Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Winner of Paypig Chicken is star junkie!

The game will end at the end of May. Lots of time to keep going higher and higher!

To get here you must pay your way up to level ten.

The levels never end, I will keep making them to keep the game going.

Start here


Where did these pigs chicken out?

Level Ten pigs


Level Eleven pigs

Special K (Also first to hit level ten)

dirtbag clicked and paid his way here! Will he go further?

Level Twelve pigs


Level Thirteen pigs

Irish dope exceeded expectations

Level Fourteen Pigs


Level Fifteen Pigs

New to Me, and debuting here on Paypig Chicken is a slave I am calling bishop, who clicked and paid all the way here!

Level Sixteen Pigs

My good girl sissy j got this far, exceeding My expectations and pleasing Me tremendously! Every time I turn around, she’s paid another level!


Level Eighteen Pigs

Titpay atm went all the way to this level to please Goddess Lauren,

Level Nineteen Pigs

Hitting this level was paybitch terry, showing Me his love and devotion in this act of sacrifice!

Level Twenty and WINNING the glory in Paypig Chicken is

Star junkie

Well done!