Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Back from vacation and wallet rape for the iFool

Wow, its been too long since I’ve blogged!  I was gone for part of March, on a hiking trip in Utah.   I had planned to update My blog and answer emails, but the resort I was staying at was blocking both sites, I guess the resort was owned by some Mormons who didn’t think porn should be viewed on their Wi-Fi.  Oops.  If only they knew how I got the money to pay them!   No matter, I got a good break from the computer, enjoyed the delicious outdoor air and got plenty of exercise.  And days went by without Me even glancing at the computer, it was a well needed respite.

Since I have come back, I’ve been busy with all you boys and sissies who were missing Me.   Of note was a nice Friday night rape of the iFool.  (His first name begins with “i” and I know he keeps refreshing My blog to look for this)  The funny thing is that he is sooo angry at spending over $900 on Me Friday, that he thinks I’m the most evil Woman that ever lived.   I might be, but just between you and Me, I actually enjoy his rants at how I’ve destroyed him.  It appeals to My inner sadist.   I’m tempted to put the iFool’s real name and his girlfriends name and email up here, just to thumb My nose at him, but the loser would probably cream his panties over it.  So iFool,, I’m waiting to hear from you again.  I think you need another 1K lesson and both you and I know that the hard on it gives you is unlike anything else!

So in other news, I’ve released a few new PTVs…be sure you see them!

This is a killer photo set from a recent shoot, I LOVE these pantyhose…(more available in My private collection–as always–just ask)

Before I went on vacation I released this killer series….it begins with a slideshow, with one of My audios FILLED with subliminal suggestions to take control of you.  The first slideshow is only $8, that’s a bargain for you. (or is it?)

And for the foot lovers among you, a nice little photo set.   And be aware, I have an extremely large collection of foot photos….stilettos, mules, barefeet, stocking feet, pantyhose, …be afraid but be  brave and ask!

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From a slave perspective!

First of all….
I have designs on your wallet, as usual. I want you to feel the weakness…..
Lauren Rules rapes your wallet

Good, now buy the slideshow….a price designed to addict you

I can’t wait until you become helpless…like other have this week.

We have a special little cuck, who seems to have fallen back into the money slave ways that he thought he left behind
He tells Me he spent thousands years ago on a different Mistress.

This fall will be further, and of course, *I* am the Mistress who will make him fall.

And then there is Stiletto lover. Who made the mistake of requesting an hypnotic audio.  He had NO idea what was going to befall him, and now he can only get hard for Me…


And My little stroke puppet, who spent this week begging Me to make him addictive slideshows.  And he ended up paying A LOT more than he ever dreamed he would.  This loser has been MINE for years now, but this week it went to a deeper level.  Mmmm

Who will be next in My blog?


January 25, 2013   4 Comments

Foot Humiliation

It’s soo much fun to tease and humiliate men with My feet.  Nothing brings out a man’s submissive leanings as much as looking up at a Dominant woman from the level of Her foot. It is an instant reminder of why *I* am beautiful and powerful and *you* are weak and subservient.

It’s time to surrender to those feelings, to celebrate the fact that *I* am superior to you in every way.
And I’ve had some new photos taken this weekend, and I selected some for a set for you to buy! Lucky boys and sissy girls. Click the picture below to buy some photos looking up at Me…a couple of them are topless!

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New photos :)

And I have a very funny story that happened when we were shooting the red shoe set. I was on the little bridge, out in a rural area, and my photographer was down on his back, pointing the lens upward at Me for the POV shots, and I was pretending to step on him, and a group of teenage girls came along. They giggled and laughed and pointed at M, the photographer, like it was the funniest thing they had ever seen in their life. We actually had to take a break and sit in M’s car for a while until they went away so we could get the topless shots. I wasn’t quite ready to scandalize the neighborhood for stripping for teenage girls. I did however, wish I had a slave or two around, so I could properly teach them how to treat a man!

May 27, 2009   1 Comment

New PPV-Cheeky Findomme!

Buy them. Lauren is your cheeky findomme!

From a new photo shoot I did.

Cheeky photos #1

cheeky Lauren photo set 1

Cheeky photo set #2

Cheeky photo set #3

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