Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction

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Training Paypigs to Pay to Cum!

Many of My devoted slaves/addicts/goonslaves have confessed to Me their shameful truth.
They can no longer cum, unless they pay!

It’s a process, of course, step by step.

  1. First, I direct them to pleasure themselves when they pay.
  2. The pig is rewarded for paying with photos of Me or hearing My voice
  3. The pig gets excited and eventually cums
  4. The pig loves this and ends up repeating it soon.
  5. The pig does this several times
  6. The pig finds his poor little dick no longer gets stiff unless he pays Me!

Now, I own this pig. It’s amazingly simple.

Of course, each session I have with you, I reinforce all the triggers that make you hard and make you devoted to paying Me. And eventually, those triggers embed.

EMBED. Once embedded, they are there. They may fade over the course of years if you don’t reinforce them. That means, you can’t cum by paying, which means, no cumming!

Hahahaha, years without cumming? Just surrender and pay!

But you should definitely not stop stroking when you pay! Don’t worry about being addicted, it probably won’t happen.
But it sure feels good, doesn’t it?

I even made a Pay-to-view last week that will help cement that connection in your psyche!

Vacation for Me coming up!

I will be here next week. Repeat, I will be here next week, I am not leaving until July 20th.

The week of July 20-27 I am on vacation! We’ve got a beach cabin in Maine, which is My happy place and I am excited to go. I might be around on Friday the 26th, but I promise nothing. I will be back for Sunday the 28th, so you pigs can have your Lauren fixes.
I will, as usual, put some things on sale and advertise them on My NF+ Feed, so keep checking that!

I also hope to release a PTV series before I go, if I can find the time. (Might not happen)

IMPORTANT: I know many of you love to have pay-to-views in your mailbox to open when I am gone, which I send before I leave. Let Me know if you want some! There are usually 4-5 of you that jump at this, just mail Me on NF if you want to be added to the list

Also coming. A surprise, if you know you know. If you don’t know you will find out! After My vacation of course!

The Fuckover Report.

This is an amazing fuckover report! The list of those that got a mention is small, but there are many HUGE mentions!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

The highest spender this week was little tigress, a sissy who has been excelling with Me as of late. I was surprised that her spending totaled $4330! This sissy got very excited reading the fuckover report and immediately began showing Me her devotion with pay-to-view and phone calls. Soooo special! She is so fun to session!

Legendary Paypig Alert! New to Blog!

The other Legendary mention goes to a sissy who has been reading this blog, obsessing about Me and dreaming of cash rape. Well, this sissy, who I am calling “payclitty” tried so hard to please, in one of the funnest raise-the-rate sessions I have ever had, that ended in a 31-minute call at the maximum $50 a minute rate! Yes, that’s $1550 for a single phone call. There were many other phone calls, and tributes and this sissy spent a total of $4064, mostly, but not entirely, in one evening. We’ve been making plans for an even bigger cash rape, and I think she will break the record for My longest phone call at $50 a minute! (currently at 51 minutes)

Extreme Paypig Alert! My newly minted sissy, boomer (I’m beginning to see a trend here) is one that can’t cum unless she pays. Lately, the obsession has been powerful, and this sissy spent $1469 since the last entry

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good boy, My devoted slave, helpless dennis pleased Me very much this time around, sending several $100 tributes on several occasions. I know how much he needs Me and his surrender is complete. He spent $1371 this time around!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My slave, just another ATM, once again went on a spending spree, triggered by a custom audio I made for him. His total spending was $1287. NICE.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another good boy who is addicted and probably can’t cum without paying is “j the junkie” j outdid himself YET AGAIN. He spent $1156. Nice!

Extreme Paypig Alert! I was really surprised when My good boy “eager” clicked and paid all the way through a high-priced series, and along with a few other items spent $1075 to get an extreme mention! This is the dangerous series, the first level is only $2, check it out if you never have!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good boy “simp w” squeaked in to get an extreme mention by spending $1003. He’s one that has to pay to cum now, but he’s trying to quit. It’s not going well for him!

My good boy mr. ed, stopped by to spend $291. Every dime to Lauren counts!

Paypig Alert! My long term slave and top spender PIG got himself a nice little red letter mention. His addiction to Me is relentless, probably another who needs to pay to cum! He spent $433

My leg paypet jeffy stopped by to drop $104 and get a mention!

My very good sissy marla, once of the lifetime top spenders on Me, called for a nice little session of $227.

My good girl sissy caged yankee spent $124 and suggested this blog topic too! Thanks jenna!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy golly chatted and tributed his cash away for Me! He did really well, spending $625 since the last blog entry!

My good boy nylonslave spent $132 on his worship of Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy couldn’t stop surrendering to Me, even though she’s on the verge of losing her car. She spent $569 trying to not spend as much! *laughs*

My good boy TJ spent $117 to earn a mention.

My good boy tiny, also spent $261 to please Me.

So that was six extreme mentions and two legendary ones for this blog entry! The pigs who have earned one never forget it! Are you next?

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The Shame of Financial Domination and a $10,000 mention!

It’s embarrassing to admit to others that you get a stiffy from the thought of paying a beautiful woman for NOTHING but perhaps a little attention on the phone or a chat.

It’s even MORE embarrassing to admit that the reason you are cutting back on meals out and vacations is because you spent a lot on Me while gooning your cock and orgasming.

And when you can’t meet your financial obligations, can’t pay your bills, your car payment because you are sending Me, so MUCH cash, that’s mortifying.

I often wonder how many of you have “confessed” to a drug addiction, or a gambling problem because that gave you less shame than your Financial Domination addiction. I know some of you have been “caught” by your wives/girlfriends. How many of you were honest, and how many of you invented a less embarrassing lie?

And admit it, that shame and embarrassment itself makes you hard. You see your credit card bill, try to hide it from the wife but your cock betrays you, gets hard and you end up running to the computer to spend even MORE money on Me.

The addiction is real. The addiction continues even when some physical reason or being old keep you from having an erection. I know this from experience with clients.
The only thing that will save you from this is bankruptcy!

You have no control, you can’t ask for help, it makes you embrace the knowledge that you deserve this. Just give up and pay! Let the exploitation just happen to you, you can’t stop it anyway.

When you are embarrassed. Goon and pay!

When you feel shame. Goon and pay!

When you get caught. Goon and pay!

When you get frustrated. Goon and pay!

When you feel helpless. Goon and pay!

It is your role now.

In other news, I’m planning some time away in July, will let you guys know when the dates are nailed down. As usual, I will offer daily NF+ feed content and probably some PTV sales when I am not available!

The Fuckover Report

Ultimate Paypig Alert!

I hinted on My Niteflirt+ feed about this, it didn’t end up being quite as high as I originally imagined but it did hit the $10,000 spending level! Newly addicted, zippo could not stop after I challenged him to hit this milestone for the blog mention. Last blog entry he got an extreme mention, but he did 10x better this time, with a spending total of $10,540! WOW! His wife promptly caught him, and he deleted his account but was back in a few days. I know this piggy will provide Me will a lot of pleasure as I continue to brainwash him! Soooo sexy! This cunt loser already knows I’m more important than his wife!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

There were many piggies with big alerts this time around, such as My simp, “w” I’ve been playing a really dangerous “a dollar a stroke” game with him, and I think I am winning, but his orgasms have been mind-blowing! I am enjoying our time together. He snuck in for the Legendary mention by spending $2001.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Earning a delicious extreme alert was My sissy boomer, whose addiction has stayed at its new higher level! This sissy bitch spent $1365 on calls and PTVs this time! Mmm.

