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Paypigs dropping out of the sky

Well that’s never a bad thing is it?

Last blog entry I wrote about the Enhanced Financial Domination Program I am working on and also told you guys about My vacation.

Well, just to tell you, I had a fabulous vacation, very relaxing and it was so nice to get away and GO somewhere. And as soon as I returned, all you pigs started dropping out of the mind to through money at Me!

Apparently just telling you guys I am working on addicting you more deeply is enough to inspire many of you to begin liquidating your bank accounts and maxing out your credit card in excitement! This has been happily profitable! (Wait until you see the spending report!) The biggest drawback is that I have been sooo busy between happily cash raping clients and unhappily tolerating workmen in My home from a major plumbing issue (now resolved-thanks for paying for it losers!), I have not gotten as far as I would like on the new program. I do require sleep!

But this is where I am in it. In addition to consulting with a psychiatrist, I have been doing research on how cults brainwash their followers. I have been doing research on how totalitarian regimes brainwash their masses. I have studied how authoritative governments at war interrogate and treat prisoners to better use them as propaganda pawns. I’ve been considering how to best adapt their methods for My use and aims. It’s dark and dangerous. And man, is it sexy to consider all the ways I can increase My mass of paypig worshipers!

I am beginning to pivot from research to forming a specific framework of content that will enslave you forever.

Be afraid. Oh, and maybe apply for another credit card.

Now about those paypigs dropping out of the sky? I present…

The Fuckover Report!

Let’s start with the Legendary Pigs!

Legendary Paypig Alert! Since the last blog entry, boomer has completely surrendered to this fetish, giving in to his addiction to Me, and I have discovered numerous triggers that make him so weak! Hold on to your wallets, he spent $6560, over many sessions. But he has stopped deleting accounts for the time being, a sign of acceptance to his fate! I’ve introduced him to Raise the Rate phone calls, and I keep making him pay more for the privilege of hearing My voice, while sending him bigger and bigger pay to views at the same time.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My zombie, steve q fucked send many very healthy tributes recently. This was just a sample from a couple days ago:

This was just one day. Since the last fuckover report, he has spent $1875.

We have set a “short term goal” of him hitting 100K in lifetime spending. (He’s at about $11,800) Now, to be fair, he had spending on an old account, but it’s gone and no way of knowing. It was several thousand, but this goal is just for THIS account.

Extreme Paypig Alert! tPay came around again, for another round of hard fuckover, he spent $1302 on My abuse! He is one of My slaves you has been with Me for a very long time, whose spending is uncertain because it’s several accounts On this account though, he is only about $200 short of 15K lifetime! (ahem, tPay, let’s go)

My weak slave sniffer made enough to hit the spending report, but I sense he is due for a really extreme session! He spent $116

Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting another Extreme alert was fruity! I have been carefully eroticizing the thought of bankruptcy with him. I have taken a passing fantasy of his, and have worked on making it reality. Truth be told, he vacillates between fear and reluctance and enthusiasm, and needs a bit of hand-holding during the reluctance part. That plus an insistence that he pay a token amount for the hand-holding (by having it in chat), has turned him into a gushing pay machine regularly. I approve.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Dr x has been spending again, and I’m grooming him for a big session. The best day was his wife’s birthday, where I got all the gifts and she got squat. I’m gonna homewreck that dude so I get his cash. He spent $654 on Niteflirt and $511 on Amazon for a total of $1165. YUM

Extreme Paypig Alert! (YES ANOTHER ONE) My good girl buffy (aka princess gigi/fagmuffin) tried her best to stay away and she managed for a couple of weeks and then BOOM, she lost all power of control one night and had glorious paysex, sending ever bigger and bigger tributes for hours. She spent $1400! My goal is to destroy her relationship with her fake cow girlfriend so I can have her to Myself!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy helpess dennis has learned to tribute Me for permission to stroke his cock when I’m not around. But he waits to cum until he hears Me! This guy cannot get hard without paying Me anymore! He has spent $572 since last fuckover report!

My good boy nylon slave continues to pay and worship and call. He spent $198 this time around

Paypig Alert! My junkie special K was back, this time spending a sweet $418. I love seeing his cash flow into My bank account!

My pantyhose junkie called a couple of times for $107. He is addicted to the way wearing pantyhose make his cock feel!

Paypig Alert! Pig keeps missing Me again, but did manage an alert this time for $468. I think I need to pin that PIG down for a proper wallet fucking!

The slave pigbait can’t stop reactivating is account. He spent $165 this time, but My FinDomme sense makes Me think that he is due for a HUGE session soon.

Paypig Alert! My good sissy, caged yankee gets sooo desperate and suffered while I was on vacation. But ended up spending $340 once they were on at the same time as I!

My exposure sissy LOVES everyone seeing him in pantyhose! He spent $168 on exposure fantasies this time around!

My sissy cocksucker and I had fun in chat with hypno and he spent $246

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy, irish dope, saved up his month to have a delicious huge session with Me! It was epic! He ended up spending $645. He has turned into such a pleasure to use!

My armpit loser spent $135 and he’s getting closer to the $5k milestone of spending!

Paypig Alert! My good boy surprised surrendered to a big session after a hiatus and he spent $384. YUM

My good little assbitch spent $220, mostly in chat and tributes. I think it should try harder for another paypig alert.

New Slave! New to both Me and the blog is smitty, who find out fast how dangerous I am spending $116

My dapper dresser and superb conversationalist shopper stopped by one evening to talk fashion. He spent $109.

Huge Paypig Alert! My special boyscout is beginning to get more addicted. He has always been more into the Girlfriend Experience, but I may have influenced him to lose control in helpless addiction! He spent $623 on chat and tributes

I turn My quiet gentleman into a helpless puppet with selfies. He spent $102.

Good boy redbird was back and he spent $129 on PTVs and tributes. I always smile to see him clicking and paying!

New Slave! A new client quietly clicked and paid his way up to $181. I am calling him “fresh meat” for now. Did he find out how dangerous I am?

My psycho spent $184 discussing the finer points of FinDomme addition with Me!

Paypig Alert! Addicted junkie candyballs was back Again and Again. He can delete his account, but he still comes back! This time he spent $396. YUM

Lauren’s footlicker spent $131 on Niteflirt and $54 on Amazon for presents. What a good boy, he knows no Woman is as perfect as Me!

Good boy button was back for some click and pay, adding another $172 to his lifetime total, that exceeds $11K

Huge Paypig Alert! I invited My good girl bambi into a hypnotic shelter and then took advantage of her daze, triggering her to send Me $570. I’m not very nice, but she thinks I’m amazing!

jaybee was back and spending $160. I love being able to pull the guys in as easy as cutting butter

Recent client cosmo appeared for another $187 of click and pay. Soooo seductive and addictive!

New Slave! A guy who clicked and paid and learned about My danger is “waver” he spent $258! Yum! I love when they just wave the white flag and surrender!

Recent new client seagull was back with a new account and he spent $168. They can’t stay away!

This seems like a good time to mention that if I find out Niteflirt cancelled your account because it’s fraudulent, you do not get a mention. (client who would have earned a mention if it had been HIS money)

yeboevals was another who couldn’t stay away, he spent $134! I have got his number

Now, who is going to be on this NEXT time?

June 23, 2021   1 Comment

Enhanced Addiction Program for Financial Slaves

Yes, that’s what I am working on! I am consulting with a psychologist. He is a submissive type, who is paying ME to assist Me with My newest project. (who else could manage that but Me?) A new slave training problem that builds on My existing techniques to be even MORE addictive and dangerous. I will be bastardizing cognitive behavior training. (Usually a force for good), and take the dark side to make you really fucked up.

