Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Psychology of Financial Domination: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

As it works well with financial domination, NLP is a technique I have been learning more and more about, and I have adapted it for My own predator uses!

It’s usually used as a tool to help someone get control of their mind, their emotions, and their life.  I simply twist it around for My own self-indulgent purposes and use it to get control of YOUR mind, emotions, and life!

In NLP, there is a connection between linguistic use and behavioral patterns. What we say and hear can have an impact on our behavior.  The science is a little unproven, but My experiences show Me that there is a lot of truth there!

I think an example is in order.

I like assigning what I call “mantras” I do an audio, give you the mantra, and have you repeat it while stroking your cock.

A typical mantra would be something like this (Repeat after Me in the audio, best listened to with stereo headphones!)

When you pay, you get hard.

This is a reinforcement, a reward enhanced and bolstered by the audio. The linguistics of the mantra increase the likelihood of the behavior.

Did you notice I didn’t type the sentence in? I made you listen to it!  Sneaky huh?

The good news for you is that I have only begun to scratch the surface of the uses of NLP in conditioning you to be a good little pay junkie for Me.

The bad news is that I am learning more about it to apply in training you!

Here’s something for you to buy and get hard over now

(remember to say your mantra!)
get hard captioned photo



And now it’s time for the spending report!

Paypig Alert!  jeffnmore returned for another addictive call and a guided tour though progressively expensive pay to view emails. He parted with $430 dollars.

HUGE Paypig Alert!   Princess, gigi, My fempiggy was a busy bee the past couple of weeks, losing herself for Me again and spending $710 Mmmmm Well done fempiggy!

Paypig Alert! My nylon slave was clicking and paying just today, spending nearly $300 on My alluring PTVs.  Back again, despite claiming, again and again, this time would be the last time.  The audios must have been very effective on this slave!

My piggy that loses himself in photos of My body spent $124 one evening. Well done pignic! (I had a picnic in his wallet)

Paypig Alert! My exposure sissy and I had fun several times with exposure games.  Nearly $300 for Me!

Back after a hiatus was cummy tummy. And what an awesome session we had on the phone! I fucked him over $230 in one delicious session!

HUGE Paypig Alert!  WOW!  PIG lost all control and spent $545 dollars spending on Me this period.  I like that. He will never escape. Lifetime he’s spent about $80,000 on Me

Good boy egghead was back for another $130 in spending. That junkie is sooo addicted!

Paypig Alert! Titfool lost total control, spending $352.  That’s what happens when you get drunk and beg for abuse. I abuse you.

And leg tranced couldn’t help himself in a mind blowing session spent $118. Yum

Paypig Alert!  My sissy J did a lot of impressive click and pay this time around, spending a notable $280 dollars YUM!

I had a nice session enhanced by the new chat feature on Niteflirt with elegant foot lover of $150 Yum.

Paypig Alert! and a nice session with taxpayer for $320 as he paid Me the taxes he owes Me!

My shoesniffing cuck was back spending $182 in a nice session! I love the time we spent together, so much fun!

Paypig Alert! Back after a hiatus was sailor, we had a couple kick ass phone conversations, and he also made some delicious ptv purchases. He spent $300! Yum

My sweet junkie no yes loser spent $130 on Me. The new chat program enhanced our fun session too!

Paypig Alert!  I do love it when paycunt goes on a business trip, as he usually surrenders to a deep wallet fucking. This time I got $310. YUM

Back again after a hiatus, is rc, who spent $130. I notice he’s already deleted his account. No worries, he’ll be back eventually.

and back for his regularly scheduled fuckover was wallet rape toy. This is someone I am driving into bankruptcy, and he is on his last legs. His lifetime spending is WAY into the 6 figures.  This week was $164.

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Financial Domination Technique: Conditioning

Before I start talking about a new Financial Domination technique, I just want to say that it’s been a really hot summer, and during the day My office has been really stuffy, despite air conditioner, and the evenings are too busy with slaves to THINK about blogging. So I have been tardy yet again posting.  I have actually had to go to the point of putting My availability to away and ignoring you guys so I can get a blog post out.