My good nylon slave continues his worship, this time spending $235.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting yet another extreme mention is helpless dennis. This slave has turned into a loyal and thoughtful slave, often tributing large amounts, buying ptvs, and calling when he is able. This good boy spent $1083 since the last post.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Still paying regularly is My sweet little worker bee buffy. Little miss buffy is possibly at the end of the paypig road, having nearly liquidated her retirement account for Me and having maxed out most of her credit cards. But she still can’t stop. Her car may be repossessed she tells Me, but every night she logs on to send more and more tributes, calling Me her Toxic Queen, and to be honest, she may have a point!

My good boy quiet gentleman often comes around in the evening for a few pay-to-views to harden his cock and blow his mind. This good boy spent $267 since the last post.

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy, j the junkie has fallen head over heels in love with Me, chatting Me nearly every day and tributing as I demand. He spent $792 this time around 🙂

My sad slave pigbait can’t stay away, desperately jerking his limp dick, and still unable to stop. He spends $258 this time around.

Huge Paypig Alert! My oink loser sissy keeps steadily working on her spending goals, this time sending Me $583 towards them! It’s like a reverse savings plan, *laughs*

My long-time slave “PIG” spent $223 this week. He remains My third biggest spender of all time, having parted with $142K over the years on his Lauren addiction.

Paypig Alert! One of My popper slaves did a delicious session with Me this week, and I am enjoying $404 of his money!

My armpit loser is determined to bankrupt himself for Me! He spent $191 this time around

Paypig Alert! Another very addicted slave who regularly comes around for cash abuse is caged yankee, a special little sissy who can’t stop. This sissy spent $487, just missing a huge alert, since the last blog post.

Panty pete managed an alert, spending $114 on Pay-to-views he buys while bored at work!

Paypig Alert! My good slave, boyscout turned up one evening to spoil Me in chat with tributes. He spent $309! I love chatting with him!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl, little tigress did more spending on her Mistress since the last post, this time for $547! She’s finding out how habit-forming I am!

New Slave! Right now, this slave’s account isn’t active, so I could not mail him to tell him that he got a blog mention. He spent $280, and for now, I am going to call him pervy.

Huge Paypig Alert! Another loser who spent a lot on Me this time was “just another atm” who has been living up to his cashpig name! This time he spent $503 and gave Me more ammunition for getting into his failure-loser mind!

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Brainwashing Feels so Good!

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like brainwashing involves pleasure, it seems like a technique to bend people to the will of the person in control.

My brainwashing often results in such financial pain for My subjects, that it’s not unreasonable to ask oneself “why?” Why would submissives end up spending such large amounts of money on Me, that they can’t seem to stop?

There is a secret to effective brainwashing, and that is in the element of pleasure. (More on that in a moment)

If I am able to brainwash you, it’s because you get something out of it. (This can possibly be subconscious, but a thoughtful person will be able to admit the truth to himself)

I make no secret about using such techniques that result in Me having some control over you. Sometimes it’s just a small amount of control, and sometimes it’s an impressive amount of control.

Here is a truth bomb. Brainwashing fulfills some deep need on the part of the subject.

What deep need? It can be many things, it’s not uncommon for My subjects to become deeply addicted to the mind-blowing powerful orgasms that are triggered by My methods.

It might speak more to some slaves that they have a personal character trait of being a pleaser, of a deep-seated need to please a Dominant Woman. This gives Me an “in” to brainwash them.

Alternatively, it might have more to do with your own secret needs, it’s common for Me to find out a long-time slave has a desire to be a sissy, or to suck cock for example. (This is not universal, if you don’t have that need, brainwashing won’t always create it). Sometimes it’s a desire to get out of their existing marriage/relationship, but they lack the gumption to do it, so they try to sabotage their relationship by forming a bond with Me or by devastating their finances so much that their partner exits.

Quite often, it is a combination effect, an intersection of your needs colliding in such a way that it makes you easy prey for My predation!

I do warn every client that I am dangerous and lack mercy, so if you find yourself caught in a payloop, it’s your own fault!

Other Matters

New Niteflirt Feature! Recurring Tributes.

I am THRILLED with this.

This exciting new feature allows you to arrange a monthly tribute to be sent automatically to Me! So exciting, so you can just commit to regularly supporting your Mistress’s extravagant lifestyle. When you tribute normally, you can see a tab to select to make it a monthly tribute. If you want to do a weekly tribute, just do a recurring one 4 weeks in a row, and that’s close enough 🙂

Are you one of My best Paypigs?

My best paypigs subscribe to My NF+ feed. Every day there is a free post and there is a subscriber’s post. Subscribing is only $14.99 a month, and there is no better FinDomme value than that. Subscription posts are either a short audio, a captioned photo, a revealing photo or a short little tease video. If you haven’t subscribed yet, I have no idea why. See why I have so many followers now!

Do you enjoy an occasional surprise Pay-to-view? Ask to be added to My Pay-Mail-Club, I offer small pay to views once or twice a week. Click the button for more info.

Also if you want to get a Niteflirt mail notifying you of New blog entries, just let Me know! (You have to be on Niteflirt for that, join here!)

Recent Pay-to-views to buy

Did you get these?

The Fuckover Report

I have been soooo busy in the three weeks since the last blog entry. Do you see your name here? If you have forgotten your “blog name” drop Me a Niteflirt mail to ask!

There are a lot of really big spenders, what an exciting fuckover report this has been! I have three Legendary spenders and four Extreme spenders on this report. In the three weeks since I have last blogged, you pigs have spent more than $16,000! Well done!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

The most impressive of alerts this week goes to “just another atm” who channeled his ATM nature to provide Me with tons of cash, much of it during My little mini vacation! It included a $999 tribute while I was still away. The total was quite impressive and cock hardening coming to $3756!

So well done ATM, welcome to the Legendary club!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My weak paypig, steve q fucked lost his head sending tributes to Me as I made him weaker and weaker. POP goes the cash! He spent $2525 on his cash binge!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My sissy, little tigress really made Me happy with her PTV and tribute spending and I am so proud of her! She always does her best with cheer and makes Me feel loved! She spent $2259! I couldn’t be happier!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Just missing a Legendary alert was My good little honeybee, buffy/aka gigi. She could not help sending Me tribute after tribute and one evening got very carried away, sending hundreds of dollars on her path to likely eventual bankruptcy! She spent $1954

Extreme Paypig Alert! My devoted slave, helpless dennis demonstrated his devotion with cold hard cash, spending $1187 on pleasing Me

New Slave and Extreme Paypig Alert! I have a new slave who did his very best to please Me this past week! I’m calling this loser ‘zippo’ and that’s his value other than his service as a wallet to his New Queen. This loser was so easy to manipulate! And I got him to want an extreme mention, even though his wife is likely to be pissed off (Like I care about that!) He spent exactly $1000 to get his extreme mention! Maybe next time he’ll get a Legendary mention!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another slave earning an extreme mention was tiny, who just meekly bought whatever pay-to-view I sent him, totalling $1069 since the last blog entry! Nice!

