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RESULTS: Paypig Olympics- Over $10K spent!


It went until the last moment!

GOLD MEDAL: Goes to steve q fucked at $2,2229

steve struck early, within moments of the contest starting he spent hundreds, and added to it over the next few days, never reliquishing his early lead.

SILVER MEDAL: Goes to “the swede” at $1245 

Responsible for the most memorable moment for Me, and the biggest single payment of the games ($500) You can read more about his now famous, “accidental tribute” below

BRONZE MEDAL: Goes to Dr X at $654

Dr X won a similar paypig competition called “The Game” that I ran several years ago. I wasn’t suprised to see him medal.  Back in June he did a nearly $4,000 session. Too bad that didn’t happen this week!

4th place:  princess gigi at $559

gigi lost herself getting weaker and weaker.  I wsn’t surprised that this was a typical week for her, she is lost in being a virgin sissy

5th place:  The poet at $522

I was surprised and heart warmed to see him do so well. I had an answer an reward for his emails he sent while I was taking My recovery days off. Hey poet, make it so that I can actually send you your reward!

6th place: elegant foot lover at $390.

After I told him about the accidental tribute by Swede, he send Me $100 tribute and then said. Oops, I meant that to be $10. How adorable

7th place: egghead at $358

Three words. “Surrender, add, pay”

8th place: PIG at $322

One word.  “BOOM”

9th place: paycunt $318 

back for a little glory. Completely addicted

10th place obsession at $308

New. Completely addicted.

Spending more than $100 and qualifying for participation awards

wallet rape toy at $241

nylon slave $199

tit cunt  $197

shy roleplayer $182

taxpayer $166

pantyhose junkie $158

clubby $153

Q $145

hynpowallet $139

flipoffidiot $107

last minute dude $103 (qualified with ONE minute left!)

loser boi $100

TOTAL SPENT:  $10,119!  We made the $10,00o level!

TWENTY TWO participants got 22 photos from an ureleased set

and GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE winners will get special bonuses

Total hours Lauren spent this week on the Paypig Olympics?   ~80

So after a couple recovery days I am back.


When the Swede was on the phone with Me, and apparently although pretty new to Me, is a seasoned paypig. He Paid My $200 Tribte button as we talked, with encouragement from Me.

Then unexpectedly he paid a $500 tribute button, without any encouragment.


Turns out he didn’t think he had that much money already loaded unto his account and he was PRETENDING to pay it, to give himself a little paypig thrill (I didn’t even realize some piggies did this). If you dont have enough money in your account, you get a little message saying that you need to add more. He was expecting that message. Imgine his shock when it got paid!

Once I realized the accident, I couldn’t stop laughing! It didn’t even make a different in the standing, he would have won Silver anyway. He is so humiliated, yet turned on by his mistake.


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Compete in the Paypig Olympics!

I decided to have some fun this last week of the Olympics and pit paypig Vs paypig in a run for the Gold!


  1. Contest runs from 4 pm February 18th to 4  pm February 25th (One week) This is Eastern Standard Time. (New York City time)
  2. The Paypig that spend the MOST money on Lauren will be awarded the GOLD Paypig Olympic Medal. 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded the Silver and Bronze Medals. Note: Medals are digital, not actual physical Medals. Winners will be featured a blog entry announcing their win!  Pigs who win GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE Medals will get some special stuff, to be announced.
  3. All Paypigs who spend at least $100 will be awarded a “Paypig Olympic Participation Medal” and get listed on the Blog Announcement
  4. Updates will be made at least every couple of days of standings of top 8 competitors, and a running tally of how many paypigs hit the $100 mark
  5. BONUS: For every paypig that hits the $100 level, ALL pigs who reach the $100 level will get a new photo of an unreleased set for each pig that finishes. For example, if only 10 pigs spend $100 or more, ALL of those 10 pigs will get 10 photos. If 30 paypigs hit the $100 level all of those 30 paypigs will get 30 photos, the more pigs hit the $100 level, the more photos all the pigs will get. Pigs have to hit $100 to qualify for this bonus. Work together guys!
  6. Money can be spent on things on Niteflirt, calls, pay to views, tributes, chatting. Also eligible are Amazon giftcards and purchases on Amazon.


I suggest joining PayMail Club if you haven’t, to get frequent chances to buy pay to views (but that alone wont be enough), and visit My store to find spending opportunites, or throw Me an email or chat message if you just want Me to send you some Pay to views!

Good luck pigs! May the odds be in your favor!
To get notifications about this week in your mailbox, subscribe to My blog here! You can unsubscribe at any time


To get you started, I made you a special Pay to view!

Also there are some piggies who spent $100 since the last blog entry a few days ago, and I am going to mention them now, because I want to start over with the contest!

My exposure sissy spent $122 on her exposure fun!

