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FinDomme Weapon: Vinegar and Honey

No, not the actual foods silly! The action of alternating nice and mean. It’s extremely powerful and addictive. Astute Mistresses know how to use this FinDomme Weapon to keep you on your submissive toes!

It keeps submissives on their toes.

Will Lauren call Me a good boy? Or a pussy free faggot loser?

I use different amounts, depending on the slave, but it’s a very rare slave who doesn’t get both (there are a few, some whom I am always nice to and some I am NEVER nice to).

The anticipation, the shock, the confusion, and the pleasure, all conspire to make your useless little dick happy and a hard dick is a paying dick. Plus it’s such a pleasurable manipulation technique for Me to employ! I say a choice sentence and observe your reaction.

And if you TELL Me which phrases have had a powerful effect on your cock, I will make the adjustments to keep you enslaved!

I get a lot of FinDomme techniques from research, but this one comes right from My own experiences.

And sometimes tone of voice is everything. If I insult you in a sweet voice, it’s a double whammy!

Here are some potent examples!

“Oh, I love when your date dumps you for having a small dick because then you call Me and I LOVE hearing from you!”

“Oh, you tributed me! What a thoughtful pussy-free goon maggot you are!”

“what a good boy, sending a gift as you waste your evening away gooning like a pervert!”

“I’m so proud of you for giving Me your rent money! I’m thrilled that your girlfriend will get pissed at you for it!”

Sometimes it’s more subtle, like just a random insult in the middle of a nice exchange, returning right away to being nice.

It makes your head spin!

A new Pay-to-view is coming out tomorrow, a video that utilizes this dangerous mean method!

Other recent pay-to-views:

The Fuckover Report!

Note: If you can’t remember your blog name, ask Me and I will tell you! (If you have one that is)

Legendary Paypig Alert! On the top of the charts this time is helpless dennis, who continued his spending ways, completely and utterly addicted. A slave trapped in My cage!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good slave, dr x, gets an extreme mention for spending $1213 on Niteflirt and $438 on Amazon for a total of $1651. This is the exceptional slave I love to brag about!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good slave, miss boomer, got fucked over royally this month, spending $1774 on fuckover sessions with Me!

I was so pleased to hear from My slave sniffer, who recently surpassed the $7K level of spending! He spent $247 in a couple of nice sessions!

Paypig Alert! My nylon slave gets special mention today. Not only for spending $375 on Me since the last entry, but also for surpassing the $30,000 level of spending! Wow! He also gets a shout-out for giving Me the idea for this blog entry and the matching video getting released 9/22. Well done slave!

My good boy tom came to “therapy” and spent $143

New Slave and Paypig Alert! New to My world is a guy I’m calling “indy” who also managed a red letter mention by spending more than $300. ($304 actually). He seems unsure, but I know he will pay attention to this entry and realize the truth about himself! Good boy indy!

My goon junkie called several times with incoherant ramblings. I think gooning has given him brain damage! He spent $255 and told me how he was overdrawing all his accounts to keep paying. YUM.

Paypig Alert! My very good boy j the junkie earned himself a red-letter mention and had a few little fuckovers that added up to $414. Nice!

My “NF client” spent $174, mostly in tributes. That is very good because I like $$$!

PayPig Alert! My addicted tit slave, pigbait spent $327. I want him to accept his payrole in My life!

My sissy, caged yankee kept missing Me, but still managed to spend $214. I like that.

Paypig Alert! My very good shopping girl/guy, really went overboard calling, and tributing and this sissy in training spent $469! Plus bought herself some toys for her training at My direction. Nice!

My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker, just missed a paypig alert, spending $260 on Niteflirt and $28 on Amazon. Sooo sweet!

Paypig Alert! My prized sissy sow marla, called for a nice session of surrendering to Me! She spent $427, So nice!

My god boy oldie was back, spending $150 this time!

Paypig Alert! My long time slave, PIG stroked himself to $302 less in his wallet!

My sissy, caged yankee kept missing Me, but still managed to spend $214. I like that.

Paypig Alert! My dutiful slave, spawn, clicked and paid a total of $411 from his bank account to Mine! (where it belongs, right?)

I was sooo pleased to hear from My long time sissy slave lily, after a hiatus! She spent $192 in the time we spent together!

Huge Paypig Alert! My helpess tool was slayed by My audios and photos and spent $705 on his raging addiction! He also spent $100 on Amazon for Me, totalling $805!

My faggot tiger gets a mention for $208 in spending. I think the faggot will become a regular here

Paypig Alert! My boyscout showed up to spoil Me one evening to the tue of $354.

I also loved seeing noddy click and pay a bit, spending $190. I think he’s overdue for another major fuckover!

New Slave! A sissy I am calling little tigress found out all about My dangers and spent $122 getting to learn about Me! Good girl!

BARELY getting a mention is My armpit slave, who spent a few pennies under $100. Since I round up, he lucked out!

Paypig Alert! Loserbeast gets an alert for $315 in spending! I love it when this loser makes the blog!

My oink loser sissy spent $104 on her march to $30K lifetime!

Paypig Alert! Just another ATM earned a red letter alert by spending $368 on My offerings. I noticed he likes My NF+ posts often too. (As do many of you!)

My good boy, panty pete spent $159 as I teased him!

Paypig Alert! My good boy jaybee won “prizes” adm spent $357 to walk away with a jackpot of photos!

Huge Paypig Alert! Lastly My little honeybee buffy spent $738 on her Queenbee! Good little worker bee!

