Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction

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The Best of Lauren

I decided to do a post where I just point you to what I consider My greatest hits! I have sooo much content after more than a decade wallet raping men, and some of it is outstanding stuff!

I present to you, the Best of Lauren

Best Blog Posts

Since we are on My blog, let’s start here, I went through and slogged through some dozen plus years of blog posts, and these are some of My favorites!

The Beginner’s Guide to Serving a FinDomme

Lauren’s Eleven Commandments

What is Financial Domination?

Lauren’s Manipulation Techniques

Psychology of Financial Domination: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Top Paypig Achieves Bankruptcy!

Biochemistry and the FinDomme. (Why you are fucked)

Why Be an Extreme Paypig?

I warned you that I am Dangerous!

Hiding your Financial Domination Addiction!

Introducing My New Brainwashing Program- LR Ultra!

Enhanced Addiction Program for Financial Slaves

6 Things to do to Prepare yourself for your Extreme Financial Domination Session

Best Pay-to-Views

This was a tough one, but I selected a few.

This is the one all pigs should do at some point. (Did you only go part way? Throw Me a message and I will try to help link you further in the series)

Path to Financial Slavery

I think these next few messed up more pig minds than most!

I love gaslighting paypigs!

So many paypigs have been turned into automatic paybots for Me with this series

And of course, the LR Ultra items are mind fuckery at its best!

I have to include some videos of course!

there are sooo many, it was hard to pick!

Best Pay Pigs

Read here for the 25 top paypigs! Soon to be updated.

Great Photos!

I literally have thousands of photos. I estimate I have an inventory of over 57,000 thousand studio and selfie photos to use on you suckers. and several dozen videos. I just counted 574 different sets! What is the “best” is really up to personal taste, so I just picked some of MY favorites to make a little gallery, enjoy.

Announcement- CONTEST time!

Get ready, because I am doing another contest for a week or so starting at the end of Aug and ending Labor day! It’s been a few years, and we are overdue! I’m still working out the details, so keep your eye on your email and this space!

Now it is time for your favorite feature!

The Fuckover Report!

I was on vacation for a chunk of this time, and many huge pigs were licking their wounds for the next cash round, but there was much fun to be had!

Legendary Paypig Alert! Always working sooo hard to keep Me happy and flush in cash is Dr X, who spent $2180 on Niteflirt and another $1005 on Amazon to total $3185

Extreme Paypig Alert! Not having success avoiding Me is My good girl buffy. She’s fighting letting go entirely because every fiber of her being desires bankruptcy at My hands. For My part, I want the process to be slow and prolonged, so I can enjoy a larger final sum as she keeps fighting back debt, just for Me to fling her into more cash peril again! She spent $1011

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy boomer took some addictional steps that wll keep My hold on him even longer! He stroked, called and paid his way to the impressive amount of $913. Yum

My good girl prim came by a couple of times to spend $114 and get a mention

Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dennis and I had poor luck connecting, but we still managed to extract $444 from his bank accounts for Lauren!

This should be a bigger mention, but glue is trying to break free. He actually took out a loan to spend on Me and scared himself. But he will be back. He spent $104 to get a mention.

Paypig Alert! My good boy j the junkie impressed me with $455 spending on Niteflirt and a gift of a book from Amazon!

My good little assbitch spent $113 to get a mention!

Paypig Alert! My good girl marla was back with a couple of nice calls and she spent $435

it’s always wonderful to hear from sissy j. This time around I gave her a daring assignment and I am waiting for her to complete it, then I will pull her exposure page down 🙂 she spent $236

Huge Paypig Alert! I am very happy to report that pigbait got a HUGE alert this time. He’s slipping deeper into My trap, surrendering to his paypig animal instincts and humping his own hand like a clown. He spent $610!

My pawn had very interesting stories for Me on the phone on how he is leveraging yet more money for Me. He spent $219

Huge Paypig Alert! Another pig who borrowed to spend on Me recently was tPay. This is is second loan, and he’s trying sooo hard to make it last longer than the first one. He will eventually spend. He’s been encouraging his wifey to clip coupons, haha, and of course, I am getting all the cash she thinks she’s saving.

Piggy steve q fucked spent $168 one evening. It is due for a huge fuckover. I am not satisfied with this paltry amount from him.

I was sooo pleased to see more of Loserbeast as of late. I miss our huge fuckovers, but was pleased to see he had spent $290. SOOO close to a Paypig Alert!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG has been slipping into more expensive sessions lately. I notice he’s trying to hard to space them out, but he has been craving Me sooo hard. he spent $585

My “niteflirt client” showed up with a new account and spent $150 this time around

Paypig Alert! My good boy spawn is continuing his click and pay ways and he spent $407. I would like to see him get an extreme or legendary mention soon!

My caged yankee sissy can’t stop spending, this time spending Me $212. I think she will be around more often now. Or else.

Paypig Alert! My irish dope is always a good boy, finding cash for Me. He spent $315 and we had a beautiful couple of evenings sessioning!

My good boy button did more click and pay and earned a mention for spending $246. Good boy button, you could have kept going for a red letter mention again!

My quiet gentleman gets a mention with a healthy $246 of being My slave

Paypig Alert! My wimpy little virgin finally got a decent mention, going over and beyond his usual lame performance! He spent $308 one fun evening

My good girl bambi and I had some fun in the hypnocabin and she spent $118

My boyscout and I had some trivia fun one night and he spent $110 on Me!

My good boy grunter and I had some fun, it’s so nice to have him back in My sights where he belongs! He spent $264

My good boy nylon slave squeaked in for a mention by paying his Goddess $114

My good boy Lauren’s footlicker showed his Goddess a lot of love with spending $105 on Niteflirt and $51 on Amazon prezzies!

My good boy “just another ATM” kept coming back and clicking and paying on ever growing in amount pay to views. He spent $201 very quietly. Very nice!

My newbie, “oldie” spent $143 to get a mention. He’s getting really close to the 1K level of spending

I also want to make mention of the sheer numbers of piggies who took advantage of the sale I offered while on vacation, but didn’t spend enough for a mention. A total of 101 of you spend cash this month, and that is excellent!

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I make you Trauma Bonded to Me so you keep paying Me.

I study every technique that dangerous people use to keep others under their power. I specialize in turning men and sissies into paypigs and addicting them to both Me and the desire to pay Me.

Mine is a double whammy because I know how to keep your cock hard, and then I train you to have a hard cock, to be aroused while you are being abused by Me.

Here is a definition of Trauma Bonding:

  1. The relationship defies logic. Why would anyone want to end up turned on by and addicted to paying someone huge amounts of money?
  2. It requires a power imbalance. I am the Mistress here, right? The one in charge, you approach Me in a submissive fashion and are ripe for enslaving.
  3. Intermittent Good and Bad treatment. Calling you a good boy, spoiling you with erotic content, encouraging you to be hard and to orgasm being “nice” while abusing you with cash fucking, laughing at your tiny cock, making you say things that addict you more, exposing you to LR Ultra techniques to really capture you.
  4. There is a biochemical element. You get an erection, have orgasms and I encourage you to fall deeply in love with Me. This releases all kinds of hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, adrenaline, and probably more. These hormones make you feel AMAZING. And you want to experience that feeling again and again, becoming deeply addicted. This creates a barrier to breaking the trauma bond I develop with you

I enjoyed reading about Trauma bonding, because I immediately recognized it as something I do that I knew would bond us together, and now I understand why.

And now I can apply it more consciously and with greater effect upon My victims. Like all My techniques, I suspect that you knowing what’s happening won’t help you break free from it. Right now, I am experimenting with which techniques are more likely to bond you to Me in such an unhealthy situation (for you, not Me)


I am taking some time to go play in July, I will be unavailable on July 19-21 The 19th is a Tuesday, and I’m not usually online, but I also won’t be on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon either. I will *probably* be online Thursday evening the 21st.

I am also taking a vacation from Thursday, July 28th through Tuesday, August 2nd. I will be online again on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Also, I may be taking additional afternoons off to work on content, like audios, videos, new series, and this blog. I have been sooo busy when I log on lately (Just wait until you get to the spending report!) that it’s next to impossible to work on these things in between clients. There hasn’t BEEN any “in between clients!” Talk about a FinDomme Problem! I want you guys to keep having the material that keeps you deeply addicted to Me!

Like this stuff!

These are some recent Pay to views you may have missed. Get them

Now it’s time for the

Fuckover Report

During the month of June, I was pleased that My pigs spent more than $30,000 on Me! This is the kind of spending I was born to receive! The ones that spent more than $100 are listed below.

I had many legendary and extreme alerts this time, 3 legendary and 6 extreme alerts! Very arousing!

#1 Legendary Paypig Alert

My good boy and favorite paypig, Dr x, continues his addiction, and even this standout week, he was a standout, not only going nuts on Niteflirt, but also Amazon! On Niteflirt he spent $6457 and on Amazon he spent $2465 to total $8922. He spends all along, but My blog post on hiding the addiction from the wife got into his head and he and I did a nice blowout session!.

