Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction

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Paypig Olympic Standings! Watch for updates here!

Wow, we are off to a HUGE start in the Olympics!  Pigs have spent over $3000 so far! Only 2.5 days in!

Current positions are as of Noon, EST on Tuesday Feb 20th

EIGHT Pigs have spent more than $100, and several more are really close (a couple are in the 90s)

The Standings so far

Gold Position:   steve q fucked with $868

Silver Position:  Dr X with $567

Bronze Position:  wallet fuck toy with $209 (Going bankrupt, but still a contender!)

4. Princess gigi at $196

5. PIG at $182

6. Elegant Foot Lover at $178

7. Titfool at $173

8. A new slave I’m gonna called obsession at $120

I am taking the afternoon off for some relaxation, but look for Me this evening.

Remember you *can* go to My store to spend and qualify!

Read the Rules here


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Compete in the Paypig Olympics!

I decided to have some fun this last week of the Olympics and pit paypig Vs paypig in a run for the Gold!


  1. Contest runs from 4 pm February 18th to 4  pm February 25th (One week) This is Eastern Standard Time. (New York City time)
  2. The Paypig that spend the MOST money on Lauren will be awarded the GOLD Paypig Olympic Medal. 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded the Silver and Bronze Medals. Note: Medals are digital, not actual physical Medals. Winners will be featured a blog entry announcing their win!  Pigs who win GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE Medals will get some special stuff, to be announced.
  3. All Paypigs who spend at least $100 will be awarded a “Paypig Olympic Participation Medal” and get listed on the Blog Announcement
  4. Updates will be made at least every couple of days of standings of top 8 competitors, and a running tally of how many paypigs hit the $100 mark
  5. BONUS: For every paypig that hits the $100 level, ALL pigs who reach the $100 level will get a new photo of an unreleased set for each pig that finishes. For example, if only 10 pigs spend $100 or more, ALL of those 10 pigs will get 10 photos. If 30 paypigs hit the $100 level all of those 30 paypigs will get 30 photos, the more pigs hit the $100 level, the more photos all the pigs will get. Pigs have to hit $100 to qualify for this bonus. Work together guys!
  6. Money can be spent on things on Niteflirt, calls, pay to views, tributes, chatting. Also eligible are Amazon giftcards and purchases on Amazon.


I suggest joining PayMail Club if you haven’t, to get frequent chances to buy pay to views (but that alone wont be enough), and visit My store to find spending opportunites, or throw Me an email or chat message if you just want Me to send you some Pay to views!

Good luck pigs! May the odds be in your favor!
To get notifications about this week in your mailbox, subscribe to My blog here! You can unsubscribe at any time


To get you started, I made you a special Pay to view!

Also there are some piggies who spent $100 since the last blog entry a few days ago, and I am going to mention them now, because I want to start over with the contest!

My exposure sissy spent $122 on her exposure fun!

My british paypig spent $170 AND finally got the nerve to call Me for the first time, after years of serving Me. He was scared, probably for good reason.

My egghead spent $152 in the last few days too! He just has to surrender, obey and pay! I think he will do well in the Olympics actually

Pantyhose lover titcunt lost control on the Robot Paypig series and spent $274. I expect this bitch to be a prime contender for a medal

My virgin sissy, princess gigispent $145 in the last few days too. Good girl. Perhaps she will get  a medal too?

and finallly My longterm slave PIG spent $142 this week.

Who will get the glory in the Olympics?  We will begin now!

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A top paypig achieves bankruptcy for Lauren!

One of My top paypigs, wallet rape toy, revealed that he is declaring bankruptcy! I did this to it. In only 4 years, it has risen to be My #2 Niteflirt spender, spending $120,000 on Me. It has also richly spent on My wishlist and gift cards, and financed trips to Hawaii and Florida for My boyfriend and I.
It is losing its home (I know it’s true, I can see it online in foreclosure) and it couldn’t be prouder!

Wallet Rape toy began as a mere loser male. But I systemically stripped and tranced it of any identity but robot paypig, and then it just grew from there. At some point, he BECAME a robot paypig. It was unable to stop.
Now it will just have to have its finances restructured so that it can continue to serve, sadly at a lower level, but it will always know it did something special for once in its pathetic life!
My only regret is that it didn’t have more money for Me before it hit the bankruptcy edge. Despite it’s bankruptcy to be status, it still managed over $200 on Me since last blog report. Thats dedication!

For the record. This is probably the pay to view series that sent him over the edge. For just $2, you can check it out too (but be WARNED, I have no mercy when you can’t stop)

So I set My sights on other victims. Many serve Me in smaller ways. Many of those will be transformed into more extreme slaves. Which ones of you will it be?

Which one gets the next feature?  Paycunt?  Dr X?   gigi?  goat?  extreme paypig? cumstain?  Lets see who earns it this week.

Photo time!

So, I have been having trouble with My new blog notifications going out, the program I was using just seemed to not be compatible with recent updates of My blog software, so I’ve switched to a different email program, and perhaps those notifications will begin going out again! (fingers crossed)

Now for the spending report.
But first I want to announce that I have decided to return to the $100 level and just try to do the spending report more often even if that’s the whole blog post! I think that the $250 level just discouraged smaller piggies and they have given up.  I dont want to stop doing it, people enjoy it

But today…it’s still the $250 level, and the piggies that made it should be PROUD.