It will also contain thought retraining techniques that totalitarian regimes employ to brainwash their masses.

I will enhance the techniques that abusers and cult leaders use to deepen their loyalty. Many of My slaves are already addicted, I’ll just make it darker and more intense. And you will love Me with a fervor you wouldn’t know was possible previously. (Ironic, no?)

It won’t be ready for a few weeks, certainly not until after My vacation from June 3rd to June 8th (YES a vacation! I won’t be available at all on those dates)

Get ready though. If this series I am planning develops as I desire, it will be dangerous.

Be afraid. I doubt that anyone completing this program will ever recover. I don’t think deprogramming is possible. I certainly hope not.

I plan this to be a pay-to-view series. Much training can be time-consuming, and I am only available “x” hours a week, but the Internet is open 24/7!


I’ve been doing some updating! If you look on the right sidebar—————–> you’ll see that “Paypig Milestones” has been updated! Are you there?

Also My page on the “Top 25 Paypigs” has been updated!”

Soon I will be doing updates on the PayPig Hall of Fame as well. You may have also noticed a clean up on My Niteflirt listings, that will continue to be changed. Between the store, and these blog updates, I have been very busy in between wallet fucks!

Vacation: I’m taking a few days on the Coast of Maine from June 3rd to 8th. That’s a Thursday through Tues. I will be online the Wednesday before and the Wednesday after. If you need Me during that time, visit My Store!

Now it’s time for the Fuckover Report!

Legendary Paypig Alert! Right on the heels of his Extreme session last month, steve q fucked was right back at it, becoming a zombie over My ultra high heels and demands and sending mind fucked tribute after tribute. He spent another $2115. I plan to milk this rich bitch for a lot more cash. He deserves to have his money wrenched from his inept loser hands. I am so excited that years of manipulation are finally paying off. His lifetime is quite impressive, but some from deleted accounts, so who knows what it’s added up to?

Extreme Paypig Alert! My sissy, buffy, formerly princess gigi, is My #1 spender of all time. (Lifetime $214,685) She’s been trying to keep her spending on the lower side, since I have been really battering her credit cards. I have her calling again, and tributing more than ever! Her clit won’t get hard anymore, no more genital orgasms. So I taught her how to have MINDGASMS with paysex! It worked and she is sooo addicted! This time around she spent $1901 (so close to a Legendary mention!)

Extreme Paypig Alert! Back for more exploitation was Dr X. He’s been slowly reemerging himself into My world with PTVs and Amazon purchases. I sense a big fuckover on the horizon! He spent $1303 on Niteflirt and $385 on Amazon for a total of $1688. Nice! I LOVE sessioning Dr X, he’s been with Me a long time, and is My #2 all time spender. ($166,250 on Niteflirt, and tens of thousands more on Amazon, I cannot even keep track)

My special good boy who contacted Me again for Financial Domination Therapy (think Dr Lauren is going to be useful?) He spent $132

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy boomer, opened yet another account. Every time he comes back his spending escalates. Relapses are always more brutal. He spent $648. Yum.

Back again for more spending was ass gooner, this time for $125. Excellent

My cerebral slave, psycho really spent more than ever. He is not new, but I think this might be his first mention he spent $230. Mmmm

Paypig Alert! My addicted breast slave helpless dennis kept coming around for sessions. He can’t manage a woody unless he is paying Me. He spent $409

My good boy nylon slave kept returning to pay and pay his Goddess. He spent $275

Huge Paypig Alert! titcunt was back and so absolutely easy to take advantage off! This poor sissygirl spent $544 being abused by Me! I cannot wait to do it again!

jaybee was back and he spent $130! Well done!

Huge Paypig Alert! Getting a huge alert was j the junkie, who is just getting more and more addicted! I use My body to mesmerize his mind. He spent $650! Well done!

Pathetic loser gimp called and I exploited his weak mind. He spent $198 in his encounter with Me

Back for more spending was seagull. He spent another $188. I see he has tried to delete his account, but seagulls always return to shore.

Paypig Alert! This loser keeps coming back and fleeing. His spending is sneaking upward and this time he got a paypig alert. He spent $306. His name is pigbait.

My good boy button stopped by for click and pay and spent $145. I always enjoy seeing those payments roll in!

My boi wayne kept coming around, this time spending $152 worshiping My superior bubble butt!

Paypig Alert! My assbitch was exemplary in his service, just missing a HUGE paypig alert by a mere $12. He spent $488. Awesome!

Oh I have to get on PIG’s case, he only spent $270 this time around!

and slave candyballs keeps returning, this time for $174

Paypig Alert! The iFool was back, whining about spending but he parted with $389 of his loser cash with Me!

I keep My quiet gentleman around to toy with, and this time I got $172. He loves those selfies!

Paypig Alert! Back again for more abuse with click and pay was cosmo. He is new and loves those series. Keep clicking and paying cosmo! He spent $432

I victimized helpless dave with My pussy teases for $240. He knows who is in charge!

Paypig Alert! My slave yeboevals has been unable to stay away, I seem to strike him from all directions,. and it may just be a condition of maleness that he cannot resist My abuse! He spent $442!

My sexy boyscout dropped by again to tribute Me $291 because he is heads over heels in love with Me. I love that!

I love trying to guess who will be on the next spending report? Who will have Extreme and Legendary Mentions. Who will return after a hiatus? Will it be you?

May 24, 2021   3 Comments

A Dangerous Bond

I’m one of the most successful FinDommes in the business, probably the MOST successful on Niteflirt.
There is a reason for that. I create a bond between us. For Me, it’s quite detached, but I strive to make it as personal as possible for you.

It’s not a healthy bond usually, it’s coercive. It’s abusive. It’s explorative, manipulative and sexy. I train you to have a rock hard cock on My whim, from My demands, and you become HELPLESS.

This is a dangerous game, and I excel at it. I have done it every day for years and you are, most likely, a novice with NO CHANCE.

Even My honesty at how I am setting you up for fuckover is bonding somehow, isn’t it?

It doesn’t look the same for every pig, but I am always looking for an angle, something to make the loser feel SPECIAL so he/she keeps coming back for more abuse. Abuse itself is binding (see Stockholm Syndrome). And the bond makes it HARDER for the pig to leave, because we have something special. And yes you are special, (or am I just gaslighting you?)

You will find yourself yearning for more! And I will take advantage!

Recent Pay to views

Add to your collection, for the sole reason that we are more connected if you click and pay!

I have a favorite new game!  Guys who notice when I’m on the phone with a client and tribute Me as a bonus to My fuckover! If you send in chat while I’m on the phone, I might send photos (but minimal typing because I am on the phone!)  Try it if you notice Me on the phone! It is fun!

Also, reminding My pigs that My Pay Per View store is back up! I know have ALL the pay to views on it, even the recent ones, and I will be putting the Goody Bags there too. I have never done that, but I want everything in one place for your spending frenzy convenience!

Now it’s time for the FUCKOVER report!

Legendary Paypig Alert! My long time slave, steve q fucked, came back with a new account, spilled some secrets of how he loves My ultra high shoes and My hand outstretched demanding cash, and he went on a frenzy, sending tribute after tribute until he had spent a whooping $5586! Certainly one of My top 10 lifetime sessions and an absolute blast! Legendary! His attempts at quitting Me just spun him into a new level of spending, and since he confessed his high income to Me, I’ll be helping Myself to more from him very soon! (yes steve, you did and I will)

Huge Paypig Alert! I had a wonderful session with sniffer, featuring long phone calls and of pay to views. He hung up so I could take a short call and tributed Me during it! And called right back! He spent $760! Sweet!

