercise!  Be careful, it might be dangerous (you’ve been warned)

Now, you might find yourself in the next spending report after that!

You might want to start with the recent pay to views!


Oh perhaps you will find yourself asking to do a paypig goal! Read about them, paypigs are spending like crazy just to please Me meeting the goals we set!






And of course that leads Me to the Spending Report

Goals Met since last blog entry!

  1. FBI Man bought a 3 digit pay to view
  2. grunter reached the 10K level of spending
  3. hypnowallet reached the 10K level of spending
  4. titpig ATM did a $500 session!

Those spending $100 or more since last post include:

Paypig Alert! So happy to see Loserbeast clicking and paying! He spent $290. I challenge him to set a paypig goal!

Oinkloser added to his goal amounts by spending $224

HUGE Paypig Alert!  I was overjoyed to see My devoted owned slave terry paybitch pay Me $1040 in a mindless pay flurry! It was erotic to see him sending more and more cash, in a tribute as large as $200. YUM.  Hey bitch, I took some more leggings photos for you.

My good boy who loves stolen moments squeaked into a mention with $100 spent exactly!

New Goal set!  Veryhard4Lauren set a goal and spent $104 since last blog post!

My extreme paypig is trying really hard to self reform, but he keeps coming back and paying! This time $145

New Slave!  Pervy “chairsniffer” clicked and paid and perved his way to $145 spending!

Sissy slave knickers worked toward her goal by spending $150

HUGE Paypig Alert! (And new goal set!)  My addicted slave, hypnowallet went crazy meeting his goal of 10K, met it in a way so smashing, I set a new goal for him! And he can’t stop spending, blew though $780 since the last blog entry!

My elegant foot lover swung by for our fun trivia games and to spoil Me. He spent $265. YUM

HUGE Paypig Alert! And making good progress on his goals is PIG. PIG has lost complete control, after many years of just dancing around the edges. I predict dire things for his wallet. He spent $935 since last report!

My good boy grunter has a new name, spent $250 since last post AND hit a paypig goal of 10K lifetime spending!


HUGE Paypig Alert!  Spending $505 and making his goal of $500 in one session was titpay ATM. So proud of him! What will the next goal be?

Ramping up spending recently was “just another atm” who spent $112 since last post

Back for more was wagner, spending $137 drooling over My photos

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Back again after closing his account, was deadcat.  Now deadcat has a heavy humiliation fetish, that problably started with eating out a smelly hooker. I’ve really leveraged this, and now the loser is buying BLANK pay to views. I do not want to tell you how close he came to buying a $999 pay to view. If only! he clicked paid and was $2 short due to chatting we had been doing! Arggg! Oh well. I have hopes for the figure, meanwhile I’m still milking this cashcow! Regardless, he spent $585

Working toward his goal was gutter dweller, who clicked and paid $199 away!

Paypig Alert! Irish dope worked towards his goals and spent $410 to do so! Good boy! This piggie is so sweet and a lovely slave to abuse!

Working her way through her goal, which will unlock her from chastity is marja sissy who spent $165 this time around.

Back with a new account was giftcard rabbit who spent $103. I see more giftcard buying in his future!

Paypig Alert! Eunuch robot pig spent $300 and set a couple paypig goals!

I had more sissy fun with sissy j, abusing her for $128!

Paypig Alert!  Sleepy is back full tilt, with a couple paypig goals! I’m so proud that he has spent $320 on Niteflirt and another $80 on Amazon!

Good boy surprised spent $146 and then set a goal like a good boy!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My loyal slave paycunt spent $537 and set a goal for a $1,000 session! So hot!

You can get your own SECRET BLOG NAME and be one of My paypigs, and set a goal or not. Just spent $100 before I blog again!










January 25, 2019   No Comments

I use your weaknesses against you!

It’s very easy to train a submissive beta male when you find out what his weaknesses are.

You use that weakness against him.

Weak for My ass. I ply him with ass photos (for a price of course), descriptions of how I will use My ass to break down his defenses, and then start to train him to pay the ass….

Then I use My ass and his love for it to reinforce the kind of behavior I approve of (Clicking and paying for example!)

Soon when his cock throbs, he will find that he seeks Me out, because I understand how to use his weaknesses, to get him aroused.  But more importantly, that arousal will make him spend and spend on Me!

And I usually discover, or create (sometimes purposely, sometimes accidently) other little fetishes I can leverage. Each trigger becomes like a mooring line, hooking the subject more securely in My service.  He needs, that need grows, and I become the most effective avenue to satisfy his growing need.  Very often I am the ONLY avenue.

I am often asked by one of My addicted subjects how they may break free of My ownership of them. I have studied and experiemented how to harness my skills and powers (and having a Dominant Female personality *is* a power!) to enslave men. I am very good at it, as hundreds can attest to.  I have not given any energy into learning how to help men get past their addiction to Me.

Perhaps someday, many years from now, when I am retiring on all the riches I have maniuplated from you all, I will give that some energy, and devise a cure, which I will of course sell to the desperate slave. A final slap in the wallet!

And of course, I have thought about writing a book on how to DO Financial Domination for the aspiring FinDomme. The prevailing myth is that she sits on her lazy ass while men pay her, which sadly enough is pretty far from the truth. There is an art to this, and also a need for bread and butter income in between the cash rapes of the big whales.  It would be a cruel book to unleash on mankind, but a gift to women who are confident and ruthless enough to use the techniques.  So that is why I would write both books. A double cash out so to speak.  But that’s still many good years away, I’m not done using all of you yet!

Now, a couple new pay to views for you to throw your cash at!

This fetish assessment tool, helps Me get the goods on you, so that I can train you oh so effectively!

Maximize your submissive experience with Mistress Lauren!

and this is a delicious photo set for the summer I did. Bare feet lovers will lose their mind, but you all with love it!

