Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction

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A poll and a fuckover report!

I have great news!  I tried the beta program My computer programmer wrote for Me last night to calculate piggy spending and it works great!  (that’s how the numbers were calculated in this post) That means I will be doing more frequent spending reports and more blog entries. I’m so excited about that.

It still needs to get transferred onto My own laptop to be used, and the programmer wants to tweek a couple of things, but it’s ready.

That means I can thrill paypigs and motivate them to spend MORE cash AND have more time on My plate to actually write blog posts that get you losers pulling out your wallets.

Did My blog make you start spending on Me?

I am trying to learn what percentage came to Me because of My blog.

I spent on Mistress Lauren before reading Her blog

I spent on Mistress Lauren after reading Her blog

I have never spent on Mistress Lauren (what???)

I do not recall which came first

I found her before she had a blog (more than 10 years ago)

Now, let’s do the FUCKOVER report! It’s six weeks worth, so it’s LONG.

I’m gonna begin with My boy wayne, who just cannot help himself. He kept telling Me he was trying to save money for Christmas but just kept tributing Me. He loves My curvy body.\

Extreme Paypig Alert!   Princess gigi tried to quit again, as she tried to patch things up with her girlfriend, who knows all about Me, and doesn’t think I’m good for her. Of course, I’m not the one trying to make her deny her sissy nature. Miss gigi knows she is a sissy who belongs on estrogen and in panties for the rest of her life. She spent $1,808 despite taking a ten day break. Imagine how much it would have been without that break? There is a reason this girl is My lifetime #1 spender.   $196.478 Lifetime, I realize she will hit $200K this year, probably before summer.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Another slave getting an extreme mention (again) is noddy.  He managed to hide for a while, but one night he succumbed to My maneuvers and ended up paying Me $1634.  That kind of spending is the only way you losers can give Me the shivers!

My good boy who loves stolen moments called several times for delightfully evil conversations. He spent $248

Huge Paypig Alert!  Going completely nuts on click and pay and occasional calls recently is boomer. I think I have really fanned a dangerous addiction in this slave, and he just keeps coming around, and he spent $582!

New to My blog is sniffer, who kept calling and calling and ended up spending $122.

Extreme Paypig Alert!   Another extreme alert for PIG. He’s getting more and more out of control.  Recently,  he finally hit the 100K lifetime spending mark, and he’s already up to $105K plus!  I LOVE that I as time goes on he has less and less control and needs to pay more and more! He spent $1729 since last review!

Paypig Alert!  Helpless dennis can’t get hard anymore without hearing My voice.  What does that mean?  Lots of calls and paymail purchases, He spent $330!

Trying so hard to “cure” his FinDomme addiction is My special good boy, who called Dr Lauren several times, spending $201.

Huge Paypig Alert!  I think this might be goat’s first Huge mention, he went really crazy clicking and paying things for Me! He spent $834!  YUM!

Paypig Alert!  j the junkie couldn’t help himself as his addiction spiraled dangerously recently. He spent $355. YUM.

Another one who keeps calling is target.  He is another who just can’t get enough of My mesmerizing voice, and he spent $228 this time around.

Paypig Alert!  My sissy, caged yankee can’t stay away and she spent $325 since last spending report! YUM!

My leg addict kept trying to quit Me but instead spent $241. I don’t really think he wants to quit.

Quietly spending $147 was peeper.  Surrender more deeply peeper!

Paypig Alert! Dr x pleased Me with spending and gift cards totaling $340. I have a feeling he is ripe for a Legendary Fuckover

Huge Paypig Alert!  Helpless dave stayed helpless and sent Me $530 in tributes and click and pay!

Another slave who kept spending was piglette. This loser handed Me $161 and won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Sissy bambi kept coming in a drunken haze, again and again.  How much did the bitch spend?   $1625.  Nice! (For Me)  Silly bimbo

My nylon slave is another who keeps popping back in. He spent $170

Huge Paypig Alert!  Oink Loser10K finally hit 10K. Now on to 20k! I see he has deleted his account, but we ALL KNOW he will be back!  Hey Loser, you spent $703!

My Australian paymoosie spent $165 on Me, mostly in gift cards, which I love. YUM.

I was really pleased to see Loserbeast get a mention for spending exactly $200.  Will 2020 be the year Loserbeast loses control and ravages his bank accounts for Lauren?

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert!  Clicking and paying his way through My pay to views, “mindless” discovered why I am so dangerous.  He just missed an “extreme paypig” mention by $15. He spent $985.  Mindblowing!  I want to see more of that mindless!

dusty, aka jenny was back, clicking and paying and calling. This sissy spent $220 since last spending report. Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Just missing an “extreme paypig alert” was titpay ATM! This robot paypig is so programmed to pay the tits, that I just have to withdraw from him just like he was an ATM. I empted this ATM of $975 since last blog entry!

The slave I think of as “finally quit” still hasn’t.  I think he finally gave up on his delusion that he had stopped this, and is thinking of himself as a loserpig, which he is.  He spent $271.  🙂

New to My blog is “bewildered” who managed a mention at $158! Well done!

Paypig Alert!  And hoping he will recognize himself,  he’s made so many accounts I dont even know his original member name. (When you delete your account, I lose your member name and notes that include the blog name).  This “client” spent $333 on two different accounts.  Good boy!

Back doing some spending was the Dane. He spent $198. I would love to see more of that!

My elegant foot lover pleased Me with $227

Huge Paypig Alert!  Egghead surrendered and paid again and again. Mind controlled, he can’t help himself! He spent $540

dirtbag weakened and managed to get a paypig mention at $103.

Another deleted account that I can’t recall who it belongs to (he changes his member name a lot too), was elric, who spent $255. Help Me out elric, who are you?

Paypig Alert! And also with a deleted account is candyballs, who reappeared to identify himself to Me!  He spent $358.  Now I remember who he is on the blog!

My good girl sissy j spent $233 and send lots of fun photos that I can tease her with on her special password protected page 🙂

Spending $180 was paybitch terry. I have My eyes on more of his cash.

Huge Paypig Alert! Back again is a paypig named dave, whose original blog name is also lost in deleted accounts.  Maybe he remembers and can let Me know.  He paid his way up to $703!  YUM.

Lauren’s footlicker managed a mention with $112 of spending

And I am finishing up this fuckover report with a

Legendary Paypig Achievement!

My good boy sunshine came through once again, this time for $2,290 in spending, on Niteflirt, gift cards and gifts (My favorite is the new fitbit to replace the one that died) I LOVE seeing this boy’s name come up in chat or email. He’s smitten and I love it!  Well done sunshine!  (PS I’m due to hear from you!)

Now, will you make the next Fuckover report?
It takes $100 to make it

$300 gets you a  Paypig Alert Mention

$500 gets you a Huge Paypig Alert Mention

$1000 gets you an Extreme Paypig Alert Mention

$2000 gets you a Legendary Paypig Mention!



January 15, 2020   No Comments

I Groom Paypigs for Financial Exploitation

I groom paypigs.

I find two types of potential losers to take advantage of.

Paypigs and those with paypig potential.

I put things out on the web. On My Niteflirt listing, on this blog, on twitter, so My victims will find Me!

I tailor My words to attract the weak, the vulnerable, the lonely, all horny and with a hole in their life. Sometimes you find Me, and don’t even realize that you have a gaping need being unmet.

But I have spent years honing techniques to get inside your mind to take advantage. I flatter you with attention, I take the time to learn about you, to find out what turns you on.

Then I leverage that knowledge and begin exploitation.

If you don’t have the money to be exploited, I don’t really bother. I do have some success at making men want Me sooo badly, they figure out a way to have money so I can give them attention and take their hard-won cash.  That will get them attention as long as the cash lasts, then I will dump them.

