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Lurking Paypigs wannabes on Notice!

I know I have a lot of fans who read this blog.  Many of you are loyal and regular and have paid Me for years!  (Good piggies!)  I’m not talking about you.

The truth is, some of you go for YEARS stroking your cock over My words….without paying a dime! Paypig wannabees!

Many of you take the plunge and surrender to Me. They make a Niteflirt account and then start PAYING. I know this is a fact, because they tell Me so!

They have been self training, by stroking to My words, and are already addicted before I even know they exist!

So are you one of those piggies who flock to My blog, reading every word, stroking to the fantasy of being a Dr X or a noddy, a wallet cunt or a gigi?  It’s time. You might not be able to pay Me the thousands those prime pigs do, but you will pay Me what I have.  You’ve been self training, getting turned on. It’s time to upgrade your fantasy and begin your financial servitude!  It will feel amazing!  It’s time to stop being a wannabe, and to START surrendering your cash to ME!

The NEXT blog entry will have a list of PAYPIG Wannabees who surrender!  If you are brand new and spend $50 on Me, you will get mentioned in the little list. (If you spend more than $100, you get a special mention)

Just tell Me, “Mistress, i’m a paypig wannabe who has surrendered.”
Don’t you think it’s time you stopped stroking for free?   Join now

In other news, I have been available less than I hoped.  I made a little schedule, which many of you paid attention to! (Thank you)  And you may have noticed I’m not always there when it says!  The truth is, we had a horrible spring here. It was COLD and RAINY until about two weeks ago. It turns out I had a major case of cabin fever, and once the nice weather came, I wanted to be outside, not on My computer cashraping paypigs!

When I was available, you guys were so desperate to have Me take your cash, you mobbed My attention! Finally today, I just had to NOT BE AVAILABLE so I could get some of this web work done! I do plan to try to keep to the posted schedule more or less

All of this also meant that the spending report is a whole month’s worth of spending, so it’s lengthy!

But first!

Here are some recent Pay to Views you MUST buy. (Lurkers, take notice) Enhance your Dopamine Addictions!

So, speaking of that spending report….

New Slave, Huge Paypig Alert!   One of those slaves that lurked a long time finally caved and he spent $590 dollars!  I’m calling him pig-guy and he’s done nothing but please Me since he turned up ten days ago!  I like that rate of spending!

New Slave! Huge Paypig Alert!  Another new slave is a guy I’m going call “fail”   This loser “fails” to stay away. He spends, deletes his account, returns, spends, deletes his account, return, spends, etc….you get the picture! For some piggies, this ritual is part of their addiction, trying to purge themselves of FinDomme, but FAILING. I can’t let him know he is on the blog but I think he will recognize himself here. He did some fun raise the rate calls with Me and spent $557!  It’s time to return and spend, fail!

Managing a mention with $101 was helpless dennis! His calls are always fun.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Surprising Me with the biggest session I think I’ve ever had with him, I cashraped clayton for $913, mostly in one delicious session! THIS is the kind of devotion I want from you clayton! Didn’t it make your cock feel so good?

My nylon slave lost his head and paid Me $246 in a delicious session!

Oinkloser was back, spending $162 on click and pay.  What I really want to do is another raise the rate call session with him, I can really cashfuck him hard that way!

Extreme Paypig Alert!  Spending $1058 was paybitch terry!  I can see he is trying to evade his decision for Me to drive him into complete loser bankruptcy, but I don’t believe that will last! *laughs*

My footslave was back spending $202. Good boy!

Paypig Alert!   My slave hypnowallet is completely trashing his retirement by sending Me all his cash. Instead of relaxing in leisure on his pension, he’s learning new ways to eat ramen noodles. This geezer spent $469 and had to borrow money for his rent. He’s addicted. He’ll return again soon, as soon as he can scrape up the cash to send Me tribute after tribute and hear My voice while he does so.  Good boy, hypnowallet!

I was sooo happy to hear from marla, one of My top spenders whose wallet I really fucked over. She called for a $227 dollar session, and it was soooo nice to hear from her while her finances recover from My onslaught.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  My titcunt, who I renamed “miss piggy” really lost herself this week for her Goddess, mostly in pay to views of My perfect breasts! Paying up to $100 for a single pay to view!  Grand total this month was $1085!  Good girl!

Another slave learning the eroticism of raise the rate calls (Where I hang up on you again and again, each time charging you more to talk with Me!)  He spent $285 dollars this month on Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! and slave jason, who may have a blog name, but I can’t check since he deleted his account for now…but who got caught up in “raise the rate” for the first time spent $338, which is a whooping amount for him! You made Me proud jason!