He shows Me again and again why he is My #1 slave, and he has served Me for a very long time. I know eventually, I will take every last penny. His business and retirement will likely support Me for years. Very nice!

Very Legendary Paypig Alert!

Now, this is a story. Like so many others, tPay got very turned on thinking about hiding his spending from his wife. He already had a credit card she didn’t know about, and I maxed it out one evening. So then I had the idea that he should take out a loan to pay off the card! (Plus some extra) Good boy tPay applied for a loan online (I even gave him the link!) and he was approved! Before you know it, he had the money in his bank, the card paid off and in a couple of short hours, I HAD TAKEN THE ENTIRE LOAN! So a few days later, he took out a SECOND LOAN! He spent some of that on Me before deleting his account in terror. But we ALL KNOW tPay will be back to spend the rest of that second loan on Me. What was the total? $6525. Just. YES! This is correct thinking!!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Completely turned on by My blog about hiding your Financial Domination Addiction was special k, who taught Me a few more!

This is one—-> Here is another for guys who get reimbursed for their travel expense. (Planes hotels meals rental car etc). Put it on Your personal CC (you get the reward points) Have your reimbursement given to you in a check (most probs are anyway) but the. Cash the check and give the money to Lauren immediately or put it in your secret bank account t to give You later. You end up paying off the Cc for. The money that you presumably pay bills with, save, etc. This works well for me

There were others too and special k got so excited he spent $2965. YUMMMMMY

Extreme Paypig Alert! My devoted slave boomer hasn’t been able to stop spending more and more! I love it, but I was even surprised when I did the math on his spending this time. $1593.

Extreme Paypig Alert! I am very pleased to put My good girl marla in for an extreme paypig alert! This sweet sissy is one of My lifetime biggest spenders (getting close to $120K lifetime) Her spending this time around was $1290. Nice!!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another extreme alert with My oink loser sissy! This sissy is working toward hitting the $20k lifetime spending level, and this time around she got $1255 closer! Well done!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG was another who fell deeply after the last blog entry. This pig is trauma bonded to the max! He just squeaked into an extreme mention, spending $1012

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another extreme mention for steve q fucked. He will never stop coming around to throw cash at Me. This is correct thinking. He spent $1175. Very nice!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Yet another extreme mention this time around was spawn! He just clicked and paid as I took and took. Before you know it, his spending had reached $1029. Soooo erotic.

My raise the rate puppet did another series of calls with Me, spending $235! I call him every vile name I can conjure up, and the loser pervert gets harder and harder and pays more and more. Too funny!

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy helpless dennis succumbed again and again to stroking to My perfect breasts. He spent $895!

My nylon slave worshiped regularly again, spending $222

Huge Paypig Alert! Continuing his pattern of ever increasing addiction is j the junkie, who spent $650 to get his red letter mention!

My good boy glue spent another $144. He is approaching the $2k level of spending already, despite being pretty new to My dangers.

Paypig Alert! Unable to stay away, craving bankruptcy was fruity. Before running away yet again in terror he spent $450 Very nice, he’ll be back

Sometimes when guys delete their account, not only do I lose their previous information, I sometimes can’t remember their blog name. That’s what happened to matt, who spent $175 this time, and I hope messages me his blog name so I can fix this 🙂

Huge Paypig Alert! I am very proud of irish dope for getting another huge paypig alert! He works hard to save money for our adorable sessions, and he cannot help his addiction to Me. I’m very proud of him.

My huge tits mesmerize pigbait. This time he spent $230. Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! Ok, this is a story. My sissy, caged yankee deleted her account. Ok, this is commonplace, the piggies generally return. Except when she did return, she didn’t tell Me it was her, and pretended to be a new client! I’m pretty sure she did this because I have photos and other incriminating information on her. Except when she did My blackmail audio (Again!), she made a mistake and sent Me the same information and I recognized it! Imagine her horror when I figured it out, and send a photo of her dressed up pretty in her sissy outfit, to prove I knew it was her! *laughs* She spent $592 since the last post. Oh, this is the PTV that got her in trouble, it’s very popular

My special pawn stopped by to tell Me how he was leveraging himself to help build My networth, spending $210 on phone call

Huge Paypig Alert!

My good girl bambi and I had a lot of fun floating in pink clouds inside the hypnocabin! She spent $505 with Me having a grand old time!

Paypig Alert! My boyscout stopped by to spoil Me and lose his mind over My feet. He spent $323

My good boi wayne spend $118 wishing he could kiss My ass

Paypig Alert! I was pleasantly surprised to see My hypnoboy “weak4legs” spending $382 since the last alert! Is this your first red letter alert weak? I guess I do have a firm grip on your brainstem!

My assbitch spent $107! Very good!

Paypig Alert! Earning a red letter alert for the first time in a while is My good boy cosmos! He spent $404 and he exceeded the $2k level in lifetime spending. Nice!

It was wonderful to have grunter back under My sights, he surrendered $176 to Me, the good boy that he is.

Huge Paypig Alert! This is a funny story. Candyballs revealed an embarrassing fetish to Me (I’m not even going to tell you what it is) and I completely took advantage of his fetish to leverage $790 out of him. The funny part was that he kept sending money when I was offline and deleting his account, so I couldn’t answer his emails. Then he would just make another the next day. Over the past couple of weeks, he has spent money on at least NINE different accounts. His feeble attempts to run didn’t matter at all! He spent a total of $790 on all these different accounts. SO funny!

My good boy Lauren’s footlicker spent $110 on Niteflirt and $119 on Amazon presents for a total of $229, very nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy is really trying to NOT go bankrupt, and she did manage to cut back sending Me $$$ a week bit. Still sent Me $571. I’m willing to let her breathe a bit before I lead her into bankruptcy. I think I will let this process last for years! She’s not going anywhere.

My good boy mind-controlled john spent $255. He’s very close to a lifetime spending amount of 10K!

My “nf client” spent $235

My good boy, quiet gentleman spent another $249 on Me. The addiction is real.

Another having trouble staying away is humble john. He spent $159.

My good boy button did some more click and pay for $151, always nice to see.

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Hiding your Financial Domination Addiction

First of all, I want you to read this with a hard cock

If you are truly pleasing Me with your paypig binges, you are creating a hole in your finances.

This is correct, you are being trained to pay until it hurts, that’s the fetish, it is what you get addicted to, what makes you hard. This will help you live with your fetish, that you have grown to NEED

This isn’t a blog post about living more cheaply, learning to economize, or going without, although all of those things are important to continue contributing to My lifestyle, and can help you please Me at a higher level.

This is an issue I have not blogged about before, although I have discussed it with individual slaves.

It’s got to do with the other people in your life, the ones who are noticing your lack of money. There are two main categories here. 1. People you spend time with, friends, coworkers, drinking buddies, etc. 2. your wife/girlfriend partner. Probably you will be moved to hide your extreme fetish from them.

I shall deal with the two types separately.

First of all, are those you do not share finances with. They may notice that you have “pared down” that you are spending less, going out to lunch less, and not buying the latest toys you used to, or spending less on your passtimes. It’s likely to be stray comments, not some intervention.

This is simple. Invent a financial goal, you could say casually, yea, we’re saving for a house or second home, or to retire early, or to buy a new car in a couple of years. Whatever you think will be the most believable, choose it and stick to it. It should be something that would take a long time to achieve, so they can expect more of your miserly behavior. Keep it simple and don’t go into too much detail. Eventually, they might ask you how it’s going. You can just respond with an “all right, man” or “ok, but you know, setbacks happen” Everyone understands unexpected expenses. You can invent them if you have to. The main thing is to be ready, so questions don’t take you by surprise. That’s suspicious.

And this is important. Any time that someone notices you are spending less on yourself, you will feel yourself get aroused, your cock will stiffen. Your actions paying Me are being noticed and remarked upon!

The next group, your partner/wife/girlfriend, must be dealt with differently. You are literally hiding financial information from this person. Try not to mention it, and if you do, play dumb. It’s likely that they will discern that you are having some kind of issue. They may think that you have a drug addiction or a gambling issue. They may even suspect that there is another woman! (But probably don’t realize it is a crafty FinDomme) I suggest having some kind of account that they are not aware of. It could be a credit card or just an online debit card that you make deposits into. Prepare your lies in advance, including agreeing to get help if they insist. You could tell them you are getting therapy (spend that money on Me). You might even invent a “need” for regular withdrawals from your bank account, such as paying off debt, helping some relative with an expense, or investing in cryptocurrency or stocks with a financial advisor. You are likely to know better than I which lies will seem more believable.