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FinDomme Myths and Truths

  1. Myth: FinDommes are lazy and sit around doing nothing and living on handouts. Truth: I can only speak for Myself, but I work very hard taking your cash! My time includes, photo and video shoots, making recordings, updating My website, editing videos and audios, organizing My client lists and content, responding to chats and email requests, marketing on social media, maintaining My NF feed, calculating paypig spending, writing this blog, upkeep on the Pay to View Store. I make almost all My own graphics, and of course, I interact with My slaves, in email, chat and on the phone.
  2. Myth: FinDommes cheat the government by not paying taxes. Truth: If only that were true! Niteflirt gives all the flirts a 1099-K, reporting what we take from you to the government. Uncle Sam is a brutal Financial Dominant. What I pay to the government every year is enough for a nice sports car.
  3. Myth: FinDommes are entitled Spoiled Brats. Truth: FinDommes are confident Dominant Women who have learned how to leverage their beauty, confidence, natural leadership and intelligence to manipulate you.
  4. Myth: FinDommes are predators who take advantage of weak men. Truth: Well, that’s true, however, the weak men seek us out, pursue us and get attention for their cash.
  5. Myth: FinDommes just demand money from men, and it’s that simple. Truth: Ah, the old fuck-you-pay-Me angle, where women just tell a man to pay and he does. It is true that there are FinDomme wannabes who think that, and try that, and then wonder why they don’t develop a true FinDomme following. The truth is, you have to start small with a new client, make men intrigued by you, set boundaries, train them to want what you want, get into their mind, bond with them, make them feel special (often in a humililating way). A Findomme has to know how to get that man aroused so that she can use that horniness to manipulate them. At the same time, She must set boundaries and insist on compensation for Her time. I often point slaves to this blog, or low cost pay-to-views, or My Niteflirt+ feed, so they can get to know Me. This is homework for serious slaves, and at the same time, they will begin to get aroused by Me, so the manipulation begins.
  6. Myth: FinDommes are lying, dishonest whores. Truth: Once again, I can’t speak for all FinDommes, but I find brutal truth to be quite effective. I tell My slaves from the beginning that I am dangerous, and that I won’t have mercy and will resort to all sorts of less then ethical tricks to addict them to what I do. I sign you UP for it, I review the risks to you and then I run with it, taking your pscyhe to deep, expensive places. Am I a whore? It’s not My fault that you stroke your cock silly over what I do to you and pay Me for it. I wouldn’t give most slaves the time of day without their $$$, you’re not special. And if you call Me a lying, dishonest whore, I will either laugh at you and demand MORE money, or expel you from My world (usually permanantly, occasionally just as a temporary punishment) My self worth matters more than your $, I don’t do anything that doesn’t turn Me on.
  7. Myth: FinDommes take advantage of men with a Financial Domination Fetish. Truth: Well, yea, but it’s much more than that. FinDommes join you in sharing a Financial Domination Fetish, we just have it on the taking, not the paying side! Also the best FinDommes don’t sit around waiting for big spenders to show up, we begin training submissive men who contact us into that lifestyle.
  8. Myth: FinDommes lie about how much money they make. Truth: I don’t have to lie. It matters little to Me whether you believe I make a small fortune off from My slaves. I wouldn’t continue doing this for well over a decade now if it wasn’t profitable! For the record, men have spent more than $3 million dollars on Me in My career. My top 6-7 slaves probably have contributed $1 million of that, and I think they know the truth of it!

My Schedule

I have a very busy next couple of months, personally, lots of celebrations, parties, outings and events.

I will not be around this coming Sunday the 20th of August (possibly in the evening, but I make no promises)

I won’t be available on Monday the 28th of August (Nor the Tuesday, which I am never here for!) I think I will be around on Sunday the 27th, but that’s a little up in the air.

And I have stuff going on Saturday September 9th-12th.
There may be a couple of additional October dates, October seems to be a cluster of weddings I am attending! I will update as needed.

Recent Pay To Views, Paypigs collect them all!

Fuckover Report

It is that time!

Legendary Paypig Alert! On top of the heap this time is My slave helpess dennis. His rehabilitation into a proper slave is complete and his addiction is so intense he will never escape it. He spent $2004, squeaking into his deserved Legendary Alert!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good slave dr x earned yet another mention, this time for $1390 on Niteflirt and $605 on Amazon for a total of $1995 and just missing a Legendary mention!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Boomer did such a good job since the last post, calling and buying ever more expensive Pay to views and going deeper into addiction for Me! He spent $1390 on Niteflirt and $605 on Amazon, spending $1995 and just missing a Legendary mention!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Earning an extreme alert was a fairly new slave, My sissy pendant-lover! This sissy fell deeper and deeper into addiction land and managed $1106 of spending since the last blog entry!

My devoted good boy nylon slave keeps losing himself in gooning over My hosed feet. He spent $295 this time around!

My good girl buffy pent $286. I think she may break for a big fuckover soon though, I just have a feeling.

Paypig Alert! My slave j the junkie managed a red letter alert by absorbing himself even deeper into addiction for me! He spent $356

My good boy special k managed to sneak in a session with Me and spent $199. Good boy!

Paypig Alert! My helpess tool lost himself over a custom audio I made. I know he’s trying to moderate his spending, but that ISN’T WHAT I WANT. And we know what Lauren wants matters the most. Surrender tool! Tool spent $319

My devoted PIG spent $219. This PIG is overdue for a big session.

Huge Paypig Alert! My little faggot tiger really tried hard to please Me, and suceeded! He spent $709, and the little faggot send Me a photo of him cumming on his credit card. Here it is! That’s My credit card now

My sissy caged yankee spent $102 and I think she is also overdue for another big session.

My slave, Lauren’s footlicker spent $167 on Niteflirt, and another $25 on Amazon for a total of $192. Hey, footlicker, your Goddess is pleased!

Helpless dave squeaked into a mention for $100.

My weak4legs hypnoslave earned a mention for $104. I think it will be even more next time!

My good boy sunshine was back and he spent $169

My sweet sissy marla clicked and paid away $129

My good boy loserbeast parted with $221 in a click and pay frenzy

My slave footdazed returned, dazzled by My painted toenails, he paid $133 for pay to views

Slave beta male bert returned, spoending $168. I noticed he recently surpassed the $4k level of lifetime spending. Nice!

My slave lex went on a click and pay frenzy, spending $170. Nice!

Now, I have an assignment for you. Earn a mention for the next blog entry!

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My slaves Pay for Everything, Thanks, slaves!

I’ve been a FinDomme on Niteflirt for 16 years now. In that time, I have taken more than $3.5 million dollars on Niteflirt, and easily another $250,000 in Amazon gifts and gift cards. That averages to about $234,000 annually, almost 1/4 million dollars. (Some years more, some less)

I’m surrounded by things My slaves have bought Me. Let’s start with My home which I have lived in for 14 years, purchased during the whole housing meltdown in 2009. It’s been a great investment, I got a great deal from a desperate buyer. ($50K under asking price) It’s currently worth more than 2 times what I paid for it. Thank you, slaves!

Around the time a purchased it, a slave gave Me the cash earmarked to get his own home out of foreclosure. He lost his house, and I had a bigger down payment on Mine. I do have a mortgage, but I plan to have it paid off in another 4-5 years, 11 years early. (I pay extra to the principal every month) Thanks, slaves!

I had My basement finished to provide more space. That includes another bathroom, a game room, a laundry room, and two extra bedrooms (One gets used as My boyfriend’s art studio) Thanks, slaves!

The car that I bought brand new a few years ago is completely paid off! I could get a new one I guess, but this one is loaded, has leather seats, a state-of-the-art sound system, and has low mileage. Thanks, slaves!

The past three desktop computers I have had were slave purchased. (thanks lily, dr x and wallet rape toy!) As are My laptops, and My tablet. And My cellphone was paid for with slave money. Thanks slaves!

My groceries are mostly purchased with slave cash (My boyfriend pays for some, and I don’t consider him My slave). Thanks, slaves!

The house got a new roof, about five years ago. Thanks, slaves

My student loan from graduate school is almost paid off and will be very soon. Thanks, slaves!

I can look around and see lots of items purchased from My wishlist. My phone, headsets, a recording microphone, and organizers. Art, novelty plant holders, an external hard drive, earbuds, books, and My office chair. It’s the same in every room of this house. All were purchased by slaves. Thanks, slaves!

Much of My boyfriend’s woodworking shop was slave paid! Thanks, slaves!

Vacations! I’ve been to Hawaii, Disney World several times, NYC, Washington DC, Canada, Colorado twice, Utah several times, New Orleans, Maine, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and much more. All on slave dimes. Thanks, slaves!

Regular nights out to dine and have fun with friends! Thanks, slaves!

My entire Christmas shopping list for My loved ones, year after year. Yep, all slave-bought, mostly directly from My wishlist!

