Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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My slaves Pay for Everything, Thanks, slaves!

I’ve been a FinDomme on Niteflirt for 16 years now. In that time, I have taken more than $3.5 million dollars on Niteflirt, and easily another $250,000 in Amazon gifts and gift cards. That averages to about $234,000 annually, almost 1/4 million dollars. (Some years more, some less)

I’m surrounded by things My slaves have bought Me. Let’s start with My home which I have lived in for 14 years, purchased during the whole housing meltdown in 2009. It’s been a great investment, I got a great deal from a desperate buyer. ($50K under asking price) It’s currently worth more than 2 times what I paid for it. Thank you, slaves!

Around the time a purchased it, a slave gave Me the cash earmarked to get his own home out of foreclosure. He lost his house, and I had a bigger down payment on Mine. I do have a mortgage, but I plan to have it paid off in another 4-5 years, 11 years early. (I pay extra to the principal every month) Thanks, slaves!

I had My basement finished to provide more space. That includes another bathroom, a game room, a laundry room, and two extra bedrooms (One gets used as My boyfriend’s art studio) Thanks, slaves!

The car that I bought brand new a few years ago is completely paid off! I could get a new one I guess, but this one is loaded, has leather seats, a state-of-the-art sound system, and has low mileage. Thanks, slaves!

The past three desktop computers I have had were slave purchased. (thanks lily, dr x and wallet rape toy!) As are My laptops, and My tablet. And My cellphone was paid for with slave money. Thanks slaves!

My groceries are mostly purchased with slave cash (My boyfriend pays for some, and I don’t consider him My slave). Thanks, slaves!

The house got a new roof, about five years ago. Thanks, slaves

My student loan from graduate school is almost paid off and will be very soon. Thanks, slaves!

I can look around and see lots of items purchased from My wishlist. My phone, headsets, a recording microphone, and organizers. Art, novelty plant holders, an external hard drive, earbuds, books, and My office chair. It’s the same in every room of this house. All were purchased by slaves. Thanks, slaves!

Much of My boyfriend’s woodworking shop was slave paid! Thanks, slaves!

Vacations! I’ve been to Hawaii, Disney World several times, NYC, Washington DC, Canada, Colorado twice, Utah several times, New Orleans, Maine, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and much more. All on slave dimes. Thanks, slaves!

Regular nights out to dine and have fun with friends! Thanks, slaves!

My entire Christmas shopping list for My loved ones, year after year. Yep, all slave-bought, mostly directly from My wishlist!

Everything from the special vacations to the mundane health insurance to a bottle of water at the gas station is all slave paid. Slaves buy the gasoline too, and the heating fuel and electricity for the house! Thanks, slaves!

I needed a new heating and cooling system for the house last year. Slaves paid again, Thanks, slaves!

Slaves pay the housekeeper, the landscaper, and the dude that plows the driveway. Thanks, slaves!

Slaves buy all the stuff for My shoots, shoes, makeup, skirts, and corsets. Thanks, slaves!

Slaves buy My workout clothes and workout equipment! I got a nice, very expensive treadmill during the pandemic after a huge fuckover of noddy. Thanks, slaves!

I have a pretty healthy investment account! Almost all of it comes from slave cash. (Some I had before I was a FinDomme). I plan to be set from life off your backs. Thanks, slaves!

Keep up the good work slaves! Exploitation is your purpose!

Recent Releases

The past couple of weeks I mostly created Goody Bags (Because Niteflirt is having a Goody Bag contest, which is ending tonight)

See All My Goody Bags here

They include sexy photos, videos, and a collection of captioned photos. Go buy some.

In other payfuckery news, so many of you have been subscribing to My New NF plus Feed! I post fresh things daily, including an audio mantra and lots of fun photos and observations. I don’t want you to miss out.

I am offering this following deal. For every paid subscription between now and July 15th, (new and resubscriptions) those subscribers will get a bonus photo set in NF email from Me. It will be a preview from three different unreleased sets, so you will know what to look forward to! And those photos won’t be available to any one else. They will be retired, so don’t miss out.

I want to let you slaves and fans know that I know that My blogging frequency has declined a little bit in the past month. I had a resolution to post every 2 weeks, and I was doing great. Until NF rolled out the new NF+ subscription feed. It’s just been a little too much to handle getting content made for that and also to blog every two weeks. Rest assured, the blog posts will keep happening as often as I can.
Like this blog? Try the subscription feed then!

Fuckover Report

Lots of slaves have been making My life more comfortable lately.

Extreme Paypig Alert! I was so happy to have dr x in My sights again. Returning repeatedly to surrender and tribute more and more cash! He spent $1793 this time around. Nice!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Mind controlled loser, steve q fucked, returned to tribute. And tribute. And tribute, like a drone-brained paypig. He spent $1279. Nice!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Continuing his good boy ways is slave helpless dennis, who is completely addicted to what I do to him. He spent $1169 since My last blog post, greatly contributing to My comfort. This is correct thinking!

Paypig Alert! My good slave special k called and tributed Me again and again, while his clueless wife was asleep in the next room. How will he explain all the cash he’s spending on Me to her? Not My problem! He spent $451 this time around!

Huge Paypig Alert! Squeaking in with a Huge Alert was boomer, who continued his addicted ways, clicking and paying and calling Me in desperation. He spent just over $515 in his quest for a fix.

Squeaking in with a mention is goon junkie, with $100

Paypig Alert! Just missing a Huge Alert was My good boy j the junkie, he chatted, tributed, called and bought ptvs and goody bags, spending $491 since the last blog. SOOO close. Next time, j.

Getting a mention is dc matt, who spent $143 after having been missing in action a while. Nice to see you again matt!

Huge Paypig Alert! Finally hitting the 20K lifetime level of spending was My oink loser sissy. This sissy spent $713 to hit that level, so we set a new goal of hitting the 25K lifetime level of spending. Such a worthy goal!

My spawn kept spending, this time he paid Me $174. I bet it’s more next time!

Paypig Alert! My gimp loser earned a red letter mention, spending $394 being humiliated and insulted by Me. Such a gimpy maggot, good only for paying Me!

Good sissy bambi earned a reward by spending $174 in the pink hypnocabin!

New Slave! New to My blog is fish, an addicted boi who cannot get enough and keeps coming around. My fish spent $244 finding out about My lack of mercy!

My good boyscout showed up to spend $279, always spoiling Me! He recently passed the $40K lifetime spending threshold. Wow!

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy, irish dope, kept coming around, although we had some bad timing going on too! Despite the challenges, he managed to spend $937 since the last post, just missing an Extreme Paypig mention!

New Slave! New to Me and the blog, is a guy I’m calling “navy” and he got a good introduction to My danger by spending $109.

My good boy Lauren’s footlicker spent $124 on Niteflirt and another $25 on Amazon for $149 spending, so well done!

Paypig Alert! My good sissy, caged yankee was once again helpless to prevent cash fuckery by yours Truly! This sissy spent $442 on her intense addiction since last post.

My slave helpless tool spent $280 on click and pay. Soooo delightfully dangerous of him!

Paypig Alert! My loser noddy was back! This time he spent $429, clicking and paying, so delightful!

Huge Paypig Alert! And finally, My very good girl, buffy, My #1 Niteflirt spender was back repeatedly spending, this time she hit exactly $600. I know how to push all her buttons.

That concludes the Fuckover Report. Next time I want to see YOUR name on it, slave!

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1 Fred Lassiter { 06.16.23 at 7:05 am }

Lauren,s needs and wants always come first. She deserves a live of total luxury !!!

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