Stop reading right now, and if you are able to, stroke yourself and say “It’s no one’s cash but Lauren’s, I give it all to Her” If you notice that your spending on Me, has an effect on your relationship, I give you permission, in fact, I command you to eroticize it. It is part of your fetish, because I am MORE important

Yes, this is diabolical of Me to tell you to lie to your wife/girlfriend, and even be turned on by it, but the honest truth is: I do not care a whit about them or your relationship with them. They are an obstacle to Me getting more money, and I will control you and tell you how to tell with them, for My benefit. I mean you are already probably not having sex with them (or if you are, you’re thinking/fantasizing about Me), so it’s not like this is a greater lie than you being faithful to them.

You are a hopeless case, and likely your wife/girlfriend is already pretty tolerant and can be snowed pretty easily. So set your priorities, and devote yourself to me.

Since it will likely all come to a burning dump heap, there is no reason to hold back from Me. I bet you can dissolve part of your retirement account without them knowing. (Put the money in the account with the secret debit card, or pay off the credit cards you are hiding from them, so you can max them out again)
Get money lined up before you destroy your credit. There are a lot of ways to borrow money online. (Put that money in the secret bank account, and pay the loan out of it too) She won’t know.

Eventually, they will probably dump your ass anyway. Also not My problem. See if you can invent some more lies, or juiciest yet, tell them the truth in the end. That you gave all your cash to a beautiful Woman online you never met, just because She told you to.

You will do anything for Me.

Good boy/sissy

Edit: Since I have published this, pigs have approached Me with new ideas for hiding finances. There shall be a follow up entry, if you have ideas, feel free to email them or comment here 🙂

Now, check out the most recent Pay to views that are available

Now it’s time for your favorite regular feature

The Fuckover Report!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Dr X earned yet another mention, spending $1944 on Niteflirt and another $1106 on Amazon, totalling $3050, which included gift cards, gardening and travel items, a high quality kitchen knife, and a gorgeous purse. I can’t wait to direct him to buy Me more stuff! I love seeing his name on the top of the mention list

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Also earning a Legendary Paypig Alert was taxpayer! This pig was inadvertently skipped as I did calculations, can you imagine missing this? It was right after the last Fuckover Report, so My normally razor-sharp mind didn’t catch it until it brought the issue to My attention. It caught up on its delinquent taxes a bit, paying the taxes and many many penalties for various misdeeds. There was a whole group missed, and taxpayer saved a few mentions. This tax-paying pig spent $2915!

My boyscout was also missed, he spent $124, so thoughtful!

Paypig Alert! Also missed was bambi who visited the pink hypnocabin and spent $394. What a very good girl you are bambi!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting his first extreme mention is glue! Glue couldn’t stop calling, and he couldn’t stop sending tributes, and he hit the amount of $1085! Nice! I hope the Legendary mention is next!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Also getting an extreme mention, was My very good boy “j the junkie” He is completely mesmerized by My hypnopussy, and he is very generous to his Mistress indeed! He spent $1293 since the last blog post!

My exposure sissy spent $170 on exposure games with Me!

New Slave! New to My blog is “tinker” who I had a great phone call with and he spent $194. Nice!

My loser pig, pigbait is getting more addicted, and this time he spent $254. He can’t stop paying My power knockers

Paypig Alert! My goodboy, superpawn, spent $342 telling Me all about his new plans to get Me more money!

My assbitch was back, and he spent $104 to earn a mention! I expect more next time, bitch!

Also coming back was citrusy, spending $104. Next time I expect that legendary mention, and not this pathetic copout!

Paypig Alert! My special good boy, came to more therapy with Dr Lauren and invested in very expensive phone therapy for the best outcome! He spent $440

My good boy nicky squeaked in for a mention for $100 of spending. It counts.

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy boomer kept up his addicted ways, possibly getting even MORE addicted if that is possible. He spent $910

My quiet gentleman squeaked in for a mention with $104. I love teasing him

Huge Paypig Alert! JUST missing an extreme mention was helpless dennis, who tributed and paid and called his way to the amount of $986. Maybe next time he will hit it!

My very good boy skepticat came around a few times to spend $239. That was sooo fun!

Paypig Alert! My good girl marla stopped by for a hot phone call session and she spent $392. Nice! What a very good girl.

Good boy humble john spent $191. I have a question for him, did you use more than one account this month? I really have trouble keeping track

Huge Paypig Alert My addicted and limp good girl buffy, spent $867. I wonder how long it will take Me to drive her into bankruptcy?

My nylon slave worshiped his way into a mention for $117

Huge Paypig Alert! Since his girlfriend broke up with him, PIG has been spending even more money on Me feeding his pathetic addiction. He spent $823 this time around

LegAddicted couldn’t help himself. He thinks he can cure his addiction, but its never gonna happen. He spent $110 to get a mention

New Slave! I had a couple of enjoyable phone calls with a guy I’m going to call “shade”. He spent $120 learning about the dangers of Lauren!

My good boy helpless dave stopped by to give Me $213 just because it turns him on. I approve!

Paypig Alert! My good boy spawn came back with some click and pay and he spent $398 to earn a red letter mention. Good boy!

Let’s talk about good paypig bloom, this slave keeps working through a series, and got spending up to $252. Nice!

My mindless slave click puppet clicked for $140 this month for a mention

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good irish dope found some money for a couple of decent sessions, and I am so very proud of him! He spent $855 on his Queen

I was very happy to see paycunt back, this time spending $191. This slave is proof that an addiction to Lauren never goes away.

Paypig Alert! My good pig, candyballs kept coming and going this month. He would pay a bit, delete his account, reactivate it and do it again. He spent $490, missing a Huge alert by mere dollars.

My addicted button did $220 worth of click and pay for Me this month, delicious!

Huge Paypig Alert! I think that this is this slave’s first red-letter mention. Good boy surry spent $563 this month buying pay to view after pay to view. Addiction is soo profitable for Me!

Now, who will be on the next blog report? Will it be you? I hope so

June 6, 2022   2 Comments

12 Ways to Center your Life around Lauren

I am often asked by My slaves how they can best devote themselves to Me. So this blog is about Centering your life around ME!

First an announcement!

I am going on vacation from Saturday, May 7th to Saturday, May 14th. I will be back on Sunday the 15th for My usual schedule. I *might* be around the evening of Friday, May 13th, but no promises. I’m renting a little beach house and just relaxing for the week, I need a getaway!

Back to the topic on hand

Centering your Life around Lauren

Of course, paying Me is always the best answer, but there are many things you can do to ensure that I am the center of your life! What works for one to keep your mind on Me, might not work for others.

Here are some suggestions for things you can try. The goal is to help you think about Me. Choose the ones that work for you.

  1. Put your favorite photo of Me as the wallpaper on your phone and/or computer.
  2. Dedicate a special file on your computer to All Things Lauren, put all your photos, clips, audios, links to My wishlist, and blog on it so it’s in one central computer shrine for Lauren
  3. Begin every day listening to one of My audios or watching a clip. Make a note of any mantras that resonate with you. Those will be important
  4. Make an edging ritual. Begin with your favorite photos while you stroke. Then pay. Favorite clip. Pay. Say one of your favorite mantras five times. Pay again. You are only stroking to Me, right?
  5. Make sure you are signed up for blog notifications and paymail club
  6. Not part of My official Tribe? Work towards earning that
  7. Apply for another credit card just for Me. Or get an increase on an existing credit card. Or take out a loan, perhaps to consolidate credit card debt and free them up for Me again. Create more money for Lauren. It’s your role.
  8. Come to terms with the knowledge that the best sex is paysex. Paysex is an orgasm while paying Me. Nothing is better than that, and you should desire nothing else.
  9. When you purchase pay-to-views and Goody bags, leave breathtakingly erotic 5-star feedback. Remember that this feedback helps attract more pigs into My traps. Do your part.
  10. Whenever you touch your cock, say to yourself. “This pigstick belongs to Lauren” or some other little mantra that reminds you that you may only get pleasure when you are pleasing Me
  11. Connect little worship mantras with everyday tasks. Before you brush your teeth, say three times “this pig belongs to Mistress Lauren” On the way to work, chant or think three times “i work for Lauren, it’s Her paycheck, not Mine” Just 2-3 daily rituals connected to your daily activities, will help keep you focused on Me.
  12. It is valuable to set aside a special day for worshiping and spoiling Me from time to time. Dedicate several hundred or thousands of dollars, buy some celebratory drink, block out a chunk of time for Me and prepare to pay! This kind of centering pays off with mind-blowing orgasms.

You might think of other ways to honor Me, your service to Me. It goes without saying that central tenant of being My paypig is: PAY LAUREN. That’s what makes you aroused and makes you addicted and makes you return to Me again and again!

If you have a great idea for centering your life on Lauren, comment on this post. I do moderate posts, so give Me time to approve it. (esp if you comment when I am on vacation!)


I know you will please Me, won’t you?

I have some new Pay to Views to explore! You guys have been going nuts on them! Well done!

And before I close out, it’s time for the Fuckover Report!

The Fuckover Report!

Ultra Legendary Paypig Alert!