Featured PTVsAnd

and this is a revamp of an old pay to view, it’s not oriented to FinDomme, but it is a controlling jack off instruction series.  Now I can do JOI with a FinDomme bent, and Chat is a great place to try that (right titpig?)  Chat Me up on Niteflirt and I will show you how. Better load up that account first though.

Maximize youand r submissive experience with Mistress Lauren!

oh and of course I want you to have a gallery again. This will make the pantyhose guys drool. And if you have a pantyhose fetish, you should know I have THOUSANDS of pantyhose photos of Me in My private collection, and adding more regularly, just ask!

And now it is time for the spending report! It’s a good one!

Huge Paypig Alert!  I’m going to begin with an amazing spend by paybitchterry! I’ve got this guy wrapped around My finger, and he’s just spending it all on Me!  Since last blog?  $1502. Beat that bitches!

My exposure sissy and I had fun, well, exposing her, and the sissy paid Me $238 for the priviledge since the last report!

New Slave AND Huge Paypig Alert!  I love that combination, a new slave who just mindless spends! Yum! New to Me is “dirtbag” who got caught in click and pay, and with really just a little encouragement from Me, spent $720 since I last blogged. I hope he gets LOTS of blog mentions in the future!

and nylonslave was back losing his mind over My pantyhose, this time spending $249. I’ve got more photos you haven’t seen slave!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Oinkloser was back briefly before deleting his account, but not before I took him for over $900 in just a few days. Hey OinkLoser, you have to reactivate your account again, we gotta get you to 10K of spending!

My slave addict, micro was about, and he spent $167 since last update. I think it would have been more, but the dude and I have time zones that don’t match up very well!

Paypig Alert!  Also continuing his downhill slide is Gimp Loser, who is spending everything he has on Me because he doens’t have long to live. Stark, Brutal, Cruel. It’s not like he needs it, he may as well give it to Me! He spent $353 since last blog entry.

And My good boy who loves stolen moments managed a couple nice phone calls for $137

Huge Paypig Alert!  and even after years serving Me, PIG’s addiction is getting worse! He never used to be a paypig, but I used My techniques on him, and now he is trapped, like a machine.  He spent $815 since the last update!

Newbie feathered pig was back, this time clicking and paying for $104 and barely getitng another mention

PayPig Alert!  My elegant foot lover completely spoiled Me the past couple weeks with $406 worth just making Me smile. I love it!

Slave more please was back drooling over My leggings and paying!  He spent $130, and there is MORE to buy, hit Me up more please!

Huge Paypig Alert! and My tit-crazed slave, titpig ATM went nuts again, this time paying $538! He discovered the dangers of JOI games in chat. And loved it, can’t wait to do it again!

sissy j has been suffering under her tiny cock control control, and this time she spent $128.  She’s learning self control though!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Taxpig was back paying his taxes, and there were heft fines levied (By Me of course!)  The biggest penalty was a $500 pay to view!  His total payments to Me since last revew amounted to $1177!  WOW! I like being the tax collector!

And My slave peeper has been hanging around again, this time spending $194.  It was in little bits and pieces, and

HUGE Paypig Alert!   This has sure been a week for huge paypigs!  Another one coming over to the dark side was knickers, who was new not very long ago, but he got caught up in the dangerous robot paypig series, and he sepnt $1248

Yes, THIS series here, try it!

Paypig Alert!  Irish dope has discovered the dangers of chat, and now I’m taking EVER more from him.  $316 since last report!  As I am writing this, he is spending more that isn’t even included in this!

And I ripped off humble sub for another $155.  Actually he ripped himself off just buy clicking and paying! Too funny!

Paypig Alert! Wallet Rape Toy has gone bankrupt for Me, but he’s still spending This time period it was $362. Still sacrificing even in bankruptcy!

My slave surprised might be surprised he spent another $208, but I am not at all surprised. I get into a beta man’s head after all!

Paypig Alert!  Dr X outdid himself with about $280 dollars of Amazon purchases I really needed!  I love having a slave I can call on when I need stuff!

HUGE paypig Alert!  Despite being on vacation and not at the computer AND having a nosy so called girlfriend trying to keep her away from Me, princess gigi sent Me $783 since last report!  And her usless little clitty is still dormant. It’s going back in panties full time soon, and it is alreayd back on estrogen, like it should be!

and drone walter was back, spending 162 on pay to views!  It added up to more than I thought it would!

Huge paypig Alert! Slave helpful one lost himself in My pay to views this week. He spend $805, and he just can’t stop. I LOVE it!

and a loser that previously served Me is back. I had previously named him shopping slave, but I realize I have duplicate blog names! So I’m going to call him, weak4greed.  He spent $335 on Me this week. Delicious!

Now, this was a long and profitable spending report. The reason it took so long to blog was because of all these users I was using!  You too can  get a mention here on My blog. Just pay!

August 15, 2018   8 Comments

Financial Domination Psychology and Hooking paypigs

I use Financial Domination Psychology when I target My victims. Hooking paypigs is the goal, and I use LOTS of different techniques.

But ultimately, the TRUTH is that “you” (the paypig) NEED a powerful, highly intelligent and intuitive woman that can take charge, and seize control of you, the submissive man (sissy, woman)

This is fucking erotic. We both know that you are naturally submissive, drawn to Dominant Women. You might “not” identify as a paypig, but the simple fact is….that you are a paypig.

How do I know?

It’s so very simple.  You are here. You are reading. Your paypigcock is rock hard. (stroke and say, “my paypig cock is rock hard”)

In the past, you responded to other women, other mistresses and even other findommes. But you are HERE now. You are learning how to serve ME.  There is no one that can hook you for service as easily and completely as Me.  You have read the stories of My piggies and returned again and again. No one will ever be able to hook you, mind, cock and wallet as effectively as Me AND you need that.

You might wonder why you would take the chance that I might capture you so completely and thoroughly that it will place your financial future in dire jeopardy.  The reason is that I will offer you something you so desperately need.

