Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Hypnosis and Money Slavery

I have used hypnotic techniques on my money slaves for ages, but recently I’ve become even more open about it.

This of course, begs the question….

Is it possible to hypnotize a slave into handing it all over?


Can my milky words make him surrender all his wealth, without any visage of free will?  Even if he had never imagined it…never fantasized about it?

Conventional wisdom says no…that you cannot be hypnotized against your will.  That only if you desire it DEEP DOWN, can hypnosis manifest into reality.

Is that true?  I mean, are you worried that if you surrender to My hypnotic power that you will mindlessly deliver your cash to Me?   Awaken to find in horror that you’ve sent me thousands of dollars without a conscious memory of doing so?   Find yourself hypnotically addicted to giving Me money?

Conventional wisdom says this will not happen…UNLESS…you have a secret desire to have Me financially fuck you over.  Oh..and it might be an unconscious desire.

So succumb to My hypnotic words.  And if you have the unconscious desire to give Me all your cash, you can be sure you’ll be transferring it all  to Me!


1 simon harvey { 05.25.10 at 5:54 pm }

i am willing to become your slave

2 cato { 09.13.10 at 11:02 am }

conventional wisdom is that a subject can’t do anything against their will. conventional wisdom says nothing about a beautiful, skilled, and deserving Goddess patiently altering a willing subjects will.

3 Stephan { 09.26.12 at 5:40 am }

That is an interesting issue. Regarding secret service brainwaching techniques it is indeed possible to alter somebodies will into a certain desired direction.
Thus, be careful what you ask for – in particular if you desire it “a bit”. That bit could be too big to chew.

4 Andy { 09.10.13 at 6:31 pm }

I would like Lauren to hypnotise me,she could do it with those legs wrapped around me,whilst putting me in a trance and emptying my wallet. To be her slave,her plaything why would you want to resist being hypnotised!!!

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