Now to today’s Findomme psychology topic:  Conditioning

I have studied psychology and in college I even worked for a professor who did experiments on pigeons studying operant conditioning. Financial domination pscyhology

In operant conditioning, a behavior is modified by a reward. For example, you get rewarded when you do something I like. You pay, you get photos, and some arousing words that reward your action of paying. This reinforces you paying and makes you want to do it again.

I even use operant conditioning techniques on those that aren’t yet My slaves, to make them more susceptible to My predation.  For example, I mass email announcements of new Pay to Views. I include a pretty photo, so this makes it MORE likely the recipient will open the email. He is rewarded just for opening the email. Then I get another stab at him.

I also use classical conditioning techniques, when I instruct you to pay. Classical conditioning, is when you associate a stimulus with a reflex. I instruct My slaves to stroke their cock when they pay. This creates a reflex of an erection when you see a pay email from Me!

There are other things I use operant and classical conditioning for, but I don’t want to reveal all yet 🙂

And of course, all of these things combined work to make Me the one in charge of your cock’s erotic responses, and it makes is so you begin to CRAVE paying and you get more and more addicted to Me!

You are outclassed. Surrender and just pay!

Recent Pay to Views.  Don’t forget to stroke when you pay!

Mind Warp for LaurenLick cum off My ass Loser!Be My junkie slideshow


Now it’s time for the spending report!

Good boy hypnowallet spent $641 since the last spending report. I would lull him into a haze and he would start sending tributes and he made several calls this month becoming more and more addicted to Me. He hit the $4,000 level of spending too!

New to My blog is daveks who debuts with spending $105 dollars on Me, while learning all about My dangers.

PAYPIG OINK ALERT! Marla was back with one big session, spending $780 in a lusty evening. What a good sissy she is!

New to My blog is “shopping slave” named due to his ambition to be another slave who buys stuff on demand for his Mistress. He proved himself with an order of fancy (and pricey!) Edison light-bulbs for My slave-paid-for-porch-renovation! 🙂 I made him wait daysssssss for his reward……it was funny!   He also bought Me coffee and paid $165 on Niteflirt, plus another $90 on those gifts.  I look forward to MORE shopping from him!

My pantyhose junkie spent $216 and he is soooo close to a spending milestone 🙂

PAYPIG OINK ALERT!  and speaking of spending Milestones, princess gigi hit a BIG one.  she spent $950 on Me since My last update and she has reached the $150,000 dollar spending level on Me…WOW!   She remains #1 on My all time spending list!  What a good sissy!

and My good boy who loves stolen moments spent another $107, and he too is close to a major milestone

My exposure sissy was good for another $148 worth of exposure fun…

and PIG was another who hit a HUGE milestone.  He spent $668 (yes PIG you did!)  and reached the spending level of  $70,000  !

Another new to My blog slave is “fun junkie” who spent $136 finding out how addictive I am! I expect another round soon junkie!

and stray was back with another $320 worth of spending!  Wow!

and germy!  He proved himself worthy of being My addict spending another $242 on Me..

And guess who is back, just like I predicted!   My paybitch!  Bitch rolled over and handed Me $374 in his expensive return!

I’m gloating about it a bit!

PAYPIG OINK ALERT!  This may be the most egghead has spent in a LONG time! And wow, My indoctrination of him has been very lethal for his credit card balance.  (He wrote Me today to whine about it…oh so not sorry) He spent..get this $1056 since the last update!

and another paypig that I call “more please” has returned to spent $157.  And I have MORE of that set I got him on too…I expect he’ll be begging for more soon!

and also new to My blog is “not so wild” who spent $100 on Me, barely getting a mention.

Also spending $100 and barely earning a mention is My favorite FBI agent 🙂

My polish ATM couldn’t stay away, he spent $120, but there is a MUCH bigger fuckover of him coming soon. I feel it.

And My loyal clubby spent $109. I think it might have been more, but we kept missing each other.

And My dummy slave I call “solitaire” spend $215 including sending Me a $100 tribute! Well done solitaire. I will never let you go!

and cumstained fuckwallet had another fist pumping spree with Me, going through a healthy $340 in a couple evenings. YUM.