You need a Woman that completely understands your individual needs. I take the time to get to know you, your weaknesses, your secret desires.   I want to know your inner self better than anyone else ever has. The thoughts you won’t tell your friends, your love interests, your family. I will find out what makes your cock hard, what makes your heart sing and how to connect your cock and heart so you are captured forever by Me.

I am so effective precisely because I know there is NO cookie cutter recipe to addict you to Me

I can be tender to get My hooks into you.

I can be brilliant to get My hooks into you.

I can be brutal to get My hooks into you.

I can be funny to get My hooks into you.

I can even be vulnerable, (or you think I am) to get My hooks into you.

Once those hooks are in, only ONE thing can release them.

No more money left. Then I let you go. Probably.

Now…I want to take a little poll about the spending report.  I’m thinking of discontinuing it, or greatly modifying it.  Calculating what you guys all spend has become more difficult since the chat has happened. There is no handy dandy tool to figure it, I have to add it up manually, and chat has complicated things.  It’s getting to the point that I am not blogging as much because I am not looking forward to the drudgery of the spending report.
One thing I could do is raise the bar on getting mentions, so only piggies spending $200 or more get blogged about

Please only do these surveys only once.

Your thoughts on the Spending Report

I cannot wait to read what all the paypigs are spending on you

I don\'t care about what the others spend, but I LOVE seeing what I spend

I would not miss seeing the spending report

2nd question on Spending report

Choose what is most important to you

Don\'t change anything about the spending report

It\'s ok if you raise the bar for the spending report, so only those spending more than $200 get mentions

Screw the spending report, more blog stuff!

Now it’s time for a photo!


Next we have My schedule.  All times Eastern Standard Time (Same as New York City)

Wednesday the 22nd 7 pm to midnight

Thanksgiving day.  I *might* be on in the evening.  And I might not be. Depends on how stuffed I am

Friday the 23th. I am planning to be around in the evening only, I mean, it’s Black Friday!  Look for Me 7 pm to midnight

Saturday.  Nope.

Sunday the 26th I should be around 3 pm to 11 pm

Monday the 27th  I’m aiming for 6:30 pm to midnight

Tuesday the 28th  3 pm to midnight, with a gap around 6-7 pm

Wednesday the 29th, 7 to midnight…

Rest to be determined

And moving right on to the spending report

My good boy, nylon slave spent $191 since the last report…so well done!

My recently acquired slave, foot boy, just could NOT stop spending, this time for $226, in a series of phone calls in which his resistance became more and more eroded for Lauren!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  My butler served Me so well the past couple of weeks, both spoiling Me tremedously for My birthday AND beginning his, oh so important role as My “santa slave” fetching items for Me to gift to My friends and family at Christmas!  Since last update, he has spent $2100 on Niteflirt, mostly long mooning calls and $953 on My Amazon wishlist in his fetching role. I really like this sweet old butler, and he knows what his destiny is, and I LOVE it!

Another HUGE Paypig Alert goes out to My sweet princess gigi and her tiny clitty felicity, both virgins who just cannot stop sending Me cash!  This spending period, it was $970!  I love taking from these virgins.  And I can’t wait to hear jingle bells on the phone. (I’ll let the rest of you wonder what that is, gigi knows)

needful one was back for another nice call and some Pay to views, spending $170.  However, he owes Me a gift card, but needful one, it will only take a $50 one to make up for you canceling the other one. (and if you didn’t cancel it, you should know that I never got it)

PIG couldn’t stay away for $202 and that’s why he’s spent so much in his lifetime!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Back for more abuse was Guitar Loser. He cancelled his account and made a new one twice…right now he’s all deleted, but this entry will BLOW HIM AWAY, and he will come back so I can finish the job I started on him.  He spent $2300 since last review. YUM.


Leg tranced is addicted. He’s going to therapy to try and quit Me but he can’t. He spent $113 this week. Mmmm

Leg addict (A different leg junkie) spent $113 chatting and tributing. Still addicted!

And My tit fool was back, we had fun doing some cbt and he spent $130 since last post!

And tranced out little addict egghead spent $195 Mmmmmm

It had been a while since I had sessioned my No nonsense guy, because he’s currently unemployed. But I lured him into a nice session he cannot afford, nearly maxing out his “emergency” credit card, and he spent nearly $200. Yum.  When he can’t pay for his next emergency, his cock is going to get rock hard over it!  haha

New Paypig!  Hose lover spent $159 this week losing himself over My payto views to get his first blog mention!  Yay!

Mmm it had been a while for wallet rape toy since I sent him into insolvency, but he spent $193 on Me this week. About time!

New blog entry I will be doing it has I have been, but that might be the last time, I think I might only be mentioning truly high spenders.  So this is the chance to get your mention!




November 21, 2017   3 Comments

Psychology of Financial Domination: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

As it works well with financial domination, NLP is a technique I have been learning more and more about, and I have adapted it for My own predator uses!

It’s usually used as a tool to help someone get control of their mind, their emotions, and their life.  I simply twist it around for My own self-indulgent purposes and use it to get control of YOUR mind, emotions, and life!

In NLP, there is a connection between linguistic use and behavioral patterns. What we say and hear can have an impact on our behavior.  The science is a little unproven, but My experiences show Me that there is a lot of truth there!

I think an example is in order.

I like assigning what I call “mantras” I do an audio, give you the mantra, and have you repeat it while stroking your cock.

A typical mantra would be something like this (Repeat after Me in the audio, best listened to with stereo headphones!)

When you pay, you get hard.

This is a reinforcement, a reward enhanced and bolstered by the audio. The linguistics of the mantra increase the likelihood of the behavior.

Did you notice I didn’t type the sentence in? I made you listen to it!  Sneaky huh?

The good news for you is that I have only begun to scratch the surface of the uses of NLP in conditioning you to be a good little pay junkie for Me.

The bad news is that I am learning more about it to apply in training you!