Paypig Alert!   First up is My Exposure sissy who spent $480 dollars on begging Me to expose her sissyhood and pantyhose wearing proclivities all over My blog and the Internet. This sissy just cannot get enough! It’s funny because its at the point where she has to pay Me to exposure her, instead of paying Me to stop exposing her!

  My leg loving Extreme Paypig (Perhaps the next one to follow wallet rape toys path?) spent $720 since the last update. he is really weak for photos like this one (Those money shoes drive him crazy!)

New to My blog is a new slave, I’m calling “fag pig”  This fag spent $270 since he started paying Me a couple weeks ago, and his training is going well.  Next up. He pays Me, and I command him to go find cock to suck.

And My slave clubby has been working very hard on his blog mention, and he overshot the mark (that’s okay!) He spent $300 since the last update!  Hes working on earning his special paypig name next!

Paypig Alert! I was so pleased to see beta male bert back, and clicking and paying. I helped him along in his lost of control. Pathetic and amusing to see someone helplessly paying! He spent $712 dollars!

Crawling back for more wallet fucking photos was cumstain the wallet fucker…he spent $340 since the last report!

Paypig Alert! My virgin sissy, gigi spent $490 since last review, just unable to help from having a tiny stiffy clitty in her panties that made her pay more and more. Oh My!  What a good virgin!

Paypig Alert! Turning into a loyal piggy, is My slave I call goat, who has just gotten wild with all the paying lately!  He spent $440 as I inspired him to earn more and more money at work (that naturally he can spend on Me!) Go get those sales, goat!

Lots of you guys would have been mentioned at the $100 level. So I decided to return to that.

I’m mulling over rewards for pigs that hit higher levels though, other than just a tag. Maybe special reward photos, and twitter mentions and some free phone minutes. Have to mull that one over. Email Me other suggestions. I”m not like to make special videos or recordings, so dont suggest that! Keep your eyes on this place!




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Three Mind-Altering Steps to Achieve a Paypig Mind

Do these three meditative steps to assist in ahieving a deeply mind altered paypig mind state!

1. Meditate on this:

Being a paypig fills a hole in your heart and life that you crave. This deep need to serve a Dominant Woman is INATE.  You were born with that need.

Not everyone is, but you were chosen for this calling, the noble and lowly position as paypig for Lauren.

Think about how you were born for this, predestined for this, and are lucky enough to fulfill your dream!  Focus on that feeling of fulfillment, smile, laugh, cry and stroke while you clutch this emotion to your core.

2. Now visualize an exalted paypig session.

What will it feel like?

How hard will your cock be?

What will you be doing, buying PTVs?  Talking on the phone?  Sending gifts and tributes?  How will you be showing your paypig devotion?

Stroke your cock while you cement this in your mind, knowing that before you can make your paypig life a reality, you have to cement it in your life first!

3. Take this vision, and release it to the Universe, taking a dangerous step of trusting the Universe to make it happen.

Stroking your hard cock, ask the Universe to present you to Lauren for Exploitation.

This is what you will do as you take a concrete step toward it, buy adding $ to your account and buying a pay to view, or sending a tribute.

Do it now!  Make your paypig vision a reality. This will create a bond with Me that will be difficult to overcome.

And it’s time once again for our spending report!
Which of you spent more than $250 since the last blog entry?

Paypig alert!   My paybitch reappeared, paying larger and larger amounts in helpess flurries of paylust. He spent $958 in just a couple sessions.  YUM!

Squeaking in a mention at $251 was My shoesniffing loser, telling Me all about how he wanted to live in My shoe closet, dining on My boyfriend’s cum.  Perverted paypig!

Paypig alert!  My pantyhose viking was about, spending $604 dollars in delicious sessions, and in custom audios! This slut is in for lots of fun listening to his self bondage audio!

My FBI agent was back! I’ve been having a lot of fun with him, working on making him MORE extreme. He spent $290 this week  We are doing a paypig challenge for Febuary. The whole month, he only gets $20 a week, and he will not pay a single bill. Every penny over that $20 he earns goes into MY wallet. YUM

Paypig alert! My extreme paypig in training, spent $780 since the last blog entry. Training is going VERY well! The tributes are getting BIGGER. (YUM)

My elegant foot lover and I enjoyed a lot of time chatting on the chat program and Me sending him foot photos, and him appreciating Me and My time with tributes.  YUM. He spent $365.

Paypig alert!  My good girl, the sweet virgin paysissy gigi spent $626. She is a loyal spender, and spends week in and week out for years, and this is why she is #1 on My list!

My flipoff idiot came about begging for flipoff photos and I extracted $252 from him getting all turned on like a loser paypig looking at Me flipping him the bird!

and sleepy was about clicking and paying (with My encouragement to continue! )  He paid $297 this time around. YUM.

That concludes the spending report. (So much more doable to make it $250 than $100!)

I want each of you to make a paypig promise to make the next spending report. It might be next week, so get busy!




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Creating your paypig Reality

I am here to help you forge a paypig reality that will enhance your orgasms and desires.