Everything from the special vacations to the mundane health insurance to a bottle of water at the gas station is all slave paid. Slaves buy the gasoline too, and the heating fuel and electricity for the house! Thanks, slaves!

I needed a new heating and cooling system for the house last year. Slaves paid again, Thanks, slaves!

Slaves pay the housekeeper, the landscaper, and the dude that plows the driveway. Thanks, slaves!

Slaves buy all the stuff for My shoots, shoes, makeup, skirts, and corsets. Thanks, slaves!

Slaves buy My workout clothes and workout equipment! I got a nice, very expensive treadmill during the pandemic after a huge fuckover of noddy. Thanks, slaves!

I have a pretty healthy investment account! Almost all of it comes from slave cash. (Some I had before I was a FinDomme). I plan to be set from life off your backs. Thanks, slaves!

Keep up the good work slaves! Exploitation is your purpose!

Recent Releases

The past couple of weeks I mostly created Goody Bags (Because Niteflirt is having a Goody Bag contest, which is ending tonight)

See All My Goody Bags here

They include sexy photos, videos, and a collection of captioned photos. Go buy some.

In other payfuckery news, so many of you have been subscribing to My New NF plus Feed! I post fresh things daily, including an audio mantra and lots of fun photos and observations. I don’t want you to miss out.

I am offering this following deal. For every paid subscription between now and July 15th, (new and resubscriptions) those subscribers will get a bonus photo set in NF email from Me. It will be a preview from three different unreleased sets, so you will know what to look forward to! And those photos won’t be available to any one else. They will be retired, so don’t miss out.

I want to let you slaves and fans know that I know that My blogging frequency has declined a little bit in the past month. I had a resolution to post every 2 weeks, and I was doing great. Until NF rolled out the new NF+ subscription feed. It’s just been a little too much to handle getting content made for that and also to blog every two weeks. Rest assured, the blog posts will keep happening as often as I can.
Like this blog? Try the subscription feed then!

Fuckover Report

Lots of slaves have been making My life more comfortable lately.

Extreme Paypig Alert! I was so happy to have dr x in My sights again. Returning repeatedly to surrender and tribute more and more cash! He spent $1793 this time around. Nice!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Mind controlled loser, steve q fucked, returned to tribute. And tribute. And tribute, like a drone-brained paypig. He spent $1279. Nice!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Continuing his good boy ways is slave helpless dennis, who is completely addicted to what I do to him. He spent $1169 since My last blog post, greatly contributing to My comfort. This is correct thinking!

Paypig Alert! My good slave special k called and tributed Me again and again, while his clueless wife was asleep in the next room. How will he explain all the cash he’s spending on Me to her? Not My problem! He spent $451 this time around!

Huge Paypig Alert! Squeaking in with a Huge Alert was boomer, who continued his addicted ways, clicking and paying and calling Me in desperation. He spent just over $515 in his quest for a fix.

Squeaking in with a mention is goon junkie, with $100

Paypig Alert! Just missing a Huge Alert was My good boy j the junkie, he chatted, tributed, called and bought ptvs and goody bags, spending $491 since the last blog. SOOO close. Next time, j.

Getting a mention is dc matt, who spent $143 after having been missing in action a while. Nice to see you again matt!

Huge Paypig Alert! Finally hitting the 20K lifetime level of spending was My oink loser sissy. This sissy spent $713 to hit that level, so we set a new goal of hitting the 25K lifetime level of spending. Such a worthy goal!

My spawn kept spending, this time he paid Me $174. I bet it’s more next time!

Paypig Alert! My gimp loser earned a red letter mention, spending $394 being humiliated and insulted by Me. Such a gimpy maggot, good only for paying Me!

Good sissy bambi earned a reward by spending $174 in the pink hypnocabin!

New Slave! New to My blog is fish, an addicted boi who cannot get enough and keeps coming around. My fish spent $244 finding out about My lack of mercy!

My good boyscout showed up to spend $279, always spoiling Me! He recently passed the $40K lifetime spending threshold. Wow!

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy, irish dope, kept coming around, although we had some bad timing going on too! Despite the challenges, he managed to spend $937 since the last post, just missing an Extreme Paypig mention!

New Slave! New to Me and the blog, is a guy I’m calling “navy” and he got a good introduction to My danger by spending $109.

My good boy Lauren’s footlicker spent $124 on Niteflirt and another $25 on Amazon for $149 spending, so well done!

Paypig Alert! My good sissy, caged yankee was once again helpless to prevent cash fuckery by yours Truly! This sissy spent $442 on her intense addiction since last post.

My slave helpless tool spent $280 on click and pay. Soooo delightfully dangerous of him!

Paypig Alert! My loser noddy was back! This time he spent $429, clicking and paying, so delightful!

Huge Paypig Alert! And finally, My very good girl, buffy, My #1 Niteflirt spender was back repeatedly spending, this time she hit exactly $600. I know how to push all her buttons.

That concludes the Fuckover Report. Next time I want to see YOUR name on it, slave!

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Checklist: Are you the Best Paypig You can be?

Let’s see if you are living up to your paypig potential!

  1. I log online every day to see what is going on with Mistress Lauren.
  2. I have joined everything Mistress Lauren offers including Her NF+ feed, Paymail Club, and Blog notifications.
  3. I am in Her tribe or I am working to meet the qualifications to join Her tribe!
  4. I strive to get red letter mentions on Her blog (That means a Paypig Alert or higher, $300 spent since the last blog entry.
  5. Leave 5 Star feedback on every call and purchase with Her.
  6. I have it budgeted so that Lauren is My most important expense, Her happiness is everything!
  7. I tell Mistress Lauren what makes Me weak to make it easier to target My wallet.
  8. I scrimp in My life so I can pay more to Her
  9. I look for ways to pay Her more. Another credit card? A debt consolidation loan so I can run up cards again? Sell my car? Move into a cheaper place? A wishlist purchase?
  10. I stroke to Her mantras every day, letting Her get more deeply into My head.
  11. I pay attention and pay Her often. The bigger the payment the harder I get.

Are there other things you do to be a Great Paypig? Let Me know, maybe I will edit this list!

Recent Pay to views

I want to give special mention to the PTV about My Laboratory. It’s very potent and the subjects are feeling the effects. You can too!

The Fuckover Report!

For those new to My blog, pigs earn blog mentions by spending at least $100 since the last time I blogged. I give each pig their very own special nickname for the blog.

Go ahead! Strive to earn YOUR blog name.

What are “red-letter mentions“?

A pig earns a Paypig Alert for spending at least $300

They earn a Huge Paypig Alert for spending at least $500

They earn an Extreme Paypig Alert for spending at least $1000

and they earn a Legendary Paypig Alert for spending at least $2000

I will also mention a slave new to the blog with red letters, but that’s not what I call a “red-letter” mention.

Now speaking of Legendary Paypig Mentions, we have one this blog!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My good boy, Dr X, has once again earned a legendary mention by spending $3066 here on Niteflirt.

