Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction

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There is a Thin Line Between Love and Abuse

Love and Abuse are the Almost the Same for a Paypig and a FinDomme

I dance along that line all the time. I am an expert at getting into men’s heads. I know how to shape his mind, toy with his emotions and turn him on, so that he not only becomes addicted but also enamored with Me!

I WANT My paypigs to fall in love with Me, because that makes them oh so much easier to manipulate to do what I want. It makes them want to please Me. (And the best way to please Me is with your money!)

I’ve mentioned before how I will vacillate between being sweet and being mean. Or I will be mean in a kind way The blend is absoluately deadly!  If a Domme is a total bitch, it is harder to capture the pig’s emotions. If they are too nice, then obedience falls by the wayside.  But mixing it up?  Stunningly effective.

So open your heart to Lauren! Tell Me your secrets. I will make you feel special. And I will make you feel unworthy of being special,so you will try oh so much harder!

I’ll take more. I’ll tell you I’m proud of you in one breath and tell you that losers like you need to pay for My attention. It will be confusing because I will make your cock hard. It will be heartbreaking as you watch the balance on your credit cards rise.

But at every word from Me, on hearing My voice, seeing My photos, from our texts and emails, you are defenseless.

Do not resist, let your heart open.  Then your wallet will follow.

And understand this. The way I show you love is to abuse you.


It’s time to please Me, time to pay. These are recent pay to views. Or of course you can email Me or call Me.
So many ways to love you with abuse!

That’s what pigs are. Losers to love with abuse!

I want you hungry to please Me, needing to pay.

Ripe for abuse.  Here for the pig harvest!


After My last powerful blog entry, many pigs came forward for abuse. And I did not disappoint!

The Fuckover Report!

Paypig Alert!  Starting the fuckover parade is boomer, who just missed a Huge alert.  This boy couldn’t stop clicking and paying and calling. He is smitten and I LOVE it. He pretty much just self abuses while I look on in approval! He spent $452

My good nylon slave is smitten, he keeps coming back, and I keep luring him in again and again. He spent $215 this time.

My good boy who loves our stolen moments together called several times, spending $152.  He’s launched more devious plans to make money for Me!

Paypig Alert!  Also getting an alert was helpless dennis. I’ve been pushing him more lately, I have him conditioned so he can only cum from calling and paying for tit photos. I’ve gradually made it cost more and this time he paid $318.

My special niteflirt client keeps trying to leave and keeps returning. He spent $242 today

Paypig Alert! Back after a hiatus was mister ed, and he managed to get himself a paypig alert, squeezing in with $305.  Nice!

My hosiery slut is gradually becoming more and more conditioned. He spent $201 since the last report!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Squeezing in for a Huge Alert, spending a few pennies over $500 was paydrone!  This drone comes and goes, (and cums and goes) and I know he will be back again, as he gets yet weaker and weaker for Me!

My boi wayne can’t help himself, he just keeps returning for more photos of My thick phat ass! This boi spend $246 since last time

Huge Paypig Alert!  Attention!  Princess gigi has a new name. She is now buffy.  This is because  on the estrogen hormones, she has an ass that is fluffy,  nipples that are puffy, and she’s now a sissy with the rhymed name buffy.  And a lifeless clit that never gets stiff. The new name is fitting, and buffy spent $886 since the last post!

Good boy irish dope earned a mention with $178.  I look forward to him earning the next one!

Back and going crazy over My new set with black leggings was “more please”  This is is catch line for Me, and when he sends me those two words, I know to exploit him with My leggings!  he spent $183.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  PIG’s addiction is finally coming to fruition for Me. He chats, tributes and calls Me almost every day, and it adds up!  He spent $1,028 since the last time.  This PIG is enamored!

Back again to fall under My powerful spell was j the junkie.  He loves just tributing Me in chat as I make his mind go black with My powerfully sexy images!  He spent $138

Paypig Alert!  My good boy titpay ATM did a really kick ass session with Me and spent $400, emptying his account as I punched in My PIN again and again. Withdrawing all the cash from My ATM!

Paypig Alert!  Finally getting another paypig alert was knickers.  He went into click and pay mode and spent $362, probably before he know what happened!

A special mention to a special pig, paybitch terry. He’s taking a break for his mental health. I want him to know he can come back anytime. I gave him permission to leave indefinitely,  and I have a feeling he’s reading. Nothing would please Me more than to see him return once he has straightened out his life a bit.  He spent $245.

New Slave Alert!  New to Me is traveller, who quietly clicked and paid $175.  Nice! He can travel My way with his wallet anytime!

Returning to spend $170 on pay to views was peeper!  He did it gradually over a few weeks, and I didn’t realize it was adding up like this.  I bet he didn’t either!

Legendary Pig Section: On Display

I had three legendary pigs since the last report! Unprecedented! Most of the time, any of them would the the top spending

My last blog post inspired so many legendary pigs! They are all special, all helpless and all I abuse with relish

Dr X has been itching for another huge session.  We had a long glorious night, him spending on Me until his credit card got declined.  On Niteflirt he spent $3825 and on Amazon $1,711 in gifts that included gift cards, a mini-fridge, wireless earbuds, body lotion, flatware, and other kitchen stuff, some jewelry, and some gym equipment for the home gym. The total was $5536.   I love being able to go to him if I need something bought on Amazon 🙂  We have a long history of occasional HUGE sessions. I cherish them.

Also worthy of Legendary Mention is noddy! It’s been a while since I did a proper cashrape with him, but we got a couple good sessions in and it totaled $2207 and he hit the 40K lifetime level of spending!  MOST posts he would be the biggest spender.  I guess he has to try harder next time.

My good girl bambi and I spent HOURS together the past month, well into the wee hours, and we played games and I sent her secret codes and hypnotic triggers and she will be shocked to discover that she spent $5779 on Me since the last report! I was even surprised it added up to that much.  Oh My!  She just barely nudged out dr x for the biggest spender this time.

The total for these three pigs was $13,522!

I dont always do this, but since the last blog entry on August 24th, all you pigs have spent $19,920.  Almost 20K.

83 different clients spent on Me.  (22 earned mentions)

I wonder what the next fuckover report will bring?


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Why be an Extreme Paypig?

 Why would anyone want to be an Extreme Paypig?

