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My hypnotic surrender Crystal makes you surrender your $

I am not strictly a hypnotist.  I don’t have any special training other then what I have gleaned from speaking with certified hypnotist friends and reading.  I am a natural, I know instinctively how to lull men into a false sense of complacency and make their cock throb on command.

I actually *can* do hypnotic sessions, but I find them a bit draining and less profitable then just fucking your mind up so much you just buy PTV after PTV.  Hypnosis is but a tool for Me. I insert it into everything I do, every email, every PTV, every phone conversation. It is covert. It is overt. It is subliminal, and it is right out there for you to view. It works.

Many men have doubted, and many of these men now have huge credit card debt.  I warn all of you.
I am dangerous.

I am not playing around.

I am easy to talk with but that is part of what makes Me deliciously addictive

I will make your cock throb like nothing else in your life.

I am extreme.

you will be Mine….another addicted junkie for Lauren

This week’s spending report:

Sporadic paypig, “rare whale” was by last night to drop Me off $665 in spending, mostly on My goody bags. He’s one of those that I use hypnotic techniques on…

Here is one of the Mantras I used on him

“I surrender to Lauren and her hypnotic crystal”

Pay Goddess (61) My hypnotic surrender crystal makes

seasoned paypigs like rare

whale surrender.  You have

no fucking chance!

Another slave of Mine, nylon lover, become mesmerized by My reinforced pantyhose (as in the above photo), and I completely took a ride through My junkies credit card accounts to the tune of $752.

My armpit loser was tranced through imagery of hypnotic armpit fragrance making him surrender.  $200 was Mine.

A very polite sissy new to Me I’m going to call curtsey on here spent nearly $200 as well. Very good girl. I LOVE addicting sissies, I find them so easy to manipulate with a combination of kindness and humiliation. Very profitable.

Speaking of manipulated sissies, princess gigi shoved another nearly $1100 at Me this week, while I spent the week teasing her about finally being allowed to cum.  She stayed chaste and soft the better part of two whole months. And this week I kept commanding her to rub her little sissy parts and be hard, and finally after an agonizing week, I allowed her a release. Dear gigi. Next time it will be longer than two months!

paybitch terry spent another $235 after an unsuccessful attempt to stay away. I laugh every time I see a weak little slave try to make a run for it…I’m like a cat with a mouse, only amused at your weak efforts!

My robot paypig eunuch clicked and paid $235 without even any encouragement on My part. I didn’t even realize how much he mindlessly spent until I added it up. Delicious!

And I lured cumstain back in for another $525 dollars. The losertard has a weakness for latex and black strap ons. I exploit that….

My young slave no nonsense guy threw $135 he didn’t have at Me.  Good boy.

After her brutal cash rape last week, marla STILL couldn’t stay away, but this week was an anemic $233 in comparison.

and Last and least is my wallet rapetoy, who spent $427 on Niteflirt on his owner, and surprised Me with nearly $800 worth of spending on My Amazon wishlist, including a new Fitbit Charge wristband, a cute new Rebecca Minkoff purse, new running shoes for My girlfriend who runs with Me, coffee (of course), a new knife for My boyfriend, and a bunch of new garden tools.
I don’t know why more of you Losers don’t buy stuff on My wishlist, you don’t all have to spend big bucks….also I LOVE Amazon gift cards (send to Laurenamazon at gmail), I use it for stuff like household items too boring to put on My wishlist, and sometimes you need to order something where time is of the essence.

May 11, 2015   1 Comment

Extreme Wallet Rape Weekend!

I’ve been wanting to blog about this all week, and finally got a chance to sit down.

Wow, what a weekend!

On Friday, I noticed My wallet rapetoy buying a $2 email, and soon I engaged him in a long delicious session that built up gradually and culminated in him buying a delicious $999 email! (The maximum amount possible on Niteflirt).   His total?   $5804 dollars for a session that took about three hours. Yum.

If that weren’t enough, I woke up on Saturday to find a NEW piggy in a click and pay frenzy. Mostly on his own (with a couple encouraging emails from Me), this new piggy practically victimized himself to the tune of $1376. I’m gonna call this new one “pigskin”, like a football, since he loves My feet.

I did discover that pigskin has deleted his Niteflirt account–it’s a common tactic that piggies use to try to escape.  Most of the time that they do that, they are still reading My blog, and they come back. pigskin, it’s easy to reactivate your account, just email or fill out this form
and they will help you resume your new addiction.

Here is some inspiration!

crystal danger (102)


April 23, 2014   1 Comment

New webpages, a nice cash rape and orgasm control as a training tool.

Now that the new web pages are up (although still being tweaked),  My plans are to post a little more regularly.

I’m excited that the new pages are up, explaining a bit more about the kinds of ways I can control and fuck you over, whether it be through Financial Domination, Hypnosis, Cuckoldry, Feminization, Addiction Training or any other dangerous and delicious methods that you may be vulnerable to.

