Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Top Ten Cash junkies for Lauren

I know so many of you have a curiosity about My top cash junkies…..

so I decided to give a little bio about My top ten spenders, and maybe mention the placement and lifetime earnings of a few others.

I’m going to do this Letterman Style, as a countdown. (I wonder if Stephen Colbert will do a top ten?)

Number Ten:

At nearly $13,000 we have “Fledgling Loser” as I have called him in My blog on occasion, I’ve also calle him Veteran Drunk, but that doesn’t have the same bite I want him to have. This guy is conflicted about being My junkie. His cock loves it, but he sends Me emails like this:

please Lauren stop.  you’re hurting me.   you’ve already hurt me. $13k+ is too much money for me to spend. i can’t do any more.  please stop.

He begs Me to stop, but I don’t of course, (Mercy?  HA! I think not)  and he can’t help it, he just keeps paying what I send. I imagine him crying into his drink as I brutally fuck him over.  Such a delicious image.

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Number Nine:

It’s tPay!  At about $15,300 tPay has moved up My active client list and he did it in just 11 months! Yum.  He’s been lying down recently, but no worries tPay. I have not forgotten you, and figure out how to hide all your spending from your bitch wife, so you can return to overspending on ME 🙂

Number Eight:

Is Loserbeast 🙂   At $26,620–he has become a little more active recently, I think finally beginning to recover a little from the major financial rape I gave him back in 2012.  You can read about him on this blog post,   I am always happy to see Loserbeasts name in My transactions list, it makes Me smile and remember his huge fuckover when I first aquired him.

Number Seven:

Is a client I call “rare whale”, who checks in at $32,180   Rare whale has been My occasional client for years. He doesn’t come around often but when he does, it’s a major wallet rape.  (Four digit rapes)  Rare whale is one of the reasons I don’t match up blog names with a client’s Niteflirt name.  I know for a fact that rare whale is addicted to Financial Domination in general, and is a bit of a slut who plays with different FinDommes all the time.  I am certain we are all glad to see his name clicking and paying (Because cha-ching!)  but I’m not sure that some of the Fin-Dommes he spends on realize he isn’t loyal.  Now I like loyalty, but I like really extreme wallet rape sessions too. I wish I knew how much rare whale spends in a year on Niteflirt–I bet he is Niteflirt’s biggest spender overall.  Now My plan is to addict rare whale to spend only on Me.  I am patient, and I may succeed.  Meanwhile, he comes and goes, and oh yea…cha-ching!

Number Six:

At just over $36,000, is sissy marla, a long time slave and a sissy, who loves to call Me and do long sessions of Me sending her progressively bigger and bigger paymails.  I think marla has been trying to resist Me lately, it’s been awhile since we sessioned, but I see her click on My buttons and I know that she will relent and it will be another delicious fuckover session–marla, you *know* you need this.  I’m waiting!

Number Five:

It’s wallet rapetoy!   This loser is special.  He first found Me less than four months ago on Dec 12, 2013 and has already sacrificed $41,350 dollars on Me!  That’s just on Niteflirt–his spending includes very generous hits of My wishlist for at least another $900.  I hope this boy has lots of cash in reserve, because if he could continue spending at this rate, he would be hitting SIX figure spending on Me before the holidays arrive. Mmmmmmmm . No one has ever climbed My list faster, not even Loserbeast.   I last wallet fucked him earlier this week to the tune of $3518.  Yum.  Wallet rapetoy, I’m willing to do that very often!  *laughs*

Number Four:

At over $47, 520 we have My My guinea money pig!  He is a long time client, and we don’t have huge wallet rape sessions like some of the others, but hardly a day goes by where he is not begging for a few pay mails from Me.  He actually started off NOT as a money slave, but over the years I have changed him….I have addicted him…and each year it gets worse, and now he can’t even have a decent orgasm without Me humiliating him and taking some of his cash.  Oh, and I plan for it to get much much worse.

Number Three.

It’s princess gigi!    At over $67,150 we have princess gigi.  Like My guinea money pig, I hear from princess almost every day, and lately the sessions have become more and more expensive for her, as she cannot stop sending Me tributes and swoons into her sissy fog with long phone calls in which I extract more and more cash from her.   I have control of her itty bitty cock clitty, and I have her in chastity, and she is very rarely allowed to cum in her panties (no touching EVER).  She has only had three orgasms so far in 2014, and one was just a few days ago (after TWO months chaste) This has made her desperately send Me cash, as I have trained her that the only sexual pleasure she feels is from paying Me.    Now only 2-3 years ago, princess was a man with man thoughts who strokes his admittedly tiny cock daily.  No more.  No more boy thoughts, only pleasure from paying Me.   Mmmmm

Number Two:
It’s Dr. X!   At about $76,400, Dr X is a long time slave who does regular extreme sessions, regular large but not extreme sessions and buys more of My pay to views.  He has also spent several thousand over the years on My wishlist.  I can’t go into a room in My home without seeing something he bought Me.  MmmmmHe’s accepted that I will drive him into bankruptcy.  He was about to dissolve his retirement account to give to Me, than his credit card company gave him an obscene credit limit increase.  Guess who is getting that?  Then on to the retirement account!  Bankruptcy for Lauren!

Number One:
Why it’s wallet cunt of course!  At $81,800 plus, I thought wallet cunt was a shoe in to be My first $100,000 spender.  I’m not so sure–although cunt still comes around, the really huge extremem rpes are less often. I mean, wallet cunt was the guy I was sending multiple $999 empty emails to while I was on the phone at $50 a minute! *grins*, but we haven’t done that in ages.  We still session, but the cunt seems to be getting away from Me before spending several thousand and his #1 position is in jeopardy from both Dr X and wallet rape toy.   However, I’m always happy to see the cunt’s name pop up in My transactions and always happy to rape him for a few hundred.  Time shall tell.

I wonder what this list will look like in a year. The slaves in #11 and #12 positions are within a few dollars of Fledging Loser and both very active spenders. (If I had one this a few days ago, Fledging Loser would have been in position #12, I wallet raped him pretty good over the weekend!) Time will tell.

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1 Tanya { 04.15.14 at 11:26 pm }

If only I could get men to spend that much on me!

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