Spending $281 on a few always fun phone calls was My good boy who gives Me stolen moments (Someday I ‘ll come up with a shorter name) We plotted evil and he spent $281

Squeaking by with a mention and spending $100 was titpay ATM.  Time to drain you soon!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My exposure sissy was back and spent $328 having fun sissy exposure games!\

My slave dirtbag was about, clicking and paying $160 worth of his cash to ME 🙂

and “goat” just missed a paypig alert by $20 but still spent $280!  I like seeing him click and pay!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My slave sucker is going to be so proud that he got a Huge paypig alert! He even tributed at one time, and I can’t wait to see how he tops it!.  He gets special thanks for tolerating Me being grumpy at his wanting to know SOOO bad if he was in the spending report!  He spent $303 this month

Sissy caged yankee was back (those Lauren junkies never stay away) This time the sissy spent $203. Excellent!

It was sooo nice to see Loserbeast spending again, this time I captured $179 from him!

Paypig Alert! Slave pit-lover was back, with love of captioned photos, clicked and paid $304 for Me!  He’s passed 2K lifetime spending on Me now

I had a lot of fun ripping off “flip off idiot” for $275. One photo $30. Sometime I’m gonna sell him a photo of a pumpkin or something.

Getting a mention with $152 of spending and progress toward his paypig goals was “gutterdweller”

Extreme Paypig Alert!   PIG is barreling out of control, and closing in fast on $100K lifetime spending! I suspect by next blog he will have hit it!  This time around he spent $1258!  He’s losing his mind and learning to spend on automatic!

And sparky was back, chatting and tributing to the tune of $182. Yum

Extreme Paypig Alert!   The drama with fagmuffin’s “girlfriend” continues, but she would be mad and shocked to find out that fagmuffin sent Me $1,353 in trbutes this month and one phone call that recharged the trance. That girlfriend is an ugly person inside and out anyway and fagmuffin doesn’t need her brand of control.

Helpless dave couldn’t help but sent $118 in tributes one evening 🙂

Paypig Alert!   My sissycock sucker went into a trance with a single word with Me on a couple occasions. He might be surprised to learn he spent nearly $400.

slave “just another ATM” spent $167 on click and pay this month!

Paypig Alert! This is addiction….spending $335 just to play trivia games with Me! I always love My time with My elegant foot lover!

Mindlessly, paydrone spent $162 on pay to views. Just the way I like him.

Paypig Alert!  It was sooo nice to have no-nonsense guy back in My sights. He’s a natural born victim and target, and he spent $405.  That’s what I LOVE. Hey, lot’s more ass photos, come back for another fuckover!

My no yes Loser was very attentive this month and spent $199.

New to My blog is a slave I’m calling silent poet. He squeaked into a blog mention with exactly $100 of spending.

Paypig Alert!   “Surprised”  may be surprised to learn he has been getting very addicted to our sessions.  This month cost him $473.  YES 🙂

Still licking his wounds from our $13,000 fuckover in April, Dr x spent $216 on Amazon and $10 on NF. Soon, your time will come again Dr x.

Paypig Alert!   And egghead was back, losing control again. Pay, obey and surrender makes him just buy pay to view after pay to view. YUM. He spent $384 since last report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

And Last but not least (at least in the spending totals) is a loser beyond belief. Now I mentioned noddy in the last blog entry, but since the last spending report, this loser has spent $4,882.  I live-tweeted a couple of his cash rapes, and I have really enjoyed dishing out pain to him. He needs the abuse, and I am here for it!

Here is a special message for you noddy,

  •     nody


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Two Five step options for being My paypig!

I get this question a lot.

How much should I pay you each session Mistress? Each month? What goals do i set to pay you?

For every wallet rape toy, and Dr x paying Me thousands there are easily a hundred of you paying a lot less.

Not all who buy something of Mine will end up being My paypig.

I lay traps, and do My manipulations and some escape.
Others I send away, because they have more desire to talk to Me than desire (or ability) to pay Me. I’m busy enough talking with the guys who actually DO pay Me.

So, how much do you pay Me?

Here is My step by step guide for YOU to figure it out. (Don’t ask Me to do it, I don’t care to)

Steps to preparing to be My paypig.  Option ONE:  Run of the mill paypig option

  1. Do a budget. Pare it down where you can.  Remember that if you are paying Me on credit card, your monthly bill might go up each month, work that in.
  2. Identify a discretionary amount.
  3. Decide on the amount you will spend per session with Me, divide that into your discretionary amount and that will tell you how many sessions you can affort with Me. Note: The more you spent per session, the more you will enjoy it. I won’t give you much attention for a small amout. You wont get ANY for a tiny amount.
  4. Evaluate your choice by noting if its fitting into your lifestyle without notice, or if it is making you go without things you normally enjoy. NOTE: you SHOULD be paying enough to feel it. If you don’t feel it. Pay MORE!
  5. You might set goals. Pay a $100 pay to view sometime, Finish a PTV series. Pay $2,000 in a year.