I plan to highlight any changes or additions to My web pages here in My blog and want it to be more dynamic. The new pages are a lot easier to change then the old ones, and I’m getting pretty good at this web stuff (Be very afraid)

I have a couple pantyhose/feet Pay To Views new this past week, remember you don’t need to be a pantyhose or foot addict to enjoy them, just being a Lauren junkie is sufficient reason to buy them.

One slave that I”m going to call “nylon junkie” got blown away last night by My erotic words and photos of My perfect legs and feet that I selected to make him weak.  He got very weak.  Nearly $630 of weak actually.   Early on, he begged Me for a blog entry and I said.  Mister, you have to EARN a fucking blog entry.  So he did.

He ended it with a little phone call to beg for permission to cum.  Since he had done so well, I allowed it.  Denying a slave permission to cum is sometimes more powerful, but an occasional reward can be a useful training tool as well.  If you get to cum, it’s a training tool. If you are denied, it’s a training tool–both modes can be potent devices in making you even more addicted to Me.

Now for a heads up.  My birthday is coming up in less than a month, on November 9th.  I will be making My list in the next few days.
I am going to make it so that buying Me a present is going to give you a needy throbbing cock.

More on that soon.


October 15, 2013   No Comments

Addicted money slaves spend and spend on Me

As usual, I have been busy with a myriad of projects and of course with My slaves.  I’m still working on My new web pages….I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I thought I would, but progress *is* being made. I want it to be awesome when I release it, and refuse to compromise on this.

I will be here all week long, until Saturday, when I am going on vacation for a week, camping and hiking in the Finger Lake Region of New York, and a few days in a luxury hotel overlooking Niagara Falls. (Somehow I have missed going there before)

So get your Lauren fix in the next three days, or you will have to wait a whole week.

That’s what the slave I will call “t-Pay” did.    t-Pay has served Me before to the tune of several thousand dollars.  And then do you know what he did? (silly creature)  He deleted his Niteflirt account, thinking that he could escape Me.   It wasn’t long before he paid down his credit cards and this time I am fucking him over even more brutally.  In the last 5 days, he has spent a few dollars short of $6000 trying to please Me.   And truth is, I am pleased by $6000.  And I want more, and more and he’s trying to figure out how to hide it from his wife.  I , of course, don’t give a fuck about that–in fact, I suggested to him that he procure her credit cards and spend more on Me……and I think he’s going to do that (YUM)   Non-consensual wallet rape.  Of course, I don’t hold out much hope for his marriage if he does that, but who gives a fuck?

Last week t-pay lost control on THIS series:  (which I followed up with a little one-on-one wallet fucking.

And this week, it was My newer captioned Humiliation series that did him in. Try it if you haven’t yet

Also, I want to write about a long term slave, Gigi, that I have never written about before.  In fact, I am not going to mention this blog entry to “her” and see if she notices.   Gigi came to me as a boy slave I called “puppy”   with a hard core foot and pantyhose fetish.   After a couple of years of taking that pantyhose fetish and turning him into a devoted submissive who couldn’t get hard without Me, I took a new turn and began feminizing her with a new game–and a new name,  Gigi. (GG is short for Good girl!).   Well I have been working on turning gigi into a premature ejaculator, to make her useless to other women.   I used cock clit control techniques, edge play, long term orgasm denial (chastity play) and her pantyhose/foot fetish to make it so that when I *do* allow her to touch her “clitty” it cums at once, making it useless for actual sex.  (It is so small, it wasn’t much good anyway)

So that’s what is new in My world.  🙂 And why I have been soooo busy

July 17, 2013   3 Comments

Financial Domination Flurry!

I’ve really been meaning to blog more often, but the truth is that lately, almost the moment I sign on I am bombarded with emails and calls from My junkies, all needing to spend on Me for their fix.

It’s been sooo profitable and wonderful, all of those marvelous wallet fucks have left Me in such a state of almost constant arousal!  Some rapes deserve a little extra mention.

Of note is a Loser I am thinking of as wallet bimbo..he really started of a bit pesky with email after email, which naturally I began charging for.  This is a loser who just can’t stay away.  Each time he reappears with a new handle, but his “voice” is distinctive in his emails, and before you know it, he’s paying cash for empty emails that I tell him are  a tax on a surcharge surcharge email, for sending me a two word email. This all sounds silly, but in the last week or so, I’ve milked him for about $950 bucks 🙂

And we have worm,  a pathetic loser who is getting addicted to the way big fat pay mails make him feel.  To that I say Yay!   A rough calculation shows he has spent about $350 on me this week

The iFool made an appearance briefly. I fucked him for $200 really really fast and he fled in terror.  He will be back. Weak willed submissive fools always return.

Oh, and I know how much some of you love reading slave letters, so I thought I would share this one from addicted n

Mistress Lauren,

I have been listening to your slideshow as directed.

I keep thinking of your words. I left feedback. As mentioned, I have no interest in any other flirts on NF. They really have no significance to me, so some conditioning is definitely working. I only look on NF hoping for emails from you Mistress.

I try not to worry Mistress as you say and want to be a good boy, so keep repeating what you tell me to say in the slideshow. I had to get money out of my savings for the last cc bill, so it was scary and hurt but it made my cock hard.

