Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction

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The Paypig World Cup has started!

Be sure you see the event page here!

Results will be updated as we go along, and the top spots will probably change hands many times.

Also there are daily winners and mentions given to paypigs who make certain achievements, you too could get a mention (I invent blog names for everyone that doens’t match their member name, so no one will know who you are but you and I)

All the different ways you can pay Me are also listed!

You can buy pay to views or phone, or tribute, or buy stuff on My wishlist! Don’t delay, enter the World Cup right away!

Here are some new pay to views to help you spend!


Now, I am doing a quick spending report, so we can start fresh for Paypig World Cup!

It’s a little shorter than usual, for a few reasons, its only a week, I wasn’t available much this week (working on Paypig World Cup stuff) and piggies are saving their money for the event!


First up is My good boy who loves stolen moments, who spent $139 on deliciously twisted phone calls with Me!

Paypig Alert!  PIG just missed a Huge alert by about $17. He sepnt $481. Still addicted!

My no yes Loser spent enough this week for a mention for $105! Good boy!

Paypig Alert!  Irish dope spent $318 dollars he didn’t have, maxed out his credit card and gave Me some of the rent money. How will he pay his rent?  Not My Problem!

Paypig Alert! Another just missing a HUGE alert was the slave formerly known as princess gigi.  I have renamed this sissy. She will now be known as fagmuffin .  Her relationship with the girlfriend (known otherwise as uglyface) is all but over, because uglyface cannot get fagmuffins tiny little clitty stiff. This doens’t bode well for a relationship, and the truth is, the only thing that gets the fagmuffin clit stiff is cock! And the thought of licking up real man spunk from My feet. Too funny. Oh and fagmuffin wants the world to know she only gets excited for cock.

Paypig Alert! And back for more abuse was sissy marja (Not to be confused with sissy marla, two different sissies) This sissy is rapidly getting addicted, and spent about $314

And paybitch terry continued his spending ways, this time for $270!

Paypig Alert! back for more abuse was dirtbag!  This slave spent $314, and has now passed the $1k level of spending in a short time!

Egghead lost his egghead again this time around, spending $264.  I predict more loss of control this week!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My robot eunuch went blank in a session and spent $555 dollars. This series got him, and then I sent a few more to top it off!

Try it yourself during Paypig World Cup week!

And “surprised” spent enough again to get a mention, in the amount of $126.  And he is ALMOST at the $1k level of spending. Just a few more dollars!  Well done!

A blast from the past, wallet hole, made a new account and returned to Me and immediately spent $200.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see some action from him for Paypig World Cup!

Now piggies, go and spent!
Paypig World Cup is upon us!




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Paypig World Cup 2018


Beginning on Friday Sept 7th at 6 pm, the Paypig World Cup 2018 will begin!

It will run for one week, and will end Friday Sept 14th at 11:59 pm.

You know that only the most special paypigs will be deserving of accolades on My blog!

Check out the event page!

There will be lots of stuff you can buy over the week. A special video. Photos, Goody bags.

There will be subcategories. Most money spent on one phone call, fastest to hit the $500 level, the biggest tribute and more!  The Paypig World cup will have something for every one.

Maybe you can’t win the big prize (Most money spent on Me during the week), but you can aim for one of the subcategories!

Your prize?  Bragging rights, blog mentions and special photos and audios.

Keep an eye on your Niteflirt mail for information! Subscribe to My blog for updates!

Pay for the glory!

This is one championship you can buy!


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It’s a FinDomme life

I’ve been super busy crazy lately, with My crazy FinDomme life,  between doing dozens and dozens of wallet rapes, making new content, and the big news, is I am in process of updating My websites to be more mobile friendly. I admit this blog is now about ten years old, and mobile smartphones weren’t a thing then!.  It’s a little tedious, so bear with the process. You will likely come to the site and it looks different! Although all the content is still there, it may be arranged differently for mobile friendliness.  Best of all, I can take your cash right from the convenience of your phone!

I’ve already begun the process for the main web site. (It looks good on your cell phone now), but there is still editing going on. I do it when I have time, which has been rare lately!

Next will be THIS blog, and then lastly My Pay to view store because that’s the one that might be the most difficult.

Upcoming is a new dangerous pay to view with a little different spin than I have had before. It will involve a video!  Get excited! Look for it in the beginning of September!

I’m also hoping to have another paypig event in September, possibly a whole week of you guys competing to be the biggest LOSER. Those are always highly anticipated and well received. (and I make LOTS of your cash into MY cash, best of all!)  Stay tuned, and apply for new credit cards and loans NOW. I still have to brainstorm the details. But I enjoy them, you enjoy them and all of you like to see the lengths the losers will go to to get mentioned!

And here is a gallery featuring boots for your enjoyment!

Now, speaking of mentions, here is today’s spending report!

My good boy, hypnowallet came back after a hiatus, and spent $169 on a delicious phone call and tribute session, just getting more deeply tranced under My power. YUM.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Slave titpay atm spent $586 over a few sessions, completely losing his mind about My perfect tits! Some slaves just can’t stop!

I had another fun session, with mind controlled john, including a nice mind controlling phone call. Usually we just do pay to views, but occasionally he calls, and just last night he did Mmmm.  He spent $233

New slave Alert  New slave “deep kiss” got caught in a fun raise the rate telephone game and spent $294.  Yum. I’ll play raise the rate on the phone with deep kiss anytime!

And slave loser gimp gets a mention too for spending $190 this time around. The end is near gimp, keep spending!

My favorite FBI guy was back, spending $159.  I want more, and you know you will give it to Me. No delays!

Huge Paypig Alert!  PIG went overboard yet again, spending $530 this time around.  He is close to 90K in lifetime spending (Get to 100k soon!)

and it was really nice to hear again from dangle jim, in  a fun chat and ptv session, he spent $586

and sissy marla rematerialized for a fun $225 session. It had been awhile, I have a history of really huge sessions with this sissy!

and irish dope continued his steady spending with $154 worth of spending the past two weeks. Yum!

and flaming pig couldn’t stay away, spending $235, mostly in chat and tributes. Another slave I caught in the chat trap!

and New to My service, she’s been lurking a long time is a sissy name marja. This sissy spent $263 finding out how dangerous I really am!

