Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Hey paypigs! Live your life for Lauren!

I made a little audio for you paypigs, to keep you focused on what I want!

You may be moved to pay now.

Buy this

paypigs pay

I am so tired of hearing excuses. They come across as whiny and self serving.   Remember, you are here for Me, I’m not here for you and your pathetic libido. Don’t get Me wrong, I appreciate polite gallantry, witty comments, and conversation as much as any educated intelligent Woman, but don’t mistake My intentions. Your wittiness and conversation only supplements your cash and or/gifts—it will NEVER replace it.  Don’t flatter yourself.

If you are a “special” paypig, its for one reason only–you are a great paypig and I appreciate that!

fuck you pay Me hypnodomme creates paypigs

Now, who was special for Me this week?

My sissy, princess gigi continues to be special and to have a firm hold on the #1 position. This week I tease her lil baby clitty  for hours as she sent tribute after tribute. I have her trained to pay if she sees a photo of My hosed feet. She paid $1505 since the last update!  In case you wondered how much My #1 one Niteflirt spender has spent lifetime, she is up to $141,762.  (what have the rest of you done for Me lately?)

New to My blog (I think?) is “special K” who discovered the thrilling joy of cash rape with raise the rate phone calls.  It cost him $251 dollars, and that makes his lifetime (live your life for Lauren) spending hit $2461!

Another special paypig is helpless dave, who called, spent and tributed $387 to make Me happy! I also want to note that lifetime helpess dave has spent $4738 on Me!

My sissy that loves being exposed spent $170.  That exposure hobby can cost you!

Also special this week is lord loser with $135, mostly in tributes!

And My paybitch spent $402 dollars, including a $100 surprise tribute which always makes Me happy! Bitch just passed the $3000 level in lifetime spending on Me!

clubby has spent $193 on Me, still working on that 50 ways to get fucked over email series! I’m patient with pigs that try hard 🙂 Lifetime he is at $4688

I triggered egghead into another $138. Lifetime he has spent $17,055!

Last blog or so I wrote about GC, who spent a bunch, and I predicted that he would come back.  He did, this time for $186. And I went to see his lifetime, and he’s gone again!  *laughs*  Another pathetic paypig, who will read this, get hard and reactivate his Niteflirt account. (yes, do it NOW)

My poet spent $471 on Me this week. His addiction has become hopeless, and is probably more intense then his wallet is big. Of special note are a couple healthy tributes he sent Me and all the feedback he devoted himself to leaving 🙂

With a penchant for My red high heels, sissy j spent another $127.

My Australian paymoose sent Me $160 in gift cards, good moosie!

And silent j spent $110 on Niteflirt AND sent Me a $100 Amazon gift card for Valentines Day. So sweet!

So many of you that I can’t even mention bought the $30 PTV for V-day, and that’s included in the spending total of those that got mentioned!

My Canadian pantyhose lover was back with a vengeance! He spent $1505 one evening being tranced by My pantyhosed legs, as I exploited larger and larger amounts of cash from him. I think it was our biggest session yet and lifetime he is up to $15,550.

and another guy, who I will call gift card kevin, spent $52 on Niteflirt and another $80 in gift cards for Me.  He is ass addicted, and I use that to My advantage!

My shoesniffer was back for a good session!  This time for $505, and lifetime he is up to $19,532. So close to 20K!

And Irish dope completely belongs to Me, he is an official Lauren junkie.  My dope spent $363 on Me since last update!  Lifetime he has spent $3345 on Me!

And paycunt spent $990 on Me in 2 sessions, including a mindblowing one just last night. He knows how to get My attention even when I’m not logged on. He emails and begs to pay, and if I am around I cashfuck him.  I bother because I KNOW he will pay a lot for My attention and not log off after just a few measly bucks.