Option TWO (My favorite!)  The EXTREME paypig option

  1. Apply for credit cards NOW before you start maxing them out.
  2. Begin spending huge amouts on Me fast and furiously
  3. Liquidate assets to keep paying Me! (sell shit, cash in your retirement)
  4. Assuming that you are spending 100s and thousands, you WILL get more attention than the losers that choose Option ONE.
  5. Set lofty goals.  Spend $5,000 in one session. Max out a credit card in one evening. You will love it.

Here are some recent pay to views that you might have missed! Go get them now!

Now it’s time for the spending report: It’s a  long one because I had a vacation, and as soon as I came back, you guys all mobbed Me! Busy is good, but it makes it harder to blog!

PayPig Alert! Let’s start it off with My pathetic junkie, gimp loser.  This one legged wonder spent $492, through calls and now emails. My brutal plan is to separate him from all his money so it doesn’t go to waste when he finally keels over.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My paybitch terry is back, playing blackmail games with Me, and paying Me just $15 shy of $1,000 since last blog entry. Nice! He’s going to be unable to stop, I know it!

the iFool played with danger with Me the past couple weeks, but he got lucky, coming out of it only $135 poor. Hey iFool, I wont be fucking around next time

PayPig Alert!  I was so pleased to see a long time slave who never left but was spending tiny amounts finally have a session where she spent. Marla was back, My addicted sissy paypig, and she spent $304.  This is a sissy I have caused over $100,000 of financial damage to over the years. I’m not done with you yet marla!

My addicted pantyhose slave was back with some hypnotic phone calls. His $135 is now Mine!

Huge PayPig Alert!  My titpay ATM returned again and again, spending nearly $630 since last blog entry! He really can only stroke and pay now….calling to listen to My voice, in steamy raise the rate sessions!

My special good boy and I had some stolen moments, and although he’s been quite the world traveler lately, (Japan! England!) he still managed to spend $219 on Me.

My exposure sissy and I had fun with exposure games and she paid Me $260

Huge PayPig Alert!  PIG keeps getting more addicted.  He didn’t think it was possible, but I did. He spent $730 since last blog entry!

Paypig Alert! Right after I re-named him, Extreme paypig disappeared. But I knew he would come back and he did, spending nearly $400 to begin training anew!

New slave! “newman” managed to squeak in with a mention with $107 of spending.

Huge PayPig Alert! and back and spending $1031 was hopelessly addicted flaming pig!  He tried to stay away. He failed of course

My long time slave irish dope stopped by to do a $200 session he claimed was part of his rent money. Too bad! Save more for Me next time dope!

Huge PayPig Alert and princess gigi, is the one who has a Dominant “girlfriend” trying to save him from Me. How’s it going?  $943 since last blog!

and back spending more is the cute little maybe sissy “shopper” who spent $113 on chat with Me

My quiet gentlemen discovered the dangers and FUN of chatting and spent $203 in his first blog mention in a while!

Huge PayPig Alert and helpless dave kept finding his way to Me since the last blog, spending $575. YUM. I love that he is so HELPLESS to My temptations!

Another to squeak into a mention, was elegant foot lover with $102

Huge PayPig Alert!   Dr X can never stay away, and he pleased Me with lots of pay to views to the amount of $1013 AND about $250 on Amazon in gift cards and items. Dr X, that blanket is the softest thing, and I appreciated the computer accessories I needed. Good boy!

New to My blog and service is “mind fucked” who has a penchant for breasts and tight latex clothing. He’s in trouble. He spent $221 since he joined Niteflirt on Me!

and also squeaking in for a mention is taxpig with spending of about $105. Hey pig, you OWE taxes. And a new month has passed. No more hiding. Cough it up!

Paypig Alert!  Peeper was back with some click and pay! I do like seeing his name come up as a wallet rape volunteer! This time he spent $307! He has spent more than $2500 on Me lifetime now!

My former extreme paypig, and now bankrupt loser, wallet rape toy, managed to scrape $161 together to send Me since last mention. See, there is still serving after bankruptcy!

New Slave! Another newbie to Me is “feathered pig” who spent $195 learning about the dangers of Mistress Lauren

Huge PayPig Alert!  My secret agent returned! He spent $641 just since My last blog! He can’t stop spending, an he will get hard and horny reading his name here along with the other piggies!

Hypnovictim was back again, spending $119. I am on the lookout for you victim!