My slave quiet gentleman spent $101 since last blog mention, squeaking in for a mention!

Paypig Alert!   My completely addicted paypig, egghead couldn’t stop paying, spending $355 since last mention. The best part is that after the cutoff for spending, but before this got published he spent a bunch more, so I expect he will be in the next mention too!

And slave micro was around, spending $140, in his failure to quit spending on Me!

After his huge spending spree last time with Me, taxpig came back for another $104.  Soon taxpig, you will be penalized more!

My fan wagner was about the past couple of weeks, spending $113 dollars on pay to views

Paypig Alert!  My slave terry paybitch kept his spending streak up, begged for exposure, which he got (see the widget), and proclaimed his devotion and love to Me. The $454 dollars he spent helped punctuatate that!

Dipping his toe in a little more, feathered pig spent $152 as he slowly worked his way through one of My deadly series!

Paypig Alert! My slave weak4greed just missed his HUGE paypig alert by only $38.  Between payto views, chatting, tributes and Amazon spending he made it up to $462.  Next time loser!  I did however, enjoy sessioning him, and can’t wait to fuck him over some more!

Cucky phil was back spending $220!  I love it!  It’s been awhile, and always glad to see his smiling emails. I can tell from his emails that he smiles a lot. That might sound weird, but I just know it.

And horniest spent $107 on a click and pay flurry. It had been awhile, so it was good to see that. In fact, the past couple of week have been long time slaves reappearing. It’s nice!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  I was pleased to see newbie knickers go bonkers on the robot paypig series and spend $503 dollars on mindless click and pay!  And already he is close to the $2000 level of spending!

That loser from down under, paymoosie spent $100 on gift cards to get his mention. I do love those gift cards!  Amazon is awesome for that, and there are always gift cards on My wishlist!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Dr X was busy spending on Me the past week, with $453 on Niteflirt and $385 on Amazon for a total of $838.  YUM. He knows how to keep Me happy

Loser steve q fucked stopped by so I could rinse $150 from him one evening. I look forward to another huge cash rape of this slave

After just missing a mention last time, button stopped by for some more click and pay and dropped $150 to cinch his mention.  Good boy!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Princess gigi is on the last whimpers of her relationship with the uglyfaced girlfriend. She can’t get a stiffy clitty for the girl friend, but strangely responds to photos of cocks and strapons. It’s obvious she is a sissy fag now. She spent $555 learning about her proclivities this week! Oh and she is back on estrogen.

And spending another $224 this past couple of weeks was helpful one. He’s getting quite accostomed to paying Me!

Returning from deleting his account was wallethole with a fresh new account. He dropped $151 on Me, just this afternoon!

Now, I’m not going to do this every week, but this time I added up total spending (including Amazon) since the last blog mention 2 weeks ago. It was just short of 10K at $9,815.  That’s about average. 

I bet the week I do the special event, it will be that in just one week 🙂

Stay tuned!






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I use your weaknesses against you!

It’s very easy to train a submissive beta male when you find out what his weaknesses are.

You use that weakness against him.

Weak for My ass. I ply him with ass photos (for a price of course), descriptions of how I will use My ass to break down his defenses, and then start to train him to pay the ass….

Then I use My ass and his love for it to reinforce the kind of behavior I approve of (Clicking and paying for example!)

Soon when his cock throbs, he will find that he seeks Me out, because I understand how to use his weaknesses, to get him aroused.  But more importantly, that arousal will make him spend and spend on Me!

And I usually discover, or create (sometimes purposely, sometimes accidently) other little fetishes I can leverage. Each trigger becomes like a mooring line, hooking the subject more securely in My service.  He needs, that need grows, and I become the most effective avenue to satisfy his growing need.  Very often I am the ONLY avenue.

I am often asked by one of My addicted subjects how they may break free of My ownership of them. I have studied and experiemented how to harness my skills and powers (and having a Dominant Female personality *is* a power!) to enslave men. I am very good at it, as hundreds can attest to.  I have not given any energy into learning how to help men get past their addiction to Me.

Perhaps someday, many years from now, when I am retiring on all the riches I have maniuplated from you all, I will give that some energy, and devise a cure, which I will of course sell to the desperate slave. A final slap in the wallet!

And of course, I have thought about writing a book on how to DO Financial Domination for the aspiring FinDomme. The prevailing myth is that she sits on her lazy ass while men pay her, which sadly enough is pretty far from the truth. There is an art to this, and also a need for bread and butter income in between the cash rapes of the big whales.  It would be a cruel book to unleash on mankind, but a gift to women who are confident and ruthless enough to use the techniques.  So that is why I would write both books. A double cash out so to speak.  But that’s still many good years away, I’m not done using all of you yet!

Now, a couple new pay to views for you to throw your cash at!

This fetish assessment tool, helps Me get the goods on you, so that I can train you oh so effectively!

Maximize your submissive experience with Mistress Lauren!

and this is a delicious photo set for the summer I did. Bare feet lovers will lose their mind, but you all with love it!

Featured PTVsAnd

and this is a revamp of an old pay to view, it’s not oriented to FinDomme, but it is a controlling jack off instruction series.  Now I can do JOI with a FinDomme bent, and Chat is a great place to try that (right titpig?)  Chat Me up on Niteflirt and I will show you how. Better load up that account first though.

Maximize youand r submissive experience with Mistress Lauren!

oh and of course I want you to have a gallery again. This will make the pantyhose guys drool. And if you have a pantyhose fetish, you should know I have THOUSANDS of pantyhose photos of Me in My private collection, and adding more regularly, just ask!

And now it is time for the spending report! It’s a good one!

Huge Paypig Alert!  I’m going to begin with an amazing spend by paybitchterry! I’ve got this guy wrapped around My finger, and he’s just spending it all on Me!  Since last blog?  $1502. Beat that bitches!

My exposure sissy and I had fun, well, exposing her, and the sissy paid Me $238 for the priviledge since the last report!