My british paypig spent $170 AND finally got the nerve to call Me for the first time, after years of serving Me. He was scared, probably for good reason.

My egghead spent $152 in the last few days too! He just has to surrender, obey and pay! I think he will do well in the Olympics actually

Pantyhose lover titcunt lost control on the Robot Paypig series and spent $274. I expect this bitch to be a prime contender for a medal

My virgin sissy, princess gigispent $145 in the last few days too. Good girl. Perhaps she will get  a medal too?

and finallly My longterm slave PIG spent $142 this week.

Who will get the glory in the Olympics?  We will begin now!

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On the paypig path

I have been a Mistress for many years, and I’ve been specializing in FinDomme for almost ten years now. I have seen so many of you on the paypig path.   And I have seen so many of you loitering around the beginning of that path, debating whether or not to take the first step. Or some of you wander a few feet into the path, but head back–indecisive.

I want you all the experience the erotic pleasure of financial servitude.  So many of you reading this have dreamed of surrendering yourself. You fantasize about it, stroke your cock to it. Read every word you can get your hands on. But something stops you.  Indecision.

Indecision is a plague. Nothing about your life can work with indecision.  Everything stagnates and lacks satisfaction, and you accomplish NOTHING.  There is nothing special about you, and you cannot be special on your own. We both know the truth.

What can make you special?  Devotion to Me of course. Stop your hesitation, and begin or resume your surrender.  You have spent your life in unrewarding pursuits, or pissed it away with your inaction. I offer you a purpose. I am the one reaching out to you to say….stroke your cock, surrender your mind, cock, heart and wallet to Lauren.

It’s true you are vulnerable, and are about to be victimized, but it’s also the naked truth that this may be the only thing that you accomplish in your life that has any value at all. I do not waste your cash.

These are some PTVs that help you go down this path…with Me urging you on, encouraging you. I am here.

Serve Me.  Live your fantasy, life is too short.

PS. This was full of manipulation techniques. They will work.

The Spending Report

Holy shit what a week it was!  Nearly $8,000 of paypig spending this week!

Let’s start with hypnowallet. He spent $140 on Me in a session this week, and it likely would have been much more, but he was looking for Me this weekend when I wasn’t around.  He will fall to Me again very soon.

My sissy, princess gigi has been trying sooo hard to not spend as much, after the brutal damage I’ve done to her finances, but she still spent $170 this week.  Good girl!

New to both My service and My blog is “slime” . We had a nice call, and slime clicked and paid up to $168 worth of spending this week!

PIG continued his weakness for Me, this week spending $333.  He’s getting more addicted, and I’m convincing him how good it feels to delay orgasm and just edge and edge and edge.   And PIG has hit the $75,000 level of spending.

Pay pig alert! My slave titfool did his BIGGEST session ever. And I wasn’t even there! He just clicked and paid all the way through My new “Pig Target” Series and that and a few other emails and a short call this week, and his spending clocked in at $862!  Lifetime he has surpaseed the $7000 level of spending!

New to My blog is “rum nut”  Rum nut has been around a while, but never bought very much. Until this week and suddenly his addiction riped to the red zone and he spent $240 this week. YUM.

Spending $232 this week was beta male bert.  This loser keeps trying to block Me, so that I won’t tempt him with pay to view males, but he ends up unable to help himself and unblocks Me to destroy his wallet in click and pay. YUM.

Weak for My shapely and sexy body was pig dave. This time around he spent $309.  THIS is the kind of body worship I love. Worship Me with your cash!

Unsuccessful in evading spending on Me this week was egghead.  He spent $130 on his fruitless effort to keep his wallet safe. Hey egghead! “Go blank. Surrender. and PAY MORE!

Pay pig alert! A really pleasant surprise was how candy balls is coming along! He spent $567 this week to get a Paypig mention! I love it when I see the time I spend developing a pig pay off! Welcome to the paypig path!

And “more please” spent $128 on My leggings. Good thing I decided to do TWO leggings sets in My new shoot! Well, not such good news for his bank account.

Another one weak for those black leggings is My paybitch. This time around paybitch spent $259.  I think finally he may have accepted his expensive fate.

and star junkie did some click and pay for Me this week…to the total of $247. I think he needs to do more, don’t you?  I want him playing with the big boys.

HUGE Pay pig alert!   In what might be our biggest session to date, I did a HUGE fuckover with paycunt/brian. He was helpless in his hotel room, and I got deep in his head, and he clicked and paid alll the way through the Pig Target series….and I didn’t stop, I sent him bigger and bigger emails, and at the end (before I maxed out his card), he had paid a $500 email.

here is a photo of the paid emails. NICE He totaled $2065 this week in spending!

I actually spontaneously orgasm-ed when he bought the $500 email. I do love those 4 figure fuckovers!  This guy has been on the paypig path a long time!