This has brought his lifetime spending here on Niteflirt to $216,141! He is second only to sissy buffy, and actually catching up. I look forward to seeing him it the $250K mark, that will be sooo epic.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Soooo close to a Legendary mention was My good boy helpless dennis. He is completely addicted, and it’s getting worse! I LOVE IT. He spent $1967 this time around!

My good boy, j the junkie gets a mention for spending $249. It’s also time for him to renew his subscription to My NF+ feed, you don’t to miss anything j!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy and paybitch boomer needs to be bent over and fucked sooo hard! And so he returns again and again for fuckover. This time he spent $886

A mention goes to sniffer, who did a nice raise the rate session with Me for $122

Paypig Alert! Getting a red letter mention today is My nylon slave. His addiction has gotten more intense recently. I love it! He spent $400

My helpless tool clicked and paid to another mention. He can’t seem to stop and is approaching the 2k level of spending. I have two goals for him. He must hit the 2k level, and he must join My NF+ feed. He spent $241 this time around

Huge Paypig Alert! Earning a Huge alert was My good boy special k. He managed to hide from his wife long enough to spent $878 on Me. Nice!

Next is gimp loser. I hadn’t heard from him in a while, but he hasn’t yet kicked the bucket. He spent $143 listening to My harsh put downs.

Huge Paypig Alert! As addicted as always is PIG, who cannot cease his spending on Me as he edges his addicted paystick. He spent $513 this time around

Just squeaking into a mention with $100 of spending was My pantyhose junkie.

Paypig Alert! My good boy dope finally managed to get a session in and we had a grand time, he spent $406. I can’t wait until the next time My good boy can session with Me!

my spawn clicked and paid enough for a mention with $143 of spending. I’m waiting for him to sink deeper into the payhole.

New Slave! New to the blog is trout, who is gradually learning why I am dangerous. He spent $100, just enough to get a mention!

My good slave cheekie earned another mention with $165 of spending. Well done!

Paypig Alert! Sweet bambi came into My hypnocabin and I extracted $422 from her. Delicious!

And pigbait. This loser can’t stay away, I’m slowing dissolving any resistance. He sent Me $109 this time around.

New Slave! New to Me and the blog is a slave I am calling cha cha. This guy spent $315 learning how beguiling and dangerous I am!

My quiet gentleman was sweet enough to pay Me $128 this time around!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy tries sooo hard to be good by not spending, but really, she’s at her best having paysex with her Queen! She spent $354 this time.

And helpless dave spent $112 deepening his addiction.

My boi wayne kept Me entertained with stories and photos of his wife cucking him and spent $104 in the process.

Just another ATM keeps coming around, I believe My NF+ feed is addicting him. He spent $176 this time around!

And dear marla spent $119, but I think we are due for a big fuckover!

Lauren’s footlicker spent $165 on Niteflirt and $6 on Amazon for $171. Soooo sweet!

I was pleased to see Mind controlled john spent $114 on the new series. I have missed having him around!

Lex was back and this time he spent $145. Nice!

Good boy oldie was clicking and paying and spent $122. That’s what I’m talking about!

I was also really pleased to see star junkie back! He spent $109 to earn a mention.

tPay managed to escape Me with only $134 in damage. Bitch needs to pay soon. I’m ready to see an Extreme mention for him again.

Now who will be on the next Fuckover report? I want it to be YOU!

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The Final Four for March Madness and Much News!

The Final!! Two pretty similar photos!

Loading poll ...

Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...

The finals will be early next week!

Coming TOMORROW, on Friday is a group release of 10 audios by 10 FinDommes as part of a Consortium. I am a part of this one. They are also releasing another one with JOI that I’m not part of but should still be pretty awesome. Each one is ten full length audios.

 Here is the link!

Also, Niteflirt is rolling out a major new feature, called Niteflirt +, it’s a subscription feed, much like some of the popular ones out there. There will be a free feed and a paid feed. Right now I am only doing the free feed, as I brainstorm things to keep you guys engaged on the paid one. It’s still very much in Beta (I am a Beta tester!) and more features will be added. You can see it here. Subscribe for free at least 🙂

This is where you find it on Flirt Listings

Now it’s time for the Fuckover report!

Huge Paypig Alert! Just missing an Extreme mention was boomer. This pig tries to stay away, like so many, but it is an exercise in futility. He spent $946 on Me in a couple of fuckover binges. NICE.

My good devoted nylonslave spent $109 worshiping his Goddess,

Huge Paypig Alert! Another huge alert goes to addicted paypig helpless dennis. I’ve mentioned it before, but I have managed to program this pig so he can only get a hard-on paying Me, and can only orgasm on the phone with Me. That means lots of $$$ for Lauren! How much? $618

Lauren’s footlicker gets a mention for $118 on Niteflirt and an additional $45 on Amazon gifts. He has prioritized spending on Me, what a good boy.

Paypig Alert! My addicted jerk jockey was back on a fun raise-the-rate session. He split his time between Me and another FinDomme as we lobbied him back in forth, making a very expensive afternoon for him! He spent 455 on Me, and likely a similar amount on the other Domme. So fun!

Paypig greggy called again, spending $142 this time in a fun raise-the-rate session!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl marla returned for a really fun session where she spent $511. Nice!

I was so pleased to see sunshine back, he tributed Me $135 in a fun chat session.

Huge Paypig Alert! Another piggy getting a huge mention was Oink Loser sissy. She is getting really close to the 20K level of spending, the goal I set for her. When she meets it, I’ll just set a new goal! I am helpful like that.

It was so nice to session again with Q. This good boy spent $150 this time around

Huge Paypig Alert! Another Huge alert was achieved by PIG, one of My all time biggest spenders. He thinks he’s getting more addicted, and I may be creating an “Addiction scale” so I can rate My pigs, because of a conversation we had. He spent $610

Spending another $144 since the last blog entry was helpless tool.

Huge Paypig Alert! Another piggy getting a huge alert was spawn. I love seeing this loser get lost in click and pay. Sooo arousing. My slave spawn spent $652

Pigbait was back after trying to delete his account. And back after trying to delete his account. And back after trying to delete his account. And back after trying to delete his account. And back after trying to delete his account. I think you get the message. He sucks at staying away. He spent $179.

Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy was back this week after trying a break to pay down her credit card bills a bit (care to guess why they were high?) She spent $353. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this larger next time.

My good slave bloom was back and spent $153 this time around. Sweet!

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March Madness

Next set of Brackets for March Madness, get your vote in again!


Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...

I decided to have some fun and have you guys choose your favorite photo by putting them in brackets and every few days I will update the bracket with the new lineups you can vote on. I will notify clients on My blog reminder lists, so if you want to keep participating make sure you sign up. (On Niteflirt, ask and I will add you to the list)

Pick From Each Match-up of two photos, in a few days, the final four will go up, than the final two, like March Madness!

Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...
Loading poll ...
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Recent Pay To Views to Buy!