New Slave AND Huge Paypig Alert!  I love that combination, a new slave who just mindless spends! Yum! New to Me is “dirtbag” who got caught in click and pay, and with really just a little encouragement from Me, spent $720 since I last blogged. I hope he gets LOTS of blog mentions in the future!

and nylonslave was back losing his mind over My pantyhose, this time spending $249. I’ve got more photos you haven’t seen slave!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Oinkloser was back briefly before deleting his account, but not before I took him for over $900 in just a few days. Hey OinkLoser, you have to reactivate your account again, we gotta get you to 10K of spending!

My slave addict, micro was about, and he spent $167 since last update. I think it would have been more, but the dude and I have time zones that don’t match up very well!

Paypig Alert!  Also continuing his downhill slide is Gimp Loser, who is spending everything he has on Me because he doens’t have long to live. Stark, Brutal, Cruel. It’s not like he needs it, he may as well give it to Me! He spent $353 since last blog entry.

And My good boy who loves stolen moments managed a couple nice phone calls for $137

Huge Paypig Alert!  and even after years serving Me, PIG’s addiction is getting worse! He never used to be a paypig, but I used My techniques on him, and now he is trapped, like a machine.  He spent $815 since the last update!

Newbie feathered pig was back, this time clicking and paying for $104 and barely getitng another mention

PayPig Alert!  My elegant foot lover completely spoiled Me the past couple weeks with $406 worth just making Me smile. I love it!

Slave more please was back drooling over My leggings and paying!  He spent $130, and there is MORE to buy, hit Me up more please!

Huge Paypig Alert! and My tit-crazed slave, titpig ATM went nuts again, this time paying $538! He discovered the dangers of JOI games in chat. And loved it, can’t wait to do it again!

sissy j has been suffering under her tiny cock control control, and this time she spent $128.  She’s learning self control though!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Taxpig was back paying his taxes, and there were heft fines levied (By Me of course!)  The biggest penalty was a $500 pay to view!  His total payments to Me since last revew amounted to $1177!  WOW! I like being the tax collector!

And My slave peeper has been hanging around again, this time spending $194.  It was in little bits and pieces, and

HUGE Paypig Alert!   This has sure been a week for huge paypigs!  Another one coming over to the dark side was knickers, who was new not very long ago, but he got caught up in the dangerous robot paypig series, and he sepnt $1248

Yes, THIS series here, try it!

Paypig Alert!  Irish dope has discovered the dangers of chat, and now I’m taking EVER more from him.  $316 since last report!  As I am writing this, he is spending more that isn’t even included in this!

And I ripped off humble sub for another $155.  Actually he ripped himself off just buy clicking and paying! Too funny!

Paypig Alert! Wallet Rape Toy has gone bankrupt for Me, but he’s still spending This time period it was $362. Still sacrificing even in bankruptcy!

My slave surprised might be surprised he spent another $208, but I am not at all surprised. I get into a beta man’s head after all!

Paypig Alert!  Dr X outdid himself with about $280 dollars of Amazon purchases I really needed!  I love having a slave I can call on when I need stuff!

HUGE paypig Alert!  Despite being on vacation and not at the computer AND having a nosy so called girlfriend trying to keep her away from Me, princess gigi sent Me $783 since last report!  And her usless little clitty is still dormant. It’s going back in panties full time soon, and it is alreayd back on estrogen, like it should be!

and drone walter was back, spending 162 on pay to views!  It added up to more than I thought it would!

Huge paypig Alert! Slave helpful one lost himself in My pay to views this week. He spend $805, and he just can’t stop. I LOVE it!

and a loser that previously served Me is back. I had previously named him shopping slave, but I realize I have duplicate blog names! So I’m going to call him, weak4greed.  He spent $335 on Me this week. Delicious!

Now, this was a long and profitable spending report. The reason it took so long to blog was because of all these users I was using!  You too can  get a mention here on My blog. Just pay!

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Clinical and Calculating Financial Domination

Being an effective FinDomme isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires not only knowing the basic toolbox for getting men/sissies aroused enough to pay you, but also learning about each individual, what arouses them, what makes them fascinated by Me. What makes them hooked enough to come back again and again.

To make it harder, some of you wankers are moving targets, changing what you desire from being a paypig. It’s trite to say, it doesn’t “matter what the pig wants, only what the Mistress wants”  because, if the pig isn’t getting SOME kind of erotic or psychological thrill from this, he’s not going to serve Me very well.

And there is NO cookie cutter. For example, what turns on princess gigi would send dr x running. What turns on dr x, would send princess gigi into a panic.

And just to make it interesting, that might not be the case in a year. I get to adapt.

So in a nutshell.

  1. A target contacts Me:
  2.  I assess the target, find out what makes him/her/it tick, test My hunches and/or My understanding. Some pigs just tell you, and others aren’t tuned into themselves enough to explain it, and some have nebulous ideas and seek something thrilling, but don’t know excactly WHAT.
  3. Put in a plan to hook that arousal psychologically with paying and pleasing ME. (this is really fun)
  4. Take cash (Usually I can loop the training so that its more intense, and the pig pays more and more! This is FUN)
  5. At some point reassessment may become needed. Things are not going smoothly, the money isn’t flowing or the pig is reticient and balks at the service, or requires more attention to inspire him/her/it to pay. Sometimes in this stage, it’s simply a matter of the cash drying up, but sometimes its just time to recaluculate so the interaction inspires the pig to cough up cash. If the cash is drying up, it might just be time to put the pig on ice, but other times, a heart to heart is worth it for both parties. These can sometimes be really painful and annoying for one or both but worth My time. I have gone throught this with most of My biggest spenders at some point!
  6. Make a new plan and test it’s effectiveness.  This is basically going back to step 2.
  7. Rinse and repeat! Or…repeat and rinse! *laughs*

So I think I’m going to work on a fetish assessment tool. There are various ones out there for real life BDSM interactions, but I need one that just covers the situation of phone/online Domination.

Imagine giving Me all the information I need to USE you most effectively?