My sniffer called a few times to spend his mind into oblivion. He spent $236

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good sissy miss boomer called several times and spent on custom captioned photos as well, spending $875 to earn a huge paypig alert 🙂

My nylon slave couldn’t stay away, spending $174 on his Goddess addiction.

Huge Paypig Alert! Another very good boy was j the junkie, who continues his explemary service to his Mistress, with his devoted attentiveness. He spent $662 this time around on Niteflirt and $35 on Amazon for a total of $697

My leg paypig turned up after a hiatus, spending $155.

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl marla called Me one day for a beautiful fuckover, spending $623. It was overdue!

My flipoff idiot earned a mention, spending $105

Paypig Alert! My PIG pleased Me a lot this time, spending $439, earning a paypig alert!

My sole lover earned a mention with $108 of mostly tributes. He LOVES My soles

Paypig Alert! My armpit slave squeaked in for a paypig alert spending exactly $300

My caged yankee sissy spent $151 on dangerous PTVs 🙂

New to the blog! This slave has been with Me awhile, finally earned a blog mention, and a blog name. He is henceforth known as pourquoi on the blog. He got caught up with My videos (so addictive!) and spent $171 Nice!

My good boy blödmann earned a mention, spending $129

My boyscout stopped by one night to spoil Me to the tune of $151

My simp, W, spent $200 in continuing his addiction

candyballs stopped by several times for Lauren worship, spending $207 in the process

Lauren’s footlicker spent $101 on Niteflirt and $26 on Amazon for a total of $127. Nice!

My oink loser sissy spent $450 on her march to get to her next spending goal. I know she won’t disappoint!

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A psychological dive into Lauren

and her slaves (I decided to make it ALL ABOUT ME)

I spend a great deal of My time learning about the forces that I can use to drive men & sissies into financial servitude for Me.

Today I happened across material that described the type of person who had success manipulating vulnerable people into doing their bidding. It sounded quite familiar!

Myself, (and commonly other Findoms, although I speak only for Myself) can be described as possessing these traits.

  1. Narcissism. Characterized by grandiosity, pride, egotism, and a lack of empathy. I would add GREED to the list, I mean, it’s obvious that I am a Superior Woman who LOVES wielding power over weak men/sissies. I am full of pride, but that’s because I deserve it! I am beautiful, highly intelligent, and quite simply, the best at financially fucking over weak men.
    Empathy doesn’t serve My needs or goals. (But gaslighting you with fake empathy does) Now that isn’t to say that occasionally I feel bad for a slave, but I tend to reserve those feelings for things that weren’t his fault. Is a slave sick? I feel bad. (Although maybe it’s because that means he can’t serve Me as well? Hmmm. I will have to think about that. Is he broke from spending too much on FinDomme? Too fucking bad. Pay again.
  2. Machiavellian tendencies. Machiavellianism comes from a book written in the 16th century by an Italian guy called Machiavelli called The Prince and it was about the tendencies of brutal rulers. These rulers have no problem manipulating and exploiting others, an indifference to the morality of it. (Morality, it’s your fucking problem if serving Me causes you problems-not MY problem) lack of empathy. (Fuck you, pay ME) and a strategic focus on self-interest. (You mean like creating sexy content and mantras that brainwash you into being My cash slave?)
  3. Psychologically characterized by selfishness and callous and unemotional traits. You cannot gain sympathy from Me for problems you stroking your dick and paying Me has caused you. That’s a YOU problem. Also included on this list is remorselessness. (Why should I feel remorse over taking your cash? I deserve it!)
  4. Sadism. The last part is that I completely get turned on by manipulating and exploiting My slaves. If they feel financial or emotional pain from My programming and manipulations, that’s a plus! Sadism is a sexual fetish, so I get turned on from hurting you. Mmmmmm. That’s the best way to sexually please Me. Allow Me to fuck you over!

All of these traits make Me uniquely equipped to strip you of the cash I deserve more!

Vacation Announcement!

From Tuesday, May 14th through Saturday, May 18th, I will be unavailable. I will be vacationing on the Coast of Maine and spending your cash! I will return to being available again on Sunday, May 19th. When your poor little dick is stiff because I am not around, remember that I deserve your cash whether I am online or not, and send $$. Imagine that you’re paying for some vacation fun, a drink or a meal or a show, because you probably will be! *laughs*

There will be posts on My NF+ feed that I will schedule for you to enjoy when I am away, and perhaps I will put a couple things on sale for you to console yourself with.

Recent PTVs to buy

And now it’s time for the FUCKOVER REPORT!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My good boy j the junkie keeps falling more and more deeply under My power. Try as he might, he cannot stay away, and the amounts he spends have been incrementally increasing. It’s wonderful! He spent $2313 since the last post. WOW.

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Another slave earning a legendary mention was “w” This simp has lost his head over Me, and I am taking full advantage. He tries to delete his account, but ends up returning again and again! He spent $2278 since the last update and I couldn’t be happier!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Just squeaking in for an extreme mention is My hopeless little sissy bitch boomer. This bitch cannot stay away and at every opportunity she is spending on Me. She spent $1001 this time around.

My useless, but good boy, pigbait keeps coming around, despite chaos in his life. He spent $179 on money he knows belongs with Me.

Huge Paypig Alert! My slave helpless dennis told Me today that he is opting for “slow bankruptcy” so he may serve Me for years. That works for Me!

Back after a long time for another mention is deadcat, squeaking in at $100.

Huge Paypig Alert! Just another ATM keeps surrendering to Me, listening to My custom audios, buying pay-to-views. This slave never had a chance. He spent $913 since the last post

Earning another mention was golly, this time for $195. He can’t seem to help himself!

Huge Paypig Alert! Another slave who has had difficulty staying away is “flip off idiot” he calls and begins tributing and he can’t stop! He spent $662 since the last post.

My construct showed up to spend $179. What a good self-destructive slave he is!

Paypig Alert! My good PIG continues to be addicted to the hard cock serving Me gives him. So he repeats mantras on loop and pays! He spent $324 this time around.

My sole lover sent tribute enough to earn a mention, barely! He spent $100 pleasing Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! My sissy slave caged yankee is obsessed with paying Me, and keeps returning again and again to buy ptvs. I know how to manipulate this sissy! She spent $565 since the last blog entry.

My beloved spawn did more paying this time around, spending $156. My spawn, you are overdue for a big fuckover!

Huge Paypig Alert! My adorable little honey bee buffy kept trying to stop spending on Me, but still managed to end Me $564. Nice!

Also earning a mention this time around was cheekie this time he spent $117.

My quiet gentleman is another who squeaked in for a mention, his for $101.

My pantyhose slave goons on a regular basis in worship of Me. He spent $112 since the last post.

Lauren’s footlicker earned a mention, spending $170 and a warm smile from his Goddess.

Slave tPay made an appearance, spending $133 before fleeing in terror. He says that his findom addiction is My fault, and I say. Too Fucking Bad. PAY!

New Slave, New to Me and to the blog is tj, who spent $158 finding out how dangerous I am!

