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Pigs Must Still Obey and Please While I Vacation!

Yes, you read that right, I am going on Vacation! For ten whole days, the longest I have taken for Myself in years. (And there is NO doubt I deserve it!)

Today, Thursday the 4th, is the last day I am available, on Friday the 5th I am traveling to the Northern Reaches of my state, near Canada, to celebrate a huge family event. I’m staying up there for the solar eclipse because it’s very close to an area of totality (I’ve never seen a solar eclipse in totality), so we will make sure we are in total darkness for that event! Then after that, it’s getting ready for a big wedding in My boyfriend’s family the following weekend. The days will be full, and it’s not a traditional vacation (that’s coming soon enough), but sometimes life just makes it easier to not work (although it often doesn’t feel like WORK to exploit you guys, but it does require time and effort)

So I won’t be there, so paypigs get a break, right?


hahahaha, you think.
Well, a little bit perhaps, without Me there to demand tributes, but there will be things for you to do, and buy!

The key to it all will be My Niteflirt+ feed. Every day there will be at least two posts, one free and one for just subscribers. It’s all been scheduled automatically to post, so it doesn’t rely on Me being online to deliver them. If you are not subscribed yet, this is an amazing time to do so, you won’t be sorry, it’s chock full of value! (And will indoctrinate you so I can more easily fuck you over!)

There will also be sales announced and links to pay to view sales.

And of course, you pigs know I have a pay-to-view store? Right? Right?

So if you are missing Me, here are some things you can do.

  1. Subscribe to My feed and lose yourself over My content there
  2. My stuff from My listings, My goody bags and My store!
  3. Goon to My photos, and send tributes, just imagine Me on vacation and you’re one of My loyal slaves needing to please Me.
  4. Read this blog, there is a GOB of posts and photos here to indoctrinate you for you to enjoy.

Here are a couple of photos just because 🙂

Now it’s time for your favorite,

The Fuckover Report

Extreme Paypig Alert! Oh My very good sissy, damaged goods buffy, was very productive this month, sending tribute after tribute, and not succeeding in staying away. That’s just the way I like it! She spent $1751, making her this report’s #1 piggy!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good little cum-now sissy boomer has continued his spending ways this time parting with $1235 in a number of fuckovers!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Just barely squeaking in for an extreme alert was helpless dennis. He tried to quit Me, but that didnt last, as you can see! *laughs*

Extreme Paypig Alert! Also pleasing Me a whole lot was special K, who I had sooo much fun fucking over one evening! He spent $1446. NICE!

Extreme Paypig Alert! I had a couple of fun chat/tribute sessions with steve q fucked. I flashed his mind into oblivion and he spent $1309!

Extreme Paypig Alert! a simp I call “w” went nuts clicking and paying My PTVS this month, and ended up spending 4 digits! It totalled $1383

My good boy nylon slave, spent $245 on worshipping his Queen!

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy, j the junkie, is so devoted to coming around again and again, that he actually took out a loan to consolidate credit cards, so he could continue serving Me! HOT!

My good boy, just another atm, spent $413. He is truly living up to his name!

Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG spent $425 this month on chat/tribute and calls and began to sink deeper under My power again!

My flipoff idiot did some “raise the rate” calls, spending $184. Idiot came too fast, I wanted a harder fuckover!

New Slave! A new slave, who I will call fresca, spent $197 finding out how dangerous I am! I think I scared him because he deleted his account! Will he return? Time will tell.

My good pawn clicked and paid $146 away. I am expecting him to part with more cash buying ptvs when I am on vacation!

Huge Paypig Alert! Pathetic pigbait keeps coming around even though he is now chronically limp. He spent $589

My sissy piglette, spent $190 making her Mistress happy!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy, helpless dave has gone nuts recently sending tributes, and he found out how sexy it is sending $100 tributes. Three digits makes the cock jump! Try it!

New Slave! Another new slave to My blog is “tj” who spent $122 finding out about the wonders of Lauren!

Back for more surrender was snowball, this time he spent $164 to earn a blog mention!

Huge Paypig Alert! My boyscout is back! He accidently blocked Me, misread the message and thought it said I blocked him. FINALLY he figured out he was his mistake, unblocked Me and spent lots of money! He spent $501

Back again for more use was golly, this time he spent $234. Very nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! My loser slave, candyballs is back! THis time around he spent $691. Nice!

My brainwashed good boy, addicted2legs spent $114 this time around.

New Slave! A guy I’m going to call “simp pig” learned how dangerous I am and spent $123 to get his first blog mention

My armpit loser got a mention by spending $110. I appreciate the consistency!

Paypig Alert! My good girl tigress spent $339. I enjoy our interactions so much, what a fun sissy!

Lauren’s footlicker got a mention by spending $128. Very nice!

My good marla also earned a mention by spending $109

Now, I want to see all of you piggies on My next Fuckover Report!

Recent Pay to views to check out!

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1 LoserJ { 04.21.24 at 11:41 am }

The second pic gave me a loser boner.
Thanks Goddess

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