Here are My recent Pay to views. Go buy them, if you haven’t!  THe video is freaking AMAZING

And if I get really into your head… might make My spending report!

And speaking of spending report,

I’m going to start with hypnowallet, who is trying to break his Lauren habit, but slide back down under My power for $108 session. Delicious!

PayPig Alert!  One legged, gimp loser suffered in the heat but couldn’t stop himself from spending and spending on Me. He sent Me $450 since the last blog. I’ve got My sights pinned on much more!

My good boy who loves his stolen moments paid $157 for a couple really enjoyable conversations!

PayPig Alert!  and I had a great raise the rate session with steve q fucked. I took $307 of his cash this way!  YUM!

PayPig Alert!  I really enjoyed a long over due call from My shoe sniffing loser. He spent $375 on photos of My shoes. (with Me in the photos, he’s not quite THAT pathetic–yet) After a session, he feels the pain for a while!

and micro was back, with a fun chat session of $224!  He tried and failed to quit Lauren

HUGE PayPig Alert!  paybitch terry was back again, as I extracted $1208 from him., I have lots of fun and games in mind for this loser! (The fun might be more on My part!) He’s a victim of My black leggings and dark games!

and my sissy cock sucker was back, tranced to sleep and pay in chat. He spent $169 on our games!

New slave is “surprised” who is really surprised he spent $185.  He did over $100 in one session! He earned his mention!

My elegant foot lover returned to gift Me with $230 as I distracted him at work!

and back for more was helpful loser, spending $220 this time around! Since he joined NF less than a month ago, he has spent $759 on Me! Awesome!

slave mindfucked came back for round 2, this time for $174. He is astonished at how much I make him spend. He didn’t expect it

PayPig Alert! and taxpig stopped by to pay Me $302 worth of taxes and penalties. He has a terrible wanking habit!

clubby gets a mention for $142 worth of spending.

PayPig Alert! and egghead opened his mind and wallet for My trancing and spent $290 on pay to views. Delicious!

My good girl, sissy j spent $190 on fun and games with Mistress. Oh, and cum persmissons, under her clit control contract!

PayPig Alert! Another victim of My black leggings was “more please” I extracted $435 from him. Divine!

Mmm x-dash84 was back spending $126. Always good to see him click and pay!

New slave!  Getting his first mention this week is “knickers”  He went crazy on My pay to views and spent $174. Delicious!


HUGE PayPig Alert! princess gigi’s new “girlfriend” is not doing well keeping her away from Me. Miss gigi snuck around the harpy and spent $947 on Me since the last blog update.

HUGE PayPig Alert!  Getting yet another mention is Dr x. He spoiled Me for $811 on Niteflirt and another $568 on gifts and gift cards, including a big Amazon gift card, an Old Navy Gift card, and various asundry things I needed. Oh and yes jewelry, including a nice Uno de 50 bracelet I have been eyeing! (it’s gorgeous!)

So it’s wicked easy to get a mention here. Just spend $100 before I do another blog, probably in a week or two. I can help you! Just ask!







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Two Five step options for being My paypig!

I get this question a lot.

How much should I pay you each session Mistress? Each month? What goals do i set to pay you?

For every wallet rape toy, and Dr x paying Me thousands there are easily a hundred of you paying a lot less.

Not all who buy something of Mine will end up being My paypig.

I lay traps, and do My manipulations and some escape.
Others I send away, because they have more desire to talk to Me than desire (or ability) to pay Me. I’m busy enough talking with the guys who actually DO pay Me.

So, how much do you pay Me?

Here is My step by step guide for YOU to figure it out. (Don’t ask Me to do it, I don’t care to)

Steps to preparing to be My paypig.  Option ONE:  Run of the mill paypig option

  1. Do a budget. Pare it down where you can.  Remember that if you are paying Me on credit card, your monthly bill might go up each month, work that in.
  2. Identify a discretionary amount.
  3. Decide on the amount you will spend per session with Me, divide that into your discretionary amount and that will tell you how many sessions you can affort with Me. Note: The more you spent per session, the more you will enjoy it. I won’t give you much attention for a small amout. You wont get ANY for a tiny amount.
  4. Evaluate your choice by noting if its fitting into your lifestyle without notice, or if it is making you go without things you normally enjoy. NOTE: you SHOULD be paying enough to feel it. If you don’t feel it. Pay MORE!
  5. You might set goals. Pay a $100 pay to view sometime, Finish a PTV series. Pay $2,000 in a year.

Option TWO (My favorite!)  The EXTREME paypig option

  1. Apply for credit cards NOW before you start maxing them out.
  2. Begin spending huge amouts on Me fast and furiously
  3. Liquidate assets to keep paying Me! (sell shit, cash in your retirement)
  4. Assuming that you are spending 100s and thousands, you WILL get more attention than the losers that choose Option ONE.
  5. Set lofty goals.  Spend $5,000 in one session. Max out a credit card in one evening. You will love it.

Here are some recent pay to views that you might have missed! Go get them now!

Now it’s time for the spending report: It’s a  long one because I had a vacation, and as soon as I came back, you guys all mobbed Me! Busy is good, but it makes it harder to blog!

PayPig Alert! Let’s start it off with My pathetic junkie, gimp loser.  This one legged wonder spent $492, through calls and now emails. My brutal plan is to separate him from all his money so it doesn’t go to waste when he finally keels over.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My paybitch terry is back, playing blackmail games with Me, and paying Me just $15 shy of $1,000 since last blog entry. Nice! He’s going to be unable to stop, I know it!

the iFool played with danger with Me the past couple weeks, but he got lucky, coming out of it only $135 poor. Hey iFool, I wont be fucking around next time

PayPig Alert!  I was so pleased to see a long time slave who never left but was spending tiny amounts finally have a session where she spent. Marla was back, My addicted sissy paypig, and she spent $304.  This is a sissy I have caused over $100,000 of financial damage to over the years. I’m not done with you yet marla!

My addicted pantyhose slave was back with some hypnotic phone calls. His $135 is now Mine!

Huge PayPig Alert!  My titpay ATM returned again and again, spending nearly $630 since last blog entry! He really can only stroke and pay now….calling to listen to My voice, in steamy raise the rate sessions!