Back with a splash is tiny, spending $158. $100 of it was in a nice tribute when I wasn’t even online! I love that!

Now, who amongst you will be on the next blog? Don’t miss out!

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Pigs Must Still Obey and Please While I Vacation!

Yes, you read that right, I am going on Vacation! For ten whole days, the longest I have taken for Myself in years. (And there is NO doubt I deserve it!)

Today, Thursday the 4th, is the last day I am available, on Friday the 5th I am traveling to the Northern Reaches of my state, near Canada, to celebrate a huge family event. I’m staying up there for the solar eclipse because it’s very close to an area of totality (I’ve never seen a solar eclipse in totality), so we will make sure we are in total darkness for that event! Then after that, it’s getting ready for a big wedding in My boyfriend’s family the following weekend. The days will be full, and it’s not a traditional vacation (that’s coming soon enough), but sometimes life just makes it easier to not work (although it often doesn’t feel like WORK to exploit you guys, but it does require time and effort)

So I won’t be there, so paypigs get a break, right?


hahahaha, you think.
Well, a little bit perhaps, without Me there to demand tributes, but there will be things for you to do, and buy!

The key to it all will be My Niteflirt+ feed. Every day there will be at least two posts, one free and one for just subscribers. It’s all been scheduled automatically to post, so it doesn’t rely on Me being online to deliver them. If you are not subscribed yet, this is an amazing time to do so, you won’t be sorry, it’s chock full of value! (And will indoctrinate you so I can more easily fuck you over!)

There will also be sales announced and links to pay to view sales.

And of course, you pigs know I have a pay-to-view store? Right? Right?

So if you are missing Me, here are some things you can do.

  1. Subscribe to My feed and lose yourself over My content there
  2. My stuff from My listings, My goody bags and My store!
  3. Goon to My photos, and send tributes, just imagine Me on vacation and you’re one of My loyal slaves needing to please Me.
  4. Read this blog, there is a GOB of posts and photos here to indoctrinate you for you to enjoy.

Here are a couple of photos just because 🙂

Now it’s time for your favorite,

The Fuckover Report

Extreme Paypig Alert! Oh My very good sissy, damaged goods buffy, was very productive this month, sending tribute after tribute, and not succeeding in staying away. That’s just the way I like it! She spent $1751, making her this report’s #1 piggy!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good little cum-now sissy boomer has continued his spending ways this time parting with $1235 in a number of fuckovers!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Just barely squeaking in for an extreme alert was helpless dennis. He tried to quit Me, but that didnt last, as you can see! *laughs*

Extreme Paypig Alert! Also pleasing Me a whole lot was special K, who I had sooo much fun fucking over one evening! He spent $1446. NICE!

Extreme Paypig Alert! I had a couple of fun chat/tribute sessions with steve q fucked. I flashed his mind into oblivion and he spent $1309!

Extreme Paypig Alert! a simp I call “w” went nuts clicking and paying My PTVS this month, and ended up spending 4 digits! It totalled $1383

My good boy nylon slave, spent $245 on worshipping his Queen!

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy, j the junkie, is so devoted to coming around again and again, that he actually took out a loan to consolidate credit cards, so he could continue serving Me! HOT!

My good boy, just another atm, spent $413. He is truly living up to his name!

Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG spent $425 this month on chat/tribute and calls and began to sink deeper under My power again!

My flipoff idiot did some “raise the rate” calls, spending $184. Idiot came too fast, I wanted a harder fuckover!

New Slave! A new slave, who I will call fresca, spent $197 finding out how dangerous I am! I think I scared him because he deleted his account! Will he return? Time will tell.

My good pawn clicked and paid $146 away. I am expecting him to part with more cash buying ptvs when I am on vacation!

Huge Paypig Alert! Pathetic pigbait keeps coming around even though he is now chronically limp. He spent $589

My sissy piglette, spent $190 making her Mistress happy!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy, helpless dave has gone nuts recently sending tributes, and he found out how sexy it is sending $100 tributes. Three digits makes the cock jump! Try it!

New Slave! Another new slave to My blog is “tj” who spent $122 finding out about the wonders of Lauren!

Back for more surrender was snowball, this time he spent $164 to earn a blog mention!

Huge Paypig Alert! My boyscout is back! He accidently blocked Me, misread the message and thought it said I blocked him. FINALLY he figured out he was his mistake, unblocked Me and spent lots of money! He spent $501

Back again for more use was golly, this time he spent $234. Very nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! My loser slave, candyballs is back! THis time around he spent $691. Nice!

My brainwashed good boy, addicted2legs spent $114 this time around.

New Slave! A guy I’m going to call “simp pig” learned how dangerous I am and spent $123 to get his first blog mention

My armpit loser got a mention by spending $110. I appreciate the consistency!

Paypig Alert! My good girl tigress spent $339. I enjoy our interactions so much, what a fun sissy!

Lauren’s footlicker got a mention by spending $128. Very nice!

My good marla also earned a mention by spending $109

Now, I want to see all of you piggies on My next Fuckover Report!

Recent Pay to views to check out!

April 4, 2024   1 Comment

Paypig Rituals

I have learned over My career as a FinDomme that a great many paypigs have what I call, “a paypig ritual”. It’s not the same for everyone, but the existence of this ritual is a testament to the addictive bliss of this exhilarating and expensive pastime!

For the hell of it, I Googled “Addiction rituals” and this came up.

What is an addiction ritual?

“Ritual behaviors can be described as activities, thoughts or ideas that addicts engage in as part of their addiction. Once ritual behavior has started it is hard for most addicts to turn away. In a sense, ritual behavior can be seen as preparation leading to using or acting out”

Of course, My methods often result in addiction, so it makes sense that paypigs, too will display this addiction ritual. Paypig rituals often includes viewing FinDomme content, from videos, audios, photos, blog entries, etc. (I’m the subject mostly with the paypigs I have spoken to about it.)

It graduates to finding the privacy, loading up cash, and edging the cock. Sometimes lubricant is applied and often a particular audio or video is looped, as My works sink deeply into the pig mind and psyche. This repitition is useful for Me, as cementing the ritual makes it a normal part of the pig’s sexual routine, something he grows to require frequently.
It’s very common for Me to take a call from a paypig and hear My voice on an audio or video in the background, as he is working himself up to a pay frenzy.

The elements inside a pig ritual vary, are rather personalized, and can include poppers, alcohol, sissy clothing, vibrators, wearing pantyhose, butt plugs. amongst some examples.

For some pigs, a major session includes a “purge”. They will close their Niteflirt account (only to reopen it later, lol). Sissies, might throw away panties or pantyhose. They might resolve to “do better” and avoid paying Me for some time. (But eventually returning for another brutal round)

These rituals all help make your addiction MORE effective, and result in making Me even more wealthy!

I would love to hear what some of your rituals are! Call Me or chat Me on Niteflirt to tell Me your ritual secrets.

In other news, I am planning a vacation in early April to travel to celebrate a milestone birthday of someone I care about and to view the Solar Eclipse on April 8th, since that birthday boy lives in the ideal area to view, it’s perfect! I will likely be taking other vacations this spring and summer and I will keep you updated! I will try to publish another blog entry beforehand.