This is a strange one to report. Anonymous spent $5185 dollars in a desperate session. I was asked not to blog about this session, and although it is a really amazing and entertaining story, I will not share it here. I couldn’t totally help Myself, and I actually didn’t promise to NOT blog about it. (The account was deleted and I couldn’t answer the email) But it won’t be possible to identify this slave from this, and so anonymous, this is the best I will do for you.

Legendary Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy is accepting her fate as My bankrupt paysissy. I was really messing with her mind by sending her audios that dissolved all resistance. She didn’t really have a chance. She is getting close to $240K lifetime spending and will soon hit 1/4 million on Me. What a good slave!

Legendary Paypig Alert! Just squeaking in with a Legendary Alert was helpless dennis, who has completely lost control paying My hypnotic body. he spent $2002 making Me sooo happy! Excellent!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My excellent slave Dr x stopped by several times, as I drove him into a tizzy. He loves spoiling Me in $$ and gifts. He spent $971 on Niteflirt and $909 for gifts for a total of $1880. Soooo nice

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good boy j the junkie fell into a deeper phase of My brainwashing, he’s unable to break away. I like it that way. He spent $1045 since the last blog!

Huge Paypig Alert! Just missing another Extreme Alert is boomer, whose addicted ways continue, this time to the amount of $938. I think he’s doomed.

My nylon slave continues his steady worship, this time for $135

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert! A guy I’m gonna call glue found out that I am addictive, not believing Me. It’s an old story. He’s not going anywhere-glue is sticking around, and he spent $601 dollars finding out!

Paypig Alert! My oink loser sissy spent $340 on his march to climb his lifetime spending amount! Nice 🙂

My addicted pigbait can’t stay away either. I think I’m going to break him soon. He spent $250

Paypig Alert! My paybitch, special k, was around one evening and lost control! He spent $480, just missing a huge alert! I really enjoyed stripping his cash from him.

My exposure sissy and I had fun and he spent $156 on our exposure games.

Huge Paypig Alert! PIG broke up with his girlfriend not long ago, and he has been a throbbing mess for Me to cashrape lately. Despite his best efforts, I extracted $625 from him. I enjoy taking advantage of losers when they are at their most vulnerable.

My boi wayne spent $128 on Me instead of his wife. He should have spent more!

Paypig Alert! My irish dope saved up for a nice session with his Mistress, spending $335. What a good boy!

Long-time client lowlife is finally getting a blog mention! He spent $268 dollars. Nice! He used to spent a lot years ago before I did a fuckover report. It’s nice to have him back paying Me, as is proper.

New Slave! I get a lot of curious submissives chat with Me, and many many of them end up spending more than they thought possible. This guy, who I am calling “gatto” is one of them. Good boy gatto, spent $290, and came soooo close to a paypig alert! (Need $300 for that). Next time, gatto.

My assbitch stopped by to spent $150. I approve of this.

Paypig Alert! My good girl bambi visited My magical pink cabin in the sky and spent $402. Nice!

My spawn has been a very good boy and spent $230, and spawn, I want to tell you that I know you spent a lot today, but most of it was off the “cut-off” for this blog entry. (I run the numbers in a little computer program). Most of today’s spending will be credited to the next entry.

Paypig Alert! My boyscout showed up for a major spoiling time, this time dropping $425 for My laugh and witty repotoire

My quiet gentleman continued to get mesmerized by My selfies, spending $213. Nice!

Paypig Alert! Stopping by to spend $155 was helpless dave. I love sinking My claws into his wallet

Spending even more money was skepticat. This sissy spent $102. Let’s see how many mentions this one gets in a row! (skepticat, you have to keep track of that)

Paypig Alert! Going wild with click and pay was My very good boy lex. It’s always a pleasure to see him in My mentions. He spent $415. A real gent. Well done!

I always enjoy cash raping this loser when he appears!

Huge Paypig Alert! Stopping by for a peek, tPay ended up in a fuckover! I’m very good at that, I made him spend $602. I love inflicting financial pain on him!

Back spending again was bloom, with delightful click, and pay to the tune of $233. Well done bloom, just in time for spring! That seems fitting 🙂

Paypig Alert! My good click and pay slave, button did it again. Clicked and paid his way to making Me $332 richer. This is correct behavior!

It was sooo nice to see grunter paying Me again, I missed him and I missed taking his cash. He spent $256 since the last blog, keep that up, grunter!

My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker spent $127 on Niteflirt and $24 on Amazon for a total of $151. Nice!

I was VERY happy to hear from My good sissy j, after her move across the country, she was busy settling in. I look forward to lots of fun with her. She spent $111

sissy prim is trying to avoid spending, but I managed to take $126 of her cash, and look forward to taking more

Also, spending on Me was humble john. He really tries to stop. He always fails. He spent $244. I would like to see a red letter alert next time john!

I love reminding Myself of all the pig spending when I do the fuckover report. It makes Me wonder who will be on the next one. Who will be Legendary? Who will be Extreme? Who will disappoint? (Not you I hope)

I look forward to your spending!

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Brainwashing you Makes Lauren Rich

LR Ultra is spreading.

My brainwashing program is more effective than I dreamed possible. This week’s fuckover report is legendary because I recorded FIVE legendary fuckovers (more than $2,000) and two more Extreme ones (more than $1,000). Generally I have one or two legendary ones and a couple more Extreme. I attribute the increase to LR Ultra.

So many clients are emptying their bank accounts and maxing out their credit cards because of the effects of My brainwashing efforts. My biggest limitation is time. I log on to Niteflirt, and the victims line up to give Me cash.
It’s wonderful! I had to refrain from logging on for a while today, just so I could write a few paragraphs and get the spending report app I have running. All so I could show all of you victims and potential victims the cash and gifts I have been raking in.

LR Ultra is a dynamic program, I’m always looking for new angles and twists to inflict on you. Each hook into your mind makes your imprisonment more secure.

Some of you are experiencing distress from your enslavement, and have related it to Me. This is tiresome, so I am looking for angles that will help you become at peace with your cash destruction.

The truth is, that nothing has ever given you as much sexual pleasure as being turned into a helpless mind-controlled drone for Me.

It’s a little different for each of you because I work with the existing inclinations that you already possess. I bring them out and enhance them. Some characteristics are not useful to Me, and they are ignored or repressed. You are molded, your sexuality shaped to best meet My goals. It is an erotic and intense experience!

It’s time for you to enjoy some photos. Think about how I use My sexual power to control you and cash fuck you

Here are a couple recent ptvs to buy

Now it’s time for


Legendary Paypig Alert!

Totally losing control, and unable to help himself from sending dozens of huge tributes was steve q fucked. This dude fucks himself over so I dont have to. He sent a tribute as big as $999 and many many three digit ones. I dont think he knows how to send ones smaller than $50, and that’s OK 🙂 He got a bonus at work, and boy now he gets to explain to his wife what happened to it. He spent $5191. I bet it was more than the silly bonus!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

J the junkie has totally lost control, succumbing to brainwashing by My body. He can’t stop coming back, can’t stop tributing, and in the last couple of weeks has spent. (Hold on to your little hat) $3548! Most of that was in one session, but that wasn’t the only spree. I have used LR Ultra to brainwash him and addict him to My hypnopussy! In fact, he’s earned a NEW BLOG name, and from here on out, he shall be known as hypno-pussy. This is his FIRST ever legendary mention!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My helpless dennis is under My spell. He can’t get hard unless he pays Me, and only masturbates to My photos now. He will send a tribute just to get hard! He’s really lost control, and I was very pleased to see that he’s spent $2820 since the last review!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

So many legendary alerts this time around! Another slave who was deeply triggered again by LR Ultra is Dr x. I love our sessions, I get spoiled soooo hard! He spent $1981 on Niteflirt and another $1923, with a couple of huge purchases including a computer, a wooden room screen, a pet stroller and lots of gift cards. The grand total was $3904! WOW

Legendary Paypig Alert!

I cannot believe the number of huge mentions this month. Also losing control was My sweet sissy buffy. She knows that she is headed towards bankruptcy, and she’s started dissolving her IRA to help pay off credit cards, which she then uses to tribute Me again and again! The amounts she is sending to her Queen are getting bigger and bigger. She spent $3731 this time around. Just another wow.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Boomer kept calling and clicking and paying and generally losing control. I have him in My delicious trap and he knows it! He spent $1,665 since last month

Extreme Paypig Alert! Coming back for a cash visit was loser421. Everytime it’s a different name, but the result is the same. Falling victim to Lauren. This time it was for $1390. WOW.

My good boy nylonslave spent $201 worshipping his Goddess to earn a mention

Paypig Alert! My very good girl marla has been spending again recently, and calling again and again, buying pay to views and being a very obedient good girl. This sissy spent $412 to get a paypig alert!

Calling back for another raise the rate session was the pathetic jerk jockey, with more tales of how his ex fucked him over. He deserved it. He spent $236.

Huge Paypig Alert! Falling back under My power again is PIG. He knows he’s doomed. He spent $611, but honestly I’m surprised he didn’t surrender even more than that

My oink loser sissy came back again for more spending again! She tries to delete her account, but it’s futile. LR Ultra has a hold of her brain! She spent $344 in a raise the rate session that she didn’t expect!

