Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Lauren is the Danger Zone

First of all, sorry for such a long gap between posts. Between trying to make content for My NF+ page, paypigs keeping Me busy, making content for PTVs, and some personal stuff I won’t bore you with, the blog post just kept not happening until I made it a priority today/

Get ready for a long Fuckover Report because you might be on it!

I thought I would share with you a portion of an email I got from My slave boomer (with his permission)

This is what happens whenever I reveal more of myself to you.
I tell you an idea that opens the door to my mind a crack.

You take that idea, force it open wider to benefit your control.

You take that cracked open door and blow it open wide and show me just how powerful you are.

I believe that you were prepared for it and know how to run with it and it leads me way deeper into your control than I thought.

Deeper than I imagined.

I asked for a captioned photo and you sent me one that blew me away , so when asked if I wanted another…..Hell yes! And very quickly down the rabbit hole to fuckover!

Which of course was fucking amazing.

It’s all dangerous and amazing at the same time….don’t know where this is going to wind up or how far down the rabbit hole I am being led or will wind up but the trip cannot be ignored…and as you know is way addictive.

How did I become dangerous?

What makes Me so dangerous is the addiction. I have studied addiction, applied sexuality to it, and taken advantage of your desire to please to indoctrinate you. There is no cookie cutter, My methods are adapted to suit the slave.

The Addiction.

For some slaves, it takes a mere hours. For others, it takes literal years. True, not every client I encounter becomes addicted, but enough end up in that state to keep Me happily busy!

I am always researching new ways to keep you entangled in My influence, new ways to inspire you to hand over your cash to Me, a willing drone. And new ways to either give you increasingly intense volcanic orgasms, or in some cases, neuter your desire so that your only sexuality is paying Me.

Results of the PayZombie competition!

I could have done a better job promoting this contest, it wasn’t quite as lively as others I have had, but it was fun!

Winner: Helpless tool
2nd Helpless dennis
3rd sissy marla!

Recent Pay-to-Views

The Fuckover Report!

Since it’s been way too long since I blogged, this is a LONG one

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Completely under My power is boomer, (whose letter to Me is part of the blog entry)

He called repeatedly, bought sooo many pay-to-views and begged for fuckover day after day! His spending? A tidy $3185. NICE.

Legendary Paypig Alert! earning another extreme mention is My very special slave, dr x. This slave is slowly driving his way to the #1 position on Niteflirt! He spent $1465 on Niteflirt and $535 on Amazon for a total of EXACTLY $2000 to get his Legendary mention. I’m sure neither of us realized he hit it exactly!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Helpless dennis also did sooo very well, calling and tributing and buying pay to views. My good boy spent $1448 to earn his extreme mention!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another loser getting an extreme mention is pigbait. He is getting more pathetic every day, and his addiction is leading him toward bankruptcy. He’s spending gets more and more extreme. This time it was $1650. What does he have to look forward to? Amongst other things, he will be facin poverty. Too bad. So sad. (Laughs)

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good boy, j the junkie earned an extreme mention by spending $1138. We have had a lot of fun doing cash fuckovers in chat!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another pig earning an Extreme mention is oink loser sissy. This sissy is on a goal of $25 lifetime spending. (she’s at about $22kish right now) and she has made GREAT recent progress, spending $1585 since the last blog entry

Extreme Paypig Alert! yet another extreme mention goes to “steve q fucked” I have learned this payzombies pay triggers and when he shows up I render him helpless to do anything but send big tributes. This time around, he spent $1100.

Extreme Paypig Alert! And for our final Extreme mention, we have My sweet little buffy. Despite claiming that she is spending less, she still managed to spend $1036 to get an extreme mention. My little buffy bee brings the pollen to the Queen bee and feeds on My addictive honey! So fun!

Huge Paypig Alert! For the first time in a while, I had a really nice big session with mind-controlled john,, who I pulled into a beautiful fuckover one evening. He spent $501, squeaking in for his huge mention!

Back for a nice fun phone call was one of My popper slaves, “sniffer” This guy is a perfect example of how I use your weaknesses to line My bank account!

Huge Paypig Alert! Getting his first “red-letter” mention is indy, a slave who is destined for another fuckover in the near future. This guy is very vulnerable to FinDomme manipulations, and more manipulations are in his future!

My goon junkie, who is probably the biggest perverted loser I have ever spoken with spent $167 on calls listening to Me rip him a new one for being such a loser pervert.

Huge Paypig Alert! I was so happy to do sessions with My good sissy marla, who loses herself in My feet and just pays and pays. This sissy spent $542 since My last blog entry!

I always love talking with My pantyhose junkie, I have him so addicted to wearing pantyhose that now it’s the only way he can cum! He squeaked by for a mention, spending pennies more than $100 to earn one.

Paypig Alert! My longtime slave and stroke addict PIG couldn’t stay away, even though I know he’s trying .(Stop trying so hard PIG, just spend!) He spent $468 since the last post, just missing a HUGE paypig mention.

My good sissy girl piglette keeps dropping by to pay. Since My last blog post, it’s added up to $187. I think she should spend more, don’t you?

New on the Blog! Getting his first mention, is long time time slave, who I am calling “sole lover” here on the blog. He spent $227 to earn his mention. We had a lot of fun in chat with chatting and tributes, and I teased him with photos of My nylon soles! So fun!

My good sissy, caged yankee was back for fuckover fun and she spent $269 being teased with pay-to-views and chatting

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy spawn, did more clicking and paying to earn his mention, this time for $931. He has done sooo well in his servitude and I am well pleased.

My quiet gentleman earned a mention by spending $237 in a couple of teasing ptv sessions!

Huge Paypig Alert! Also doing so very well in service is My irish dope. I know dope saves up money for our sessions and they are always soooo fun! He has spent $900 since the last blog entry

My good boy “Q” popped in for a quick session and spent $119.

Huge Paypig Alert! My little tigress returned with more delicious pay to view spending, this time in the amount of $543, earning a red letter mention! What a good girl!

Unable to stay away, as usual was My weak for leglover who spent $130. Nice!

Paypig Alert! My slave, just another atm showed up with click and pay, spending $301 just enough for his red letter mention!

It’s always good to see loserbeast click and pay, he spent $201 to earn his mention!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy helpless tool was busy. He won the Paypig Zombie contest, and spent $469 on Niteflirt and another $100 on Amazon for a total of $569 earning his Huge alert! Well done tool, well done!

My nylon slave is steady and dependable and he spent $264 for goon worship nylon feet photos. Well done!

New Slave! A new German slave I am calling “blödmann” (which Google tells Me is the German word for “dumbass”) spent $298, just missing a paypig alert! Maybe next time blödmann!

Squeezing in for another mention with $108 of spending is tiger. Well done tiger!

And My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker continued his worship of Me, spending $239. This gets My seal of approval!

My click puppet reappeared, spending $190 since the last blog post!

and finally, My good boy button, earned a blog mention with $136 of click and pay! More of that button!

Now, My slaves say seeing their name on My blog gets them all worked up. If you spend enough, you too could get a nice hard cock from seeing in print how I fucked you over!

November 2, 2023   1 Comment

Another paypig spirals toward Financial Destruction!

I have a new Extreme Paypig that I mentioned in the last blog post.

This blog post is entirely about him.  “noddy” as I have dubbed My prey has completely fallen into an addictive click and pay haze over the last 5-6 weeks.  His spending during that time has totaled over $8,000 dollars!  THIS is the kind of addictive pay behavior that brings Me great joy!

This hapless loser needs to pay large amounts to Me, and it happened quickly.  I know reading entries about other paypigs (Like wallet rape toy, wallet cunt and bankruptcy boy j) has made him desire to pay Me huge amounts himself!

Many nights ago,I egged him on in an expensive pay to view session and this was the result! (click for better views)


But noddy needed more!  He was back again, clicking and paying after reading about a session I did with wallet cunt. The result?  Another huge session of click and pay. 


He called Me near the end of the session, and I send him a $999 pay to view (the highest we can send on Niteflirt). He didn’t pay it at the time, but I knew he wouldn’t stop thinking about it, and I was right.