My special good boy and I had some stolen moments, and although he’s been quite the world traveler lately, (Japan! England!) he still managed to spend $219 on Me.

My exposure sissy and I had fun with exposure games and she paid Me $260

Huge PayPig Alert!  PIG keeps getting more addicted.  He didn’t think it was possible, but I did. He spent $730 since last blog entry!

Paypig Alert! Right after I re-named him, Extreme paypig disappeared. But I knew he would come back and he did, spending nearly $400 to begin training anew!

New slave! “newman” managed to squeak in with a mention with $107 of spending.

Huge PayPig Alert! and back and spending $1031 was hopelessly addicted flaming pig!  He tried to stay away. He failed of course

My long time slave irish dope stopped by to do a $200 session he claimed was part of his rent money. Too bad! Save more for Me next time dope!

Huge PayPig Alert and princess gigi, is the one who has a Dominant “girlfriend” trying to save him from Me. How’s it going?  $943 since last blog!

and back spending more is the cute little maybe sissy “shopper” who spent $113 on chat with Me

My quiet gentlemen discovered the dangers and FUN of chatting and spent $203 in his first blog mention in a while!

Huge PayPig Alert and helpless dave kept finding his way to Me since the last blog, spending $575. YUM. I love that he is so HELPLESS to My temptations!

Another to squeak into a mention, was elegant foot lover with $102

Huge PayPig Alert!   Dr X can never stay away, and he pleased Me with lots of pay to views to the amount of $1013 AND about $250 on Amazon in gift cards and items. Dr X, that blanket is the softest thing, and I appreciated the computer accessories I needed. Good boy!

New to My blog and service is “mind fucked” who has a penchant for breasts and tight latex clothing. He’s in trouble. He spent $221 since he joined Niteflirt on Me!

and also squeaking in for a mention is taxpig with spending of about $105. Hey pig, you OWE taxes. And a new month has passed. No more hiding. Cough it up!

Paypig Alert!  Peeper was back with some click and pay! I do like seeing his name come up as a wallet rape volunteer! This time he spent $307! He has spent more than $2500 on Me lifetime now!

My former extreme paypig, and now bankrupt loser, wallet rape toy, managed to scrape $161 together to send Me since last mention. See, there is still serving after bankruptcy!

New Slave! Another newbie to Me is “feathered pig” who spent $195 learning about the dangers of Mistress Lauren

Huge PayPig Alert!  My secret agent returned! He spent $641 just since My last blog! He can’t stop spending, an he will get hard and horny reading his name here along with the other piggies!

Hypnovictim was back again, spending $119. I am on the lookout for you victim!

Another New slave!  I love new slaves and had a few this week!  This one, freshmeat spent $138 falling slowly under My power! Can’t wait until next time!

and it’s nice to see Loserbeast get a mention for his $115 🙂

Paypig Alert! “more please” was back and spending $270 on pay to views. I enjoy draining his wallet!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Humble sub was back for some rip-off victimization!  He gave Me nearly $600 and didn’t get too much in return! So sad!

and steve q fucked stopped by for a rinsing of $165. I think he will need a bigger one soon

New slave AND Huge Paypig Alert!  I’ve named My new fan of My pay to views Helpful loser, for finding some dead links for Me,. and also paying a LOT of Money (best of all!)  He spent $559 popping his cherry to My manipulations!  A welcome addition!

and I had loads of fun with assignments and tortures for sissy j. She spent $159. I probably should make her pay more, but she’s sweet.

Now, work hard so you can get a blog mention next week

And I reward you with another gallery

Pay the ass! Let it inspire you to pay!


July 9, 2018   No Comments

Vacation chat with Lauren! New Niteflirt availability feature will make this awesome!

I love the new chat feature….but one of the big complaints the flirts had was that the only way to have it show “Not Available” for chat was when we completely logged out of chat on ALL devices.  Log on to see if we sold anything? BOOM Available for chat. I personally hate logging off the account, because logging in is a pain.  That meant that you guys might have thought I was ignoring you when I wasn’t even around. (Or even asleep!)

But JUST in time for vacation, Niteflirt has come through, and that means the flirts can turn chat on and off!

I’m leaving on Friday the 15th, so I”ll be here the rest of Wednesday and Thursday! Get your session in now!

So now if you see this! With the little green Online indicator as below, it means that I AM online! Chat Me! (and tribute Me of course!)

You can check at this link here to see if I am available!  for chat!  Save that, book mark it, because when I am on vacation, I will sometimes be doing chat!  And I can send photos in chat from My phone because of the wonder of cloud computing. (that will take tributes!)  And if I am not available, just leave a message and when I am, I will answer you!


I’m excited about taking your cash when I’m on vacation!

And I’m very excited to tease you with a new gallery of photos. I think I might put one into My blog from time to time to see if you are paying attention!

I am also glad to be doing a spending report before I leave because you guys have been spending like nuts!

Gimp loser was back for more brutal abuse. The harder I abuse the asshole, the harder he comes. And I earn money telling him what a failure his is! He spent $240 the past 2 weeks

New slave, Paypig alert!  I sessioned with a fun new submissive I’m calling “shopper”  We had a blast in chat, and then a nice very erotic phone call where Dr Lauren lent Her expertise!  Shopper spent $257 and I can’t wait until the next time!

And popperbitch was back, spending $225 on a fun session! I always have fun taking his cash!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Special K completely lost control over My erotic voice and pay to views, handing over $1201 in the back couple of weeks.  That…is SEXY!

My good boy who loves stolen moments called Me several times and bought some emails and spent a tidy $264 in the last two weeks. YUM

Huge Paypig Alert!  PIG is losing conrol! He has compltely come undone over Chatting and tributing and has spent $1,082 in the last two weeks.  HE’s getting worse! Clearly! Yay!

And My titpig ATM paid just a little shy of $200 the past couple of weeks. Delicious!