Here’s something for you to buy and get hard over now

(remember to say your mantra!)
get hard captioned photo



And now it’s time for the spending report!

Paypig Alert!  jeffnmore returned for another addictive call and a guided tour though progressively expensive pay to view emails. He parted with $430 dollars.

HUGE Paypig Alert!   Princess, gigi, My fempiggy was a busy bee the past couple of weeks, losing herself for Me again and spending $710 Mmmmm Well done fempiggy!

Paypig Alert! My nylon slave was clicking and paying just today, spending nearly $300 on My alluring PTVs.  Back again, despite claiming, again and again, this time would be the last time.  The audios must have been very effective on this slave!

My piggy that loses himself in photos of My body spent $124 one evening. Well done pignic! (I had a picnic in his wallet)

Paypig Alert! My exposure sissy and I had fun several times with exposure games.  Nearly $300 for Me!

Back after a hiatus was cummy tummy. And what an awesome session we had on the phone! I fucked him over $230 in one delicious session!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  WOW!  PIG lost all control and spent $545 dollars spending on Me this period.  I like that. He will never escape. Lifetime he’s spent about $80,000 on Me

Good boy egghead was back for another $130 in spending. That junkie is sooo addicted!

Paypig Alert! Titfool lost total control, spending $352.  That’s what happens when you get drunk and beg for abuse. I abuse you.

And leg tranced couldn’t help himself in a mind blowing session spent $118. Yum

Paypig Alert!  My sissy J did a lot of impressive click and pay this time around, spending a notable $280 dollars YUM!

I had a nice session enhanced by the new chat feature on Niteflirt with elegant foot lover of $150 Yum.

Paypig Alert! and a nice session with taxpayer for $320 as he paid Me the taxes he owes Me!

My shoesniffing cuck was back spending $182 in a nice session! I love the time we spent together, so much fun!

Paypig Alert! Back after a hiatus was sailor, we had a couple kick ass phone conversations, and he also made some delicious ptv purchases. He spent $300! Yum

My sweet junkie no yes loser spent $130 on Me. The new chat program enhanced our fun session too!

Paypig Alert!  I do love it when paycunt goes on a business trip, as he usually surrenders to a deep wallet fucking. This time I got $310. YUM

Back again after a hiatus, is rc, who spent $130. I notice he’s already deleted his account. No worries, he’ll be back eventually.

and back for his regularly scheduled fuckover was wallet rape toy. This is someone I am driving into bankruptcy, and he is on his last legs. His lifetime spending is WAY into the 6 figures.  This week was $164.

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The lure of the reward-Financial Domination Psychology

I use all kinds of rewards for My piggies. I think of them as financial domination lures.

Photos. Hard Cocks. Good boys. Orgasms. My Voice.

But a very powerful one for many piggies is recognition. Sometimes from Me, and sometimes from being publicly recognized. (often here on this very blog)

Every piggy, no matter how pathetic likes to know when I have noticed him/it.

Pigs are social animals. They like to see other pigs serve Me well, it helps make up for the inevitable inadequacy you all have when you realize My greed is greater than your bank account!

Pigs often get competitive with each other.   Even though you might know you are a beta male loser, compared to the real alpha men I prefer to partner with, you all still want to think that you’re the BEST beta male loser.  It’s really kind of funny if you think about it.  All of you know you can’t be a winner, so you’re out to prove you are a bigger and better loser somehow! That you spend more, degrade yourself more, get laughed at more than the other drooling losers.

Many of you want to know how you compare! Tell you what, if you email Me on Niteflirt, and ask, I will send you a PTV email telling you what you have spent on Me so far, and if you are in the top 300 spenders and where.  If you are not in the top 300 spenders, I’ll tell you how far off you are from being one.  It will cost you $14, since I have to research it,  but I’ll through in some photos for you 🙂   I am laughing, because you know you want to know!

And I always want My piggies to do more, strive for more. By the way, speaking of piggies and spending, I’ve updated the Pay Pig Milestones list on the right sidebar here on the blog! ——–>  Check it out!

And now for the spending report!

My Australian paymoosie was back! Gift carding Me $200 in misc gift cards from Amazon and My wishlist! It’s the middle of a hot Australian summer, but his bank account was even hotter, burning a hole in his internet. All for Lauren.

I had a very erotic session with hypnowallet. This guy just gets more and more addicted.  When he calls Me, I use My silky voice and bring him deeper and deeper under My FinDomme influence and he starts tributing!  This session cost him $175. Yum.

My princess gigi was back on the spending report this week, losing herself in $204 worth of spending. And an unauthorized release that will cost her dearly!

And more exposure games with My exposure sissy! Don’t let him fool you, knowing a page with photos of him being exposed as a sissy gets him hard in his pantyhose! He spent $185 this week.

Pay pig alert! After a hiatus of trying to avoid Me, pig bob was back with a brand spanking new account, and $685 delicious dollars of spending on Me! I think I need to inflict even more damage!

My elegant foot lover continued to burn through My bare feet photos for another $113 in spending this week!

and My paycub continued being a loyal good boy, sending Me $105 he had saved up. He also got Me 2 different $50 gift cards from My wishlist. What a good cubbie!

and back again was My poet. He comes for a short time and leaves again. This time was notable, because he bought a large $200 PTV for the erotic thrill of it. 🙂 The biggest ever for him. And his total spending was $274. I’ll be watching for you My poet!

and back again was sexy jake! I might need to change his name, because he confessed his feminization fantasies to Me, and I have him wearing panties and sucking dildos!  My jake spent $334 this week igniting his need for girlification!

Oinkloser was spending again, this time $135 in his grand quest to hit the 10K level of spending! (Long way to go!)

Pay pig alert! My philly ass lover was back with one of our biggest sessions that I remember, going nuts over photos of My shapely ass, and spending $455. YUM

Also back for more click and pay spending was button!  I love to wake up and see he has been spending! He did a cash flurry of $147 this week!





