Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Read My Feedback from Slaves!

Just a sampling illustrating the power of my seductive nature…

Puckaball2903 5-star Dc With submissive worshipers, at their computers, transfixed by images of this Goddess, She becomes the New Modern Deity. we all know well, LAUREN RULES!

phil lansworth 5-star Dc Lauren is truly a Goddess to me. I will do things for her I won’t do for any other woman. I’m not sure why, I just know I have to do whatever she tells me to, because it feels like the right thing to do.
sexadictjcb 5-star Dc Its so natural to to allow her bliss to pulse thru. The conflict is in the mind and all the programming that society has done to us males. All we need to do is grant Lauren access initially to stat reprogramming us and all will be calm and peaceful !
quietfire41 5-star Dc She has conditioned me to her commands, and I must obey.
2inchweenie 5-star Dc Over the years i’ve served many different financial Dommes here on Niteflirt. Without question Lauren Rules is the best. She’ll manipulate your will, coerce you, exploit you and mold you into Her own brain washed slave. Call Her now.
Herclides 5-star Dc Mistress Lauren is the apotheosis of Desire. In Her own words, She is beyond archetypes because She creates new archetypes by the power of Her Intellect and Beauty. The natural place for any man is trembling in adoration at Her feet.