If I judge you have a little ability to pay, I train your cock to respond to abuse and paypig themes. It’s laughingly easy.  Suddenly you can’t stay away, and I make sure you are addicted and slowly start jacking up the prices.  Even within a session, things gradually cost more (as many of you know well)

When I groom you, it will feel soooo amazing. It will also be personally dangerous. Many will attest to it, but strangely, most of those still come around. (Or wish they had the $$$ to do so)

I will push your boundaries, and your cock will love it.

Missing today is a spending report.  Why?

I have a computer programmer working on a program that will hopefully make it sooo much faster to calculate My pig’s spending, and it might be ready to beta test very soon. So I’m holding out, due to how tedious and times consuming doing it can be. I’ll do a separate report next week, new program ready or not though.

Here are some recent Pay to views you should buy if you have not!

Let Me give a plug again for Pay Mail Club, if you click this button, you will get an email detailing it.

I initially planned to send guys almost daily emails, but in reality, it turns out to be once or twice a week at most. They are small amounts, usually $5 or less, and offer extra unreleased photos of some of My older stuff. Occasionally I record a special audio or a sneak peek of a new unreleased set.






January 10, 2020   No Comments

A long time since the last post, but you guys keep spending!

I cannot believe that it’s been way over a month since I blogged!

I’ve been really busy in My personal life lately (Life happens), and haven’t been able to even be as available as much, although you guys still manage to spend!  I’m working on trying to improve My ability to keep My blog up to date, and doing the spending reports (This is gonna be a LONG one)

Since you’ve all been so patient, I thought you all deserved a new gallery.  These are some photos from upcoming sets waiting to be released! You have a lot to look forward to, including a couple videos too. And I’m always doing new shoots too!


The Fuckover Report!


Starting off on the Fuckover report are a couple of Legendary paypigs!

Legendary Paypig! Spending more than anyone this interval was tPay.  This pig gorges on extreme financial domination and then disappears for a month or a couple years. I wish I could cash rape him every night like this!  He spent…..$6,092 in one session!  That’s what losers like him do. I bet he reads this and shows up for another wallet RAPE!

Legendary Paypig! Dr x can’t stay away. He spent $3,740 on Niteflirt and another $700 on Amazon. That’s a total of $4440 since last blog!  Lifetime on Niteflirt alone (not counting Amazon) he has spent over $156K lifetime, and probably at least 30K or so lifetime on Amazon too!  He’s been with Me for almost 13 years now.

Extreme Paypig!  Good girl princess gigi aka fagmuffin couldn’t stop her spending ways.  This sissy has been on again/off again with her girlfriend, but either way she can’t stop her addiction to Goddess Lauren.  This time around since last blog, she has spent $1470 (in six weeks)  She is completely helpless to My mercy (or lack of it more accurately)

Extreme Paypig! Good little loser PIG was back stroking his pigstick and paying more and more. How much?  $1,238 since last blog!  BOOM!

Extreme Paypig!  My good boy sunshine took a little spending break, but came back in fine form!  He spent $1,535 in cash and another $450 on Amazon, for almost $2K total spending on his Goddess. Good boy sunshine!

Extreme Paypig!   The long gap between blog entries helped paytit ATM to hit extreme status.  This piggy can’t afford this, but he does it anyway, because he is a victim of his addiction to Me. He is a good ATM loser. He spent $1007 since last update!

Next is long time loser paybitch terry.  He knows he’s a loser, pretends he isn’t sometimes, but he is. He comes back again and again. He spent $179 this time around, but I’m predicting a bigger session soon.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Good boy boomer spent $600 on phone calls and click and pay!  I LOVED seeing it. He’s getting pretty close to the $4,000 level of spending!

Back again and spending $154 was cartman.  Do it again loser!

Paypig Alert!  Back for more abuse was steve q fucked. I managed to rinse the loser for $391. He deserves to lose more cash than that to Me…. I’m waiting steve.

My special good boy spent $131, he returns again and again.  I really enjoyed our calls.

Paypig Alert!  My special good boy who loves stolen moments called Me a few times and bought some pay to views.  He spent $319 since last blog entry!

Spending $200 during this period was helpless dennis. He finds he can only cum now by calling and buying photos of My tits.

Paypig Alert! My good boy nylonslave couldn’t stop worshipping Me. He spent $350 worshipping Me! YUM

New to my blog is dusty, who squeaked into a mention with $100 dollar phone call.

My elegant foot lover spent $127.  I miss him, we haven’t connected much lately!

Huge Paypig Alert!  jeffnomore called Me twice and clicked and paid while he did it. These long calls and pay to views ended up costing him $758 since last blog entry!  Nice!

My long time slave clayton has been calling me since he was 18, and we figured out that I altered his brain development because he was still impressionable. I have no mercy, and he’s headed toward financial ruin at My hand.  He spent $258 this time around.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy and financial gelding and I had a fun chat and tribute session and it was very profitable for Me!  How profitable?  He spent $559.  YUM. Can’t wait to do it again!

Back with a couple of phone calls was piglette, this little piggy spent $120 since last blog entry!

Calling for the first time in a while was gimp loser. I thought the worm had died, but apparently not. He spent $178 of his end of life cash on Me.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Loser noddy was back buying My pay to views one night. He spent $360. Soon he will be getting another legendary mention. I feel it in My bones.

My good sissy cocksucker went to sleep in a trance for Me and spent $275 as I had fun twisting the sissy’s mind!  This sissy is only about $7 short of lifetime $5k spending!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My long time slave eggy was back for several delicious paypig sessions. I can never get him to buy huge emails, but I can get him to buy a ton of moderate ones that add up.  He spent $693 since last blog entry!  I happened to notice that his lifetime spending is up to $39,910, so close to 40K!

Good boy gutter dweller was back for $130 of click and pay just a couple days ago.  Yum.

Paypig Alert!  The dane was back chatting and buying pay to views, and I was happy to see his spending add up to $395!  I like a dane with cash to spend!

Also doing click and pay a couple of days ago was beta male bert, who spent $144.  Nice!

another click and pay addict, that I call “click addict” haha, was back and spent $221 mindlessly buying emails.  Those click and pay guys that just spent on their own are really easy!

Huge Paypig Alert!   Sissy bambi just cannot stay away, even though I scare the crap out of her since I have unedited photos of her dressed in her sissy getup, and can expose her whenever I want.  She spent $602 since the last time!

Getting a mention this time is Lauren’s footlicker.  This good boy doesn’t usually spend a lot at once, but he spends every week and over time it’s added up.  This time he spent $110 and lifetime he is up to $3,565. Over time it accumulates!

My good girl sissy j spent $143, lifetime she is closing in on $12K ($350 more to go). Another example of how regular smaller amounts add up!

Lastly, getting a mention is wallet rape toy.  He spent $122, since I bankrupt him and they took his house, the courts have attached quite a bit of his income. But he still spends what he can on Me.  He had several legendary sessions with Me. Now he strokes to the memory of it.

Load up your account, so you can make extreme paypig memories with Me!





December 4, 2019   1 Comment

I warned you. I am dangerous.

I warned you.

I consciously connect in your mind the orgasm and pleasure of paying Me. I offer it as a warning.

you will get addicted
you think it can’t happen to you
but it can.

Then there is shame, due to the embarassment you feel for spending so much on Me, even though I warned you. Because you are a submissive loser, you will probably get aroused by your shame. This will further trap you into My paypig cycle. I warned you.

you will return to tell Me you’re not doing this again. But you do, usually starting within moments of telling Me you are done.

The next orgasm is more intense. The money spent is more…

The cycle is developing. Addiction is beginning.  I warned you.