Another New slave!  I love new slaves and had a few this week!  This one, freshmeat spent $138 falling slowly under My power! Can’t wait until next time!

and it’s nice to see Loserbeast get a mention for his $115 🙂

Paypig Alert! “more please” was back and spending $270 on pay to views. I enjoy draining his wallet!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Humble sub was back for some rip-off victimization!  He gave Me nearly $600 and didn’t get too much in return! So sad!

and steve q fucked stopped by for a rinsing of $165. I think he will need a bigger one soon

New slave AND Huge Paypig Alert!  I’ve named My new fan of My pay to views Helpful loser, for finding some dead links for Me,. and also paying a LOT of Money (best of all!)  He spent $559 popping his cherry to My manipulations!  A welcome addition!

and I had loads of fun with assignments and tortures for sissy j. She spent $159. I probably should make her pay more, but she’s sweet.

Now, work hard so you can get a blog mention next week

And I reward you with another gallery

Pay the ass! Let it inspire you to pay!


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FinDomme Numbers and Statistics


Oh numbers!

This Findomme loves numbers and statistics. My mind is very analytical, logical and intuitive.  I have a system of addiction that is very effective and profitable, and I am always seeking to make my addiction skills even more effective.

I just realized very recently that I had surpassed the $2,000,000 in sales on Niteflirt. (It happened sometime in January)  I didn’t realize how close I was–the feature to see My lifetime earnings wasn’t available for a while, and then suddenly there it was, and I had surpassed the goal with no fanfare.  That’s only on Niteflirt… NON NF spending, gifts and other things have probably been another…$100,000 over the years

I have been on Niteflirt for many years, but it was only ten years ago that I began doing it full time, and developing a fetish for FinDomme, so MOST Of that cool $2 million has been in the last 10 years.

My best year was $342,000.  Some of the years around the financial meltdown and Niteflirt meltdown of 2009 were less impressive. (Hey, if you guys can’t get credit, you can’t spend!)

Your collective slavery has bought Me a home, paid for a renovation of it. (And an unexpected huge roof repair). It’s bought Me (and my boyfriend) several cars, paid off My student loans.  It’s paid for vacations to Hawaii, 4 Florida trips, 8 trips out west (various destinations) a New Orleans trip, and several long weekends in closer places like New York City, Maine, the Cape…

Some more statistics:

I earned about 16% of that on phone calls, 5% in trips and the bulk in Pay to view mails 78%.   Some also came from commissions I got from new guys joining the site and spending, and from Goody bags (about 1% combined)

This is My biggest selling Pay to view series of all time, with sales of almost $25,000.  It’s countless how much additional spending this series inspired:  The first email alone has almost 500 sales.

Once I have a slave under My Dominion, it is very difficult for him to leave Me. Susceptible men easily are lured into Lauren addiction. My top 10 spenders of all time have served Me for an average of 7 years. (Range 3 to 9.5 years) All of My top ten have spent on Me very recently. (in past month)

Niteflirt keeps these little performance statistics they share with us. In both earnings AND client retention I have been in the 100 percentile in EVERY month since they have been keeping track. That means I retain more clients than more than 99% of all flirts, and earn more than 99% of all flirts.

There is a reason I’m so dangerous. I am good at this. Consistently good. There is nothing boring about Me, and everything erotic.

No one makes your cock as hard as Me as I cash rape you, humiliate and emasculate you.  You will hate yourself, but love Me. And once I have My hooks in you, I will consume you.  (And it happens more often than not, a few lucky ones jump out of the net before properly hooked)

And now it’s time for the spending report!

Pay pig alert! New to My blog is popperbitch!  This bitch went nuts with Me on raise the rate phone calls, and in his very first week with Me spent $580. Wow!

I had fun with My exposure sissy again this week, to the tune of $120 🙂

PIG pleased Me quite a bit this week, for $140 🙂

Pay pig alert!   Oink Loser 10K was back again, this time spending $488. SOOo close to $500 this week! Soon, oh soon he will hit the 5K level of spending. Then the new delicious 10K goal.

More please, My leggings whore made his weekly visit to Me and spent $125. This is becoming a weekly thing, and what dedication!

My good pup, paycub was back for another delicious round of submissive cash spending on Me. This week was $180, including a yummy $75 paymail!

Pay pig alert! And another big spender this week!  Princess gigi spent $463 as she struggled to be a good little kitty, with a soft chase payclitty 🙂

My good girl, sissy j, was back for more chastity and exposure games, and it cost her $171 this week. I’m looking for you j, let’s have more fun!

My oh my, jaybee was back after a hiatus, BARELY getting a mention at $100.50 of spending.

I had another nice fuckover with star junkie, for $242.  This is becoming a thing!  Mmmm

I know that candyballs has been anticipating this blog entry!  And he spent HUGE on Me this week, to a happy cashfuck tune of $654.  YUM.  Keep that up candyballs, it’s the only way to please Me!

I manipulated another $161 out of titfool. I think he is still drooling!

I hope to see more of you on My blog next week.  I love knowing so many serve Me so well!