I mean, on the surface it really makes no sense.  A man surrenders huge amounts of money to a beautiful woman for no apparent reason.  I’m not talking a couple hundred bucks here, I’m talking about thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He goes on to financial hardship.  She goes on to spend his money. Perhaps she even squanders it on some useless little frolic, or party, or trip. Perhaps she invests it and grows it. Ultimately, it’s not any of the man’s business.  If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you work hard for your money.  Why in the world would you give it to Me?

There are a lot of reasons, and none of them will fully explain what happens, and it’s really likely that the mark himself doesn’t know quite what happened, and it’s highly likely that he will be very embarrassed and humiliated about it.

In fact, I am a highly successful FinDomme, and I’m not 100% sure Myself. I mean, I know what things to do to increase the chance that you will lose control over your wallet. (And I will employ all the techniques I know)  I have an idea of what conditions are in place to make it more likely, and I will leverage every bit of advantage I manage to get over you. No mercy.



The Setup- What ideal victims of FinDommes look like:  (Many of these elements are in play) [Read more →]

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Extreme Paypig Bait

I put out bait for extreme paypigs.
It’s true.

I use this blog to lure them in. It works.

I have a new pig I’m calling junky

This pig, junky, found Me three years ago and never spent a penny, but apparently spent a lot of time jerking off on My blog, reading about My brutal wallet rapes and he spent for the first time, and it was memorable! He spent $6820 on his very first session. It’s likely to be an uncommon occurrence for him for a while, as it turns out that the fool is unemployed and ran up his credit cards sending Me tribute after tribute!  He told Me last night he was afraid to start again because he would spend $10,000 and be truly ruined!

So what do you think junky should do? Take the poll!

What should junky do?

Weak piggy craves spending, after all!

Run very far away!

He will remember spending the 10K FOREVER!

See the screenshot of many tributes (It doesn’t represent all the spending, but the tributes alone are pretty beautiful) It concluded with FOUR $999 tributes (the largest Niteflirt allows), send in a short period of time.  This is what gooning and edging to My blog does to weak men, bois and sissies!

This is what I call a LENGENDARY Paypig Alert!

Hot huh?

So are you one of those lurkers who has been dreaming of spending on Me?  Do you jerk off on the descriptions of cashrapes and fuckovers of other pigs?  Does the thought of going bankrupt for Lauren make your cock stand right up?

I’m waiting for you.

Oh, and there is a new Pay to view featuring this set! Plus a few other recent ptvs, gotta start someplace!

Now I know what many of you stroke junkies are here for.

It’s time for the FUCKOVER report!

besides junky who was baptized in a legendary wallet rape, we have many more piggies who earned mentions!

Let’s start with hypnowallet, who really really tried to stay away.  He failed of course, and dropped $283 dollars just listening to My voice and sending tributes!

Extreme Paypig Alert!   My good boy sniffer was back with a MAJOR session, he called and I directed him to click and pay in a series of escalating expense!  He spent $1566 dollars in an induced paypig haze!  So hot!

My good boy tom was back for more special intense therapy with Dr Lauren, spending $296 dollars as I told him he was so dedicated to his therapy of trying to futilely cure himself of being a beta male loser who would end up in Medical bankruptcy from all the cash he was giving Me!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy boomer just kept coming back for more and more calls and click and pay. I’m sure he will be shocked to find out he spent $805!  Mmmmm THIS is what good boys do!

My good boy helpless dennis spent $148. I have a feeling he will be in the next spending report too, because he called just after I did all the calculations for this one!

My nylon slave came around a few times to spend $172. I think he is accepting his divine addiction!

Paypig Alert!  My new hypno slave “hypnofag” was back for another round of Me fucking in his memories and mind and inducing him to spend and tribute a lot of money!  He spent $440 on Me since the last report.

Failing to stay away again was j the junkie. He spent $196. I see he has deleted his account again, but I know and so does he, deep inside, that he will return to throw money at Me again soon.

Paypig Alert!  Earning a paypig alert was cucky phil! I always enjoy it when this sweetie comes around to through his money at Me and My shapely ass!

Spending $194 on a nice phone call and email session was special k. That slave needs to come around more often because I always like talking to him!

Paypig Alert!  My good boy who loves his stolen moments stole enough moments on his travels to pay Me $303, mostly in phone calls. This is one of My most interesting clients.

Showing up again for more training was mindless. I have fun things in mind for her! This sissy spent $178

Paypig Alert!  My exposure sissy and I had fun brainstorming new ways to exposure her that made her safe YET gave up more control, and she spent $412.  Erotic!

Unable to stay away for long, caged yankee spent $180

LEGENDARY PAYPIG ALERT!  I am sooo pleased that PIG is sliding into new levels of spending. He has a new girlfriend who is frequently around, and he spends every waking moment trying to pay Me because that’s the only satisfying sexual release he has now. I have completely destroyed him to feel the same depth of pleasure with other women now. He spent $2,025!

New to My blog was babycock. He spent $122 on Niteflirt, and disappointed Me by insisting on spending a lot on Amazon and then canceling it. This is why I never give attention to guys who don’t want to back up their Amazon spending with some real spending.  Another slave did this to Me a couple of months ago claiming I didn’t trust him! (For good reason apparently).  If you don’t intend to follow through with the gifts, you are a grifter, not a gifter.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Another one I am destroying is greek virgin.  This loser just cannot stop sending Me cash he doesn’t really have.  He is hopelessly in love and returns again and again. Since the last report, he spent $1202!  WOW!

New Slave and  Paypig Alert!  This is a guy I’m going to call jackward, who likes to click and pay!  He spent $407 getting to learn how dangerous I am!

He’s trying to avoid living up to his moniker of extreme paypig, but he was back spending $105 in chat and getting a mention.

HUGE Paypig Alert!  My “niteflirt client” can’t stop. He just keeps making new accounts and coming back again and again. Stop trying to escape and accept your fate!   He spent $594 since last report!

Stopping by to send some tributes was helpless dave!  I love it and I love the $185 he put in My pocket!

My boy wayne pleased Me by spending $140 just so he could admire My phat ass!

Paypig Alert!  My hosiery slut just keeps paying small amounts again and again, and boy do they add up!  He spent $360 since the last report!  Well done!

I have been having sooo much fun with My sissy j.  We have been messing around with exposure games (she likes to see Me expose My “exposure slave”) and she spent $280 on captioned photos for an exposure webpage!