I will have no mercy

I am dangerous, and I am warning you.

Let’s talk about the warning.
It has many layers

It attracts submissive men who are attracted to powerful dangerous women.

It warns off some men who would probably be a waste of My time anyway. (I wish this were foolproof, alas it is not)

It gives Me cover to blame your addiction on yourself later, “I warned you” Ironically, it will contribute to the SHAME that aids Me in addicting you. Victim blaming is so fun for a sadist. It makes a great gaslighting tool.  I warned you.

This is your fault that you’re addicted. you couldn’t stop jerking off, and now all this gooning is making your credit card balances climb.

This shame is sending you right back to your Niteflirt account to add MORE cash for Lauren.

The warning does something else, for Me. It lets Me off the hook. I can keep abusing you because it’s YOUR FAULT. I can keep raping your wallet because YOU ASKED FOR IT. I can keep fucking you over because it’s not MY fault you have no ability to stop wanking your loser cock.

You deserve what’s coming.

I may as well have a little fun with it!

I deserve it.  I warned you.

New PTVs

Schedule Changes:  I have edited the schedule, (see right sidebar) and I am experimenting with less time logged into Niteflirt and more time doing things like shooting and editing videos/photos, making recordings, writing blog entries, updating webpages, etc.   I used to be able to do more of that stuff while logged in and available, but the Niteflirt Chat option is making that more difficult, with simply too many interruptions.

I MAY be available earlier in the day, you can always look to see if I am logged on, but I think it’s better to offer fewer hours you can count on.

Now it’s time for the



Legendary Paypig Alert!

I added it up twice to be sure. In the middle of this spending spree, he tried to quit Me. I don’t think it lasted a week.  He has slowed down from the frenzied pace the first week of October, but the number is very impressive.  My good boy sunshine spent $7281 (If I am getting everything on Amazon counted, it gets confusing sometimes). Most of that in spending, not gifts!   What a very good boy, and I’m glad he’s back. I don’t expect as many “legendary” mentions from him, but they will not surprise Me!

Paypig Alert!  The next mention goes to boomer!  This slave has been very busy and he is sliding deeper into the paypig cycle.  This time around he spent $362

Hitting the $10K lifetime spending level this time around was steve q fucked. It took a single $222 session to pop him over that threshold.  I cannot wait until the next milestone!

The discovery that helpless dennis can’t cum until he hears My voice has ended up being pretty profitable for Me. A few shortish phone calls and pay to views added up to $268, a good return for My little time!

Huge Paypig Alert!  As her relationship has disintegrated with her soon to be ex-girlfriend (we’ve nicknamed cow), princess gigi has been able to spend more time with Me again. This sissy hasn’t had an orgasm in MONTHS and she didn’t think her limp clitty was working at all because it wouldn’t respond to cow.  It only took one phone call to prove to her that it DID work, but only if I gave it permission to work, and she had her first sissy orgasm in I don’t even know how long, followed by a repeat a few days later.  Now, I’m not gonna let gigi cum willy nilly all the time, but I did want to show her that it was broken for her drama girlfriend and to end it with that cow. I guess cow is moving out this weekend, about time!  Miss gigi spent $740 on her Goddess!

My elegant foot lover squeezed in a mention with $120 session. I think I need more sessions with him!

Paypig Alert!  A slave I call PB on the is getting his first paypig alert!  A few raise the rate calls is responsible for his mention! He spent $331.  YUM

I have a prediction!  My nylon slave told Me he was quitting Me.  This time around he spent  $270.  I bet I hear from him because I have NEW pantyhose photos. There is no quitting Lauren.

Huge Paypig Alert!  PIG can’t stop. His addiction is getting worse. Stroking his pigstick delivers the addictive neurochemical dopamine to his brain and he needs daily fixes.  This time around he spent $885. I can’t wait to see how bad it gets!

New to My blog, but not to Me is “Lauren’s footstool”. We had a great session of raise the rate phone calls and he spent $190 in just a few minutes. Yum!

Paypig Alert!  Making a very nice mention this time around is gutter dweller! He surprised Me when I totaled up that he had spent $365 mostly on click and pay when I wasn’t around!  Well done!

My good boy who loves stolen moments managed a mention with a couple of phone calls totaling $110. I expect to hear from him soon, he’s been traveling a lot on business lately, and I noticed some business news that I think probably is keeping him away more. When he makes it back to the States, I know I will hear from him.  I’m always the first person he calls when he lands.

Squeaking in for a mention is cl (clearly loser) who spent $100 exactly since last blog entry!

Spending $206 this cycle was dirtbag! It was so nice to see him clicking and paying!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Addicted and tortured, paybitch terry was back to worship Me with his cash. This time around was $682.  YUM

My boy wayne spent $165 mostly on chat and tributes.  He is a sucker for My big thick ass!

sissy caged yankee has found Me online more recently and I extracted $173 from her

And for the first blog mention in quite a while, is mind-controlled john, who spent $235. He’s creeping onto the 10K lifetime spending level!

Paypig Alert!  Losing himself in Me again was egghead, this time around spending $427. Stroke, Obey, Surrender, Add more to the Account, Repeat!

Back to spend $145 was click puppet.  Another session or two and he will hit the $2K level of spending!

Back with a beautiful session that included a $100 tribute was cucky phil, the ass lover. He tried to quit and failed. Again. Like so many before him, and many more to cum.  He spent $250 on his reunion with Me!

New Slave!  Paypig Alert! Losing himself in My click and pay series was a slave I’m calling “click addict”  I don’t think I can take credit for his click addiction, but I sure don’t mind it! He spent $318 on his debut!

Slave peeper was back, and this loser clicked and paid his way through $190. Nice!

and sissy marla, who I miss sessioning stopped by for a quickie of $143.  I miss those 4-digit sessions though! Save your money good girl!

Good girl miss piggy spent $190 on click and pay! Very good

Huge Paypig Alert!

My no nonsense guy can tell you all about My abuse and being addicted to Me, and not heeding My warnings. He tried to stay away and was doing pretty well until last week when he got weak and spent $711 on Me! Nice!

Good girl titzombie squeezed in a mention with $120. Nice!

Paypig Alert! Dr x, who is still licking his wound from a major session last month, well into 4 digits, still managed to spend $486 between Niteflirt and Amazon.  Good boy!



October 24, 2019   1 Comment

What a week for cash rape!

Since the last blog entry, a short ten days ago, I have cash fucked My slaves, sissies and losers a total of $16,610.  WOW! I love that level of devotion.

Three slaves reached legendary status, and I don’t think that has ever happened before, certainly not in only a ten day period.   If I earned that way EVERY day, it would be $606,000 plus in a year.  Sadly it’s not quite THAT legendary, but a girl can have goals!

For fun, I put the spending in order, from top to bottom. Keep in mind lots of pigs spend less than $100, and don’t get to even get recognized as a pig.


Let’s start with the LEGENDARY PAYPIG ALERTS!

#1. Dr X came by again for another HUGE session. Not as big as the $13,200 session we had in May, but quite awe-inspiring with $7,132 on Niteflirt and another $1698 on Amazon, mostly in gift cards for a jaw dropping total of $8,830!!  Part of this spending was a very delicious long phone call, which we hadn’t done in ages.  Dr X is mine forever. He’s been with Me for 12 years, and he knows he will never escape.

#2 Noddy  read the last blog where I taunted him for not getting a better mention, and he made it his goal to get a Legendary Mention.  And so he did.  He called several times at a rate of $50 a minute, and between that and fucking huge ptvs(up to $500) he spent $2835. MOST weeks this would be the #1 spender, but Dr X had other ideas.

you can see between those two pigs alone, I cash raped for more than 11K!