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Story of a big spender

A few blog posts ago, I announced that I would write a special post about the slave that spent the most in the month of October

The slave that did that was Marla, a sissy slave,  and I hope this is the first of several highlight posts…

Marla came to Me nearly 9 years ago. (Addiction to Lauren never fades)

In those nine years, she hit the 100,000 level of spending. (To date it has been nearly $104,000) We’ve shared over 200 phone calls (and 130 hours of talk time, we don’t have short calls) and a few of them have been at $50 a minute (pleasing Me to no end). Marla has been the subject of a few blog posts in the past, some of My favorites actually.

See here

and here

I’m sure Marla sometimes thinks she would be better off without spending on Me, but she keeps coming back–one of My longest serving slaves–because she is addicted!

We did a little mutual interview for this post…

My questions for marla:


How did you first know you were addicted to Mistress Lauren?
When i woke up in the middle of the night hard as a rock with Mistress Lauren on my mind. From that point on my cock would not get hard without Mistress Lauren.

How did you feel when you realized you were in financial bondage to Mistress Lauren 🙂
Great, excited, poorer.

What is your most arousing Mistress Lauren memory?
There are too many to name just one. Every moment with Mistress Lauren is arousing. When I have been listening to her audios, which lead to a deeper trance.

and her questions for Me: (Great questions marla!)

Why am I so addicted?

Because over time, I exposed you to techniques that made you acquire both physical and psychological needs to serve Me. The interesting part is that you were one of My first guinea pigs. There were a handful of slaves that I perfected My techniques on. Those that worked became part of My repertoire for others. I studied how abusers could control their subjects in domestic situations, and pulled techniques from that. I studied the Stockholm syndrome and applied techniques from that as well. I studied hypnotic techniques and implemented some that work well in a Niteflirt setting, in emails and phone.  I targeted you, but you came to Me, again and again.

Why am i rock hard?

That too is part of the training. Over time you find that nothing makes you as rock hard as paying Me, hearing My voice, looking at My photos. It’s really rewarding to addict men and sissies to this!

What is the best way You liked to be served, mail, phone, gift card, etc…
Not the easiest, but the one you get the most enjoyment from?

I honestly prefer a combination. I have a favorite of doing phone and pay to view emails at the same time! (It’s a double financial penetration!) and I enjoy gift cards and Amazon purchases. If there is something I need on Amazon, I enjoy being able to have  a few slaves willing to buy them at My request. Right now, Christmas is upon us, and I like making My slaves buy presents for My friends and family for Me to give.  (and buying Me gifts of course too!)  In past years, slaves have stepped up to be “Santa slave”  This year I suspect that more than one slave will have that role.

I’ve really enjoyed gift cards. I’ve had slaves send My boyfriend and I on vacation several times, via hotel gift cards, airline gift cards and restaurant gift cards, and money of course!  Destinations have included Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, New York City,  Cape Cod.

I hope all of you take marla as a model for Financial Loyalty to a Mistress and an inspiration to paying with a rock hard cock!

Now for the spending report!

Lauren’s paypig returned (again), this time spending $392

My elegant foot lover was so nice tributing Me a total of $478. I sent him a lot of photos of My bare toes as a reward 🙂

Pay pig alert! I have a new addict!  I named him paycub and he broke into My service with a splendid flurry! $1091 spending on Niteflirt. An even $500 in Amazon gift cards, and over another $700 on Amazon gifts.  I am so happy to have him on My leash!

Pay pig alert! Another slave who served very well was titfool.  He called, and paid My perfect tits to the tune of $1100. His lifetime service is approaching $6000 dollars!

My exposure sissy and I played lots of exposure games this month. That cost him $377 🙂

and pig bob is back (again), this time for $155 dollars

Helpless dave was as helpless as always, spending $237.

Pay pig alert!  And princess gigi was a good peach for Mistress, and happy in her panties paid Me $1010

Pay pig alert!  This is not a surprise really 🙂   Marla (subject of this blog post!) paid Me another $1345 this month.  Such a good girl!

pignic was about again, for $407. Just another addict who cannot stay away.

My sissy marla and I had fun, she went on cam to show Me her new fake boobs, and I had fun teasing her with exposure. $427 🙂

Pay pig alert! and PIG. He oinked and stroked away another $785 for Me this month

Clubby was a good boy and bought $177 worth of PTVs

and egghead just keeps getting weaker. I have plans to target him for even more ca$h!  This month he spent $668

GC is back again, and this time spent $175. Well done GC 🙂

paykitty was a good little kitty and paid $550 in a couple of delicious sessions!

and sleepy was about again, this time for $115, in his own little click and pay fun on My PTV buttons.

and Krispy! He was about before, deleted his account, and this time spent $213. It makes Me happy to see him paying My PTV buttons!

sissy j.  What can I say. I have had soo much fun being her keyholder as she is locked up in a chastity device. She’s paid Me $386 and provided a lot of entertainment this month!

