Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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FinDomme Weapon: Vinegar and Honey

No, not the actual foods silly! The action of alternating nice and mean. It’s extremely powerful and addictive. Astute Mistresses know how to use this FinDomme Weapon to keep you on your submissive toes!

It keeps submissives on their toes.

Will Lauren call Me a good boy? Or a pussy free faggot loser?

I use different amounts, depending on the slave, but it’s a very rare slave who doesn’t get both (there are a few, some whom I am always nice to and some I am NEVER nice to).

The anticipation, the shock, the confusion, and the pleasure, all conspire to make your useless little dick happy and a hard dick is a paying dick. Plus it’s such a pleasurable manipulation technique for Me to employ! I say a choice sentence and observe your reaction.

And if you TELL Me which phrases have had a powerful effect on your cock, I will make the adjustments to keep you enslaved!

I get a lot of FinDomme techniques from research, but this one comes right from My own experiences.

And sometimes tone of voice is everything. If I insult you in a sweet voice, it’s a double whammy!

Here are some potent examples!

“Oh, I love when your date dumps you for having a small dick because then you call Me and I LOVE hearing from you!”

“Oh, you tributed me! What a thoughtful pussy-free goon maggot you are!”

“what a good boy, sending a gift as you waste your evening away gooning like a pervert!”

“I’m so proud of you for giving Me your rent money! I’m thrilled that your girlfriend will get pissed at you for it!”

Sometimes it’s more subtle, like just a random insult in the middle of a nice exchange, returning right away to being nice.

It makes your head spin!

A new Pay-to-view is coming out tomorrow, a video that utilizes this dangerous mean method!

Other recent pay-to-views:

The Fuckover Report!

Note: If you can’t remember your blog name, ask Me and I will tell you! (If you have one that is)

Legendary Paypig Alert! On the top of the charts this time is helpless dennis, who continued his spending ways, completely and utterly addicted. A slave trapped in My cage!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good slave, dr x, gets an extreme mention for spending $1213 on Niteflirt and $438 on Amazon for a total of $1651. This is the exceptional slave I love to brag about!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good slave, miss boomer, got fucked over royally this month, spending $1774 on fuckover sessions with Me!

I was so pleased to hear from My slave sniffer, who recently surpassed the $7K level of spending! He spent $247 in a couple of nice sessions!

Paypig Alert! My nylon slave gets special mention today. Not only for spending $375 on Me since the last entry, but also for surpassing the $30,000 level of spending! Wow! He also gets a shout-out for giving Me the idea for this blog entry and the matching video getting released 9/22. Well done slave!

My good boy tom came to “therapy” and spent $143

New Slave and Paypig Alert! New to My world is a guy I’m calling “indy” who also managed a red letter mention by spending more than $300. ($304 actually). He seems unsure, but I know he will pay attention to this entry and realize the truth about himself! Good boy indy!

My goon junkie called several times with incoherant ramblings. I think gooning has given him brain damage! He spent $255 and told me how he was overdrawing all his accounts to keep paying. YUM.

Paypig Alert! My very good boy j the junkie earned himself a red-letter mention and had a few little fuckovers that added up to $414. Nice!

My “NF client” spent $174, mostly in tributes. That is very good because I like $$$!

PayPig Alert! My addicted tit slave, pigbait spent $327. I want him to accept his payrole in My life!

My sissy, caged yankee kept missing Me, but still managed to spend $214. I like that.

Paypig Alert! My very good shopping girl/guy, really went overboard calling, and tributing and this sissy in training spent $469! Plus bought herself some toys for her training at My direction. Nice!

My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker, just missed a paypig alert, spending $260 on Niteflirt and $28 on Amazon. Sooo sweet!

Paypig Alert! My prized sissy sow marla, called for a nice session of surrendering to Me! She spent $427, So nice!

My god boy oldie was back, spending $150 this time!

Paypig Alert! My long time slave, PIG stroked himself to $302 less in his wallet!

My sissy, caged yankee kept missing Me, but still managed to spend $214. I like that.

Paypig Alert! My dutiful slave, spawn, clicked and paid a total of $411 from his bank account to Mine! (where it belongs, right?)

I was sooo pleased to hear from My long time sissy slave lily, after a hiatus! She spent $192 in the time we spent together!

Huge Paypig Alert! My helpess tool was slayed by My audios and photos and spent $705 on his raging addiction! He also spent $100 on Amazon for Me, totalling $805!

My faggot tiger gets a mention for $208 in spending. I think the faggot will become a regular here

Paypig Alert! My boyscout showed up to spoil Me one evening to the tue of $354.

I also loved seeing noddy click and pay a bit, spending $190. I think he’s overdue for another major fuckover!

New Slave! A sissy I am calling little tigress found out all about My dangers and spent $122 getting to learn about Me! Good girl!

BARELY getting a mention is My armpit slave, who spent a few pennies under $100. Since I round up, he lucked out!

Paypig Alert! Loserbeast gets an alert for $315 in spending! I love it when this loser makes the blog!

My oink loser sissy spent $104 on her march to $30K lifetime!

Paypig Alert! Just another ATM earned a red letter alert by spending $368 on My offerings. I noticed he likes My NF+ posts often too. (As do many of you!)

My good boy, panty pete spent $159 as I teased him!

Paypig Alert! My good boy jaybee won “prizes” adm spent $357 to walk away with a jackpot of photos!

Huge Paypig Alert! Lastly My little honeybee buffy spent $738 on her Queenbee! Good little worker bee!


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