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Financial Domination Technique: Conditioning

Before I start talking about a new Financial Domination technique, I just want to say that it’s been a really hot summer, and during the day My office has been really stuffy, despite air conditioner, and the evenings are too busy with slaves to THINK about blogging. So I have been tardy yet again posting.  I have actually had to go to the point of putting My availability to away and ignoring you guys so I can get a blog post out.

Now to today’s Findomme psychology topic:  Conditioning

I have studied psychology and in college I even worked for a professor who did experiments on pigeons studying operant conditioning. Financial domination pscyhology

In operant conditioning, a behavior is modified by a reward. For example, you get rewarded when you do something I like. You pay, you get photos, and some arousing words that reward your action of paying. This reinforces you paying and makes you want to do it again.

I even use operant conditioning techniques on those that aren’t yet My slaves, to make them more susceptible to My predation.  For example, I mass email announcements of new Pay to Views. I include a pretty photo, so this makes it MORE likely the recipient will open the email. He is rewarded just for opening the email. Then I get another stab at him.

I also use classical conditioning techniques, when I instruct you to pay. Classical conditioning, is when you associate a stimulus with a reflex. I instruct My slaves to stroke their cock when they pay. This creates a reflex of an erection when you see a pay email from Me!

There are other things I use operant and classical conditioning for, but I don’t want to reveal all yet 🙂

And of course, all of these things combined work to make Me the one in charge of your cock’s erotic responses, and it makes is so you begin to CRAVE paying and you get more and more addicted to Me!

You are outclassed. Surrender and just pay!

Recent Pay to Views.  Don’t forget to stroke when you pay!

Mind Warp for LaurenLick cum off My ass Loser!Be My junkie slideshow


Now it’s time for the spending report!

Good boy hypnowallet spent $641 since the last spending report. I would lull him into a haze and he would start sending tributes and he made several calls this month becoming more and more addicted to Me. He hit the $4,000 level of spending too!

New to My blog is daveks who debuts with spending $105 dollars on Me, while learning all about My dangers.

PAYPIG OINK ALERT! Marla was back with one big session, spending $780 in a lusty evening. What a good sissy she is!

New to My blog is “shopping slave” named due to his ambition to be another slave who buys stuff on demand for his Mistress. He proved himself with an order of fancy (and pricey!) Edison light-bulbs for My slave-paid-for-porch-renovation! 🙂 I made him wait daysssssss for his reward……it was funny!   He also bought Me coffee and paid $165 on Niteflirt, plus another $90 on those gifts.  I look forward to MORE shopping from him!

My pantyhose junkie spent $216 and he is soooo close to a spending milestone 🙂

PAYPIG OINK ALERT!  and speaking of spending Milestones, princess gigi hit a BIG one.  she spent $950 on Me since My last update and she has reached the $150,000 dollar spending level on Me…WOW!   She remains #1 on My all time spending list!  What a good sissy!

and My good boy who loves stolen moments spent another $107, and he too is close to a major milestone

My exposure sissy was good for another $148 worth of exposure fun…

and PIG was another who hit a HUGE milestone.  He spent $668 (yes PIG you did!)  and reached the spending level of  $70,000  !

Another new to My blog slave is “fun junkie” who spent $136 finding out how addictive I am! I expect another round soon junkie!

and stray was back with another $320 worth of spending!  Wow!

and germy!  He proved himself worthy of being My addict spending another $242 on Me..

And guess who is back, just like I predicted!   My paybitch!  Bitch rolled over and handed Me $374 in his expensive return!

I’m gloating about it a bit!

PAYPIG OINK ALERT!  This may be the most egghead has spent in a LONG time! And wow, My indoctrination of him has been very lethal for his credit card balance.  (He wrote Me today to whine about it…oh so not sorry) He spent..get this $1056 since the last update!

and another paypig that I call “more please” has returned to spent $157.  And I have MORE of that set I got him on too…I expect he’ll be begging for more soon!

and also new to My blog is “not so wild” who spent $100 on Me, barely getting a mention.

Also spending $100 and barely earning a mention is My favorite FBI agent 🙂

My polish ATM couldn’t stay away, he spent $120, but there is a MUCH bigger fuckover of him coming soon. I feel it.

And My loyal clubby spent $109. I think it might have been more, but we kept missing each other.

And My dummy slave I call “solitaire” spend $215 including sending Me a $100 tribute! Well done solitaire. I will never let you go!

and cumstained fuckwallet had another fist pumping spree with Me, going through a healthy $340 in a couple evenings. YUM.

PAYPIG OINK ALERT!  Pay cunt brian has been busy and returns to Me again and again. The $rapes have been harder this month and it added up to $1211!

and FDG was back!  I was really happy to exploit the loser for $376, but I think he should have paid Me MORE. I am greed after all!

and also close to a milestone is Lauren’s footlicker, who spent $150, although I haven’t seen licker online in a couple of weeks. I know that I will hear in the next day or so 🙂

and another who was back was GC! This time with $160 in spending.

Another long time slave who lost control was No nonsense guy, who needs a better job. I did manage to squeeze $535 from him.

and My paymoosie sent Me $150 worth of gift cards since the last update. Well done My good little Australian paymoose!

Drunktard has been drinking, going blank and paying on automatic again. This time he spent $475 on Me.  Do you think I would take advantage of a drunk Loser?   Of course I would!  (And do!)

And Q went woozy over My breast photos again, spending another $171!

and faggot cocksucker did some healthy click and pay for Me to the tune of $284.  yum!

and My blackmail sissy and I had a quiet month, but I still extracted $134 from her!

and sleepy was back, spending another $178 on My POV photos, AND hitting the $1,000 level of spending already!