Perhaps you found Financial Domination before you found Me, attracted by the Beautiful Confident Women that wanted something of you.  Women who wouldn’t even acknowledge your pathetic existence, but who smiled and demanded you pay them.  Spoing! In spite of your better judgement, your cock got hard.

Perhaps I was the Woman that brought you into Financial Domination, My confidence and beauty inspiring you to read My writings, listen to My recordings.

I give you the tools you need to be a mind-controlled paypig!

Mantras like “i can only get hard when i pay Mistress Lauren”

Photos that appeal to that submissive side of you and remind you of your inferiority compared to Me

My words that swirl around your mind, making you return to read more and more. Words that drill to the very core of your slave being.

I did not give you the tendency to be submissive, to need to be a slave. You were born with it. Even if that fact is a surprise to you (and it is to some), it was always latent within you.

These are the traps I have laid for you.

What *truly* enslaves you is My personal touch working with you, that make your calling a reality. I learn about you, what makes *you* tick.  I can take that information to create even MORE potent pitfalls that you will discover are all but impossible to extricate yourself from. It’s only when I free you (which I do when you run out of money), do you find freedom in poverty.

What we imagine, manifests itself in reality.  What I imagine is a legion of slaves, all surrendering money and gifts to Me.   My ability to turn My fantasies into reality is legendary.  I have a way of making My fantasies into *your* fantasies.  Come with Me, and become My cash slave!

Now for the spending report, which has NEW guidelines

  1. when a slave spends $250 between blog mentions he/she will get a blog mention! Since its been a month since I have had  a chance to blog (holidays!), it’s longer today than it’s likely to remain.
  2. when a slave spents $500 they will get a “paypig alert”
  3. when a slave spends $1000 they will get a HUGE paypig alert

First mention goes to shy tim, who I did a rousing “raise the rate” series of calls, all the way up to $30 a glorious minute!   This slave spent $340 in just a very short period of time! I LOVE these kinds of sessions. What happens is, you call Me, we speak a while, I get into your head. I tell you that you are NOT paying enough to talk with Me, increase the rate, and hang up so you have to call back at the higher rate. I do this again and again, your cock getting harder and harder with each hang up, knowing you will have to pay MORE to hear more of My voice.   Erotic!

HUGE PAYPIG OF THE WEEK ALERT!   Pig Paycunt, slave brian fell victim to My mind control games a couple times over the past month, spending a grand fucking total of $2,250 Holy shit!

paycub was back again, and was happy, because I missed My little balless wonder of fluff! In true beta cub form, he began paying Me! He spent $386

HUGE PAYPIG ALERT! Next comes the slave formerly known as leg addict that I am renaming as “extreme paypig”  The reason I am renaming him is that I am manifesting his destiny, creating My fantasy. I want him to be an extreme paypig and we will begin with the name!  Extreme paypig is going well so far with that, since last blog entry he has spent $1004 !

HUGE PAYPIG ALERT! Dr X was back, spending $302 on Niteflirt, and $300 worth of gift cards!  Sweet!

Footboy was calling a lot this month, spending $350 just to hear My voice lure him into estacy!

HUGE PAYPIG ALERT! My devoted butler spoiled and served Me well this month, spending $728 dollars on long phone calls and ptvs and another $619 on his santa slave duties on Niteflirt!  So well done!

My exposure sissy and I had lots of fun with exposure games, and this sissy spent $365 on this 🙂

 PAYPIG ALERT! My elegant foot lover was very kind and fun this month, to the tune of $570.  Yes, so weak for feet!

PIG gets an alert too, for spending $423 this month, a little low for him. Be afraid, PIG, I’m coming after you!

My tit addicted fool was back, this time for $450. I love those surprise fat tributes he sends!

PAYPIG ALERT!  Fucked up dude, Guitar Loser came back twice more for a total of $668.  He told Me last time that was the last time, but we know the truth. He’ll be back

Formerly known as money bunny, but now rebranded as “titcunt” this slut spent $495 losing all the slut cash on Lauren!

PAYPIG ALERT!  Princess gigi the virgin was back almost daily spending $702 over the course of the month. Addicted virgin sissy!

My no yes Loser generously spent $265, mostly on tributes this month. We got a nice long chat conversation one night as well, talking about….skiing! (and our mutual lack of skiing talent)

PAYPIG ALERT! And back for More abuse, making a new account was paybitch!  This time the bitch spent $501 dollars on his Goddess. It’s so hot that he can’t stay away!

click puppet was outstanding this month, spending $313 mostly in one session. He’s spent $1500 lifetime now!

PAYPIG ALERT! Almost making “HUGE paypig alert” status was egghead, who spent $905 in his mindless surrender to Me this month! Splendid!

New to My blog is paypistol, who spent $310 in his deflowering! well done!

And back for more was cashfuck begger, who spent $31o since last blog post.

Now that the holidays are over, I plan to be back to regular blogging, yay!

These are all recent pay  to views you must check out if you haven’t yet!

see you soon!

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Biochemistry and the FinDomme. (Why you are fucked)

A FinDomme uses biochemistry to addict you

Biochemistry is a FinDomme’s best friend, used in plying Her craft. It is fast, effective, fun and profitable.
And really really cruel and mean. Why does it work?