Paypig Alert!  Also spending at a healthy amount is My sissy cocksucker, who loves to be put to sleep and ordered to do kinky things he won’t remember later!  He spent $405 on our kinky games!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My titpay ATM just can’t stop going into a trance for My breasts and being My machine. An ATM machine. I press My PIN into the machine. (It’s OBEY) and he spurts out cash!  He spent $630 since the last report, and his Lifetime spending just surpassed the $25,000 amount!

This is funny. My slave weak4legs (and tits, etc) can’t stay away. I found NEW triggers for him and he spent $208!  He HATES seeing he made the blog because it is proof he is addicted to this!

New Slave!  Welcome to questioner. A boob guy who spent $164 finding out how dangerous I am!

Also getting a mention is dom, who keeps deleting his account after doing some click and pay. He spent $212 since the last report

Paypig Alert!  My good girl bambi was back and we had fun triggering her to do all kinds of fun stuff!  I got her to spend $369 on our naughty fun!

Lauren’s footlicker has been a VERY good boy lately, even buying pay to views when he was on vacation!  He spent $261 since the last report!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy button has been really pleasing Me lately with lots of click and pay. This slave spent $589 since the last report, and I am all smiles over it!

Once in a while, you get some junkie who spends a bunch of money, gets embarrassed over it, and trashes you in feedback. One of these spent nearly $175 on clips,  trashed My feedback, got blocked and found it necessary to make a new account to spend a whole bunch more to leave more shitty feedback.  Those losers are blocked and reported for harassment.  Here he could have had a nice blog mention and been nurtured to be a loyal slave.  Where on the doll did the FinDomme hurt you, fucktard?

So pigbait spent $173 and deleted his account. Again.  But I know he’ll be back!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good girl, princess gigi is being trained to be in My royal court as a sissy lady in waiting, I am doing wardrobe and makeup training on her, and she is heels over the moon with it! She spent $967.  (SOooo close to an extreme alert!) The pandemic has her trapped in an apartment with her unemployed ex-girlfriend, who she is being TOO nice too, or I think it would be even more!  What has made her into a paysissy for Lauren to this extent?  Why mind control and hormones, of course!

Coming back for more spending is a sissy I call prim!  She spent $182. Very nice!

and finally

Extreme Paypig Alert! I am SOOO proud of My slave irish dope.  Dope is a very good boy who just keeps trying his best to find money to give Me. He agonizes when he can’t pay me, but dutifully plans to spend each paycheck on his Goddess.  This very good boy spent $1170 since the last report, and now his lifetime is over $15,000!


I love writing about My slaves, the modest ones, but especially the extreme pigs!  It’s not hard to get a mention. Spent $100 before My next blog post.


Spend $100               Get a mention

Spend $300               Get a Paypig Alert!

Spend $500                Get a Huge Paypig Alert!

Spend $1000               Get an Extreme Paypig Alert!

Spend $2,000             Get a Legendary Paypig Alert!

There was one in every category this report!  Be in the next one!

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The Evolution of a Paypig

The Evolution of a Paypig-Stage 1- “The Lookover”

When a man approaches Me, I take stock of him for his paypig potential.

This is the assessment period, where I feel out a slave to determine if he is suitable for training. The #1 determinant is his willingness to part with some money.  If he is unwilling to spend even a modest amount of money in his contacts with Me, I cut him loose at once.  He may reapproach with a better attitude later, but until I’m being paid for My time, I don’t even bother.  If he calls on the phone, that’s fine, I’m being paid.  If he buys pay to views, that’s even better. When chatting, he better be sending even small tributes or buying pay to views as well, because he’s not impressing Me with .69 cent volleys 🙂 (Although I will engage with that for a short but not endless amount of time)

If the subject has already spent some money on pay to views, goody bags or tributes before emailing or messaging Me on chat, I am likely to be much more impressed. Likely if he indicates that he has been reading this blog.


I also look for respect.  Calling Me “baby” or “honey” or *shudders*  “slut” will not impress Me.  Calling Me, Mistress, Goddess, Miss (that’s very European) goes a long way, but even just politely using My name is better than nicknames that diminish women. Or describing sexual acts he wishes he can engage in with Me!  Ewwww. Call one of the other girls who do that, I’m a FinDomme! That is not what I am seeking out.

Stage 2 -Paypig School

This begins with getting to know you and your buttons. Every client is different and responds to different images, words, techniques differently.  I’m likely to ask questions, and if you are an earnest paypig, you’ll help not waste time but just telling Me things that make you tick.  There *IS* not a one size fits all approach, and although I’m pretty intuitive and observant, I am NOT a mind reader. (If flirts were mind readers, we would be making bank on psychic hotlines. not here)

Regardless of how you tick, some things are very universal.  Read this blog, for example, it really will show you a lot about who I am and what I do.

Sometimes pigs-in-training, new clients notice that I have A LOT of pay per views, and get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

I suggest these. The first helps Me get to know you, the second introduces you to Me

Stage 3- Ramping up the Intensity

In this stage, I increase the intensity. Some slaves I do very fast, others very slow, depending on how responsive I view them to the process.  Some slaves are stuck in this stage for a long time. There are many barriers to being able to progress further or faster on the path.  On occasion,  slaves simply lack the financial resources to go further. I keep them in training, making them needier and they become stuck on spending at least a certain amount to even achieve an erection.  Note: I do consider these slaves to be paypigs, just not EXTREME paypigs.  A very large proportion of My clients become stalled here, and as long as they are respecting My time I allow them to stall. I encourage them to find ways to advance their spending, and to be honest, most want that on some level.  Some slaves can afford to advance but are psychologically stuck.

I keep implanting triggers and advancing their addictions to further My financial goals.

These are some favorite series more advanced pigs enjoy. (To be honest, so do newbies to Me)



Stage 4- The Harvest

This is My favorite part. Some slaves never quite get here, but many many do.  I begin really draining them.  Extreme paypigs like wallet rape toy, PIG, princess gigi, sissy marla loserbeast, and Dr X.  Some of these PIGS gave fast and hard (like wallet rape toy, noddy and loserbeast). Others, like PIG and princess gigi just can’t stop paying more moderate amounts almost every day, and after years it really added up. (Both are six-figure spenders)  Some like Dr X and wallet cunt do occasional HUGE sessions for Me. (Dr X had a session last year of about $14,000)

Sometimes with slaves of more modest means, the harvest is less noteworthy for Me, but it is VERY noteworthy for them, as they struggle to pay bills and enjoy ordinary life because of their sacrifices to Me.  This is what harvest is about. Realizing that your sacrifice for Me is your duty and compulsion.  It is an addiction and I LOVE to see it happening! These addicts go on benders and I encourage it. If they can’t afford it, well that is their problem, not Mine.