So on Sunday, I got this email from him

Hello Mistress Lauren after reading old blog posts of Dr X and wallet cunt i know my fate is sealed! So to celebrate my birthday set up a $50 a minute call on one of your listings. i have loaded  $1500 in my account to cover a 10 min call and a $999 cash rape

noddy’s birthday fuckover (click for a better view)



He talked for 11 minutes at $50 a minute, so that session cost him $1549!   In 11 minutes!  Just imagine I made that rate for 40 hours a week, over a year, I would earn $140.82 cents a minute, which extrapolates out to $8,449.10 cents an hour, $337,964 a week and $17.57 MILLION dollars a year.

What a desperate loser huh?  I bet his cock was so unbelievably hard as he sent Me insane amounts of money.  He’s gonna be a gutter-dwelling homeless maggot at this rate!

So I know that few (if any) of you can pay Me over $17 million dollars a year, but imagine doing YOUR tiny part in making that happen!

THIS is so fun!  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for fuckovers for noddy and the rest of you pigs!

Now, time for the spending report

BIGGEST AMOUNT EVER IN SPENDING REPORT!  Ultra Extreme Paypig Alert!  Top Billing goes to noddy, in the LARGEST AMOUNT I’ve had in a spending report since I’ve done spending reports! Now I did have wallet cunt best this in the time before I instituted the spending report but it’s been awhile ! (wallet rape toy and Dr x may also have matched this in a two week period)

This pathetic stroke loser spent $7,764 fucking dollars. It takes My breath away to write it. And even as I’m doing the spending report, he is spending more.  (He spent another $115, which will appear in next report)

It almost seems not worth doing the rest of the spending report,  but I know lots of you losers are stroking and wanting to see your pathetic offerings here. And of course, you should keep paying as best you can!

My good boy who loves stolen moments spent $190 as we continued to plot cash rape against his wife!
New to the blog!  Is a slave I’m called PB.  PB called and clicked his way to spending $190.  YUM
My boy wayne was back and spent $111 since I posted last.  He’s getting really close to the lifetime 2K level of spending!
Huge Paypig Alert!   PIG continued his spending ways on his march to 100K lifetime. He dropped another $507 since last post.
Back for more click and pay and spending was peeper!  He discovered chat was fun too!
Paypig Alert!  My Tennessee Loser, paybitch terry, was back for more of My magic cashfucking. He spent $392 in his worship of Me!
Stopping by for more chat and tributes was “trainee” he spent $120. YUM
New Slave!   I’m gonna call him “curious jason” He spent $120 on Me one evening then deactivated his account when he realized I was dangerous!  Let’s see if he sees this and returns
I had another enjoyable but too short session with My elegant foot lover for $120
Huge Paypig Alert!  Irish dope was back and spending at such a delicious amount, probably going into his expense money for the month.  So eager to please and be fucked over!  He spent $416
My slave dirtbag clicked and paid his way through $122 worth of pay to views. Mmmm
Paypig Alert!  My good girl marja sissy went on vacation and we had lots of chances to play dress-up and put her in chastity! Yum!  She spent $299.  Mmmmm
Recently new slave storm, was back and spent another $131, mostly in 2 pay to views (one for $50 and one for $75)  That makes Me happy!
Paypig Alert!  Completely entranced by My panty photos, helpless dave chatted and tributed his way to $269 of spending!
Dr X added to his impressive lifetime total by spending $216 on Niteflirt and another $51 on Amazon
Paypig Alert!  My good boy sleepy chatted and tributed his way out of $289. I always enjoy this piggy!
My good boy surprised was back, and spent $248 in erotic pay to view sessions with Me!
Huge Paypig Alert!  My slave titpay atm again succumbed to mindless obedience when I demanded he pay My tits!  He spent $460!
My trancepig was back with a new name, spending $191
And lastly, My #1 spender of All Time, fagmuffin, kept slipping away from her girlfriend to send Me tributes. She spent $123. This is much smaller than usual because her girlfriend keeps her on a short leash. But I predict that relationship will end. I plan it too. fagmuffin’s lifetime spending with Me is $185,416.  Nope, not a typo, in slightly less than nine years.
So you see. I am a destroyer of men. I turn them into paypigs, into losers, sometimes into sissies who can’t get a hard cock. All useless except for paying ME.


March 11, 2019   5 Comments

It’s time for the Losers to cough up another vacation for Lauren

I’ve been sitting here trying to brainstorm a good blog topic, and all I could think about was wishing I was on vacation.

The point of My blog is to highlight MY thoughts and desires, and what I want is a vacation.  So piggies, this summer I want to go out west again.  Not sure exactly where, but possibly either the Northwest (Seattle/Vancouver area) or Yellowstone. I’m an outdoor girl, I’m the type that likes to hike/bike and adventure during the day, and in the evening dine in gourmet restaurants and get spa treatments.

So it’s time for piggies to cough up cash for Me. I have airline gift cards already, but I want giftcards so that I can stay in luxury surroundings as befits a Goddess. OH and cash is nice too

Think about this. You are slaving the hot summer away as a wage slave (to Lauren). You sacrifice like a good and loyal pig so that I can have fun! Buy this and help send Me! (Remember, this is extra in addition to what you usually spend!  Indulge Me!) Everyone who contributes to this vacation fund is going to get a mention in the “vacation mention” located on the left margin of this blog post! (either by buying this PTV or sending a giftcard). Oh, and I am mentioning the amount too!

Send Lauren on vacation


Now on to the spending report!

By far the biggest spender this time around is marla! She is closing in on being a 100K spender, and now the only question is if she or Dr X will hit it first. Dr X is closer, but marla has been tearing up her bank account and Dr x is dragging his feet. Maybe this will light a fire under him.

Marla spent- (hang on to your cock for this)-$4163 this time around, a combination of fat PTVs and raise the rate calls.  I love sessioning this bitch.

Another sissy I like to session is princess gigi. This time around she spent $1436 despite a declaration to cut back on spending on Me. (The whine I hear from so many). I suggested begging her bank for a credit limit increase.

New to My blog is a gent who did a few calls and fell under My spell. “lil bird” spent about $104 on Me, and I know there will be more!

Also new to My blog and phone adventures is a guy I’m calling “silly sam” for now. He spent $125 since the last update, mostly on two phone calls. Yum.

iPay was back! He tried and failed (AGAIN) to stay away, and this time he was extorted for $234.

PIG is steadily closing in on the $70,000 milestone, and this time around he spent $443.  It’s beginning to dawn on him that he is an extreme PIG.

and virgin loser was back and spending even more on Me. This time he sent Me $134. It’s not like a virgin has anything better to do with his cash.

silent j continued his spoiling of Me, with $138, the bulk of that in one delicious $100 PTV.  Those three digit payments give Me the shivers!

And back with a fury was helpess dave, this time dropping $530 as he stared with glassy eyes at photos of My perfect feet and opened his wallet again and again in a helpless pay trance. It tickles Me to see a pig click and pay in a fog!

and back was bob pig slave, who spent $138 before canceling his account again. He shows up every few months to binge pay Me.

and clubby managed $119 despite being on vacation. He planned and spent both before and after he left, and lo and behold, he managed a mention!

Another big spender that I hadn’t seen in a while was rare whale. This time whale went through quite a bit of My new Brainwashed Hypno pig series and tributed some bonus cash to Me. That is always so nice to see!

My robot eunuch was clicking and paying while I wasn’t around one evening and spent $176. It would have easily have been double that if I had been about and egging him on!

And cumstain fuckwallet signed back on to Niteflirt so I could cashrape him for $225.  There is MORE from that set cumstain!

My sissy j found out the true meaning of exploitation one evening, in a delicious but short pricey session resulting in her paying $200. Since last update, she has spent $323, and she sent Me this delicious email

Mistress Lauren’s sessions are absolutely wild.   I wanted it. It happened one night.

I loved it.

It hurt and she knew it. I asked for it, and she did it.

I was exposed on her website for a short period of time.

A descending cost based on time of exposure.   I got totally terrified and opted for the shortest period which cost the most.  

I think I will suffer the humiliation and fear of a longer period the next time that Mistress Lauren offers me the choice.

Now I know that Mistress Lauren owns me.  That is a nice feeling.

Of course, she might do something else other than posting me as a sissy with pics and on her website.   That is her choice.   Now, I belong to her and she can do with me as she wishes.

