Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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The Shame of Financial Domination and a $10,000 mention!

It’s embarrassing to admit to others that you get a stiffy from the thought of paying a beautiful woman for NOTHING but perhaps a little attention on the phone or a chat.

It’s even MORE embarrassing to admit that the reason you are cutting back on meals out and vacations is because you spent a lot on Me while gooning your cock and orgasming.

And when you can’t meet your financial obligations, can’t pay your bills, your car payment because you are sending Me, so MUCH cash, that’s mortifying.

I often wonder how many of you have “confessed” to a drug addiction, or a gambling problem because that gave you less shame than your Financial Domination addiction. I know some of you have been “caught” by your wives/girlfriends. How many of you were honest, and how many of you invented a less embarrassing lie?

And admit it, that shame and embarrassment itself makes you hard. You see your credit card bill, try to hide it from the wife but your cock betrays you, gets hard and you end up running to the computer to spend even MORE money on Me.

The addiction is real. The addiction continues even when some physical reason or being old keep you from having an erection. I know this from experience with clients.
The only thing that will save you from this is bankruptcy!

You have no control, you can’t ask for help, it makes you embrace the knowledge that you deserve this. Just give up and pay! Let the exploitation just happen to you, you can’t stop it anyway.

When you are embarrassed. Goon and pay!

When you feel shame. Goon and pay!

When you get caught. Goon and pay!

When you get frustrated. Goon and pay!

When you feel helpless. Goon and pay!

It is your role now.

In other news, I’m planning some time away in July, will let you guys know when the dates are nailed down. As usual, I will offer daily NF+ feed content and probably some PTV sales when I am not available!

The Fuckover Report

Ultimate Paypig Alert!

I hinted on My Niteflirt+ feed about this, it didn’t end up being quite as high as I originally imagined but it did hit the $10,000 spending level! Newly addicted, zippo could not stop after I challenged him to hit this milestone for the blog mention. Last blog entry he got an extreme mention, but he did 10x better this time, with a spending total of $10,540! WOW! His wife promptly caught him, and he deleted his account but was back in a few days. I know this piggy will provide Me will a lot of pleasure as I continue to brainwash him! Soooo sexy! This cunt loser already knows I’m more important than his wife!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

There were many piggies with big alerts this time around, such as My simp, “w” I’ve been playing a really dangerous “a dollar a stroke” game with him, and I think I am winning, but his orgasms have been mind-blowing! I am enjoying our time together. He snuck in for the Legendary mention by spending $2001.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Earning a delicious extreme alert was My sissy boomer, whose addiction has stayed at its new higher level! This sissy bitch spent $1365 on calls and PTVs this time! Mmm.

My good nylon slave continues his worship, this time spending $235.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting yet another extreme mention is helpless dennis. This slave has turned into a loyal and thoughtful slave, often tributing large amounts, buying ptvs, and calling when he is able. This good boy spent $1083 since the last post.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Still paying regularly is My sweet little worker bee buffy. Little miss buffy is possibly at the end of the paypig road, having nearly liquidated her retirement account for Me and having maxed out most of her credit cards. But she still can’t stop. Her car may be repossessed she tells Me, but every night she logs on to send more and more tributes, calling Me her Toxic Queen, and to be honest, she may have a point!

My good boy quiet gentleman often comes around in the evening for a few pay-to-views to harden his cock and blow his mind. This good boy spent $267 since the last post.

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy, j the junkie has fallen head over heels in love with Me, chatting Me nearly every day and tributing as I demand. He spent $792 this time around 🙂

My sad slave pigbait can’t stay away, desperately jerking his limp dick, and still unable to stop. He spends $258 this time around.

Huge Paypig Alert! My oink loser sissy keeps steadily working on her spending goals, this time sending Me $583 towards them! It’s like a reverse savings plan, *laughs*

My long-time slave “PIG” spent $223 this week. He remains My third biggest spender of all time, having parted with $142K over the years on his Lauren addiction.

Paypig Alert! One of My popper slaves did a delicious session with Me this week, and I am enjoying $404 of his money!

My armpit loser is determined to bankrupt himself for Me! He spent $191 this time around

Paypig Alert! Another very addicted slave who regularly comes around for cash abuse is caged yankee, a special little sissy who can’t stop. This sissy spent $487, just missing a huge alert, since the last blog post.

Panty pete managed an alert, spending $114 on Pay-to-views he buys while bored at work!

Paypig Alert! My good slave, boyscout turned up one evening to spoil Me in chat with tributes. He spent $309! I love chatting with him!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl, little tigress did more spending on her Mistress since the last post, this time for $547! She’s finding out how habit-forming I am!

New Slave! Right now, this slave’s account isn’t active, so I could not mail him to tell him that he got a blog mention. He spent $280, and for now, I am going to call him pervy.

Huge Paypig Alert! Another loser who spent a lot on Me this time was “just another atm” who has been living up to his cashpig name! This time he spent $503 and gave Me more ammunition for getting into his failure-loser mind!


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