Everyone knows how addictive opiates are. They release endophones in your brain that numb pain and produce a sense of well being.
Guess what else does that? Yes, sex.

Now, I am particularly skilled at making your initial sexual releases when you interact with Me very powerful. I take the time to learn what really turns you on. I call on those urges and begin connecting them to Me right away.

The resulting endorphin release is SO powerful, that you want more. And more, in spite of any negative consequences that might result. In fact, I work to make those negative consequences part of the erotic experience! Debt is sexy, bankruptcy is the ultimate sexual fantasy, jerk off on your credit card bill.
This mutes any potential motivation to discontinue paying Me.

Our brains are organized in complex neurological pathways. There are reward pathways associated with sexual behavior, and I use My skills to narrow them to be specific to Me, to be specific to paying Me. Repetition makes those pathways even MORE seductive and powerful. When you stroke your cock and pay, that narrow pathway carves itself more and more deeply into your brain.
I take pleasure and psychology and turn it into a REAL physical response that perpetuates itself.
Nothing else will do but paying Lauren.

And like most addictions, your tolerance increases. You need to pay more often. You need to pay MORE to get the same effect.

Now, here is the real evil thing I do.
Most addictive behaviors result in an after effect of self-disgust, poorer coping ability, and a greater psychological vulnerability. I take those feelings, and erotize them. You’re a loser, you are a beta male cuck, you are a pathetic waste of skin with a tiny cock that will never please a woman.
I take those feelings and CHANNEL them back into your addiction.

you never had a chance.

Some of you reading this are not addicted, you are curious. You would think that would be enough to scare men off. (And maybe some do run, I have no idea). But many of you plunge neck deep in with Me, wanting that danger.
Danger makes your cock hard.
I am dangerous

Come on it. The water’s fine. Being addicted to Me IS dangerous, but it is fucking erotic too.

Next on the agenda.  A new pay to view, a fun little slideshow especially for those that worship My ass, but most of My junkies will like it as well!

I have come to a decision on the Spending Report.
Every piggy who spends more than $250 in between posts will get a mention. (and I am planning more frequent posts, so keep that in mind.) Today’s will be the last one to qualify with only $100.

So here is the lastest LONG spending report 🙂  And it’s been three weeks, with all the holiday stuff, it’s hard to find time!

First up is beta male bert, who hasn’t been around for a while, but he’s come crawling back, losing himself in pay to views. He spent $235 since last blog entry!

Huge Paypig Alert! Leg addict is getting more and more addicted to Me. (as he should.) the chat and photos together has separated him from $830 since the last blog!

My elegant foot love sent Me $110 in tributes one night. Mmmmm. We keep missing each other, and I miss our fun times!

I had $130 worth of fun exposing My exposure sissy! mmmm

Huge Paypig Alert!  My virgin sissy, princess gigi spent nearly $800 dollars on Me in the three weeks since the last post. mmmmmm

Helpless dave was about spending $113. I think he’s due to really get hooked in

I have been learning all about titfool’s penchant for cock and ball torture! I have had a boatload of fun in instructing him in all sorts of painful ways of self inflicting cbt torture. Mmmmm He spent $228 for our explorations.

I had $140 worth of sissy fun with My sweet slave sissy j.  We are due for some chastity soon methinks~!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My butler served Me so very well again! This time he spent $1190 on Niteflirt and around

$390 in Amazon shopping.  Still some more Christmas shopping to do for Lauren, so he and anyone else who wants to can step up to be a santa slave! (paycub?)

Footboy was also around, calling Me for $142 worth of seductive conversation!


PIG spent $141, as we have been missing each other.  PIG? Look for Me!

Leg tranced was also a busy chat and pay boy, this time I managed to arouse $220 from him. He’s tranced and helpless for Lauren

HUGE huge Paypig alert!  Mind controlled john and I had a great time with Me egging him on to complete a couple pay to view series, followed by bonus fuckover emails.  This time period, john spent $1712. Mmmm. That’s what I LOVE!!!!!!

New to My blog is quiet cuck, who quietly spent $159 on Pay to views.  Well done!

Earning a HUGE Paypig alert is egghead, who I cajoled, tranced and demanded to be sent cash, and got $589 from the addicted little addict. mmmmm

cucky phil squeezed in to get a mention for $104. I’m looking for you boy.

Back for more click and pay was paybot, spending $245. I do like seeing his name on My paid mail list!

and finally, I got to do a little more damage to the paypig I utterly destroyed, wallet rape toy. He sent $173 to Me. He already lost his home, and his credit cards  due to spending everything on Me. He says he will end up living in his car, but what I want to know, is why he thinks he should have a car?  He should sell it for Me! *laughs*  I’m telling you boys, I am dangerous.

Oh, and nylonslave?  Hit Me up, I have new pantyhose photos for you!

So, I’m hoping a scaled down spending report will create more blog entries. 🙂 we shall see.

Want to help Me shop for Christmas? I’ve got stuff I want to buy other people on My wishlist.

Go look at it and do your part!


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Financial Domination Psychology and Hooking paypigs

I use Financial Domination Psychology when I target My victims. Hooking paypigs is the goal, and I use LOTS of different techniques.