Paypig Alert! getting another alert is pigbait. This is concrete proof that he has no defenses against My dangerous mind games. He can only get hard fucking his palm and paying Me now. Too bad.

Back after a hiatus was My good boy who loves his stolen moments. He caught me up to take on our personal money making conspiracy and on all the unexpected turns! He spent $195

Paypig Alert! My good boy irish dope came back for another good session! I had damaged him a couple of months ago enough so he had to lick his wounds. He spent $402 to get his red letter mention!

My exposure sissy spent $103 getting her kinky self spread across the web

Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dave stayed helpess and spent $323 getting a red letter alert. What a good boy

Coming back for some click and pay was leather loving “because Lauren says” and he spent $148

New Slave Getting his first mention is “skepti-cat” We had a delightful conversation and he spent $191. (did you know it was that much skepti-cat?)

My greek virgin came back to spent $114. I think I am taking cash he doesn’t really have. Oh well. *laughs*

Paypig Alert! I had a lot of fun with bambi, as we traveled to a pink hypnopalace in the sky. She spent $337

My dangle dude was back, spending $203 to get his mention. So weak for dangling heels!

New Slave! Sweet guy who has been spending and buying things on Amazon gets his first mention for spending $122 on Niteflirt and $38 on Amazon. I’m calling this good boy “freckles”

Back was shiny iz, spending $150. So close to the $2K level of spending!

New to the Blog! Not new to Me, but finally earning a mention is “oldie” who clicked and paid to $127. I have noticed the pay to view amount he will spend it beginning to creep up a bit. GOOD. Well done oldie!

slave pete earned a mention too! I used to call him panty pete, but he asked to be called slave pete, so ok. Even though I think he has a secret panty fetish. He spent $138

New Slave, earning a mention and cancelling her account was project. Perhaps she will see this. I like having female financial slaves, and this is one.

Spending $139 after months of lurking was junky. This bitch is overdue for an extreme fuckover.

Huge Paypig Alert! I lured tPay in. He thought he could get away with buying a couple little pay mails. Oh no you don’t, I will fuck you over so fast you don’t know what hit you. In hardly anytime at all, $609 was Mine.

And close to the $3k level of spending is spawn, who spent $138 during this period.

Also getting a nice mention is quiet gentleman, who is addicted to My selfies and spent $260 this time around

My boyscout spent $222. I love being spoiled by him!

My weak for legs guy can’t stay away. He comes back again and again, to tell Me that he is staying away. It’s kind of funny. He spent $175 telling Me he wasn’t going to spend on Me

Just missing a paypig alert was lex. This southern gent spent $290 clicking and paying. Nice!

Spending $135 was dirtbag. I think he’s due for a red letter fuckover soon

My armpit loser squeaked in for $101 spending to get his mention. You did it!

Making a driveby click and pay was bobpig, who dropped $264. Stay longer and spend more next time bobpig!

rolo spent $136. He keeps trying to stay away, but his stategy is failing. Of course.

Back after a break was grunter! I really missed him and was happy to see his money again. He spent $116

Spending $160 on Niteflirt and $61 on Amazon was my good boy Lauren’s footlicker. So loyal!

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Brainwashing is pleasure

I make sure it is.

Brainwashing makes your cock hard

Brainwashing makes your heart feel happy

Brainwashing makes you feel love for Goddess Lauren

Brainwashing makes you feel as if you dwell in your proper place in the world

Brainwashing you pleases Me, and that makes you feel pleasure

Brainwashing is the answer.
Brainwashing is the rule.

Brainwashing is correct thinking.

I put all of this in a little audio for you, you can listen and stroke and really ABSORB the mantras.

I command you to buy it now

I haven’t blogged in a while, here are recent pay to views that were released.

You should get them if you haven’t. Of course!

Now, I know a number of My readers seldom if ever buy anything. They spend their time edging and gooning to My blog, but not paying. Can you imagine that? Well, it’s time. Time to pay, because you know it’s right. Do it now.

Maybe you will be in the Fuckover report!

Fuckover Report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My good boy Dr X just couldn’t STOP paying Me. I will probably destroy his marriage, but it doesn’t matter, I am the important one here. He spent $3424 on Niteflirt and another $1255 on Amazon gifts and gift cards for total spending of $4679! There is a reason he is the #2 lifetime spender on My list, and he is barrelling toward the $200K lifetime spending mark on Me! He is a very good boy, the best!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Heading toward bankruptcy for Me is My #1 lifetime spender, buffy. She is now addicted to sending larger and larger tributes, and her spending totaled $3303 dollars this time around! She missed a car payment, had to dissolve $15K of her IRA to catch up on her car and pay down credit cards. We all know what she will use those credit cards for. Her “girlfriend” who I call ‘cow’ is getting very annoyed that buffy never has money anymore. I know that she was only there for the $$, so she will be exiting soon. And soon more of the IRA will be mine, and buffy will stay impotent and girly for Me, consuming many estrogen pills at My command. I look forward to it!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My amazing good boy boomer went over and above expectations, spending $2775. His life is forever changed because of his addiction to Me!

My special good boy tom called for more therapy in a raise the rate session. He spent $225 being a good boy.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dennis succumbed again and again to paying My perfect tits. He spent $1088. Sizzling hot!

New Slave and Extreme Paypig Alert! New to Me, this piggy succumbed to Me. This guy had been completed cucked and financially fucked over by his ex-wife, and now it is MY TURN. He spent $1285 on steamy raise the rate sessions, getting all the way to a mind blowing $50/minute rate. I love that!

Adding to his spending total, loser “jerk jockey” stroked away another $190 bucks.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good girl marla has been coming around lately, and I have been able to subject her to fuckover once again. I really missed this. She spent $1075 surrendering to Me for her extreme alert!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My boyscout kept returning to show Me a fun time and to spoil Me again and again, this time for $1245. He is SOOO fun, I love talking with him.

My good boy, ‘extreme paypig’ spent another $209 chatting, and he is very close to the 10K lifetime level of spending. He began with only curiosity, and was quickly addicted, like so many others

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl, oink loser sissy 20K is marching on to the 20K of lifetime spending, and this time around she added $520 to it. Delicious!

Unable to stay away, but ducking more danger was caged yankee. She spent $199 this time, but her $$$ number for a real fuckover is coming up.

Huge Paypig Alert! I think this time around pigbait spent more than ever before, coming pennies away from $600 in spending. Nice!

My nylon slave, such a good boy spent $230

Huge Paypig Alert! Another one getting a nice fuckover was jeffnomore, a mind controlled loser with a hypnotic construct I place in his weak brain. I’ve pretty much ruined his life. *laughs* He spent $720 in a session with Me

I loved having more time with grunter, it’s been awhile, and he and I had a nice $205 session. Wonderful!

Huge Paypig Alert! PIG and his girlfriend broke up, so he’s started reporting for fuckover more often. Good. PIG spent $595 this time around.

Huge Paypig Alert! Citrusy returned to continue his ways, surrendering cash and information to ensure that I can ruin his life and finances. Nice! He spent $630 this time around.

my greek virgin returned again to surrender $129. He needs a better job.

Paypig Alert! Spending more again is spawn, this guy’s addiction is taking shape! He spent $417 since the last blog post. Excellent!

Returning again was goat, he reactivated his account to spend more on Me. It’s been $165 in the past few days, but he hit the $4K lifetime level of spending as well!

Paypig Alert! Just squeaking in with a paypig alert was quiet gentleman, who just couldn’t stay away from Me exploiting him with selfies.

My good boy fred kept spoiling the Goddess he’s obsessed with, with $178 on Niteflirt and another $77 on Amazon for a total of $255. Nice!

Paypig Alert! Helpless dave was helpless once again. (It’s becoming a habit) I got him for a nice $366 this time for him to get some red type!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl bambi visited Me several times in My hypnotic cabin for some innocent fun. Don’t tell her that she gave Me $650 dollars during the visits. It’s a secret.

And coming around for some fun and banter was panty pete, who paid $286 in most dildo/strap on photos and chat!

Paypig Alert! My button returned for more clicking and paying,. and this time I cashfucked him for $325. So nice. I love seeing his name pop up in My paid mail list.

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Neurolinguistic Programming and Financial Domination

I’ve mentioned previously that Neuro-linguistic Programming (Also known as NLP) is a core component of My LR ULTRA brainwashing program.

NLP is a great tool to use to brainwash someone. One very simple way to explain the aspect I use the most is that it takes language and combines them with sensory experiences to assert a powerful and direct influence on the brain. I like to use phrases that I have you repeat while you are undergoing a sensory experience. I choose phrases that serve My goals, and the sensory experience I use most often is sexual arousal. What more powerful sensory experience is there than an orgasm? This is why I have found stroke mantras to be so effective.