My popper puppet was back! I found out the big secret that he likes to wear ladies clothing AND I cashfucked him for $244. Yum!

and tPay was back, clicking and paying for $177 before writing Me he was disappearing for a while again to pay off bills. He will be back though, I have NO doubts.

and a new slave I am going to call “tray” spent $230 in a flash on a brand new account and then deleted his account. I bet he will be back

PAYPIG OINK ALERT! My slave wallet rape toy pleased Me with $703 click and pay this month, PLUS he sent Me a $100 gift card.  He is hopeless compelled to pay Me until he is living on the streets.

And tit fool succumbed to My charms once again, spending $196 on Me. This is becoming a regular thing fool!

and a slave who has served Me a while is finally getting a blog mention, having spent $230 on Me in one day. I call him taxpayer!

and also new to both Me and the blog is cowboy.  Cowboy spent $180 losing his cash rape virginity!  I have a feeling he’s gonna stick around for more exploitation!

My elegant foot lover and I played cash games while I toe teased him, and I won $276 from him. He never had a chance!

PAYPIG OINK ALERT! and the Loser of the month must go to Dr x. He and his wife went on vacation, and every time she went shopping, he went shopping for Me. And he came home before she did, and while the cow was still on vacation, he kept paying and paying Me!  The total?   $3,866 plus $846 in gifts, including a new laptop for Me! It was a great week! *laughs*    and he FINALLY hit his $100,000 dollar spending milestone, making him the 3rd slave to do so…..I am getting wet thinking about it!

I wonder whose name is going to be on the next blog?



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Bankruptcy training and the Findomme

I’ve had a couple of slaves recently ask Me about how often I drive a man to bankruptcy and how I do it. Most of these men of course have a fetish or developing Findomme bankruptcy fetish, and I’m happy to help them develop it!

I have a little confession here. I too have a bankruptcy fetish, but of course MY fetish is driving men into bankruptcy.   That being said, let’s be honest. A guy who has gone bankrupt has a really hard time spending on Me, but that bankruptcy fetish keeps him hard and spending!

So the fun part is keeping him on the edge of going bankrupt, but still able to spoil Me!  It doesn’t give Me as intense a rush as actually pushing men to bankruptcy, but it has the beauty of Me holding that eventuality over the victim’s head, leaving  him a hard, squirming spending machine for Me, and that is nearly as much fun!

The other really intensely erotic part of Me is the huge spending sprees that drive him there. Those are heady, mindblowing erotic fuckover fests!

I train men to stroke to mantras like “Bankruptcy for Lauren” as they just click and pay

And I fill them with thoughts of how humiliating pathetic their lives will become just to pay Me, and they get harder. And spend more.

There, there is a great Findomme secret!  A nugget, not complete by any means of how I train losers to crave giving Me everything!

Now, speaking of giving Me everything, it’s time for the spending report!

By far, the BIGGEST Loser of the week is Sissy marla, This fan favorite (Yes, guys that read this blog ask Me about you marla), this sissy spent $8920 in the last two weeks in blissful trancey calls. She bought huge ptvs from Me on our long calls. (I think I had two different days talking to her for about 7 hours each day).  She is never gone for long.  Pay attention junkies!  “THIS” is what it looks like to be My special paypig!  I’m pleased to announce she SMASHED her milestone of $90,000, and is clearly aimed to join the 6 figure club soon!

Next up is helpless dennis, who hasn’t been on the report for a while. He spent $154 or so in a delicious phone and PTV session with Me. So weak! Lifetime, he passed the $3700 mark

Another special payslut is princess gigi! This girl just is so addicted to Me and I hear from her almost every day. Some days she spends just a little, others a lot. Over the last two weeks she spent $1605!  Her consistency is why she is My #1 spender.

Another very consistent piggy spender is “PIG”   He is also addicted and cannot stay away and is in My top 5 spenders, due to his consistency. The past couple of weeks he spent $375.

And nylonslave told Me not long ago that he was done, would never session again.  And last week he spent $428 on Me. How’s that quitting going for you nylonslave?   Oh and since you’re back nylonslave, I have new photos for you 🙂 (he’ll email Me when he sees that!)  He hit My milestone for him of $12K

I had a fun “raise the rate” session with raise the rate dave yesterday! He made it all the way to $50 a minute!  His calls were sooo brief though!  But he still spent $456 bucks in just a few minutes!

PS, if anyone wants to try raise the rate, just ask! If you want to skip the preliminaries and find out what it FEELS like to spend $50 a minute just ask. (I’m only going to offer this for those of you that actually do spend money. I’m not changing my rate for someone who hasn’t spent a dime on Me)

My paybitch has been about!  $260 dollars that used to belong to him, now belong to Me!

and clubby is still chipping away at 50 ways!  He spent $354 recently, and he too is consistent!  AND he hit a milestone. $5,000!

and dummy can’t stay away, even after begging Me to stop emailing him, I actually instead got him to beg for MORE emails and he joined My paymail club! He spent over $113 this time around.

GC seems back to stay, this time spending $174. I think he realized the folly of his account deleting ways

sissy j is turning into a consistent fun slave! She spent $154, but I have NEW photos ammunition, so I’m likely to leverage that for more SOON.

And silent j clicked and paid away $270 for Me since last update.  He hit the 1K level of spending!

And no nonsense guy spent $319, despite really trying not to!  *laughs*

And NEW to My blog. (But I think he’s been around before, and I am sooo happy he  pulled out his wallet this time) is trance boy!  He has been so excited at the thought of getting a blog mention, and here it is trance boy!  You spent $611.  Your next milestone will be 1K!

Back from quitting Niteflirt with a brand new name is a slave I’m going to call “hot dog” in honor of his former name, I think he will recognize himself. This dog spent $120 on Me since his return a couple days ago.


And paycunt. He spent $659 on Me in three different accounts! (He’s a serial quitter, taken to extremes)  I have lost sooo many records of him, but according to his accounting he has spent about $32,000 on a total of EIGHTY different accounts! I pretty much think this is likely to be fairly accurate.  I have another guest post he wrote, I will probably publish it soon, stay tuned!