PAYPIG OINK ALERT!  Pay cunt brian has been busy and returns to Me again and again. The $rapes have been harder this month and it added up to $1211!

and FDG was back!  I was really happy to exploit the loser for $376, but I think he should have paid Me MORE. I am greed after all!

and also close to a milestone is Lauren’s footlicker, who spent $150, although I haven’t seen licker online in a couple of weeks. I know that I will hear in the next day or so 🙂

and another who was back was GC! This time with $160 in spending.

Another long time slave who lost control was No nonsense guy, who needs a better job. I did manage to squeeze $535 from him.

and My paymoosie sent Me $150 worth of gift cards since the last update. Well done My good little Australian paymoose!

Drunktard has been drinking, going blank and paying on automatic again. This time he spent $475 on Me.  Do you think I would take advantage of a drunk Loser?   Of course I would!  (And do!)

And Q went woozy over My breast photos again, spending another $171!

and faggot cocksucker did some healthy click and pay for Me to the tune of $284.  yum!

and My blackmail sissy and I had a quiet month, but I still extracted $134 from her!

and sleepy was back, spending another $178 on My POV photos, AND hitting the $1,000 level of spending already!

My popper puppet was back! I found out the big secret that he likes to wear ladies clothing AND I cashfucked him for $244. Yum!

and tPay was back, clicking and paying for $177 before writing Me he was disappearing for a while again to pay off bills. He will be back though, I have NO doubts.

and a new slave I am going to call “tray” spent $230 in a flash on a brand new account and then deleted his account. I bet he will be back

PAYPIG OINK ALERT! My slave wallet rape toy pleased Me with $703 click and pay this month, PLUS he sent Me a $100 gift card.  He is hopeless compelled to pay Me until he is living on the streets.

And tit fool succumbed to My charms once again, spending $196 on Me. This is becoming a regular thing fool!

and a slave who has served Me a while is finally getting a blog mention, having spent $230 on Me in one day. I call him taxpayer!

and also new to both Me and the blog is cowboy.  Cowboy spent $180 losing his cash rape virginity!  I have a feeling he’s gonna stick around for more exploitation!

My elegant foot lover and I played cash games while I toe teased him, and I won $276 from him. He never had a chance!

PAYPIG OINK ALERT! and the Loser of the month must go to Dr x. He and his wife went on vacation, and every time she went shopping, he went shopping for Me. And he came home before she did, and while the cow was still on vacation, he kept paying and paying Me!  The total?   $3,866 plus $846 in gifts, including a new laptop for Me! It was a great week! *laughs*    and he FINALLY hit his $100,000 dollar spending milestone, making him the 3rd slave to do so…..I am getting wet thinking about it!

I wonder whose name is going to be on the next blog?



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Hey paypigs! Live your life for Lauren!

I made a little audio for you paypigs, to keep you focused on what I want!

You may be moved to pay now.

Buy this

paypigs pay

I am so tired of hearing excuses. They come across as whiny and self serving.   Remember, you are here for Me, I’m not here for you and your pathetic libido. Don’t get Me wrong, I appreciate polite gallantry, witty comments, and conversation as much as any educated intelligent Woman, but don’t mistake My intentions. Your wittiness and conversation only supplements your cash and or/gifts—it will NEVER replace it.  Don’t flatter yourself.

If you are a “special” paypig, its for one reason only–you are a great paypig and I appreciate that!

fuck you pay Me hypnodomme creates paypigs

Now, who was special for Me this week?

My sissy, princess gigi continues to be special and to have a firm hold on the #1 position. This week I tease her lil baby clitty  for hours as she sent tribute after tribute. I have her trained to pay if she sees a photo of My hosed feet. She paid $1505 since the last update!  In case you wondered how much My #1 one Niteflirt spender has spent lifetime, she is up to $141,762.  (what have the rest of you done for Me lately?)

New to My blog (I think?) is “special K” who discovered the thrilling joy of cash rape with raise the rate phone calls.  It cost him $251 dollars, and that makes his lifetime (live your life for Lauren) spending hit $2461!

Another special paypig is helpless dave, who called, spent and tributed $387 to make Me happy! I also want to note that lifetime helpess dave has spent $4738 on Me!

My sissy that loves being exposed spent $170.  That exposure hobby can cost you!