The BIGGEST loser of the week goes to Dr X., who spent $2101 with Me while he complained about his wife!  That bitch’s loss and MY gain. He also bought several gifts from My wishlist (But not as many as he SHOULD have, ahem–someone has to make that up to Me!!)  Lifetime Dr X has spent $99,254!  Dr X! Look how close to $100 grand you are! Report to make that happen soon!

and drunktard spent another $267, bringing My cashrape lifetime total of drunktard to $26,143!

tPay threw another $110 at Me, but I expect MORE next time Loser!

PIG stroked away another $259 for Me. And caught up on ALL his feedback.

(SO many of you helped get Me to #2 ranked in Financial Domination on Niteflirt this week, thank you!)  I want the bragging rights for #1, so that’s a longer term goal, but keep leaving those feedbacks for your Mistress!

bimbo spent $471 on Me the other night, and lifetime he has spent a lot, but I can’t check because he keeps deleting his member names, and when you do that. “poof” go your records, so I can’t look it up.

and new to My blog is dee dee, who has lurked a long time, but finally lost control, spending $338, mostly in tributes to Me!  Well done dee dee!

and nylonlover spent another $146, lifetime he has tranced away over $11,600 on Me!

Now, you want to see YOUR name here—to know you are special right?

Good boy…start paying!












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The Paypig Pay Ritual

Addicted paypigs each form their own little paypig pay ritual–part of what makes it sooo compelling to pay Me.

Commonly, it begins with a memory of paying Me. That brings up the memory of a hard cock and orgasm associated with paying Me.

The pay ritual varies from slave to slave, but can include things like, special clothing (panties), listening to one of My audios, loading money into your account, reading My writings.

And of course paying Me…the whole click, stroke, obey pay cycle…

and sometimes quitting Niteflirt and signing back up is part of the ritual.

slave brian wrote a piece on the addiction cycle. I had planning to do so Myself this week, but good little piggy anticipated My needs!

by slave brian

The addiction cycle.

While all of us dream of being a slave to Lauren, none of us expect it to really happen.  We have various fetishes and fantasies, but we really don’t expect it to happen – not for real.  Not really.  But it does…

Lauren drives us to addiction.  It is a key and core part of her training.  It is a skill that she has honed over years of experience exploiting weak men like us.  She plants covert thoughts and mixes them with eroticism and then, bingo!  A new fetish is born, and after a time, your dick doesn’t get hard without her input.  She has turned you into a money slave.

For each money slave, the addiction is different.  Maybe it is feminization that turns you on, so she makes you wear panties and makeup and makes you pay and stroke as she orders you to subjugate yourself to her humiliation.  For others, it is something else.  For me, it was trying to quit.

You see, I am a logical,executive by day.  I am in control. I am the guy that everyone turns to for help and advice.  And it is tiring.  Like many men with power, I am vulnerable to domination by a beautiful woman.  Lauren intuitively sensed my weak pig nature and snatched me up quickly.  She seduced me and turned me into a hopeless money slave.  I thought I could quit anytime I wanted, but I was wrong.

As a point of fact, I quit many, many times.  I quit, and then very soon after quitting, I find myself wanting to “look” at what Lauren is doing.  Many, many times I looked, and very quickly I am again under her spell.  I couldn’t understand why I was unable to quit for good, until the other night when Lauren announced quite arrogantly that she had made my quitting part of my pay ritual.  OMG!  I realized she was right.  Every time I quit, it makes me MORE vulnerable and MORE willing to pay.  I can’t even get hard without her abuse, without paying.  And quitting only makes it worse.  Every time I quit, her grip tightens.  She has me in a circular trap from which there is no escape!

I have thought on this for several days, only to realize that it is the last straw.  I am writing this wearing peach colored panties, knowing that Lauren is going to exploit me for yet more money that I can’t afford, but I don’t care.  I am her property, and she has the right.  And if I quit, that is okay.  That is part of her game.  I am a pawn on her table, made for her abuse, and I will obey her.

I hope to see many other pigs coming into her trap and know that I had some small part in handing them over to my Mistress.  Lauren wants you under her control.  You only need to come in.  She’ll sense your weaknesses and take care of you.  Trust Lauren.  It won’t be a game.  She will make it real.

