Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Exposure of Sissy April Cozart

This is the exposure page of sissy April Cozart

Click the photos for a better view! I hear the sissy’s x-wife Pam has been reading all about her crossdressing ex! And I hear that she has been getting some mail! (Hi Pam, your ex is a crossdressing addict, who is actually PAYING Me to get exposed so you will see it!)

Be sure to email pam at and tell her that this page is up! Be sure to send her the link. Let’s get April exposed. When Pam shows up she will see this:

Hi Pam!  Do you know that your ex April is so desperate to get you to read this, that she actually PAYS Me to put this here? Pays Me to expose her?  Pays Me to spread her all over the Internet asking people to email you! Amusing little sissy, isn’t she?

Sissy Exposure time! Thomas Moye Cozart (April Cozart) NEEDS to be exposed so she can stop hiding and embrace living as a pantyhose-wearing crossdressing sissy 24/7!
This sissy NEEDS to be exposed

Attention Potential Employers: If you found this page while checking out Thomas Moye Cozart (April Cozart) as a potential Employee, have been known that cannot hire a finer, more qualified sissy slut for your organization.



Sissy Exposure time!
This sissy, April  Cozart has said yes to the dress!’

And Thomas M. Cozart {April Cozart} has said YES to sissy exposure!



Thomas Moye Cozart needs everyone to know that he is a pantyhose and pantywearing crossdressing sissy!
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I want all of you little sissies and sluts to see what happens when a Findomme decides that a sissy has got this coming to him/her!

I have lots and lots of exposure photos of this whore, and she is having to PAY Me in order to be exposed, and later in order for Me to stop exposuring her!

This sissy begs for exposure, And pays Me to take down the page, but one day, I will just leave it up, and everyone will SEE THE TRUTH~!! That this sissy needs EVERYONE to know that she is a nylon-wearing, high heel loving, lipstick crossdressing sissy slut. The bald-faced truth about Thomas M. Cozart!Thomas Moye CozartThomas Moye CozartThomas Moye Cozart

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All waxed and smooth


a good little CD sissy
sissy thomas moye cozart enjoys pantyhose,

panties wrapped around his useless little sissy cock and would like a position in a company where she can crossdress 24/7 and wear dresses, makeup, pantyhose and heels, like a little whore.
Maybe she will even end up sucking cock in the copy room! Or under the table in the boardroom!


Feel free to tweet this page, copy @LaurenRules and @sissycdtv so she can see how far flung her sissy is becoming.

This started out as a harmless little exposure game, but I have taken soooo much further, and sissy thomas moye cozart now finds that her employment search is enriched by looking for positions as a fully crossdressed sissy whore. What could do? Cock sucking?