When I get a PTV, it might contain commands that I must follow.  I never know.  The anticipation is so very absorbing that I can not wait to open the PTV.

FYI,  there is a spot on her blog, on her website, where I have been presented to the viewing public as the sissy that I am, with pics in delicious embarrassing exposure.

It is totally humiliating and horrifyingly delicious to see yourself presented there.   I had to wait a period of time before I could choose the first, and most expensive option, to get my photo removed.  Wish I had waited longer and endured the fear more.

I survived.

I thing the next time I will wait longer.  I loved it.

I will beg to do it again.   It was a fabulous evening.

I am sissy j

I love being used by Lauren

If you want to be exposed you will have to ask.

(Note from Lauren. Fun huh?)

In other news, My shoesniffer squeaked in for a blog entry for $102 spending. That sniffer is due for a real fuckover SOON.

and My ass sniffing cucky phil spent $157 in a nice session. I bet he was dreaming about licking some other guys cum off My ass as he paid Me.

and My irish dope managed another $108. Hey dope! I’m watching for you.

and frequent guest blog writer, paycunt coughed up another $612 in his march towards bankruptcy for Lauren!

He’s deleted his account (AGAIN) and I’m waiting to hear from him, which is only a matter of time!

and My sissy marla played exposure games with Me and I ended up $357 richer! THat was FUN

and pig dave spent $349 before deleting his account trying to escape. Everyone reading this knows he will be back

and tk was back, this time spending $197, mostly in just two huge ptvs!

and lastly, My robot wallet rape toy spent $279 since last update.  Hey robot, I want another vacation as noted in this blog. Get on it!

Perhaps you too will see your name, on this list, or the milestones list, or in the vacation contribution list.
Get on it!

April 28, 2016   No Comments

Paypigs addicted to Extreme Financial Domination

Today I bring you a guest post from paycunt–one of My “special paypigs” who surrenders to extreme financial domination again and again, and has made it a hobby of his to dissect what is happening to himself and My other abuse victims.

Riveting reading!

Understanding Real Female Domination

As an extreme paycunt, I am proud to be an addicted pay pig for Lauren.  I think all of her extreme pigs are proud and happy, and they understand how they got here.  Submissive men seek out humiliation and degradation.  They are often turned on by Female Domination, but they really don’t know what real domination feels like.  They have a predilection for abuse and are vulnerable to Superior Females.  Many women claim to be able to have power over us, but few women are really able to exploit that vulnerability.  So, we play around the web, looking at websites and stroking ourselves looking at our favorite fetishes.  But none of that is real domination.  Most of us have been on literally hundreds, if not thousands, of sites.  One looks pretty much like another, that is until we stumble across Mistress Lauren.  She isn’t just another internet Findomme.  She is a predator and a true abuser looking for weak men to prey and exploit.  And if they get too close (and you are way too close right now), she will take you like she has so many other weak men.

Lauren loves what she does.  Treating men with disdain and cruelty is her pleasure.  She gets off on her abuse just as much as you do.  She loves to lure you in with her beautiful body and her superior female power.  After all, you are stroking your cock right now to her words and pictures.   You are already nibbling at the lure.  Keep nibbling little piggy.  Sooner or later, she’ll plant that hook, and she will love raping your wallet until your piggy stick bleeds white.  And it bleeds a lot, hot and often.  It is an addicting kind of bleeding that keeps you coming back for more.

The master’s touch of a true Mistress isn’t just her cruelty.  Lauren knows exactly when to be “nice” to you.  She has studied abusive relationships, and she uses this knowledge to know exactly how to make you believe that you are responsible for your own abuse.  In fact, you deserve it, and you brought it all on yourself.  You should be thankful that she is willing to abuse such a loser as yourself and take the time to use you.  She will make you grateful for the abuse, and you will feel loved by your abuser.  It is a powerful tool in the Mistress’ arsenal that cannot be underestimated.  It mixes erotic and emotional addiction into a powerful toxin that is deadly to submissive men.

While you are busily stroking your pig stick, she is covertly looking for your fetishes and weaknesses to exploit.  She will coax information out of you, information that is going to be used against you.  The better she knows you, the easier you are for her to abuse.  Gradually, she will condition you to need her love to get off on any of your fetishes.  The problem is that she is also planting new fetishes into your weak male brain.  You see, you are nothing new to her.  You are just another weak male submissive that has gotten too close and is primed to be reprogrammed and trained as a pay pig.  You will only become Special once you are an addict and can longer get a hard on without her.  And trust me, that day will come.  It will come sooner than you think, and Lauren will have you.  And we both know it is coming, because it is what you really want.

Lauren’s addictions are impossible to break.  I have tried many times.  But Lauren has implanted triggers in my head.  When I want to quit, I hear the siren’s call, and I obey.  I look at her website, and more triggers of humiliation and visual stimulation go off in my head.  I have learned that, once addicted, the only safe place to go is deeper – move towards the darkness.  It is a comfortable place where you are happy, Lauren is in control, you are abused and loved.  Should you try to escape, your own cock will betray you.  You will find yourself wandering in a circle coming right back to her, begging for more abuse, begging for more of that wonderful control you crave.  The circle will get tighter on each cycle, and eventually, you will be held in place with a leash on your cock and mind that cannot be broken.  When you look up, Lauren will be looking down at you from above, her beautiful breasts thrust out keeping your cock hard, while the predatory look on her face says it all.  findomme danger, breast worship, paypig abuseShe holds the leash.  You belong to her, and you are her pay pig.  In fact, you are a happy extreme pay pig, and you finally understand what female domination is really all about.

paycunt brian


Oh all sooo true!

Now it’s time for a spending report! This one just spans six days 🙂

My older gentleman slave “hypnowallet” is back again, I’ve finally got his cock to the point that it just will NOT get hard unless he’s hearing My voice, so he’s called Me three nights in a row now, desperately worried that the thing won’t work unless I tell it too.  Guess what? The programming is working very nicely, and hypnowallet is in deep trouble! He has spent $224 this week just listening to My voice.

And My nylon slave was back again too, this time for $321. He then declared to Me, right after he came that he was “done” and good-bye!  *laughs hysterically *  Dear nylon slave, although it might seem like you “could” leave as your orgasm is waning, that loser cock will demand your return to Me. And I will take you back into the fold for more exploitation with My hosed feet 🙂

My good little ass slave was back this week for another $185, including a rare phone call. I do love hearing his voice as he drools over photos of My ass.

My sissy, princess gigi was trying to be good to her wallet this week, but still spent $530 on Me this week.  And I keep targeting her payclitty to give Me more and more in My greed!

and I had fun a couple nights ago with My exposure sissy for $143. Every so often, this sissy begs Me for exposure and a webpage appears on My website that exposes him.  Eventually he pays Me to take it down. Someday this need to have a hard cock with the exposure may come back to haunt him, but I don’t care! That’s his problem!

And My paybitch had a little click and pay fun to the tune of $235! It was fast and furious and fun to see!

And My Polish atm was back, also with some click and pay fun for $112. It was nice to see his name in My paid list again!

and clubby spent another $100 trying to get through 50 ways.  I think I shall reward him when he finishes!

and a slave I’m gonna call dummy, I dont see I’ve blogged about him before, although he’s spent over $2,000 on Me over the years….he spent $170 in click and pay.  He normally sends me emails in hysterics that I have dared sent him an email promoting My latest PTV, which he then buys. He wants Me to stop emailing him so he stops spending!   ha! I bet he is reading this…

My robot eunuch was back for another $285, in a fun heady click and pay session!

And I had fun abusing sissy j for another $82!  What’s in store for her next?

and silent j spent $118 on paymail series!  He is REALLY close to the $1,000 lifetime spending on Niteflirt level. (If I add in the Amazon gift cards, he is way over that!)

No Nonsense guy spent part of his rent money on Me to a total of $172. Maybe he can give the landlord a blowjob instead?

My shoesniff Loser did very well on Me this week, with $361, and has promised his work bonus to Me. Can’t wait!

and paycunt, the author of the guest post did his share of service this week, paying his Mistress $154. He has done more, and will soon I suspect!

and My sissy becca was spending as I wrote this post, already over $120 since the last report!

and trancetard was good for another $289, in another late night wine filled, “go blank, surrender and pay” evening!