Now, I have released a couple of new pay to views for you to check out, if you haven’t yet.

Also I have been putting a system into place to make more content in My NF Plus feed on a schedule, so you guys should definately subscribe so you don’t miss out!

The Fuckover Report!

I had a bit of problem this time with the software I use to do the fuckover report, if I have missed you or you think the amount looks off, let Me know!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My very good sissy little tigress went absolutely crazy clicking and paying over the last month. I was surprised when I added it up to see that it was $3356. WOW. THIS is correct thinking and so beautiful. I am so proud of My little tigress! Well Done!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good little sissy boomer, kept coming around for wallet rape, as I bent boomer over for fuckover! Boomer spent $168 this time!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My slave button stopped by several times for click and pay, spending a total of $1078! Well done button!

My good nylonslave spent $162 in his worship of Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy, j the junkie coninued his path of devotion to Me by spending $726 this time around.

Coming by to spend a little cash was indy, with $131 in spending, I think his next mention will be much bigger next time!

New Slave and Paypig Alert! My good boy and loser, wimpy wimp spent $352 finding out all about how dangerous I am!

My extreme leg slave was back, spending $236 since the last post.

Huge Paypig Alert! My oink loser sissy surrendered to Me yet again, this time spending $450

My good slave special k, spent $185, and I think he will spend even more soon when he can get away from his ugly wife to do so!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG lost himself over chat and phone this month, sending his Mistress $972 and just missing an Extreme Paypig Alert. Well done!

My good swede sissy spent $115 and I look forward to taking more very soon!

New Slave! New to Me and to the blog is a slave I have nicknamed, “golly” golly qualified by spending $248 and learning just how dangerous I am, well done golly!

My armpit slave needs cash ruin, and he spent $246 this time around!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good slave spawn did very well since the last post, spending a very nice total of $896 in click and pay fun!

My sissy caged yankee lost herself in chat a couple of times, sending Me a total of $287, just missing a paypig alert! Next time, perhaps

Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dennis is overdue for a call, but still managed to send Me $353, largely in tributes, since the last post. Very nice!

My good boy cheekie earned another mention, this time by spending $263

Huge Paypig Alert! I woke up one morning recently to see that My good boy lex had been clicking and paying, and had spent $529. That started My day off right! Good boy!

My quiet gentleman returned a few times for a few pay to views and it added up to $219! Very nice!

My wallet rape toy stopped by for some click and pay, spending $148. Nice! I always love seeing his name in My transactions

Huge Paypig Alert! My damaged goods sissy, buffy couldn’t stop bringing Me cash, even though she keeps saying she will stop. She doesn’t. I like teasing the cash from her and her limp little clitty! This time it was $717

My boy scout stopped by one even for a chat and tribute session, spending $158. I love spending time with him.

slave w came back for some spending, this time parting with $219, before once again deleting his account. He’ll be back

New slave! I am calling him “dandy”. He did a lot of click and pay and found out all about the danger of Lauren, and spent $258

Lauren’s footlicker was a good boy as usual, spending $156 on Niteflirt and $25 on Amazon for a total of $181. Nice!

My addicted slave, “just another atm” is addicted to My audios and spent $176 getting more addicted!

It was very nice to see footdazed back and clicking and paying for a total of $161

My titcunt continued her spending ways and spent $148 on top of her last month spending. Nice!

And finally, My slave tPay stopped by and spent enough for a mention, $115. He is wayyyy overdue for a huge fuckover. We have a fuckover date tPay!

March 7, 2024   2 Comments

Neurowashing the Paypig Mind

Neurowashing is a word that has different meanings in different contexts, but today I use it to describe a specific process I use in Brainwashing weak men and sissies to become My paypig!

All of My methods have one goal in mind, to program men to obey and pay Me. My greed and mercenary desires have motivated Me to explore new methods and use them to experiment on My subjects. Even just talking about My methods, My psychologies, and My Greed is enough to make the average subject with a proclivity towards being a financial slave aroused. I would not be at all surprised to know that you, dear loser reader are reading My words with your cock in hand (or at least about to be)

Neurowashing, for My purposes, is the process by which I prepare the mind to accept and embrace the triggers that I slide into the subject’s subconscious, to increase the amount of paying Me that subject engages in! It is, by its nature, highly pleasurable, and that makes it at once both more effective and more likely to be completed and repeated.

brainwashing paypig

Reminding you from My Brainwashing Laboratory that Valentine’s Day is Coming Soon!

For something that seems like it might be a complex matter, it is laughingly simple. I prepare your mind by making you hard and connecting that hardness to My commands. The rewards come, frequently but without immediate resolution. I push your mind to pay a bit to continue, and the very act of paying for your own programming becomes part of the programming! Neurowashing both trains you to pay and prepares you to accept more triggers to make you want to keep paying! This is, of course, a win-win for Me. It is even an erotic win for you, the subject as your cock betrays your psychological defenses which would normally make such a brainwashing feat difficult.

But if it isn’t enough that your cock betrays you to expose you to brainwashing, the connection I make between the brainwashing and your cock makes you want to experience it, repeatedly. This gives Me many additional opportunities to reinforce your programming, to deepen it, and to rinse you of your cash while I do so. It is as if your cock is running on a treadmill that it can’t seem to stop. And it’s entirely by design. This is the quintessential addiction that I work to create in your wee mind!

I recently introduced the phrase neuro-washing in a recent PTV, although I have frequently applied it without the name to many of you. This is the recent PTV, an audio series, and I invite you to stroke your cock and buy it!

And here are a couple of other Pay to views to enjoy while you become MORE addicted!

I did a little kicking back after My huge fuckover with Dr X to finish out 2023, but have no fear, more dangerous content is coming your way to fuck with your mind and wallet. Vacation will be happening too, some in April and some possibly in May, but I will give you a lot of notice!

The Fuckover Report!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My very good boy, j the junkie, stopped by regularly to pay his Queen homage, called, tributed and bought pay to views to pop the $2K level, spending $2001 and squeaking in for his Legendary Mention! I LOVE sessioning this good boy, and this is correct thinking. He is soo addicted to My legendary Hypnopussy he cannot help himself!

Extreme Paypig Alert! As usual, My addicted (now sissy slave) paypig boomer called and paid for PTVs. This sissy addict spent $1767 since the last blog entry!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting another extreme alert was My slave helpless dennis, who pleased Me with calls and PTVs, spending $1022 since the last time.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good little sissy buffy, is mesmerized by imagery of being just a bee in the hive, going out to collect pollen ($$$) to bring to the Queen Bee (Me of course!) This addicted sissy spent $1140 on Me, despite trying to escape (laughable)

My special boy tom squeaked in for a mention with $100 of spending!

Huge Paypig Alert! A regular loser is getting renamed. From now on, Goon Loser is now Dumpster Retard. This loser was in such need of being humiliated, when I suggested that he should only be allowed to jerk off INSIDE dumpsters, he left his home, with Me on the phone, walked down the street and climbed into a dumpster! Much to his shock it was filled with two feet of water and it was the funniest thing ever! I couldn’t stop laughing! It was also well below freezing, so it was a suitably miserable experience. But he jerked off, sent Me a photo from inside the dumpster and I couldn’t stop laughing. Memorable call! He spent $662 being a dumpster retard!