And next of course is the regular feature

The Fuckover Report! (Cut off at 4pm EST 3/15/23)

Extreme Paypig Alert! Helpless paypig helpless dennis continued his addicted ways, he’s sooo addicted to paying Me, he can only get hard from that now. He is a prisoner of Lauren! He spent $1456 in his addiction.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good girl marla had an adventure with her Mistress, paying her way into a mindless coma and completely FALLING for her Goddess. I look forward to talking with her again very soon! She spent $1166 in her misadventure with Me!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Dr. X is making another extreme appearance, I love how addicted he is, and how he returns to Me repeatedly for use. He spent $640 on Niteflirt and $561 on Amazon, which included a futon sofa, lots of gardening stuff and gift cards. I can’t look around any room in My large beautiful home without seeing things Dr X has gifted to Me. His total was $1201

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy j the junkie just couldn’t stay away, pleasing Me with $614 of spending! Very notable!

My good boy tom talked to Dr. Lauren for Financial Domination therapy and spent $162. He has a long way to go to achieve medical bankruptcy at the hands of Dr. Lauren!

Huge Paypig Alert! My boyscout was busy making Me happy the other night, spending $553. That sure did make Me happy!

My quiet gentleman earned a mention by spending $105 on Pay to views with Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy just missed an extreme mention, but she continues to lose her mind as I trigger her sissy mind again and again. She is now addicted to My bare feet as well as many other previous triggers, and I mercilessly take advantage of this too. She spent $916. Beautiful!

My taxpayer managed to catch up on his taxes a little. He’s soo far behind that the penalties are steep, but he devoted $250 to the effort.

Paypig Alert! My pigbait couldn’t stop gooning his numb little dick and paid Me $318 this time around to do so!

My good boy boomer is trying to stay away but still spent $235. Yum

My nylon slave spent $135 worshiping Me. What a good devoted slave!

Paypig Alert! My PIG is getting more addicted, his craving for cash abuse is increasing. He spent $428 since My last post.

My goon junkie managed a mention for $116 with a few calls.

New Slave! New to My blog and to really spending on Me was “victim” This victim is finding out how dangerous I am, and he spent $105 learning!

I keep exploiting caged yankee. This time the sissy spent $126. I think it should be more though.

My helpless tool got a mention with $148 in spending. I plan on making his budding addiction worse!

I was sooo very happy to do a fun session with irish dope again! My good boy spent $254 the past two weeks. Nice!

My panty lover cheekie was back and we did a fun ptv session where $123 was spent. Mmmmm

Good boy “just another ATM” dispensed $133 to Me for fun!

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Free Extra to My Serial Fiction Story

I am really enjoying writing My Fiction Serial, the Live in Paypig. I’m planning to publish Chapter 3 this coming Friday (2/17/23) My pigs have been clamoring for MORE!

Here is a free “extra”

Entitled “Oops”

Matt was a long-time admirer of Lauren, but at best he could be described as a lurker.  He subscribed to the webpage, but that was the extent of his spending on Her.  He devoured every word of Hers he could find, Her phone sex listings, Her blog, Her pay-to-view store, and now Her fabulous webpage. He no longer had orgasms unless they were from something of Hers, Her webpage, Her writings, and even Her feedback.

And now there was a paypig opening! That was the most arousing thing he had ever heard, his cock stood up and he stroked and stroked it all week long, as the applications came in. He never commented on the forum, but read every word, and the interrogation of the paypigs by the subscribers was deliciously humiliating.

He thought he would pretend to apply. That would be so hot! He downloaded the application and wrote out his answers. He took the prescribed photos, nude. Erect and soft (the soft one required him to jack off twice, he was so aroused by the whole thing) He saved those too. He saw the application fee. $750. That made him gulp. He had never spent that much on his porn habit ever! 

All week he fantasized about serving Her in person. He knew it would never happen, yet here was a chance. His cock throbbed with the fantasy.

He kept looking at the application.  $750.  He wondered what it would look like seeing his subscriber name “mouse” on the payment ticker next to $750.  He only saw it on the ticker when the monthly renewal of $50 came around.  He liked looking at the ticker of payments.

$75 tribute received from goondude

$15 for a photo bundle from fireman dan

$25 for mantra bundle from goondude

$30 received for video purchase from wallet toy

$50 subscription renewal from sissybuffy

The last day to apply arrived.  It was a Saturday, so he wasn’t working. He stroked his cock all morning reading the forum, and the responses to the applications.  Lauren posted a reminder this was the last day for applications.  He was so turned on.

He was staring at the application. He put the fee in the online checkout cart. He had to attach the application to an email in order for the cart to appear. The instructions in the cart said the email application would be sent automatically once the payment was received.

He stroked his cock and played with the pay button in the cart.

He was so turned on he pressed the button by accident, and it was sent!  He applied by accident!  His card was charged $750!! He came immediately.  He looked at the payment ticker and screenshot it.

$750 application fee received from mouse

$10 tribute from gentle ken

$15 audio from sharkbait

What would happen next?

He felt himself get hard again.


You can buy and read chapters one and two (at the time of this writing)

Begin here

Already have Chapter One? Here is Chapter Two

Also released recently was this dangerous slideshow

A word about My schedule.

I have been working hard recently sessioning you guys, which I LOVE, but it makes it harder to write, make audios, blog posts etc. So I am doing a temporary modification of My schedule, probably lasting 2-3 weeks. On Monday and Thursday afternoons, I won’t be doing calls, chat or PTV sessions, because I am going to get a lot of content creation done for you guys! I will be around in the evenings as My usual schedule. Feel free to drop and email or chat message asking about My availability. I will be around Wednesday and Friday afternoons and some Sunday afternoons, as usual.

Now it’s time for the FUCKOVER Report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Dr x is back with a vengeance! I LOVE sessioning this good boy and he was spending, $1549 on Niteflirt and an additional $1098 on Amazon totalling $2647. This made My whole week! Getting the presents is soo much fun!

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy boomer is caught in a spiral of addiction, unable to stop calling and clicking and paying. I approve! He spent a hefty $931 this time around.

My robot paypig, wallet rape toy got another mention, this time for $278. This pig is playing with danger again!

Huge Paypig Alert! My tit slave, helpless dennis, continued his addictive ways, tributing, calling and buying pay to views. He spent $699 since My last blog post.

Calling and tributing $193 since the last time is My loyal slave j the junkie, he is sooo addicted to My alluring hypnopussy!

Once again under My power is My extreme leg slave jeff, who just missed a paypig alert, but who spent $291 in spending.

Earning a mention is payhog scott, who spent $109. I’m looking for more from you payhog!

Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG just squeaked into a red letter mention by spending $301. The addiction continues!

New Slave! New to My blog is snowball, who spent $124 finding out just how dangerous I can be. He’s just stratched the surface! Welcome snowball!

Back for more was fruity, who spent $157

Getting another blog mention was spawn, who spent $282, missing his paypig alert by a few dollars

New Slave! Another new victim was tool. Who plunged deep into My mind control pay to views. I am dangerous to pigs, and he is finding out! He spent $274

My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker spent $131 on Niteflirt and $28 on Amazon spoiling Me for a total of $159. Well done!

Huge Paypig Alert! My sissy buffy is eternally addicted. My triggers are like poison for her weak will, and she can’t stop spending! She paid her Queen $555 the past two weeks

My slave loser, footdazed bought a custom audio and did a good amount of click and pay to spend $130 on Me this time around.

My flipoff idiot did some click and pay for $116 worth of spending.