PIG was a good little oinker this week for $280! I suspect I will keep hearing from him nearly daily

I was so very happy to see pigskin reappear this week, and click and pay $185 away to Me. I’m watching for you pigskin!

And I have a new addict!   New to My service and My blog is a piggy who fell hard this week! I call him tit addict, and he has just thrown sooo much money at My breasts this week! *giggles*  how much?  $957. Yep! I can’t wait to take more!
Actually, I cannot wait to take more from ALL of you!





March 1, 2016   3 Comments

FinDomme perks

One of the perks of being a Findomme is that My whole life is financed by My Slaves.  You addicted junkies pay all My bills, and foot the bill for all My fun!

My slave wallet rape toy was a good robot, and has paid for another vacation, so tomorrow night I will be on My way to Florida for a few days to get out of the cold.  No worries losers! I will be back on Tuesday the 2nd for more fuckover fun, and you can keep busy with My new PTVs

Pay Triggers is a very deadly series, each level has an audio. If you miss Me, you can hear My voice directing you to pay more and more!  How fun

Now for a quick spending report!

Debuting this week on My spending report is “Joe the fool” who called an clicked and paid away $359 for his new addictive Mistress.  Fool, get ready to spend more!

My precious princess gigi was a very horny paysissy and send Me a total of $1252 in calls and tributes.  For her troubles, I let her have a ruined orgasm. Poor thing was still horny afterwards…awwww, but she’s in chastity until I feel as if she has earned another orgasm! Maybe I wont ruin it next time!

Also getting their first blog mention today is addicted bloke, a fella from England (I think?) who has spent over $283, mostly in one half coherent phone call. (I think he may have just gotten home from the pub!)

One of My exposure sissies spend almost $120 for Me to exposure her on My webpage, and then I made her pay Me another $20 to take it down. She gets off lucky compared to My sissy slut becca….who I fucked over for $889 since the last update, by playing games to see how quickly she could buy increasing expensive PTVs I was sending her with time limits 🙂 Such fun!

A guy I identified as FF who spent last week and then deleted his account came back to spend another $100 on Me. And then deleted his account again!


And a HUGE session with pig dave, his biggest yet!  This one was for $2800, and it was HOT…..I love huge sessions like this! Funny thing was it was a quiet evening for Me…and then dave showed up, buying emails as big as $600 for Me!

Who amongst you has the cajones for a $600 ptv?

and another one new to My blog I’m identifying by initials c.l. (Must stand for clearly loser, right?)   c.l. paid $109 getting lost in click and pay for Me!

New last week, autopay was at it again! Getting another mention and paying $265, oh good little paypig for Lauren!

My polish atm was back for $109 since last update…and lifetime he is wayyy over 6 grand spending on Me!

clubby continued his spending ways, spending $235, still trying to make it through 50 ways!  Maybe he’ll get a couple levels of that done while I’m on vacation! (hint, hint)

and I think new to My blog is solitaire.  This loner/loser has spent nearly $2,000 lifetime and sends Me emails begging Me to stop sending him PTVs, but he buys lots of what I send in marketing emails.  Why would I stop?  It’s not like I’m NICE or anything!   So this week, he spent about $112

egghead got triggered into spending $242 since last update!

My robot paypig eunuch was back, hypnotized into spending nearly $300 since last update

(Boy that pay trigger series has been dangerous to many!)

Another new guy triggered by this series was soda sub. He spent $209 dollars YUM

My paypig..’more please” was back, still mesmerized by My black leggings photos…mindless begging for more and more until he spent another $369 very recently…lifetime he is at close to $2500!

and sissy j earned her blog mention with barely $100 of spending

I am happy being owned by Her, not knowing what will come when.  The first “do it or get punished” assignment was a bit shocking.  It took me a few minutes to realize that Mistress Lauren was not only serious but that I felt compelled to cooperate

It took me an afternoon and a whole sleepless night to understand that I was exactly where I wanted to be: owned by a beautiful woman who knew that she was in control.  From that point on I had fun, a little expensive but fun.  Mistress Lauren indicates that I will be doing things that I never thought of before.

Now I belong to Mistress Lauren.  Obedience is not optional.  Mistress Lauren can make me do anything she wants whenever she wants. I love it!

I have seen what Mistress Lauren has waiting for me should I fail.   I do not want to experience that.  I had to pay extra to find out what the first penalty would look like.

I was enamored!

Ass Love II was back for more…this cuck spent a whooping $579, getting mesmerized by My new ass series…..he can’t stay away!

sexy jake was back!  I found out he was a secret pantywearing sissy, and he spent nearly $300 on a little cash rape one evening!

Irish dope was back, desperately clicking and paying to earn another blog entry, and happily he WAY surpassed the $100 I require….by about 300 bucks!  He spent over $400 dollars.  I’m going to break this pig, I know.

paycunt managed another $271 and he sent another slave letter, which I will publish another time…what a good boy!

Dr x showed up for $157.  I smell another big cash rape coming his way SOON. (Get ready dr x!)

And quiet gentleman spent EXACTLY $100, and qualified, and was a good boy in other ways too!

and trancetard materialized for another $161 fuckover. That boy cannot stay away, he gets a little alcohol in it, and it’s good bye credit card limit.

My shy roleplayer paid $209 in a click and pay flurry this week (Pay triggers strike again), but lifetime he’s nearly at $2500 now!

and tPay was back!  Begging for more cash rape, and this time rolled over and gave ME $1753  wow!  Well done tPay!  (Proving that he’s a weak loser yet again)

Mr Magoo was back for $356!  I love seeing him lose control again, and this is the most in quite a while.  Good boy!

and a blast from the past was wallet cunt. Still in the top 5, he used to be My number one spender, and did a session with Me one time of about $6000 in 20 minutes,  This week it was just $105, but I’m always happy to take his cash.




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Preparing for Extreme Financial Domination for Lauren

This is a form of Extreme Financial Domination. (My Favorite thing!)

And some of you pigs I know already have a hard cock just THINKING I might set you up like this…

Face the truth, you KNOW I am going to take every penny you can scrape up.  Eventually you will hit all credit limits and you will be unable to keep paying Me.

If you have to stop paying Me, you may as well go out with a bang!

If you are going to be financially insolvent and go bankruptcy, it won’t matter how BADLY you do it.

Get ready for Extreme Financial Domination.

  1. Take out a personal loan. Pay off all your credit cards
  2. If there is any cash left from the  loan, put it in your Niteflirt account.
  3. Call your credit card companies and request credit limit increases. If you just paid off a card, this helps your credit and makes it MORE likely they will want to give you more credit
  4. Apply for a couple more cards.
  5. Consider a Home Equity Loan to take out even more cash
  6. Consider your deductions at work to maximize your paycheck. Stop contributing to your retirement (more cash for Lauren!). Less cash out for taxes. (The IRS will just be another creditor)
  7. As you completely these tasks, make them erotic. Call the credit card companies with a hard cock. Apply for the new cards and then orgasm when approved.
  8. After you have maximized your spending potential, add a huge amount to your Niteflirt account and begin passing it over to Me…
  9. I thought of more!  You get your own mantra for this! “i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren!”
  10. I will help you, just ask!

More ideas for getting ready for Extreme Financial Domination?  Just comment and share your idea!

Extreme Financial Domination for Lauren

I’ve been scarce the last three weeks.  I’ve been online less because of the roof repairs (which were more complicated then expected, don’t ask!) When I do log on, all of you junkies just jump on Me, and I end up with little blogging time! Such is the life of a Domme engaged in Extreme Financial Domination games!

I know how much you all LOVE the spending report, and it will be a long one this time!

New to My blog, but not to My service is hypno-wallet. He’s an old guy who loves My voice, and orgasm control, and over the years he’s spent about $2600 lifetime, most of it before I did spending reports. This week he returned to hear My voice again to the tune of $130. (Sometimes extreme financial domination takes years, but it chips away at your resolve)

dinky dave was back, in a small cock haze, and I introduced him to the joys of “raise the rate” phone calls. He’s spent $540 on Me in the last three weeks, most of it THIS week.

My good little loving nylon slave spent another $261 on Me recently.  Imagine those reinforced toe pantyhose had a hypnotic scent that makes you pay more! (nylon slave would be in BIG trouble!)