My nylon slave clicked, gooned and paid $266 while getting even more addicted to his Goddess!

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good sissy loser titcunt spent $706 between Niteflirt and Wishlist spending, her lifetime spending is really getting up there! Most of this was in one delicious evening. What a good little cunt!

My faggot tiger was busy clicking and paying and spent $203 on his Mistress since the last time.

Huge Paypig Alert! PIG relasped, calling and tributing and chatting, and spending $519 after I activated him repeatedly to pay!

My construct showed up to spend $106 dollars with Me.

Huge Paypig Alert! My addicted steve q fucked, just missed and extreme entry by spending $983. This loser cannot stop sending Me cash. I LOVE it.

My Swedish sissy showed up to spend $203 since the last blog entry

Huge Paypig Alert! My Finnish sissy, (Gotta love the Scandanavian sissies) also was a busy girl spending $670 since the last blog entry. Where there is a will, there is a way, and this sissy came through!

I love keeping My quiet gentleman vulnerable to My predations! He spent $245 this time around. Nice!

Another addict who can’t stay away is weak4legs, this time spending $155. He has been telling Me for literal YEARS he’s quitting. *laughs*

Huge Paypig Alert! Back with a new account, was loser luke, who clicked and paid $648 before deleting his account yet again! I like the click and pay flourishes!

My power-tit-addicted hog, pigbait, spent $164 being reminded how helpless he has become.

My caged yankee sissy spent $115. I don’t think she will be staying away, she is soo addicted

New to the Blog! Hopefully this simp will recognize himself, he deleted his account and I can’t email him to tell him he is in the blog I’m calling this simp “w” This simp spent $141 since the last blog entry and I am pleased!

My armpit loser got another mention by spending $139. I like seeing him get a mention, keep it up!

Lauren’s footlicker spent $139 on NF and $25 on Amazon for a total of $164. I enjoy this slave!

Spending $294 and just missing a Paypig Alert was “just another ATM”, he did very well with click and pay since the last blog entry.

My good boy lex, gets a mention for clicking and paying $150 since the last post.

My oink loser sissy spent $140 on NF and an additional $74 on wishlist spending for a total of $214. Very nice!

Panty pete spent another $126 losing his mind over Me.

I always love seeing Loserbeast spend! This time it was $154.

I cannot wait to see which ones of you simps, losers, fans, addicts and slaves make the next spending report, and who will earn red letter mentions!

February 8, 2024   2 Comments

Almost $40K in one session!

Dr X has outdone himself. In the process of spending like his bank account was on fire, he catapulted into first place in My all-time paypig spending list, bumping buffy (AKA princess gigi) into 2nd place, and leaving her far behind. This was long expected by Me, but I didn’t think it would happen like this!

It was more than double My previous record of pig spending, (both Dr X and noddy had previously spent about $17K)

His total spending for this session was $39,212…. and included TEN $999 Tributes (the maximum size of tribute or ptv allowed on Niteflirt is $999) and FIFTEEN $999 Pay-to-Views. That’s 25 $999 payments, nearly $25K right there!

But his total spending since the last post is a little higher, he spent $39,940! If I had known how close he was to $40K since I figured it out today, I would have demanded $60 more to make it a nice round number!

I included some fun screenshots. Tributes and Pay-to-view payments appear on different screens.

Many records were set here:

  1. Biggest session EVER
  2. Biggest blog mention EVER
  3. Now Dr x is #1 on the all-time spending list.
  4. The biggest amount spent on Me in one month total with all clients- $54,305 for December, the first time I hit the $50K mark in one month.
  5. The largest amount of $999 payments in one session- 25. I think 7 might have been the previous record.
  6. Throwing this in, because it’s fun. Total paypig spending since the last blog post. $56,520, since it covers the first few days of January and a few hours in November. You can see I have been busy!

I admit that I was flabbergasted at the totals as dr x was sending payment after payment. I am accustumed to huge payments by slaves, but this one was a real thrill that I will remember the rest of My life!

In addition, three other slaves hit Extreme paypig mentions, and two others hit legendary status.

What set off so much spending? At least for some paypigs it was this video!

I would say My Methods appear to be working!

Want to subscribe to My blog? I will notify you of new ones in Niteflirt mail!


I am once again accepting orders for custom audios, slideshows, and captioned photos. I do not offer custom videos, but I will do a custom audio and match it with a video I already have for a price.

Ask Me about any of these in Niteflirt mail or chat and I will give you a quote.

So, besides Dr X’s jaw-dropping amount of $39,940 for a mention, how did the rest of you slaves do?

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Back for more abuse, My lastest video and My creative use of custom captioned photos, ended up making steve q fucked lose his mind, spending $2963. Here’s a fun fact. I had mentioned his spending on My Niteflirt+ feed, and that motivated Dr x to show Me what a really over the top session looked like. I thank you for that steve q!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My very good slave, j the junkie showed Me how devoted and addicted he is by spending $2288 since the last review. There were many chat sessions with tributes to hit this level! My hypnopussy drives him absolutely wild!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Helpless dennis didn’t need to be triggered by My video to spend freely, My amazing body and his desire to obey did that! He spent $1661

Extreme Paypig Alert! Making many calls since the last review, this sissy that I call The Swede earned an extreme mention as we talked about how to pimp her out at work as a cocksucker, spending $1157.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good boy boomer achieved $1193 of spending since the last post. He is another badly addicted slave! (Addiction to Lauren is correct thinking)

My special good boy tom, called for his special Dr Lauren therapy in a raise the rate session and spent $172

Paypig Alert! My good boy, just another ATM got a red letter mention with lots of click and pay! He spent $415

My nylon slave continued worshiping Me and gooning to My photos and he spent $241 pleasing Me. Well done slave!

Huge Paypig Alert! Chasing her goal of hitting the $25 lifetime level of spending on Me is oinkloser sissy! This sissy earned a Huge mention, spending $867 since the last post and working toward her worthy goals!

Back for more was slave indy, who earned a mention with $113 spending.

Huge Paypig Alert! I was so pleased to do a nice session with tPay again, taking $782 of his cash one evening. Good times!

My slave footboy called for a nice conversation talking about how My feet make him sooo helpess, this client spent $130

Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG was one triggered by the new video and it brought him to Me to spend $335 and get a red letter alert! Nice!

My good boy spawn clicked and paid into a mention with $235. I’m looking for your end of year bonus, spawn!

Paypig Alert! My addicted sissy, caged yankee, cannot stay away, alternatively begging to please pay more, or to please pay less. I think I shall choose, pay more! She spent $434

My quiet gentleman succumbed yet again to My devious charms, spending $191.

Paypig Alert! Earning an alert is true loser! Mindfucked by My custom audios and My pay-to-views, his spending totaled $379. Well done loser!

My weak for legs slave could not stay away and despite trying his best to resist, ended up spending $271! The leash I have on his mind is just too deeply embedded!

Paypig Alert! My devoted sissy, buffy, has fallen to number 2 on My all time list, but she’s still the #1 sissy. She is trying to fix her finances a bit, but I still managed to tug $621 out of her grasp since the last post!