But ultimately, the TRUTH is that “you” (the paypig) NEED a powerful, highly intelligent and intuitive woman that can take charge, and seize control of you, the submissive man (sissy, woman)

This is fucking erotic. We both know that you are naturally submissive, drawn to Dominant Women. You might “not” identify as a paypig, but the simple fact is….that you are a paypig.

How do I know?

It’s so very simple.  You are here. You are reading. Your paypigcock is rock hard. (stroke and say, “my paypig cock is rock hard”)

In the past, you responded to other women, other mistresses and even other findommes. But you are HERE now. You are learning how to serve ME.  There is no one that can hook you for service as easily and completely as Me.  You have read the stories of My piggies and returned again and again. No one will ever be able to hook you, mind, cock and wallet as effectively as Me AND you need that.

You might wonder why you would take the chance that I might capture you so completely and thoroughly that it will place your financial future in dire jeopardy.  The reason is that I will offer you something you so desperately need.

You need a Woman that completely understands your individual needs. I take the time to get to know you, your weaknesses, your secret desires.   I want to know your inner self better than anyone else ever has. The thoughts you won’t tell your friends, your love interests, your family. I will find out what makes your cock hard, what makes your heart sing and how to connect your cock and heart so you are captured forever by Me.

I am so effective precisely because I know there is NO cookie cutter recipe to addict you to Me

I can be tender to get My hooks into you.

I can be brilliant to get My hooks into you.

I can be brutal to get My hooks into you.

I can be funny to get My hooks into you.

I can even be vulnerable, (or you think I am) to get My hooks into you.

Once those hooks are in, only ONE thing can release them.

No more money left. Then I let you go. Probably.

Now…I want to take a little poll about the spending report.  I’m thinking of discontinuing it, or greatly modifying it.  Calculating what you guys all spend has become more difficult since the chat has happened. There is no handy dandy tool to figure it, I have to add it up manually, and chat has complicated things.  It’s getting to the point that I am not blogging as much because I am not looking forward to the drudgery of the spending report.
One thing I could do is raise the bar on getting mentions, so only piggies spending $200 or more get blogged about

Please only do these surveys only once.

Your thoughts on the Spending Report

I cannot wait to read what all the paypigs are spending on you

I don\'t care about what the others spend, but I LOVE seeing what I spend

I would not miss seeing the spending report

2nd question on Spending report

Choose what is most important to you

Don\'t change anything about the spending report

It\'s ok if you raise the bar for the spending report, so only those spending more than $200 get mentions

Screw the spending report, more blog stuff!

Now it’s time for a photo!


Next we have My schedule.  All times Eastern Standard Time (Same as New York City)

Wednesday the 22nd 7 pm to midnight

Thanksgiving day.  I *might* be on in the evening.  And I might not be. Depends on how stuffed I am

Friday the 23th. I am planning to be around in the evening only, I mean, it’s Black Friday!  Look for Me 7 pm to midnight

Saturday.  Nope.

Sunday the 26th I should be around 3 pm to 11 pm

Monday the 27th  I’m aiming for 6:30 pm to midnight

Tuesday the 28th  3 pm to midnight, with a gap around 6-7 pm

Wednesday the 29th, 7 to midnight…

Rest to be determined

And moving right on to the spending report

My good boy, nylon slave spent $191 since the last report…so well done!

My recently acquired slave, foot boy, just could NOT stop spending, this time for $226, in a series of phone calls in which his resistance became more and more eroded for Lauren!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  My butler served Me so well the past couple of weeks, both spoiling Me tremedously for My birthday AND beginning his, oh so important role as My “santa slave” fetching items for Me to gift to My friends and family at Christmas!  Since last update, he has spent $2100 on Niteflirt, mostly long mooning calls and $953 on My Amazon wishlist in his fetching role. I really like this sweet old butler, and he knows what his destiny is, and I LOVE it!

Another HUGE Paypig Alert goes out to My sweet princess gigi and her tiny clitty felicity, both virgins who just cannot stop sending Me cash!  This spending period, it was $970!  I love taking from these virgins.  And I can’t wait to hear jingle bells on the phone. (I’ll let the rest of you wonder what that is, gigi knows)

needful one was back for another nice call and some Pay to views, spending $170.  However, he owes Me a gift card, but needful one, it will only take a $50 one to make up for you canceling the other one. (and if you didn’t cancel it, you should know that I never got it)

PIG couldn’t stay away for $202 and that’s why he’s spent so much in his lifetime!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  Back for more abuse was Guitar Loser. He cancelled his account and made a new one twice…right now he’s all deleted, but this entry will BLOW HIM AWAY, and he will come back so I can finish the job I started on him.  He spent $2300 since last review. YUM.


Leg tranced is addicted. He’s going to therapy to try and quit Me but he can’t. He spent $113 this week. Mmmm

Leg addict (A different leg junkie) spent $113 chatting and tributing. Still addicted!

And My tit fool was back, we had fun doing some cbt and he spent $130 since last post!

