Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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One more day until My vacation!

I’ll be available through Tuesday the 13th, and then it’s Florida bound for Me! I will be back after Thanksgiving,  probably on the Friday afterwards….I know My junkies and addicts will miss Me.

I need the break from the computer and electronics, so not planning much online activity, but am planning to bring the laptop just in case someone is feeling REALLY generous.  It will also cost you 🙂 *laughs* That’s fair right? If you get ignored, I will catch up with you after vacation.  Meanwhile, you can just buy My ptvs in My store!

I wanted to do a little spending report before I leave.

Let’s start with Losergimp; he spent $175 on Me in a nice call in which I made him buy a $150 PTV in his end of life cash draining. He doesn’t need it, so I may as well have it.

HUGE Paypig Alert!  PIG’s addiction become more acute as I pulled the trigger on a pay response that has been years in the making. He’s fucked now.  He spent $525 in the short time since last reveiw

A certain new guy whose name begins with d earned a mention, but he deleted his account, so who knows if he will ever know he spent $140 on Me in a few phone calls?  Too bad!

A long time addict, clayton, who is never able to quit, spent $150 in a nice little session!

HUGE Paypig Alert! In a delicious series of calls and emails, my good boy with the stolen moments spent $500 since last review, as we plotted together on how to spend his wife’s money!

My titlover, titpig atm spent $160 he just didn’t have. Oh well, not My problem that he can’t stop spending!

Back again after a while for a nice long phone call was a slave a just call here “because Lauren says” He spent $160, and hit the $1500 mark of lifetime spending!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Paybitch terry was back for more. He’s in trouble. He confessed his identity, and now his exposure and blackmail hangs in the balance. I could link to his facebook RIGHT here if I wanted, and unless I was satisfied with his response, everyone reading this would know who is is, and what he looks like.  He spent $890 since last update!

clubby was back for another mention, this time for $162.  So many of you are helping make My vacation special!

New Slave!  I know he’s excited to be on My blog, and caged yankee spent $200 to get on it! Welcome to the madness!

And nylon slave was back and spent $140!  He worships Me as his Goddess and sends cash devotions to My feet. Mmmm

Helpess dave couldn’t help himself again, spending $165 as I encouraged him to pay more and more!  I love doing that!

Huge Paypig Alert!   Pay thing must pay the panties. No mind,  no spine. That little mantra caused him to part with $935 and excite Me very much!


I had fun playing with My elegant food lover, who spent $135 in fun and games with Me!

New Slave!  I enjoyed getting to know lockedpig, and was pleased to see he spent $124 in just a few days!

and finally paycunt got a mention again! I was so brutal to his finances that he couldn’t add much at a time for a while, but finally this time he paid $135 and earned a mention! I am glad to see his name here again!

Paypig Alert!  I am surprised to see “surprised” get his biggest mention yet, and his first paypig alert! He spent $387, as I extracted a bit over days, and look how it added up! All for my nice vacation! 🙂

Egghead tried to stay away, but the last couple days I got into his head again and relieved him of $205

Huge Paypig Alert!  Dr x reported to pay Me $33o on Niteflirt and another $200 in gift cards. Yum

Paypig Alert! Fagmuffin tried to stay away and play down her credit cards but still spent $484, so not sure that’s going too well for her!

Maybe you will be on the next spending report!




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