And Squeezing in for a Legendary Mention

#3 was sunshine, who continued his beautiful spending ways, totalling $2007 and squeaking in for the legendary mention!  Can you imaging paying Me more than $2K and only being the third biggest spender?


Next comes the Huge Paypig Alert!

Coming in #4 after the last Extreme mention on the blog, loser3188 couldn’t stop, this time adding another $494 to his spending on Me!

And #5 is My good girl princess gigi/Fagmuffin kept coming back once or more daily to send small tributes that add up. Her total was $492.  She and her girlfriend seem to be on the verge of splitting yet again, and gigi has secretly started taking estrogen and wearing panties again. She has a tiny virgin limp noodle clit that is likely to stay just in that stay indefinately.

Even after spending so much, #6 and getting a Huge paypig alert was PIG, who succumbed to yet another game we invented to separate him from his cash. He spent $421!

#7.  Next, doing so well and being such a good girl was My sissy titcunt. She spent $356 one day on Me, making Me sooo happy! Well done! She gets so dizzy when I send her photos of My breasts, she just keeps paying.


In other mentions

#8 Sissy caged yankee came back a few times for chat fun, spending $142

#9. Managing a mention with $113 was boomer. He’s becoming addicted to calling Me!

#10 Good boy wagner spent $108 mostly on pay to views of My perfect ass!

So the list of those that got mentions was short this week, but MIGHTY! Wow!

I am considering some changed to the Fuckover Report

Fuckover Report Poll

I am thinking of making some changes to the Fuckover Report. Choose which you like best

As I have been doing it

In order from biggest to smallest that qualified like today

In order from biggest to smallest that qualified, but only top 10 or 15 (not sure which)

And finally, I have a HOT new video. I think it’s probably the most arousing one I have ever made. I want you to imagine that cash in it was the cash I took this week from a paypig as you watch it.  Obey and buy it!


September 27, 2019   2 Comments

Get obsessed with Lauren!

A simple truth is that I will do whatever is in My power to completely addict you.

I want you TOTALLY obessed with Me

I want your cock to get hard when you think of Me

and eventually I want it to ONLY GET HARD when you think of ME,

needing to pay Me for your pleasure….and each orgasm you have thinking of Me will only addict you more.

An endless loop of paying and cumming and paying more and more for the bliss of being My paypig!

I want you to remember this as you look at these photos, stroking for each one and saying

“i send my cash to Goddess Lauren, i obey!”

and when you are done, you can send Me a tribute!   ( you know you must)

Also, see all the recent pay to views!

Now it’s time for the fuckover report!  I haven’t done one lately because I was on vacation and came home feeling really lazy at the end of the summer (Yes even I am occasionally struck with being lazy)

But I know so many of you are burning to see your name in print, so here we go! I haven’t done it in a month, so it’s long!

My construct was back and paying for ruin, this time he spent $113

Huge Paypig Alert!  Boomer was back, just missed an Extreme mention ($1,000), but he’s headed in that direction!  He spent $962!  I love seeing him slide deeper into mindless paydrone territory for Me!

And back and spending $132 on a nice phone call and pay to views was helpless dennis. Keep losing yourself in My lovely breasts dennis!

New Slave! New to Me and the blog is mister ed. We enjoyed phone calls, chat and he indulged in pay to views and some tributes too!  He spend just under $300, and I can’t wait to use him again!

It was so nice to see My addicted nylon slave again, and we had a beautiful session, with him spending $183. He just can’t get enough!

Legendary Paypig Alert!  Just before I went on vacation to Colorado, I had an EXTREME session with loser3188.  This loser surpassed 10K lifetime in spending but had his evening session with Me ever, spending a sizzling $2017.  Just WOW! 









But as Legendary as that was, it didn’t live up to My new slave sunshine, who has continued his paypig ways!

Uber-Legendary Paypig Alert!  Sunshine spent $3794 on Niteflirt, and $3,841 on gifts and gift cards, including some early Christmas shopping for Me and an air conditioner.  (Totaling $7,635 WOWZA!) I think you will see sunshine’s name pop up a lot and that he’ll be joining the ranks of wallet cunt and dr x. MMMmmmm. He’s quickly becoming a favorite!

Around a bit this week was My exposure sissy, and we had some phone fun for $162.

Paypig Alert!  Back with a new account was loser gimp.  This cripple just couldn’t stay away, and he sent Me $340 so far this time around!

My boy wayne and I had some chat fun in the amount of $130. I know how to mesmerize him with ass photos.

Paypig Alert! I have had a lot of chat fun with sissy cocksucker tim.  This little fag can’t help but pay Me, and this time he spent $360, most of it in a trance he can’t  remember later, which is fine, because I can tell him to send $$ at this time and he does! *laughs*

My generic NF client was around with another new account , spending $138. There is no telling how many thousands this loser has spent on Me over the years, he keeps deleting and making new accounts, and the records are lost.

Paypig Alert! Another slave who spent a bit this time was My good boy who steals moments. He loves to call when he gets home from traveling (he’s quite the world traveler) and tells Me his adventures in conning rich woman from their cash to give to Me! So fun!  He spent $340 this time.

My ATM titpay loser spent $238 on a couple fun chat and tribute sessions. He loses it over My perfect tits!

Huge Paypig Alert!  PIG kept coming back for chat and tributes, as usual, with some phone calls thrown in to really fuck with his head.  Despite his efforts to be “good” and stay away, he spent $580, which I consider pretty good!

I know that pit-lover is looking forward to this entry! I figure he spent about $122 to get this mention! I think that there is a larger session coming soon for him!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Helpless, paydrone was back, spending $581 mostly on chat and tributes, and just couldn’t stop!  He is almost at $5,000 lifetime spending!

And unable to stay away, especially as I am available more often earlier in the day, was caged yankee, who spent $290 on his Lauren habit! I love those kind of habits!

My financial gelding chatted and tributed with Me a bit. We were disappointed that his long awaited chastity device was a little too tight. (But the perfect tiny length!) More waiting as the larger ring has to be delivered, so slow. We want that thing on him a VERY long time, so it has to fit right. He spent $229 with Me chatting all about it.

Paypig Alert!  My obedient slave egghead started coming around again this week, and managed to pay me $436 as I made his mind go blank like a puppet or a drone! Obey egghead and ask for more!

noddy managed a mention at $118. I long for him to have another “legendary” mention. Nothing better than that.  Get the cash together noddy and I will use you and live-tweet it again!

Coming around again was paybitch terry, admiring Me with $125!

Huge Paypig Alert!  When you guys delete your accounts before I get a chance to write the blog, I do not always remember your blog name! I know this guy has one, but I can’t remember it, I log in it your account 🙂 (There’s so many of you!)  This guy has a four letter name beginning with l and he spent $390!  Reactivate your account and ask Me to fix your blog name!  Edit: It’s boomerang! He reactivated his account and I am fixing it right now! 🙂

My quiet gentleman bought enough pay to views to hit $130 in spending. Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Sissy bambi managed $302 to get her huge alert! I wish we had more compatible schedules, we have fun!

and wallet rape toy came out of his bankruptcy hell long enough to spend $132 on Me. I figure eventually he will rebuilt his credit enough so that I can destroy it again!

Spending $185 on gifts and gift cards for Me was paymoosie! Someday moosie, I’ll make you buy some really big gift cards!

Huge Paypig Alert!  And princess gigi/aka fagmuffin is still sending multiple tributes just about every day. This month she sent $841. Her noodle is limp, she hides her estrogen pills from her so called “girl friend” and she’s still a virgin.  That’s the fagmuffin report for this month!