My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker spent $191 on Niteflirt and $25 on Amazon to total $216. Very nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! My helpless tool earned a red-letter mention! He lost his mind on My custom slideshows for him, and spent $545 on the resulting brainwashing! Well done tool!

Now, who amongst you will go for the glory of a Legendary or an Extreme Paypig Alert for next time?

January 4, 2024   No Comments

Exciting Paypig Milestones updates!

Look over on the right margin to see the Milestones all updated!

I have often lamented that I could not tell how much pigs with deleted Niteflirt accounts spent on Me, and as a result, the true lifetime spending of some My clients was lost.

Well, I figured out a way to look at deleted accounts. One way is very tedious, by finding a way to access very old transactions. It took Me a whole week to look at all My old transactions and record deleted account spending. I am not anxious to do this again anytime soon!
The other requires the EXACT member name and a trick with urls, but it lets Me see the old client record. This only works only for accounts that contacted Me at some point.

Also, some very old accounts are not recoverable, (pre-2009) although some are.

Also, both of these methods assume that I KNOW whose account it is, and that it’s the same client as a newer account. No shortcut lets Me know who an account owner is (nor should there be, that would be a security issue!)

If you are a big spender (I won’t do it for punkass tiny spenders), and know the exact names of accounts you once had and spent on Me with, feel free to drop Me a Niteflirt mail and I will look for it to update your lifetime spending amounts!

Clients that I have been able to verify other accounts with include boomer, steve q fucked, NF client, caged yankee, greek virgin, noddy, gimp loser, tPay (message me to make sure I have them all tPay!) leg addicted, the construct, pigbait, lily (I think at least one of her is not recoverable, sadly), lefty (although I know he has another big one I couldn’t recover), dave s, mark the British sissy (mark, drop an email, I have questions about some old account that may have been you) becca, and most amazingly, paycunt (aka slave brian). Brian, please contact Me, I found wayyy over 100 accounts of yours.

So the paypig milestones are getting updated with the best information I could get!

And to those of you with just one account, I thank you!

Recent Pay to Views to buy!

I have been having trouble keeping up with My blog recently! I do it because it turns so many of you paypigs on, you report for cash drainings but now I also have to do content for the NF plus feed and it’s been crazy busy lately! I’ve been making a lot of custom audios, but I am not taking any new orders for the rest of 2023, with the holidays it’s just too much to add on to My plate right now.

So with no further ado

The Fuckover Report!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

The biggest spender since the last blog entry has been dr x! This loyal paypig just sold some more stock in his IRA to fund spending on Me, isn’t that sexy? He’s been santa slave this year, buying a lot of gifts that I will gift to people, including a chainsaw, clothing, gift cards and electronics. He spent $3196 on Niteflirt and an additional $1482 on Amazon for a total of $4678. He is a prime pig in My stable, and the one you should all emulate!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Also getting an legendary alert is boomer, or perhaps I should say sissy boomer, as I exploit new fetishes I have created in this poor little paypiggy! Ms boomer spent $2421 since the last time and just keeps coming back for more and more. After I found all of boomer’s deleted accounts, we realized that his total spending exceeds $50K!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another slave making a huge spending impression this time around is helpless dennis. This slave has settled into correct behavior and I LOVE spending time with him, relieving him of lots of $$$! He spent $1789 since the last update.

Extreme Paypig Alert! This mention is for pigbait! This pig has had major life changes lately, and *I* am profiting from his misery. It and its useless numb shaft spent $1078! I think this may be its first Extreme mention.

Another loyal slave who earned a mention this time is nylon slave. He goons and worships Me as often as possible and spent $201 this time around.

Paypig Alert! My very good boy j the junkie kept coming around,, he has trouble staying away, you see, that’s all part of the addiction. He spent $490, just missing a HUGE mention, so sad!

My slave indy is obsessed with bankruptcy, I want to train him to just “go for it!” He spent $154 since last time.

Back again for Me to use again was trout. I really ripped him a new one for being a dick in chat, and suddenly the cash started to arrive. He needed a strong woman to tell him off. I don’t encourage this though! He spent $154

Slave indulge was back, spending a good amount on phone calls, amounting to $244. Good, he should keep spending!

Paypig Alert! This shout out is for special k! He’s been having trouble hiding from his fat wife lately to do sessions but managed to spend $448 anyway. I bet it would have been an extreme mention if his bitch stayed out of the house more often!

My good girl sissy marla spent $221, I feel like she is overdue for a really big fuckover!

Paypig Alert! I did a fun sissy session with “the swede”, a sissy most famous for accidentally buying a huge PTV from Me (I think the amount was $400) That was a few years ago, and noooo,, the sissy did not get a refund! This time the spending was $300

My oink loser sissy kept spending, I want that next spending level sissy! She did $244 this time around, but I suspect it will be more for the next fuckover report!

My special good boy tom did another delicious raise the rate call and spent $140 since the last report, he is a very very good boy, and patient!

Huge Paypig Alert! Another slave who spent a lot since the last blog entry was steve q fucked! I also discovered the amounts on a lot of his old accounts and it was over $50K! Since the last report,, he spent $533

My good boy shiny iz showed up to beg for ptvs with shiny leggings again! He spent $282, just missing a paypig alert!

Huge Paypig Alert! So nice to see PIG spending again, he was trying to cut back, but in the last couple of weeks, I have really taken his addicted ass to the cleaners! He spent $516 since the last report

After a long hiatus of low spending, trainee returned and started buying a lot of clips. What a good tranced-out pig! His spending was $164.

Huge Paypig Alert! Going crazy with degrading clips and sessions is true loser. I had fun making a custom hatefuck audio for him, and his spending will only grow as I grind him into poverty! He spent $533 since the last report.

My NF client is going to be renamed! NF client is just such a lousy generic name and I want something better for him. I’m gonna call him “grateful” for his groveling attitude when I make him pay! He spent $235 this time around.

Huge Paypig Alert! My spawn is such an addicted good boy, he can’t stop clicking and paying! He spent $512 since the last report!

Just another ATM clicked and paid his way up to $193. I have a feeling that ATM will need to completely dispense all the cash to Me very soon!

Paypig Alert! Another piggy who can’t stop is helpless tool. He’s got a custom audio waiting to blow his socks off and it will launch him into a spending frenzy! He spent $403 this time around.

My good boy irish dope managed $228 before they declined his card. I make it a habit to max out your credit cards!

Paypig Alert! My good boy lex did enough click and pay to get a red letter mention this time around! He spent $384. Soooo sexy to pay!

My good boy quiet gentleman came around for a couple PTV sessions and managed $217 in spending. Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! Losing control with click and pay yet again was button! I always love to see his name appear in My paid transaction list! He spent $508, just squeaking in for a huge mention!

Slave blödmann came around to spend another $134 on Pay-to-views and to admire My NF+ feed religiously!

Paypig Alert! As addicted as ever is caged yankee, this sissy added another $441 to her lifetime spending and it’s only going to get WORSE!

