Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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FinDomme Myths and Truths

  1. Myth: FinDommes are lazy and sit around doing nothing and living on handouts. Truth: I can only speak for Myself, but I work very hard taking your cash! My time includes, photo and video shoots, making recordings, updating My website, editing videos and audios, organizing My client lists and content, responding to chats and email requests, marketing on social media, maintaining My NF feed, calculating paypig spending, writing this blog, upkeep on the Pay to View Store. I make almost all My own graphics, and of course, I interact with My slaves, in email, chat and on the phone.
  2. Myth: FinDommes cheat the government by not paying taxes. Truth: If only that were true! Niteflirt gives all the flirts a 1099-K, reporting what we take from you to the government. Uncle Sam is a brutal Financial Dominant. What I pay to the government every year is enough for a nice sports car.
  3. Myth: FinDommes are entitled Spoiled Brats. Truth: FinDommes are confident Dominant Women who have learned how to leverage their beauty, confidence, natural leadership and intelligence to manipulate you.
  4. Myth: FinDommes are predators who take advantage of weak men. Truth: Well, that’s true, however, the weak men seek us out, pursue us and get attention for their cash.
  5. Myth: FinDommes just demand money from men, and it’s that simple. Truth: Ah, the old fuck-you-pay-Me angle, where women just tell a man to pay and he does. It is true that there are FinDomme wannabes who think that, and try that, and then wonder why they don’t develop a true FinDomme following. The truth is, you have to start small with a new client, make men intrigued by you, set boundaries, train them to want what you want, get into their mind, bond with them, make them feel special (often in a humililating way). A Findomme has to know how to get that man aroused so that she can use that horniness to manipulate them. At the same time, She must set boundaries and insist on compensation for Her time. I often point slaves to this blog, or low cost pay-to-views, or My Niteflirt+ feed, so they can get to know Me. This is homework for serious slaves, and at the same time, they will begin to get aroused by Me, so the manipulation begins.
  6. Myth: FinDommes are lying, dishonest whores. Truth: Once again, I can’t speak for all FinDommes, but I find brutal truth to be quite effective. I tell My slaves from the beginning that I am dangerous, and that I won’t have mercy and will resort to all sorts of less then ethical tricks to addict them to what I do. I sign you UP for it, I review the risks to you and then I run with it, taking your pscyhe to deep, expensive places. Am I a whore? It’s not My fault that you stroke your cock silly over what I do to you and pay Me for it. I wouldn’t give most slaves the time of day without their $$$, you’re not special. And if you call Me a lying, dishonest whore, I will either laugh at you and demand MORE money, or expel you from My world (usually permanantly, occasionally just as a temporary punishment) My self worth matters more than your $, I don’t do anything that doesn’t turn Me on.
  7. Myth: FinDommes take advantage of men with a Financial Domination Fetish. Truth: Well, yea, but it’s much more than that. FinDommes join you in sharing a Financial Domination Fetish, we just have it on the taking, not the paying side! Also the best FinDommes don’t sit around waiting for big spenders to show up, we begin training submissive men who contact us into that lifestyle.
  8. Myth: FinDommes lie about how much money they make. Truth: I don’t have to lie. It matters little to Me whether you believe I make a small fortune off from My slaves. I wouldn’t continue doing this for well over a decade now if it wasn’t profitable! For the record, men have spent more than $3 million dollars on Me in My career. My top 6-7 slaves probably have contributed $1 million of that, and I think they know the truth of it!

My Schedule

I have a very busy next couple of months, personally, lots of celebrations, parties, outings and events.

I will not be around this coming Sunday the 20th of August (possibly in the evening, but I make no promises)

I won’t be available on Monday the 28th of August (Nor the Tuesday, which I am never here for!) I think I will be around on Sunday the 27th, but that’s a little up in the air.

And I have stuff going on Saturday September 9th-12th.
There may be a couple of additional October dates, October seems to be a cluster of weddings I am attending! I will update as needed.

Recent Pay To Views, Paypigs collect them all!

Fuckover Report

It is that time!

Legendary Paypig Alert! On top of the heap this time is My slave helpess dennis. His rehabilitation into a proper slave is complete and his addiction is so intense he will never escape it. He spent $2004, squeaking into his deserved Legendary Alert!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good slave dr x earned yet another mention, this time for $1390 on Niteflirt and $605 on Amazon for a total of $1995 and just missing a Legendary mention!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Boomer did such a good job since the last post, calling and buying ever more expensive Pay to views and going deeper into addiction for Me! He spent $1390 on Niteflirt and $605 on Amazon, spending $1995 and just missing a Legendary mention!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Earning an extreme alert was a fairly new slave, My sissy pendant-lover! This sissy fell deeper and deeper into addiction land and managed $1106 of spending since the last blog entry!

My devoted good boy nylon slave keeps losing himself in gooning over My hosed feet. He spent $295 this time around!

My good girl buffy pent $286. I think she may break for a big fuckover soon though, I just have a feeling.

Paypig Alert! My slave j the junkie managed a red letter alert by absorbing himself even deeper into addiction for me! He spent $356

My good boy special k managed to sneak in a session with Me and spent $199. Good boy!

Paypig Alert! My helpess tool lost himself over a custom audio I made. I know he’s trying to moderate his spending, but that ISN’T WHAT I WANT. And we know what Lauren wants matters the most. Surrender tool! Tool spent $319

My devoted PIG spent $219. This PIG is overdue for a big session.

Huge Paypig Alert! My little faggot tiger really tried hard to please Me, and suceeded! He spent $709, and the little faggot send Me a photo of him cumming on his credit card. Here it is! That’s My credit card now

My sissy caged yankee spent $102 and I think she is also overdue for another big session.

My slave, Lauren’s footlicker spent $167 on Niteflirt, and another $25 on Amazon for a total of $192. Hey, footlicker, your Goddess is pleased!

Helpless dave squeaked into a mention for $100.

My weak4legs hypnoslave earned a mention for $104. I think it will be even more next time!

My good boy sunshine was back and he spent $169

My sweet sissy marla clicked and paid away $129

My good boy loserbeast parted with $221 in a click and pay frenzy

My slave footdazed returned, dazzled by My painted toenails, he paid $133 for pay to views

Slave beta male bert returned, spoending $168. I noticed he recently surpassed the $4k level of lifetime spending. Nice!

My slave lex went on a click and pay frenzy, spending $170. Nice!

Now, I have an assignment for you. Earn a mention for the next blog entry!


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