Now, the rest of you can plot on how to earn YOUR mention in the fuckover report. I will have some pretty nice Pay to views coming out to tempt you and to help you in that quest! Stay tuned!





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Intimacy, sadism and the FinDomme

FinDommes, intimacy and sadism

I am often nice to My slaves. I give them attention, photos, maybe even special treats. I get to know them, what makes them tick sexually, and their everyday worries. Sometimes I even worry about their health/wellbeing (sometimes!) Deserving slaves get this special treatment. I have gotten to know many of them pretty darn intimately, and many know things about Me that the general public does not. Not every slave requires this, but the ones that do end up being really loyal.

How does this fit into a scenario of FinDomme/slave?  Am I less sadistic?  Or am I differently sadistic?

I can guarantee you that there is ALWAYS a plan, and it will always FIT into what I want. I enjoy the freedom to be mean and abusive, but sometimes I enjoy the freedom to be sweet and nice. That’s the point. It’s MY choice, not yours.

And this uncertainity will make you even more addicted to Me. I have My ways of creating an addiction for what I do. And I have a way of making you need Me sexually.  And I have no compulsion against exploiting that!  This is what I do.

When I have you wrapped around My finger, I can push things further. You’ll spend more, endure more, and crave more. Your logical mind tells you that this isn’t good for you, and I won’t even argue with you but I will twist it so that you can’t possibly do without.  You will try to break away, but your cock will flag. I trained it to need abuse and I trained you to love Me.

Is Lauren an abuser?

I am everything bad you hear about abusers, with the gaslighting, the Stockhold Syndrome and the manipulations.

Be afraid. But don’t be afraid.

It can’t happen to you, right?  Oh, are you sure?  Find out.

I am dangerous, and I am easy and fun to talk with.

There is not a false word in this post. (or is there? You can’t be sure)  You will come to love Me, fear Me and hate Me all at the same time. And you won’t ever be the same!

Vacation News!

Yes, it’s true I’m going on vacation again! I’ll be gone from Wednesday 8/21 to Tuesday 8/27.  I will probably not be around Tuesday evening 8/20 because I have an early flight on Wednesday. My destination?  Denver. I’m going to be tooling around Colorado with a girlfriend of Mine, partying, hiking and having a great time!  The boyfriend can’t get the time off from work, so I found someone else to go with Me. Oh and you pigs paid for it all (or will pay for it all!) not just for Me, but for her too!

So, find Me while you can for your exploitation pleasure!

Recent Pay to Views

(Do you have them yet?)



The spending report is now the FUCKOVER REPORT!

I think that’s a better name, don’t you?

Let’s start with this good boy!

Legendary Paypig Alert!  My sweet good boy, sunshine, is completely addicted, and I know you’re going to be seeing his name in My blog more often. He is pleasant and loves surprising Me with tributes and gifts! He spent $2,752 since the last blog entry!  WOW!

Back again was hypnowallet.  He couldn’t stay away, and ended up spending $147 on pleasing Me. What a good boy!

Paypig Alert!  I tricked Oinkloser into another raise the rate phone call session, sending him a free minute to call Me back *to be NICE!* and of course, each time I had jacked up the rate a little more. Me being nice cost him $378 haha.

My breast-addicted slave, helpess dennis, couldn’t stay away. He says he can’t even get hard anymore without calling Me. He called a few times and send a delicious $100 tribute one evening. He spend a total of $233, what a good boy!

Paypig Alert!  My weak slave, PIG has been trying to spend less, and he somewhat suceeded. He ONLY spent $345 this time around! It’s usually more!  Soon enough I will be reporting 4 digit spending on the report!

Falling hard the past couple of weeks has been j the junkie, who spent $238 on chat and phone calls mostly and just can’t stay away. Oh and he hit the lifetime $2K level of spending as well!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Clicking and paying in a drunken sissy fugue was bambi! The only way I like to use this little bitch is HARD! She spent $1,280 since last fuckover report

Good boy cucky phil spent $158 with Me the past couple of weeks!

It was sooo good to use wallet rape toy, this time for $151. That loser is still recovering from the bankruptcy I dealt to him!

Paypig Alert! Back for another fun session was wallet cunt! I love having him back to spend and spend! He spent $398 in a chat and tribute session! Let’s do that again soon cunt!

My pantyhose junkie was back with a couple long phone calls. He LOVES wearing those pantyhose, and I don’t make it any better for him! He spent $179.

My sweet little shopping boi called Me and we had fun in chat. What a delight! $136 was spent!

Huge Paypig Alert!   Sinking more deeply into his addiction was boomer!  I was surprised by him again and again as he would do click and pay sprees while I was mostly not around. That is ALWAYS nice to log onto. He spent $857 since the last fuckover report! Wow!

Back again, weak little jeffnomore spent $198 dollars in Me hypnotizing him to go and sin!

Another one not able to stay away was pit-lover, who spent  $286 since last update!

Huge Paypig Alert!   My good boy egghead couldn’t stop surrendering and obeying Me. “Just one more” made him spend $521.  YUM!

paybitch terry managed a mention with $102 of spending

Back and losing his mind over My black leggings (like so many others) was the Dane, spending $124 in a fun session.

Paypig Alert!  I’ve been having a little trouble connecting with irish dope, due to our schedules not messing well lately, but I did manage to take him for $280 since the last fuckover report!

My boy wayne, is really in love with My thick ass,and paid Me $135 in fun chat and tribute sessions!

My elegant foot lover and I had fun with chat and photos too! He spent $158.

Huge Paypig Alert! Back and spending again is My favorite FBI agent. This time around he spent $363. I love that!

Another squeaking in for a mention, with $100 of spending was My titpig ATM :). He’s do for a extreme drain soon!

Also surprised squeaked in for his mention with $109 of spending!

Huge Paypig Alert!  We finish up tonight with princess gigi/fagmuffin.  Her girlfriend is TRYING to keep this sissy away from Me, but the little bitch still managed to spend $605 on Me despite her drama hussy girlfriend’s lame attempts.  I know who really has gigi’s attention!








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FinDomme Fantasy

FinDomme Fantasy

I wrote a few years ago and never used, so I present it for your Paypig enjoyment! I know you guys wonder what We Findommes might thinking about. This is a conversation I imagine with My piggies.

Fear and Arousal

So , loser boy.  You can’t stay away from me, can you? You try, and maybe you manage to do it for a day or two, but then you always come back to me.  Every time.  And you keep coming back even though you know the kind of woman I am.





You’ve read in my blog about the financial ruin I’ve inflicted on other weak boys like you.  Boys who were addicted to serving me and to pleasing me, just like you’ve become.  And you keep returning to read those blog entries over and over again, wondering what it would be like if I did the same thing to you.

As my blog makes clear, I am a “financial domination sadist”.  Well, not just “a” financial domination sadist.  I am without question THE pre-eminent financial dominatrix.  Which means, of course, that I take great pleasure in the pain that my slaves feel when I have forced them to sacrifice their own financial well being in order to try to satisfy my uncompromisingly and unapologetically greedy financial demands.


That frightens you, doesn’t it?  But it also fascinates you.  Excites you.  You are like a weak and susceptible submissive loser male moth, irresistibly attracted to the bright and intense flame of my beauty and my erotic power and my femdom financial sadist personality.

Look at me boy!  Gaze at my beauty.  There is no feeling in all the world like what you are feeling right now.   I know that.







As you gaze, you feel aroused.  Of course.  But that’s not all.  You are also feeling an intense desire to serve me and to submit to me.  You want to do whatever you can to please me and to know that you’ve been a good boy for me.  And you know the kind of service I expect from you.


Simply put, I expect you to serve me by giving me your money. I DESERVE to have your money.  I DESERVE to live a life of luxury.  I DESERVE to be wealthy and to have everything I desire.  We BOTH know that that is true.

