Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Sissy Assignment Report!

Sissy Assignment Report

I am a sissy. I am a wholly owned sissy. Mistress Lauren owns me. This is my sissy assignment report

There, I have said it in public.

I am not certain how Mistress Lauren addicted me to her lifestyle, but addicted I am. I suppose I am a sissy paypig or a paypig sissy or some other variation. In any case I can not stay away; I have tried. Mistress Lauren just waits for me to return knowing that I will return sooner rather than later.

I am helpless where she is concerned, and she knows this.

A few days ago, Mistress Lauren gave me a sissy assignment with three activity choices.

I forgot to do it, which is the reason I am writing this report. When I confessed that I forgot, Mistress Lauren reassigned it without the choices. Now I am required to do all three activites. Am I being punished, reminded that Mistress Lauren makes the decisions, or just having my addiction to her enhanced?

Three separate shopping trips, dressed in panties and hose, but allowed “boy clothes” over all. What Mistress can allow she can disallow. Think about her “allowing” me to wear male outerwear this time. Scary. Mistress does have pics of me in various sultry outfits: a way to always remind me that I must obey her – which I do.

This time I am caged until the assignment is complete and the report turned it to her. I have a three day deadline. Three days in panties, hose and a cage. Caged and dressed at the same time. Talk about frustration. Talk about focusing my mind on Mistress Lauren.

When I awoke on the next day, I realized that I had been thinking or dreaming of the assignment before waking. I knew that the cage would stay on – I was already in it. I knew that I would be wearing panties and hose until I completed all three trips.

Showered, shaved, panties and hose. Ready to meet the day. Off to find out about pedicures, makeup, and new panties while dealing with assorted feminizing, girlyfying and curious clerks.

Remembering that I have one choice only: obedience. Just do it. A few minutes of embarrassment and I will be off the hook, out of the cage. I hope. I forgot to complete the first assignment, so I, like any slave, must be educated to serve my Mistress. I just do not know when the the punishment/education ends.


I am caged, in panties and hose. I have gone out to check on pedicures at a local salon where the lady at the desk said $18.00 unless I wanted “extra” services which could run quite a bit more depending. Painting my toenails would be in addition to anything extra she said with a rather sly grin. Whatever “extra” would entail I did not ask. Although I thought about a lesson in makeup, but my nerve failed.

I realize that I am doing what Mistress Lauren has commanded. Ok. I know that Mistress Lauren has seduced me, that she is now training me, but I love the whole process. Mistress Lauren controls me mentally, physically, financially, emotionally. I am hers.


Today I will find a clerk to help me with makekup. I think I am going to ask for a kit. What will she recommend? Oh well. I must do it. Off I go to whatever fate or Mistress has in store for me.

Eyelash primer purchased with help of a non-suspicious clerk. Much easier experience than I expected. Now for some shopping for panties eventhough I am wearing panties and hose AND this rather insistent cage – as required. Be glad to be allowed out of the cage. There is that word “allowed” again. It really does define my relationship with Mistress Lauren.


I will do my sissy panty shopping today. I am thinking three pairs of panties, black, silver or copper and the manatory pink, too. The manatory pink seems a bit more on the lavender side, not a hot pink at all. The other two are a dark bronze and flaming red.

Going to turn in my report now and hope for the best. Be glad to get out of the cage. For real.

I love Mistress Lauren