My slave toronto came back for more chat fun, we have so much of that. He spent $130 last night. Mmmmmm

Paypig Alert! My junkie loser cumstain the empty wallet humper came back to spend $350.  Hey humper, I got more of those strap on photos you like. Still lots left, ping Me! (But I won’t have them on vacation, will be back on the 22nd)

Paypig Alert! Helpess dave lost his mind over My caption series and spent $385 on click and pay and chat. Mmmmmmmm

and flaming pig found himself at My chat again, spending $206.  Since I cut off for the blog, hes begun again, and that $$$ will be on the NEXT report.

and micro was back for more abuse from Me, this time spending $165. YUM

My loyal long time slave clubby finished the caption series, spending $135 this past two weeks. Well done!

Huge Paypig Alert! Egghead got very busy, completely mesmerized by My body and Dominance. He spent $655 over the last two weeks. YUM! Obey, Surrender, Pay. Add more. I love mind control!

And nylonslave was back and spending $183.  He says he’s done. He’s not. Hey I have more photos from those last two sets you loved. Come and get them! And eventually there will be more!

My sissy j is on a cock control contract, and its working well for Me. She bought permission to cum 5 times in the last two weeks, and between that and other emails, she has spent $123. *giggles*

jaybee wsas back, this time spending $150!  I want to tell you, jaybee, that you aren’t very far from hitting the $3,000 level of spending!

Huge Paypig Alert! Dr x kept stopping by for fun the past week after his vacation, which presented him with lousy cell reception and being trapped with his wife for company. He was really glad to get back to Me!  He spent $1074 on Niteflirt and $330 on wishlist presents! Last year I had a HUGE session with him while I was on vacation from My laptop one morning, about $3k as I remember. Wouldn’t a repeat of that be hot?  Haha.

New slave, Paypig alert!  A new slave I will call caged went really nuts on pay to views and we had some fun emails. caged spent $460 becoming aquainted with what makes Me dangerous!

New to blog, Paypig alert!  Another new to My blog slave is “because Lauren says”  He’s been around for a while, but he went crazy on the new Leather and Latex set I have and he spent $350. YUM. That put him way over the $1,000 lifetime spending level on Me!

and wallet rape toy sent Me $230 to help on My vacation. Broken, Bankrupt and still paying like the pathetic good robot loser he is!

And princess gigi has a real life girlfriend who is trying to change her back into a man and trying to keep her away from Me. The girlfriend’s efforts were in vain, and gigi  still managed to spend $800 on Me the past two week, despite the girlfriend’s meddling. Turns out she is greedy and demanding too.  Gigi has quite the dilemna, but I like My chances.

So look for Me on chat while I’m on vacation! If I can, we can have some fun while I’m wandering around Maine.








June 13, 2018   5 Comments

So dangerous, these pay to views are banned on many sites!

Many sites are banning calls and pay to views with subjects around hypnosis, brainwashing and mind control.

That’s because they are dangerous, they work!   Myself, I manage to make My subjects weaken for My commands.  I have no scruples, no desire to be trustsworthy or gentle.  For the time being, they are still allowed on Niteflirt. The reasons sites ban certain types of things have complicated legal reasons and are often driven by the fears of their credit card merchant accounts.

I am here to addict you

I am here to turn you into a mindless pay drone

I am here to seize your will and twist it to a form that satisfies My vast greed!

Many of you have already experienced My unethical and devious methods.  Some of you think its just bullshit.

Go ahead, if it’s just bullshit, you have nothing to fear right?

Personally, I think one of the most hilarous things is when I tell a target that THESE ARE DANGEROUS, BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK, but he goes ahead anyway, thinking that either that is just a line and its not true, or that he is some magical exception to the rule, and suddenly…(although sometimes it takes some time of multiple short exposures before taking effect)…BOOM. Addiction.

Do I sympathise? Do I show the subject a way out?  FUCK NO! It’s time to exploit! It’s time to cash fuck! It’s time to deepen the obsession and craving so that paying Me is the central reason for the weak loser to exist!

So no crying. You were warned.

Some pay to views BANNED in other places



Now, its time to discuss the spending report, to see what the other losers got by exposing themselves to dangerous FinDomme Hypno tricks!

Leg Tranced came on line to tell Me he was quitting Me, this time for good!  Then he spent $164.  See above discussion about danger and Unfair hypnodommes.

Vermont tim kept calling to hear My voice and offer to suck My boyfriend’s cock so he could kiss My ass. He would do anything for that. He spent $150 since last spending report!

Huge Paypig Alert!  In a surprising development, micro spent $1060 in less than a week, mostly on chatting with tributes. It seems chatting is one more way for Me to train pathetic beta males into being My paypig devotees!  He is REALLY close to the $2K level of spending. (but not quite there)

Pathetic loser gimp spent $119 to listen to Me tell him what a waste of air he was on the phone. He called several times actually. I really get My mean on with him

Huge Paypig Alert!  My slave special K lost himself in My gaslighting series. (Another dangerous one!).  He passed the $5,000 level of spending while doing it! (YUM). His total for the session?   $750

My nylon slave squeaked into a mention with $100 of spending. Hey, there is MORE for you slave, just email Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! I had some absolutely beautiful examples of submission in some sessions with My slave flaming pig. He burned hot for Me, sending Me $925 in chat and tributes. (Another victim of chat addiction to Lauren!

My breast addict, titpay ATM spent another $160 losing himself over My perfect breasts. Chat and photos get him too!

Huge Paypig Alert! PIG surrendered to the dark side, taking a step closer to being a VERY EXTREME paypig, spending $595 since the last blog entry!

My slave eggy spent $129 in his relentless obsession on Me!

Paypig Alert! My slave taxpig owed taxes and penalties to the amount of just over $350. He just gets further and further behind on taxes and fines!

My slave clubby spent another $130 since last reveiw. He also spent more just after I started writing this that will be reflected the next time around (If he spends enough!)

My eunuch paypig was clicking and paying again, this time getting caught up in the new caption series! He spent $233

(New caption series here! Dangerous, but not under the BANNED Label)  In fact LOTS of piggies surrendered to it this week! Check it out!


And click puppet was about, doing his click puppet thing for $143!

