Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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The Game 2022: Results!

WOW, that’s what I can say! I have tallied up the result, and am taking a week off from being online and I am one happy FinDomme! I will be back next Wednesday, the 27th of Sept. to resume using you all. I am not logging on tomorrow, but I will respond to emails (not chat) if you have a request for Me to leave you a PTV.

This game was fast-paced and didn’t let up. As expected, the day with the most action was Day One, followed by the final day. That’s always what happens, but you guys clicked and paid your hearts away.

41 PIGS took the call to compete.

A grand total of $11,411 was spent by pigs during the contest! Wow.

There can only be one winner in each category, but I will list the first several after I announce the winners!

In the Category: Largest PTV paid, we have “steve q fucked” who clicked and paid all the way to a $600 PTV. (the rules say, that the ptv’s go in order, so he went through many many PTVS to face this one, including $100, $150, $200, $300, $400 and $500 ptvs before paying the $600.

In the Category: Total Spending, we have “Dr x“. Although Dr x only paid up through the $400 level, he spent a lot of money with Me on smaller ptvs, on gift cards on Amazon, and in the end, we got him to the amount of $2983! (so close to 3k!). It was enough to keep steve q fucked at bay, and Dr x wins in this category!

Dr x and steve q fucked were each second in the category they didn’t win.

Runner ups Largest PTV paid

$400 Dr x

$150 tPay

$100.75 noddy

$100.75 Niteflirt client

Runner ups: Total Spending

$2873 steve q fucked
$570 tPay
$556 niteflirt client
$436 noddy
$339 caged yankee
$212 boomer
$209 helpless dennis
$194 irish dope
$169 special k
$168 sissy marla
$152 spawn
$150 virgin loser
$143 boyscout

List of competitors

helpless dennis
dr x
special k
sissy j
just another atm
flipoff idiot
sissy cocksucker
sissy marla
nylon slave
true loser
Lauren’s footlicker
steve q fucked
Hawaiian junkie
caged yankee
niteflirt client
miss piggy
irish dope
click puppet
oink loser sissy
panty pete
virgin loser
mind controlled john
helpless dave

Well done! I can’t wait to do the Game again sometime!


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