My raise the rate puppet showed up for abuse and cash fuckery and spent $151. Delicious!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good boy boomer, spent a ton, tried to leave, made a new account, confessed a weakness and spent even more! This hopeless addict has spent $1224 since the last blog post!

It was so nice to talk with My good girl marla spent $210 reconnecting with Me!

New slave! A guy I’m calling ass gooner, has fallen victim to Me and is discovering the dangers. He spent $231

Squeaking in like a pig for a mention was pigbait, spending $106. C’mon bait, you can do better than that!

Paypig Alert! Good boy helpless dennis spent $303 for a huge alert. I’m grooming him for an Extreme Paypig session!

and returning yet again for a hot phone and click and pay session was jeff no more. He spent $190

it was nice to see peeper clicking and paying! He spent $149. Good toad!

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert! A new tiny dick wonder that I am calling jerk jockey completely spent every dime of his money on Me this week. The poor loser kept borrowing money from people, and turning around and spending it on Me! he spent $547. Tasty!

And back for more spending was greg in a cage, who spent $180 this time around. mmmmmm

Paypig Alert! Earning a paypig alert was clayton, falling deep under My spell again! He spent $354

My good sissy caged yankee kept returning and spent $236 this time around!

Back again spending was My fairly new slave seagull. He dropped another $127. Well done!

Paypig Alert! Getting off easy, because of poor timing was PIG, spending a mere $399. I will rape him for more soon

Back for more was fruity. He fantasizes about bankruptcy, but this time just managed $136. I won’t stop egging him on for more!

Lauren’s footlicker spent $117 on Niteflirt and another $30ish on Amazon. Thank you good boy!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good assbitch pleased Me with $644 of spending! Well done My slave! He is now My property!

My quiet gentleman managed a mention at $110. 🙂

Paypig Alert! It has been sooo nice to have a session or two with Dr X. There are huge fuckovers in our future, but I did enjoy his $317 on Niteflirt and $109 on Amazon too!

My sissy cocksucker and I had a great session and he spent $281.

Spending $197 since the last review was good boy helpless dave.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy is an impotent limp sissy now, since she’s been taking estrogen to please Me. I introduced her to a new pleasure. PaySex! With paysex, paying Me causes sexual arousal of the brain leading to mind orgasms. It’s intense! And expensive! She spent $1466 on Me. She will be shocked to see the amount, but will still crave more paysex!

A slave that just keeps trying to escape Me spent at least $250, possibly more on a myriad of accounts. I see you candyballs!

Paypig Alert! Back to do more financial damage was iPay, after recent extreme sessions. This time he spent $406. We know that he will be back again after licking his wounds a bit

Getting his first mention was longtime client, I’m calling stiffy al, mostly due to a very nice custom audio I made him. He spent $205.

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert! A new slave I am calling cosmo has been finding out about the joys of click and pay for Lauren! In just about 3 days, he spent $850. I see a profitable fun time in store for Me with cosmo, I can’t wait to talk with him on the phone!

My good girl janice went crazy on a pay to view series and spent $278, missing a Huge mention by a mere $22.

I can’t wait to see who is on the next report. Who will get huge mentions, and which new slave will fall for Me!

You can have your name here. Just do it!

May 5, 2021   1 Comment

A very short story, a work of FinDomme fiction

A work of short fiction by Lauren Rules

Evan Makes a Choice

It started a month ago, when he discovered Lauren Rules. It was the blog that hooked him.

He couldn’t even remember how he found it, but it was curiosity that made him read it. His disbelief that this Financial Domination Fetish was that real, that common. And what kind of a man would just pay a bunch of money to some Woman he never meet online? He discovered it one morning as he was idly browsing the web to have a quick jack off session before he went to work. This helped keep his mind on business.

He read a little that morning, and closed the web tab when he had to leave for work. He was surprised that he kept thinking about it all day. What was it about this fetish and this woman that made men do this? Why? He was surprised to find himself logging back onto her blog again when he got home.

He was even more surprised to find his cock was rock hard. Some words she had written slammed into his mind.

“my cock gets rock hard when I pay Mistress Lauren”

He clicked on one of the pay per view buttons on Her blog.

It brought him to the Niteflirt site, a phone sex site she apparently used to de-monetize her victims. He wasn’t going to do that. He closed the link, but couldn’t stop reading. And he had never been so aroused in his life!

He really wanted to see what she was about. Curious.

No, he closed her page and opened his favorite porn site. His cock wilted. Dammit.

Back to her blog. His cock begin to stiffen again. He made a decision.

He signed up for the page, and bought the Numb Brain slideshow and watched it. His cock swelled happily.

It was the worst decision.

It was the best decision.

The End. Or rather, the Beginning of the End


I’ve added more Pay to Views to My refurbished Pay to view store! I’m now in the process of adding more recent ones so I can next refurbish My Niteflirt listings. Check it out!


More Pay To views

Using My breasts to tease the cash from you!

This slideshow with audio has been really popular!

Now you should just enjoy some photos before reading the Fuckover report!

The Fuckover Report!

Paypig Alert! Going nuts over My pay per views again was boomer, who tried and failed (again) to quit Me. He spent $307

I was very happy to welcome back My good boy tom who contacted Dr Lauren for therapy! He spent $150 trying to see if I could cure him. I think only Medical Bankruptcy will save him.

Paypig Alert! PIG as usual, appeared to spend and spend, this time around for $452

Helpless dennis called Me one evening for extreme fuckover, and he just couldn’t help cumming before we accomplished that! Sometimes I am too sexy for My own greed. He did spend $250, so it could have been worse!

Huge Paypig Alert! My longterm slave sissy marla was back after a break and I attacked over two sessions, managing to separate this sissy from $575. Excellent!

Loser pigbait keeps coming back and then hiding again. He spent $108 this time. He is overdue for extreme fuckover

Huge Paypig Alert! My titpay ATM kept finding more and more money to spend on his Goddess. He spent $760. Good bot machine!

My assbitch is back! I was very happy to see him. He tried to stop his addiction and learned it’s hopeless. He spent $152, but I think that’s the start of some delicious extreme spending!

Huge Paypig Alert! Triple pig was back for even more spending! I love how addicted he’s become so fast. He spent another $568 and is well over $2k lifetime already!

jason the junkie is mesmerized by My hypnopussy. He spent $190 since the last report, but as I am writing about him, he’s just started sending Me more tributes. Those will go on the next report!

Huge Paypig Alert! My irish dope materialized for really big spending for him, some of the most. He can’t keep up with the really big boys but he saves and extends his credit so he can have occasional big sessions. This past time period he spent $860!

pignic managed a spending mention, coming in at $119. Random tributes help him here!

Huge Paypig Alert! I have renamed My elegant foot lover to boyscout, for reasons known to him. He went crazy sending Me tributes as of late, sending Me $774. My sexy voice foot lover deserves accolades!

My good boy dirtbag was busy, spending $174 exploring the pay to view store!

My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker spent $97 on Niteflirt and $21 on Amazon. He knows that I am the ONLY WOMAN he will ever love. He’s addicted.

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy, as usually, couldn’t stay away. Her tiny sissy clitty is limp forever she is completely obedient to her Queen. (Me!) She spent $631

My good boy peeper spend exactly $100 to get his mention. Mission accomplished!

New Slave! A new slave earned a blog mention. I enjoyed seeing him click and pay! He spent $187 and I look forward to extracting lots more from him! I’m calling him “seagull”

My gimp loser was back with some exciting click and pay! He spent $249 dollars on it and I’m laughing at his gimpy weakness!