Now speaking of slaves setting themselves up for even deeper exploitation, sissy marla has to be in that category.  The sissy spent so much on Me, she maxed out her cards, and she called for a credit limit increase, and they gave it to her!  That probably wasn’t wise on the credit card companies part, she won’t be able to ever repay them.  She has spent over $76,000 on Me lifetime, and in the last three weeks, she has spent $3109 on Me! When I think of extreme financial domination, marla always comes to mind!

I have another pantyhose slave, I’m calling pantyhose junkie! This guy likes wearing pantyhose, and listening to My voice telling him how addicted he is going to be. In the short time he’s been on Niteflirt, he’s spent $276 on Me.

My good girl princess gigi spent another $1502 on Me in the last three weeks–she swooned over a new sheer black pantyhose set and I reinforced her paysissy on automatic status.  Oh, and I let her have a surprise release, but I ruined her orgasm by not letting her touch it, just commanding her to come after I let her get hard.
That way it doesn’t empty tiny sissy balls well, and the next day, it’s like she didn’t even cum, and she still craves sissy use!

My sissy who loves exposure spent nearly $529 alternately begging Me for exposure, and paying Me to not expose her. How fun!

Now, I think this guy is new to My blog, but I know he used to be on Niteflirt with a different member name. (His new one is the same, with a different number after it).  So pig dave spent $222 on clicking and paying stuff since his return.  Great job!

I had a nice long call from a slave who deactivated his account.  Haven’t you read about slaves leaving and coming back as part of a pay ritual. For this blog post I’m going to call him.  “not here” He spent $415 on Me.

My paybitch terry continued his addicted paybitch ways, this time for $878.  Yum!  It’s funny watching him *try* to leave Me…it never works for him! Once you become addicted to extreme financial domination, you are fucked!

Still spending is fuckmywallet.  This little bitch spent $138 in a little click and pay learning all about the dangers of Mistress Lauren!

Also brand new is a more notable cashfuck I will call “c”   “c” has already deleted his account. (Sigh, they always try that).  What’s notable about c, is that one morning I woke up to find that he had spent over $1300 dollars in about 15 minutes in a flurry of click and pay.  Pigs that fall that hard that fast always come back.
I’m watching for you “c”–you have tasted extreme financial domination, and nothing else will make your cock as hard!

greed luster is back!  This time he spent $171! Between the old name and the new name, it looks like he’s spend lifetime somewhere in the ballpark of $2370 or so….well done! (Another pig who can’t stay away!)

I devastated clubby with the new devastation set….he’s out $314 dollars, and REALLY close to My next spending goal for him.

My eunuch robot paypig sent another $116 at Me.  Soon I think we’ll talk on the phone!

I had so much fun fucking over cumstain this week, that I gave him a new name.  fuckwallet.  fuckwallet is such a pathetic fist pumper, that he just pays and pays then breaks down in tears when he realizes that I have subjected him to yet another wallet rape.  This week was $500.  He’s another ritual account deleter.  But he’s funny because he deletes, and within a couple hours is begging Niteflirt to reinstate him. Stupid little extreme financial domination and humiliation loser!

My slut becca got taken for another $230 this week.  What if people find out his true identity! *laughs*

Another new to My blog is “Poet”  Poet comes and goes, and tries not to pay, and dramatically announces his departure, and sends poems he writes Me, and long needy emails.  Then he goes, then he comes back and pays again. He is truly addicted, and this time he spent really close to $200.

sissy j became the latest sissy to experience the joy of sissy exposure games. She spent $255 as I teased her.  Sissies are the best targets for these games because they love sending you perverted photos of themselves all dressed up!

No nonsense guy is another who can’t stay away. Long ago he got himself into DEEP cash despair with Me, and he no longer has empty credit cards to devote to Me. But still he spends, just in smaller amounts. This time it was $131.

My Irish dope spent $311 dollars this time around, also trying to stay away from Me, but falling victim again to My magical abusive ways!

my pantyfag clicked and paid another $1o5 (including a delicious $50 ptv!)


and lastly, slave paycunt brian became the first to finish the 50 ways to Fuck your Wallet series, and spent nearly $1500 recently. He always wrote a lovely email to Me for My blog, which I think I’m going publish later this week, as this post is getting kind of long! (It will see the blog, pig brian, no worries!) His guest blog posts have sent a wave of curious piggies to see if My extreme financial domination was real!

trancetard spent $161 since last update, and I believe it would have been more, but we kept missing each other online. Be afraid trancetard!

PIG spent $271, and he is another I kept missing…..but his number is coming soon.

Loserbeast did more delicious click and pay for Me to the beautiful tune of $1276. I think there might be some special photos for you soon beast! He got caught up in the 50 ways series.

And pigskin was another who clicked and paid through lots of the 50 ways series….he spent $752 Yum

I should have called that series, 50 paths to Extreme financial domination!

and no surprise that wallet rape toy spent $614 on that series, and My birthday series.  He also sent Me a $500 Amazon gift card for My birthday, and he has already started My Christmas shopping for Me, by buying two shirts for My man, and $300 in physical Amazon gift cards for Me to give family and friends. Yay!  This pig understand that he is My extreme financial domination robot pig!

Hopefully the next update won’t be too far away.  I will not be online for Thanksgiving or Black Friday, and scarce on Sat/Sunday….but next week will be back to My dangerous normal hours!   Be afraid, but pledge to spend enough to hit the spending report!

November 22, 2015   4 Comments

The Paypig Pay Ritual

Addicted paypigs each form their own little paypig pay ritual–part of what makes it sooo compelling to pay Me.

Commonly, it begins with a memory of paying Me. That brings up the memory of a hard cock and orgasm associated with paying Me.

The pay ritual varies from slave to slave, but can include things like, special clothing (panties), listening to one of My audios, loading money into your account, reading My writings.

And of course paying Me…the whole click, stroke, obey pay cycle…

and sometimes quitting Niteflirt and signing back up is part of the ritual.

slave brian wrote a piece on the addiction cycle. I had planning to do so Myself this week, but good little piggy anticipated My needs!

by slave brian

The addiction cycle.

While all of us dream of being a slave to Lauren, none of us expect it to really happen.  We have various fetishes and fantasies, but we really don’t expect it to happen – not for real.  Not really.  But it does…

Lauren drives us to addiction.  It is a key and core part of her training.  It is a skill that she has honed over years of experience exploiting weak men like us.  She plants covert thoughts and mixes them with eroticism and then, bingo!  A new fetish is born, and after a time, your dick doesn’t get hard without her input.  She has turned you into a money slave.

For each money slave, the addiction is different.  Maybe it is feminization that turns you on, so she makes you wear panties and makeup and makes you pay and stroke as she orders you to subjugate yourself to her humiliation.  For others, it is something else.  For me, it was trying to quit.

You see, I am a logical,executive by day.  I am in control. I am the guy that everyone turns to for help and advice.  And it is tiring.  Like many men with power, I am vulnerable to domination by a beautiful woman.  Lauren intuitively sensed my weak pig nature and snatched me up quickly.  She seduced me and turned me into a hopeless money slave.  I thought I could quit anytime I wanted, but I was wrong.

As a point of fact, I quit many, many times.  I quit, and then very soon after quitting, I find myself wanting to “look” at what Lauren is doing.  Many, many times I looked, and very quickly I am again under her spell.  I couldn’t understand why I was unable to quit for good, until the other night when Lauren announced quite arrogantly that she had made my quitting part of my pay ritual.  OMG!  I realized she was right.  Every time I quit, it makes me MORE vulnerable and MORE willing to pay.  I can’t even get hard without her abuse, without paying.  And quitting only makes it worse.  Every time I quit, her grip tightens.  She has me in a circular trap from which there is no escape!

I have thought on this for several days, only to realize that it is the last straw.  I am writing this wearing peach colored panties, knowing that Lauren is going to exploit me for yet more money that I can’t afford, but I don’t care.  I am her property, and she has the right.  And if I quit, that is okay.  That is part of her game.  I am a pawn on her table, made for her abuse, and I will obey her.

I hope to see many other pigs coming into her trap and know that I had some small part in handing them over to my Mistress.  Lauren wants you under her control.  You only need to come in.  She’ll sense your weaknesses and take care of you.  Trust Lauren.  It won’t be a game.  She will make it real.