And tranced out little addict egghead spent $195 Mmmmmm

It had been a while since I had sessioned my No nonsense guy, because he’s currently unemployed. But I lured him into a nice session he cannot afford, nearly maxing out his “emergency” credit card, and he spent nearly $200. Yum.  When he can’t pay for his next emergency, his cock is going to get rock hard over it!  haha

New Paypig!  Hose lover spent $159 this week losing himself over My payto views to get his first blog mention!  Yay!

Mmm it had been a while for wallet rape toy since I sent him into insolvency, but he spent $193 on Me this week. About time!

New blog entry I will be doing it has I have been, but that might be the last time, I think I might only be mentioning truly high spenders.  So this is the chance to get your mention!




November 21, 2017   3 Comments

My birthday is tomorrow~

This is the week all you slaves, pigs, sissies, losers and junkies spoil Me!

November 9th is a day of Holiness on your calendar! (It’s Thursday this year!)

I’ve been putting gifts on My wishlist at a feverish pace, and so many of you have been responding!

I also love amazon gift cards sent to

On My birthday, I”ll be sending out some Pay to views too, so look for them!

and of course, I will send you a pay to view ANYTIME!

Spoil This Birthday Goddess!

I want to post My schedule for the next week, and check to see if I have updated it.

Mistress Lauren’s schedule for the next week, all times in EST

Wednesday the 8th   7 pm to 11 pm

Thursday the 9th (My birthday!)  7 pm to midnight

Friday the 10th 2 pm to midnight

Saturday the 11th You are out of fucking luck today

Sunday the 12th  Uncertain. Probably sometime during the day, but I might be having a belated birthday celebration with friends in the evening. You are welcome to look

Monday the 13th 7 pm to midnight

Tuesday the 14th 3 pm to midnight

I will be updating My blog with more dates, and eventually, I plan on deciding on a long-term schedule that gives Me the content creation time I need!


Now it’s time for the spending report

Let’s head it off with nylonslave spending $122. (Attention, I have new photos for you)

New to My blog is “cashfuck beggar”, a guy that has lurked around My blog for ages and has been part of pay mail club, occasionally buying something.  The other night, chatting let to the damms bursting open. He called Me for the finale at $10 a minute!  He spent $210 on our delicious session!

Leg addict is indeed addicted to chat, and tributing so I can send him dangerous photos in chat….his spending this past two weeks was $580.  Mmm.  In many ways, he reminds Me of My long time slave PIG

and footboy keeps calling, recently we did $100 worth of calls 🙂

HUGE Paypig Alert!  My special femsissy slave gigi, and her tiny clitty named felicity spent about $1185 on Me since the last spending report.  This is why she remains My number #1 loser!

My exposure sissy and I had so much fun the past couple of weeks, and it cost her $250! Yum!

My longtime slave PIG went a little wonkers recently, spending $371 on our special “BOOM” games!


HUGE New Paypig Alert!   Another huge NEW slave for Me, that I have been enjoying a lot is a guy I’m gonna call “guitar Loser”  He claims to be mostly an alpha male, but something about ME makes him a weak paypig loser. So I’m gonna take this Loser for everything, and he’s off to a fucking amazing start, with $2750 in Niteflirt spending and another $405 on My wishlist and an amazon gift card.  This..makes Me very happy!

My butler was back after a long business trip, spending $170 on Niteflirt and over $300 on Amazon gifts.  I can’t wait until more Lauren spoilage continues!

Helpless dave spent $117 since the last update. I think it would have been more, but we had trouble connecting. It seems he enjoys Niteflirt while I am sleeping!

My elegant foot lover and I had several amazing chat conversations and he spent about $173 on Me. Oh, and lover? I have new foot photos!

The old fool, titfool spent $179 on amazing photos of My amazing breasts…..I know how to make him pay!

paycub was about, paying $85 on Niteflirt and $100 worth of gift cards on Amazon

Paypig Alert and New Slave!  Welcome to My blog, the junkie I”m gonna call “drinking buddy”  We had a lot of fun with PTV sessions the past couple of weeks.   He spent $353 getting to know how dangerous I am!

And addicted pete was back for more teasing, this time for $130.  Never can get enough Goddess Lauren!

and trainee was back, spending $245 on pay to views, and reaching the $2,000 level of spending. Wow!

egghead had $110 of spending. I have the feeling he’s do for a MAJOR session.

HUGE Paypig alert!  In just a few very short minutes, perhaps only 5 or 10 minutes, sleepy went on a rampage on My pay to views, getitng all the way up to the $100 in a series he liked.  He was clicking and paying without even looking at the photos!  In mere moments, he had sent Me $410.  This is behavior to emulate piggies!

sissy j had $100 a spending, managing a blog entry!

and I enjoyed the $120 that Lauren’s junkie paid this week! Keep doing that junkie!  Plus many beautiful captioned photos of Me on his twitter 🙂

My shoe sniffer pleased Me with $195. Still so many dangling shoe photos for you sniffer.  You can pay Me and maybe I’ll let you fantasize about living in My closet.

Paypig alert! and before I killed his credit card, I squeezed $315 from paycunt. Pay off enough for a really HUGE session on your upcoming trip cunt!

and button was back with lots of click and pay for a total of $130.  All you smaller spenders add up!

and wallet rape toy managed a mention this week for spending $118.  I miss the multi-thousand dollar spending sprees, but sometimes I break My toys.  This guy was one.  I hope that soon he can manage the big sprees he once did, but it was worth it anyway, because they were fun!