Huge Paypig Alert! I was so happy to see Dr X come around! He spent $709 on NIteflirt, and $125 on Amazon, just missing an Extreme alert! (Next time!). He’s one of My favorites to exploit, and he knows he will be Mine forever.

Huge Paypig Alert! Back again after his extreme fuckover was iPay. Sending Me another $589!

I’m missing an Extreme Paypig Alert this time around.

Imagine YOUR blog name after that heading. It can be yours!

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6 Things to Do to Prepare for your Extreme Financial Domination Session!

1. Set your mind in the proper framework.

Why do you want an extreme session? (Lauren tells you why)

The main reasons are service, arousal and recognition.

This is a memory that will live forever in a paypig’s head, always ready to stroke to. It will remind itself of you when the bills come, making you hard and reminding you of your submission.

This is proof of a submissive paypig’s service. There will be recognition on My blog, the other pigs will see you, and perhaps inspire them to pay Me more like you.

2. Set a Goal

Set the minimum amount that you want to achieve. I consider $1,000 and up to be an extreme session.
And if you want to do $2K? $5? You need to prepare! (note: although I don’t consider less than $1K to be an extreme session, you can use these same techniques to prepare for smaller ones, for example $500)

The Goal might also include additional goalposts, such as maxing out a credit card, spending the proceeds from a stock sale, surrendering your tax refund or stimulus check to Me!

3. Find the Money/Funding

Inventory where you can get the funding for this session. Bank accounts, credit card balances, retirement accounts, things to sell, are examples.

Some accounts need time to access, prepare! Need more credit? Pay off a little, or better yet, ask for a credit limit increase! This is more likely to be successful if you are NOT maxed out.
Also opening a new credit card is an option, a brand new one for Lauren to max out in session!
After you inventory your resources, you may actually want to increase your goal!

You may have money coming in. Tax refund, work bonuses, a stimulus check, so many possibilities!

For pigs with a lot of debt already, one cannot overlook debt consolidation loans. These are loans with a lower interest rate than credit cards that you can take out for the purpose of paying off your credit cards and having a set payment each month for a period of time. It’s a great way to really get yourself into more debt as you free up your credit cards to max them out again!

4. Get your Mind Ready for your Fuckover!

Spend a few days stroking to this fantasy. Get your COCK ready for it. Become HUNGRY.

Check with Me and find out WHEN would be a time for us to do this when I am around and you won’t be interrupted, and the cash is available.

Stay hard as you prepare. Asking for a Credit Level Increase? Make sure you’re hard when you do it. Imagine Me taking the cash. Liquidating an IRA Account? Stroke during the time you are filling out the paper work to request it. Stroke again when you see the cash come in.

Read here on My blog about My prior fuckovers and IMAGINE YOUR NAME in My blog as an EXTREME PIG.

5. Plan the Logistics of Our Session

Have an idea of HOW you would like Me to take your cash. Personal Pay to views? An existing series? Tributes? A raise the rate series of phone calls? It can be a combination, and if you have a thought that will make you harder, tell Me! (They all work for Me)

Don’t ask Me to plan it unless you accept what I tell you to do! (This is so frustrating for Me, it should be erotic for us both!) Remember this Rule. Lauren Rules but She is not a mind reader.

Also, don’t expect Me to spend 100 hours taking $1000 from you. That’s not how any of this works. Whatever you choose should be complete in an hour or two.

6. The Session Arrives! How to Best Enjoy it!

When the session comes, remember you have goals and you don’t want to cum too fast. Edge yourself slowly. If you need Me to take the money faster, so you can make it, say so! Or send tributes!

On the other hand, don’t waste a lot of time early stalling, that frustrates Me, and this is the most erotic for us both if we get a rhythm going!

So get ready for your Extreme Session. I can’t wait!

In other News

My new Pay to View Store is basically done! I’m still adding some new pay to views, but the core is done and it is cell phone friendly now!

Check it out!

The Fuckover Report

My favorite regular feature, and even though there have just been two weeks since My last blog entry, there is a ton to report!

Legendary Paypig Alert! Let’s start with a fun one! tPay came back and I fucked him over well, over a course of two days. First I got his stimulus check, then I got his bitch wife’s stimulus check, then I got even more as he maxed out his credit cards! He’s been having arguments with his wife all week about money now. I wonder why? *laughs* He spent $6055. I was surprised when I added it all up! Wow!

New Slave. Next up is new alex. This guy spent $165 on a raise the rate session then deleted his account. I guess he figured out how vulnerable he would be to Me!

Back with more phone calls was sniffer, who spent $193 I have a feeling a big session is in his bones waiting for Me to take.

New Slave AND Extreme Paypig Alert! A guy I’m calling triple pig arrived with a true flourish! He started of sending healthy tributes in chat, then called for a nice raise the rate game and finished sending Me HUGE tributes. His virgin session (plus a little more the next day) totaled $1690! Well done!

My good boy boomer came back again (after trying to delete his account again) and spent $177

Huge Paypig Alert! PIG was calling, chatting and tributing as usual. His cock needs regular fuckovers now, a cautionary tale! He’s spent well over $100K in the decade he’s served Me

Unable to cum without paying Me, was helpless dennis. I’ve got him trapped by conditioning him to need to pay in order to cum! He spent $208.

New Slave AND Huge Paypig Alert! This was a great past couple of weeks for new slaves. This slave, payslut, got caught up in a raise the rate session, and along with other spending, I exploited him for $551. Delicious!

j the junkie squeaked in for a mention with $105 in spending.

Paypig Alert! After an extreme mention last blog, fruity was back and spent $375. I believe I have the pathetic fist pumper addicted!

Barely making a mention this time was sissy bambi for spending $101. I need to get that girl back under My power soon!

Paypig Alert! My elegant foot lover was back to show Me some cash love to the melody of $362! I love our sessions!

Making a mention between Amazon gifts and spending was Lauren’s footlicker, who managed $101

New Slave! broke loser spent $182. He can’t afford Me, but I’m going to cash fuck every dime I can from him. I’m not going to work hard for it either. Pathetic!

More please was back and I exploited him for $245 over My black leggings! It helps to know a victim’s weaknesses!

Paypig Alert! I was really pleased to see My greek virgin come back into My sights again, this time with a nice $328 fuckover! I’m sure he’s weeping over his credit card bill now.

Back spending again was sissy prim. She spent $232 before disappearing again. She’ll be back.

Paypig Alert! And earning a paypig alert was titpay ATM who spent $300 on Me one evening .YUM

Coming around for more mind control was quiet gentleman. My selfies really grab him! He spent $177 since the last blog entry

Huge Paypig Alert! Coming back again and again, almost daily to spoil her Queen was buffy, the incredible clit shrinking sissy. She tributed Me $889 the past couple weeks! Well done!

Also re-emerging was sniff robot, who spent $120. Stay and spend more next time!

New Slave! Making a quick appearance was new slave loser282. He stayed long enough to spend $292 and then disappeared. I’m sure he will be back when he realizes how GOOD it felt to be fucked over!

So plan your next blog mention by following the steps above! I wonder how many extreme mentions I will get?

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I am a Financial Sadist. The fetish of Financial Domination

Here is something you may not have considered. Your Domme has a Financial Domination Fetish, it’s not JUST about the money (that doesn’t suck though). Fetishes all have two sides of a coin, the Dominant side and the submissive side. It’s sexually charged. I get off TAKING your money from you, especially if it is a lot that will impact your life. The slave makes a sacrifice that will HURT. I inflict the pain and enjoy your reaction. I bathe in your misery

I am a Financial Sadist

If you tell Me that you can’t go on vacation because you sent Me too much cash, that makes Me wet.