One effective way of encouraging My pigs to spend has been My spending report which I call…

The Fuckover Report!

Huge Paypig Alert!  First up is My good girl, caged yankee who couldn’t stop her monthlong fuckover. She spent $512.  It appears she has hit a new stage in her training!

My special good boy called Dr Lauren and spent $112 on Financial Domination therapy

Paypig Alert!  My slave boomer couldn’t stop paying Me, between calls and pay mails and he spent $428. Mmm

My nylon slave is so deeply smitten and he spent $165 on phone and pay to views of My hosed feet.

Paypig Alert!  My extreme paypig (in training) spent $331 on My perfect legs and breasts. This boi cannot stop returning again and again!

Stopping in after a long hiatus was sissy marla, losing her mind on a phone call with Me and spending $131. I miss that sissy!

Huge Paypig Alert! My PIG tried to moderate his spending. But he failed, spending $765 that I cheerfully exploited from him

And gimp loser stopped by for abuse and to pay me $132

Huge Paypig Alert!  My sissy cocksucker who loves his trancy hypno sessions spent $335 on Me since the last blog.  What a good girl!

Back and spending $142 was PB, a weak little popper bitch

My good boy who loves stolen moments called a few times, spending $220. Love to hear how he is manipulating others to get $$ for Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! Going nuts with multiple phone calls was My Exposure sissy,. who just can’t get enough of the world knowing how much she loves crossdressing.  She spent $882!

Back again for a little spending was swedish dog, who spent $104

Extreme Paypig Alert and New Slave!  New to My clutches was hypnofag.  A submissive hyp0 addict who couldn’t stay away and couldn’t stop spending!  This fag spent $1090 finding out how dangerous I am!

My good girl sissy j spent $180, mostly on cute little captioned photos using her photos 🙂

Huge Paypig Alert! Paybitch terry couldn’t stop spending either, he spent $568 dollars on tributes, chatting, and pay to views.  He is an owned paybitch in love with Me!

My “niteflirt client” spent $289 this time around, just missing a HUGE paypig alert!

Huge Paypig Alert!  I have to say that My good boy irish dope has outdone himself. He scrimped and saved so that he could spend $315 on chat sessions with Me.  What a VERY good paypig!

My titpay atm couldn’t stay away, even after his huge session last month, and he spent another $195 being used by Me!

New Slave!  New to be and the blog is ffins, who is a slave who loves sniffing My hosed feet, and I love using that weakness against him! He spent $201 dollars on Me 🙂

My recently acquired slave gilligan couldn’t stay away and he spent $126. I’m looking for him to do more soon.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good girl and I had all kinds of fun with royal court fantasies, and she joined My court as a sissy in waiting! She spent $709.  YUM.

Back again after a break was “horniest” who clicked and paid his way through $247 all for Lauren!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Another Hypno slave is bambi, who didn’t even realize she was paying she was so tranced. She spent $816,  YUMMY

Lately, Lauren’s footlicker has been extremely busy buying old pay mail club mails and he spent $164, EVEN THOUGH he had a health scare.  Outstanding!

Huge Paypig Alert! Going nuts AND winning the Paypig Chicken Challenge was star junkie, he spent $381 being My VERY good boy.

Huge Paypig Alert! Missing Me letting her know about her mention, because she’s trying to block Me to avoid spending is a good girl paypig I’m gonna call “prim” , dear little princess, message Me to ask Me if you are prim, you spent $306. Silly paypigs

Since the last blog entry, My piggies have handed Me really close to $12,000.  Nice!

But you pigs can and have done better. Get your payments in to be on the next entry!



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Coming up on the end of the Paypig Chicken Challenge Game!

Don’t forget about Paypig Chicken!

This game will end on Sunday, May 31st at the stroke of midnight, and it’s your last chance to get mentioned on the challenge page

What level will you get up to?

Right now the leader is titpay ATM, who got all the way to level 18.  Can you best him?

Are you worthy of a mention?  Do you deserve one?  Do you want to be a special elite pig?

If you need a link to pick up where you left off, ASK, and I will help you.

Summer is finally upon us!

Here are some SUMMER HEAT images to help you keep up the fire! 


Fuckover Report!

Let’s start with boomer.  He deleted his account to try and stay away, but only found himself starting another account to spend on Me again.  He ended up giving Me $290.  YUM.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Coming back with more loss of control and amazing raise the rate calls is cuckie mark. He started as a cuck and is turning into an extreme paypig!  He spent $1652 this time around!

And a sissy that can’t get enough of Me spent $121 since the last report.  I suspect the next one is going to be bigger, and caged yankee spent $122, on chat and pay to views!

Paypig Alert!  Unable to stop himself from coming around is extreme paypig. He’s really an extreme paypig in training, but his training has been going VERY well

Coming around to spend some more was j the junkie.  This time it was $129.

New Slave!   Getting acquainted with My dangerous ways was greg in a cage. I hope that soon I can show him how well I can coerce him to pay more and more!  He spent $176

weak for legs can’t stop coming around, and this time I used My legs and mind control to extract $232 from him.,  YUM

Huge Paypig Alert!  Adding to his impressive extreme paypig spending ways was PIG. PIG is bored on lockdown and working from home, and I am just sooo tempting. He spent $901 dollars since the last Fuckover Report

It’s really common for paypigs to delete accounts and open new ones. This happened with a pig I’m calling weak goon. He has already deleted his account.  Again. But spent $260. He’ll be back.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My special little devoted slave treats Me like his religion.  Correction:  I “AM” his religion, and paybitch terry spent $636 showing his devotion to his Goddess since the last report.  NICE, I am well pleased.

The guy I call Niteflirt client was back with a couple new accounts, spending $209 this time. He should just have ONE account, would be so much easier!

My good girl bambi came around and spent $120.

Huge Paypig Alert!  A special shoutout goes to irish dope who had his best sessions ever with Me!  This VERY GOOD boy spent $842 on Me since the last report! His lifetime spending is wayyyy over $13K now!  I am proud.

Back again, just sending random tributes to Me is helpless dave.  He gets good boy rewards for his efforts, and he spent $229 this time around!