I am generally a science person, who relies on the best science to develop my theories. I have learned something quite interesting in my studies of these techniques. Any actual studies I’ve been able to locate seem to consist of people writing to discredit it, not study it. I wonder why that is? Is it because it works, and in the correct hands could be dangerous? Is it because powerful people don’t want minor players to delve into this? Perhaps, but regardless, I use this secret knowledge to program your mind to become a puppet. I make it plastic in a few specific ways that are powerful and lasting. And they also give you great pleasure along with the pain. Pleasure and pain have been combined since ancient times to control people.

I do not know the truth of why this knowledge has been suppressed, and it matters not at all. I KNOW it works, I have used the techniques for yours, I have a large following of brainwashed cash slaves and a very healthy net worth now.

I add new slaves all the time. I have legions of readers who read my words for years before finally summoning the curiosity to contact Me, finding out in the process that I really am as advertised!

Here are some new pay to views to check out, some captioned photos, an audio series, and another video 🙂


Recent fun feedback. All true!


Lauren is so much fun to talk too. Be careful as she is very dangerous and hypnotic. You will find yourself wanting to spend lots of money on her. She is so addictive.

Live my Life for Lauren is my forever Mantra. Lauren is the only one that will ever matter.
Lauren is Dangerous.

The Fuckover Report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My good girl buffy is My number for spender for a very good reason. This sissy spends regularly and for a long time. She’s addicted, and I have completely remade her the way I want. She knows there is bankruptcy in her future, but I greatly enjoy stringing it out. She spent $2191 since the last post. Lifetime she has spent $230, 700 on Me.

Extreme Paypig Alert! citrusy was entirely weakened by Me, unable to stop himself from spending, between chat, tributes and pay to views. This weak slave spent $1470 learning all about My dangers!

We have the raise the rate puppet, who appeared for some heavy humiliation and paid $215 in a raise the rate session. Nice!

Paypig Alert! Squeezing in for a paypig alert was caged yankee. This sissy is so addicted, she keeps spending. She gave me a peek at her new tiny little cock cage too! Adorable!

I had fun in chat with tribute with j the junkie! He spent $163

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy boomer is pretty much My paybitch now. He can’t stay away, although he makes small attempts to do so. He spent $890 this time around. Very nice!

Back, weak and spending yet again was loser louis. He dropped $215 getting his fuckover

Huge Paypig Alert! Dr x was back and spoiling Me again. I love sessioning this guy. He spent $308 on Niteflirt and $481 on Amazon including a beautiful pair of Skullcap headphones and some gift cards

My footpaypig showed up and dropped $150. Always nice to see him

Huge Paypig Alert! Good boy helpless dennis spent $895 calling and tributing, including one or two nice $100 tributes, always sooooo nice. My big round breasts have him entirely belonging to Me

I had a great call with Special K, as he couldn’t help but spent $222 on Me!

New Client, Paypig Alert! This is a great story. This guy, I’m gonna call larry, found My blog years ago when his coworkers were looking at it and laughing at all the guys spending so much money. They thought no one in his right mind would do this, but he was intrigued and found himself reading My blog for years. Recently he finally called, and now he has a secret from his coworkers. I wonder if they will read this and wonder if I’m talking about one of them? So larry spent $345 on phone calls to Me since the last blog. I want him to try some pay-to-views next.

My boi wayne cannot stay away. My huge ass has his mind completely enslaved. He knows what I like in a man, and he knows it’s not him! He spent $218 wishing he could be a fly on the wall.

Paypig Alert! My good girl sissy marla (one of My six figure spenders) has been calling and buying pay-to-views again, as she spirals deeper into her addiction to Me. She spent $445 this time around

My quiet gentleman got sucked into My pay to views with selfies a few times and spent $198. Very nice!

New Slave! (or maybe not) I suspect this guy was a client previously, but on this new account he spent $157. I’m calling him “eager” Well done!

My hosiery slut tributed again and again and spent $122 getting good boy rewards.

Paypig Alert! Another good girl sissy, oink sissy loser came around again for some fun raise the rate calls and pay to view purchases. She has hit the $15K level of spending and I want her to be at $20K soon! She spent $345 this time

Helpless dave showed his helplessness a few times, chatting and tributing for $130

Huge Paypig Alert! Breast addicted pigbait is falling hard and fast under My power. I weaken him, arouse him and use him brutally! He spent $540 this time around!

My boyscout stopped by again to spoil Me for $175 in our fun little trivia games!

Huge Paypig Alert! Pig just can’t help himself. He disappears for a few days, but then falls completely off the wagon in a spending frenzy. His pigstick demands it. He spent $748 this time around

dirtbag was back clicking and paying, and spending $145. Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! Clicking and paying again was button! I didn’t originally name him button because of his tendency to press the pay button again and again, but it sure suits him! He spent $430

Back after a long hiatus is no nonsense guy who spent $130. I really missed him and was glad to see him again.

New client! A slave-type guy I’m calling duckling and I had a nice long phone call where he learned all about the dangers of talking to Me on the phone!

My armpit loser got a mention for spending $141 on Me. What a good boy!

Paypig Alert! It’s been awhile since beta male bert managed a mention, but after clicking and paying for $417, he certainly has earned this one!

bloom got another mention. (I love when slaves appear often) this time for $180. Nice!

goat appears with some click and pay to spend $112. I love when that guy spends!

Huge Paypig Alert! Back for more cash abuse the past month was spawn. His addiction goes soooo deep, he can’t help it, can’t stop. He spent $584 since the last post

My nylon slave loves worshipping Me and listening to My audios and videos. He spent $129 on photos of My hosed feet. Such a devoted worshipper!’

Pleasing Me by spending $241, largely on tributes was humble john. He’s another one who just can’t leave Me

Paypig Alert! Lauren’s foot licker has been such a good boy, paying homage to the Most Important Woman he will ever have in his life. He spent $287 on Niteflirt and an another $49 on Amazon for a total of $336. He has been very devoted in his service for several years now. He’s spent over $7,000 on Me on Niteflirt and several hundred more on Amazon over the years

Getting another mention, because of a lot of click and pay is “lex” who spent $252. Something about this guy makes Me smile.

Back with a new account was “because Lauren says” He spent $105. I am thinking he needs a better nickname, he should talk with Me about it.

New Client! A guy I am calling “trinket” began exploring how dangerous I am with My pay to views, spending $155 doing so. Welcome to My world, trinket!

jaybee returned to My fold recently, spending $169 in delicious pay to views. I love that!

candyballs can’t stop paying Me. He keeps trying to delete his account, and he just keeps coming back! He spent $193 in the past month not staying away.

goat came around again to spend $112. Always enjoy seeing his name in My payment notifications!

My shy roleplayer turned up again, clicking and paying for $190. So sweet!

Will your name be in the next Fuckover report? I hope so. With a red letter mention!

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How I use Modern Psychological Techniques to Train and Exploit Paypigs

CBT (Cognitive Behavior Training in this case, not Cock and Ball Torture) is a psychological process that helps you make desired changes. This modern psychological technique helps Me to train and exploit you and other paypigs

Traditionally, it’s the client’s desired change, but I’ve twisted it to help you make MY desired changes.

I take many of the common elements of CBT and use them to turn you into a more profitable pig for Me!

For example, these are some common techniques and how I apply them

  • Cognitive restructuring or reframing. .. I make you think of yourself as a paypig, I call you a paypig, have you stroke your cock while you declare your paypig nature. Mantras are a huge part of this.

  • Guided discovery. … I’ve stareted adding some of this to sessions, and boy is it powerful! It’s really got to do with taking a fantasy but hooking into your senses, you might imagine kneeling at My feet while I demand cash, and you feel your cock just getting harder and harder. And hear Me say “Good boy” This would be an example
  • Exposure therapy. … Gradually I expose you to paying more and more…raising the rate, increasing the amount of the pay to view, demanding gradually larger tributes
  • . All of My series are great for this. Try this one from the archives

  • Journaling and thought records. …when you email Me back your thoughts or when you send Me what you’re thinking in chat, this taps into this technique
  • .I think I may have to exploit this technique with certain individuals more often

  • Activity scheduling and behavior activation. …
  • I like to hook actions to other actions. For example, stroke your cock when you stroke when you pay Me. Or I suggest you will get hard when you see an email from Me. I don’t generally schedule by the cock, but rather by action. ACTIVATING the paypig within

    Behavioral experiments. .. .I am CONTINUOUSLY

  • experimenting on you guys to see what the most effective techniques are for separating you from your cash. Science is real and you have no chance
  • Relaxation and stress reduction techniques. …When you pay, it makes you soooo happy and relaxed, you feel bliss. Many of you will recognize this technique
  • Role playing is a common technique. I let you think it’s roleplaying. You’re the slave, I’m the Queen, you kneel at My feet. Maybe it’s not roleplaying, it’s REAL
  • So now that you are hard, I want to make a suggestion. The thought of seeing your name in My fuckover report is OVERWHELMINGLY sexy. You want it there, with red letters, so that everyone can see how much you admire Goddess Lauren

    Now that I’ve planted that suggestion, Let’s actually do the fuckover report! It’s an amazing one! It’s over a month, so it’s long. Between Thanksgiving and some personal stuff, I’m later than usual, but oh so worth it.

