Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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$3300 in SIX minutes…Extreme Wallet Rape!

Yes, you’re reading the title correctly.  One of My clients, who I am going to refer to in my postings from this point on as The virgin went crazy over My new Cash Abuse Photos. (Check them out for only $5, but be careful where it leads!!)

I began sending more and more and more emails, each progressively larger….all the way up to a $500 dollar email. Those photos of the black dildo raping and abusing cash just made him lose all control!  And I was just as excited, I LOVE extreme financial domination scenes..MY FAVORITE.

I was about to send him a $999 email (He had opened one for Me the previous Sunday), and then I remembered a fantasy I  blogged about a couple of months in this post.  There were two fantasies in that post, the second one was a Niteflirt one in which I made a slave call Me on the $50 line and open $1000 dollar emails (in reality $999 is the highest you can make them).

So I jacked my rates and and made The virgin call Me at $50 a minute….then I started sending him $999 dollar emails…and he opened THREE in the six minutes we were on the phone.  Cha-ching!   So $300 for the phone call and $3000 for the email.   In SIX minutes!

All total it was a $5000 rape for The virgin…

If you count his Sunday raping, it was about a $7000 dollar rape over 4 days 🙂

And yes….I came…about three times, one for each thousand dollar email, and it was amazing 🙂 *sigh*

(File this under, how to hear Lauren cum on the phone)

May 20, 2011   4 Comments