And please more came back after taking a break, getting caught up spending $233 on the caption set!  Delicious!

Paypig Alert! Earning her paypig alert, sissy j completely surrendered to hours of wanking pleasure she had to pay for….$313!

And wallet cunt made a rare appearance! He spent $214 this time around!  I need another $7,000 session from him!


Huge Paypig Alert!  Oink Loser was back! Deliciously losing control on pay to views! This time for $580!  Sublime!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Dr x came around again, spending $502 on Niteflirt and another $283 on gift cards! He is one of My top spenders lifetime (Over $100K) and always a pleasure to session!

Paypig Alert! and miss piggy appeaered again!  This time even MORE, spending a total of over $300, including one delicious $100 PTV.  This may becoming an addiction! (That is the plan!)

Paypig Alert! louis the mind control loser  reappeared, spending a delicious $293 on a click and pay frenzy!  (YUM)

Another reappearance was from wagner, spending $135 on click and pay. They can never stay away!

Huge Paypig Alert! And spending $502 was princess gigi.  The latest in the gigi saga is some female coworker of his found out about Me, and is trying to “save” her. She made her throw away her hormones! Her attempt to make gigi stop wearing panties wasn’t totally sucessful.  Also I’m sure that she doesn’t understand how much $ gigi tributes Me. It’s been a little amusing hearing how the woman is trying to “rescue” poor gigi from Me!  More to cum!

For less than two weeks, this was a pretty long spending report!  Well done piggies! Well done!




May 24, 2018   1 Comment

It’s been a month since My last post!

I really like blogging weekly, and you guys like reading them more often.
But between some personal real life (happy) family stuff (graduations, weddings) and the way you guys keep Me busy whenever I log on lately, it just never happened.

Please note: Sometimes the new Niteflirt chat says I am online when I am not online. It turns out that if I am logged into My Niteflirt account, not taking calls, but logged in on any device. It says that. I am in the habit of checking my account often even if I am taking a day off, so that little green “online” notficiation isn’t accurate. Look to see if I am taking calls. That’s the best way. You should feel free to leave a text message if you want, but I might not answer for a few hours (or days in some cases)

Now, you guys are all gonna get to serve Me in the next month so that I can take a wonderful needed vacation in June! This time around I’m going to be spending a week on the Coast of Maine, one of my favorite places in the world in the summer, partly up in Acadia National Park. (Hiking near the ocean!)  I decided I needed beach and ocean and sun in a peaceful setting, (and bonus, mountains!) so in the summer, Maine is the ticket.

I have the rooms all booked (Thank you to guys that gave Me gift cards), but I’ll be asking for Gasoline cards and Visa cards for vacation spending on My Amazon wishlist. You know you want Me to have a NICE vacation on your loser dime!

And Money of course!  I’ll be going a whole week without wallet raping much (although I proably will do some right from My phone!) I dont wanna take out money from savings for the mortgage the week after, so you guys can cough up some cash for Me in advance!

This…is what paypigs do. Make My life stress free!

Here’s what some paypigs have been up to recently!

My nylon slave completely fell for photos of My stocking feet. He spent about $240 since the last blog entry and won’t he be aroused to learn I have a new set to tease him with!

New slave! I had a delightful conversation with a sissy new to Me that I will call “Boot Fetish Sissy” We had fun talking about Weird Al and Dr Demento! She spent about $275 on that long delighful call!

My pantyhose junkie and I had a couple pantyhose addiction calls, with the junkie spending $150 since the last mention!

New slave! (Another one!)  I had several nice calls and emails with “brainwashed dummy”  I bet I brainwashed him into calling again SOON. He spent $190.

HUGE Paypig Alert!  My long term but erratic slave clayton was back with the biggest session he has ever done with Me, buying email after email and spending $557 on session. Hey clayton. I’m in your head. And clayton, you’re only about $16 away from hitting the $5000 level of spending with Me!

New to the blog slave!  A guy I’m gonna just call gimp loser called several times to be the victim of some of the most humiliating abuse I have ever dished out. I would share but it was SO mean you guys would be shocked.  He spent $375 on listening to Me tell him some brutal truth about his pathetic life.

Paypig Alert!   I had $410 dollars worth of fun with My exposure sissy! She hopes her ex wife finds out what a pantyhose loving sissy she is!

My leg addict just can’t quit! He spent $122 since the last mention! He’s never going to quit, only surrender!

New slave and HUGE paypig alert!

Spending over $505 in a frantic click and pay session was “k piggy” I always love when the first time is a nice fat fuckover! I look foward to doing that again!

Paypig Alert!  My danish pig was back, and this time he chatted and tributted to the tune of $250  I do love danish pork!

HUGE Paypig Alert! I was so pleasantly suprised when a long term slave comletely lost control, not only getting his first blog entry (at least on this name, he was on with another) and getting a HUGE paypig alert. I loved teasing tribute after tribute from him in chat, and urging him to buy big pay to views too!  My slave that I’m calling “flaming pig” spent $1,724 since the last blog entry!  Delicious!

My slave virgin loser was back and spent $158 on chat, tributes and to views. What a good wimpy loser!

New slave! (I sure have a lot of them recently, yay!) is chairface, who spent $169 in various ways on Me since the last entry! Guess why he’s called chair face?


HUGE Paypig Alert! Helpless dave was helpless before Me again! This time tranced into spending $555. YUM. I like it when that happens!

Sometimes  slaves delete their account. I guess micro did because he spent $240 on Me. I push men out of control.  He will be back Edit: And by 5/14 he *was* back

HUGE Paypig Alert! I knew PIG had been spending a bit more lately. I knew he had become insatiable for abuse play, but even I was suprised when I added up his earnings since last blog post to find he had spent $1288! (granted it was over three weeks, but still) Lifetime, he has surpassed $80,000 on Niteflirt (Over more than 10 years being My slave)  WOW!

My slave clubby was back, this time spending $169. I think he needs a new blog name. Think on it clubby, and get back to Me!

Paypig Alert!  Titpay ATM surrendered to My perfect breasts for $330 since My last blog entry!  Sooo delicious!

