Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Two new Goody bags with hypnotic audio and a rare sale! AND more interesting things :)

Well  boys and girls, I am going on vacation for a week, and I know so many of you will miss Me..

So I will be on most of tonight!  (Friday, Sept 26th) for wallet ravishings and I will be back Monday October 6th.

But I have given you things to do while I am gone.

 These are two brand new Goody Bags! One with an audio

And SALE SALE SALE!  The Series are all 50% off, and a Slideshow at 33% off. (If you have started one of these series and want to continue at the sale price, go into the last email you bought in the series and click the button inside again!)

ALL prices will go back up when I return from vacation, so buy it now—while Mistress is away the boys can play at 50% off!

All the intro prices listed are 50% off!




AND  Speaking of the HypnoLoser series, there is a PART 4, I added onto it, and never released it…..but IF you have finished the series, there is more and I have it at the 50% discount rate!!  If you have never done it, I recommend starting at the beginning.


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1 petersd { 09.30.14 at 2:28 pm }

For a middle-aged small-dicked virgin loser like me, it is hard to even imagine what it must be like to be a superior goddess like you. Right now, you are on a luxurious vacation, paid for entirely by your desperately eager-to-please and hopelessly obsessed pay piggie Lauren junkies, and I’m sure you are barely giving our loneliness while you are away and our torment a second thought. Meanwhile, we can’t stop thinking about you and can’t stop spending our hard-earned money on your niteflirt ptv picture sets so that when you return you will have loads of our cash waiting for you in your account. And when you return and sign into niteflirt, you can be sure that we’ll be lined up waiting for you, desperate for account-draining and credit-card-maxxing-out wallet rapes. It must be so very very good to be you!

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