Also special this week is lord loser with $135, mostly in tributes!

And My paybitch spent $402 dollars, including a $100 surprise tribute which always makes Me happy! Bitch just passed the $3000 level in lifetime spending on Me!

clubby has spent $193 on Me, still working on that 50 ways to get fucked over email series! I’m patient with pigs that try hard 🙂 Lifetime he is at $4688

I triggered egghead into another $138. Lifetime he has spent $17,055!

Last blog or so I wrote about GC, who spent a bunch, and I predicted that he would come back.  He did, this time for $186. And I went to see his lifetime, and he’s gone again!  *laughs*  Another pathetic paypig, who will read this, get hard and reactivate his Niteflirt account. (yes, do it NOW)

My poet spent $471 on Me this week. His addiction has become hopeless, and is probably more intense then his wallet is big. Of special note are a couple healthy tributes he sent Me and all the feedback he devoted himself to leaving 🙂

With a penchant for My red high heels, sissy j spent another $127.

My Australian paymoose sent Me $160 in gift cards, good moosie!

And silent j spent $110 on Niteflirt AND sent Me a $100 Amazon gift card for Valentines Day. So sweet!

So many of you that I can’t even mention bought the $30 PTV for V-day, and that’s included in the spending total of those that got mentioned!

My Canadian pantyhose lover was back with a vengeance! He spent $1505 one evening being tranced by My pantyhosed legs, as I exploited larger and larger amounts of cash from him. I think it was our biggest session yet and lifetime he is up to $15,550.

and another guy, who I will call gift card kevin, spent $52 on Niteflirt and another $80 in gift cards for Me.  He is ass addicted, and I use that to My advantage!

My shoesniffer was back for a good session!  This time for $505, and lifetime he is up to $19,532. So close to 20K!

And Irish dope completely belongs to Me, he is an official Lauren junkie.  My dope spent $363 on Me since last update!  Lifetime he has spent $3345 on Me!

And paycunt spent $990 on Me in 2 sessions, including a mindblowing one just last night. He knows how to get My attention even when I’m not logged on. He emails and begs to pay, and if I am around I cashfuck him.  I bother because I KNOW he will pay a lot for My attention and not log off after just a few measly bucks.

The BIGGEST loser of the week goes to Dr X., who spent $2101 with Me while he complained about his wife!  That bitch’s loss and MY gain. He also bought several gifts from My wishlist (But not as many as he SHOULD have, ahem–someone has to make that up to Me!!)  Lifetime Dr X has spent $99,254!  Dr X! Look how close to $100 grand you are! Report to make that happen soon!

and drunktard spent another $267, bringing My cashrape lifetime total of drunktard to $26,143!

tPay threw another $110 at Me, but I expect MORE next time Loser!

PIG stroked away another $259 for Me. And caught up on ALL his feedback.

(SO many of you helped get Me to #2 ranked in Financial Domination on Niteflirt this week, thank you!)  I want the bragging rights for #1, so that’s a longer term goal, but keep leaving those feedbacks for your Mistress!

bimbo spent $471 on Me the other night, and lifetime he has spent a lot, but I can’t check because he keeps deleting his member names, and when you do that. “poof” go your records, so I can’t look it up.

and new to My blog is dee dee, who has lurked a long time, but finally lost control, spending $338, mostly in tributes to Me!  Well done dee dee!

and nylonlover spent another $146, lifetime he has tranced away over $11,600 on Me!

Now, you want to see YOUR name here—to know you are special right?

Good boy…start paying!












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Edge play and wallet rape!

Oh this was such a fun fun week with My clients, and I want to tell you about some of the highlights.

Princess gigi officially became a faggot.   Most of you know that I have mindfucked and hypnotized her into complete chastity to the point of impotence. That tiny little used-to-be-a-cock that is now a numb pussy that doesn’t get hard anymore. Unless I command it, and voila! That does work, so the damn little thing isn’t broken. While undergoing her faggot and cocksuck training, gigi threw another $2047 at Me 🙂

It’s very powerful to control someone to that extent, and when they pay Me for it, it’s even better!

