Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Mistress and paypig connections

If I am successful at manipulating you into giving Me (much) cash, it’s because I have successfully managed to install us on the opposite sides of the same coin!

That coin represents the Mistress and Her slave participating in a mutual fetish (in this case, financial domination). Both are needed, but get different things out of it. In this case, you provide the coin, and I get the coin! 🙂

If you’re reading this, I already know something about you. You are either already a paypig, or you are intensely curious about being one. Of course, not every paypig is the same…but My goal is to install you on your respective side, and in the beginning I will be finding out how to get you there.

What makes you weak in the knees?
What makes you hard?
What makes your mind spin?
What are your paypig triggers?

What is it about ME that you find arousing?

What is it about YOU that makes being a paypig a possibility?

I find your triggers, and I pull them again and again, watching your wallet empty,

sometimes I craft new triggers! The more triggers, the more effective the cash rampage!

Some (Many) of you are so needful of the financial Domination that you offer up your weaknesses to Me for My play amusement.

When you approach Me for the first time, you will find that I do know what I’m doing. I find out stuff. I use it against you.  And I know that makes you and most paypigs rock hard. (And it gets Me all revved up too

Now take a poll. I don’t know what YOUR answer is, but feel free to ping Me on Niteflirt and tell Me 🙂

Which statement is the most arousing?

Which makes your cock hardest?

Oh Look you paid again! What a VERY good boy you are, you make Me sooo happy!

Only a beta male loser would spend money on a beautiful Woman like ME he wouldn\'t even be allowed to touch

Awww, you look so adorable in those pink panties! Now worship My Mistress Strap on and pay again!

Dont think. Look at the crystal and listen to My voice. Your addiction to Me is getting deeper. Pay again.

Faggot, you\'re gonna suck My boyfriend\'s cock while I go shopping with your credit card!

Now it’s time for the spending report

Hypnowallet and I had a fun little $117 session. Every session should be at least that, don’t you think?

Reactivating his Niteflirt account and spending $285 on Me was Nylonlover. My nylon feet, his week mind…no way to stop Me

Pay pig alert! Back with a whoosh was iFool!  We had an arousing “raise the rate” session with a little consensual coercion, and the iFool spent $718. The final call was a rousing 10 minutes at $50 a minute! I LOVE $50 a minute calls. You should all try at least one.
It will make your cock hard!

Mmmm Princess gigi spent $255 this week, but released in her panties without MY permission. More training needed! Shame! I have confidence in her though!

My elegant barefoot lover spent $170. I have so much more to show you lover!

Pay pig alert! My eunuch robot paypig spent $595 in mindless click and pay for Me. He completed the new Queen Lauren series, and I kept sending for his spending paytrance pleasure!

More please was another that fell prey to the Queen Lauren series, to the tune of $225! I pretty much know that every Friday I’ll be able to take his cash with My shiny black leggings!

Another Queen Lauren victim was My paybitch, his debt came out to $215 🙂

And candy balls was back with $115. (And I know he kept looking for this blog post, I bet thinking about seeing his name here again got him all excited!)  AND candyballs hit the 1K level of spending!  Well done!

Helpless dave squeezed by with a mention with $105 of click and pay. Mmm

also squeaking in for a mention was wallet rape toy at $105 as well.

My exposure sissy submitted to exposure games for $104 🙂 Also squeezing in for the mention!

Helpess for another week was PIG. This time I got him to spent $321 and maneuvered him leaving lots of feedback (Is yours caught up?)

This was the Lauren, Queen of Greed series that had many of your heads spinning and your cock hard…

check it out

And get going on your blog mention for next week!





March 28, 2017   No Comments

Hypnosis and Money Slavery

I have used hypnotic techniques on my money slaves for ages, but recently I’ve become even more open about it.

This of course, begs the question….

Is it possible to hypnotize a slave into handing it all over?


Can my milky words make him surrender all his wealth, without any visage of free will?  Even if he had never imagined it…never fantasized about it?

Conventional wisdom says no…that you cannot be hypnotized against your will.  That only if you desire it DEEP DOWN, can hypnosis manifest into reality.

Is that true?  I mean, are you worried that if you surrender to My hypnotic power that you will mindlessly deliver your cash to Me?   Awaken to find in horror that you’ve sent me thousands of dollars without a conscious memory of doing so?   Find yourself hypnotically addicted to giving Me money?

Conventional wisdom says this will not happen…UNLESS…you have a secret desire to have Me financially fuck you over.  Oh..and it might be an unconscious desire.

So succumb to My hypnotic words.  And if you have the unconscious desire to give Me all your cash, you can be sure you’ll be transferring it all  to Me!

November 11, 2009   4 Comments

New photos :)

And I have a very funny story that happened when we were shooting the red shoe set. I was on the little bridge, out in a rural area, and my photographer was down on his back, pointing the lens upward at Me for the POV shots, and I was pretending to step on him, and a group of teenage girls came along. They giggled and laughed and pointed at M, the photographer, like it was the funniest thing they had ever seen in their life. We actually had to take a break and sit in M’s car for a while until they went away so we could get the topless shots. I wasn’t quite ready to scandalize the neighborhood for stripping for teenage girls. I did however, wish I had a slave or two around, so I could properly teach them how to treat a man!

May 27, 2009   No Comments

This week.

I’ve been pushing myself every day getting my webpage running, getting this blog going and polishing my listings at

My newest listing? I got rid of the ignore listing and changed it into a small dick humiliation line. I had fun yesterday doing all the graphics, and now I am tormenting men on a small penis humiliation site another pso turned me on to. I never knew how amusing it could be to just send random insulting comments to men.

Just to remind you that I am more than just another financial dominatrix. Sometimes its just plain fun to viciously cause emotional wounds.

August 8, 2008   No Comments