If your wife gets mad because the credit card bill got too high (because of Me), that makes Me wet.

If you cry because you can’t stop paying bigger and bigger emails and feel like a totally depraved pig loser. That makes Me wet.

If you tell Me I am bad and evil for taking your money, that just makes Me want to repeat the experience.

If you tell Me you are quitting, that makes Me laugh, because you can no sooner stop paying as I can stop taking.

If you email Me to say you are ready for a HUGE fuckover, that is My idea of a good time!

If you end up telling Me you regret spending, I’m amused because I LOVED it, and only I matter

If you go bankrupt paying Me because you can’t stop, I won’t bother spending time with you, but I will remember you forever.

I send hooks out all the time. I enjoy small sessions, but what I really want are the BIG ones. Those feed My soul.

Maybe these will hook you!

And I present you next with

The Fuckover Report

Paypig Alert! Let’s start with helpless dennis who only gets hard now when paying Me dearly for photos of My tits. Pathetic huh? He spent $443

My good boy sniffer did a quick little raise the rate session and dropped $165

Huge Paypig Alert! Loser chert did a raise the rate session with Me that helped get him to this alert. He spent $515 since the last blog entry

My useless gimp loser stopped by to pay me $150. I think I will take him harder next time

Paypig Alert! A new slave, pathetic loser–a sorry weak college dude spent $308 one evening getting raked over the coals! Yes, I am dangerous

My pantyhose junkie came around for a nice intense phone call. Not only did he spend $175, he is really close to a milestone of $5K lifetime!

Paypig Alert! My nylon slave continues to worship Me as I demand. He worshiped Me with $336 since the last fuckover report

My exposure sissy paid Me $231 with a custom audio and some nice phone calls.

Legendary Paypig Alert! I was surprised and pleased to welcome fruity to this category. He did a lot of clicking and paying, and I think he surprised himself to see how much he spent. He may be even MORE surprised to learn that he spent $2494 since the last fuckover report!

Back after quite a while was sissy becca, who spent $251

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy j the junkie CANNOT stay away! I have teased $688 from him since the last blog!

My good sissy caged yankee spent $234 in chat and on pay to views. She is obsessed but right now she is trying to stay away. It’s safe to return jenna, but I don’t promise I won’t bite!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting himself yet another extreme mention is the guy I call My niteflirt client. (He knows who he is! +) He spent $1348 since the last time!

My good girl marja is back, and she spent $168 on fun little chat sessions!

Huge Paypig Alert! Loser noddy came around to through $591 at Me. I think he is due soon for a five digit cash rape

My bitch pigbait spent $199 since last review. He also spent some more between Me calculating it, and Me publishing this, so there is already some for the next report!

Huge Paypig Alert! PIG kept coming around as usual, but we had some poor timing. He still managed to spent $976

My quiet gentleman kept coming around and he spent $251 since the last blog entry! Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! I had a couple of very arousing sessions with My paytit ATM. He spent $604 paying My tits

My good little sissy cocksucker and I had a couple of nice chat hypno sessions and he spent $206

Paypig Alert! My good little ass bitch kept sessioning with Me in chat, and I teased him with My perfect ass, and he spent $375. *laughs*

My good boy special K spent $160 on some nice click and pay action!

Huge Paypig Alert! My elegant foot lover kept returning to spoil Me and he spent $735. Nice!

yeboevals got a mention for spending $145. Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy button feel into a fugue of click and pay for Me again, this time spending $505! YUM

beta male bert was back with a new account spending $257

New slave! My new slave homer spent some time discovering all the wonderful and dangerous things about Me! He spent $290

Spending exactly $100 to earn a mention was oinkloser 10000 This is not enough, and I want to cashfuck that pig for more.

Huge Paypig Alert! Really going crazy clicking and paying recently was boomer, who spent $898 making Me happy!

Going on a spending burst was cadet, who spent $114. That was nice to see!

Paypig Alert! Between buying pay to views and some Amazon presents, Lauren’s footlicker spent about $315!

And finally, My good girl buffy (AKA princess gigi) spent $836 losing herself in My words and photos.

Now, get to work so YOU are on the next Fuckover report

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Paypig Stages of Poverty

A blog post from Goddess Lauren of the Church of Lauren


I’m taking some Me time next week from Jan 17-23rd. I haven’t had a vacation in about a year and a half, and I am not going anywhere, (who is?) but I need a break. I MIGHT be on a little bit if I get bored, but no promises

The Church Rolls are here, listing membership and which Pigs have completed certain sacraments.
The first sacrament is: The First Celebration!.

Now, let’s talk about the Paypig Stages of Poverty!

Baseline: This is the state you are in BEFORE you begin serving Me. It will vary from pig to pig of course, some of you will be flush with cash, and others will already be on the verge of homelessness. Because of differences in where your baseline is, the stages I outline may not entirely describe you, but it does describe a progression and it’s the progression and the mental state that accompanies that progression that is important.

Stage One: The target begins to spend money. It’s an amount that’s hardly missed, pocket change. For some pigs this might be $5. For others $200 is nothing. What matters here is that the training has commenced. The conditioning has begun. The target is introduced to the cult, experiences an erotic thrill in the act of paying Me.

Stage Two

The target starts getting hooked. The adrenaline rushes, dopamine floods experienced while paying Me start becoming habitual. This stage may not happen right away, it might take months or years of being in stage one. Sometimes it happens in minutes. Often stress triggers the launch into a new stage.

The amount of cash spent is slightly over what a casual observer would think was reasonable. Compare it to this. You used to buy an occasional scratch or lottery ticket, maybe once a week. (Maybe you were spending $1 a week, or $20 a week, but it was controlled) Now you’re buying 3 a day. You might be choosing lottery tickets over going to the movie. Now you’re choosing Lauren instead of lottery tickets.

The target still thinks he is in control of his spending and can stop whenever he wants.

Meanwhile, he’s getting addicted

Stage Three

The spending increases. The pig is noticing the effects. The credit card bills are slowly growing. He finds he’s cutting back on luxuries. It’s not uncommon at this stage to binge on Paying Me, and then cut back for a month or so to pay down the credit card. Then repeat. Two sacrifices are made. The first is paying Me, the second is not paying Me, and SUFFERING because of the withdrawal of the Lauren addiction. The suffering is both from the absence of Me, but feeling as if he is failing Me by NOT spending. Some pigs try to revert to stage two at this point, but it doesn’t last. Very rarely a pig breaks away, but only less than 5% of them. I enjoy watching the stuggle, knowing I will win

Stage Four

This usually happens after a stage 3 pig fails to stay away. Binges begin, far beyond what the pig can afford. Credit cards start to build up. The pig stops spending on other things, because he doesn’t have the money. It’s unsustainable, and I milk it for all the cash I can take. This is as far as some pigs every go, maxing out a card, and going cold turkey for a while so they can enjoy another mind numbing erotic pay binge for their Goddess!

Stage Five

Most pigs don’t get here. Some do. This is real trouble. As in, can’t pay the rent, can’t pay the electric bill, overdrawn on the bank accounts, draining the retirement account. Selling the business for Lauren. Taking out a loan the pig can’t afford to give to Me!

It leads to bankruptcy, loss of relations and devastation. It is stunningly beautiful to know I have destroyed a pig, (and I have taken many here)

But there is a certain freedom too, once you arrive here, there is no place else to go. No way to please. You can only spend your life trying to put it together enough to do it all again for Me!

I will be showing you the pigs who spent on Me, but I also want to show you the recent pay to views, including a beautiful one for your First Celebration in the Church of Lauren!

Next is time for the Fuckover Report!