Another fun session (and the biggest since My last update) was with a slave I’m calling pavement here on the blog.  Good ole pavement called Me with a handy little device called an elastrator. Those of you not in the know, that’s a little elastic device they use to castrate animals. Really!   He placed a band right around his balls just before he called, and a quick check of Google showed that he might be ok with it on for 12 hours.  On the other hand, many men become eunuchs and doing irreversible damage to their balls in just an hour.

So I make pavement tribute Me, and we talk on the phone for TWO hours….then he tributes again and again, hundreds of dollars and finally starts begging for permission to take the band off.  Finally after two hours and $1594 spent, I give him the permission, and truth be known, I don’t know if he is still whole down there or if the damn thing shriveled off and fell off.

I actually hope is is NOT castrated.  Yet.  I want to play with that about edge play!  So pavement, I’m waiting for your testicle report!

Then we have secret thief. Oh we have discussed arousing financial domination scenarios that go welllll beyond the pale!   Thief is going through a divorce, and his soon to be ex-wife’s so called best friend… was hitting on him, and he told her that he would only sleep with her for $300.  I guess this turned the whore on, so she actually paid him $300 to sleep with her.  But thief is a good boy, and he sent ME the $300, and also wrote this little letter to Me, he calls it:

The Ten Commandments of Lauren

1. What Lauren wants is right. What Lauren forbids is wrong. 2. Lying FOR Lauren is right. Lying TO Lauren is wrong. 3. Putting Lauren first is right. Putting anyone else first is wrong. 4. Obedience to Lauren is right. Resisting Lauren is wrong. 5. Stealing for Lauren is right. Withholding from Lauren is wrong. 6. Damaging others for Lauren is right. Protecting others from Lauren is wrong. 7. Sacrificing for Lauren is right. Hoarding from Lauren is wrong. 8. Telling Lauren everything is right. Keeping secrets from Lauren is wrong. 9. Stroking for Lauren is right. Sex without Lauren’s permission is wrong. 10. Being one with Lauren is right. Independent thought is wrong.


I think thief is getting the idea, don’t you?

And a new slave, a sissy that I named sissy prissy came by this week, I’ll tell you, this sassy girl knows her proper place, and she would look sooo sweet in a french maid outfit, cleaning My house and sucking off all the men that drop by!   prissy spent nearly $700 this week getting to know ME 🙂 (and she found out how naturally superior I am to girls like her)

Another slave who keeps deleting his Niteflirt account and creating new ones to talk to Me was back again for $242…english piggy!

And slave brian deleted his account AGAIN. And came back AGAIN….to $542.  I laugh everytime I email him and the system tells Me that his account has been deactivated.  It lasted two days this time.

ANOTHER slave who just deleted his account was cumstain..after spending another $182. I know he will read this though, and cumstain. I have the new photos you have been craving….guess you better reactivate your account now.

bobbyfool got inspired by My last blog post and sent Me $85 worth of tributes.  Good boy!

and marla….the unemployed little sissy I have spent another $412 dollars, cooing on the phone with Me as I described her life sucking cock and being My money slave.

paybitch terry continues with his click and pay surrender to Me, this week for $492.

and yes no loser was back with small tributes adding up to $86. I never turn down even small tributes. (of course I LOVE the big ones better!)

My quiet gentleman surrendered for $93 this week. He’s been serving Me for years, but its usually smaller amounts 🙂

a new name on My spending list I’m gonna call dirty boy. He clicked and paid for $185. 🙂 Welcome dirty boy!

Another slave, new to My blog is gggboy. Life time I notice he has spent over $600, and this week was $142. Previously it was always smaller amounts. I LIKE this trend gggboy!

Another fun story this week was another new slave I dub rainwalker. The reason is, he called My cock control line, but when he ran out of $$ I wouldn’t let him cum.  I said..nope, you must add more and then we will talk about it.  He mails Me…but Mistress..I have to go to the store to get another prepaid card, and I’ll have to walk there and it’s pouring!

I was like…tough, you won’t melt. If you want to cum, you will.  So the good boy walked in the pouring rain and got a bigger prepaid card then he told Me…..I guess he really wanted to cum.

My good boy elegant foot slave spent $231.

My long time sissy slave lily, that served Me so hard about 3 years ago, that she is still trying to fix her finances, got all excited by My cash rape trance series and spent $85 she could have used for credit card debt on Me instead.