And you?  You deserve to have nothing.  Nothing, that is, except for the exquisite sense of pleasure and fulfillment that you feel when you submit to me and give to me.  You crave that feeling.  You NEED that feeling.  And the more that you give, the better that feeling will be!

Remember, boy.  It is simply unacceptable for you to have money that you haven’t told me about and that you haven’t made available for me to take from you.  And it makes no sense for you to do that.







If I don’t take the money from you, what would you do with it?  Spend it on yourself??  How ridiculous!  What a waste!!  There could not possibly be a better use for the money that you earn than for it to end up in my account!


In fact, when you work hard to earn money, you shouldn’t even think of it as yours.   You should think of it as MINE!!  You want me to have it.  And I want you to give it to me.

And that is what you will do!






Remember, boy.  It is your fate to be wallet raped by me.  Not once.  Not twice.  But again and again and again.  Whenever you have any money or financial assets at all, you will contact me to beg to be wallet raped, to beg to be financially drained.  And if I choose to oblige you, you will consider it a privilege and you will feel GRATITUDE for my generosity!

Yes, my boy.  That is your inescapable fate.   You will spend your days laboring hard to earn as much as you possibly can, and whenever you have saved a reasonable amount, you will contact me and together we will transfer it all from your account to mine.  And whenever we do that, it will make us both feel oh so good.  Because that’s just the way it is with weak submissive boys like you, and it is just the way it will always be with a powerful and beautiful femdom financial sadist like me.


Now, let’s talk about some of My pigs. Today I want to highlight a long time paypig that I call, simply, PIG.  PIG has served Me for nearly 12 years now! He returns again and again, never spending HUGE amounts others, but spending nearly every day. Usually at least $100, but on occasion $200-$300.  It’s regularly is what has made it add up.  This week PIG passed the 100K LIFETIME spending threshhold.  PIG is often the victim I first test out new techniques. His responses have enabled me to levarage more than $2.5 million of spending from you losers over My career. I will use those techniques and new ones I am constantly experimenting with to wrest more millions from My minions.   Since the last spending report he spent $824, tipping him over the threshold. So erotic!

In other spending, let’s start with hypnowallet, who spent $160. I think I’ve just about destroyed his finances, but he keeps managing to find more! That’s the kind of service I am talking about!  Lifetime, he’s spent $11,800 plus!

Paypig Alert! My greek virgin kept returning again and again to tribute Me in chat, and he made a nice phone call. He’s a loser whose only sexual pleasure is in being used and exploited by Me! How arousing! He spent $442.

Calling Me several times was helpless dennis, who informed Me that My brainwashing him has resulted in him being unable to cum unless he’s paying Me! So funny!  He spent $174 since last post.

Paypig Alert!  After several months of trying to break his addiction to Me, asslover cuck phil realized the futility of such an action, realized I was hotter than his wife and spent $424 pleasing Me! Welcome back My cuck!


Extreme Paypig Alert!  My slave sunshine is so quickly turning into one of My favorites, his sunny pleasant personality and need to please are so refreshing!  He gives quickly and freely and loves to spoil Me. My good boy sunshine spent $2530 on Niteflirt and another $1700 (I think-it may have been more) on gift cards and Amazon spending, totaling $4230 if I calculated the gift cards correctly WOW! One gift was a $500 Amazon card that I used to buy a new computer. (Which I still have to set up, planning that tomorrow) I look forward to seeing his name pop up in My chat almost every day!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl titcunt has been like a zombie Miss piggy, spending like crazy! She passed the lifetime amount of $5k and this time around spent close to $500 on Niteflirt and another $110 on a new pair of running shoes for Me! What a good girl!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  My shopping bitch has been quite responsive to My demands the last month or so!  He paid just over $605 in cash and another $678 on Amazon and gift cards!  That’s the kind of service I LOVE from a shopping slave. Just wait and see how intense it’s gonna get!

My pit lover got a mention with $105 of spending on mostly captioned photos!

Extreme Paypig Alert! I really got under princess gigi/AKA fagmuffin’s skin with the newest videos. She couldn’t stop calling, couldn’t stay away, couldn’t stop sending Me tributes.  She ended up spending $1402 since last post, much of it while she was on vacation and hiding from her overbearing girlfriend, drama hussy.  It’s never gonna get better. She is My #1 spending on Niteflirt, and her lifetime has reached $190,500!  It won’t be long before she hits the $200K mark!  She may end up as My first quarter million spender! What a worthy goal!

Huge Paypig Alert!  I did manage to get $393 out of steve q fucked.  I have to say though that this pig is due for an extreme session! It’s been far too long!  His lifetime is really close to 10K.

My good boy who I spend stolen moments with spent $160 on Me, mostly in a couple fun phone calls, plotting ways ot make Me even richer!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Back in an evening of excessive wallet rape was tPay.  tPay pops up every now and again and then deletes his account after the damage is done.  This evening he spent $1337.  Mmmmm makes me wet to get paid like that! Welcome back tPay and see you soon! I see his account is still there for now, so perhaps another cashrape will happen soon!

After a hiatus, cumstain made an appearance for $175 worth of spending!

Huge Paypig Alert!  It’s so nice to have walletcunt back again. This time we had a great chat/tribute session and he spent $917! He loves wallet rape!

My helpess day drove by tributed Me enough to amount to $115 since the last post!

Paypig Alert!  My financial gelding also spent a lot of money in chat and tribute! No one can lead you into fuckover in chat better than Me!  He it spent $348

Paypig Alert!  My good boy, Irish dope found his way back to Me again, also to chat and tribute. He spent $247!  I know this is cash he doesn’t really have, so that makes it even MORE erotic for Me!

My sissy cock sucker was back, tranced to pay and pay, with no memory of it!  He spent $214

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy, titpay ATM showed up in ATM machine mode and I withdrew $433 from him. What a good loser ATM, huh? So entralled by My tits!

My boy wayne, was blown away by the photos I had of My ass in sheer pantyhose. He likes thick asses like Mine, and he can’t stop paying!  This time around it was $203!

Huge Paypig Alert!  New Slave to blog!  A guy who has been around, suddenly went crazy spending, earning his first blog in an impressive way! I’m calling him boomer, he spent $333 and he’s really close to lifetime $1K spending! (about $25) I look forward to lots of blog mentions for boomer!

Back for more photos of Me in black leggings was “more please”  I took $167 from him this time

Huge Paypig Alert! New slave! A new slave to Me found out how dangerous I was, losing himself in click and pay and also My goody bags.  I’m calling him ninja, and on his first few days serving Me, spent $348! Well done ninja! Keep that up!

Back spending more money on Me was egghead, his spendings totaled $218! All in the past few days

New Slave!  Also new to Me is a slave I’m going to call “cartman” He spent $112 since joining us last week!

slave jb was back, losing himself in click and pay heaven for $167.  YUM.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Back for even MORE fuckover fun was noddy! I calculated up his spending since the last mention, and it totaled.  *drumroll please*  $666.  You can’t make this shit up! Creepy!  I see more fuckovers in his near future!

Squeaking his way into a mention this time around was pay drone, for $105

Paypig Alert!  A drive by paypig, who made and deleted his account very fast, but not before spending $345. I’m gonna call him John Doe, and I think he will recognize himself there 🙂 Do it again doe-boy

and newer slave candyballs was here and spent another $135 before deleting his account. (Why bother, when we both know you’ll be back!)

Paypig Alert!  and newer slave emptyhead was bag, spending $346 in a delicious game of click and pay!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Always serving Me well is Dr X.  He spoiled Me this time around with $432 on Niteflirt and $566 on Amazon, including a new suitcase for My Denver trip in August upcoming!  He takes such good care of Me!