My slave xdash84 was spending again, this time for $161!

Paypig Alert!  Addicted kevin was back clicking and paying and spending more than $440 on Pay to views one evening. Nice!

New to blog and HUGE Paypig Alert!   An addict I am going to call slave-o spent $636 over just a few days clicking and paying for Lauren!  He isn’t too far from his first $1!   Go slave-o! Go slave-o!


HUGE Paypig Alert!  Another huge amount was spent by My slave egghead! (Another one I want to email Me with suggestions for a new blog name, unless he wants to keep this one). He is SOOO addicted. Lifetime, egghead has spent more than $31,000 on Me. (Over many years)

Paypig Alert!   Irish dope was busy again, doing a high priced and delicious $415 session with Me. Now dope has to save his money for the next session!

special k did enough click and pay ($104) to get a mention. Nice. I”ve got a target on you k!

Paypig Alert!  Humble sub managed to spend more than $400 since the last blog entry in a delicous session!  He’s close to 1K in lifetime spending too! How delicious!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Dr x couldn’t stay away even after his brutal wallet beating last month. He spent another $410 on Niteflirt and another $455 on Amazon. He takes good care of Me!

My sissy j is now on a “cock” control contract with Me. It cost her $135 this month

New slave!  This slave, miss piggy was doing click and pay to the tune of $130. Well done!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Princess gigi spent $934 before going on a vacation to try and break her new habit of hormones and her old habit of sissy clothes and spending on Me. I don’t think it’s gonna last, based on the last couple days

and senor armpit cash loser spent another $125. In just TWO pay to views!  YUM.

This was a really complicated spending report to do, and as you see REALLY Long. It took 5 hours! If you think you should have been on it and aren’t, let Me know.
But see all the big spenders this month! That made Me really happy!


May 11, 2018   1 Comment

Saga of a paypig: Dr X loses control and becomes an extreme paypig

The past ten days or so have been something with Dr X. Quite the extreme paypig saga!

Sometimes a paypig has such a blowout with Me, they get their very own blog entry! All the other pigs will be also rans this one!

Dr X has been serving Me for ten years now, back when I first began doing Financial Domination on Niteflirt, and he never left! He’s second on My all time list. (Having passed wallet rape toy recently).  He has spent $124,485 on Niteflirt, (so close to $125,000!) and an amount on Amazon I am unable to quantify, but I will tell you that much of My home is furnished with his gifts.

He knows that I am the most important woman in his life. His wife is nothing but a hinderance to our relationship, and her objections to spending DO NOT MATTER. What matters is providing Me with what I desire?

This week I desired much. Many many gift cards, a computer, a very expensive gardening system, a table, boots for My boyfriend, books, stuff for My dogs, kitchen stuff (including some expensive discontinued china I collect) and even some plants for the landscaping.

Usually Dr X does a big session with Me and then disappears for months, licking his wounds before doing another big session.

This time was different. We had a big session. Then another. Then another. And another…it went on and on for over a week of daily session!
When it was done…he had spent $6,635 on Niteflirt and another $3,845 on Amazon! (not including shipping charges he paid)  The grand total being $10,522!  ($9,280 since the last blog entry!)

That makes Me so happy!
And part of that was large airline and gift cards, so there will be an upcoming big vacation in My future!

I have had bigger one night sessions. But this is My biggest weekly haul from a single slave! It made My overall take for the week the biggest in about 2 years. (other pigs helped, it was close to $10,000 last week)

Dr X wonders if he should cash in more of his IRA Retirement accounts. I think you can help convince him.

Lets do a poll!

Should dr x cash in his IRA Retirement account for Lauren?

Help Me convince Dr x to do the right thing and pay!

Of course! It is not like he has a choice anyway!

No, he should not

An announcement. Someone is sending a tribute and then immediately blocking Me. Twice now! Listen, if you block Me, I cannot send you a good boy reward! Ok? I know it is scary to think you might lose control and spent everything. But you’re going to anyway, so don’t miss out on your rewards!

Now, Dr x wasn’t the only big spender the past week. Who else contributed?

Footboy made a reappearance, calling Me several times for $132 of spending

and my slave sleepy invented a new game that I LOVED.  He waited until he saw I was on the phone, (My little call button goes busy) and he sent Me $5 every minute I was on, making My effective rate $9 a minute! He did this for a couple of phone calls.
It made Me imagine an army of pigs sending tributes whenever I was on the phone!  How fun would that be?  He spent $106 on these games 🙂

Paypig Alert!  PIG was busy stroking his pay piston and spending $300 on Me this week! Pig used to deny being a paypig, but he finally accepted his paypig existance.

My elegant foot lover spent $135 in chat games 🙂

New to Me and My blog is “beta pig loser” who is slowly becoming addicted. He did a few calls and pay to views and spent $168, YUM!

Paypig Alert!  Hypno wallet spent $318 this week. He’s just sinking deeper into his hypnotic addiction. No hope, just keep paying!

Paying Me $119 was My sweet old titpig ATM. I love it when the ATMs show up!

cummy tummy was back! Spending $115 🙂

The dane was about and spent $104. He has spent more since the cutoff for this blog, and is likely gonna be on here next week. He has a goal he’s shooting for!

Princess gigi the virgin on hormones spent $113. That’s a reserved amount for her!

HUGE paypig alert! earlier I mentioned that Dr x broke the one week record on spending, but not the daily record. The daily record of about $7600 belongs to wallet cunt!  Well wallet cunt was about this week too, spending $841 🙂 It was a naturally good week to appear. I have My sights on you wallet cunt!

Paypig alert!  Guitar Loser also re-emerged this week, perhaps one of the biggest losers I have ever cash raped. This guy can’t afford Me, alternates between pretending to be a real man (HAHAHA) and the loser he really is. His wife is about to leave him for being so pathetic, and she should.  He spent $400 he doesn’t have on Me plus a $25 dollar gift card.  Everytime I see him, I blow his finances away.

Loyal slave wallet rape toy’s bankruptcy hearing went by!    He  it  celebrated by spending $135 on Me!






April 12, 2018   1 Comment