Another long time slave, nylon slave, got excited by My reinforced toe pantyhose photos and spent $306.

And last and least was a slave…I call ze bimbo, who spent another $800 on Me mostly counting polka dots on the panties in My photos and paying Me per polka dot 🙂  If that isn’t LOSER behavior, I don’t know what is!

I have four new goody bags!  I had a frustration with a Niteflirt glitch that pulled down almost all My goody bags over the weekend…but they are all working again and to make it up to you all, I put several of them on sale! Check out My Goody bag page





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The Unethical Hypnotist runs Cash Rape Experiment!

Cash rape trance….

Cash Rape Trance-Click and pay!





The evil hypnotist has returned…

And She is testing about a new cash rape trance.

You are invited to be Her subject

Purchase this slide-show with audio.

Listen to it in it’s entirety and that is all you have to do!

Dr. Lauren will be keeping statistics on her webpage.

# of subjects
# 5 largest cash rapes as a direct result of this test
# total amount cash raped as a result of this test

I am so excited to see all you piggies get all whipped up into a frenzy and begin your descent deep into your doom.

The audio will get so far into your head….

March 20, 2015   3 Comments

Paypigs oink and pay for their financial domination!

I had paypigs going crazy left and right over this dangerous little audio series….it’s very humiliating and extreme. Buy it now PIG! It’s another way I have of training all My helpless little pets, slaves, sissies, junkies and addicts into wallet surrender

Financial Domination, paypig, addiction, hypnodomme

Oink and pay your way to financial fuckery for Lauren


Speaking of wallet surrender, I had a plethora of slaves reporting for delicious wallet rape in the past couple  of weeks, so I think a little spending report is in order!

All slaves who spent more than $200 since My last blog entry will get a mention.  I bet you are wondering if YOU managed to please Me that much?


In the extreme paypig department we have princess gigi, who is going to get her own special blog entry very soon, and she dropped $2731 since the last update.

And a guy I have marked as a potential extreme paypig and have been training responded very well. Emerging cash cow, sweet rob, was cash raped for $481 since the last update. Yea, he’s sweet but that just makes the financial brutality that much more delicious.

Long term slave tk was back, for $305 of spending, and he passed the $3,000 lifetime level in spending on his Mistress too.

Barely making My blog, was a new cuckold slave, jare, with $200 worth of spending and now he is under a cock control contract with Me!

Not new to Me, but sliding into My brand of dangerous financial fuckery was kevin, with over $509 worth of spending including a hot “financial domination phone sex” call I have  memory of Me explaining to him how no man’s wallet is safe around Me as I use My body to take from him.

PIG oinked and paid another $549 since his last update. He will hit My 100K list if it’s the last thing I do!

Shoesniff loser forked over $284.  He has such shoe fetish for My Lauren-worn shoes that he just pays Me every extra cent he can lay his little loser hands on.

Also phucked got his wallet fucked for $202 since the last loser spending report!

Another slave who swoons to My expertise as a Financial Dominatrix is pig slave brian, another oinking click and pay whore who handed over $352–mostly in click and pay while I wasn’t even at the computer. (Have I mentioned how HOT is is, to find out My piggies spent hundreds and even thousands while I was asleep?)

tPay, a long time cash loser paypig for Me, showed up with a brand spanking new account, after he tried and FAILED to leave Niteflirt to avoid My cash rapes.  We reunited with a joyous (at least on My part), $342 fuckover.

Returning for more abuse was drone walter, this time for $391 including a adrenaline boosting $100 email which pleased Me a great deal.

I love how just telling you losers that I’m pleased and sending a photo makes you pull your wallets out again and send more cash.  I love understanding the psychology of what makes submissive males tick and how to turn that desire to serve into an income stream for Me!.

and another fucked up loser paypig, steve q. fucked returned for a fast little $267 wallet reaming.

I have a few slaves enamored with My nylon covered feet…princess gigi is the most notable, but one I call nylon lover comes around regularly, and he appeared for a $245 dollar ravishment. Foot fetish combined with financial domination is powerful for some slaves.  I can get use the slave’s fetish to wrap his mind the way I want to hypnotically trance him into gifting Me large amounts of cash. YUM.