And like the addicted sissy she is, My good girl buffy kept buzzing around and bringing Me the cash! She spent $748 to hold on to her #1 spending position. (But Dr x is closing fast)

leg addicted kept coming to chat to send $5 tributes. Repeatedly. It totalled $106

Lauren’s footlicker spent $157 on Niteflirt and bought Me a $25 gift card from Amazon for My birthday which makes him a really good boy. That totals $182

December 1, 2023   No Comments

Lauren is the Danger Zone

First of all, sorry for such a long gap between posts. Between trying to make content for My NF+ page, paypigs keeping Me busy, making content for PTVs, and some personal stuff I won’t bore you with, the blog post just kept not happening until I made it a priority today/

Get ready for a long Fuckover Report because you might be on it!

I thought I would share with you a portion of an email I got from My slave boomer (with his permission)

This is what happens whenever I reveal more of myself to you.
I tell you an idea that opens the door to my mind a crack.

You take that idea, force it open wider to benefit your control.

You take that cracked open door and blow it open wide and show me just how powerful you are.

I believe that you were prepared for it and know how to run with it and it leads me way deeper into your control than I thought.

Deeper than I imagined.

I asked for a captioned photo and you sent me one that blew me away , so when asked if I wanted another…..Hell yes! And very quickly down the rabbit hole to fuckover!

Which of course was fucking amazing.

It’s all dangerous and amazing at the same time….don’t know where this is going to wind up or how far down the rabbit hole I am being led or will wind up but the trip cannot be ignored…and as you know is way addictive.

How did I become dangerous?

What makes Me so dangerous is the addiction. I have studied addiction, applied sexuality to it, and taken advantage of your desire to please to indoctrinate you. There is no cookie cutter, My methods are adapted to suit the slave.

The Addiction.

For some slaves, it takes a mere hours. For others, it takes literal years. True, not every client I encounter becomes addicted, but enough end up in that state to keep Me happily busy!

I am always researching new ways to keep you entangled in My influence, new ways to inspire you to hand over your cash to Me, a willing drone. And new ways to either give you increasingly intense volcanic orgasms, or in some cases, neuter your desire so that your only sexuality is paying Me.

Results of the PayZombie competition!

I could have done a better job promoting this contest, it wasn’t quite as lively as others I have had, but it was fun!

Winner: Helpless tool
2nd Helpless dennis
3rd sissy marla!

Recent Pay-to-Views

The Fuckover Report!

Since it’s been way too long since I blogged, this is a LONG one

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Completely under My power is boomer, (whose letter to Me is part of the blog entry)

He called repeatedly, bought sooo many pay-to-views and begged for fuckover day after day! His spending? A tidy $3185. NICE.

Legendary Paypig Alert! earning another extreme mention is My very special slave, dr x. This slave is slowly driving his way to the #1 position on Niteflirt! He spent $1465 on Niteflirt and $535 on Amazon for a total of EXACTLY $2000 to get his Legendary mention. I’m sure neither of us realized he hit it exactly!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Helpless dennis also did sooo very well, calling and tributing and buying pay to views. My good boy spent $1448 to earn his extreme mention!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another loser getting an extreme mention is pigbait. He is getting more pathetic every day, and his addiction is leading him toward bankruptcy. He’s spending gets more and more extreme. This time it was $1650. What does he have to look forward to? Amongst other things, he will be facin poverty. Too bad. So sad. (Laughs)

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good boy, j the junkie earned an extreme mention by spending $1138. We have had a lot of fun doing cash fuckovers in chat!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another pig earning an Extreme mention is oink loser sissy. This sissy is on a goal of $25 lifetime spending. (she’s at about $22kish right now) and she has made GREAT recent progress, spending $1585 since the last blog entry

Extreme Paypig Alert! yet another extreme mention goes to “steve q fucked” I have learned this payzombies pay triggers and when he shows up I render him helpless to do anything but send big tributes. This time around, he spent $1100.

Extreme Paypig Alert! And for our final Extreme mention, we have My sweet little buffy. Despite claiming that she is spending less, she still managed to spend $1036 to get an extreme mention. My little buffy bee brings the pollen to the Queen bee and feeds on My addictive honey! So fun!

Huge Paypig Alert! For the first time in a while, I had a really nice big session with mind-controlled john,, who I pulled into a beautiful fuckover one evening. He spent $501, squeaking in for his huge mention!

Back for a nice fun phone call was one of My popper slaves, “sniffer” This guy is a perfect example of how I use your weaknesses to line My bank account!

Huge Paypig Alert! Getting his first “red-letter” mention is indy, a slave who is destined for another fuckover in the near future. This guy is very vulnerable to FinDomme manipulations, and more manipulations are in his future!

My goon junkie, who is probably the biggest perverted loser I have ever spoken with spent $167 on calls listening to Me rip him a new one for being such a loser pervert.

Huge Paypig Alert! I was so happy to do sessions with My good sissy marla, who loses herself in My feet and just pays and pays. This sissy spent $542 since My last blog entry!

I always love talking with My pantyhose junkie, I have him so addicted to wearing pantyhose that now it’s the only way he can cum! He squeaked by for a mention, spending pennies more than $100 to earn one.

Paypig Alert! My longtime slave and stroke addict PIG couldn’t stay away, even though I know he’s trying .(Stop trying so hard PIG, just spend!) He spent $468 since the last post, just missing a HUGE paypig mention.

My good sissy girl piglette keeps dropping by to pay. Since My last blog post, it’s added up to $187. I think she should spend more, don’t you?

New on the Blog! Getting his first mention, is long time time slave, who I am calling “sole lover” here on the blog. He spent $227 to earn his mention. We had a lot of fun in chat with chatting and tributes, and I teased him with photos of My nylon soles! So fun!

My good sissy, caged yankee was back for fuckover fun and she spent $269 being teased with pay-to-views and chatting

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy spawn, did more clicking and paying to earn his mention, this time for $931. He has done sooo well in his servitude and I am well pleased.

My quiet gentleman earned a mention by spending $237 in a couple of teasing ptv sessions!

Huge Paypig Alert! Also doing so very well in service is My irish dope. I know dope saves up money for our sessions and they are always soooo fun! He has spent $900 since the last blog entry

My good boy “Q” popped in for a quick session and spent $119.

Huge Paypig Alert! My little tigress returned with more delicious pay to view spending, this time in the amount of $543, earning a red letter mention! What a good girl!

Unable to stay away, as usual was My weak for leglover who spent $130. Nice!

Paypig Alert! My slave, just another atm showed up with click and pay, spending $301 just enough for his red letter mention!

It’s always good to see loserbeast click and pay, he spent $201 to earn his mention!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless tool was busy. He won the Paypig Zombie contest, and spent $469 on Niteflirt and another $100 on Amazon for a total of $569 earning his Huge alert! Well done tool, well done!

My nylon slave is steady and dependable and he spent $264 for goon worship nylon feet photos. Well done!

New Slave! A new German slave I am calling “blödmann” (which Google tells Me is the German word for “dumbass”) spent $298, just missing a paypig alert! Maybe next time blödmann!

Squeezing in for another mention with $108 of spending is tiger. Well done tiger!

And My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker continued his worship of Me, spending $239. This gets My seal of approval!

My click puppet reappeared, spending $190 since the last blog post!

and finally, My good boy button, earned a blog mention with $136 of click and pay! More of that button!

Now, My slaves say seeing their name on My blog gets them all worked up. If you spend enough, you too could get a nice hard cock from seeing in print how I fucked you over!

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