Also back again after a while was button, spending $214 in a delicious click and pay session!

New Slave!  Finding out how dangerous I am was an adorable slave I have decided to call gilligan.  Dear gilligan spent $137 learning about My dangerous ways!

Another new slave was tc, who spent EXACTLY $100 to get a mention, and has since deleted his account.  I’m so dangerous the slaves try to flee!  Usually coming back of course.

Back again after a hiatus was redbird!  He spent $152. I love it.

Huge Paypig Alert! Completely losing himself in My power was egghead. He really shouldn’t even try to stay away.  He spent $426

My good boy nylon slave spent $152 on his worship of Me.

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert!  New to Me and the blog is “bishop” who discovered the dangers of click and pay with Goddess Lauren.  This hapless slave ended up spending $372 discovering how dangerous I am! Well done!

Going nuts with the paypig chicken game and some custom captioned photos I made for her was sissy j, who spent a glorious $266 in her worship of Me!

Back for the first mention in a while was sissy marla, one of My all time biggest spenders, and one of the 100k club! She spent $142. YUM.


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Taking advantage of captive paypigs

Captive paypigs stuck at home are easy prey for your Goddess.

Stay at home orders are custom made for predators to victimize their prey

Bored, lonely and vulnerable losers and sissies are easy pickings.

You see an email from Me, your cock gets hard.

you see a pay to view from Me, your cock gets hard

you see a new blog post from Me…your cock gets hard

you see I am online, your cock gets hard

you find yourself checking to see if I am available. Distractions away from the computer are few, it’s so easy to just check again and again

This builds the addiction, the obsession, and when you finally do see Me?

BOOM!  The cock wants you to pay

so you do. I make it soooo easy

your cock is hard reading this, you’ll obsessively check to see if you’re on the spending report and vow to be on the next one either way

I will be there waiting to reward your vigilance with a cash rape!

New Stuff

Some of you are having trouble getting My email blog notifications, they have a tendency to be in spam. I’m looking into ways to mitigate that, but in the meantime, I will notify you on Niteflirt. (Or if you prefer that, that’s fine too) Click here for infomation

I’ve got a some new pay to views as well, check out any you haven’t. I’ve been doing more selfies since I can’t do studio shoots right now.

The Fuckover Report!

Paypig Alert! My special good boy kept up with his high priced therapy with Dr Lauren. How motivated he is!  He spent $329

My nylon slave kept popping in to get more nylon sole photos. He spent $129

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert!  Getting caught in a really dangerous game of Raise the Rate on the phone (I keep raising the phone rate and make the client call back again and again at higher and higher rates). It was sooo fun and cuckie mark spent $545 learning why I am dangerous!

My leg slave extreme paypig is showing up more often and this time he spent $280

New slave!  I have a new one serving Me, and I’m calling him drooling paypig.  This pig is a stroke addict, and I have a feeling I will be taking huge advantage of him in the future! This pig spent $138 getting to know Me.

My good boy that loves stolen moments with Me called a few times spending $155

Huge Paypig Alert!  As always, princess gigi (AKA fagmuffin) was a busy girl, tributing and even calling in her need to be more and more girly and obedient.  I am taking full advantage, as always!

And the secret Niteflirt client (who has easily a dozen names) spent $294 on Me since the last blog, just missing the $300 level for a huge alert!  So close and Delicious!

Huge Paypig Alert!  PIG kept coming around to fall deeper and deeper into My clutches, this time spending $555 in a giant wallet BOOM!

I had some fun doing a short term cock control contract with helpful one.  He spent $142. Nice 🙂

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy irish dope spent all his disposible income on Me, earning his huge alert and spending $309.

My good boy egghead surrendered another $110 to Me since last mention.

Paypig Alert! My sissy caged yankee has gone to a new level of spending, begging for pay to view fuckovers and being unable to stop! I know yankee is looking for this blog entry and after sprouting a hard cock in her panties, I expect to hear from  her again for fuckover! She spent $426!

My shoe sniffer was back, and I was glad because I really enjoy him and he spent $136 on photos of My shoes *laughs*

Paypig Alert!  Slave mr ed is back, but spending at a much faster clip then before. I enjoy making him feel stupid and humiliated, and laughing that it gives him a hard cock when I abuse him.  He spent $459!

My no nonsense guy was back going further into debt for Me. SO weak for My ass, he ended up spending $261 on photo after photo of My perfect round derriere!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy paybitch terry kept sending tribute and buying pay to views until he passed the Huge paypig threshold! He spent $518.  Delicious!

My good boy quiet gentleman spent $136 this time around enjoying My photos. Good boy!

New Slave!  Getting her first mention is a sissy I’m calling swine lady. This sissy spent $120 to make it on My blog for the first time! I think she will find out how dangerous I am!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good girl sissy j went crazy on the paypig chicken game, and ended up spending $349.  I wonder how far she will get before it ends at the end of May?

Remember, you do can do the Paypig Chicken Game and get a mention like sissy j.

Or you can just start it here!

There is nothing more fun then pitting extreme paypigs against each other.

And you can get your very own blog mention just for spending $100. That’s so hot!

I expect to see you in the next fuckover report!



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Paypig Chicken: How far will you go!

Paypig Chicken Game

On April 10th, I began the Paypig Chicken game which will run through May 31st.

It *is* a competition.  Who will prevail? I’ve created a page JUST for this competition.  Many have played a little.  Several have hit Level 10 or higher which gets them a mention on the page.

I LOVE fanning the flames of competition, as you guys strive to be the top Loser, the biggest fool of a paypig for your Goddess.  Go for the glory of being MORE special than the other losers!

You can start here.   It’s just ONE freaking dollar.  Of course, it gets worse, but you can just start it.

Find out at what level you chicken out!

Did you already start it and lose your place?  Email Me and I will help you pick up where you left off.

There is nothing more fun then pitting extreme paypigs against each other.

Who is the best pig? Who will be My favorite one?  Who outspends the other pigs?

WHo tries their best to make the list, even if they aren’t on top.  (Most of you reading this could make the list if you wanted to)

Go please Me


Other recent pay to views you will want


And now it’s time for the FUCKOVER report!

I want to add, that you guys are keeping Me comfortable while I am on a stay at home order (like most of us, honestly) you’re bored, and spoiling your Goddess, just as you should!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Let’s start with My special boy tom who kept calling for high level Financial Domination Counseling. He’s made so much progress and devoted $890 to his therapy since the last report.

