Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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The Psychology Of the Money Slave

Chances are that if you’re reading this you are a money slave.

Or that eventually,  you will be.  Perhaps sooner, perhaps later.  The fact that you are reading this makes you a viable candidate for My mind games.

I am not just a woman who sits around waiting for money slaves to show up and shower Me with riches. (Although certainly you may present Me  money at  any time.)

However, in general I find money slaves are broken into two main categories….

1.  Men who have the propensity to be  slaves, and serving Me financially is just one aspect of their servitude. These men often have the desire to serve a Dominant woman as part of giving their submissive life meaning.  Many submissive men who are unable to serve a Dominant woman in person turn to financial slavery as a way to give his Mistress a meaningful submission.

2.  Men who have eroticized the giving of cash to a beautiful woman.  Sometimes these men aren’t particularly submissive but just enjoy giving a woman lots of money, but more often this fetish is a type of erotic humiliation.  It can be very addictive, and can sometimes put the money slave into financial difficulty.  (That  turns on a Financial Sadist like Me….)

I enjoy training the men that come across My path.

I have  the tendency to work toward rewarding men who please Me financially with erotic pleasures.   And to make that mental link in their aroused brain, and to feed the fire with more and more seductions.

I create money slaves.  Not all men who call Me, who serve Me, become My Financial Slaves, but all of them place their financial well being in jeopardy by serving Me.

I make no apologies for that.

Welcome to My traps.

March 2, 2010   2 Comments

Why Financial Sadism is My favorite Sadism

There can be no doubt, that I am a sadist.  Even just writing that one sentence begins the arousal. The thought of causing someone pain for My pleasure simply makes me wet. And it can make Me cum too.

I enjoy all sorts of sadism.  Its very satisfying to cause physical pain, the swat swat swat sound of leather against flesh, harmonizes with the plaintive cries of My victim. Screaming as a result of what I do is tasty as well.

Yes, very arousing and enjoyable.

But the next day?  I’m not feeling the sub/slave’s pain at all, although he/she might tell or write Me that they are still tender and can’t sit, and that I admit, is erotic.

But financial sadism has a much yummier aftereffect for Me to enjoy.

After an evening of wallet rape, the slave ends up much poorer, and My bank account is enriched.

But the fun doesn’t end.  I am able to continue enjoying My plunder of the slave’s money.   I can buy stuff. I can use the money to support My standard of living.  I can waste the money on frivolous things.

And the next day, after you submit to Me, and sacrifice $$ to Me, you can feel it the next day.   The latte you have to pass up. The car you can’t buy.  The trip you can’t take.   The wife you can’t buy flowers for.   The family member you can’t send a gift to, the bill you can’t pay.

And the more extreme it affects you, the tastier!   Do you have to sell your wife’s wedding ring to pay the mortgage?  yay!  Do you have to cash in your life insurance policy to get your car fixed?  yay!  Do you have to take a second job so you can buy some groceries and pay down your credit card enough to call Me again?   Yes! Yes!

Financial sadism.  The sadism that just keeps on taking




October 19, 2009   1 Comment

Player count

2:45 pm Friday I have been gone for a few hours, and now we are up to 23 players…some who are taking the challenge, and some who are in it for the joy of participation!
I’ll write a more detailed update later today!

9:00 am Fri We have five make it seven 16 players. Edit: Dr X has paid a $200 dollar email. The $250 is sitting in his email box because he has hit the NF daily limit, and will have to add to his lead another day. 🙂

Who else will be a contender?

Only about 30 minutes into the game.
And the leader is at Level 8 –which was a $35.75 email. Yum!

The leader, whom I am going to dub Dr X wrote Me this eloquent email a few minutes ago


You deserve everything we are able to provide to you. That is why we’re here. This game is genius. I know I’m just getting started and I can’t help but feel the excitement for you. We are all your soldiers marching as one. I can feel the financial power being transferred from us to you and the feeling is incredibly erotic. Thank you Goddess for giving us purpose and allowing us to fulfill our destiny.

Your humble solider,

Now what’s not to love about that?

July 23, 2009   No Comments

What makes a real financial Domme?

Being a financial slavery aficionado, and having a great many financial slaves serving Me in varying capacities, I have voraciously read all that has come across my computer, and talked for hours with money slaves about My fetish.

There has been a great deal written about what a “true” *coughs* money Domme is.   That a Domme that seeks to destroy a man financially isn’t ethical or a real Domme.