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Spending report and news!



I know you’re looking for My blog entry,

I have been wanting to write a blog entry, but I have been out straight lately!

I love the chat program on Niteflirt, but it’s created a stampede of piggies.  I always have the eternal struggle.

Do I session My slaves or work on content (blog, photos, pay to views, recordings, website updates)?

Good content requires time and inspiration. Sometimes it needs time to incubate, which is where I am now.  I get kind of a “writer’s block”   This is creative work, and it doesn’t just spew out on demand. (Like piggy cocks!) I think My mind should be obedient and obey My commands to create fun content you want that profits Me, but funny, My mind is often disobedient!  I suppose that’s why I’m the one in charge, and not you!

So this will be a newsy post.

I am taking more afternoons off for  the next 2-3 weeks.   I will be both goofing off (hiking and cooking are two activities that come to mind) and doing more content creation without interruptions. I plan to still be available in the evenings. I might be around, if I miss you guys enough, and I’m categorically planning to be around Friday and Sunday afternoons, so those are good times to find Me. As always, I wont be around Saturdays. I gotta spend time with My peeps in real life too!

Rough Mistress Lauren schedule the next couple of weeks

All times in Eastern Standard Time

Note, on days I am available in the afternoon,  I take about an hour break around 6 pm for dinner. I do not like eating at My computer.

Sundays about 3 pm to 11 pm.

Mondays about 7 to midnight

Tuesdays about 7 to midnight

Wed about 7 to midnight

Thursdays about 7 to midnight

Fridays about 2 pm to midnight

Saturdays:  Weep in your pillow, but still send money!

In other news, My webpages are being transferred to a new server sometime in the next few days. They have promised Me they won’t go down, so keep your fingers crossed for Me.  The server I am on runs some outdated software that just won’t run My sites effectively, so the new server will pose less restrictions, I hope!

And in other news, these are new recent Pay to views to check out

AND most importantly, My birthday is coming up on November 9th!

I will be keeping My wishlist all updated for you to show Me that you too, are a special paypig.
If you buy something let Me know to check My mailbox (It gets shipped to a shipping place I have to go to)

And after that is Christmas. I’m always good for spoiling around the Holidays, and good for having Santa slaves buy things for MY friends and family for Me.  I’ve got at least one volunteer, but I would be happy to help anyone who wants to serve that way.

You will also notice lots of French study books on My list. Yes, I’m planning to start studying French, and I am in the materials gathering stage.  When you serve Me, you serve an intelligent Woman who never stops learning. Sometimes I learn things that make Me more dangerous (like NLP or graphic design)  Sometimes I just learn something because *I* want to learn it. (like piano, French, or vegetarian cooking).

Serving Me means buying Me stuff that that pleases *ME*  not stuff that pleases you.

Now, speaking of things that please Me, lets do the spending report!

leg addict returned as predicted, and his addition grows. Over the last two weeks, he has spent $608.  He didn’t think it could happen to him

New and huge paypig alert!  I have a new paypig and I can tell a future devoted slave! He is very service oriented, and I have enjoyed several phone conversations with this delightful gentleman!  I call him butler, and he loves to fetch! My butler has spent $1800 on Niteflirt and another $300 on Amazon in just this first week.  Gifts included things as mundane as a dental water pick and as special as books and jewelry.  I love it and he is where he belongs, with Me!

My exposure sissy spent $190 on Me for exposure fun! I love how has become a regular feature!

PIG has been missing Me, so only managed $142 the past 2 weeks. PIG you have a target on your back!

My junkie, leg tranced slipped and spent $101. haha, look a blog entry, you ARE still addicted!

Back again was sleep puppet, for $200.  They dont stay away long!

and My junkie, nylon slave was back for $166.  He can’t get enough of those nyloned feet!

HUGE Paypig alert!  My virgin sissy gigi, really tried to moderate her spending, but she failed, lured in by her treacherous virgin clitty, “friend”. She spent over $750 the last two weeks.  YUM

and My sissy jocelyn, who is new to being a sissy for Me, but not new to Me, had a milestone! She sucked cock! At least three times I’m aware off, and now she is not allowed to cum, unless she sucks cock. Good thing she seems to LOVE it, the little slut.  You never know where training will lead!  And she spent $240 on Me in the last two weeks too!

My no yes loser was about again, and we listened to music AND I exploited $155 from him the past two weeks. Yum

Paypig Alert!  My addicted mind controlled egghead really went nuts over the last couple of weeks.  $445 that used to be his, is now Mine!

and helpless dave was back for $240 Mmmmm I enjoy our sesssions

and wagner returned for $235. I am very addictive. He knows it is a fact now.

 NOT a PAYPIG ALERT!  My sugar daddy elegant foot lover and I had so much fun. And he gifted Me $430 !  So fun and so yum!

I was happy to see My slave needful one spent $109 this week. He’s gifted Me with some nice big ticket items from My wishlist, and I love seeing him lurk around. (Hey, My birthday is coming!)