Huge Paypig Alert! First is sniffer. This loser cannot stay away. He clicks and pays, tributes and does delicious raise the rate calls. Since the last blog entry he spent $512.

My good boy oinkloser spent $260. I want to push him into a higher session soon! 

New Slave!  I had a couple good phone calls with a new slave I’m calling “chert” He spent $151 learning all about My dangerous ways!

My good sissygirl titcunt spent $175. Always sooo fun with her!

Paypig Alert!  Good boy boomer continued his spending ways, this time dropping a total of $450.  Delicious!

Back with a new account was yeboevals, this time around spending $265.  He really never had a chance

Paypig Alert! Also unable to stay way, calling and buying photos of My Goddess breasts, was helpess dennis, who surrendered $349 to Me. Good boy!

My extreme paypig noddy is still licking wounds from huge fuckovers. He did manage to throw $229 My way. I hope he’s getting his house into enough order for Me to take 4 figures or even 5 again soon!

Paypig Alert! My good boy nylonslave worshipped his Goddess and her perfect nylon covered feet, going deeper into his Practice of Cult member in the Church of Lauren!  He spent $488

Paypig Alert! My slave “j the junkie” kept losing his mind over Me, spending $345 on his addiction to Me!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Gone off the rails to worship his Goddess is the guy I call Niteflirt client. He’s a perfect example of a slave that has slipped into Stage 4, as I describe, he’s never spent this much, but he has surrendered! He spent $1308!

Huge Paypig Alert! I was thrilled to use My good girl, sissy marla again, it’s been sooooo long, but she slipped back under My power again!  This sissy spent $928. I can’t wait to do it again!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Another pig that came back with a vengeance was special k.  This guy slips in and out of My orbit, each time he gets a brutal fuckover! This time was for $868

A long time slave I recently re-named “superpawn” managed a couple of phone calls between traveling and spent $131.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Earning yet another extreme alert, just spending in a quickening frenzy is PIG. A target for years, fluctuating between stages 3 and 4.  Lately, it’s definitely been stage 4! He spent $1390 since last blog entry!

After a long hiatus, jaybee returned and spent $132 one evening!

Paypig Alert!  Sissy caged yankee kept coming around, although our timing wasn’t always the best, this sissy spent $390 on Me since the last post!

My good boy nicpig was back, spending $156 pleasing Me!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My new slave, assbitch was back with a vengeance, spending $635. It used to be his cash. I lured it away, with My spectacular backside, he just followed!

My good boy, hosiery slut was very generous as of late, spending and tributing $295. What a good boy! Just missed a paypig alert too!

Huge Paypig Alert. My good girl bambi, lost her mind several times with Me, as I triggered her again and again! She spent $740!

And spending $178 was pigbait. He keeps trying to get away, but it is FUTILE.

Paypig Alert! Getting his first alert in quite a while was My good boy quiet gentleman, who found himself once again, unable to stop his spending! He spent $345 since the last blog entry!

My sissy cocksucker returned for more hypnofun in chat, and he spent $288 as I put him into trance again and again! When he reads this he will message Me, I order it!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Click and pay slave button was about again, out of control and he spent $681.  I LOVE it!

Sending Me a regular tribute was helpess dave, who spent $118 on Me since last post. I think it’s time to nail that pig down for more!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  My good buffy, AKA princess gigi, continued with her steady spending ways, this time for $1258. Her “girlfriend” that I call cow is back, but poor buffy has a broken tiny clitty and never gets hard anymore.  

A pig that I have dubbed miss snout FINALLY gets a mention, having spent $116. I know miss snout has been looking forward to seeing PROOF that she spent more than $100.  Next up?  I want miss snount to spend $300 and get a paypig alert!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  My titpay atm went all the way through the First Celebration series, joined My church and spent on other days and ended up with a total of $1150!  This is what cult membership looks like!

Unable to help himself was weak for legs. Something clicked and I tranced him with imagery of fondling his brainstem and he spent $206 YUM.


New to blog and HUGE paypig Alert Spending enough to do his First Celebration was the professor, not new to Me, but suddenly spending like a mad scientist! He and I had many cerebral conversations about joining My cult, which I so very much enjoy! He spent $642 learning about My dangers!

Lauren’s footlicker was a very good boy for Me, and he spent $153 pleasing Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! My sweet girl sissy j was SUCH a good girl for Me, she has been going through the first celebration, and joined My church. She spent $523

My good boy peeper returned to please Me with $178,  I love watching him click and pay when he is on a tear!






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Another way to entrap pigs-Religious Devotion

Lauren is your Goddess

The Religion is Me of course

I embrace all ways of luring men into deep addiction to Me.

Nothing is really off limits (except for things I find distasteful or are prohibited on Niteflirt- because My money and joy is more important than your tiny erection)

Lately I’ve been playing with religious devotions. Religion can be a powerful tool to brainwash the weak minded or desperate into a situation where they are controlled.

My mantras become prayers, rituals, sacraments.

Let’s try a few!

Sample of Addictive Prayers

Now some of you are repulsed by the thought of Me creating religious devotions around your servitude to Me. (I’m actually amused by this). I want you to consider why this is. It’s because you ALREADY have preexisting religious programming that is controlling your life. Some church or other religious institute is trying to control their access to you for your money and to retain power. Part of their indoctrination is to instill horror if anyone else attempts to do the same thing! I see through it.

Other of you have the programming but also your mind is screaming to be free of it! This can help. (Of course, you’ll be transferring that programming to Me)

But My programming is very sexual in nature. Erotic. Instead of being told NOT to masturbate, I direct you to stroke (although I certainly will control the circumstances of that, but submissive types LOVE that)
So I tempt you into the religion of Lauren. I invite you to serve Me.

I invite you to take Lauren into your heart with a rock hard cock, primed to show your devotion with your wallet! I’m aiming to release a pay to view series to educate and guide you in your devotionals!


I have been working on My pay to view store. It’s really tedious and time consuming. Any type of content creation, like blogging, webpages, making photos, videos, audios and pay to views, are all time consuming and require concentration without many interruptions. When I am available to take calls and chats, it’s just about impossible.

Will all that in mind, I’m going to be taking more time not logged in/ taking calls/being available to clients. The updated schedule is on the right sidebar.

Also, because the store is down, I made some extra Niteflirt listings to put pay to views on. If you go to My Niteflirt profile you can see 3 listings devoted entirely to pay to views. (you have to press the little purple arrow on the right side to see all of them)

Here are some new pay to views, so deliciously dangerous as always!

And the time has come for the famous Fuckover Report!
Which pigs lost control? And for how much?
Are you there?

The Fuckover Report

I just want to say that this report is notable for having EIGHT Extreme Paypig Alerts. Yes, EIGHT different slaves all spent more than $1000 on Me since the last blog. I think this might be a record!

Paypig Alert! First up is sniffer! This pig could NOT stay away and between pay to views and raise the rate calls he ended up spending $401 dollars. Delicious!

My good boy who loves stolen moments managed a few phone calls, spending $183 on his Goddess.

Extreme Paypig Alert! I believe this is the first time this piggy has slipped into an Extreme mention, but it is unsurprising, as he hs been calling Dr. Lauren for his “special” therapy sessions that are designed to thrust him into Medical Bankruptcy for Dr Lauren! He spent $1187 since the last post! Good boy! (So devoted to his therapy!)

Back again was dangle dude, who fell again for My pantyhose and crystal. He spent $127 this time around!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another Extreme Paypig Alert was from boomer! This guy is addicted to the good feeling he gets from click and pay! A few phone calls help cement the addiction more firmly, and he returns again and again. Helpless and Hard. He spent $1125!

I was really happy to see the dane back and spending again. We had some fun and he spent $275. It was really good to use him again!