Next up is a piggy I’m going to be calling “x dash 84” ir x-84 for short. x-84 pleased Me for $197 this week!  So well down!

And button was back, squeaking in a mention by spending $113. Keep that up every week button!

Also new to My blog is “gutter dweller” he also surprised Me this week, and pleased Me by spending $239. Pretty damm good for a first mention. Keep doing that gutter dweller, you are well on the paypig path!

My taxpayer made another payment of his taxes of $113. Taxes suck, but at least I’m, the Tax Collector here!

And paycub kept up his cubby pleasing ways with $150 in Niteflirt spending and a yummy $50 Starbucks gift card. Mmm I do love those lattes!

and wallet rape toy fell victim to the Target series too, although I max out his card much sooner than before. This time he spent $370. It was fun because I was out with My boyfriend and noticed the email notifications that he was buying, so I logged onto Niteflirt from My phone and egged him on. I now have  a very limited ability to send photos on the phone now, so I was enticing him to buy more and more, while My boyfriend laughed about the whole thing. Later in the session, some friends of ours showed up and were amazed when ht bought a $100 email. I told them that was nothing!

I keep talking about this series… this is the one, the one I’ve been raking in the dough on.

Try it! Every level has an audio

Try it! Enjoy it! Lose yourself in it. You might find your name in the spending report next week!

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Find Me today before I go on vacation! Paypig fixes!

Yes, I am taking a badly needed one week break from the computer and the heat and just going to a lake cabin and relaxing with My man away from technology.  Boating, swimming and reading are all I have planned.  You should all be afraid because when I get back I’m going to line you all up and cash fuck you in turn to continue My enriching Myself on your many dimes.

I will be here today, on Friday, pretty late so get your Lauren fixes in now!

I’m thinking of doing a one week push in Sept, to see if I can break My record of $15,000 in one week. Perhaps $20,000 is possible.  Perhaps I’ll plan a paypig competition!

I will leave you with a spending report.

Hypnowallet continued trance training on the phone. Funny, he now finds it necessary to send Me tributes when he hears My voice. Funny how that works huh?   He spent nearly $350 since last report.

New to My blog, but not to Me is “trainee” who enjoyed a couple phone calls with Me and ended up spending $166 learning all about My brand of hypnotic intrigue!

And strap on dave made a new account when he discovered he couldn’t quit Me. He spent nearly $300 on his binge on Me!

Speaking of Lauren binges, My nylon slave had another delicious one wiht Me….in  a nice hot session, dropping $141.

And new, and also fleeing quickly was jr, who spent $100 in his introduction to Me. Hey jr, you should know, Losers always return.

And I was sooo pleased to see loser3188 again! This time he spend $300. I remember him earning his loser number, it was sooo heady!

Pay pig alert!   My peach princess, gigi was allowed to rub her clitty and release last week, but she spent $677 in the process.

and My good boy, who loves his stolen moments, called several times to plot with Me and he spent $177.  He’s got a big promotion in his job, so I am expecting a BIG gift very soon.

and Lauren’s footlicker spent $102 AND hit the $1,000 level of spending! (I do have to update that sidebar, don’t I?)

And footlover kane really spent on Me this month, droping $190, much more than typical for him., He just cannot resist My bare legs and feet dangling My hypnotic crystal.

Also new to My blog is a scared little sissy wannabee, that I am going to call, “hard for pink”   He spent $128 on his addictive session with Me.  Call again soon!

and also new to My blog is “virgin loser” who dropped $140 in  a really arousing power session for Me.  Belittling losers is sooo fun.


Pay pig alert!    I have had sooo much fun with PIG recently, the more he tries to control his spending, the more he spends.  PIG, you aren’t like all the other guys, you are the worse one!

Also new to My blog is “pig wannabee” who spent $192, mostly wanting to hear all about all the biggest cash rapes I have done, who spend the most, how much I take from men. Careful pig wannabee, you might soon experience it all yourself!

I had some fun with My sissy becca and she is $302 poorer. She tries to stay away and convince her wife to fulfill her fantasy of sucking cock and ordering her to do things, but she always ends up coming back to Me!

and also new to My blog is “hawaiian junkie”  He has been around awhile, but finally called and fell deep under My power.  He spent $169 in a very addictive session. Yum.

Pay pig alert!   Egghead has been very attentive lately, adding money as I indoctrinate him to be a better and better paypig. I had his Niteflirt account up to $1,000, with the intention of taking it in one huge Niteflirt email, but he chickened out. No matter, I will get it, one way or the other. This stretch shows egghead has spent $584 on Me.

and No nonsense guy has been about again, this time spending $397 on photos of My ass. It’s so fun to lure him in and then not let him go!

