Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Training slaves to want what I want

My slaves come to Me preprogrammed with buttons and triggers. Each individual has something that arouses him, makes him hard, makes him want to cum.

Enjoying those preprogrammed buttons are not the goal of My training.   My training goals are not the same for each slave either, nor are they fixed in stone, nor are they relentless destinations lacking pleasure.  Sometimes they are spontaneous side trips into unchartered territory.

In My real life I have a long time slave, a sissy that I have extensively feminized.  I know her buttons and what turns her on and what doesn’t turn her on.  And in no sense of the word, can she be considered a physical masochist.  I have never scened with any slave who dislikes pain, is such a sissy wimp in my whole life. The tiniest spank would upset her.

Not this weekend.  I decided that this weekend I WOULD spank this slave, and that she would enjoy it. So I used the tool that makes a man/sissy the weakest….wanting to cum.

I got her very close to cumming, and made her pay for more stimulation with gentle spanking…and let her stimulate herself while I spanked her.  Then after a while I would stop spanking, and she had to stop stroking…I made sure she was very very aroused. Then I made her beg for Me to spank her!  This time I did it a little bit harder.

Victory in this case was a red ass 🙂  That made Me happy

The path of a sadist is full of small side paths.

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