Paypig Alert! Calling a few times since the last blog entry was helpless dennis. It’s My perfect breasts that have him so captivated and powerless against Me. He spent $345 since the last post!

Back for a round of servitude was irish dope. He spent $153 in a fun chat/tribute session!

Paypig Alert! Another very busy slave was My nylon slave, who has been studying his Lauren devotions and opening his heart to Me lately. He devoted $340 to Me since the last blog post

My good paymoosie from Down Under was back, and he sent Me $200 in gift cards over the course of a couple of sessions. NICE.

Extreme Paypig Alert! And yet another extreme paypig alert goes to j the junkie, I think it’s his first extreme alert! I have been pushing him harder as of late, and he has responded wonderfully, by sending increasingly bigger and fatter tributes! So juicy! He spent $1370 since the last post!

Just barely squeaking in a mention of just pennies over a hundred was My sissy cocksucker, who spent $100 and a few cents

New Slave! New to My blog, after years of lurking was a guy I’m calling “rapper” . He bought a few pay to views, we did some chat and a couple of nice phone calls. A good start! He spent $205.

My elegant food lover pleased Me with some tributes and chat and spent $158

Extreme Paypig Alert! And yet another extreme alert! This time by My they guy I just call, niteflirt client. He spends, deletes his account, spends, deletes his account. This time around he spent $1593! I also think it might be his first Extreme mention! Right now his account is deleted, but he will be back. He always returns.

Also squeaking in a mention was My titpay ATM who spent $100. He’s due for a fuckover!

New Slave! New to Me is another slave I’m calling “ass bitch” This newbie went crazy on goody bags, and we had a couple of nice phone calls as well. He spent $173

Back with some more mindless click and pay was dirtbag! I always like seeing him in My transactions. He spent $233 since the last post.

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy oinkloser was very busy spending and paying his Goddess. He’s on his way to new spending milestones, I just know! He spent $585

Lately, My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker has been upping his game and spending more! I have noticed! He’s way past the 5K lifetime spending amount, and since the last blog entry, he has spent $191. Well done!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Having yet another Extreme spending alert was noddy, again so soon after his uber-legendary record setting session of $13,967, AND the biggest blog mention ever of $16,941 (A sum of fucking beauty). I expected him to be quiet after I raped his credit cards so brutally not so very long ago, but he coughed up enough for a nice session of $1138. YUM.

My good girl sissy j has been busy, we’ve been having a TON of fun and playing games. She has spent $184 since the last blog, although I imagine that will be increasing soon for reasons she knows about!

Extreme Paypig Alert! The Extreme mentions keep on coming! PIG kept losing control, stroking and paying and falling every more deeply under My thrall. He can’t stop, we both know it. He spent $1252 since the last post!

First time mention! Not exactly new, but never having spent enough to get a mention was a guy I’m gonna call “cadet” He finally clicked and paid enough to spend $106 and qualify for this entry! I look forward to lots more in the future!

Paypig Alert! My good girl jenna, the caged yankee couldn’t stop buying the PTVs I sent her. She spent $357

New Slave and Huge Paypig Alert! Getting to know how dangerous I am through pay to views and chat/tribute was My new slave “shuffler” He may be surprised to learn he spent $775 on his dangerous introduction to My devious ways!

Paypig Alert! Back for more is rolo! He keeps creating and deleting accounts. This time around he spent $426. He’ll be back, he always is!

Paypig Alert! Another guy that keeps coming back and spending and spending and spending is knickers. He’s weak, keeps clicking and paying. He spent $437 since the last blog post

Extreme Paypig Alert! yes another extreme alert, not surprisingly from buffy (AKA princess gigi/fagmuffin). This sissy’s addiction is complete. Now I’m working on cock craving with her again. She knows that she is in peril. She spent $1351 since the last blog post!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another extreme sissy I have is bambi! (not to be confused with buffy!) bambi is a mind controlled bimbo and I have dissolved enough of her mind to cause an iq drop. We have lots of fun and I like sending her coded messages that make her tribute without realizing it! Trigger heaven! She spent $1512 dollars since the last blog post!

Paypig Alert! My good boy button kept clicking and paying over the course of the month and spent $347. YUM

Paypig Alert! Back on the blog for the first time in a long time is Loserbeast! An oldtime favorite of Mine! it felt so good to use him again and he spent $381. Very nice, Loserbeast!

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How I learned to be a FinDomme

How I learned to be a FinDomme

It was a multi-pronged journey, but credit must be given where credit is due. I initially learned from paypigs , desperate men who so badly wanted a woman to financially abuse them, men ALREADY addicted who had hard cocks over the thought of a beautiful woman taking their cash.

So I paid attention. I learned that they found this humiliating. I learned the devastation it brought to their lives, their families, their future. I learned that they were helpless, this was their drug. I learned that their cocks didn’t get hard unless they were being cash fucked.

I was more than willing to take advantage of men who had proven they were in bondage to this fetish. I didn’t care what it cost them, because it gave Me two things that I absolutely loved. One was, of course, money. I enjoyed having a very comfortable living making men slaves to their fetish.

I did, however, supplement my learning with additional research.  I googled subjects like abuse, sexual addiction, Stockholm syndrome, even magic.  I bought books about hypnosis and mind control, pouring over them in gleeful anticipation of yet more power. I read about power, powerful people, and how cults controlled their subjects.  I was alert to things I could use on My victims.

I went from learning how to take advantage of men who were paypigs, to turning ordinary submissive men into paypigs. I learned about having a fetish for humiliation and being a paypig were related. I learned why sissies can be particularly vulnerable.  I learned how to tell which men were worth training and which were not. I learned to cull men who were a waste of time, or who I found particularly grating. (sometimes the money isn’t worth putting up with some guys) I learned how to make a man’s cock hard from paying Me, and eventually I trained the hapless loser to only get hard FROM paying Me.

I learned how many pigs LOVED reading about their own debasement, and the humiliation of others. I know that many end up stroking their cock to My blog. (You’re paying the blog fee right?)

I am very good at what I do. And there is no one as dangerous as Me.

Check My recent pay to views and succumb to My powers!

Read who fell victim to Me since the last blog entry in

The Fuckover Report!

I am blogging only a couple weeks since the last one, and took some well deserved time off, so it is a little smaller than usual.

Paypig Alert! I’m going to begin with a piggy who is returning after a hiatus (they almost always come back, sooner or later) This pig, addicted kevin,  lost himself in a click and pay haze and spent $440. Good boy for earning your alert!

Getting yet another mention is sniffer, who spend $120. I hope to lure him into another dangerous amount SOON.

Stopping by one Friday night to lose his mind over My black leggings was “more please” who spent $156

Huge Paypig Alert!  Wow! My good boy, boomer, couldn’t stay away, delving into click and pay with more expensive pay to views and calling. He spent $602!  Excellent!

My special good boy tom, called for more “therapy” I’m teaching him to strive for medical bankruptcy with Dr Lauren!  This time around, he spent $215

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good sissy caged yankee has gotten addicted. I remember how this sissy didn’t think extreme addiction could happen, but obviously that wasn’t true.  This sissy spent $560 since the last fuckover report!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Knickers was back with click and pay, spinning deeper under My power. He was never able to escape Me. He spent  $538!

Trying to stay away by deleting his account is pigbait. He just can’t stop, coming  back on again and again. This time it cost him $161

My exposure sissy got exposed and spent $123!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Getting a huge alert was helpless dennis. He literally cannot cum now (see above blog entry about this pnenomena) unless he is paying the tits! He spent $311

Stopping by for some more click and pay was “horniest” he spent $157

My special good boy and I had a couple nice phone calls for $102

I was pleased to see My good boy button do some more click and pay, he spent $128.