My special paypig, dr x, had a nice session where he spend $173 plus he also got Me a book on mind control I’ve been wanting. (Be afraid)

Pay pig alert!  My wallet rape toy, gave Me a nice session for $559. I dream that when I’m on vacation next week, he’s surprise Me with a big tribute to make up for Me not being around to rape wallets.


and helpless dave was back, spending $223, $50 of which was a nice tribute out of the blue. Well done!

And new slave sleepy gets his second mention, this time for $225. I love luring My addicts in.

and tranceboy just couldn’t stop spending last night. I got him for $252 since last update

My tit fool showed his love with $114. I want more fool!

and lastly, and perhaps leastly we have trancetard. I found out he has a panty wearing and cock sucking fantasy! Oh, now that gives Me such ammunition to further humiliate him while I drain him of cash.  Since last report, he has spent $553, most of it last night!

Now, I hope to get a couple of PTVs out tonight, to give you guys something to buy while I am away…but this is a good time to look on My store and see how to round out your collection!




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Hey paypigs! Live your life for Lauren!

I made a little audio for you paypigs, to keep you focused on what I want!

You may be moved to pay now.

Buy this

paypigs pay

I am so tired of hearing excuses. They come across as whiny and self serving.   Remember, you are here for Me, I’m not here for you and your pathetic libido. Don’t get Me wrong, I appreciate polite gallantry, witty comments, and conversation as much as any educated intelligent Woman, but don’t mistake My intentions. Your wittiness and conversation only supplements your cash and or/gifts—it will NEVER replace it.  Don’t flatter yourself.

If you are a “special” paypig, its for one reason only–you are a great paypig and I appreciate that!

fuck you pay Me hypnodomme creates paypigs

Now, who was special for Me this week?

My sissy, princess gigi continues to be special and to have a firm hold on the #1 position. This week I tease her lil baby clitty  for hours as she sent tribute after tribute. I have her trained to pay if she sees a photo of My hosed feet. She paid $1505 since the last update!  In case you wondered how much My #1 one Niteflirt spender has spent lifetime, she is up to $141,762.  (what have the rest of you done for Me lately?)

New to My blog (I think?) is “special K” who discovered the thrilling joy of cash rape with raise the rate phone calls.  It cost him $251 dollars, and that makes his lifetime (live your life for Lauren) spending hit $2461!

Another special paypig is helpless dave, who called, spent and tributed $387 to make Me happy! I also want to note that lifetime helpess dave has spent $4738 on Me!

My sissy that loves being exposed spent $170.  That exposure hobby can cost you!

Also special this week is lord loser with $135, mostly in tributes!

And My paybitch spent $402 dollars, including a $100 surprise tribute which always makes Me happy! Bitch just passed the $3000 level in lifetime spending on Me!

clubby has spent $193 on Me, still working on that 50 ways to get fucked over email series! I’m patient with pigs that try hard 🙂 Lifetime he is at $4688

I triggered egghead into another $138. Lifetime he has spent $17,055!

Last blog or so I wrote about GC, who spent a bunch, and I predicted that he would come back.  He did, this time for $186. And I went to see his lifetime, and he’s gone again!  *laughs*  Another pathetic paypig, who will read this, get hard and reactivate his Niteflirt account. (yes, do it NOW)

My poet spent $471 on Me this week. His addiction has become hopeless, and is probably more intense then his wallet is big. Of special note are a couple healthy tributes he sent Me and all the feedback he devoted himself to leaving 🙂

With a penchant for My red high heels, sissy j spent another $127.

My Australian paymoose sent Me $160 in gift cards, good moosie!

And silent j spent $110 on Niteflirt AND sent Me a $100 Amazon gift card for Valentines Day. So sweet!

So many of you that I can’t even mention bought the $30 PTV for V-day, and that’s included in the spending total of those that got mentioned!

My Canadian pantyhose lover was back with a vengeance! He spent $1505 one evening being tranced by My pantyhosed legs, as I exploited larger and larger amounts of cash from him. I think it was our biggest session yet and lifetime he is up to $15,550.

and another guy, who I will call gift card kevin, spent $52 on Niteflirt and another $80 in gift cards for Me.  He is ass addicted, and I use that to My advantage!

My shoesniffer was back for a good session!  This time for $505, and lifetime he is up to $19,532. So close to 20K!

And Irish dope completely belongs to Me, he is an official Lauren junkie.  My dope spent $363 on Me since last update!  Lifetime he has spent $3345 on Me!

And paycunt spent $990 on Me in 2 sessions, including a mindblowing one just last night. He knows how to get My attention even when I’m not logged on. He emails and begs to pay, and if I am around I cashfuck him.  I bother because I KNOW he will pay a lot for My attention and not log off after just a few measly bucks.