Paypig alert! and also getting recognition this week is My sweet little paycub, who spent $340 on Niteflirt and $130 on Amazon gift cards 🙂

Now, who will be on next spending report?



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Honey, Vinegar and Financial Domination

Quick announcement:  I am not going to be around Friday or Saturday. I’m usually on Fridays, so you guys may be looking for Me, but I am going to a wedding! (No, not Mine! haha)  Saturday I’ll be recovering for said wedding. Look for Me Sunday!

Some of you know the old adage, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”, basically an admonishment to be nice so people will cooperate with you.

And for some men who contact Me, that’s true. I have a couple of long time clients I am always nice too, because they are more into sensual Domination, being charmed and making Me happy because they are so charmed.  I enjoy those men, but they do not commonly come into My sights. (But any man who just wants Me to be nice AND is willing to pay lots of money is welcome to contact Me! ) It’s still a manipulation, just a nice one!

Now some of you deep down know you don’t serve any honey, only vinegar. Your wee little cock will only respond to dirision, bullying, humiliation and all around meaness directed at you.  Once I figure that out, that’s all you can expect.

The majority of you are controlled with a little of both. This is My favorite quite honestly, because it’s the delicious contrast. Humiliation from someone who was just being nice to you is more powerful, catches you a little off guard.

One moment I am expressing interest in you, laughing with you, even complimenting you. The next moment I slip in something that cements your position as an inferior loser below Me.  Imagine this:  “You are really nice looking. You are smart, funny and easy to talk with….too bad that I would never be with a man with a loser cock like yours.  It’s like a sudden slap of ice cold water. And even more cock hardening.

And all of you, just throw your cash at Me!  As you should!

Speaking of weak men throwing cash at Me…I have been having a ball with the  new chat feature, check it out!

I’ll show you how I can enhance your chat (for a price of course)  Lots of weak men have become almost instantly addicted to it!

I’ve had a couple of new Pay to views, both beloved quickly.  Go buy them if you haven’t!





Who threw cash at Me since the last update?  Let’s see!

hypnowallet starts off the report. He spent $162 in one session, listening to My voice lull him into a pay stupor. He deserves kudos for tolerating some glitches of technology too!

the iFool was back for a fun little tease, he spent $112

New Lauren Junkie!  Foot boy and I had a couple very hot conversations and he began his addition to My feet! he spent $162

My pantyhose junkie and I had a nice long phone call, and he discovered the fun of a chat session with photos! He spent $145

and PIG, he spent $160 as he slide his long slide down into financial ruin

titfool was nosing around paying for tit photos again, this time for $113

A new slave, I’m going to call  10-10, hopefully he will recognize himself here, spent $160 and deleted his account. I wont be surprised if he returns.

I had fun making a custom audio for My pantyhose viking, which was well recieved. He spent $220 this week enjoying his new Mistress

I had fun using My cumstained wallet fucker for $210. Mmmmmm

sissy lily was back for another round of use, this time for $140. Mmmm

New Lauren Junkie and HUGE paypig alert! My new slave leg addict quickly become addicted to our illustrated chats….He didn’t think it was going to happen, but it did, and he’s been coming back day after day, spending $590 in a very short time!

sexy jocelyn was back, also lured in by chat, spending $100 this week.

pignic was back spending $179, mesmerized by how much cash I make, and how I LOVE to take take take

Pay Lover Alert!  Remember what I mentioned about vinegar and honey?  Well My elegant foot lover is a honey guy and My honey sugar baby sent Me $400 in tributes and chatting this week. Mmmm  So he gets a special designation. Dont you losers wish you were lucky?

My British paypig finally made the spending report after ages and spent $104.  I think he can do better

Trance boy was back with yet another account and spent $207 yum

My Aussie paymoosie managed $125 in gift cards. Good loser!  Think of sucking alpha male cum from My fingers, k? Soon that extreme session WILL happen

PayPig Alert!   My junkie egghead spent $308 this week in a mindless haze of obeying My open thighs and obeying My demands.  Life is good in Lauren Land

My slave click puppet was back doing his quiet click puppet thing, this time for $185

After his huge week last week, mind controlled john was back for another $360. Mmmmm

Mm shoesniffer was back for $112.  I have sooo much more for you sniffer…looking for you

PayPig Alert!  Irish dope was back for $230.  He begged Me to stop raising the rate on the PTVs, so I stopped, but he just keep buying them at that rate! hahaha

Loser Louis was back for $145. Mmmmmmm  It’s been awhile, but I enjoyed his click and pay flurry! He is pathetic, but useful on occasion

Quiet sweet money slave button did a little flurry of paying, spending $131. Good job button! Do more!

wallet rape toy was about, fulfilling his robot paypig programming and transferring $181 of what little cash he has left to Me. He’s losing his house to foreclosure. I verified it online. He’s paid Me about $150,000 over the last three years. I guess I am more important. He has his priorities right!

HUGE PAYPIG ALERT!   The HUGEST spender honors this week go to paycub, who completely lost control, realizing his beta status as a non breeder who is luck to be allowed to empty his tiny paycub balls. he spent $1,025 on Niteflirt and another $175 on My Amazon wishlist.  I really enjoy this loser! 🙂 He’s fun to abuse!



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