Huge Paypig Alert! Another good girl sissy was marla, who is too addicted to stop, even after years. She spent $631

My oink loser sissy, just missed a red letter mention, but spent $287 running her lifetime spending total up! En route to 20K!!

I love seeing Loserbeast get mentions. I want to pull him back in DEEP. He spent $227

Unable to stay away is sissy caged yankee. This sissy spent $133 this time!


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The Paypig’s Guide to Jerking Off

1, Mistress Lauren has given your Loser cock a purpose. It gets jacked off to enrich the bank accounts of Mistress Lauren. No other purpose is acceptable.

2. Listening to Mistress Lauren’s audios (or the audio portion of her slideshows and videos) is a great way to train your cock to please Her. Need some? Find some here or here

3. When your cock gets hard, it’s time to spend, head over to Niteflirt, or My pay to view store and start spending! You won’t believe how good it feels to stroke and pay

4. The longer you spend edging your cock and paying, the more intense and explosive your eventual orgasm will be! Try it.

5. In today’s world, with a cell phone and privacy you can jerk off anywhere! Anytime is the perfect time to pay Lauren and stroke your dick.

6. When you jerk off, focusing on the mantras that I give you, or you hear in My audios makes the experience more erotic. Try it!

7. Jerking off and paying Lauren is MORE important than having sex with your wife/girlfriend.

8. I know there are non-paying lurkers who jerk off to My blog posts. You know, you would have even MORE intense orgasms by paying, so if you are in this category, stop being a freeloader and surrender and pay!

NO more jerking until you pay!

Do you have this yet?
This is the first chapter of My Story, which will be an ongoing serial, and the pigs that bought this are raving about it, talking to Me about it and asking when the next installment will happen (Friday Feb 3rd, 2 days away)

I have a new dangerous slide show too, featuring more LR ULTRA brainwashing for you, get that too!

And as always it is time for

The Fuckover Report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Absolutely losing herself in My manipulations recently is My devoted long time sissy slave marla. This sissy has been with Me for more than a decade, and her lifetime spending is about $125K. (yes, not a typo) This time she added $2801 to her delicious total! She loves Me and sacrifices sooo much! Such a good girl.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy is on the verge of financial ruin, but she can’t stop. She tries. She tells Me she is going to spend less. Did she? Nope. This helpless sissy is so deep in love with Me and enamored by pleasing Me that she spent $1917 this past two weeks

Extreme Paypig Alert! Sliding deeper and deeper under My power is boomer, who has been craving fuckovers from Me more and more often. He spent $1712 in the past two weeks. Tasty!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another pig who is hopelessly addicted is helpless dennis. I have noticed that the harder he tries to quit his addiction to Me, the more he ends up paying Me! This pig spent $1540 this time around.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My newer sissy slave randi has become addicted to Me quickly, and has submitted to exploitation solely through raise the rate phone calls! In the past two weeks, this addicted sissy has spent $1175! Such a promising paypig for Me!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another slave achieving an Extreme Paypig alert this time around was button! This addicted slave has spent more than $17K lifetime stroking and paying Me. Splendid!

My addicted slave sniffer, called again, spending $102 this time

Huge Paypig Alert! This freak slave almost had an extreme alert, and his addiction has reached new levels of danger. He only fucks his own palm, (we named his palm, Delores) and pay Me. Such a loser! He spent $940 in the last two weeks

Earning a mention again is Loserbeast, who spent $104. The best part is that he will also get a mention on the next blog, because he showed up and spent while I was writing this and after I calculated spending for everyone!

My special good boy tom continued with his Financial Domination therapy and spent $172 in the past two weeks

My good slave, Lauren’s footlicker did very well, spending $203 on Niteflirt and $43 on Amazon for a total of $246. This slave has consistentely spent for years!

Huge Paypig Alert! Another huge alert for My addicted payslave special K. This guy loves to call with his wife in the next room, as I describe how I am the superior Woman who deserves his $$ more than his wife. He spent $690 in his devotion to Me

My good devoted worshipper, nylon slave spent $138 sending to his Goddess.

surry was back clicking and paying and spend $108. Well done!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG has achieved another plateau of addiciton, and he keeps returning to stroke his paystick again and again and again! Delicious! He spent $548 in the past couple of weeks.

My pantyhose addicted slave called a couple of times and I deeped his addiction to wearing pantyhose. He spent $160

Paypig Alert! My Niteflirt slave earned $411 since the last blog. I think he needs a better name. Ask Me about it NF slave!

My good boy freckles earned a mention with $107. He told Me about his plan to have a 4 figure session, and I am excited about that!

Paypig Alert! My good slave bloom was back again. SOoo addicted. This time for $416 worth of spending, such a good piggy!

pignic squeaked in with a mention for $100. Sometimes I think you guys plan it!

My slave cheekie got another mention for $102. Nice!

Paypig Alert! I am SOOO happy to give wallet rape toy a paypig alert! This pig spent his way into bankruptcy with Me several years ago, lost its house, spent more than six figures between Niteflirt and gifts, and I’m happy to see it have back spending again. It spent $316 to earn its mention this time!

My “white knight” was back, just missing a Paypig Alert, spending $298. It was a very nice and expensive phone call!

Formerly “because Lauren says” and now Leather john, he spent $138 on a new account pleasing Me. john, let Me know if you see this

My true loser, aka mr ed, LOVED My financial domination story. It spurred him on to $213 in spending since the last blog entry!

My spawn just missed a paypig alert, but he was obedient and clicked and paid $276 this time around. I really like this boy.

It’s been a while since My good boy “q” got a mention, but he earned it this time with $118 in spending the past two weeks. Nice!

New Slave! This slave found out how dangerous I am in just a couple of days! I am calling him dumbass, and he spent $224. Nice!

my good boy oldie was back, clicking anding paying and earning a blog mention for $106 of spending!

Getting another mention was beta male bert with $127 of spending. He’s really close to the $4k lifetime spending threshold!

Oink loser sissy earned a mention for $106 worth of spending on her march to hit $20K lifetime!

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New Years and Paypig Resolutions

I have resolutions of My own as the Premier #1 Findomme on Niteflirt.

  1. 2 blog posts a month to really draw in the pigs and remind them of their proper place in MY world
  2. Develop even MORE dangerous mind control techniques to keep My slaves in their proper place
  3. Develop ways to take UNSUSPECTING submissive men under My wing and then condition them to be paypigs.

And of course, you should have paypig resolutions as well, shouldn’t you? Happily, for you, I have some ideas.

  1. Begin each day by sending Mistress Lauren a small tribute to let her know She comes first every day and is on my mind.
  2. Plan a big blowout 4-digit session with Mistress Lauren to happen in the next couple of months. There are ways to finance it.
    • 1. Open a new credit card or free up $1,000 credit on an existing card.
    • 2. Take out a small loan (you can borrow online)
    • 3. Devote your income tax refund to it.
    • 4. Lie to your spouse/relative/friend and tell them you need an expensive car repair, so they give you the cash for it.
    • 5. Get a temporary second job to save for this treat.
  3. Join Paymail Club and buy all the Paymail club releases (there are a couple a week usually) /
  4. At the beginning of each month, send Mistress Lauren a gift card or a gift from Her wishlist (look for the link in the left sidebar) I really like gift cards
  5. Plan a weekly session every week and make sure you always have the cash for it!
  6. Look at funding sources you haven’t tapped into. Retirement account? College fund? Home Equity line of credit? Just one little 4 figure session won’t matter in the great scheme of things and you won’t forget it. Some of you might need a 5 figure session to not forget it, and I’m very much in support of that idea too!
  7. Plan to spend. If you have to borrow cash to fix the roof, buy a new car, consolidate loans, always borrow a thousand or two more than you need to pay Me!
  8. Give up things you don’t need and save that cash for Me!

