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Two new Goody bags with hypnotic audio and a rare sale! AND more interesting things :)

Well  boys and girls, I am going on vacation for a week, and I know so many of you will miss Me..

So I will be on most of tonight!  (Friday, Sept 26th) for wallet ravishings and I will be back Monday October 6th.

But I have given you things to do while I am gone.

 These are two brand new Goody Bags! One with an audio

And SALE SALE SALE!  The Series are all 50% off, and a Slideshow at 33% off. (If you have started one of these series and want to continue at the sale price, go into the last email you bought in the series and click the button inside again!)

ALL prices will go back up when I return from vacation, so buy it now—while Mistress is away the boys can play at 50% off!

All the intro prices listed are 50% off!




AND  Speaking of the HypnoLoser series, there is a PART 4, I added onto it, and never released it…..but IF you have finished the series, there is more and I have it at the 50% discount rate!!  If you have never done it, I recommend starting at the beginning.


September 26, 2014   1 Comment

Paypig Milestones! The story of extreme paypigs!

2014 has been epic for Me in paypig spending, and there have been a lot of Paypig Milestones that I would like to report. Lots of extreme paypigs!

1. Firstly, princess gigi is now #2 on on My all-time spender list, bumping Dr X down to #3. In all honesty, if I added in Amazon spending, Dr X would still be #2, (maybe even #1), but for Niteflirt spending, My sissy princess has taken over the #2 spot–My sissy has been obsessed with photos of My nylon feet and of My strap on. And tributes Me again and again just to please Me.

2. My walletrape toy, who has only been with Me for about 5 months has now spent over $52,000 on Me, in the form of huge PTVs and tributes…..No one has ever fallen this hard and fast for Me.

3.  Two junkies have recently hit the 10K mark in spending on Me!  Kudos to “no nonsense guy” and My ass loving cucky 🙂

4.  My sissy marla has recently passed the 36K mark. mmmmm

5.  Soon another piggy will hit the 50K mark and I can’t wait to publish his name!

6.  My “quiet gentleman” passed the 8K mark very recently

7. My friend joe, who is always trying to quit Me, passed 5K in spending on his current member name.  It’s probably closer to 8K because he used to have a different member account he deleted. Joe, you wont ever be able to quit.  🙂

8. And My good boy “g” (I made a recording for you this week!), just passed the 5K level of spending.

9. My “polish atm” also hit the 5k level.  I’ve got My eye on you and you won’t get away!

10. kane, with a love of My feet mixed with My hypnotic crystal has also passed the 5K mark and he has made it his mission to move up My all time spender list. (Currently at #33)

11. Mmm clayton recently hit the 3K mark.  Give it up Clayton

12. Just reaching the 2K mark is armpit lover! Sniff loser sniff!  I see button has reached it too,  but he’s been quiet lately.  I’m watching button.

13. when I’m asleep, a fairly new slave I think of as eric the addict clicks and pays. He’s spent more than $1500 now.


On Notice, guys you better get going

1. wallet cunt. Do you want to remain #1?  Message Me.. I know we’ve sessioned some but you are overdue for a MAJOR fuckover

2. Dr. X.  YOu need to take back 2nd place…..*laughs*

3.  FOUR slaves are close to the 15K mark on spending.  Let’s get going, to “egghead”, My “Canadian pantyhose guy”, “click and pay magnet” and “shoesniff Loser”

ANd the rest of you who vicariously live through My top spenders buy something now from My goody bags JUST because you are turned on.. or better yet, ask Me for some personalized goodies and I will make you climb the list *laughs*

Empress (24)


May 22, 2014   2 Comments

Goody bags and Loser emails :)

I have been out straight for DAYS.  Niteflirt has been having a Goody Bag sales contest….the first one ended yesterday, and the next one goes until the end of the month.

Winners were determined by total sales and well I won $100 dollars for third place on the whole site in the first half of the month, but I plan to win the TOP prize of $500 dollars for the second half of the month. So you’ve been put on notice. *laughs*

Here is the Goody bag release for today. Go buy it now. See the rest of My Goody Bags here

And I thought I would publish a letter one of My long time slaves wrote Me. He desperately tries to escape My clutches and just can’t seem to.

I loved this letter

i need to worship You every day

i need to spend on You every day

a day without Mistress Lauren is a lost day

a day without worshipping Mistress Lauren makes me unhappy

without Mistress Lauren i am nothing

Mistress Lauren gives me a reason for living

serving Mistress Lauren is what i need

i wish to become further addicted

i wish to give Mistress Lauren everything She wants

I like the last line especially.
I love addicting helpless men to do My will.
Are you next?


May 16, 2014   No Comments

I love paypig humiliation!

It’s a new Niteflirt Feature- Goody bags! Paypig humiliation seems to be a theme here

Each goody bag is stuffed with different things, some slideshows, some mp3s, some captioned photos, some just specialty worship photos.  Nothing that is already in an existing Pay To View is in these Goody Bags, they are all unique content.

Here are My very recent one, check them out!  (See all My Goodies here)

My Newest One released today


Captioned Cum-Eating Photos!

My Ass & Fetish Boots and Pantyhose, any questions?

Ass worship sets have shown to be very popular, here is another set from an

new set “Bliss” Some are with pantyhose, and some…without *grins*

This Goody bag has an amazing slideshow with audio!

Be My Extreme ATM-Slideshow and lots of addictive bonus photos!

3 minutes of Mind blowing audio set to amazing photos of Me

AND TEN bonus photos

Your rape will cost you $25.

This was one of the most popular PTVs on Niteflirt this week!


I use My Ass to take your Ca$h

5 Hot Ass Photos

Some feature My hypnotic crystal!


This one is filled with Goodies, a video, captioned photos and bonus images.

Don’t forget WHO are you. (Pathetic Loser)


POV Photos that will make you beg for Me to take your cash!


Too bad about your tiny little cock!

’nuff said

Foot Trance

4 hypnotic Foot Photos–Gorgeous!

Boots and Fishnets– 5 photos!

 Sheer dark stockings and feet, feet, feet


Enjoy My Voluptuous Ass!


May 9, 2014   No Comments