Another return victim was a slave I’ve blogged about before as “fresh meat”  Well I don’t think I can call him that anymore, because he spent another $1586 in a matter of a few days after going all the way through My Oink and Pay series!  Ok, he shall know be known as Pigskin!  Pigskin has been so sweet, mostly paying when I’m not even online. (It’s really fucking nice to come to the computer and see over $1000 in your account that wasn’t there when you left it)

and back for more abuse is the slave known simply as “faggot cocksucker paypig” His $1900 cash-rape in February wasn’t enough and since then I’ve choked another $240 or so more from his faggot loser ass. I have got his number and his addiction is going to end up leading him into bankruptcy for Lauren!

I had fun extracting another close to $400 out of My sissy becca.  The best thing is I just send the sissy an email and she buys it out sheer obedience. It’s sooo fun to fuck with her, toy with her and extract cash.


I inadvertently failed to mention a special Loser, that I have dubbed lord Loser, who has paid and paid a few time for Me, approaching quickly the $2000 level in spending.  The past week this special Loser has spent $463,  ($493…he just spent another $30!) earning his title of lord Loser.

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Robot pay pigs and huge spenders!

I finished January a bit short of My 50K goal, around 41K, but My second biggest month ever.

I then took a couple weeks of very sparse availability as I have been sooo busy with wallet rapes I needed to just chill and do some things for Myself, like shopping for My upcoming March vacation and buying some furniture and redecorating my den in My home.

But the few times I did come online, My good little piggies all lined up to give Me their cash, and ironically and happily, February has been almost profitable as January, even though I have been scarce!

The bulk of this cash has come from wallet rape toy, who I turned into a robot paypig for Me.

How effective was the Robot PayPig training?   Well, wallet rape toy spent more than $11,000 in the month of February on My deadly emails.   Since become My slave in mid-December, wallet rapetoy has spent nearly $28,000 on Me!  (Surpassing the spree by Loserbeast a couple of years ago). He is 7th on My lifetime list, and every slave ahead of him has served Me for years–not just two months!  I cannot wait to see what his totals look like at the end of 2014!

The techniques I used on him were SOOO effective, I decided to turn it into a little series for the rest of you.

*smirks*  Go ahead. The first one is *only* two dollars. Honest.


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Wallets open by Magic

Wallets open by Magic

It sure seems like that sometimes!
But the truth is, I am a “master” of weaving men into an addiction.

I confessed to a couple of slaves this week, that to become this powerful at drawing men under My dangerous spell, I studied.

The nature of addiction in general, and sexual addictions in particular.

I also studied the nature of abusive relationships.  How do abusers gain control over their victims, and why is it so difficult for the victim to leave?

I completely understand the dynamics of this, and consciously and intentionally apply the principles that will make it difficult, if not impossible for you to stop paying Me. (until you have no way to to do it) Talk about a mindfuck/mindrape!

Ask Fledgling Slave, who is now 13th on my active all time Spender Loser List, mostly in the last 4-6 weeks.   The only slave I can recall rising more swiftly was Loserbeast, about this time last year.   He is begging Me to stop exploiting him, but still he emails Me several times a day and buys what I send him.   He likes to stroke and pay during our sessions, which of course I encourage with all sorts of games and it makes him go into a “i can’t stop clicking and paying” fugue.   I’m not sure he’s really responsible for his actions at this point, but I don’t  give a fuck, it’s fun and profitable.

oh And ask Guinea Pig slave, who I don’t blog about often, but he hovers between 3rd and 4th on My all time list, a five figure spender.  When I have a new technique to try, it’s Guinea Pig Slave who is usually the one I experiment on  He is hopelessly in love with Me, despite starting out with no interest in Financial Domination whatsoever.  The poor worm can’t enjoy cumming without Me anymore.   Isn’t that funny?