No nonsense guy paid $385 in a late night session or two 🙂

paycunt! He never fails to please, he’s got a thing for his towel. He wraps up in it, his cock gets hard and he starts to pay. $618 this month!

Q, addicted to glimpses of My powerful woman pussy. He pays through the nose to be used…we had a session or two and $328 used to be his, and now it’s Mine!

And it’s always a pleasure to use Trance-tard. He gets so tranced out and aroused his typing looks retarded, and he pays more and more. I got him for $540, how about that!

and its always a pleasure to collect taxes from taxpayer. He owes it to Me just for existing. His tax bill for November was $396, and I just sent him December taxes and I am looking forward to those being paid too! Before that he paid some October taxes for $304. Life sucks for him, but it’s great for Me!

I was not around as much as usual in November for a variety of reasons. But be afraid. I plan to be taking your hard earned cash double in December!



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The Paypig Pay Ritual

Addicted paypigs each form their own little paypig pay ritual–part of what makes it sooo compelling to pay Me.

Commonly, it begins with a memory of paying Me. That brings up the memory of a hard cock and orgasm associated with paying Me.

The pay ritual varies from slave to slave, but can include things like, special clothing (panties), listening to one of My audios, loading money into your account, reading My writings.

And of course paying Me…the whole click, stroke, obey pay cycle…

and sometimes quitting Niteflirt and signing back up is part of the ritual.

slave brian wrote a piece on the addiction cycle. I had planning to do so Myself this week, but good little piggy anticipated My needs!

by slave brian

The addiction cycle.

While all of us dream of being a slave to Lauren, none of us expect it to really happen.  We have various fetishes and fantasies, but we really don’t expect it to happen – not for real.  Not really.  But it does…

Lauren drives us to addiction.  It is a key and core part of her training.  It is a skill that she has honed over years of experience exploiting weak men like us.  She plants covert thoughts and mixes them with eroticism and then, bingo!  A new fetish is born, and after a time, your dick doesn’t get hard without her input.  She has turned you into a money slave.

For each money slave, the addiction is different.  Maybe it is feminization that turns you on, so she makes you wear panties and makeup and makes you pay and stroke as she orders you to subjugate yourself to her humiliation.  For others, it is something else.  For me, it was trying to quit.

You see, I am a logical,executive by day.  I am in control. I am the guy that everyone turns to for help and advice.  And it is tiring.  Like many men with power, I am vulnerable to domination by a beautiful woman.  Lauren intuitively sensed my weak pig nature and snatched me up quickly.  She seduced me and turned me into a hopeless money slave.  I thought I could quit anytime I wanted, but I was wrong.

As a point of fact, I quit many, many times.  I quit, and then very soon after quitting, I find myself wanting to “look” at what Lauren is doing.  Many, many times I looked, and very quickly I am again under her spell.  I couldn’t understand why I was unable to quit for good, until the other night when Lauren announced quite arrogantly that she had made my quitting part of my pay ritual.  OMG!  I realized she was right.  Every time I quit, it makes me MORE vulnerable and MORE willing to pay.  I can’t even get hard without her abuse, without paying.  And quitting only makes it worse.  Every time I quit, her grip tightens.  She has me in a circular trap from which there is no escape!

I have thought on this for several days, only to realize that it is the last straw.  I am writing this wearing peach colored panties, knowing that Lauren is going to exploit me for yet more money that I can’t afford, but I don’t care.  I am her property, and she has the right.  And if I quit, that is okay.  That is part of her game.  I am a pawn on her table, made for her abuse, and I will obey her.

I hope to see many other pigs coming into her trap and know that I had some small part in handing them over to my Mistress.  Lauren wants you under her control.  You only need to come in.  She’ll sense your weaknesses and take care of you.  Trust Lauren.  It won’t be a game.  She will make it real.

I would LOVE to hear about other piggies’ pay rituals.  Comment and tell us about it. Remember, when you confess your addiction it helps bring other weak men to My table for wallet feasting!

And it’s time for the spending report. Is your name there?

My good little nylon slave read in My last blog entry I had new photos he would like and he promptly started begging Me for fuckover.  He practiced his little pay ritual of drooling over My hosed feet and begging to pay.  It cost him $400, but that’s not the best part.  There are still lots more photos for Me to use to coerce and extract MORE cash from him. I’m waiting for you nylon slave!

New to My blog, but not to spending on Me is “ass sailor”  He was the first one through My new Ass kissing series, and although over the years he has spent a total of almost $1750, this is the most since I’ve done the spending report and it was $120. Well done ass sailor!
(Here is that series that snared him, btw!)