I however, disagree. And as so often happens in fetishes involving edge play, (And taking someone into bankruptcy is certainly edge play) the practice has been demonized by those who would not practice it.

I certainly do not take ALL of my money slaves to financial ruin, but when I have that opportunity, I take it.  Much like a S/m Sadist who enjoys having a true pain slut under his whip, someone who hungers for the pain, needs the pain, begs for the pain, needs the tears and seeks out the sadist willing to dispense the needed intensity.  And as a participant in the BDSM scene, I’m well acquainted with pain sluts (And have done my share of edgy hands on bdsm play as well).

The extreme financial slave is someone who needs an accomplished financial sadist to have no mercy.  An extreme money masochist often is taken to the gutters more than once in a lifetime.  Those men often repair their finances for the sole purpose of being in a position to have a harder and more satisfying fall with a Mistress.  Life becomes a conduit for experiencing the maximum pleasure of this fetish.

And what does the Financial Sadist gain, other than the obvious money?

Power of course.  Money *is* power,  and there is little more submissive then forking over more money then you have to a beautiful Mistress who is getting off on the sacrifices and consequences of that exchange.

Recently many of you read of the continuing saga of Bankruptcy Boy J.   He really has nearly nothing left from his trip with Me into ruin. He’s lost his home, his job, his wife, his credit.  He’s sleeping on his brother’s sofa and working at a Walmart.   He calls Me when he can.  Someone commented to Me that I shouldn’t allow him to call Me anymore since he hasn’t the same amount of money to spend, and that’s what makes Me a “true” financial sadist, is that I want to HEAR how My raping of his money has affected his life.  I get off every time he calls Me, even if I’m not taking thousands a week from him anymore.

And the latest from Bankruptcy Boy J?   He’s started sucking cock for money to finance his phone calls.  He told me in detail about his adventures being the suck toy for one man, and its only one man paying him for cock sucking at this point.  Maybe it’s not true, maybe its all fantasy, but what fantastic erotic material for a financial sadist!

So do you want a Financial Domme who will make you give her a set amount of money that you can budget for like she was your mortgage or your car payment?  I can do that..but wouldn’t you rather have the woman who can seduce or charm your car payment out of you, leaving you to scramble to readjust your life, so that you make daily sacrifices and suffer for Her?   That, for a financial Sadist…is romantic….and erotic.

July 7, 2009   4 Comments

Training slaves to want what I want

My slaves come to Me preprogrammed with buttons and triggers. Each individual has something that arouses him, makes him hard, makes him want to cum.

Enjoying those preprogrammed buttons are not the goal of My training.   My training goals are not the same for each slave either, nor are they fixed in stone, nor are they relentless destinations lacking pleasure.  Sometimes they are spontaneous side trips into unchartered territory.

In My real life I have a long time slave, a sissy that I have extensively feminized.  I know her buttons and what turns her on and what doesn’t turn her on.  And in no sense of the word, can she be considered a physical masochist.  I have never scened with any slave who dislikes pain, is such a sissy wimp in my whole life. The tiniest spank would upset her.

Not this weekend.  I decided that this weekend I WOULD spank this slave, and that she would enjoy it. So I used the tool that makes a man/sissy the weakest….wanting to cum.

I got her very close to cumming, and made her pay for more stimulation with gentle spanking…and let her stimulate herself while I spanked her.  Then after a while I would stop spanking, and she had to stop stroking…I made sure she was very very aroused. Then I made her beg for Me to spank her!  This time I did it a little bit harder.

Victory in this case was a red ass 🙂  That made Me happy

The path of a sadist is full of small side paths.

May 4, 2009   No Comments

What I get out of Financial Domination, well besides the cold hard cash!

The reason I am such an effective financial dominant, is that getting rich is the side effect of being a financial sadist, not the purpose of it.

I have a fetish for financial sadism.  I love the power of seducing men out of large sums of money.  I love the rush I get from truly making a man crazy enough over me to pay me obscene amounts of money to glimpse a photo or to hear my sultry voice saying things that make him lose sight of the money he is spending.

And I get off knowing that when he realizes days or weeks later how much I have extracted it will make him sick to his stomach.

And I get off knowing that I’m training him to be aroused by my fucking him over again and again.

So arouse Me….