And calling often despite being really busy is boomer, who spent $274. Always a pleasure to use him!

And a blast from the past is bag boy, who spent $190 on a nice phone call

Legendary Paypig Alert! It’s always a pleasure to session Dr x.  Since last review he spent $1905 on Niteflirt and $200 on gift cards from Amazon. He reminded Me that tonight is the one year anniversery of our huge $13K session. (that was amazing!)

Good boy helpless dennis spent $182 staring at photos of My breasts as he called Me.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good slave paybitch terry showed his level of devotion in sending Me tributes after tributes and buying nice pay to views from Me. He spent $875.  Very nice!

My nylon slave spent $218 on phone calls and photos 🙂

Huge Paypig Alert!  Irish dope really went beyond expectations for Me this month, spending $660.  What fun we had! He’s doing very well being so loyal!  He went quite far in the Paypig Chicken game!

Back again after another failed attempt to quit was clayton. He spent $120

Calling me several times as he is on lockdown in the US, while his wife is in the UK was My good boy with the special stolen moments. He spent $315 since last report

Lauren’s footlicker has been doing a great job spending a little on most days. It’s added up to $173 that used to be his and is now MINE 🙂

Extreme Paypig Alert!   PIG continued his spending stroke and pay ways, sending Me $1175 mostly in phone calls and chatting and tributing.  YUM!

Just squeaking into a mention was hypnowallet, spending $103.  He’s trying not to spend on Me, but he’s having trouble.  Just give it up hypnowallet, you know where your cash belongs!

I keep catching the sissy caged yankee on chat, and I managed to tease $237 since the last report from her!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My slave jeffnomore was back with another new account. My mission to turn him into a payslave is having a LOT of success. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he spent $1741 on our tasty session recently!

I’m laughing at candyballs because he keeps deleting and making new accounts.  He spent $139 total with 7 different accounts.  Hey candyballs, just keep one and it’s so much easier to keep track!

And ds keeps returning again and again, this time for $254

New slave!   I’m always amused by the ones that show up curious in My chat, claiming that they’re not a pay pig, but curious about what I do.  This happened with lost alex, and he ended up spending $195.  So fun!

and My good boy sissycocksucker came around for some fun hypno fun and under trance I separated him from nearly $200.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My titpay ATM did really well in the paypig chicken challenge. At the time of this writing, he is currently in the lead at level 18.  Between that and other spending, he totaled $631.  YUM!

Earning the first mention in the paypig chicken game was special k.  He spent $180 this past month!

Spending $180 on mostly spontaneous surprise tributes was helpless dave.  I love that!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Back again for more click and pay fun was star junkie! He did very well on the paypig chicken game and spent $530. Bravo!

Unable to stay away, My boi wayne spent $147 chatting and drooling over My thick ass photos!

Oinkloser10K stopped by to spent $119.  I’m going to lean on him soon for more.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Spending more than enough to get an extreme mention was noddy.  My goal for him is bankruptcy. He’s maxed out his credit cards again, I think he should get a debt consolidation loan to pay them off so I can max them out again! His spending was a head spinning $1556

Spending $161 on his surrender to Me is egghead.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Back for more late night fun was sissy bambi!  She spent $671 since last report. I love triggering this bimbo.

And back for more spending was ninja! He disappeared for a while, but reappeared with $257 of click and pay!  Nice!

Spending $227 since last report was dirtbag.  Nice!

And back after a little hiatus was button, spending $176 on click and pay!

and finally

Paypig Alert! My good girl princess gigi has been very busy lately but managed to tribute Me $336 anyway.  AND MILESTONE!  She hit the $200,000 lifetime level of spending, the first of My stable to hit that sum! Well done gigi!



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Keep Paying your Goddess! Devotions continue!

I am Fine.

So many of you have reached out to Me to make sure I am weathering this current COVID storm well, so I want to assure My fans, admirers, slaves and pigs that I am doing well.   Like most of the world, I’m staying home most of the time, except for some essential trips. We are well stocked here for all the essentials. One of the advantages of being your FinDomme is that I am already accustomed to being at home to use you pigs and no huge adjustments have been needed.  My state isn’t on stay at home orders, but that’s probably coming, and I know that many of you are on stay home orders.  While you are bored, load up your accounts and call Me, email Me or chat Me up. I will make sure your spending habits are exercised!

The past couple of weeks have been a blur of getting Myself ready, as well as helping family and friends who are more vulnerable get ready. Now it’s just sit and wait and use you. (With at home exercise breaks!)

That made blogging a little hard, due to preoccupation with the outside world, but here I am finally 🙂  You will notice I did get the paypig milestones sidebar updated, and paypig goals updated 🙂 Enjoy!

Now, enough of that, let us move on to more important things.

Me of course

I think some mindless enjoyment is what you need right now, so I’m adding some hot leather, latex and strap on photos right here to get you into the proper frame of mind to serve Me!


Now, let’s do the fuckover report!

Paypig Alert!   Let’s start with My special good boy tom, who has been calling Dr Lauren for a “cure”, and he’s had to call often, spending $400.  Excellent!

Also calling often was target, who spent $135 enjoying My voice!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy boomer has been calling and clicking and paying, and has helplessly spent $525.  YUM.

A loser who can’t stop himself from spending is clayton. He will go away for a while, but he’s been My slave a good ten years and I have changed his brain chemistry forever. His future is spending more and more $$$ on Me. He spent $192

Paypig Alert!  Speaking of helpless spending on Lauren, helpless dennis is another slave who just cannot cum without hearing My voice!  This cost him $390 since the last blog report 🙂

My good boy who loves stolen moments called Me for $254. I expect to hear from him a lot since he’s in stay in place order in the states, and his wife is in a stay in place order in England!  I will be profiting from that!

LEGENDARY PAYPIG ALERT!  (All sirens sound in announcement)

My useful idiot, noddy can’t stay away from extreme spending!  The loser came around for a couple extreme sessions and the total ended up being. (Hang on to your hat)  $2932, just shy of three grand!  That makes Me wet!

