Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Paypigs dropping out of the sky

Well that’s never a bad thing is it?

Last blog entry I wrote about the Enhanced Financial Domination Program I am working on and also told you guys about My vacation.

Well, just to tell you, I had a fabulous vacation, very relaxing and it was so nice to get away and GO somewhere. And as soon as I returned, all you pigs started dropping out of the mind to through money at Me!

Apparently just telling you guys I am working on addicting you more deeply is enough to inspire many of you to begin liquidating your bank accounts and maxing out your credit card in excitement! This has been happily profitable! (Wait until you see the spending report!) The biggest drawback is that I have been sooo busy between happily cash raping clients and unhappily tolerating workmen in My home from a major plumbing issue (now resolved-thanks for paying for it losers!), I have not gotten as far as I would like on the new program. I do require sleep!

But this is where I am in it. In addition to consulting with a psychiatrist, I have been doing research on how cults brainwash their followers. I have been doing research on how totalitarian regimes brainwash their masses. I have studied how authoritative governments at war interrogate and treat prisoners to better use them as propaganda pawns. I’ve been considering how to best adapt their methods for My use and aims. It’s dark and dangerous. And man, is it sexy to consider all the ways I can increase My mass of paypig worshipers!

I am beginning to pivot from research to forming a specific framework of content that will enslave you forever.

Be afraid. Oh, and maybe apply for another credit card.

Now about those paypigs dropping out of the sky? I present…

The Fuckover Report!

Let’s start with the Legendary Pigs!

Legendary Paypig Alert! Since the last blog entry, boomer has completely surrendered to this fetish, giving in to his addiction to Me, and I have discovered numerous triggers that make him so weak! Hold on to your wallets, he spent $6560, over many sessions. But he has stopped deleting accounts for the time being, a sign of acceptance to his fate! I’ve introduced him to Raise the Rate phone calls, and I keep making him pay more for the privilege of hearing My voice, while sending him bigger and bigger pay to views at the same time.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My zombie, steve q fucked send many very healthy tributes recently. This was just a sample from a couple days ago:

This was just one day. Since the last fuckover report, he has spent $1875.

We have set a “short term goal” of him hitting 100K in lifetime spending. (He’s at about $11,800) Now, to be fair, he had spending on an old account, but it’s gone and no way of knowing. It was several thousand, but this goal is just for THIS account.

Extreme Paypig Alert! tPay came around again, for another round of hard fuckover, he spent $1302 on My abuse! He is one of My slaves you has been with Me for a very long time, whose spending is uncertain because it’s several accounts On this account though, he is only about $200 short of 15K lifetime! (ahem, tPay, let’s go)

My weak slave sniffer made enough to hit the spending report, but I sense he is due for a really extreme session! He spent $116

Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting another Extreme alert was fruity! I have been carefully eroticizing the thought of bankruptcy with him. I have taken a passing fantasy of his, and have worked on making it reality. Truth be told, he vacillates between fear and reluctance and enthusiasm, and needs a bit of hand-holding during the reluctance part. That plus an insistence that he pay a token amount for the hand-holding (by having it in chat), has turned him into a gushing pay machine regularly. I approve.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Dr x has been spending again, and I’m grooming him for a big session. The best day was his wife’s birthday, where I got all the gifts and she got squat. I’m gonna homewreck that dude so I get his cash. He spent $654 on Niteflirt and $511 on Amazon for a total of $1165. YUM

Extreme Paypig Alert! (YES ANOTHER ONE) My good girl buffy (aka princess gigi/fagmuffin) tried her best to stay away and she managed for a couple of weeks and then BOOM, she lost all power of control one night and had glorious paysex, sending ever bigger and bigger tributes for hours. She spent $1400! My goal is to destroy her relationship with her fake cow girlfriend so I can have her to Myself!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy helpess dennis has learned to tribute Me for permission to stroke his cock when I’m not around. But he waits to cum until he hears Me! This guy cannot get hard without paying Me anymore! He has spent $572 since last fuckover report!

My good boy nylon slave continues to pay and worship and call. He spent $198 this time around

Paypig Alert! My junkie special K was back, this time spending a sweet $418. I love seeing his cash flow into My bank account!

My pantyhose junkie called a couple of times for $107. He is addicted to the way wearing pantyhose make his cock feel!

Paypig Alert! Pig keeps missing Me again, but did manage an alert this time for $468. I think I need to pin that PIG down for a proper wallet fucking!

The slave pigbait can’t stop reactivating is account. He spent $165 this time, but My FinDomme sense makes Me think that he is due for a HUGE session soon.

Paypig Alert! My good sissy, caged yankee gets sooo desperate and suffered while I was on vacation. But ended up spending $340 once they were on at the same time as I!

My exposure sissy LOVES everyone seeing him in pantyhose! He spent $168 on exposure fantasies this time around!

My sissy cocksucker and I had fun in chat with hypno and he spent $246

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy, irish dope, saved up his month to have a delicious huge session with Me! It was epic! He ended up spending $645. He has turned into such a pleasure to use!

My armpit loser spent $135 and he’s getting closer to the $5k milestone of spending!

Paypig Alert! My good boy surprised surrendered to a big session after a hiatus and he spent $384. YUM

My good little assbitch spent $220, mostly in chat and tributes. I think it should try harder for another paypig alert.

New Slave! New to both Me and the blog is smitty, who find out fast how dangerous I am spending $116

My dapper dresser and superb conversationalist shopper stopped by one evening to talk fashion. He spent $109.

Huge Paypig Alert! My special boyscout is beginning to get more addicted. He has always been more into the Girlfriend Experience, but I may have influenced him to lose control in helpless addiction! He spent $623 on chat and tributes

I turn My quiet gentleman into a helpless puppet with selfies. He spent $102.

Good boy redbird was back and he spent $129 on PTVs and tributes. I always smile to see him clicking and paying!

New Slave! A new client quietly clicked and paid his way up to $181. I am calling him “fresh meat” for now. Did he find out how dangerous I am?

My psycho spent $184 discussing the finer points of FinDomme addition with Me!

Paypig Alert! Addicted junkie candyballs was back Again and Again. He can delete his account, but he still comes back! This time he spent $396. YUM

Lauren’s footlicker spent $131 on Niteflirt and $54 on Amazon for presents. What a good boy, he knows no Woman is as perfect as Me!

Good boy button was back for some click and pay, adding another $172 to his lifetime total, that exceeds $11K

Huge Paypig Alert! I invited My good girl bambi into a hypnotic shelter and then took advantage of her daze, triggering her to send Me $570. I’m not very nice, but she thinks I’m amazing!

jaybee was back and spending $160. I love being able to pull the guys in as easy as cutting butter

Recent client cosmo appeared for another $187 of click and pay. Soooo seductive and addictive!

New Slave! A guy who clicked and paid and learned about My danger is “waver” he spent $258! Yum! I love when they just wave the white flag and surrender!

Recent new client seagull was back with a new account and he spent $168. They can’t stay away!

This seems like a good time to mention that if I find out Niteflirt cancelled your account because it’s fraudulent, you do not get a mention. (client who would have earned a mention if it had been HIS money)

yeboevals was another who couldn’t stay away, he spent $134! I have got his number

Now, who is going to be on this NEXT time?

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1 janice { 07.13.21 at 8:43 pm }

Oh my, can Lauren ever create programs to enthrall, enrapture and capture her betas, sissies and unsuspecting minions. It is good to belong to her.

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