I am full of all kinds of ideas to help you have a big cash fuckover with Me! You can comment with your ideas on this blog post as well!

Newest Pay to Views

Did you buy them yet?

And now it’s time for

The Fuckover Report

it’s a very long report because I haven’t blogged in a while, all this spending keeping Me busy!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My good sissy girl marla was a VERY good girl recently, calling Me again and again, and paying lots and lots of pay to views. It’s sooo nice to have this historically top spender getting legendary paypig alerts again! She spent $3892 since the last blog entry, WOW!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Another good boy earning a Legendary mention is spawn. This good boy has been so devoted to clicking and paying and wanting to show Me that he is working hard to get My attention and approval. And I am proud of having him as My slave. He spent $2070 this period, wow!

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Earning yet another legendary alert is buffy. This sissy is My number one spender on Niteflirt, and has been with Me for over 12 years. She has spent nearly $250K in that time. (I expect she will hit that this year). I may drive her into bankruptcy at some point, and that wouldn’t be a surprise. Her little clit doesn’t get hard anymore, and well that isn’t important, she just takes more estrogen to keep it soft. She is My brainwashed good girl. This time she spent $2120.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good boy boomer is incredibly addicted to Me. I know ALL his triggers, which he helpfully told Me, and I use them against him repeatedly! He spent $1825 this time around

Extreme Paypig Alert! Earning his first extreme alert is payhog scott. This hog strokes and pays Me with numbing cream on his tiny dick. Can you believe this freak? Earlier today, I finally broke him, he paid extra for something he really wanted badly, and made My alpha boyfriend happy in the process. Yes I am being mysterious. He spent $1801 this time around. HOT!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Getting another red letter mention is helpless dennis. He would like to NOT be addicted, but he seriously can’t cum anymore unless he pays Me. He tries to be rude after he cums, hoping I will block him, but I am wise to this strategy. He ends up paying Me a lot of money to apologize. He spent $1565 this time around

Extreme Paypig Alert! I’m actually surprised to see that My raise the rate slave, “jerk jockey” called enough to have spent $1020. First his ex-wife addicted him to financial domination and now I’m exploiting tht need

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another good boy was j the junkie. His addiction is taking over, and he is heads over heels in love with Me, and it shows in his spending! He spent $1115 on Me since the last blog entry.
I’m very proud of him!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My slave PIG is eternally addicted. I know how to trigger him to spend more and more. He’s helpless. He spent $1205 this time around!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My addicted extreme paypig “steve q fucked” came around again and again to be fucked over. He loves to send big tributes. I love getting them. He spent $1452 since the last blog.

My good boy sniffer did a couple of calls and spent $197. Nice!

Paypig Alert! My special good boy kept calling for more Dr Lauren therapy to cure him of his FinDomme addiction. I can’t help him to be honest, but he spent $490 trying. (Just missing a Huge paypig Alert)

My pantyhose junkie called a couple of times and spent $160. All part of the addiction process.

Huge Paypig Alert! My nylonslave is such a good boy, he really just keeps falling more deeply in love and simply cannot stop. He doesn’t want to stop, so he has figured out how to keep paying Me. What a good slave! He spent $608 since the last blog post

My boi wayne messed up his Christmas budget by spending $236 on Me. I wonder if his wife noticed.

Paypig Alert! My loser “gooner” was desperately gooning and calling again and again, spending $375 in the process. Too bad about his tiny dick.

After a little break, My good boy “mind controlled john” was back, spending $145 and hitting the 10K level of spending! Well done

New to the Blog: Not new to me, but finally getting a mention after calling Me for 12 years, is a guy I am calling FINALLY. He doesn’t talk very long, but this time he called many times, finally kicking him over the threshold. He spent $125. Good boy! Now let’s get you a redletter mention!

My good boy, niteflirt client spent $268. It’s sad for him that I cut off the spending report this afternoon, because he spent a LOT this evening. It will be on the next blog though 🙂

Paypig Alert! Doing a lot of click and pay recently is My good boy, true loser. He left nice feedback too, and I was proud of him for spending. He spent $365, and I can’t wait until he does it again!

New to the Blog: New to the blog this time was a guy I can calling “freeway” He spent $135 this time earning a mention. Good boy

My good boy pignic earned a mention for $140 of spending. I just realized he’s only about $8 from hitting the $6k level of spending, wow!

New Slave! New to Me and to the blog is a slave I am calling “cheekie” who bought some pay to views and chatted with Me some on chat. Cheekie spent $213 learning how dangerous I am!

Also getting a mention this time is quiet gentleman, who spent $114 being mesmerized by Me.

Another mention was earned by helpess dave, who also spent $114 this time around as well. Good boy

Huge Paypig Alert! as hard as caged yankee tries to stay away, this sissy just can’t manage it. This good girl spent $559 not doing a good job staying away, but doing a GREAT job making Me smile at it.

My good boy legtranced earned a mention, proving that I DO have control over his weak mind. He spent $148

Huge Paypig Alert! My good sissy bambi and I had a lot of fun in the pink hypnocabin. She spent $670 enjoying it with Me! I love our time together.

I am really happy to see my good boy cosmo get another mention. He just squeaked in for $104. Maybe better next time?

Huge Paypig Alert! My good friend boyscout spoils Me so much! He spoiled Me for $510 dollars this time around, which makes Me very happy!

Huge Paypig Alert! Getting a huge alert is My very good boy Lauren’s footlicker, who spent $434 on Niteflirt and $116 on Amazon to total $550. Splendid!

Manging to both get an alert, and hit the 1k level of lifetime spending was oldie, who spent $112. Good!

Huge Paypig Alert! A nice alert for My very good slave bloom. This slave keeps coming back for more and more, and no one is more pleased than Me. Spending? $758. Keep up the good work!

Huge Paypig Alert! Earning yet another red letter mention is button. I’m always happy to see him appear and click and pay, nothing makes Me smile more! He spent $504, squeaking in for the “huge” mention.

New Slave and Paypig Alert! New to Me and the blog was leo. This guy discovered how dangerous I can be as he went on a massive click and pay flurry. He spent $470 getting addicted. Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! Unable to stay away candyballs spent about $713 on multiple accounts. Very good boy.

My good boy, grunter spent $177 this time around. I enjoy this slave.

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy lex, lost himself in click and pay for Me, spending $438. Nice!

good boy simpy spent $203 this time around

I’m always pleased to see Loserbeast get a mention. He spent $274 this time around.