Huge Paypig Alert! Back after a hiatus was sissy jocelyn from maryland, who was unable to stay away. I dove right into her mind and wallet and she spent $546! YUMMY

Spending with chat and tributes was caged yankee. This poor sissy can’t stay away and she spent $152.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  My sissy gigi/AKA fagmuffin is finally done with her cow girlfriend. It’s over, and now I have free reign of her time, money and sexuality and can keep her tiny clitty ASLEEP forever!   She spent $1415 since the last blog entry!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Another extreme paypig spender is PIG. PIG is another on a stay at home order, and that is only compounding his addiction to Me. He keeps calling again and again for Dopamine Rushes!  He has no hope of moderating his spending on Me and it has amounted to $1495

Extreme Paypig Alert!   Yet ANOTHER extreme paypig is paytit ATM.  He saved up special for an extreme session and it was FUN! I can’t wait to hear from him again!

NEW slave Extreme Paypig Alert!  There were a lot of extreme pigs hanging around.  A new one was an ugly virgin who has already deleted his account because he was too weak to stop paying. I expect he will read this and come back. They always do. He spent $1442

Coming around again was paydrone, with a couple fun sessions, spending $123

Huge Paypig Alert!  Hitting my blog again was “j the junkie” who usally spends a small amount often, but this time he went WAY crazy spending $412 on Me. I LOVE it!  Well done j!

And the Dane was back, spending $150 on pay to views and chat. I always enjoy him! Is Denmark on a stay home order? I do not know, I’m sure he will let Me know!

Paypig Alert!  Paybitch terry couldn’t manage to stop sending tributes. That is just sooo much fun.  The addicted loser spent $348 since last blog entry

Good boy irish dope showed up for a nice $173 session. Soon there will be another!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy sunshine has been working hard to earn money for Me. He did manage to spent $389 on Niteflirt and another $150 on Amazon. well done!

My leg slave I call extreme paypig tried to quit, but he’s back and spent $275.  I’m working on making that MORE!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Good boy helpless dave spent $530 on chat and out of control tributes! I love that!  I see that he has deleted his account, but he will be back. He always comes back, like the rest of you addicts!

My good boi wayne spent $160 drooling over photos of My thick ass! He can’t stop thinking about it!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My elegant foot lover has been so very generous to Me since last blog, spending $500.  Very nice!

Good boy helpful one clicked and paid $115, I hadn’t seen him in a while, so that was nice!

Paypig Alert!  The slave dirtbag couldn’t stop clicking and paying, spending $289.  Delish!

And My leg addict, who is also weak for tits, couldn’t stop. I tranced $144 from him!  YUM

Paypig Alert!  Lauren’s footlicker is going to bum that he just missed a HUGE paypig alert! Maybe next time. He spent $275, which is a really healthy amount for him.  If he spents $50 by the end of the day tomorrow, I’ll change to to a HUGE paypig alert for him!

Buying more leggings photos was “more please” he has such a weakness for them, and he spent $125

Extreme Paypig Alert! Dr X can’t stop pleasing Me. He spent $753 on Niteflirt and another $250 on Amazon giftcards, squeaking in for an Extreme mention!

Getting another mention is mindless, who has maxed out her cards on Me, but still managed to come up with $141 to please Me!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Spending $446 on Me, with about 6 different accounts was candyballs. The fool tries to delete the accounts to stay away, but that fails, and he makes a new one. Rinse and repeat!

Spending $291 was egghead. I have a feeling I will see more of him very soon. Let’s see if I am right. (I usually am)

Huge Paypig Alert!  I had so much fun triggering sissy bambi into doing secret things she doesn’t remember! Nervous bambi?  Good.  She spent a healthy amount of $720 Mmmmm

Back with a new account was jaybee!  He spent $193. Guys?  Why bother to delete your account, it doesn’t work!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy oinkloser10K was back with a vengeance spending $585.  YUM.I love watching this guy click. and. pay.  So fun!

Turning up to spent $110 was button. Nice!

Sneaking in for a mention was goat, for $101. I love seeing that guy pay like crazy at times!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Or maybe I should say Pay Pig Robot!  Wallet rape toy turned up to spend the most since declaring bankruptcy, a nice happy $505. Yes, I drove him into bankruptcy and he STILL can’t stop spending $$ on Me. It’s not really its cash anyway, it’s Mine!


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Visualize the Effect of Paying Lauren

Visualize how good it will feel to pay Lauren

I want to take your brain on a journey of submission

Imagine that you have a wallet full of cash.  Take a moment to see it. Stock full of $50s and $100 dollar bills (Or whatever currency you use).  It feels like strength, like power, like sex.

Now, imagine you are naked, except for that wallet.  Naked. Vulnerable. Needy. Kneeling. It feels like vulnerability, like surrender, like sex.

Now imagine you are in front of Me. I am standing, above you, looking like this

Now, imagine your cock getting hard.

-because you are hard

-because you are submissive

-because it’s your desire to surrender power to a Superior Woman.

Engage all your senses:

-imagine the crystal swinging over My breasts

-imagine the sound of My voice as I lure you into a senseless state of     surrender

-imagine My perfume floating down, its delicate fragrance a love potion infiltrating your brain

-imagine the way the carpet feels on your knees, imagine the way your cock begins to feel more engorged.

-taste the excitement on your tongue as you imagine what My foot, or My breast, or My ass might taste like on it.

Imagine how all your senses will swirl together when you pay Lauren.

No need to imagine

you can experience the joy and bliss of paying Me.

Did you see this free audio?  No?  What are you waiting for?

And this is another recent pay to view to surrender your cash to.

Now, it’s time for the FUCKOVER REPORT!

I’m starting the report with beta boi. I think he might be more interested in FinDomme then he let on. He spent another $160.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Continuing with his escalating addiction was PIG, who is beginning to stop trying to resist. I won’t rest until I have destroyed him and taken all his cash! He spent $536 this time around

And unable to stay away, even though he tried deleting his account was boomer. His efforts resulted in another $210.

Clicking in a haze a few times was bambi, who has triggers inserted into her brain stem. She just can’t help paying when I get into her head!

Paypig Alert! Continuing with his self victimization was click addict, who couldn’t stop clicking and paying. He missed his huge alert by $8 and spent $492.  Yum.

Barely making a mention this time was target, who spent $105

and my popper bitch, “pb” spent another $139.

New Slave.  New to My blog is “loser pony” who spent $155 learning how dangerous I could be.

My good boy who loves stolen moments called several times, spending $195

My exposure sissy did  a nice call and some tributes and spent $113

Huge Paypig Alert! I managed to tease $555 from helpless dave. He couldn’t help sending Me ever greater amounts of cash! I really enjoy doing this to him!