Ask tPay, who spent thousands this summer on Me, and can’t stay away, is just trying to figure out how to pay Me.   He’s started scrimping and saving to pay off credit cards faster, but that is a slow route, and I want him to take out the line of credit he already has set up on a rental property he owns. (wouldn’t that be sooo much faster to pay off the credit card?)  I think he will cave in, perhaps when he reads this.  Good boy tPay–be an inspiration to those aspiring money slaves out there! Remember your mantra tPay–“Bankruptcy for Lauren”

Now, as I have said before, I have been crazy busy, and haven’t had time lately to release many PTVs, but I did manage to pull together this very hypnotic photo set.

Go buy it now

Surrender to Financial Domination



August 30, 2013   1 Comment

How a $12 Pay to view made weak men spend over $8000 on Me this weekend!

It seems so harmless..and many of you *were* able to only make this one purchase this weekend from Me..but not most of you

This slideshow..with this mind altering audio–layered with subliminal messages and a special programming exercise.


pay pig hypnosis here

So how did I earn so much from this?  Once a pay pig listens…he can’t stop.  One of My long time pay slaves…Dr X, completely lost control. He called me on the phone, and I began sending him huge Pay mail after huge paymal, and using My voice to make him completely unable to deny Me…between the paymails (which included THREE $999 emails and a $500 and $400 dollar one) and some Amazon wishlist spoiling, he spent only a few dollars shy of SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS.   Yes, it was a really profitable hour and a half.  

Now I know not all of you junkies will may that much…but I bet most of you will wish you had the money to do so….

Now, I know some of you will doubt this and I invite you to buy this pay mail, and go ahead and see for yourself.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  *smiles*

I have soo many slaves who just cannot go more than a day or two without begging for some photos, or making a call to hear My voice.  Many actually can no longer enjoy their orgasms, or can’t even get hard without Me.  Yes I do that to men, and I think its kind of funny.  I mean…not only does it happen, but I intentionally train men to become addicted to be, to become obsessed wtih Me…to not be able to enjoy an erection without Me, or at least not as intensely.

Now, I know many many many of you read this blog and have never experienced My power.  You may be afraid..and well you should be.  But you also will never know what you are missing unless you take the step and find out how incredibly erotic and powerful it is to know that I *am* reprogramming and manipulating your psyche to need to serve Me.  It will likely lead to wallet rape.  If I manage to embed Myself deeply within your mind….if My thought penetration is highly successful, you will find that you may become a victim of extreme financial domination 

Mmm Financial Fuckery and Mind Manipulation.  Get your wallet rape map now *laughs*


April 7, 2013   2 Comments

Back from vacation and wallet rape for the iFool

Wow, its been too long since I’ve blogged!  I was gone for part of March, on a hiking trip in Utah.   I had planned to update My blog and answer emails, but the resort I was staying at was blocking both sites, I guess the resort was owned by some Mormons who didn’t think porn should be viewed on their Wi-Fi.  Oops.  If only they knew how I got the money to pay them!   No matter, I got a good break from the computer, enjoyed the delicious outdoor air and got plenty of exercise.  And days went by without Me even glancing at the computer, it was a well needed respite.

Since I have come back, I’ve been busy with all you boys and sissies who were missing Me.   Of note was a nice Friday night rape of the iFool.  (His first name begins with “i” and I know he keeps refreshing My blog to look for this)  The funny thing is that he is sooo angry at spending over $900 on Me Friday, that he thinks I’m the most evil Woman that ever lived.   I might be, but just between you and Me, I actually enjoy his rants at how I’ve destroyed him.  It appeals to My inner sadist.   I’m tempted to put the iFool’s real name and his girlfriends name and email up here, just to thumb My nose at him, but the loser would probably cream his panties over it.  So iFool,, I’m waiting to hear from you again.  I think you need another 1K lesson and both you and I know that the hard on it gives you is unlike anything else!

So in other news, I’ve released a few new PTVs…be sure you see them!

This is a killer photo set from a recent shoot, I LOVE these pantyhose…(more available in My private collection–as always–just ask)

Before I went on vacation I released this killer series….it begins with a slideshow, with one of My audios FILLED with subliminal suggestions to take control of you.  The first slideshow is only $8, that’s a bargain for you. (or is it?)

And for the foot lovers among you, a nice little photo set.   And be aware, I have an extremely large collection of foot photos….stilettos, mules, barefeet, stocking feet, pantyhose, …be afraid but be  brave and ask!

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