Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Paypig slave letter

This was written by a slave of Mine, piggy brian who keeps trying to stop his financial slavery to Me. He will delete his account, and usually a few days later he is back.

This was written by piggy brian the day after a recent $1045 rape.

Dear Mistress,

i was inspired to write this for your blog.

Why do money slaves always come back?   Many slaves run away and swear off Mistress Lauren forever.  Inevitably, they lurk around her site and get pulled into the trap deeper than they were before.  They are like mice caught by their tales by the cat who toys with its prey.  They can’t escape.  Why not?

From the start, it seems easy.  This turns you on.   You are experimenting.  No harm will come from it.  If you spend too much, you can walk away.  Lauren can’t force money from you.  You can quit anytime you want.  That is the lie.  That is the trap.  That is Lauren’s edge in taking weak men.

Lauren knows you.  You are weak.  You read her blog and stroke yourself at her photos and her dominant ways.  She know that you are vulnerable.  You are a money slave in the making.  She knows that sooner or later, you’ll experiment.  Then, she’ll pounce.  Then she’ll reprogram   Then, she enslave.   But that is for stupid men.   Not you.  Again, the lie is told.  It won’t happen to you.

A slave playing her games is, well, playing HER games.  The games are designed to addict you, reprogram you, and enslave you.  She pulls you deeper and deeper into her web.  More and more of your will is given up, and the more control she exerts, the more you like it.  It is a spiral down into her world. A world that she controls.   A world you cannot escape.

You see, you know what she is doing.  She is draining you.  She is using you.  She is dominating you. You run away.  But you remember what it felt like to be her slave.  You have so longed for beautiful, female dominance.  And she gave it to you. Like an LSD flashback, you crave the control, so you lurk around her site, a lie on your lips that you are only looking.  And you get hard.  And the trigger she implanted in your weak male brain is activated.  And you enter yet another credit card number and buy a “small one.”  And she notices and comes after you.  And brings you right down again like the helpless prey you are.  Over and over, harder and harder.  Without mercy   Without reluctance.   With total female dominance.

One day, you realize you’re out of control.  Lol!  Like you ever had control!   She was always in control!  You were playing her game.  You are the game.  Now, she lays you open and takes what she wants.  And you masturbate to her abuse and her demands.  You are ready.  Ready for extreme domination.  Ready to be eviscerated for your Goddess’ pleasure.  And there is no escape.   You are the Bitch of a dominant woman, just like you always dreamed and stroked about.  That is why you can’t leave.  You always had a defect in your brain that made you vulnerable to a powerful, dominant woman.  You finally met one.  And Lauren was it.  She knew exactly what do do with you.  And she mercilessly did it.


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