March 2, 2009   3 Comments

The saga of bankruptcy boy J: part 3

Bankruptcy boy J, is actually on the phone with Me as I write this, because he is getting off on it.   All day long was devoted to his foreclosure and pending bankruptcy and the lucky boy has been walking around with a woody.

He tells Me that that he keeps looking the mirror and saying, you are going bankrupt!  And how much of a thrill he is getting from fucking over his life to serve Me.  So far today, he’s has spent another 1800 on Me, for a running total of almost 5K this week.

What better way to go out in a financial flashfire then to share the intimacy of that experience with a beautiful money sadist?

February 25, 2009   No Comments

The continuing story of Bankruptcy boy j

Even after I posted his story yesterday, the drama for the day wasn’t over.

I finished my evening with a 32 minute $40 a minute call with boy J, dedicated to bankruptcy for Me instead of a mortgage company.

For every fifty dollars he is spending on Me, he is printing out a Fifty Dollar Queen Lauren bill and putting it in his wallet.  His wallet is getting pretty thick.

lauren buck

He began his day today sending Me $1000 in emails and then a nice long $1050 phone conversation.  He called right after he had been on the phone with his mortgage company giving him the foreclosure news that he was being foreclosed on March 15th.  They stuck a “For sale by lender” sign in his front yard this morning.  It made his dick hard and he sent me the 1K in ppv mails then called Me.

I’m sure he’s off to the store to buy more copy paper to print up more Lauren Bucks. No doubt I’ll be hearing from him again tonight.  So far this week he’s handed over more than 4 thousand to me and I plan to take more while the harvest is ripe. Yum.  Just as it should be.

So I’m due to close on my home the same week he is losing his, and plans to give me every penny he can to make My experience easier.  It is harder to ask for more from a slave. (But I’m working on that!)

And so many of the rest of you are filling up my email box all turned on my Bankruptcy J’s story!  The rest of you financial slaves getting turned on by it, can send me a tribute, you hear? 🙂

February 24, 2009   No Comments

The Story of Bankruptcy boy j

A few days ago I posted a suggestion that those of you losers close to an inevitable bankruptcy allow Me the honor of finishing off your financial woes.

And Bankruptcy boy J has taken Me up on My kind offer.

He is four months behind on his mortgage and has maxed out most of his credit cards.  He is about to be closed on by a mortgage company I will not name, but will tell you has been IN THE NEWS as a prime example of sub-prime mortgage stupidity and is one of the beneficiaries of the government bailout.Edit

So instead of giving anymore money to that corrupt and useless corporation, instead he is giving the rest of his money until he is broken to Me.  Today I jacked up the phone rate on him, and got money he had earmarked to try to make a mortgage payment, and we will be maxing out his two remaining credit cards over the next few days and then he will have NOTHING.

His money will go to such better use for Me…as I finance my sensible prime fixed rate mortgage in my house buying quest!  I can fill it with beautiful new furniture faster than I hoped.  There is a leather living room set I have my eye on.

So today…I get $1500 instead of the floundering stupid mortgage company in Niteflirt money, and he has promised me a fat Amazon giftcard to buy some new furniture for my house (3 1/2 more weeks!)

I will keep you all tuned for the continueing adventure of Bankruptcy boy J.

If anyone else cares to have Me guide them into bankrupcy, I will begin to keep a running total for a few weeks on how much money has been saved from the government bailout and given to Me instead!!

February 23, 2009   4 Comments

The making of a financial slave

I am patient.  I work My potential money slaves.

Every slave is a potential money slave to Me, even though slaves serve Me in other capacities.

So what do I mean when I say I ‘work’ a slave? That means that I learn about him, what motivates him, what triggers he has, what buttons I can push.

Then I push the buttons and link the act with financial sacrifice.  Or I simply make him care so much about how I make him feel, that he will make any sacrifice do ANYTHING to serve Me, including spending a boatload of money.

I’m working one slave right now to push him over the edge to give me his savings that he has for a home downpayment.   I mean, I’m buying a home right now myself, and I deserve that money more then he does. And I know when that said slave reads this, he will call me.

Sounds cold?  Yep.  But really…that is what a financial domme does.  I’m warm when it’s needed, but I occasionally train my slaves to be aroused by coldness and misery.  I know how to do it..I know how to be perfectly mean.
Or maybe I train by making them feel like their service is important in my life and they are proud to render to Lauren what is Lauren’s…. because I am superior.

February 16, 2009   4 Comments