My good boy surprised spent $240.  I like this boy, he’s so nice and polite and so complimentary. He and sunshine remind me of each other.

Extreme Paypig Alert! There were a LOT of Extreme paypigs this month.  Another was an old face who came back to Me, this time with a new persona, we will call “bambi”  Bambi spent $1,637 this week on Me, and it would have been more I think, but we kept missing each other. (bambi and I are on opposite coasts and I think that makes it more difficult to connect) I had a lot of fun tormenting her.

and I was thrilled to see My billy goat back!  My goat spent $207, including a nice tribute. What a good goat, baaa!

and lastly, paybitch terry squeaked by with $112 in spending. Can’t stay away.

Now, you know how to get on My spending report…you know what you need to do.

Here are some recent pay to views to get you started! Go forth and pay!




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Paypig Stroke Addiction!

Before I talk about your Paypig Stroke addiction, I have some announcements!

First of all, I made a decision where I am going to be available and logged on for calls a little less. This is because I want to make more amazing CONTENT for you! Recordings and pay to views and blog entries! It will be everything you want from a Financial GODDESS who exudes Greed!

Change in schedule for next week, I’m trying get stuff done so that I have new content to use to cashrape you guys with!

Week of July 1st

Sunday look for Me from about 6 pm to midnight

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will only be on from 8 to midnight (actually Wednesday might change, so feel free to look earlier)

Thursday is 4th of July, so I’m not really sure yet…but check for Me

Friday from about 1 pm until I drop from fatigue, with a dinner break

No Saturdays as usual!

Oh yes, your paypig stroke addiction!  The big problem you have, is that you cannot keep your hands off your dick.  This has caused your problem, your FinDomme addiction.  You could have taken up basketball or theatre or volunteer charity work, but instead you have made a hobby of stroking your dick to what you find on the Internet.  Any problems you have as a result of it are COMPLETELY self created.  It’s natural for a predator like Me to take advantage of your addiction.

You are a victim in search of an abuse, and I AM HERE FOR YOU!

I’m not screwing around.  So many victims (read feedback here) can confirm that I am dangerous, I set up vulnerable men and take advantage of them while they are weak.  I am a drug and you end up doing it again and again!  Addiction: glorious, dangerous, erotic, scary addiction!

But I can’t really make that happen to you, you think. That. Is. Not. Possible!

Check out this series!

That’s an older one….and let Me take a moment to highlight newer ones!

You will obey and surrender cash to Me!


Now on to the spending report, the feature My pigs LOVE.

I had a request to do a report of My TOTAL Spending with the cumulative amount from all you pigs (not everyone hits the $100 threshold after all).  So even though it was a little lower this time than usual. (yes really), and I have no intention of ALWAYS doing it, I will do it for this report.

It was $13,770  since My last spending report! *laughs* Well done pigs!

Now let’s start of with loser noddy!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Piggies, get ready for a cock hardening story!

I had cashraped noddy so hard recently, he was tapped out and hitting his credit card limits (A side effect of Lauren Addiction Syndrome!)  Well, last Saturday he got a letter in the mail from one of his maxed out credit cards that they were going to raise his credit limit by $4,000!  So you know what any self respecting extreme paypig would do?  He got hard immediately and sent Me a tribute for $100 to tell Me! Well I normally don’t log on Saturdays, but I happened to be home and I KNEW that he was weak and I could fuck him over really brutally.  Within a few minutes I had $1400 of his cash and a promise to fuck him for MORE again soon.

Well soon happened last night, and while on the phone and live-tweeting it I took him for another $1875!

Since the last spending report, this old fuckwad has spent $3583 on Me! $3275 was since the credit limit increase, so I figure that between that and freeing up credit on the card, the pea brain is good for another $1K fuckover this week.   Easy credit cum, easy credit go!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  This is a recently new slave who has been pleasing Me like crazy! He was pig-guy on last blog beause I was trying still to figure out his new name. Well I am officially changing his blog name to “sunshine”.  He is a ray of sunshine when he sends Me tribute after tribute!  Since the last blog entry, he has spent $1932, mostly in big tributes just to let Me know he’s thinking of Me. So sweet!

A few enjoyable phone calls with My slave who I spend stolen moments with plotting fun! He spent $225 this period.

Paypig Alert!  A shopping slave, weak bitch, spent $304 on gifts and a couple calls so far this month!

Slave cucky phil spent $149 on a nice session. It was the first in a while, and I found I had missed using him!

My good girl, sissy j tried to stay away, but that failed and she spent $138 including a nice $75 tribute. Mmmmm I like $$$

Paypig Alert!  A new to Me paypig, but not to Financial Domme was a guy I’m gonna call “S. abusi” , and hopefully that will be enough for him to recognise his account and know I’m taking about him, since he deleted his account to try to escape his inevitable bankruptcy at My hands. He spent $432, mostly on raise the rate calls. Surrender again and earn a decent blog name!

My sissycock sucker was back for some more hypnotic chat trance! She spent $170 since last mention, hit the $4k lifetime level of spending and got to suck some cock in the mix!  Tranced out sleepy girl!


Huge Paypig Alert!  My slave PIG crept ever closer to the 100K lifetime spending (under 1k to go!) by spending $535. I expect him to cross over probably by the next blog entry! PIG thought he was a regular guy 11 years ago. Then I got My hooks into him.

Freaky client chairsniffer paid Me $128, mostly in a $100 tribute to tell Me all about his exploits outing himself as a perverted sniffer of chairs. He sent a Facebook message to a government agency confessing his perversions. Wonder how that worked out for him?  (He did that on his own, I didn’t suggest it! Pigs pay more when they aren’t in jail)

Paypig Alert!  My titpay ATM just kept tributing photos of My perfect tits. He really does turn into an ATM at the sight of those milky white globes!  He spent $357 this time around!

New to My blog is a guy I’m gonna call “brony”  who really wanted a blog mention, if I’m recalling correctly!  He did it with spending of $132. Well done!

Extreme Paypig Alert!   My good girl, princess gigi/aka fagmuffin spent $1,287 as she was lost in a feminizing estrogen trance that made her clitty limp and made her pay and pay. She went on vacation with her ugly girlfriend but that didn’t stop her from stealthily sending Me cash. It’s only going to get more intense, as I homewreck her stupid relationship!

I charmed and teased $189 away from helpless dave since the last spending report!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  My sissy, titcunt (Sometimes I call her miss piggy but I have another slave with that blog name, AKA other perogatives) spent $1182 since last blog entry. She has completely lost her mind over Me! I have this to say.  What a good girl, and I am so proud of her!

The slave with the original blog name miss piggy also earned her mention with $212 worth of spending

My financial gelding paid $113 one evening when I wasn’t there. I like that!

My slave “surprised” spent $180 on a session or two of pay to views. Over time I have made quite the dent in his wallet!

slave wagner earned a mention with $107 in spending. Good boy!

Loserbeast appears here again with $148 dollars of spending! How I reminisce about our huge fuckovers of the past!

Back on the blog again is bashful sissygirl who spent $125.  Nice!

Lost of guys showed up for sessions big enough for blog entries this time around, which is nice! That’s why I do them, is to draw in the spenders, extreme and not extreme alike!

I will leave you with a photo…remember to pay!










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Lurking Paypigs wannabes on Notice!

I know I have a lot of fans who read this blog.  Many of you are loyal and regular and have paid Me for years!  (Good piggies!)  I’m not talking about you.

The truth is, some of you go for YEARS stroking your cock over My words….without paying a dime! Paypig wannabees!

Many of you take the plunge and surrender to Me. They make a Niteflirt account and then start PAYING. I know this is a fact, because they tell Me so!