I would LOVE to hear about other piggies’ pay rituals.  Comment and tell us about it. Remember, when you confess your addiction it helps bring other weak men to My table for wallet feasting!

And it’s time for the spending report. Is your name there?

My good little nylon slave read in My last blog entry I had new photos he would like and he promptly started begging Me for fuckover.  He practiced his little pay ritual of drooling over My hosed feet and begging to pay.  It cost him $400, but that’s not the best part.  There are still lots more photos for Me to use to coerce and extract MORE cash from him. I’m waiting for you nylon slave!

New to My blog, but not to spending on Me is “ass sailor”  He was the first one through My new Ass kissing series, and although over the years he has spent a total of almost $1750, this is the most since I’ve done the spending report and it was $120. Well done ass sailor!
(Here is that series that snared him, btw!)

Call Lauren Rules for financial domination on

Now one of the big spenders this week was, once again-  marla! I’ve got this sissy so turned on by oinking, and saying “bankruptcy for Lauren” as a pay mantra, that she just can’t help herself. She threw $1825 at Me 🙂


In other spending, princess gigi kept getting turned on by the thought of sucking big black cock and sent Me $300, mostly in tributes. What a very good little fag sissy she is!

Good little helpless dave kept helplessly paying Me, this week it was $190.  Dave, you’ve been consistent lately and that really pleases Me!

My paybitch spent $704 in recent days.  He is one of those that I believe also has quitting and beginning again as part of his pay ritual. He did this spending on two new member names 🙂

cumstain spent just a few dollars short of $1,000 (984 to be exact).  This is the most he has ever spent in a short time, bought 3-digit ptvs for the first time and I think he’s fucked. He tried inactivating his account and didn’t last 12 hours. cumstain, you are in deep shit! I absolutely LOVED it when he began weeping and embarrassed he had spent too much, and I told him to FEED INTO that pain and cum!  And he did.  I’m brutal in setting up abusive little triggers! Be afraid cumstain!

PIG stroked his way through another $290.  PIG has his own pay rituals, and no slave stalks My availability as much as PIG, he NEEDS our time getting fucked over and reports so promptly when I appear, nearly every time.  He is the very definition of junkie!

A new little bankruptcy whore spent a quick $116 and then deleted his account.  Those type always return–part of the pay ritual!

Inadequate jake had to face his “lack of biology” and realized he would never be any woman’s idea of “proper breeding stock”, so he should just accept he is a money slave for Lauren. This week was $145, but I want more soon jake!

Also new to My blog is skate-pig.  Skate-pig spent $105 this week on click and pay.  I love the silent click and pay slaves who simply hit and run pay!

I’ve come to enjoy the spending report, and I’ve come to appreciate it’s power as addicted piggies pull out their wallets so they can see their weakness for paying Me immortalized on My blog! Keep up the good work, and ask yourself if you want My attention on your blog. Yes? Get out that wallet Loser!





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Financial Domination Flurry!

I’ve really been meaning to blog more often, but the truth is that lately, almost the moment I sign on I am bombarded with emails and calls from My junkies, all needing to spend on Me for their fix.

It’s been sooo profitable and wonderful, all of those marvelous wallet fucks have left Me in such a state of almost constant arousal!  Some rapes deserve a little extra mention.

Of note is a Loser I am thinking of as wallet bimbo..he really started of a bit pesky with email after email, which naturally I began charging for.  This is a loser who just can’t stay away.  Each time he reappears with a new handle, but his “voice” is distinctive in his emails, and before you know it, he’s paying cash for empty emails that I tell him are  a tax on a surcharge surcharge email, for sending me a two word email. This all sounds silly, but in the last week or so, I’ve milked him for about $950 bucks 🙂

And we have worm,  a pathetic loser who is getting addicted to the way big fat pay mails make him feel.  To that I say Yay!   A rough calculation shows he has spent about $350 on me this week

The iFool made an appearance briefly. I fucked him for $200 really really fast and he fled in terror.  He will be back. Weak willed submissive fools always return.