Calling again to destroy himself was jeffnomore who spent $104.

I’ve managed to catch the sissy caged yankee a few times during the day lately, and it’s cost her $227.

Spending $224 this time around was paydrone. I love taking his cash!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My paybitch terry was losing control again, sending Me large tributes on several days at the wee hours in the morning while I wasn’t even online.  This added up to $565! That’s devotion!

The Dane spent $121 in pay to views while chatting. I think he’s due to pay again actually.

Playing in chat and tributing with fun hypnosis games was sissy cocksucker. He has no memory of spending $138 but he did!

Huge Paypig Alert! Reappearing after a hiatus was an old favorite, paycunt. (No one stays away for TOO long). He fell with a bang, spending $568 on his fuckovers!

My elegant foot guy spent $101 getting a mention!

It was SOOO nice to see Loserbeast clicking and paying!  He spent $250, what a good boy! What a Loser!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My estrosissy fagmuffin keeps spending, as usual.  This sissy has an on again/off again relationship with a girl, even though she’s a hopeless virgin and the cow girlfriend is just taking advantage of her. I WILL wreck it permanently.  And fagmuffin knows it’s true.  The sissy is still taking estrogen and she knows that I will suceed!  She spent $890 this time around.

Doing very well with spending is “veryhard4Lauren” who spent $245 on photos of My perfect feet! He’s getting REALLY close to $10K lifetime level of spending!

Dr x pleased Me with $156 on Niteflirt and $50 on Amazon.  He’s due for another big fuckover, and I cannot wait!

Coming around again was special k, who spent $161

The other thing I noticed about the spending report was the huge amount of clients that spent smaller amounts.  Some of them need to up their game and make the Fuckover report!

Until next time!


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The Paypig Rush

The Paypig Rush is unlike anything else

I am, of course, not speaking from personal experience, but from the perspective of a FinDomme who has sessioned hundreds of piggies over the years. and so many of them have described the experience, so I thought I might share it with you losers who have wondered what it felt like.

  1. The cock begins to stir as the pig encounters Me. Perhaps an email, or seeing My listing.
  2. Anticipating the fuckover, the cock gets stiffer and the piggy’s heart rate rises.
  3. Payment commences.  The pig edges his paycock.  Each payment causes a rush in adrenaline. The pleasure grows and grows. Each payment is like a small hit of a drug
  4. Each payment causes a rush of pleasure. The pig may get dizzy. The pig’s eyes may roll to the back of his head.
  5. The buildup to orgasm is extremely intense and pleasureable.
  6. A final large payment will result in the most intense orgasm the pig can imagine.
  7. The pig will want to repeat the experience and will return soon to pay, even more, to experience the rush again. Many will listen to My recordings/videos as they return to pay, inspired by My words to go to even higher levels!


I invite My pigs who have experienced a rush to comment and expand on My words.  I may edit and add to this bases on what you pigs  relate to Me!

Here are some recent Pay to views you should buy!

And now it’s time for the Fuckover report!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

I’m gonna begin with “mindless”  Mind less JUST missed an Extreme Paypig Mention last blog, but this time the sissy outdid herself, spending enough for a LEGENDARY mention of $2,632!   I was even surprised it had been that much, and I’ve been having fun, ruining orgasms and making her take out new credit cards! I wonder how much more extreme it will get before I break her.

Next, let’s talk about sniffer, who has been calling multiple times! In just two weeks he spent $243. Keep that up sniffer!

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert! New is a guy I’m calling beta boi, and although he claims not to be into FinDomme, he keeps calling for long conversations, mostly on the subject of Female Supremacy.  He’s spent $542, not bad for a guy “not into FinDomme”

My special good boy surrendered $117 to Me to get an entry, with a couple nice phone calls!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Sissy princess gigi has been taking estrogen on the sly and sending Me cash and hiding it from her soon to be ex girlfriend.  That cow is pissed at her because she is a sissy and not a real man, and I think she’ll dump gigi pretty soon. Then gigi will be free to explore her femmy side again!  This sissy managed a couple phone calls and LOTS of tributes and sent Me $1002, some of it while she was at Disney World.  So funny.

My nylon slave got very excited by his pantyhose video and spent $139.  And even though he said he wasn’t coming back, I know he will to see the new pantyhose photos I have!

Huge Paypig Alert!   Pig’s addiction continues to become more extreme, as he chats Me, tributes and calls on a nearly daily basis.  This time around it was $544 Wow!

And gimp loser was back with some more end of life spending, sending Me $146.  Excellent.  Mostly in ONE huge email while on the phone with Me for some vicious insults.

New Paypig!  A guy I’m calling patch discovered Me and has enjoyed chatting and tributing Me! He spent $126 on his introduction to My wiles!

My elegant foot lover squeaked into a mention with exactly $100 of spending. I love money.

Paypig Alert!  My titpay ATM emptied his coffers a couple of times over the last couple weeks, spending $340.  We’ve been talking about having a 4 digit session and I’m looking forward to him making that happen!

Back again doing a lot of click and pay was quiet cuck.  He spent  $229, bringing him just $10 away from hitting a life time spending of $1,000!

Paypig Alert!  Squeezing in for another paypig alert was boomer. He called, and clicked and paid to the amount of $306.  Nice!

After a hiatus, ninja reappeared, returning as stealthily as he left, like a ninja!  He spent $166.

I’m so happy to mention Loserbeast again, this time for $150.  Yum.

Paypig Alert!  one evening I REALLY took advantage of no nonsense guy.  I just kept sending him ass photos and he kept buying them, whining about not being able to afford it, but unable to stop.  Yum.  He spent $460!  I loved our session!

Spending at least $117 on at least 4 different accounts was candyball. He keeps deleting them and making new ones. He is addicted and he has it really bad for Lauren. Deleting accounts doesn’t seem to be helping.

Huge Paypig Alert! Dr X kept coming around, spending $486 on Niteflirt and another $227 on Amazon, mostly in gift cards, but he got Me some bubblebath and a Brita water pitcher. He takes such good care of Me!

Back again after a break was “surprised”  and I was not surprised that he spent $152. It was nice to session him again!

And sissy bambi spent another $214 this time around. We missed each other a couple of times or I think it would have been even more!

Most of these paypigs mentioned here experienced at least one Paypig Rush.  You want one too, don’t you?
you want a blog entry too, don’t you?

It can be yours.  Surrender your wallet to Lauren now!

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