The BIGGEST loser of the week goes to Dr X., who spent $2101 with Me while he complained about his wife!  That bitch’s loss and MY gain. He also bought several gifts from My wishlist (But not as many as he SHOULD have, ahem–someone has to make that up to Me!!)  Lifetime Dr X has spent $99,254!  Dr X! Look how close to $100 grand you are! Report to make that happen soon!

and drunktard spent another $267, bringing My cashrape lifetime total of drunktard to $26,143!

tPay threw another $110 at Me, but I expect MORE next time Loser!

PIG stroked away another $259 for Me. And caught up on ALL his feedback.

(SO many of you helped get Me to #2 ranked in Financial Domination on Niteflirt this week, thank you!)  I want the bragging rights for #1, so that’s a longer term goal, but keep leaving those feedbacks for your Mistress!

bimbo spent $471 on Me the other night, and lifetime he has spent a lot, but I can’t check because he keeps deleting his member names, and when you do that. “poof” go your records, so I can’t look it up.

and new to My blog is dee dee, who has lurked a long time, but finally lost control, spending $338, mostly in tributes to Me!  Well done dee dee!

and nylonlover spent another $146, lifetime he has tranced away over $11,600 on Me!

Now, you want to see YOUR name here—to know you are special right?

Good boy…start paying!












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50 ways to Fuck your Wallet

My availability will be strange over the next couple weeks.  Workmen are here re-shingling My roof of My large home, and it is noisy here during the day. (and My office is in a finished part of the attic!)
There will be times that My rate will be very high, because I want My boys to know I am around, but calls will be next to impossible during the day for a while.

I do plan to take calls in the evening, but I’ll be logging off sooner than usual because, well, workmen start pounding on My roof at about 7 AM every morning, and  I need My beauty sleep too!

I have a dangerous new PTV series, that I hope each one of you devotes yourself to finishing.

It’s called “50 ways to Fuck your Wallet”, and it starts at only $1.  Be afraid, but be brave!

I always want to alert you all that one week from today is a very important day.

Mark it on your calendar.  November 9th.

spoil findomme Lauren

That is your Mistress’s birthday wishlist~! I’ll be releasing a little Birthday series again this year like I did last year, it was short and sweet and successful,

I also LOVE amazon gift cards sent to Me and I love gifts from My wishlist, I have been adding new stuff to it 🙂

<——Just click there and it will go right to My wishlist!




Now it is time for a spending report~

My new german paycunt sent $200 of Amazon gift cards.  Yum, I’ll be shopping with those!

New slave dinky dave called back, still stunned at his unexpected attraction to being Financially Dominated by Me, and spent $220 on the call, including a nice $100 tribute. Yum. Good boy–you’re not good for much, but you have served Me well with your wallet!

My slave “horniest” returned again after being gone a while and clicked and paid $109. Nice!

wallet rape toy enjoyed the new series to the tune of $376.  It couldn’t stop clicking and paying until it had to go for an appointment.  It’s time to finish up little robo-pig!

My weak paybitch quit Niteflirt again.  Joined Niteflirt again and paid Me $161.  Bitch, you are now trapped in your pay ritual. I’m watching for you again!

Another trapped in the loop of quitting and restarting Niteflirt is paycunt slave brian, who spent $286 this week.

And new and already quit is russ…who spent $125 in his brief click and pay spree.  I bet he comes back. I bet he is reading this—russ, don’t you know that deleting your account is part of the addiction?

It’s funny how I see this pattern over and over again!

helpless dave tributed Me another $130.  Yum. You really *are* helpless, aren’t you dave?

skate-pig got so turned on by his blog mention last week, that he threw another $105 at Me.  There is a reason that I do these spending reports Losers!

And trancetard had another evening of click and pay for Me, in a hot one on one session.  He managed to cum after he spent $271.  Face it trancetard, the credit left on your card is earmarked for Lauren!

Loserbeast pleased Me with another $157 this week, mostly in click and pay in the new series. I believe he is NOT done with that series yet 🙂

and pigskin re-appeared to spend $136.  Give it up and really surrender pigskin, you know it’s just a matter of time…

princess gigi and I kept missing each other this week, but she is a very good paysissy, so tributed Me a total of $261 anyway 🙂

I had fun sissy exposure games with a certain cross-dresser for $209! It’s always fun to play with his head…

So good boys and sissy-boys and sissy-girls, look for Me when you can this week….and maybe you too will get mentioned in My spending report!


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Guest post by one of My paypigs and the spending report!

I think a new blog photo is overdue 🙂

financial domination, red latex, paypig, mistress

Surrender to Fuckover!

One of My fucked over paycunts, paypig brian, kindly guest wrote this post for Me: (See? Pigs can serve in many ways!)