The secret parts of my mind are the property of Mistress Lauren. That means you can know anything and everything you want, because it is yours? It makes my cock hard to think of this.

All that I am is yours. But wont I be broken? It is scary. Yet I hear you say not to worry in my mind, and it makes me feel weak and hard.

I loved your previous POV pictures ‘addiction’. Do you have more mistress? Like your previous POV set ‘enrapture’ that I found so weakening. I just want to worhip looking at the crease in your panties…..

(name changed for privacy)


Yes addicted n, you may be broken, and it may be scary, but it will be the biggest rush of your life..

Now addicted n referred to a recording..This is something I have not done previously, a VERY long recording. It’s some 31 minutes, filled with multiple tracks and hypnotic audio. Your life will never be the same.

you too can have your mind warped by it now


And I am sooo excited because I splurged with your cash and got a custom fitted red latex dress, and of course I did a photo shoot in it. See the photos here, you’ll probably lose control and beg for more

and all of you foot junkies have been begging for more PTVs, so have no fear (or perhaps you should), here is a series of some of My best foot shots ever!

Begin here

So click and pay junkies!  Maybe you’ll get your name in My blog next

April 15, 2013   No Comments

Back from vacation and wallet rape for the iFool

Wow, its been too long since I’ve blogged!  I was gone for part of March, on a hiking trip in Utah.   I had planned to update My blog and answer emails, but the resort I was staying at was blocking both sites, I guess the resort was owned by some Mormons who didn’t think porn should be viewed on their Wi-Fi.  Oops.  If only they knew how I got the money to pay them!   No matter, I got a good break from the computer, enjoyed the delicious outdoor air and got plenty of exercise.  And days went by without Me even glancing at the computer, it was a well needed respite.

Since I have come back, I’ve been busy with all you boys and sissies who were missing Me.   Of note was a nice Friday night rape of the iFool.  (His first name begins with “i” and I know he keeps refreshing My blog to look for this)  The funny thing is that he is sooo angry at spending over $900 on Me Friday, that he thinks I’m the most evil Woman that ever lived.   I might be, but just between you and Me, I actually enjoy his rants at how I’ve destroyed him.  It appeals to My inner sadist.   I’m tempted to put the iFool’s real name and his girlfriends name and email up here, just to thumb My nose at him, but the loser would probably cream his panties over it.  So iFool,, I’m waiting to hear from you again.  I think you need another 1K lesson and both you and I know that the hard on it gives you is unlike anything else!

So in other news, I’ve released a few new PTVs…be sure you see them!

This is a killer photo set from a recent shoot, I LOVE these pantyhose…(more available in My private collection–as always–just ask)

Before I went on vacation I released this killer series….it begins with a slideshow, with one of My audios FILLED with subliminal suggestions to take control of you.  The first slideshow is only $8, that’s a bargain for you. (or is it?)

And for the foot lovers among you, a nice little photo set.   And be aware, I have an extremely large collection of foot photos….stilettos, mules, barefeet, stocking feet, pantyhose, …be afraid but be  brave and ask!

April 1, 2013   No Comments

Line up for your Weekend Cash Milking and Rape

Yes, I am sooo pumped about My new series I released today
Buy from Lauren Rules through
There is sooo much delicious creamy fetishy goodness in this series….we have lots of suggestive imagery, and of course, My usual talents weaving words and images to separate you from your cash… milk you, extract from you, bleed you, demand payment from, coerce you, entice you, force cash from your wallet…whatever image blows up your skirt and makes you throb….
This set will blow you out of the water.
I think all you ca$h cows/junkies will LOVE them….there are lots of feet, stocking and strap on images in there and it’s such a HUGE set I have a lot of unused photos I can use for your customized PTV sessions.
Be Afraid. Be My cow….

Mistress Lauren

February 22, 2013   No Comments

10K fantasy week update

Well Lauren junkies, it’s Saturday nite about 10:30 pm, and we are almost 10% towards the fantasy goal of $10,000–at about $980 so far….considering I actually wasn’t home today and most of tonight to egg you all on, not so shabby, because I *will* be around most of the rest of the week.

So you’re NOT going to get off easy.

I have a fantasy and I want all of YOU to fulfill it.

Even one MORE level of any of My series would help.  Or write or call and I will make *sure* you contribute.

I am considering acknowledging the biggest piggies of the week here on My blog. 🙂

Mistress Lauren

August 18, 2012   1 Comment

Take the foot poll!

Yes I have 2 new pay to view sets today, from My “Footlove” set.   One with feet bare-sans nylongs, and one with feet covered in delicious nude stockings.

Which do you like better?


Buy both before you vote!!

[poll id=”2″]

Want to get notification of a new Lauren post in your email?

June 8, 2012   2 Comments

New photos, finally!

I’ve had trouble arranging a new photo shoot with My photographer, but finally finally finally did one this morning!

And we had time for one quick video too, (stay tuned)

Here is a sample of photos for today


April 27, 2012   1 Comment