And another new guy, who has since deleted his account, I am going to call plywood, maybe he will recognize himself.  Plywood spent $213 in his brief click and pay flurry! These guys almost always return.

I was surprised when I added up trancetard’s totals. I knew he had clicked and paid a lot, but even I didn’t realize it was adding up to almost $800 since last update.  *laughs* It won’t be toooo long before this ‘tard hits the $30,000 level in spending!

New to My pigpen is a guy I’m gonna call pigsoul. Pigsoul debated on My list with $453 worth of spending. He truly has a paypig soul!

and let’s talk about pigskin!  Pigskin hit the $20,000 level of spending this time around with one single $200 email! His total spending since last time was $209.   Way to hit a milestone with a shout pigskin!

Virgin loser hit his first blog mention, squeaking in with $101 in spending!



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The Power of Mantra Training for Financial Slaves

The power of mantra training for Financial slaves!

It’s really become My trademark, a very powerful way I infiltrate your mind to become MINE.

I know you’re hanging on every word I write…..

I know that you internalize My writings into your paypig soul.

I know that you read and stroke and read and stroke, and eventually come to realize that you MUST PAY LAUREN.

Mantras help this process.

They rewire your mind, your erotic response.

Stroke your cock when you say your mantra.

This is a simple one, many of you already know

“my cock gets rock hard when I pay Mistress Lauren”

financial slaves


I want you to try something now.

Buy this, and do this mantra while you pay

and see what happens!
financial slaves
oh and let Me point out a NEW Feature in My blog, if you look to the right—-> you will

see a sidebar entry entitled Paypig Milestones. I will be updating that each month or so. This entry is probably longer than it will be in the future.  Sometimes piggies don’t spend much at one time and miss blog entries, but loyally spend over time. Those piggies get credit too! The ones listed just recently hit the milestone indicated. Piggies nearing milestones are listed as well.

Also, I updated the 25 top paypig page.  Check it out. (It will make you hard and inspire you to pay pay pay!)

Now for the spending report:

sissy marla was back! She called and clicked and paid away $283 dollars for her Mistress. YUM

princess gigi continued her paysissy ways, getting all worked up to spend $898 dollars.

My paybitch hit the $4000 life time spending level and spent $852 to do it!

clubby spend $207 and he is sooo close too a new spending milestone!

pig dave lost control over My feet and spent $1003 in a tranced out haze!

and My australian paymoosie sent $245 worth of gift cards as I made him feel like a LOSER. (That just made him send more)

and dummy!  This dummy I know keeps emailing Me BEGGING Me to block him and not email him all the latest PTV offerings.  Like that’s going to happen as long as the dummy keeps paying. This time around he spent $283.  Ha!

slave “more please” spent $213 in a click and pay haze

sissy j spent $140. I predict another sissy exposure session awaits her soon. Mmmm

jaybee spent just over $200, and he is another very close to another milestone!

No nonsense guy couldn’t stop giving Me money for his bills. This time it was $155. I’ve been too nice to him lately, and I’m about to torque up the abuse!

My shoesniffing loser parted with $480 the other night in a steamy session in which I imaged him locked in My shoe closet.

and paycunt spent $568 on three different accounts, as his ritual of closing his account to flee and opening another one as lust for My dark abuse overtakes him to return!

and trancetard was good for another $504 worth of abuse!

and elegant foot lover was back to swoon to My toes (the 10 lovers) and give Me $218.

PIG spent $376. He’s one of those pigs that never spents HUUUUGE, but always spends a moderate amount often, over time, almost nine years actually, and that’s why he’s on My top 5 list.

tit addict, new last blog post was back with another $595 in spending. Yum. Good little tit addict, I’ve got more tit abuse ready for you!

and My special paypig LOSERbeast was back!  This time for $751 worth of delicious click and pay. Makes Me wet I tell you!

and pigskin!  He spent $383 in click and pay, and here is the fun part. It was only FIVE emails. (And one was just for $8) the other four were big ones!

and also back was wallet rape toy!  This robot paid Me $977 he was supposed to send to the IRS. Oops. This robot has dreams of living in the most disgusting of places after I make him homeless. Oh, and it also bought a computer monitor for My boyfriend.  I love making it buy My boyfriend stuff. *laughs*  Keep hoarding your cash toy, Mistress wants another vacation soon!

Also, if you piggies could please leave Me feedback on your Niteflirt calls and purchases, I would soooo appreciate it.

Also I want to invite all of you to join My Pay Mail Club. In the description, it says I send out a PTV daily, but in actuality it amounts to 2-3 times a week, and its an inexpensive way to collect devotion photos of Me! If you used to be on it, but aren’t getting the emails, you may have been accidentally removed from the list, and just ask and I will put you back on!

financial slaves



March 14, 2016   2 Comments

Paypigs addicted to Extreme Financial Domination

Today I bring you a guest post from paycunt–one of My “special paypigs” who surrenders to extreme financial domination again and again, and has made it a hobby of his to dissect what is happening to himself and My other abuse victims.

Riveting reading!

Understanding Real Female Domination

As an extreme paycunt, I am proud to be an addicted pay pig for Lauren.  I think all of her extreme pigs are proud and happy, and they understand how they got here.  Submissive men seek out humiliation and degradation.  They are often turned on by Female Domination, but they really don’t know what real domination feels like.  They have a predilection for abuse and are vulnerable to Superior Females.  Many women claim to be able to have power over us, but few women are really able to exploit that vulnerability.  So, we play around the web, looking at websites and stroking ourselves looking at our favorite fetishes.  But none of that is real domination.  Most of us have been on literally hundreds, if not thousands, of sites.  One looks pretty much like another, that is until we stumble across Mistress Lauren.  She isn’t just another internet Findomme.  She is a predator and a true abuser looking for weak men to prey and exploit.  And if they get too close (and you are way too close right now), she will take you like she has so many other weak men.