What do Lauren’s pigs need? by slave paypig brian

Lauren’s submissive pigs need abuse and a beautiful, ruthless dominatrix to do the abusing.  A nice woman isn’t what turns a pig on.  It is a cruel beauty with a sadistic craving to inflict pain that locks our cock in her trance.  It is the knowledge that we are being stalked, being controlled, being owned, of being a thing she uses that drives us crazy.  We crave domination and humiliation, and I think we have craved it all of our lives.  It is hard to have the fetish for domination and never feed that hunger.  True.  Many of us have experimented with other dommes either online or in person, but those were short term “get off now” relationships.  We did not get the sensation of being truly owned.  It was an hour session and back to real life.

Lauren is different.  Lauren has a long term strategy for you.  She intends to condition for her use as many pigs as she can.  If they are near the traps, then they are a target.  She understands your need for abuse and your need for a beautiful woman to control you.  She understands that you are inherently weak and submissive and thus vulnerable to her charms.  Lauren sends you photos and mantras, all the while collecting small amounts of money while you stroke yourself to her.  And while you are “just playing,” she is not.  She feeds your fetishes to keep you coming to her, and you cum hard over and over again.  But all the while, she is covertly implanting poison into your brain. She trains you to identify paying Lauren with those orgasms.  Soon, you get off on paying her, and a new pay-piglet is born.  However, it is a crack piglet that is born addicted and ripe for harvest.

Once infected with Lauren’s addictions, the brain of a baby pig will want to return again and again for more of that lovely toxin that makes the brain weak and the cock hard.  Over time, Lauren learns more about how your particular submissive brain works and uses that knowledge to bind you tighter and tighter.  There are times when I feel like she is a predator with its fangs in my throat is squeezing the life out of me.  I am completely helpless in her grasp and pulling away does no good.  She has me tightly in her grip of fetish and addiction.  And like a predator, she knows when to let up just a little bit to get a better grip, so that she can bear down even harder in the future.  I feel myself being dragged deeper and deeper into her dark lair where she can feed on my wallet at her pleasure.  And she feeds relentlessly.

I have spent tens of thousands on Lauren over the past several years, and I continue to spend hundreds every month getting my fix.  I am a full blown addict, and it is never enough.  I read about the really extreme wallet rape victims, and I find myself envying them.  Imagine being Gigi who went from being a guy with a foot fetish to becoming a cock sucking cross dresser with her clit totally controlled by Lauren?  Talk about a lucky Bitch!  She is Lauren’s property completely and beyond all hope of recovery.  I often wish my personal situation would allow Lauren to lock my cock up in chastity like that too.  I know that she would use it to break all remaining will, but then again, she is getting there already.  I fantasize a lot about being her Special Paypig and fantasize about being on the list of extreme pigs.  I think it is only a matter of time.

You came to this blog with one idea in mind: to serve a dominant woman.  If you are serving already, then good for you.  What a good little Bitch your are for Lauren!  A money slave serving its Mistress as you should and MUST.  If you are not serving, then you need to start.  You need to feed that need for domination and abuse.  After all, it is what you have wanted your whole life.  You are turned on by the abuse, and there is nothing to be afraid of.  She will guide you, and she will teach you.  She will condition and train your for her future uses.  You will become her property.  Your need will finally be fulfilled.  And Lauren will be only to happy to fulfill it.  Her sharp fangs are waiting for your throat too.

My pig brian, I could not have said it better Myself!

Now for the spending report! (I know how much you pigs LOVE to see your name in print)

In addition to his guest post, slave brian spent $652 on PTVs this week.  YUM

princess gigi continued in her spot as #1 on the Niteflirt list by tributing Me and calling more than $435 this week, which is actually less than usual, for those of you that think it sounds like a lot!

My hypnotic foot whore kane FINALLY earned another blog mention by spending $109. He is a worthless foot-hypnotized little stroke whore that just cannot get enough of My feet, Lifetime this loser has spent $6745 on Me, and he is #28 on My active lifetime list.   The loser has been My client for over 7 years, so although he doesn’t spend a lot in one session, he consistently spends and it has added up.

My paybitch terry spent about $217 on Me this week. I’m watching for you bitch…

A fairly new pig, I’m going to call preypay spent $200 getting to find out just how dangerous I am.

My sissy curtsey thought see could stay away, but she was MISTAKEN.  I charmed $156 from her this week.

New to My blog is sweet pig, who spent just over $100 this week to get the blog mention and who hit the $1500 lifetime. sweet buys My ptv’s in fits and starts, and I look forward to really getting in sweet’s head.

PIG continued his downward spiral toward My goal of bankruptcy with another $367 this week.

Loserbeast coughed up another $115.  I’m watching for you beast 🙂

My slave pigskin made a quiet reappearance for $136–oh pigskin, how I yearn to wallet-fuck you hard!