I would LOVE to hear about other piggies’ pay rituals.  Comment and tell us about it. Remember, when you confess your addiction it helps bring other weak men to My table for wallet feasting!

And it’s time for the spending report. Is your name there?

My good little nylon slave read in My last blog entry I had new photos he would like and he promptly started begging Me for fuckover.  He practiced his little pay ritual of drooling over My hosed feet and begging to pay.  It cost him $400, but that’s not the best part.  There are still lots more photos for Me to use to coerce and extract MORE cash from him. I’m waiting for you nylon slave!

New to My blog, but not to spending on Me is “ass sailor”  He was the first one through My new Ass kissing series, and although over the years he has spent a total of almost $1750, this is the most since I’ve done the spending report and it was $120. Well done ass sailor!
(Here is that series that snared him, btw!)

Call Lauren Rules for financial domination on

Now one of the big spenders this week was, once again-  marla! I’ve got this sissy so turned on by oinking, and saying “bankruptcy for Lauren” as a pay mantra, that she just can’t help herself. She threw $1825 at Me 🙂


In other spending, princess gigi kept getting turned on by the thought of sucking big black cock and sent Me $300, mostly in tributes. What a very good little fag sissy she is!

Good little helpless dave kept helplessly paying Me, this week it was $190.  Dave, you’ve been consistent lately and that really pleases Me!

My paybitch spent $704 in recent days.  He is one of those that I believe also has quitting and beginning again as part of his pay ritual. He did this spending on two new member names 🙂

cumstain spent just a few dollars short of $1,000 (984 to be exact).  This is the most he has ever spent in a short time, bought 3-digit ptvs for the first time and I think he’s fucked. He tried inactivating his account and didn’t last 12 hours. cumstain, you are in deep shit! I absolutely LOVED it when he began weeping and embarrassed he had spent too much, and I told him to FEED INTO that pain and cum!  And he did.  I’m brutal in setting up abusive little triggers! Be afraid cumstain!

PIG stroked his way through another $290.  PIG has his own pay rituals, and no slave stalks My availability as much as PIG, he NEEDS our time getting fucked over and reports so promptly when I appear, nearly every time.  He is the very definition of junkie!

A new little bankruptcy whore spent a quick $116 and then deleted his account.  Those type always return–part of the pay ritual!

Inadequate jake had to face his “lack of biology” and realized he would never be any woman’s idea of “proper breeding stock”, so he should just accept he is a money slave for Lauren. This week was $145, but I want more soon jake!

Also new to My blog is skate-pig.  Skate-pig spent $105 this week on click and pay.  I love the silent click and pay slaves who simply hit and run pay!

I’ve come to enjoy the spending report, and I’ve come to appreciate it’s power as addicted piggies pull out their wallets so they can see their weakness for paying Me immortalized on My blog! Keep up the good work, and ask yourself if you want My attention on your blog. Yes? Get out that wallet Loser!





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Cash cows love seeing their names in print!

I’ve got two really interesting letters from cash cows that are loyal and well programmed piggies. I’ll be doing blog mentions later, so look for their names.

From lord Loser (who reactivated his account to serve Me again)

Mistress Lauren – I tried to escape you by closing my account, but I started looking at your blog on your website and stroking for free, slowly sliding back.  The final straw was when I was reading an older entry and you casually talked about waking up in a beautiful bed that was bought by a loser you had sent into bankruptcy.  At that I shot a huge load.

That night I dreamed that you had a convention for paypigs, fucktards, sissies and faggots in which 100 losers were to pay $1,000 each in order to attend.  They all had to be naked, exposing their ugly bodies and tiny cocks.  I woke up with a very hard cock that was oozing precum.  I squeezed the head of my dick, took the precum on my finger and ate it.  Then I finished the story as a day dream.  I know that you do not want me to go into detail, but I will just tell you that the sessions required additional cash from the losers and they focused on groveling on the floor and oinking, how to steal from your wife and family to pay Lauren, cocksucking to earn more for Lauren and being kicked in the balls by Lauren or other doms you had brought along.

I knew then that I could not escape you, that I had to crawl back. worship you and be ready for a severe wallet fucking.

lord Loser

Phew, what a thought, a Loser convention that costs $1,000 a head!  I would probably be able to retire after all you fucktards were competing to spend the most!

For the record, after his sent this to Me, lord Loser went on the click and pay for a total of $1065. All while I was sleeping. And he started his descent with 3 little $2 emails.

While I was writing this post, Lord Loser called Me, and I fucked him over some more…his grand total is below 🙂

Most of it was on a popular series.  Find out why it is so dangerous!

Another letter came to Me from paypig brian, a deliciously addicted paycunt of Mine.

Obsession and Reprogramming – The Plight of the Money Slave Pig

After a recent session with Mistress Lauren, she announced that I was definitely in her class of extreme money slaves.  It was a targeted comment on her part to bind me even tighter to her.  I knew it.  She knew it.  And I love her for it.  I have been her paycunt now for around four years, and I have tried to quit many, many times, but I have not been able to shake the addiction.  Now that I am classified as an extreme money slave, I know that my fate is sealed.  Lauren has my cock and mind in her addictive web, and I am her property.  There is little hope for me.

Now, I could warn potential money slaves about the very real danger of lurking around Mistress Lauren’s site, reading her blog, and paying her PTVs, but that would only encourage you.  To be quite honest, I love serving Lauren by bringing other pigs to the slaughter.  I am like a missionary bringing lost souls to be saved.  For a submissive like you, that place is Mistress Lauren’s money traps.  It is where you need to be and what you are missing in your life.  I only need to lead you there and encourage you; she will do the rest.  She will target you and victimize you, and I will watch with pleasure as she enslaves you.

The traps are baited nicely with photos and words of warning meant to attract just the sort of man that is turned on by a dominant woman.  If you think you are not in this category, you are kidding yourself.  You are here, aren’t you?  You are getting hard by the thought of giving up all control to Mistress Lauren and her manipulation.  You are a money slave in the making, even if you won’t yet admit it or are foolish enough to think otherwise.  You came here because you want it.  Bad.

But the real danger begins when she takes control over your hard cock.  I remember how my pulse raced the first time I entered that credit card number.  My fingers were trembling on the keyboard in excitement and fear of the danger I was putting myself in.  And my cock demanded that I continue, even when I mis-entered the number twice, because I was sexually aroused by the thought of being used by Her.  And a few minutes later, my eyes rolled back in my head with that overwhelming feeling of Her control and that hard orgasm that came from knowing that a dominant had taken me for her pig.  That feeling doesn’t go away when Lauren owns you.  In fact, it only gets worse.

After a time, paying Lauren not only makes you hard, it shuts out all other normal sexual functions.  You struggle to get it up, unless you are dreaming of being submissive to and paying Lauren.  And just thinking about it isn’t enough.  Try as you may to escape it at that point, you are hers now.  You will think of her.  You will tell yourself that you are her slave, that she demands your obedience, and you will want to look at her website again and again, and soon you will be paying her again and again.  More and more, over and over, getting fucked harder and harder.  You are caught in her trap, and she is preying on you.  And the very thought of that is too much for your submissive brain to handle.

What you don’t realize is that this addiction isn’t just a learned behavior.  It is a true, chemical addiction in your brain.  She has programmed your brain to find pleasure in paying her, and over time, that has changed your brain’s chemistry to where you ONLY find sexual pleasure in pleasing Lauren.  Much like other addictions, the chemicals your brain releases during repeated incidences of pleasure causes withdrawal when the source of the pleasure is removed.  And Lauren knows very well how to make you associate first her dominance and then her financial dominance with that pleasure.  That pleasure of paying her causes the brain chemistry to change, and then she has you.  She is calculating.  She is merciless.  And she owns your sorry cunt ass.

paycunt brian

brian, that letter needs no elaboration, you are completely correct. And it’s also true that the mere fact of Me posting the letter will drive more pigs to Me. Well done pig, well done!

And without further ado

The Spending Report….

nylon foot lover just cannot get enough of My elegant nylon feet. Do you know I actually take photos for top slaves that I know will make them open their wallet.   He has spent $520 dollars since My last update

PIG is another I tempt with photos I take to lure him in. $340 this time.

