Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Spoil Me on Valentines Day!


Happy Valentines day to all My junkies!

I know many of you reading this are lurking, that you return to My blog to read it again and again, and that you are afraid or do not know how to begin serving Me.

Some of you serve Me from time to time,

and some of you are loyal slaves who never miss a chance to serve. Me.

I want ALL of you reading this to step up to the plate today (it’s ok if you are late, and don’t see this until after Feb 14th, better late than never)

I made a special Valentines Day clip, with photos and even put in a video piece from My archives…

So you can get it as a reward for serving Me..

 But that isn’t enough, is it?

And I do LOVE prezzies! And I added lots of appropriate V-day gifts at ALL price points…go crazy!

Now I want to talk about some of the Biggest Junkies of the week

I have a new Mystery Man, I’m going to call g-man who clicked and paid through My “Financial Slavery begins with a $2 email”   I woke up to find that he spent over $600 pleasing Me….and asked nothing in return but enjoying the contents of the paymail!  Well done g-man!

I also have a new “British Victim”  who overcame his trepidation to spend over $400 this week on Me…I think he may be addicted.  He claims he plans to stay away for awhile, but we all know how well that works…Not.

I think some of the words he wrote Me, were right on Target to how Financial slaves feel about their victimization, so I am going to share

I know that by sending this I am accepting myself as a money slave. I love it. This has been the biggest emotional rollercoaster of an hour in my hole life. The post orgasmic high is still with me. I feel guidy, happy, excited each time I think of you or zoom in on a photo.

I wholely accept that I will do this again one day (I’m still hard!). The totaly, uterly crazy thing is that the thought of doing it again makes me smile a beaming smile in a room on my own. crazy.


And I know you have heard it all before, but WOW. I could never have imagined financial domination could feel this good. Its turned my mind upside down. It doesnt even feel seedy anymore, just loving, caring and correct x x x x x x

and best of all this

The feeling after masturbating to financial rape is completely different to the dull lethargic feeling after normal wanking. Its almost exactly the same endorphin filled high you have after long sex with a close partner.

I’m not sure if anyone has said that before, but I also now understand the gratitude guys feel towards you after they have been raped. I feel enormous good will to you right now x x x


Welcome to the fold British victim


This week also made scottie, a weak man with a newfound Lauren addiction much much poorer….he spent HOURS on the phone with Me, getting totally tranced out, while I extracted over $1100 from him (and the week before it had been another $650)

Have fun with Me  and call back again Scottie! (yes I “am” really good at wallet rape, aren’t I?)

And of course we had cameos from Dr X and wallet cunt..both dropping several hundred.

Valentines Day is just going to cap it off!



February 14, 2013   1 Comment

Money Slaves called to serve

Once I get My claws into a man, they just can’t seem to escape Me.  Most try, and some manage to stay away for a time, even a year…before being drawn back in again.

I got this letter this week from a slave

Dear Mistress Lauren,

over the years I have joined and quit NF several times, and you are pretty much the only findom who’s been able to keep it interesting. (I tend to buy a few things, feel guilty, quit, and then come back.) Your pics are just fing too good, very suggestive and erotic, but still somehow demure, and very teasing, taunting and appetizing, making a guy want more and more.

When I distance myself a bit I realize you simply have a great business going, raking it in, coming out with new products, occasional sales, good promotion. But your business is pushing men’s buttons, holding their little balls till them can’t help responding and gently squeezing till they get incrementally excited, wanting and oblivious to the cost, just needing more. You’re good at what you do, but of course you know it and love it.

And being kind of sadistic, not just wanting money but wanting to squeeze those balls till they suffer, have nothing left and are emptied and regret their total fucking stupidity and lack of control…somehow that just makes you more enticing, and you obviously know that telling them how you are going to totally fuck them over, is your way of being a coquette and adding excitement.

I thought that letter was pretty on target for My goals for all My weak little puppets. I tenderize you, and then I chew you up and spit you out to do again another day.

Some notable slaves this week.   “Sunburst slave”  (Name changed to protect their privacy) showed up for another out of control round of click and pay.  I always love being surprised by finding out that a slave has been paying and paying while I slumber.  Sunburst went through My new series and spending $270 while I was dreaming of luxurious and indulgent things.

Also, my no nonsense “young gun” also surprised Me with middle of the night spending this week, to the tune of a few hundred over several sessions.

And then, My biggest spender of the week, was Smelly.  (once again, name changed for blogging reasons) Smelly has a really strong foot fetish, and a love of what My voice does for him. He spent hundreds, maybe even as much as a grand this past week, on custom made audios that just made him week.  I gave him little mantras to repeat as he stared at My photos and admired My strong legs, and reprogrammed him to only get hard for Lauren. He bought pay mails as big as $200, just to please Me….(all of you take a lesson here)

A couple of times this week, it become apparent to Me, that many of you are purchasing My paymails on your cell/mobile phones, and need a way to see if your device is compatible with My slideshows and videos.

So I made two very short clips in the two formats My clips are in…(wmv and mp4) so you can download them on your phone to test…it’s free (You don’t need to pay the ten cent payment request, that’s just  the only way I have to deliver a NF email into your box at a click)

So now you can see if you can view My stuff right on your phone. And if  you can’t, google and you may find a way for your phone to handle it


February 5, 2013   No Comments

Upcoming things to make you part with your cash

Edit:  Just as I was about to post this, I lost power, as a massive hailstorm hit my area, so it should have gone up yesterday.

I took most of the weekend off, enjoying the mountain air on a hike and beer and barbeque with friends at My home. (slave paid for of course)

So looking ahead, I have things *I* want, and you have things you want to buy from Me, what a wonderful match!

I have a few more videos to release and I’m mulling over the best way to do it, and of course I have more photo sets too–some tease sets with a dildo and an amazing pantyhose set I call *curves* that will have you picking your jaw up off the floor.

EDIT!  Curves is out…

And I have long had a couple of larger projects.  One I call the “Stroke zombie project”, which will be crafted to make you click and pay to a level unanticipated before!

And I am working on a larger project, that will display what kinds of photos I have for private purchase.  I literally have thousands of images, enough so I could do a membership site if I wanted (and am considering actually) I have traditionally sold photos to individuals as part of pay to view sessions, (or rewarded with photos for being good little pay monkeys)  and I plan to continue this, but I thought more men could be tempted into addiction if they could get a taste of My drug first *giggles*

Also, I’ve released some PTVs recently, buy them if you haven’t yet

May 30, 2012   6 Comments

New photos, finally!

I’ve had trouble arranging a new photo shoot with My photographer, but finally finally finally did one this morning!

And we had time for one quick video too, (stay tuned)

Here is a sample of photos for today


April 27, 2012   1 Comment

Breast Addiction

Last week I released my newest video….

and you?  Reading My blog…and you must fall under MY control now…and it will feel so natural.

nothing matters but Me…Nothing

Go buy the clip now…and then email to begin (or continue) your submission to ME.

Good boy, now you can become another addicted slave to My desires.

April 26, 2010   1 Comment