My elegant foot lover spent $562 this week losing himself over My toes (I call them My ten lovers)

My robot wallet rape toy pleased Me with $200 in Niteflirt purchases and $400 in gift cards from My wish list.  I have grown to love his its gift card surprises out of the blue 🙂

I recently had a weekend getaway with My boyfriend, and I paid for the hotel room with a gift card from wallet-rape toy, and we ate with restaurant gift cards also from wallet-rape toy, and drove there with gas from the gas card from My toy too! Thanks for paying for that getaway toy!
I’m also going to Utah to the fitness resort I like, for a week in Sept, and toy paid for the airline for that too.  Soon I think there will be another major getaway with My man again, and I know toy will pay for that too. (But others are welcome to spoil Me like this too!)

There was a new slide-show release this weekend.

It’s dangerous, and I call it. Fuck-over programming

If you have not, buy it now!



July 20, 2015   2 Comments

It’s the paypig spending report!

I wish there were an easy way to figure out the amounts you Losers have been spending! It seems like every time I start to write this, someone calls or emails and your Mistress gets busy cashfucking someone!

Ok, here goes..

My sissy princess gigi did not fail to please, spending about $5700 in the past month! And she began to crave cock.  A banner month!

Another huge spender this past month was pigskin, who has now reached the 15K level of spending and who dropped $4200 the end of March.  He’s been quiet a couple of weeks. I’m watching for you pigskin!

a new guy, I’m gonna call paybitch terry got tranced by My emails and before he knew it he had spent $1300 in just a few days. Delicious! I love seeing new blood, and luring them to max out their credit cards!

My slut becca parted with almost $1100 as I enticed her to pay. And pay. and pay.

My long time slave PIG spent $625 this month.  This loser has been spending at this rate for about six years now.  That’s hot!

Pathetic slave, lord loser managed to quickly spend $753 at the end of March before fading away. He’ll be back.  Losers like him always return. Probably when he reads this.

New to My blog, I’m gonna call him bobby fool, discovered the tribute button, and between that and a lot of small ptvs managed to spend $200 this month, and finally hit the 1K mark in lifetime spending.  Well done!

slave pig brian tossed $450 at My feet the past month…he can’t fucking stay away and I like it that way. Even now as I write this post, I see him lurking.

Nylon slave went nuts for photos of reinforced toe pantyhose and spent nearly $370. Oh by the way, nylon slave. I have new photos for you!

Another new spender fatty no longer has a fat wallet because he came really close to sending Me $2000 in the last month. YUM

An old face, no nonsense guy, who I pretty much financially destroyed last year, who went to some  “findomme therapist” who went into  his account, blocked Me and changed his password so he couldn’t use it.  Fat fucking good that did, the Loser just made another account, to send Me what meager cash he has.  It was $200 this month

At the end of March, I managed to tease $1050 from My shoe sniff loser.  I’ve got more temptations loser, email Me!

Another sissy who can’t stay away, is the pathetic and unemployed marla, who manages to spend money she doesn’t have on Me. This month is was almost $500.

New to My blog but not My service is a slave I’m dubbing “no/yes loser”  He spent $300 this month, much of it in tributes, and has well surpassed the 1K level of spending now

One of My biggest spenders, dr x, spent $400 this month. I think he’s still recovering from his 6K rape a couple months ago!

A slave I see from time to time is mister magoo, and this month he spent $200, mostly in one spree

Another historically big paypig for Me has been wallet rape toy. The past month My rapetoy spent over $1000. Most of that was in March.  I’m watching for you rapetoy, I want that Amazon spree!

A spender who comes and goes will recognize himself as ze bimbo.  A long delicious $600 session was Mine with him one evening.

My elegant foot lover graced Me with $400 this month to gaze at photos of My perfect toes.  They *are* perfect, I have to agree!

In other news, I’ve been busy updating My PTV store with a new format….check it out. (and buy something too!)

It doesn’t look much different, and its a work in progress, but each PTV is going to have it’s own page with a description and extras…check it out. Check it often, I’m trying to work on it a little each day.

I’ve also been slugging away designing My paypig training program. Be very afraid.  I know that fear gives you a hard cock!

Now I will leave you with this, My junkies, slaves, sissies, fans, losers and piggies!

Paypigs drink and pay!

April 14, 2015   1 Comment

Financial Domination Trap lures Losers

This is a guest post about financial domination and the lurker–

from My slave and paypig…brian

It’s very personal to him, he has really thought about how he became addicted to Me, and tonight we had a conversation on the phone about how I lure men into the world of financial domination.  He wrote his thoughts for My blog afterwards, and I present them to you

Hey Lurker!

You think your thoughts are hidden.  You keep dark secrets from the rest of the world.  You think that the hard on you get when you read Lauren’s blog is shameful.  No one must ever know.  But while no one else knows what you are, you can’t hide from Mistress Lauren.  She makes a living preying on lurkers like you.