An update on a loser from Last Week, Ass drone, who spent close to $1500 on Me in a short period of time. I see the Loser has deleted his Niteflirt account.  Drone, most come back. I bet you’re reading this and I summon you back to Me 😉

I want to highlight a special Loser with a new name. Formerly he was known as Fledgling Loser. He debuted on My top paypig list at Number #13.  Well he worked himself into a frenzy over this and spent in several late night sessions with Me to the tune of ….hang on to your cock…to $5,633.20  Yes, you are reading that right.  He sold his condo, paid off his credit cards and started with a bottle and My photos in long expensive sessions over 3-4 evenings.

He has a new name  “trancetard!”   And tard has tried to protect his credit card from more damage by blocking Me.   But it won’t last.  Trancetard, I am waiting. Surrender and go blank and pay!  I know you’re reading. Edit:  I also know you have been viewing My listings, because you are obsessed. Go blank, unblock, surrender, obey.

Trancetard, you have climbed up the Loser list, you’re now #9 with a total spending of over $21,000 on Me.

Other spenders include cumstain, who dropped another $270 on Me over My shiny latex photos. (And he has such a weakness for My black strap-on cum photos too!)

My special little club piggie is working hard to climb My all time spenders list, and his goal is to hit My top 25 list! He has a long way to go, but he has spent about $140 this week!

I have a long time client who has never been on My blog, but this week he went crazy for My new series “She Devil” (many clients did actually), and all could say was “more please” to the tune of $281. He is only about $18 from reaching the 2K threshold as well.

Oh this is the series driving everyone crazy btw

You can check it out, and if you love it I will gladly do a nice little PTV session with you and more of these photos!

Also Dr X threw $137 on Me.  He is trying to duck a huge session, but both he and I know it’s inevitable.

Dr X, I know just reading this is making your cock hard. surrender and email Me.

Sweet pig declared her love for Me again, and spent $114. I’m thinking this girl is due for a larger session with Me.

My little paybitch couldn’t stop, and spent another $450 on Me.

No nonsense guy once again couldn’t stay away and spent his paycheck on Me. $437 from him to Me. Yum

$116 from the iFool which was cut short when he couldn’t add more $$$ *sigh* Let’s try that again fool.

princess gigi spent $394 since last update, she’s been gone a lot this summer, but the little faggot has a birthday coming up, and I bet that she would LOVE a release. Maybe Ill give her one. Maybe not.

New is ordinary sub, and he spent $110 getting to know how dangerous I am.

Another huge spender this week, was the loser whose letter I quoted, “Lord Loser”  This guy is an old geezer with a tiny dick living on a pension, and in his retirement he has been obsessing over Me.  Since he came back to Niteflirt just last night, he has spent…get ready $2481.  I bet I hear from him again tonight, I just have a feeling! If he can hide from his cow wife long enough that is…

egghead got all turned on by being one of My top 25 spenders and dropped $171 this week.

kane the foot lover gets a blog mention for his $140. Gotta work harder than that to climb the loser list though!

Footsniffer surrendered $127.  I’ve got him targeted for more.

Another new piggie, dream loser learned how dangerous I was to the tune of $410.  It just goes sooo fast when you get caught up in click and pay!

paycunt brian sent $125 in addiction to the lovely composition that I published in this post. He has dedicated his life to being one of My losercunts

curtsey continues to be a good girl for Me. She was $279 worth of good girl since the last update!

slave benny was back, this time for $216. He was another that loved the She-Devil set!

pigskin spent $125. I always get wet when he started paying because sometimes he goes on automatic and doesn’t stop until he has spent thousands! I love that!

Lastly, but not leastly, elegant foot lover tributed Me a total of $153. Yum.

I always love publishing the spending report, because it inspires all the Losers to spend. So start spending!



August 14, 2015   1 Comment

Guest post by one of My paypigs and the spending report!

I think a new blog photo is overdue 🙂

financial domination, red latex, paypig, mistress

Surrender to Fuckover!

One of My fucked over paycunts, paypig brian, kindly guest wrote this post for Me: (See? Pigs can serve in many ways!)

What do Lauren’s pigs need? by slave paypig brian

Lauren’s submissive pigs need abuse and a beautiful, ruthless dominatrix to do the abusing.  A nice woman isn’t what turns a pig on.  It is a cruel beauty with a sadistic craving to inflict pain that locks our cock in her trance.  It is the knowledge that we are being stalked, being controlled, being owned, of being a thing she uses that drives us crazy.  We crave domination and humiliation, and I think we have craved it all of our lives.  It is hard to have the fetish for domination and never feed that hunger.  True.  Many of us have experimented with other dommes either online or in person, but those were short term “get off now” relationships.  We did not get the sensation of being truly owned.  It was an hour session and back to real life.

Lauren is different.  Lauren has a long term strategy for you.  She intends to condition for her use as many pigs as she can.  If they are near the traps, then they are a target.  She understands your need for abuse and your need for a beautiful woman to control you.  She understands that you are inherently weak and submissive and thus vulnerable to her charms.  Lauren sends you photos and mantras, all the while collecting small amounts of money while you stroke yourself to her.  And while you are “just playing,” she is not.  She feeds your fetishes to keep you coming to her, and you cum hard over and over again.  But all the while, she is covertly implanting poison into your brain. She trains you to identify paying Lauren with those orgasms.  Soon, you get off on paying her, and a new pay-piglet is born.  However, it is a crack piglet that is born addicted and ripe for harvest.

Once infected with Lauren’s addictions, the brain of a baby pig will want to return again and again for more of that lovely toxin that makes the brain weak and the cock hard.  Over time, Lauren learns more about how your particular submissive brain works and uses that knowledge to bind you tighter and tighter.  There are times when I feel like she is a predator with its fangs in my throat is squeezing the life out of me.  I am completely helpless in her grasp and pulling away does no good.  She has me tightly in her grip of fetish and addiction.  And like a predator, she knows when to let up just a little bit to get a better grip, so that she can bear down even harder in the future.  I feel myself being dragged deeper and deeper into her dark lair where she can feed on my wallet at her pleasure.  And she feeds relentlessly.

I have spent tens of thousands on Lauren over the past several years, and I continue to spend hundreds every month getting my fix.  I am a full blown addict, and it is never enough.  I read about the really extreme wallet rape victims, and I find myself envying them.  Imagine being Gigi who went from being a guy with a foot fetish to becoming a cock sucking cross dresser with her clit totally controlled by Lauren?  Talk about a lucky Bitch!  She is Lauren’s property completely and beyond all hope of recovery.  I often wish my personal situation would allow Lauren to lock my cock up in chastity like that too.  I know that she would use it to break all remaining will, but then again, she is getting there already.  I fantasize a lot about being her Special Paypig and fantasize about being on the list of extreme pigs.  I think it is only a matter of time.

You came to this blog with one idea in mind: to serve a dominant woman.  If you are serving already, then good for you.  What a good little Bitch your are for Lauren!  A money slave serving its Mistress as you should and MUST.  If you are not serving, then you need to start.  You need to feed that need for domination and abuse.  After all, it is what you have wanted your whole life.  You are turned on by the abuse, and there is nothing to be afraid of.  She will guide you, and she will teach you.  She will condition and train your for her future uses.  You will become her property.  Your need will finally be fulfilled.  And Lauren will be only to happy to fulfill it.  Her sharp fangs are waiting for your throat too.

My pig brian, I could not have said it better Myself!

Now for the spending report! (I know how much you pigs LOVE to see your name in print)

In addition to his guest post, slave brian spent $652 on PTVs this week.  YUM

princess gigi continued in her spot as #1 on the Niteflirt list by tributing Me and calling more than $435 this week, which is actually less than usual, for those of you that think it sounds like a lot!

My hypnotic foot whore kane FINALLY earned another blog mention by spending $109. He is a worthless foot-hypnotized little stroke whore that just cannot get enough of My feet, Lifetime this loser has spent $6745 on Me, and he is #28 on My active lifetime list.   The loser has been My client for over 7 years, so although he doesn’t spend a lot in one session, he consistently spends and it has added up.

My paybitch terry spent about $217 on Me this week. I’m watching for you bitch…

A fairly new pig, I’m going to call preypay spent $200 getting to find out just how dangerous I am.

