Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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The paypig spending report and vacation coming!

Only three more days and I am going to Hawaii!  I’m slowly packing and plans have been made to do a day trip to the big Island of Hawaii to go to Volcano National Park.  Temperatures are supposed to get below zero here this week in Not-so-balmy New Hampshire so I am timing My time in the sun perfectly. The paypig spending has made me a very happy girl.

My iPad died last week. It was an original version a client had bought Me several years ago. (perhaps he is reading this…) It just doesn’t want to charge, doesn’t hold the charge well, and many apps I want to use don’t work with it anyway.

So wallet rape toy rescued Me, bought Me a brand new iPad Air2 and had it shipped expedited so I would get it in time and it arrived today!  Well done wallet-bot!  I’ll be adding apps to it and a couple games and Kindle and Audio books because I will be on an airplane for a very long time on Thursday.

So, My new series, “The Drone Zone” has been selling blazingly well.  Nearly $5,000 in sales just in that series alone since I released it New Years Eve.  Several New clients have gravitated toward Me in the past few days!  (Yay! Fresh Wallets!)

Since the beginning of December wallet rape toy has spent nearly $2900 on just click and pay on Niteflirt for Me.   His purchase of My entire enhanced Christmas shopping list for My family and friends was well over $15,000 and of course, gifting Me with a Hawaii trip.  I hold this robot up as an example to you all!

A suddenly click happy client, I’m going to call dazed has spent over $1472 dollars on Me since Christmas, and now his lifetime spending on Me has passed the $3000 threshold!  Welcome to the whale club dazed!

Another I’m going to call “tipsy”  went nuts last night for $445 dollars.    He has been My client for several years but never spent much. Until last night.  He discovered how I turn men into automatic paypigs!

Since December, another new slave, a quiet one I’ll call “quiet drone” has spent over $900 recently in click and pay frenzies!

I had fun extracting nearly $750 dollars out of My  slut sissy becca, just a little consensual exposure fun . She pays sooo quickly when you do that!

virgin peter gets a huge mention.  $2100 since the beginning of December. I know he is working to figure out how to pay Me even more $$$$$ in 2015 to help Me meet My goals.  *laughs* As I’m writing this blog post he is clicking and paying. He is working hard to make My “top ten” list.

I hadn’t heard from My Australian payloser in ages, but he showed up last night for $445 dollars in spending until he overdrew his checking account, panicked about it and with a hard cock. I didn’t let him cum *laughs*  He can get aroused this way when he has to call his bank.

Another new slave I’m gonna call  phucked spent nearly $500 on Me since December

Another new slave I’m gonna call “sweet wallet” has dropped over $300 on Me

Close to $300 for loserbeast

princess gigi stays firm in her spot as My #1 spender with nearly $4200 in spending since early December.

One of My longest serving slaves, money guinea pig slave spent $1500 in December and so far in January after a (another) failed attempt to “cut back” on spending on Me. He is frightened of an escalation in spending the past couple of weeks, and I am thrilled!

Ass-loving rich spent $860 recently and his lifetime spending has creeped up to over $6000! That makes Me very happy.

dr x spent over $1400 and remains in solid fourth place on My lifetime list, and threatening to over take the slacking wallet cunt for third place.  wallet cunt did manage $200 during the same time period.

Another slave kevin, who has clicked often but only really began paying recently dropped nearly $350 recently, including one $75 dollar ptv. I noticed, kevin, well done

weak4breasts (My nickname for him), has spent $300 recently, and his lifetime is *almost* at $3,000!

My barefoot lover, elegant foot guy spent over $800 including some tributes on Christmas week just to show Me that he loved Me 🙂

My slave thrillseeker sent Me almost $2200 in click and pay! He’s climbing My lifetime list too!

My Shoesniff Loser spent over $650


Oh And sissy marla.  She spent so much she got her own blog post last week.  Damn close to $7500. I think I broke her though. Not surprise, she’s unemployed and just sitting around in panties and a hard cock all the time and the credit cards are finally running dry. She’s resourceful and smart though and I bet Ill see her before the year is out again, clicking and paying and moaning into the phone at Me.

So I am not sure I’m going to get to blog again before Hawaii. I’ll try, would like to release a ptv or two, we’ll see if I get it up!   I know you guys will miss Me, but you can always click and pay while I’m gone!





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