    The Fuckover Report

    Legendary Paypig Alert!

    My good girl and #1 spender buffy went completely off the rails, sending Me larger tributes than ever before. She is on the road to bankruptcy and it is going to be EPIC She spent. $4201 maxing out a couple of credit cards on Me! SOooooooo erotic. Limp clitty, still a virgin and it looks like that will never change. Wonderful!

    Legendary Paypig Alert!

    And also getting a legendary alert is rare whalebird! This guy appears, and then disappears, kind of a paypig whore who passes himself around many Dommes. I haven’t seen him in years, but the other night was MY turn I guess, he spent $3087. This rare bird can drop by anytime as long as he brings his wallet! I always enjoy trancing him into submission.

    Extreme Paypig Alert! This might be helpless dennis’s first extreme paypig alert! He went insane on click and pay, we did several calls, and he tributed like a good boy everytime he stroked his cock when I wasn’t around! How much did it cost him? $1880!

    Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting his first bit of red type was jerk jockey! This loser is sooo easy to manipulate as he is gooning, and I extorted him for hundreds of $$$ of tributes for cum permission. Over a couple of sessions I extracted $1715 from him!

    Extreme Paypig Alert! Dr x never fails to please, and did it again, with $802 on Niteflirt and $780 on Amazon, as My special Santa Slave! He totalled $1582 with his extreme mention! I love sessioning this guy, one of My favorites.

    Extreme Paypig Alert! Another newer slave surprised Me with an extreme mention. Very good boy “spawn” has been losing control with click and pay! He spent $1393 falling more deeply under My power!

    Extreme Paypig Alert! Coming to life, after years to suddenly become completely addicted to Me was footdazed. We had a lot of fun with some custom recordings and he tributed his wallet empty. How much did he spent? $1070. Stupendous!

    My raise the rate puppet stopped by for degradation and increasingly expensive phone calls. He spent $112

    Huge Paypig Alert! Boomer’s addiction is going strong, he can’t stay away, keeps clicking and paying! He spent $738 this time around!

    My good boy nylon slave spent $187 listening to My silky addictive voice and buying pantyhose feet photos

    Huge Paypig Alert! It was sooo nice to have marla back in My clutches again. My good girl ended up spending just a few cents over $700 as I used her VERY HARD. Lifetime, marla has spent more than $110K on Me! (she’s one of the founding tribe members)

    Just missing a paypig alert is worthless gimp loser, who spent $290 on Me that there is no way in hell he can afford. So sad, too bad. I won’t think about it again.

    New to the blog, is sticky, whose been around awhile and finally spent enough for a mention! He spent $106

    Completely mindfucked pigbait spent $123. I think he should spend more.

    Huge Paypig Alert! Just missing an extreme alert was bambi, My good girl who visited Me in My Hypno cabin. I introducted her to the mystical fun of the “kink sack” and we had a great time! She spent $978

    My good shopper paulito came around and spent $101 to get a mention!

    Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy, PIG can never ever stay away, he spent $510 this time around to get a “HUGE” mention

    Good loser jeffnomore came around to spend $177

    New to blog! Spending $137 to get a blog mention is “mensch”. This guy found out how dangerous I can be!

    I was very happy to have surprised get a mentio again, this time for $131. He’s so sweet to session and so weak over My heels and feet

    Paypig Alert! Getting another mention is My addict and very good boy j the junkie. J spent over $400 this time around to really make Me smile. He is no match for My power!

    Squeaking in for a mention was helpless dave, this time for $103

    New Slave! Huge Paypig Alert! Getting red type right away was a new slave, a good boy I’m calling citrusy. He’s curious and found danger!

    My good girl caged yankee spent $250. I’m always happy to take her cash

    New to blog! After a long time not spending much, suddenly a guy I’m calling “rando” came to life, spending $141. That’s what I’m talking about!

    Back for more spending was My NF client who spent $122 this time around. He’s got soo many accounts, who knows how much his lifetime is now.

    Paypig Alert AND New to the Blog. Getting My attention was moniker, who clicked and paid his way to spending $487 and earned his blog name. (It’s so full of irony I cannot tell you, but he will understand) This is what I love from slaves. $$$$ that is.

    My quiet gentleman spent $243. Boy he loves those selfies.

    Paypig Alert! New to My blog is chad, who squeezed into a paypig alert spending exactly $300. Well done!

    My boyscout spent $185, just making Me happy!

    Paypig Alert and New to My blog! A client I will call “bloom” went absolutely crazy on click and pay, over many days, spending a total of $425 and making Me very very happy. Well done!

    Ducking in and spending and then cancelling his account was usbsimp, but not before he spent $135. I bet he’ll be back

    Paypig Alert! This guy humble john knows how to please. It always seens like he sends a nice tribute just when I need a smile. (yes tributes make Me smile) He paid $371 this time around, very nice!

    My good girl sissy j spent $145. She just had a big cross country move and I can’t wait to get into a nice rythym of us having fun again!

    Paypig Alert! My good boy button was at the click and pay again, this time for $355. I love seeing that he’s been busy!

    My very good boy, Lauren’s footlicker spent $174 on Niteflirt and $72 on Amazon to total $246 and really making Me happy. This guy knows how to treat a superior Woman!

    Paypig Alert and New to My blog! Another new client who did a lot of click and pay was “lex” I hope he gets hard knowing how dangerous I am!

    Good boy knickers spent another $156 on dangerous games with Me!

    Now, which ones of you will be on the next blog post?
    Who will get a red letter mention (at least $300)
    Better get busy!

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    Update on LR Ultra

    LR Ultra: A success story

    After years of learning about how paypigs tick, months of researching and refining techniques, (which are ongoing). My foray into brainwashing My pigs has been OUTSTANDING

    Since I implemented LR Ultra, the sales of LR Ultra items has been through the roof! And My earnings from My stable of pigs are up about 40%. In fact, My biggest problem is finding time to make new photo sets, videos, recordings and blog, while still finding time to exploit you pigs live!

    This is a FinDomme problem, isn’t it? My success doesn’t change the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day, and that I like enjoying a lot of those hours! Often when you are looking for Me and not finding Me, it’s fun to think of Me frolicking in stores and having sex with My boyfriend, but a lot of that time is preparing for and doing photo shoots, creating recordings and graphics, writing this blog, and brainstorming more ideas for your exploitation!

    But don’t worry, I leave time to have FUN!

    Here are some LR ULTRA things to not miss! The audio series is turning out to be quite memorable for the slaves that listen to them!


    Celebrate My Birthday!

    And tomorrow (Tuesday, November 9th) is MY birthday! And I will be having fun doing adventures, and going to dinner, and being spoiled by My boyfriend.

    And while I am doing that, you will be spoiling Me, won’t you?

    I added a lot of stuff to My wishlist, if you buy something, drop Me a line to tell Me!

    I also like getting Amazon gift cards, you can even just buy one and send Me the code in Niteflirt email!

    and of course, I’ll be sending out a PTV for you guys to buy for My Birthday, and I always love tributes!

    And of course, naturally, it is time for:

    The Fuckover Report

    It’s less time between blog entries this time, so it’s a smaller list than usual.

    Legendary Paypig Alert!

    Getting a special mention today is Dr x, who as usual, outdid himself with $2831 spending on Niteflirt and $1242 on Amazon, including starting My Christmas shopping for Me. Thanks to Dr x, I’ve got a chunk of it done already! His total was $4074. He sure *is* a lengendary pig who I own body and soul!

    Legendary Paypig Alert! Another legendary alert goes to buffy, who spent $2332 since the last blog. This sissy just knows what her role is now. She exists to pay Me, and it will probably bankrupt her, but that doesn’t matter. Her cow girlfriend doesn’t matter, and who wants a limp sissy who pays a Queen anyway? No nice vacation for cow, I am taking that cash

    Back spending again was yeboev who spent $117. I think he needs to surrender again!

    Huge Paypig Alert! Next up is My weak slave boomer, who just comes back again and again for fuckover. He spent $630 this time around!

    My good boy, My nylon slave spent $178 worshipping Me1

    Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dennis needs to pay to cum now. I trained him so that his poor cock just won’t get hard unless he pays Me. That gets Me a nice bit of $$ every time! He spent $440 this time around.

    Almost to a paypig alert, but not quite was j the junkie, who is addicted to Me teasing him with My body. He spent $265

    Paypig Alert! My oink loser sissy came around, spending enough to get an alert, with a total was $307. So nice to see her get a red letter mention.

    I had a nice session with sissy marla for $118

    Huge Paypig Alert! I am very proud of the amount of money My irish dope spent, and I believe it was mostly in one day, in a heady session. He went all the way through My new series, then a dangerous chat session. I took all his cash he had available, and that was $703. YUM

    pigbait keeps humping his palm and paying, this time was $205

    New Slave! Someone new clicked and paid their way through $260. Very nice. I’m calling this slave “flea”

    Just barely squeaking in for an alert was shy roleplayer for exactly $100!