Paypig Alert!  My elegant foot lover kept finding Me after a time of missing each other, and he made up for lost time, spoiling Me for $325

Coming around again was nylonslave, so very devoted. He spent $116 on his religion of Goddess Lauren!

Unable to stay away is clayton. I got him as a slave when he was about 20, which is before the brain is fully developed. I turned him into a lifetime addict for financial domination.  He spent $268

Paypig Alert!  Pig and I kept missing each other, and that meant that he spent just $423, missing a huge or extreme alert for the first time a while!

J the junkie kept slipping back into chat with Me, and each time I used My beauty to lure more cash from him. He parted with $258.

Trying without success to quit Me was extreme paypig, managing to only spend $110 this time.

Paypig Alert!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good girl buffy, (formerly known as princess gigi), kept falling deeper under My power. Her tiny clitty is comatose now, and she is in an estrogen induced stupor of spending.  Buffy spent $646 since the last fuckover report.

Paypig Alert! My tranced sissy bambi, returned again and again to pass time with Me. That cost her $457

My good boy, irish dope, devoted $228 to pleasing his Mistress!

Back, spending $125, was helpful one. We have lots of fun with cock control!

Back and spending more is dirtbag, he parted with another $148 since last fuckover report!

Now, will YOU be in the NEXT Fuckover report?

Go to My store and buy stuff!

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New Biggest Session Ever and New Uber-Legendary Fuckover Report Total!

My paypig noddy is going to require a new category because he’s gone above legendary.

Uber Legendary Mention!

This blog entry was going to be about triggers, both conscious and unconscious, and how I apply them to the psyche of a beta male to turn him into a craven loser who only exists to obey and pay.

But one of the victims of My approach upended My plans, and no one is happier about it then I am!

Drone noddy surpassed everything, biggest session ever, previously set last year by Dr X (read here about that session!)

The loser broke that by a few hundred, and that one session was $13,967, just short of 14K.  By the time I was done, his credit cards were destroyed, maxed out. I really want to do this again with it sometime, so noddy, I direct it to consolidate those loans into one lower monthly payment. Then after paying off all its credit cards, it can do it again!

BUT that wasn’t the only session we had since the last blog post. There were several and the total he it spent is absolutely stunning.

Its fuckover total since the last blog post is a jaw-dropping

$16,941!  It’s a sum of fucking beauty!

I should also mention that he blew past both the $40K and 50K lifetime spending amounts on Me, currently lifetime of $57,530.  This is in just over two years. (less than 25 months even) Stunning! Only wallet rape toy spent as much as fast.

Here is a photo of it!  (It includes SEVEN $999 pay to views, the biggest possible on Niteflirt)

Click it for better view!

I’m still deciding what to do with the cash influx into My account. I will likely save some of it for a future vacation, (when we’re allowed to leave the freaking country again!) or throw some at the mortgage. And a new treadmill to get Me through the winter seems likely.  These are FinDomme Problems! (And you think My life is so easy!)

Another amazing sum is the total spending since the last report (a mere 3 weeks ago) of $30,313.  If I raped you pigs ALL the time for that amount, it would amount to 1/2 million a year.  Which, seems fitting.

It made Me curious though, and despite the banner last three weeks, My cash fuckings have been down a little in 2020, especially during the shutdowns, as pig income declined and opportunies for them to session as well (Nosy families hovering around).  However, I have the total I have fucked men over since I began dipping My toe into FinDomme in 2007.  It is over $2.8 MILLION dollars on Niteflirt alone.  I suspect sometime next year I’ll surpass $3 Million, but maybe you buffoons can get Me there faster!  This doesn’t include income from gifts and other sites I won’t mention, so it really probably already has passed the $3M mark.

Now I’m so excited and aroused it’s hard to finish the Fuckover report, but you guys are expecting it.

The Fuckover Report!

noddy got its own mention about, no one came close to that whale of a session!  (I am willing to help anyone top that!)

There is plenty to talk about though!

Legendary Paypig Alert!  Any other week, this sissy would have had top billing again, but her hypno-spending of  $2852 is nothing to sneeze at. It’s so easy to trigger her and CLICK she just can’t stop

Extreme Paypig Alert!  I think this is j the junkie’s biggest mention ever! He has just been going crazy on click and pay like a good boy, and sending big tributes frequenly in chat. I was proud of him for hitting the $5K lifetime level of spending, and now he’s also got an Extreme alert  Well done j!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  This alerts are commonplace for bambi (formerly known as princess gigi and fagmuffin).  She’s been with Me for years and is the only pig I have who has exceeded the $200K lifetime level of spending. (The rest of you: GOALS)  She’s getting more girly, on estrogen and her life has completely transformed since she met Me. She can only think about paying Me. Her clit (used to be a cock, can you believe it?) is LIFELESS.  She spent $1091 since the last blog report

My good boy irish dope got another mention, spending $107

Paypig Alert!  My sweet addict boomer kept clicking and paying and calling until he had spent $410!

More please also managed a mention, this time for $115

Huge Paypig Alert!  I think this is helpless dennis’s first Huge alert! His addiction to My breasts and voice is reeling out of control, and I am taking FULL advantage!  He spent $672

My boi wayne managed a mention, spending $120 dreaming about My thick ass.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Okie dokie, steve q fucked came back for yet ANOTHER huge rinsing, this time for $646  Delicious!

I had a fun session with My elegant foot lover and he spent $140

Huge Paypig Alert!   Clicking and paying again, returning with weak abandon was knickers.  This weak addict spent $619

My slave tPay squeaked in with $105. He’s due for a BIG fuckover!

Huge Paypig Alert!  This guy just CANNOT STOP CLICKING AND PAYING!  Like SO many, button is addicted! He spent $398

and weak4legs couldn’t stop spending, I got $106 of his cash and he a blog mention!

New Slave!  New to My world is faggy, a little sissy who spent $220 finding out that I am dangerous!

Getting a mention with $119 is Lauren’s bootlicker.  He doesn’t generally get big mentions, but he is loyal!

Paypig Alert!  The guy I just call My niteflirt client seems to have stayed on one account for a while. Outstanding! Maybe he and I will have to brainstorm a different blog name for him.  He spent $335 this time around! Nice!

Good sissy caged yankee kept looking for Me, such a good girl girl, she spent $215

New Slave and Blog Mention:  New slave that I’m calling s’more is getting his first mention, for spending $150 finding out about the dangers of Mistress Lauren!

My good boy quiet gentleman spent $107 for his mention.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My special good boy tom kept calling for FinDomme therapy, and I just kept making him pay higher and higher rates! He spent $675! He’ll get to bankruptcy eventually!

My good boy goat, who I always enjoy, was back clicking and paying $270.  So close to a paypig mention! (That threshold is $300)

Huge Paypig Alert! PIG continued his addicted spending ways. I think it would have been even more, because we missed each other a few times, but it did total $785.  That puts his lifetime spending at $116,390.  He’s catching up to wallet rape toy for lifetime. He’s been with Me since 2007, so it took a few years!

My hypnosissy cocksucker tim and I had a couple of nice sessions, and I sent him into lala land and he spent $145

Paypig Alert!  Loser addict sniffer couldn’t stay away again and spent $338!  This is habit-forming!

My titpay ATM has been licking his wounds from fuckovers during the last couple reports, but managed to pull together enough cash to get a mention for $100.  Good boy

Now, let’s see what the next blog post brings.
Perhaps you will have an extreme or legendary mention.
Or maybe you will be the one to bump noddy out of the top


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