Lauren loves what she does.  Treating men with disdain and cruelty is her pleasure.  She gets off on her abuse just as much as you do.  She loves to lure you in with her beautiful body and her superior female power.  After all, you are stroking your cock right now to her words and pictures.   You are already nibbling at the lure.  Keep nibbling little piggy.  Sooner or later, she’ll plant that hook, and she will love raping your wallet until your piggy stick bleeds white.  And it bleeds a lot, hot and often.  It is an addicting kind of bleeding that keeps you coming back for more.

The master’s touch of a true Mistress isn’t just her cruelty.  Lauren knows exactly when to be “nice” to you.  She has studied abusive relationships, and she uses this knowledge to know exactly how to make you believe that you are responsible for your own abuse.  In fact, you deserve it, and you brought it all on yourself.  You should be thankful that she is willing to abuse such a loser as yourself and take the time to use you.  She will make you grateful for the abuse, and you will feel loved by your abuser.  It is a powerful tool in the Mistress’ arsenal that cannot be underestimated.  It mixes erotic and emotional addiction into a powerful toxin that is deadly to submissive men.

While you are busily stroking your pig stick, she is covertly looking for your fetishes and weaknesses to exploit.  She will coax information out of you, information that is going to be used against you.  The better she knows you, the easier you are for her to abuse.  Gradually, she will condition you to need her love to get off on any of your fetishes.  The problem is that she is also planting new fetishes into your weak male brain.  You see, you are nothing new to her.  You are just another weak male submissive that has gotten too close and is primed to be reprogrammed and trained as a pay pig.  You will only become Special once you are an addict and can longer get a hard on without her.  And trust me, that day will come.  It will come sooner than you think, and Lauren will have you.  And we both know it is coming, because it is what you really want.

Lauren’s addictions are impossible to break.  I have tried many times.  But Lauren has implanted triggers in my head.  When I want to quit, I hear the siren’s call, and I obey.  I look at her website, and more triggers of humiliation and visual stimulation go off in my head.  I have learned that, once addicted, the only safe place to go is deeper – move towards the darkness.  It is a comfortable place where you are happy, Lauren is in control, you are abused and loved.  Should you try to escape, your own cock will betray you.  You will find yourself wandering in a circle coming right back to her, begging for more abuse, begging for more of that wonderful control you crave.  The circle will get tighter on each cycle, and eventually, you will be held in place with a leash on your cock and mind that cannot be broken.  When you look up, Lauren will be looking down at you from above, her beautiful breasts thrust out keeping your cock hard, while the predatory look on her face says it all.  findomme danger, breast worship, paypig abuseShe holds the leash.  You belong to her, and you are her pay pig.  In fact, you are a happy extreme pay pig, and you finally understand what female domination is really all about.

paycunt brian


Oh all sooo true!

Now it’s time for a spending report! This one just spans six days 🙂

My older gentleman slave “hypnowallet” is back again, I’ve finally got his cock to the point that it just will NOT get hard unless he’s hearing My voice, so he’s called Me three nights in a row now, desperately worried that the thing won’t work unless I tell it too.  Guess what? The programming is working very nicely, and hypnowallet is in deep trouble! He has spent $224 this week just listening to My voice.

And My nylon slave was back again too, this time for $321. He then declared to Me, right after he came that he was “done” and good-bye!  *laughs hysterically *  Dear nylon slave, although it might seem like you “could” leave as your orgasm is waning, that loser cock will demand your return to Me. And I will take you back into the fold for more exploitation with My hosed feet 🙂

My good little ass slave was back this week for another $185, including a rare phone call. I do love hearing his voice as he drools over photos of My ass.

My sissy, princess gigi was trying to be good to her wallet this week, but still spent $530 on Me this week.  And I keep targeting her payclitty to give Me more and more in My greed!

and I had fun a couple nights ago with My exposure sissy for $143. Every so often, this sissy begs Me for exposure and a webpage appears on My website that exposes him.  Eventually he pays Me to take it down. Someday this need to have a hard cock with the exposure may come back to haunt him, but I don’t care! That’s his problem!

And My paybitch had a little click and pay fun to the tune of $235! It was fast and furious and fun to see!

And My Polish atm was back, also with some click and pay fun for $112. It was nice to see his name in My paid list again!

and clubby spent another $100 trying to get through 50 ways.  I think I shall reward him when he finishes!

and a slave I’m gonna call dummy, I dont see I’ve blogged about him before, although he’s spent over $2,000 on Me over the years….he spent $170 in click and pay.  He normally sends me emails in hysterics that I have dared sent him an email promoting My latest PTV, which he then buys. He wants Me to stop emailing him so he stops spending!   ha! I bet he is reading this…

My robot eunuch was back for another $285, in a fun heady click and pay session!

And I had fun abusing sissy j for another $82!  What’s in store for her next?

and silent j spent $118 on paymail series!  He is REALLY close to the $1,000 lifetime spending on Niteflirt level. (If I add in the Amazon gift cards, he is way over that!)

No Nonsense guy spent part of his rent money on Me to a total of $172. Maybe he can give the landlord a blowjob instead?

My shoesniff Loser did very well on Me this week, with $361, and has promised his work bonus to Me. Can’t wait!

and paycunt, the author of the guest post did his share of service this week, paying his Mistress $154. He has done more, and will soon I suspect!

and My sissy becca was spending as I wrote this post, already over $120 since the last report!

and trancetard was good for another $289, in another late night wine filled, “go blank, surrender and pay” evening!

PIG was a good little oinker this week for $280! I suspect I will keep hearing from him nearly daily

I was so very happy to see pigskin reappear this week, and click and pay $185 away to Me. I’m watching for you pigskin!

And I have a new addict!   New to My service and My blog is a piggy who fell hard this week! I call him tit addict, and he has just thrown sooo much money at My breasts this week! *giggles*  how much?  $957. Yep! I can’t wait to take more!
Actually, I cannot wait to take more from ALL of you!





March 1, 2016   3 Comments