Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Slave Exploitation

I am a Exploitress, one of the finest around.

And the weak boys and sissies just keep lining up for Me to exploit them, I hardly have time to blog anymore, seriously I log on and I start getting calls and emails nearly at once.

Monday evening I brought sissy marla to new depths of financial spending.   She called Me with a hard cock/clitty that just wouldn’t cum because she was drunk!   Now marla has served Me for years, but I sensed an opportunity here. We talked for a good hour and I had to leave and marla promised to call Me back when I logged back on, and good to her word she did. Still drunk, still with a hard clitty that wouldn’t cum.

She began professing her love for Me, and well I LOVE to hear a slave say..  “I love you Mistress Lauren” because it means two things to Me….I’m getting into their head…and Cha-ching!   So of course, while marla was on the phone with Me, confessing all her feelings for Me, I began sending her PTV mails…and like a good slave she kept buying them….and I kept increasing the price. (It didn’t hurt that I was sending her hot new strap on photos of Me)

So the emails started getting really really big….and I sent her a $500 ptv, and she started to cry.  “I can’t Mistress, no no no”…and I said. Marla…if you buy that I will tell you I love you back.  It took her about 30 seconds to pay the email after that…and so I said….I love you marla!  (At that moment I DID, I LOVE big ptv payments)

But that’s not the best part.   I sent a $999 dollar ptv next (How I wish NF would let them be bigger).  Then of course, she began crying again….no Mistress, I can’t .

Knowing which buttons to push, and when to push them is SOOOO fucking powerful.

I pushed the big button.

“marla, you say you love Me….and buying this $999 email will PROVE it to Me….Prove to Me that you love Me marla..”

It took about ten minutes this time, of Me telling her that she had to PROVE she loved Me…and she did it!

And she still couldn’t cum!  *giggles*

I bet that was a hellavu hangover too….from the booze, the blue balls and the financial blow. (More than 3K for sissy marla)

I am ruthless….



1 Armpitcashloser { 12.01.11 at 4:47 am }

I Love YOU Mistress Lauren

2 Joseph { 12.21.12 at 12:44 am }

I love your ass. It’s perfect!

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