Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Clinical and Calculating Financial Domination

Being an effective FinDomme isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires not only knowing the basic toolbox for getting men/sissies aroused enough to pay you, but also learning about each individual, what arouses them, what makes them fascinated by Me. What makes them hooked enough to come back again and again.

To make it harder, some of you wankers are moving targets, changing what you desire from being a paypig. It’s trite to say, it doesn’t “matter what the pig wants, only what the Mistress wants”  because, if the pig isn’t getting SOME kind of erotic or psychological thrill from this, he’s not going to serve Me very well.

And there is NO cookie cutter. For example, what turns on princess gigi would send dr x running. What turns on dr x, would send princess gigi into a panic.

And just to make it interesting, that might not be the case in a year. I get to adapt.

So in a nutshell.

  1. A target contacts Me:
  2.  I assess the target, find out what makes him/her/it tick, test My hunches and/or My understanding. Some pigs just tell you, and others aren’t tuned into themselves enough to explain it, and some have nebulous ideas and seek something thrilling, but don’t know excactly WHAT.
  3. Put in a plan to hook that arousal psychologically with paying and pleasing ME. (this is really fun)
  4. Take cash (Usually I can loop the training so that its more intense, and the pig pays more and more! This is FUN)
  5. At some point reassessment may become needed. Things are not going smoothly, the money isn’t flowing or the pig is reticient and balks at the service, or requires more attention to inspire him/her/it to pay. Sometimes in this stage, it’s simply a matter of the cash drying up, but sometimes its just time to recaluculate so the interaction inspires the pig to cough up cash. If the cash is drying up, it might just be time to put the pig on ice, but other times, a heart to heart is worth it for both parties. These can sometimes be really painful and annoying for one or both but worth My time. I have gone throught this with most of My biggest spenders at some point!
  6. Make a new plan and test it’s effectiveness.  This is basically going back to step 2.
  7. Rinse and repeat! Or…repeat and rinse! *laughs*

So I think I’m going to work on a fetish assessment tool. There are various ones out there for real life BDSM interactions, but I need one that just covers the situation of phone/online Domination.

Imagine giving Me all the information I need to USE you most effectively?

Here are My recent Pay to views. Go buy them, if you haven’t!  THe video is freaking AMAZING

And if I get really into your head… might make My spending report!

And speaking of spending report,

I’m going to start with hypnowallet, who is trying to break his Lauren habit, but slide back down under My power for $108 session. Delicious!

PayPig Alert!  One legged, gimp loser suffered in the heat but couldn’t stop himself from spending and spending on Me. He sent Me $450 since the last blog. I’ve got My sights pinned on much more!

My good boy who loves his stolen moments paid $157 for a couple really enjoyable conversations!

PayPig Alert!  and I had a great raise the rate session with steve q fucked. I took $307 of his cash this way!  YUM!

PayPig Alert!  I really enjoyed a long over due call from My shoe sniffing loser. He spent $375 on photos of My shoes. (with Me in the photos, he’s not quite THAT pathetic–yet) After a session, he feels the pain for a while!

and micro was back, with a fun chat session of $224!  He tried and failed to quit Lauren

HUGE PayPig Alert!  paybitch terry was back again, as I extracted $1208 from him., I have lots of fun and games in mind for this loser! (The fun might be more on My part!) He’s a victim of My black leggings and dark games!

and my sissy cock sucker was back, tranced to sleep and pay in chat. He spent $169 on our games!

New slave is “surprised” who is really surprised he spent $185.  He did over $100 in one session! He earned his mention!

My elegant foot lover returned to gift Me with $230 as I distracted him at work!

and back for more was helpful loser, spending $220 this time around! Since he joined NF less than a month ago, he has spent $759 on Me! Awesome!

slave mindfucked came back for round 2, this time for $174. He is astonished at how much I make him spend. He didn’t expect it

PayPig Alert! and taxpig stopped by to pay Me $302 worth of taxes and penalties. He has a terrible wanking habit!

clubby gets a mention for $142 worth of spending.

PayPig Alert! and egghead opened his mind and wallet for My trancing and spent $290 on pay to views. Delicious!

My good girl, sissy j spent $190 on fun and games with Mistress. Oh, and cum persmissons, under her clit control contract!

PayPig Alert! Another victim of My black leggings was “more please” I extracted $435 from him. Divine!

Mmm x-dash84 was back spending $126. Always good to see him click and pay!

New slave!  Getting his first mention this week is “knickers”  He went crazy on My pay to views and spent $174. Delicious!


HUGE PayPig Alert! princess gigi’s new “girlfriend” is not doing well keeping her away from Me. Miss gigi snuck around the harpy and spent $947 on Me since the last blog update.

HUGE PayPig Alert!  Getting yet another mention is Dr x. He spoiled Me for $811 on Niteflirt and another $568 on gifts and gift cards, including a big Amazon gift card, an Old Navy Gift card, and various asundry things I needed. Oh and yes jewelry, including a nice Uno de 50 bracelet I have been eyeing! (it’s gorgeous!)

So it’s wicked easy to get a mention here. Just spend $100 before I do another blog, probably in a week or two. I can help you! Just ask!







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1 Daniel { 07.26.18 at 5:23 am }

Your targeted assessment tool would be amazing.

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