Call Lauren Rules for financial domination on

Now one of the big spenders this week was, once again-  marla! I’ve got this sissy so turned on by oinking, and saying “bankruptcy for Lauren” as a pay mantra, that she just can’t help herself. She threw $1825 at Me 🙂


In other spending, princess gigi kept getting turned on by the thought of sucking big black cock and sent Me $300, mostly in tributes. What a very good little fag sissy she is!

Good little helpless dave kept helplessly paying Me, this week it was $190.  Dave, you’ve been consistent lately and that really pleases Me!

My paybitch spent $704 in recent days.  He is one of those that I believe also has quitting and beginning again as part of his pay ritual. He did this spending on two new member names 🙂

cumstain spent just a few dollars short of $1,000 (984 to be exact).  This is the most he has ever spent in a short time, bought 3-digit ptvs for the first time and I think he’s fucked. He tried inactivating his account and didn’t last 12 hours. cumstain, you are in deep shit! I absolutely LOVED it when he began weeping and embarrassed he had spent too much, and I told him to FEED INTO that pain and cum!  And he did.  I’m brutal in setting up abusive little triggers! Be afraid cumstain!

PIG stroked his way through another $290.  PIG has his own pay rituals, and no slave stalks My availability as much as PIG, he NEEDS our time getting fucked over and reports so promptly when I appear, nearly every time.  He is the very definition of junkie!

A new little bankruptcy whore spent a quick $116 and then deleted his account.  Those type always return–part of the pay ritual!

Inadequate jake had to face his “lack of biology” and realized he would never be any woman’s idea of “proper breeding stock”, so he should just accept he is a money slave for Lauren. This week was $145, but I want more soon jake!

Also new to My blog is skate-pig.  Skate-pig spent $105 this week on click and pay.  I love the silent click and pay slaves who simply hit and run pay!

I’ve come to enjoy the spending report, and I’ve come to appreciate it’s power as addicted piggies pull out their wallets so they can see their weakness for paying Me immortalized on My blog! Keep up the good work, and ask yourself if you want My attention on your blog. Yes? Get out that wallet Loser!





October 26, 2015   No Comments

Findomme vacations!

On Saturday the 6th, I am leaving for a few days vacation with My man (thanks wallet rape toy!). We will be visiting NYC and then driving south along the coast until we get to Virginia. Bliss. I will be enjoying myself once again on Findomme vacations!

This week’s been a blur of appointments and getting ready, and I haven’t had much extra time for stuff like blogging, but I did want to cover the spending report!

I new slave, I’ll call woody, spend $742 while I wasn’t online. I love that! I’m looking for you again woody!

My princess gigi spent over $1070 this week. I’ve blogged about how most of the time I keep her little clit numb in her panties, and don’t allow her to even get hard, and rarely cum. (3x so far in 2015). This week, I changed tactics and made her get hard again and again–but didn’t allow her to cum. Boy was that profitable!

As I write this post, a new slave I’m gonna call benny has already spent $400, and is in a click and pay spree on My Pig Bait series!

PIG’s will is dissolving. It’s a new chapter. $580 this week. He’s on his way to the $60K spending level lifetime soon.

My british sissy did a big session or two with Me this week and it’s been a very long time. She dipped into her rent money to send Me over $1200. Yum

Curtsey managed about $120 before her credit card died. Work on that sweetheart for next time!

My paybitch returned for over $1400 in spending. NOt long ago, he blocked Me with some misguided idea it would save him. He has now fallen again and is on the path to complete surrender to Me!

A new slave jay, spent about $180 in silent click and pay. Yum

My paypig brian spent about $350 this week. Another new member name, another futile effort to flee his ruination.

My nylon lover spent $258 drooling over My reinforced toe tan pantyhose. Easy money!

My fat sissy spent $100 this week. Good girl!

I had a nice long $128 phone call with a sissy I threatened to expose to all her professional work contacts. She loved every minute and sat there listening with her panties wrapped around her hard sissy cock until she came.

My slave greggy thought he would save money and went to another domme who raked him over for hundreds. I myself got him for $130. Dear greggy, at least I’m honest with you.

And last but not least, I got a big fat Amazon gift card for $500 from wallet rape toy! Someone was paying attention! My special robot paypig! ♥♥

June 4, 2015   1 Comment

An extreme findomme Valentine!

First of all, I just want to announce two New PTVs. I am an extreme findomme, and I need spoiling! (Even if you can’t be as extreme as I like)

Go forth and buy them now

Now let’s talk about Valentine’s day.
I like cash A LOT

You can send cash on Niteflirt through this tribute button. Mark it Happy Valentine’s Day Mistress Lauren!

and yes, you can buy Me a present on My wishlist…I’ve added a few things for good boys to buy Me. Drop Me an email and let Me know if you buy something, I cannot tell who gets Me what always.