My sissy curtsey thought see could stay away, but she was MISTAKEN.  I charmed $156 from her this week.

New to My blog is sweet pig, who spent just over $100 this week to get the blog mention and who hit the $1500 lifetime. sweet buys My ptv’s in fits and starts, and I look forward to really getting in sweet’s head.

PIG continued his downward spiral toward My goal of bankruptcy with another $367 this week.

Loserbeast coughed up another $115.  I’m watching for you beast 🙂

My slave pigskin made a quiet reappearance for $136–oh pigskin, how I yearn to wallet-fuck you hard!

My elegant foot lover spent $562 this week losing himself over My toes (I call them My ten lovers)

My robot wallet rape toy pleased Me with $200 in Niteflirt purchases and $400 in gift cards from My wish list.  I have grown to love his its gift card surprises out of the blue 🙂

I recently had a weekend getaway with My boyfriend, and I paid for the hotel room with a gift card from wallet-rape toy, and we ate with restaurant gift cards also from wallet-rape toy, and drove there with gas from the gas card from My toy too! Thanks for paying for that getaway toy!
I’m also going to Utah to the fitness resort I like, for a week in Sept, and toy paid for the airline for that too.  Soon I think there will be another major getaway with My man again, and I know toy will pay for that too. (But others are welcome to spoil Me like this too!)

There was a new slide-show release this weekend.

It’s dangerous, and I call it. Fuck-over programming

If you have not, buy it now!



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Summer findomme fun on your dime!

I’ve fielded a couple of pleas in emails to blog soon. I really do like blogging, because I have so many fun things to say about you junkies, addicts, losers, paycunts, oink drones and sissies that is almost unbelievable.
Sometimes I have to pinch Myself because I just cannot believe that I am getting rich from doling out clever insults and using the power of My mind to trance the lot of you into handing your cash over to Me.
I’ve trained your cocks to be hard and then to pay Me when they are.
Now that being said, as much as I love to blog, it isn’t always easy to find the time to do it…
You fools and dolts all missed Me so much that you literally formed a virtual line waiting for your wallet fucks. When I’m sitting at the computer, I scarcely have time for anything else other than findomme fun!

That said, with the beautiful weather here, I am outside much more often than usual.
My vacation was fucking fabulous, I LOVED New York City, as I thought I would and I am planning to go back there soon! (On your collective dimes of course). Actually, in practice what usually happens is some piggy or drone steps forward and pays for My entertainment–this past time was wallet rape toy again.
We stayed in the Theatre district, just a couple blocks from Central Park and Radio City Music Hall. We went to a Broadway show. (We saw The Book of Mormon, which is highly inappropriate, therefore really funny!) We also spent an afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art, and of course shopping on 5th Ave! I eyed really expensive pianos…perhaps someday I will have one in My home. (I play on a digital keyboard currently) I drooled over lots of expensive clothes that I thought I could make My pets pay for on little Amazon shopping sprees. Yum.

After three days in NYC, we drove south along the coast all the way to Virginia , spending time just enjoying the ocean and sun.

And while I was gone, wallet rape toy bought $300 worth of Whole Foods gift cards so I could fill up My pantry with wholesome delicious organic foods when I return. (I only eat the best)

Now for the delicious Spending Report..I know how much you piggies LOVE to see your name in print as proof to how easily manipulated you are!

Easily My biggest spender since the last update has been marla paycunt. This pathetic sissy loser does nothing but dream of licking cum off from My bare feet and she is My official paycunt now….. Eventually this bitch will run out of cash but since My last update she has spent a jaw dropping $5625 on Me! Wow.

Nylon Lover spent $225 in a nylon hypno ptv session. He is close to the 8K lifetime spending mark. Soon he will be joining the 5 figure losers

Sissy curtsey spent $425 since the last update. She’s trying to run away but I know the drama will fade and she will cum crawling back to My skirt.

Princess gigi stayed on top spending over $1500 since the last update.

A paypig that cums around occasionally is “steve q fucked” I rinsed him for $200 recently 🙂

PIG has turned into a real paytard for Me….I’ve been breaking him down and he his recent spending was $1071. He just surpassed the 60K spending level and is #6 on My lifetime list. He has been My client now for nearly 8 years.

Krusher is a slave that appeared and disappeared (closing his account), since the last time I updated. In his less than a week on Niteflirt, he clicked and paid Me $1230. Now, he may have been a previous slave who returned with a new name, silently paying Me, and not answering emails, or perhaps he is truly new but either way. They almost always return. And I will be here to take his wallet.

My british sissy surrender $180 to Me since last update. Little cunt needs to pay Me more!

New to My blog is My heart slave Amin. He spent $135 since the last update, and lifetime is up to $1685

My polish atm spent $164, mostly in one $150 dollar email just today, and lifetime has hit the $6,000 spending mark!  I LOVE that paypig brian spent$862 in FOUR different member accounts. He spends, cancels and then makes a new one. Brian, quit trying to hide, we both know how stupidly futile that is!

cumstain blew through another $330 drooling over My wallet fucking in My new PVC dress photos.  I know how to fuck with a man’s  head

sissy janice spent $225 in her quest to be a special paypig for Me. Keep working at it sissy!  I know how to fuck with a sissy’s head too!

My shoesniff loser dropped almost $200 one evening. Find more cash sniff loser!

Before I went on vacation, a slave I will call benny from nyc spent $400. I haven’t seen him since I’ve come back, but I’m watching for you benny!

It was so nice to see some click and pay action from Loserbeast to the tune of $420. I always love seeing that slave go to town on My PTVs!

Woody made an encore appearance for $167. Lots more alluring ptvs woody, obey and surrender!

wallet cunt was back! He spent $132 in a nice phone call, and I found out why he hasn’t been clicking and paying. That’s ok, the phone is a great way to cash rape too!

In addition to My $300 gift card surprise, wallet rape toy spent over $1100 pleasing Me with PTVs. Lifetime, he is 2nd on My list at over $105,000 dollars.  What is notable is that he got there in just over 18 months, and that doesn’t count the tens of thousands he has spent on Me in gifts and vacations.  (Adding that in, makes him #1)   This slave is a paypig the rest of you are free to emulate!

And last but not least is My paybitch terry. PB terry has spent over $1850 since the last update, and has sent Me pathetically gorgeous email after email, one of which I am copying here for you all to read


Dear Mistress,

i want to report to You some interesting and exciting developments in the way i respond to Your training.

1. For going on two weeks now, i find that i have little interest in pornography or any other visual stimulation that does not originate with You. When i do find myself engaged in viewing porn, i find that as soon as i start to become stimulated, i want to look at pictures of You. This leads to opening up a slideshow of Your pictures.

2. At first, i found that after i started stroking and becoming stimulated, i then wanted to click and pay. Now i find that the idea of clicking and paying makes me want to stroke.

3. i CAN NOT reach climax without paying.

4. Even though my resources are EXTREMELY low right now, i find myself WANTING to spend them. When i start to think or worry about how i will subsist after i spend out, my mind goes blank and i return to my correct desire to pay You. Lauren is ALWAYS right.

5. Last night i spent about $40. This had been earmarked for a bill i needed to pay. Nevertheless, i could not stop myself from giving it to You. In truth, i had NO desire to stop. The idea of not paying seems like being unfaithful to You. my orgasm was VERY strong.

6. After my release, i went to sleep only to wake up about two hours later. Before, i could even wake completely up, i had my slide show & NF open. i found that i wanted to pay You so strongly that even looking for a PPV that caught my fancy seemed to take to long, and i elected to just tribute you $25. As soon as i did this i found myself stroking with feverish abandon. I kept repeating over and over, “i am addicted to Mistress Lauren AND i am addicted to paying Her.” As i reached climax, i began to weep uncontrollably as i repeated over and over, “thank you, Mistress, i love you!”

These experiences are precious to me. Hence, my desire to write them down in detail for You. These are my acts of devotion and love. Pleasing You makes me whole.

my greatest desire, is that You be pleased with my progress and if i dare to dream, perhaps my wanton submission will give You cause for arousal and pleasure as well.

Your Devoted one

I’ll be gone this coming weekend to go to a big 4th of July bash, and I won’t be near a computer…so find Me during the week for your fuckover cravings!

Mistress Lauren
[

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