    Paypig Alert! PIG is as addicted as ever. When I strike, he spends, and this time was $385

    Also spending a bit was caged yankee. This sissy just missed an alert, but just today I had her unable to stop. So hot! Her spending was $285

    Pleasing Me so very much with click and pay and a tribute was “more please’ he spent $246, and kept his word, as all slaves should do

    New Slave and Paypig Alert! New to Me is spawn, who couldn’t stop clicking and paying to My delight. He should do a lot more of it! He spent $417 losing himself to Me!

    Back again with more addictive spending was nail drone. This guy is just getting more and more addicted. His spending was $205

    New slave! New to Me is over easy. He has been lurking for years, and finally surrendered to My power. My legs have slayed him and he spent $210 learning about the Greed of Lauren. Tasty!

    My quiet gentleman came around to give Me $118. Thank you!

    My good boy button clicked and paid $252 away. I love it! He just comes back around again and again. Nice.

    Paypig Alert! squeezing in for a red letter mention is steve q fucked. A zombie if I ever saw one. He spent $301

    I had fun in the hypnocabin with bambi. I managed to take $210 without her really noticing.

    New slave! Another new slave is a dude I’m calling panty model, with a passion for wearing panties and sending Me photos of them. I had fun playing with him and he spent $125

    My boyscout came around to spoil Me again! This time for $275!

    Paypig Alert! My good girl sissy j spent $369. She is soon moving across the country to start a new life, in which I will REALLY be able to force her into the sissy life she was meant to live. I can’t wait!

    So nice to see dirtbag get a mention again, this time for $246!

    My good boy Lauren’s footlicker slipped in for a mention between $71 on Niteflirt and $43 on Amazon. ($114 of spending) Good boy!

    It was so nice to see click puppet doing what he does best, which is click and pay! This time he spent $152

    Now, who of you will be on the next fuckover report? No telling who loses control of his wallet for My benefit!

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    This Blog Entry is a Paypig Stroke Game!

    Directed Stroke Instructions:

    Get ready to jerk your cock/rub your clit

    you will read the sentence, repeat it out loud or in your head. The number of times you say it is the number of times you pay stroke, rub.

    For example, I direct you to say. “The sky is blue”

    If you say “the sky is blue” once, you get to stroke once.

    If you say it three times you get to stroke three times.

    Here is a photo inspiration

    Ready? Let’s start

    I obey Mistress Lauren (say and stroke, one stroke per repetition)

    My cock gets hard when I obey Mistress Lauren

    I surrender my mind to Mistress Lauren

    Mistress Lauren owns my cock (clit)

    Paying Lauren is sexy

    Paysex is the best sex

    My cock gets so hard when i pay Mistress Lauren

    Debt for Lauren is erotic

    I am obsessed with paying Mistress Lauren

    Mistress Lauren is brainwashing me to be a paypig

    i am a paypig

    i am Mistress Lauren’s paypig

    i can’t stop paying Mistress Lauren

    It’s time to tribute Mistress Lauren. (Tribute link here)

    Good pig.
    Now, write your own stroke directions, share them in comments.

    Want these in an audio in My voice? Buy it here

    Need to cum after this?

    Just send a tribute. It will be different for all of you, but you KNOW IN YOUR PIG HEART what your Mistress deserves

    Send it here

    Yes all you pigs, fans, addicts, sissies and losers, I am not done indoctrinating you with LR Ultra, there is always another layer to deepen, and this game helps!

    Since My last blog entry, I’ve released a couple pay to views, here, get them if you haven’t

    Now it’s time for:

    The Fuckover Report!

    Legendary Paypig Alert!

    Making Me really proud of her was buffy, who truly surrendered to Me this week, in several 3 digit sessions. She spent $2730 dollars, and it was nice to hear her on the phone again. Sissy buffy’s real life girlfriend is going to be very disappointed to miss out on some spoiling because buffy pleased Me instead. VERY GOOD GIRL!

    Legendary Paypig Alert! Also earning a lengendary alert was My very good boy Dr. x, who spent $1665 on Niteflirt PLUS $1290 on Amazon, including gift cards, an expreso machine plus lots of Christmas presents for other people. This totaled $2,955! Stupendous! This made him the #1 spender for the month!

    Extreme Paypig Alert!

    Embracing his exploitation was boomer, who could NOT stay away, and I LOVE it, I have learned his buttons and he spent $1899 pleasing Me, so close to lengendary!

    Extreme Paypig Alert! Also earning an Extreme alert was button! I lured him into click and pay and it was sooo fun inspiring him to spend more and more! How much was the total? $1733!

    Extreme Paypig Alert! Earning a hard fought extreme alerT is titcunt, who let me have an expensive party in her bank account, as I demanded larger and larger pay to views be purchased! So tasty! She spent $1085 in her quest for an Extreme mention! Next time is a four figure session, save up titcunt!

    New slave! A whiny loser new to Me discovered how addictive the danger is. I’m calling him “pesty” and he spent $192 on pathetic tiny tributes, chat and phone calls.

    My raise the rate puppet swung by for another intense raise the rate session, this time for $175

    New Slave! New to Me is paychick, who spent a fun evening spending $125 and learning about My dangers!

    my sissy caged yankee just missed a paypig alert, spending $280 in blissful addiction!

    Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dennis squeaked into his HUGE paypig alert with $501 in spending WOW! The $50 tribute he sent when we missed each other online made the difference!

    A slave who deleted his account spent $133. I think he’s got a blog name, but I can’t remember it, and when you delete your account, My notes on you go POOF! (DON’T permanently delete them!) I’m gonna call him jd and maybe he will recognize himself .

    Huge Paypig Alert! PIG can’t stay away. He’s trying to teach his girlfriend to financially dominate him, he’s sooo addicted, but no one does it like Me! He spent $585

    My good girl slave marla dropped by to get exploited for $280. Also so close to a HUGE mention!

    Huge Paypig Alert! Today is the blog entry everyone is just missing bigger alerts. Getting a HUGE mention and JUST missing an Extreme one is Oink Loser 10,000. He spent $938

    My exposure sissy spent $208 on Me this week getting exposed, So hot!

    Paypig Alert! An exception to “just missing” is pigbait, who just squeezed into getting an alert with $315 in spending!

    My assbitch served Me well, spending $218. No escape from Me!

    Huge Paypig Alert! Another slave missing on an Extreme alert was special K who had an amazingly hot session with Me, spending $915. Sizzling!

    Doing a bit of click and pay was peeper, was nice to see him get a mention again, he spent $131

    Paypig Alert! Striving to earn his tribe membership is nail drone, who spent $445 this time around in that endeavor!

    Soooo close to a paypig alert was Quiet Gentleman who spent $296 pleasing Me this past month!

    New Slave! A new sissy that I have named “panty model” due to his love of taking photos of himself in panties and sending them to Me, has stratched the surface on learning how dangerous I am. He spent $144

    My niteflirt slave was back, this time spending $185

    New Slave AND Paypig Alert! Sometimes the most pathetic subhuman creatures find Me, and larva is a maggoty example of such a loser. This slave spent $436 finding out how mean I can be.

    My good boy irish dope served well again, this time spending $240. I believe I have damaged that boy’s finances!

    Paypig Alert! I had a lot of fun in the secret hypno cabin with bambi, just hanging out with her like girls do, but also inserting secret paypig code into her open vulnerable mind. I was able to take advantage of her, and she spent $430. YUM.

    My hosiery slut pleased Me well,. again and again,. to the tune of $272. I love that I got into his head!

    New Slave, Paypig Alert! Also new, and finding out about how dangerous I am is chad. I surprised him with My techiniques, he became addicted to My voice and he spent $258. Well done!

    My boi wayne came around to be teased by superior Blonde flesh that is not worthy of! He spent $167, including money he meant to spend on his wife.

    Paypig Alert! Good little sissy caged forever came around again, being teased while locked up and helpless and she spent $333. Nice!

    It was so nice to see paycunt come around again. This is a slave I broke financially a couple years ago. He spent $189

    Lauren’s footlicker got his mention with $122 on Niteflirt and $65 on Amazon gifts, totallying $187. Nice!

    Footdazed came around for some click and pay to earn another mention, this time for $111. YUM

    I had some more fun with sissy j again, this time for $145 🙂 She needs to report for more abuse soon!

    Paypig Alert! Working hard to get his red letter mention was caged! He got it with $301 dollars. Very proud of his efforts, this is what he’s good for!

    Earning a nice mention was humble john, spending $258 to be kept in his place.

    and lastly, (it’s hard to choose who should be last, so many excellent choices haha) is cosmo, who came around again to spend $232. Mmmm I love weak losers surrendering to Me!

    Are you going to be on the next Fuckover Report? You know you want to be!

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