Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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The Paypig Rush

The Paypig Rush is unlike anything else

I am, of course, not speaking from personal experience, but from the perspective of a FinDomme who has sessioned hundreds of piggies over the years. and so many of them have described the experience, so I thought I might share it with you losers who have wondered what it felt like.

  1. The cock begins to stir as the pig encounters Me. Perhaps an email, or seeing My listing.
  2. Anticipating the fuckover, the cock gets stiffer and the piggy’s heart rate rises.
  3. Payment commences.  The pig edges his paycock.  Each payment causes a rush in adrenaline. The pleasure grows and grows. Each payment is like a small hit of a drug
  4. Each payment causes a rush of pleasure. The pig may get dizzy. The pig’s eyes may roll to the back of his head.
  5. The buildup to orgasm is extremely intense and pleasureable.
  6. A final large payment will result in the most intense orgasm the pig can imagine.
  7. The pig will want to repeat the experience and will return soon to pay, even more, to experience the rush again. Many will listen to My recordings/videos as they return to pay, inspired by My words to go to even higher levels!


I invite My pigs who have experienced a rush to comment and expand on My words.  I may edit and add to this bases on what you pigs  relate to Me!

Here are some recent Pay to views you should buy!

And now it’s time for the Fuckover report!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

I’m gonna begin with “mindless”  Mind less JUST missed an Extreme Paypig Mention last blog, but this time the sissy outdid herself, spending enough for a LEGENDARY mention of $2,632!   I was even surprised it had been that much, and I’ve been having fun, ruining orgasms and making her take out new credit cards! I wonder how much more extreme it will get before I break her.

Next, let’s talk about sniffer, who has been calling multiple times! In just two weeks he spent $243. Keep that up sniffer!

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert! New is a guy I’m calling beta boi, and although he claims not to be into FinDomme, he keeps calling for long conversations, mostly on the subject of Female Supremacy.  He’s spent $542, not bad for a guy “not into FinDomme”

My special good boy surrendered $117 to Me to get an entry, with a couple nice phone calls!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Sissy princess gigi has been taking estrogen on the sly and sending Me cash and hiding it from her soon to be ex girlfriend.  That cow is pissed at her because she is a sissy and not a real man, and I think she’ll dump gigi pretty soon. Then gigi will be free to explore her femmy side again!  This sissy managed a couple phone calls and LOTS of tributes and sent Me $1002, some of it while she was at Disney World.  So funny.

My nylon slave got very excited by his pantyhose video and spent $139.  And even though he said he wasn’t coming back, I know he will to see the new pantyhose photos I have!

Huge Paypig Alert!   Pig’s addiction continues to become more extreme, as he chats Me, tributes and calls on a nearly daily basis.  This time around it was $544 Wow!

And gimp loser was back with some more end of life spending, sending Me $146.  Excellent.  Mostly in ONE huge email while on the phone with Me for some vicious insults.

New Paypig!  A guy I’m calling patch discovered Me and has enjoyed chatting and tributing Me! He spent $126 on his introduction to My wiles!

My elegant foot lover squeaked into a mention with exactly $100 of spending. I love money.

Paypig Alert!  My titpay ATM emptied his coffers a couple of times over the last couple weeks, spending $340.  We’ve been talking about having a 4 digit session and I’m looking forward to him making that happen!

Back again doing a lot of click and pay was quiet cuck.  He spent  $229, bringing him just $10 away from hitting a life time spending of $1,000!

Paypig Alert!  Squeezing in for another paypig alert was boomer. He called, and clicked and paid to the amount of $306.  Nice!

After a hiatus, ninja reappeared, returning as stealthily as he left, like a ninja!  He spent $166.

I’m so happy to mention Loserbeast again, this time for $150.  Yum.

Paypig Alert!  one evening I REALLY took advantage of no nonsense guy.  I just kept sending him ass photos and he kept buying them, whining about not being able to afford it, but unable to stop.  Yum.  He spent $460!  I loved our session!

Spending at least $117 on at least 4 different accounts was candyball. He keeps deleting them and making new ones. He is addicted and he has it really bad for Lauren. Deleting accounts doesn’t seem to be helping.

Huge Paypig Alert! Dr X kept coming around, spending $486 on Niteflirt and another $227 on Amazon, mostly in gift cards, but he got Me some bubblebath and a Brita water pitcher. He takes such good care of Me!

Back again after a break was “surprised”  and I was not surprised that he spent $152. It was nice to session him again!

And sissy bambi spent another $214 this time around. We missed each other a couple of times or I think it would have been even more!

Most of these paypigs mentioned here experienced at least one Paypig Rush.  You want one too, don’t you?
you want a blog entry too, don’t you?

It can be yours.  Surrender your wallet to Lauren now!

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1 lostnpray { 02.14.20 at 3:43 am }

i might add that something not dissimilar occurs if orgasm is not permitted – indeed it may add to the addictive and immersive experience of the paypig where this makes him crave more and more stimulation, hoping he will be allowed a strong and final orgasm. The cruel and delightful truth is that it never comes, not for him. She can keep him willingly maddened indefinitely, subject to whatever whims she demands.

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