February 13, 2015   2 Comments

Paypig slave letter

This was written by a slave of Mine, piggy brian who keeps trying to stop his financial slavery to Me. He will delete his account, and usually a few days later he is back.

This was written by piggy brian the day after a recent $1045 rape.

Dear Mistress,

i was inspired to write this for your blog.

Why do money slaves always come back?   Many slaves run away and swear off Mistress Lauren forever.  Inevitably, they lurk around her site and get pulled into the trap deeper than they were before.  They are like mice caught by their tales by the cat who toys with its prey.  They can’t escape.  Why not?

From the start, it seems easy.  This turns you on.   You are experimenting.  No harm will come from it.  If you spend too much, you can walk away.  Lauren can’t force money from you.  You can quit anytime you want.  That is the lie.  That is the trap.  That is Lauren’s edge in taking weak men.

Lauren knows you.  You are weak.  You read her blog and stroke yourself at her photos and her dominant ways.  She know that you are vulnerable.  You are a money slave in the making.  She knows that sooner or later, you’ll experiment.  Then, she’ll pounce.  Then she’ll reprogram   Then, she enslave.   But that is for stupid men.   Not you.  Again, the lie is told.  It won’t happen to you.

A slave playing her games is, well, playing HER games.  The games are designed to addict you, reprogram you, and enslave you.  She pulls you deeper and deeper into her web.  More and more of your will is given up, and the more control she exerts, the more you like it.  It is a spiral down into her world. A world that she controls.   A world you cannot escape.

You see, you know what she is doing.  She is draining you.  She is using you.  She is dominating you. You run away.  But you remember what it felt like to be her slave.  You have so longed for beautiful, female dominance.  And she gave it to you. Like an LSD flashback, you crave the control, so you lurk around her site, a lie on your lips that you are only looking.  And you get hard.  And the trigger she implanted in your weak male brain is activated.  And you enter yet another credit card number and buy a “small one.”  And she notices and comes after you.  And brings you right down again like the helpless prey you are.  Over and over, harder and harder.  Without mercy   Without reluctance.   With total female dominance.

One day, you realize you’re out of control.  Lol!  Like you ever had control!   She was always in control!  You were playing her game.  You are the game.  Now, she lays you open and takes what she wants.  And you masturbate to her abuse and her demands.  You are ready.  Ready for extreme domination.  Ready to be eviscerated for your Goddess’ pleasure.  And there is no escape.   You are the Bitch of a dominant woman, just like you always dreamed and stroked about.  That is why you can’t leave.  You always had a defect in your brain that made you vulnerable to a powerful, dominant woman.  You finally met one.  And Lauren was it.  She knew exactly what do do with you.  And she mercilessly did it.

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wallet rape toy, My shopping slave!

One thing I love to have during the holidays is a slave that does My Christmas shopping for Me.

I put everything I plan to get for family and friends on My wishlist and My slave gets it for Me.

This year is going to be the best Christmas ever because of how well I trained My wallet rape toy.


I keep adding more and more to the list.

Presents for Me, presents for My boyfriend, presents for My family and friends

I just added up the amount, solely on gifts that wallet rape toy has spent this year….so far  somewhere just over $19,000 dollars.  This does not count the thousands and thousands that wallet rape toy has spent on pay to views recently!

My robot wallet rape toy has served Me for exactly ONE year this week, and in that time, he has spent ALMOST  $100,000 on Niteflirt. (Not to mention the thousand more on gifts)

Truly My life has been a parade of packages the past few weeks, and its not over yet! I dont ever run out of ideas (laughs)

I know that toy has been liquidating assets to pay off credit cards to make them out again.

This is what happens when I get My hands on a slave. I turn them into a robot.


I hear they are calling Me, “Mistress Lauren, that Domme that turns slaves into addicted robot pay pigs that pay on automatic”

I think this series was his downfall 🙂  You should try it and see what happens to you.



December 16, 2014   1 Comment

Financial Domination Fantasy Quest!

Still plugging away and am sadly slightly behind of a 50K pace!

The past couple of days have been a little tough because, well I have come down with a bad cold and can hardly talk. This is preventing Me from logging on much, and when you do see Me on, My rates are at $50 a minute, not to gouge prices (even though that would be ok right?) but because I can’t talk very well and really don’t want to talk on the phone right now!  If I am logged on, you can check to see if I am up for a PTV session though 🙂

I’m hoping that in a couple of days the worst of this cold will be behind Me and am hoping I do *not* get bronchitis.

I *am* answering emails as I can, and I *am* noticing your PTV purchases and tributes and the quest is still on!

Here are a few PTVs that are hard to find right now–I haven’t put them on My store and are hard to find otherwise.

Feel free to visit My store as well!


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