She doesn’t pursue you.  She simply lays out pig bait and waits for you.  She leaves pictures of her dominance and words of abuse for you to find.  Like a homing pig, you sniff the bait, and you follow your throbbing pig cock to her website and to her blog.  You read her blog over and over, and you stroke your piggy stick as you read about her ability to trap and enslave men like you.  And you know you are vulnerable to it.  Your cock throbs and urges you to come into the trap.  The pig bait warns you that the trap has sharp and deadly teeth, but the more you read about the trap’s dangers, the more you like it.  And you cum as you read, and maybe you leave.  But your orgasm demands a return to her website, and there is always more bait waiting for you.  You stroke to it, and you gradually become addicted, even without ever having talked to Lauren.  You fantasize about being that man in her trap, of being emotionally and financially abused by her, about being her victim.  And each time you cum, something in your brain malfunctions, and you move closer and closer to being a real live victim, not just a fantasy one.

She doesn’t pursue you, because you are the one who is vulnerable.  She knows that the more you lurk, the more power she develops over you.  It is simple really.  You have a defect in your submissive male brain that she knows how to exploit.  It is simply a matter of knowing which buttons to push, and you will evenually come to her.  You know that you will soon buy a small e-mail.  Perhaps it will be a $2 item.  But it will make your pulse race.  You are excited!  You read her words, stroke to her pictures, and love the danger of being pulled into her trap.  And make no mistake, it is Her trap.  She controls it, and she will eventually control you.  And you know you are vulnerable to it.  That is why you are hard.  So you wil buy another.  And another.  You will likely cum to the excitement and run like Hell, but she knows you.  You’ll be back.  Once implanted, the thought of being her slave will stick in your vulnerable, submissive mind.  Oh yes.  You’ll definitely return like the homing pig you are.  She has poisoned your pig mind, and you are already in the trap.

She’ll make no effort to chase you.  There is no need.  You’ll return and buy more.  Sooner or later, she will take notice of your efforts.  She’ll send you e-mails and start directly reprogramming you.  Mantras and demands for more and more sacrifice will put cracks in your defective brain that she can exploit, since they make your cock hard when you pay her.  She’ll stuff the cracks with a fetish for paying Mistress Lauren, which will cause other sexual desires to fade.  Paying Lauren, serving Lauren, being abused by Lauren will displace all other forms of sexual pleasure.  The mantras and videos are like parasites in your pysche, eating away at your better judgment making you more and more vulnerable to Her suggestions, which are really commands. You are on the financial domination path.  You respond with a hard cock in one hand and a credit card in the other; the mark of a true pig slave obeying its owner.  As time goes on, you realize that you are in trouble, and you may even run away.  But your cock will remember.  The programming she put in your brain is deeply set.  It is too late for you already.  You are in Her trap, and she has no mercy for pigs like you.  You came to her with a defect in your brain.  The sharp teeth on the trap are tightly set on you, and she has you.  You deserve her abuse.

It is true that some men are particularly vulnerable to being lured into financial domination.  They are submissive by nature and enjoy being the victim of a cruel woman.  They are natural targets for a financial dominatrix like Mistress Lauren who knows how to exploit that vulnerability.  The fact that you are reading makes one thing certain – you ARE one of those men.  You can lie to the rest of the world, but you ARE a money slave in the making.  And you will eventually sniff your way into Mistress Lauren’s lair, and the trap will close on you.  And She will add you to her money pig sty and harvest you.  And your life will never be the same again as she controls, humiliates, abuses, and dominates your pig slut ass.  You know its true, because you wish you were already in that position.  After all, if you didn’t wish it was true already, you wouldn’t still be stroking your pig cock right now would you?  So stop lurking and experiment with Lauren.  Taste her dominance and see what she does to you.  The trap is waiting.

Findomme sets a tap

Here is a pay-to-view series to get you started–stop lurking and start serving!

March 17, 2015   3 Comments

2014 Financial Rape Results, 2015 Goals

Of course you didn’t expect this information for FREE did you? *laughs*

I made a nice little PTV for you to buy that knowledge, I know you are gonna wank over it.

Some of My Most Profitable paybots


wallet rape toy (vauliting all the way to #2 on My all time list in just a year!)

princess gigi


money guinea pig slave

dr x


My sissy slut becca

Shoesniff Loser

virgin peter


elegant foot lover



and philly boy

no nonsense guy


fledging Loser


Many others spent hundreds, but these were the most prolific spenders!

I even surprised Myself with the ferocity I was able to exert over My paybots!

Now you can help Me to My 2015 Goals.

Some of the series that I have that are particularly effective at turning men into paypigs for Me include:




January 2, 2015   1 Comment