Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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My Philosophy of Extreme Financial Domination

What is Financial Domination?

Likely, if you are reading this, you are familiar with the practice of men (or women) paying a Dominant as part of a power exchange.  In a typical Domme/submissive relationship, the submissive surrenders  control or power to the Dominant. A money sacrifice is a potent way to experience the power exchange. Submissives thrive on relinquishing control to Dominants, and what is a very powerful object of control?  Money, of course!

I consider Financial Domination to be a type of advanced power exchange, because the choice to participate has lasting effects.  If you are a submissive getting a spanking it hurts while you are receiving the discipline, but the next day or so its just a fading memory.   If money is exchanged, that is a permanent exchange. If you give Me money, not only do you not have it the day that you give it to Me, but you still don’t have it tomorrow or the next day. I get to enjoy the money, spend it, enjoy what I purchase with it, and you get to enjoy the credit card bill for it.

What is Extreme Financial Domination?

My favorite!  This is when an ordinary Financial Domination relationship is pushed to and beyond the boundaries.  In this game, the Dominant asks for/demands/requests/orders greater and greater sacrifices.  They usually start out smaller, and grow larger and larger.  Often they result in real financial damage to the submissive, usually debt, lifestyle downsizing and sometimes even bankruptcy A skilled Financial Domme will know how to train a man over time to actually desire this. The best part for the submissive is that it is pleasurable and deeply fulfilling.  And individualized. I do not train every man the same way, (although there are some techniques  I use universally because they are so damn effective!)

My goal for all slaves that train with Me is to move incrementally from serving Me, to Financial Domination and eventually Extreme Financial Domination. Not every submissive that contacts Me will end up serving Me. But many will, and most of them will return to Me again and again, like a moth to the flame.  And eventually, they will be consumed by the fire of Lauren Rules


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