Oh, and I know how much some of you love reading slave letters, so I thought I would share this one from addicted n

Mistress Lauren,

I have been listening to your slideshow as directed.

I keep thinking of your words. I left feedback. As mentioned, I have no interest in any other flirts on NF. They really have no significance to me, so some conditioning is definitely working. I only look on NF hoping for emails from you Mistress.

I try not to worry Mistress as you say and want to be a good boy, so keep repeating what you tell me to say in the slideshow. I had to get money out of my savings for the last cc bill, so it was scary and hurt but it made my cock hard.

The secret parts of my mind are the property of Mistress Lauren. That means you can know anything and everything you want, because it is yours? It makes my cock hard to think of this.

All that I am is yours. But wont I be broken? It is scary. Yet I hear you say not to worry in my mind, and it makes me feel weak and hard.

I loved your previous POV pictures ‘addiction’. Do you have more mistress? Like your previous POV set ‘enrapture’ that I found so weakening. I just want to worhip looking at the crease in your panties…..

(name changed for privacy)


Yes addicted n, you may be broken, and it may be scary, but it will be the biggest rush of your life..

Now addicted n referred to a recording..This is something I have not done previously, a VERY long recording. It’s some 31 minutes, filled with multiple tracks and hypnotic audio. Your life will never be the same.

you too can have your mind warped by it now


And I am sooo excited because I splurged with your cash and got a custom fitted red latex dress, and of course I did a photo shoot in it. See the photos here, you’ll probably lose control and beg for more

and all of you foot junkies have been begging for more PTVs, so have no fear (or perhaps you should), here is a series of some of My best foot shots ever!

Begin here

So click and pay junkies!  Maybe you’ll get your name in My blog next

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How a $12 Pay to view made weak men spend over $8000 on Me this weekend!

It seems so harmless..and many of you *were* able to only make this one purchase this weekend from Me..but not most of you

This slideshow..with this mind altering audio–layered with subliminal messages and a special programming exercise.


pay pig hypnosis here

So how did I earn so much from this?  Once a pay pig listens…he can’t stop.  One of My long time pay slaves…Dr X, completely lost control. He called me on the phone, and I began sending him huge Pay mail after huge paymal, and using My voice to make him completely unable to deny Me…between the paymails (which included THREE $999 emails and a $500 and $400 dollar one) and some Amazon wishlist spoiling, he spent only a few dollars shy of SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS.   Yes, it was a really profitable hour and a half.  

Now I know not all of you junkies will may that much…but I bet most of you will wish you had the money to do so….

Now, I know some of you will doubt this and I invite you to buy this pay mail, and go ahead and see for yourself.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  *smiles*

I have soo many slaves who just cannot go more than a day or two without begging for some photos, or making a call to hear My voice.  Many actually can no longer enjoy their orgasms, or can’t even get hard without Me.  Yes I do that to men, and I think its kind of funny.  I mean…not only does it happen, but I intentionally train men to become addicted to be, to become obsessed wtih Me…to not be able to enjoy an erection without Me, or at least not as intensely.

Now, I know many many many of you read this blog and have never experienced My power.  You may be afraid..and well you should be.  But you also will never know what you are missing unless you take the step and find out how incredibly erotic and powerful it is to know that I *am* reprogramming and manipulating your psyche to need to serve Me.  It will likely lead to wallet rape.  If I manage to embed Myself deeply within your mind….if My thought penetration is highly successful, you will find that you may become a victim of extreme financial domination 

Mmm Financial Fuckery and Mind Manipulation.  Get your wallet rape map now *laughs*


April 7, 2013   2 Comments

Money Slaves called to serve

Once I get My claws into a man, they just can’t seem to escape Me.  Most try, and some manage to stay away for a time, even a year…before being drawn back in again.

I got this letter this week from a slave

Dear Mistress Lauren,

over the years I have joined and quit NF several times, and you are pretty much the only findom who’s been able to keep it interesting. (I tend to buy a few things, feel guilty, quit, and then come back.) Your pics are just fing too good, very suggestive and erotic, but still somehow demure, and very teasing, taunting and appetizing, making a guy want more and more.