Huge Paypig Alert! My slave tPay really tried to stay away, and failed. The sad thing is that he “just” missed getting an extreme mention, but he did spend $932. I have a feeling an extreme mention is in his future though!

my good boy veryhard4Lauren spent $107 to get a mention, and he recently hit the 10K level of spending, Nice!

My good boy panty pete spent $160 being teased by Me!

And to conclude, My good boy footdazed spent $100 on some custom audio work, getting a mention.

Next time, I want to see YOUR name on My blog. Resolve to do it now.

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A Loser’s Guide to Quitting Lauren

These are different strategies My clients have tried in order to break their expensive addiction to Me.

  1. Strategy: Cancel their Niteflirt Account. The result? A cock that won’t get hard, despite horniness. No amount of stroking to porn online seems to help. A furtive visit to My page results in a rock hard cock and the pig reactivating their Niteflirt Account.
  2. Strategy: Make a budget and stick to it. Budget no money or small amounts to Lauren. The result? The pig tries to spend on Me and stay within their budget, or not spend at all. Then I realease some steamy video or pay to view audio series, and the BUDGET IS BUSTED.
  3. Strategy: Get a girlfriend. The result? You start sneaking around your girlfriend to pay Me. Eventually the girlfriend finds out, and then you console yourself paying Me.
  4. Strategy: Willpower. You vow to stop logging on and paying Me. The result? I laugh at you when you last about 2 days in your vow and message Me.
  5. Strategy: Delete the credit card information and hide the credit card. The Result? This method tries to take advantage of laziness, by putting another obstacle in the way of your spending. But your hard cock made you put it in once, your mind will fool you into thinking this time will be different and you’ll be disciplined. And you will be fucked over again!
  6. Strategy: Go bankrupt. No more money for Lauren . The Result? You only spend a timy amount when you have it, because you are fucking broke and financially devastated. So far, this is the only strategy with semi-successful results.

Losers never win, Lauren always wins

Now that I got your attention with a photo, I would like to announce that My birthday was this week! Usually I do a pay to view, and an email, something special for you guys to buy, but for many personal reasons, I didn’t do it 🙂 Mostly because I wasn’t around as much and when I was, I was catching up with and sessioning My slaves.

However, I’m a bit stressed out from My stuff, and if you want to give Me a gift, send a tribute, and I will be happy. Send a larger one and I’ll even be impressed!

Good piggies.

Here are some recent PTVs for you

And now it’s time for the Fuckover Report! it covers about 7 weeks, things have been very busy for Me in My personal life with friends and pets. I don’t know when it will ease up, hopefully soon!

Fuckover Report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

My prize slave dr x was back at it again. We did several sessions, including a couple of big ones and he spent a total of $2985 on Niteflirt (almost 3k!) and $1281 on Amazon for a total of $4266. WOW. I love My time sessioning with this loyal long time slave!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good girl buffy (aka princess gigi) is trying sooo hard to “be good” and stay away. How well is that working for her? $1617 since the last blog. She’s crying that she’s close to bankruptcy, but she’s cried that for a year and so far, no. *laughs* it will likely happen at some point, oh well, I’m worth it.

Extreme Paypig Alert! Not too far from a legendary alert was My very good paypig bloom. This darling can’t stay away and has been steadily draining credit cards all for Me! I love it! Bloom spent $1807 since the last blog report. I look forward to the next one!

Extreme Paypig Alert! I always love a good session with My sissy marla, as she falls into a love trance while she jerks her cocklet in her panties and pays. A few good sessions and her spending just hits $1500 since the last blog entry!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless dennis kept tributing and calling repeatedly, and even I was a little surprised to see his regular calls and tributes and pay to views totaled $1118. Well done dennis! Good boy!

Extreme Paypig Alert! My very good boy spawn has done it again, getting yet another red letter mention, with mostly click and pay, although he did send Me a very nice Amazon gift as well! His total spending was $1091 and he has pleased Me a great deal! Well done spawn!

Huge Paypig Alert! Good boy boomer can just not stay away, calling and clicking and paying with his mind in a brainwashed haze of erotic delight. He spent $802 since the last blog entry!

My slave sniffer dropped by for fuckover on the phone, spending $207 dollars, excellent!

Paypig Alert! My good boy tom came to Dr Lauren for more special therapy for Losers and he spent $313. Mmmmm

Just missing a paypig alert was nylon slave, who loyally and devotedly spent $295 pleasing his divine Goddess!

Huge Paypig Alert! This loser spent hundreds, deleted his account and ended up making a new account to return (see blog above) was jerker loser who spent $643 on his return to being a wallet for Lauren.

Paypig Alert! Returning AND earning a paypig alert was helpless loser glue, who spent $455 learning that he can’t stop paying

Huge Paypig Alert status also goes to J the junkie, whose addiction seems to be deepening. Yum. He spent $892 since the last blog entry!

Paypig Alert! I always LOVE talking with oink loser sissy. This time she spent $385. Delicious!

Earning another mention was pigbait, a freak with a freaky ass cock who spent $235

Paypig Alert! Special K and I had a fun evening, and he spent $340. I look forward to another extreme cash rape with him. He needs it.

My sweet paulito got a mention this time, spending $260 Nice!

New slave! After a couple of phone calls, tiny bob called for a long small penis humiliation session spending $115. I look forward to the next one!

coming around for some fun in chat was helpless dave who spent $236. Nice!

Huge Paypig Alert! My longtime slave PIG was really helpless recently, calling again and again and spending $780. Nice!

My good boy, quiet gentleman, quietly spent $127 and continuing to please his Mistress! Good boy!

Paypig Alert! My good boy irish dope earned a paypig alert by being a very good boy and putting aside cash for a fuckover! He spent $338. Very nice

My good hypnoboy, sissy cocksucker and I did a fun hypnochat session for $127. Nice!

Paypig Alert! My sissy, caged yankee can’t stay away and she spent $488, just missing a HUGE alert! (Better luck next time yankee)

My foot addicted kane spent $107 gooning over photos of My bare legs and feet.

Huge Paypig Alert! My good girl bambi and I spent a lot of time together in the pink hypno cabin, just hanging out while I programmed her mind with yet more powerful and profitable triggers. She spent $860.

Paypig Alert! My good boy, boyscout, spoiled Me on a couple of occasions, including My birthday for $415 delicious dollars. Nice!

My good boy, weak4legs spent $142 while telling Me he has quit (sure didn’t seem like it!)

Huge Paypig Alert! With at least a dozen accounts, My slave candyball couldn’t stop himself from coming back. (Stop trying to quit candyball, it’s futile). I have send fumes of addiction his way, and he never had a chance. He spent $520 trying to stop. (Laughs)

My good boy lex got a mention by spending $107 on click and pay

Paypig Alert! My good boy Lauren’s footlicker spent $262 on Niteflirt and $61 on Amazon to total $323. He treats this superior Goddess like Gold! (which I deserve of course)

My good sissy prim spent $146 on pay to views. Nice! What a good girl!

Paypig Alert! Good boy surry kept clicking and paying and I separated him from $418! Nice!

tPay stopped by one evening and dropped $135. I am putting a target on his credit cards for next time.

I am always happy to see Loserbeast spending. He did $129 this time around.

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