They have been self training, by stroking to My words, and are already addicted before I even know they exist!

So are you one of those piggies who flock to My blog, reading every word, stroking to the fantasy of being a Dr X or a noddy, a wallet cunt or a gigi?  It’s time. You might not be able to pay Me the thousands those prime pigs do, but you will pay Me what I have.  You’ve been self training, getting turned on. It’s time to upgrade your fantasy and begin your financial servitude!  It will feel amazing!  It’s time to stop being a wannabe, and to START surrendering your cash to ME!

The NEXT blog entry will have a list of PAYPIG Wannabees who surrender!  If you are brand new and spend $50 on Me, you will get mentioned in the little list. (If you spend more than $100, you get a special mention)

Just tell Me, “Mistress, i’m a paypig wannabe who has surrendered.”
Don’t you think it’s time you stopped stroking for free?   Join now

In other news, I have been available less than I hoped.  I made a little schedule, which many of you paid attention to! (Thank you)  And you may have noticed I’m not always there when it says!  The truth is, we had a horrible spring here. It was COLD and RAINY until about two weeks ago. It turns out I had a major case of cabin fever, and once the nice weather came, I wanted to be outside, not on My computer cashraping paypigs!

When I was available, you guys were so desperate to have Me take your cash, you mobbed My attention! Finally today, I just had to NOT BE AVAILABLE so I could get some of this web work done! I do plan to try to keep to the posted schedule more or less

All of this also meant that the spending report is a whole month’s worth of spending, so it’s lengthy!

But first!

Here are some recent Pay to Views you MUST buy. (Lurkers, take notice) Enhance your Dopamine Addictions!

So, speaking of that spending report….

New Slave, Huge Paypig Alert!   One of those slaves that lurked a long time finally caved and he spent $590 dollars!  I’m calling him pig-guy and he’s done nothing but please Me since he turned up ten days ago!  I like that rate of spending!

New Slave! Huge Paypig Alert!  Another new slave is a guy I’m going call “fail”   This loser “fails” to stay away. He spends, deletes his account, returns, spends, deletes his account, return, spends, etc….you get the picture! For some piggies, this ritual is part of their addiction, trying to purge themselves of FinDomme, but FAILING. I can’t let him know he is on the blog but I think he will recognize himself here. He did some fun raise the rate calls with Me and spent $557!  It’s time to return and spend, fail!

Managing a mention with $101 was helpless dennis! His calls are always fun.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Surprising Me with the biggest session I think I’ve ever had with him, I cashraped clayton for $913, mostly in one delicious session! THIS is the kind of devotion I want from you clayton! Didn’t it make your cock feel so good?

My nylon slave lost his head and paid Me $246 in a delicious session!

Oinkloser was back, spending $162 on click and pay.  What I really want to do is another raise the rate call session with him, I can really cashfuck him hard that way!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Spending $1058 was paybitch terry!  I can see he is trying to evade his decision for Me to drive him into complete loser bankruptcy, but I don’t believe that will last! *laughs*

My footslave was back spending $202. Good boy!

Paypig Alert!   My slave hypnowallet is completely trashing his retirement by sending Me all his cash. Instead of relaxing in leisure on his pension, he’s learning new ways to eat ramen noodles. This geezer spent $469 and had to borrow money for his rent. He’s addicted. He’ll return again soon, as soon as he can scrape up the cash to send Me tribute after tribute and hear My voice while he does so.  Good boy, hypnowallet!

I was sooo happy to hear from marla, one of My top spenders whose wallet I really fucked over. She called for a $227 dollar session, and it was soooo nice to hear from her while her finances recover from My onslaught.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  My titcunt, who I renamed “miss piggy” really lost herself this week for her Goddess, mostly in pay to views of My perfect breasts! Paying up to $100 for a single pay to view!  Grand total this month was $1085!  Good girl!

Another slave learning the eroticism of raise the rate calls (Where I hang up on you again and again, each time charging you more to talk with Me!)  He spent $285 dollars this month on Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! and slave jason, who may have a blog name, but I can’t check since he deleted his account for now…but who got caught up in “raise the rate” for the first time spent $338, which is a whooping amount for him! You made Me proud jason!

Spending $281 on a few always fun phone calls was My good boy who gives Me stolen moments (Someday I ‘ll come up with a shorter name) We plotted evil and he spent $281

Squeaking by with a mention and spending $100 was titpay ATM.  Time to drain you soon!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My exposure sissy was back and spent $328 having fun sissy exposure games!\

My slave dirtbag was about, clicking and paying $160 worth of his cash to ME 🙂

and “goat” just missed a paypig alert by $20 but still spent $280!  I like seeing him click and pay!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My slave sucker is going to be so proud that he got a Huge paypig alert! He even tributed at one time, and I can’t wait to see how he tops it!.  He gets special thanks for tolerating Me being grumpy at his wanting to know SOOO bad if he was in the spending report!  He spent $303 this month

Sissy caged yankee was back (those Lauren junkies never stay away) This time the sissy spent $203. Excellent!

It was sooo nice to see Loserbeast spending again, this time I captured $179 from him!

Paypig Alert! Slave pit-lover was back, with love of captioned photos, clicked and paid $304 for Me!  He’s passed 2K lifetime spending on Me now

I had a lot of fun ripping off “flip off idiot” for $275. One photo $30. Sometime I’m gonna sell him a photo of a pumpkin or something.

Getting a mention with $152 of spending and progress toward his paypig goals was “gutterdweller”

Extreme Paypig Alert!   PIG is barreling out of control, and closing in fast on $100K lifetime spending! I suspect by next blog he will have hit it!  This time around he spent $1258!  He’s losing his mind and learning to spend on automatic!

And sparky was back, chatting and tributing to the tune of $182. Yum

Extreme Paypig Alert!   The drama with fagmuffin’s “girlfriend” continues, but she would be mad and shocked to find out that fagmuffin sent Me $1,353 in trbutes this month and one phone call that recharged the trance. That girlfriend is an ugly person inside and out anyway and fagmuffin doesn’t need her brand of control.

Helpless dave couldn’t help but sent $118 in tributes one evening 🙂

Paypig Alert!   My sissycock sucker went into a trance with a single word with Me on a couple occasions. He might be surprised to learn he spent nearly $400.

slave “just another ATM” spent $167 on click and pay this month!

Paypig Alert! This is addiction….spending $335 just to play trivia games with Me! I always love My time with My elegant foot lover!

Mindlessly, paydrone spent $162 on pay to views. Just the way I like him.

Paypig Alert!  It was sooo nice to have no-nonsense guy back in My sights. He’s a natural born victim and target, and he spent $405.  That’s what I LOVE. Hey, lot’s more ass photos, come back for another fuckover!

My no yes Loser was very attentive this month and spent $199.

New to My blog is a slave I’m calling silent poet. He squeaked into a blog mention with exactly $100 of spending.

Paypig Alert!   “Surprised”  may be surprised to learn he has been getting very addicted to our sessions.  This month cost him $473.  YES 🙂

Still licking his wounds from our $13,000 fuckover in April, Dr x spent $216 on Amazon and $10 on NF. Soon, your time will come again Dr x.

Paypig Alert!   And egghead was back, losing control again. Pay, obey and surrender makes him just buy pay to view after pay to view. YUM. He spent $384 since last report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

And Last but not least (at least in the spending totals) is a loser beyond belief. Now I mentioned noddy in the last blog entry, but since the last spending report, this loser has spent $4,882.  I live-tweeted a couple of his cash rapes, and I have really enjoyed dishing out pain to him. He needs the abuse, and I am here for it!

Here is a special message for you noddy,

  •     nody


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