When I distance myself a bit I realize you simply have a great business going, raking it in, coming out with new products, occasional sales, good promotion. But your business is pushing men’s buttons, holding their little balls till them can’t help responding and gently squeezing till they get incrementally excited, wanting and oblivious to the cost, just needing more. You’re good at what you do, but of course you know it and love it.

And being kind of sadistic, not just wanting money but wanting to squeeze those balls till they suffer, have nothing left and are emptied and regret their total fucking stupidity and lack of control…somehow that just makes you more enticing, and you obviously know that telling them how you are going to totally fuck them over, is your way of being a coquette and adding excitement.

I thought that letter was pretty on target for My goals for all My weak little puppets. I tenderize you, and then I chew you up and spit you out to do again another day.

Some notable slaves this week.   “Sunburst slave”  (Name changed to protect their privacy) showed up for another out of control round of click and pay.  I always love being surprised by finding out that a slave has been paying and paying while I slumber.  Sunburst went through My new series and spending $270 while I was dreaming of luxurious and indulgent things.

Also, my no nonsense “young gun” also surprised Me with middle of the night spending this week, to the tune of a few hundred over several sessions.

And then, My biggest spender of the week, was Smelly.  (once again, name changed for blogging reasons) Smelly has a really strong foot fetish, and a love of what My voice does for him. He spent hundreds, maybe even as much as a grand this past week, on custom made audios that just made him week.  I gave him little mantras to repeat as he stared at My photos and admired My strong legs, and reprogrammed him to only get hard for Lauren. He bought pay mails as big as $200, just to please Me….(all of you take a lesson here)

A couple of times this week, it become apparent to Me, that many of you are purchasing My paymails on your cell/mobile phones, and need a way to see if your device is compatible with My slideshows and videos.

So I made two very short clips in the two formats My clips are in…(wmv and mp4) so you can download them on your phone to test…it’s free (You don’t need to pay the ten cent payment request, that’s just  the only way I have to deliver a NF email into your box at a click)

So now you can see if you can view My stuff right on your phone. And if  you can’t, google and you may find a way for your phone to handle it


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From a slave perspective!

First of all….
I have designs on your wallet, as usual. I want you to feel the weakness…..
Lauren Rules rapes your wallet

Good, now buy the slideshow….a price designed to addict you

I can’t wait until you become helpless…like other have this week.

We have a special little cuck, who seems to have fallen back into the money slave ways that he thought he left behind
He tells Me he spent thousands years ago on a different Mistress.

This fall will be further, and of course, *I* am the Mistress who will make him fall.

And then there is Stiletto lover. Who made the mistake of requesting an hypnotic audio.  He had NO idea what was going to befall him, and now he can only get hard for Me…


And My little stroke puppet, who spent this week begging Me to make him addictive slideshows.  And he ended up paying A LOT more than he ever dreamed he would.  This loser has been MINE for years now, but this week it went to a deeper level.  Mmmm

Who will be next in My blog?


January 25, 2013   4 Comments

Hypnotized money slave

I didn’t post it here, but I recently released a new PTV series….

I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it seems I’ve turned several hypnosis fans into money slaves. And I’ve taken present money slaves and this has reinforced their devotion to Me….

So try it…but be warned.
In other news…all my games seem to be running again. I’m in the process putting them back on my listings…(I need to neaten up my listings a bit…so it is coming in the next few days) I’m putting them back on my “games page: of this blog however 🙂

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Release your Inner Girl!

For all my girly sissy freaks and wannabe girls…a hypnotic recording! Go ahead…click and buy it…mmmmm

 <\a>Some of you are aware of how I have recently been more open about offering erotic hypnosis.  It is, after all, another tool to control you. I’ve been using it in My sessions for quite some time, and in the texts of My PPVs, but I haven’t pointed it out.

That is changing. I am now, officially and openly now practicing Hypnosis–primarily as yet another Mind Control Technique.  And be careful.  I am really adept at it. *laughs*

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