Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Musings of a Financial Dominant

This blog is for anyone curious about the inner workings of a Financial Dominant.

I do not speak for all, but I do speak for myself.

I came across this fetish backwards. I have been a lifestyle Dominant in my local BDSM scene for years, its part of my relationship style. I came to know myself as having a deep sadistic side. It didn’t satisfiy me to just to hurt someone physically, I enjoyed orchastrating the mind fuck on my slaves and submissives. I enjoyed making them face dark things about human kind and themselves. I loved making them weep and kissing their tears away. I did not and still do not practice money exchange for live play.

Some years later, I came to explore my BDSM fetish as a telephone fem-dom on the predecesor to, a site called Keen (It still exists, but no longer offers adult services). I did this on a very part time basis, for extra money as I drudged off to work like most wage slaves every day.

By the summer of 2007 I was ready for life changes. I quit my job as a wage slave and relocated to a community I had made connections in and loved. My original plan was to take Niteflirt calls to earn money until I found a job.

Something amazing happened. Since suddenly I was available regularly, it only took a matter of weeks before I had built up a clientele so strong that it no longer made sense to return to a “regular” job. It didn’t take long for me to begin to deeply appreciate not only the income I was earning but the absolute flexiblity of controlling my hours and when I worked and had both the time and money to vacation as I wished.

Like most Niteflirt girls, I create a listing in financial domination, really having little clue as to what it was about, but figuring “it can’t hurt’ No one ever calls it.

Skip ahead a few weeks, and I get a lovely call on my regular Mistress listing from a lovely man that I immediately connect with. He begins calling me several times a day, and it comes to light that he has a fetish for financial domination. I pay close attention, and its not long before the sadist within awakens and responds to the money masochist. I take him to the edge financially many times over the course of the following weeks. A piece of me has pangs of regret, I have come to enjoy him and his calls. We get deeper and deeper, as he liquidates asset after asset to satisfy our mutual need.

Eventually, I break him, alas, the fetish turned out to be stronger than my affection for him. I cannot stop and he cannot stop Me. Him maxing out his credit cards with no means of paying them off easily stops the train.

Around this time, I start attracting more money slaves , and I realize that each contact leads me deeply aroused. Most of my fantasies now revolve around using men for money, to the point of causing them financial distress.

Am I a piranha? Well, piranhas are predators that swarm in a group. I work alone, so I would have to say. No.

Am I a vulture? Vultures pick apart dead carrion to the bones. I prefer lively prey with meat on the bones. So once again, I have to say, No.

I am a woman with a fetish for a power exchange. A woman who now lives a good life living that fetish.

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1 Lady Johanna { 08.18.08 at 3:34 am }

I really identified with this post a great deal.

I am also very much a sadist, and enjoy inflciting pain both physically and psychically. I relish screams whether from pain being directly inflicted on a sub’s tormented body or from his shock at how I’ve fucked with his head.

Like you, I am finding Niteflirt to really be an awesome thing for me. As you know, the real life scene has way, way more subs than dommes, a domme can be incredibly picky and still not have the time and energy to do as many subs as she’d like. Doing it as a job means I can fuck with the heads of a hell of a lot more subs!

Hey, those career counselor types always said we should pick a job that we loved, eh?

I haven’t considered a financial domination listing myself yet.

My only experience with it was with a submissive who was in the navy and stuck at sea for months who would call me for phone domination every time he was in port. We played games like making him put cayenne pepper in his urethra, typical pain games. He often said that he’d like a domme to really fuck him over financially, to use his wallet as thoroughly as she used his body, to make him take out loans and be indebted to her long after she was through with him. Frankly, I was pretty unsure of all that. I’d never even heard of financial domination at the time, to me BDSM was about inflicting pain on the body and mind, not the wallet. I’d order him to buy me small gifts, like a panty and bra set I liked, but it never went much beyond that.

One day, he told me he’d come into a small inheritance, and I suddenly *got* that my sadism could be aimed at *that.* I gave him quite a shopping list, a bunch of gorgeous Heartwood whips I’d been lusting after, and a few from Adam and Gillian’s collection as well. We’re talking several grand worth of toys!

God, I love my whips. We’re talking some really gorgeous leatherwork here. Floggers and cats and quirts, oh my! 😉

My only regret is… I wonder why I didn’t make him buy me a Sybian? I’ve wanted one of those suckers forever.

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