Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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What is The Game?

This is a legacy page for people to look at about an event I did in 2009.

This is an experiment, the likes of which has never been tried.

Many times I wondered if money slaves or even ordinary submissive men would spend more on a professional Dominant woman if they were in competition with each other?  Would there be a oneupmanship effect?

There is also much voyeuristic curiosity about FinDommes (Financial Dominants). I’m often asked questions like how much is the most you’ve gotten from a guy? The most in a day? In a week? In a session?  How much do you get from this anyway?

Well the answers to those questions are not forthcoming.  I might answer if you’re calling me at 4.99 a minute, but maybe not 🙂


This game is a slice of those answers.  For this one game, those answers will be revealed.  This is how it works.

On Friday morning, on July 24 at the stroke of midnight (EST), I will mail every client on my Niteflirt mailing list, over 1000 of you guys, an invitation to participate in The Game, which you can do buy clicking the link in the email.   The link will also go active on my Niteflirt listings and here in My blog, so those not on My mailing list can join the fun.  You must be a member of Niteflirt to participate.  Join by clicking the link on the sidebar~->

Dearest Flirts, you will not get the email to participate, so no worries about being spammed, but you can request to get The Game email updates if you’re curious and I will add you to the update list. (Just email me on Niteflirt or at to ask…..

That first email will have a link to a $2.75 email.  Buying that is your entry fee into “The Game”

Everyone who buys a $2.75 email, will find there is a link to a $4.75 email.   Buy this and you’re still competing in “The Game”  Every pay to view email will have photos and other surprises from Me.

The automatic links will go on, and then at some point, the remaining participants will get personalized emails from me.  The price will keep going up and up…and at some point of course ,the remaining participants will thin out.  And it will be a battle to see who is “The Last Man Standing”

I will keep a running total of game participation and post it for all to see.

How many buy the $2.75 email.

the $4.75 email

and so forth.  I will reveal the totals.

Why the odd amounts?  It’s so I can track the purchased game emails more easily in my transaction list.

It continues…how high will the emails go?  There is no telling, but I would not be at all surprised to see that this game could reach very high stakes!  “The Game” will last several days, as I do require sleep and have occasional other commitments and cant always instantly email a new game level to participants….but it will and shall be interesting.  And there will be guys who start late and catch up!   The game will end officially on July 31st at 11:59 pm (EST) for new participants, but if there is more than one player at the top level, there will be tiebreaker PPV emails.

I’ll be posting client bios and interaction (I won’t post anything without your permission, not to worry! But don’t be surprised if I ask you if its ok)  Top participants will have an identifier, which may or may not be their Niteflirt member name.  I will most likely assign you a “game name” like you might find me calling you.  Mr. $ in my discussion about you.  If I discuss you and give you a nickname, I’ll let you know what it is.  At no time, will I reveal a NF member name unless the member begs Me to!

And I am looking for color commentary!   If you’re a participant, or not a participant feel free to send me stuff to post, comments. I may or may not use it. I may tweet it.

I’m looking for all kinds of comments, including guesses on how high it will go, how much money will be spent and how many will participate,  and commentary on the psychology of it all.  I’m looking for comments from Niteflirt flirts esp other Mistresses/FinDoms, if I use your color commentary, I’ll link to your site/listing as a thank you in the blog entry.

There will be special awards given out too, for exceptional participation in the social experiement process, tweeting or blogging about “The Game”  There will be a “Lauren’s Knight” award for the participant who writes the most beautiful and chivalerous feedback on the games.  Awards have yet to be determined and I’ll be developing that.

They are not likely to have any monetary value but will be fun. I’m so excited to start the game! I wish it were Friday already!

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