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I Groom Paypigs for Financial Exploitation

I groom paypigs.

I find two types of potential losers to take advantage of.

Paypigs and those with paypig potential.

I put things out on the web. On My Niteflirt listing, on this blog, on twitter, so My victims will find Me!

I tailor My words to attract the weak, the vulnerable, the lonely, all horny and with a hole in their life. Sometimes you find Me, and don’t even realize that you have a gaping need being unmet.

But I have spent years honing techniques to get inside your mind to take advantage. I flatter you with attention, I take the time to learn about you, to find out what turns you on.

Then I leverage that knowledge and begin exploitation.

If you don’t have the money to be exploited, I don’t really bother. I do have some success at making men want Me sooo badly, they figure out a way to have money so I can give them attention and take their hard-won cash.  That will get them attention as long as the cash lasts, then I will dump them.

If I judge you have a little ability to pay, I train your cock to respond to abuse and paypig themes. It’s laughingly easy.  Suddenly you can’t stay away, and I make sure you are addicted and slowly start jacking up the prices.  Even within a session, things gradually cost more (as many of you know well)

When I groom you, it will feel soooo amazing. It will also be personally dangerous. Many will attest to it, but strangely, most of those still come around. (Or wish they had the $$$ to do so)

I will push your boundaries, and your cock will love it.

Missing today is a spending report.  Why?

I have a computer programmer working on a program that will hopefully make it sooo much faster to calculate My pig’s spending, and it might be ready to beta test very soon. So I’m holding out, due to how tedious and times consuming doing it can be. I’ll do a separate report next week, new program ready or not though.

Here are some recent Pay to views you should buy if you have not!

Let Me give a plug again for Pay Mail Club, if you click this button, you will get an email detailing it.

I initially planned to send guys almost daily emails, but in reality, it turns out to be once or twice a week at most. They are small amounts, usually $5 or less, and offer extra unreleased photos of some of My older stuff. Occasionally I record a special audio or a sneak peek of a new unreleased set.






January 10, 2020   No Comments

Compete in the Paypig Olympics!

I decided to have some fun this last week of the Olympics and pit paypig Vs paypig in a run for the Gold!


  1. Contest runs from 4 pm February 18th to 4  pm February 25th (One week) This is Eastern Standard Time. (New York City time)
  2. The Paypig that spend the MOST money on Lauren will be awarded the GOLD Paypig Olympic Medal. 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded the Silver and Bronze Medals. Note: Medals are digital, not actual physical Medals. Winners will be featured a blog entry announcing their win!  Pigs who win GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE Medals will get some special stuff, to be announced.
  3. All Paypigs who spend at least $100 will be awarded a “Paypig Olympic Participation Medal” and get listed on the Blog Announcement
  4. Updates will be made at least every couple of days of standings of top 8 competitors, and a running tally of how many paypigs hit the $100 mark
  5. BONUS: For every paypig that hits the $100 level, ALL pigs who reach the $100 level will get a new photo of an unreleased set for each pig that finishes. For example, if only 10 pigs spend $100 or more, ALL of those 10 pigs will get 10 photos. If 30 paypigs hit the $100 level all of those 30 paypigs will get 30 photos, the more pigs hit the $100 level, the more photos all the pigs will get. Pigs have to hit $100 to qualify for this bonus. Work together guys!
  6. Money can be spent on things on Niteflirt, calls, pay to views, tributes, chatting. Also eligible are Amazon giftcards and purchases on Amazon.


I suggest joining PayMail Club if you haven’t, to get frequent chances to buy pay to views (but that alone wont be enough), and visit My store to find spending opportunites, or throw Me an email or chat message if you just want Me to send you some Pay to views!

Good luck pigs! May the odds be in your favor!
To get notifications about this week in your mailbox, subscribe to My blog here! You can unsubscribe at any time


To get you started, I made you a special Pay to view!

Also there are some piggies who spent $100 since the last blog entry a few days ago, and I am going to mention them now, because I want to start over with the contest!

My exposure sissy spent $122 on her exposure fun!

My british paypig spent $170 AND finally got the nerve to call Me for the first time, after years of serving Me. He was scared, probably for good reason.

My egghead spent $152 in the last few days too! He just has to surrender, obey and pay! I think he will do well in the Olympics actually

Pantyhose lover titcunt lost control on the Robot Paypig series and spent $274. I expect this bitch to be a prime contender for a medal

My virgin sissy, princess gigispent $145 in the last few days too. Good girl. Perhaps she will get  a medal too?

and finallly My longterm slave PIG spent $142 this week.

Who will get the glory in the Olympics?  We will begin now!

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The Power of Mantra Training for Financial Slaves

The power of mantra training for Financial slaves!

It’s really become My trademark, a very powerful way I infiltrate your mind to become MINE.

I know you’re hanging on every word I write…..

I know that you internalize My writings into your paypig soul.

I know that you read and stroke and read and stroke, and eventually come to realize that you MUST PAY LAUREN.

Mantras help this process.

They rewire your mind, your erotic response.

Stroke your cock when you say your mantra.

This is a simple one, many of you already know

“my cock gets rock hard when I pay Mistress Lauren”

financial slaves


I want you to try something now.

Buy this, and do this mantra while you pay

and see what happens!
financial slaves
oh and let Me point out a NEW Feature in My blog, if you look to the right—-> you will

see a sidebar entry entitled Paypig Milestones. I will be updating that each month or so. This entry is probably longer than it will be in the future.  Sometimes piggies don’t spend much at one time and miss blog entries, but loyally spend over time. Those piggies get credit too! The ones listed just recently hit the milestone indicated. Piggies nearing milestones are listed as well.

Also, I updated the 25 top paypig page.  Check it out. (It will make you hard and inspire you to pay pay pay!)

Now for the spending report:

sissy marla was back! She called and clicked and paid away $283 dollars for her Mistress. YUM

princess gigi continued her paysissy ways, getting all worked up to spend $898 dollars.

My paybitch hit the $4000 life time spending level and spent $852 to do it!

clubby spend $207 and he is sooo close too a new spending milestone!

pig dave lost control over My feet and spent $1003 in a tranced out haze!

and My australian paymoosie sent $245 worth of gift cards as I made him feel like a LOSER. (That just made him send more)

and dummy!  This dummy I know keeps emailing Me BEGGING Me to block him and not email him all the latest PTV offerings.  Like that’s going to happen as long as the dummy keeps paying. This time around he spent $283.  Ha!

slave “more please” spent $213 in a click and pay haze

sissy j spent $140. I predict another sissy exposure session awaits her soon. Mmmm

jaybee spent just over $200, and he is another very close to another milestone!

No nonsense guy couldn’t stop giving Me money for his bills. This time it was $155. I’ve been too nice to him lately, and I’m about to torque up the abuse!

My shoesniffing loser parted with $480 the other night in a steamy session in which I imaged him locked in My shoe closet.

and paycunt spent $568 on three different accounts, as his ritual of closing his account to flee and opening another one as lust for My dark abuse overtakes him to return!

and trancetard was good for another $504 worth of abuse!

and elegant foot lover was back to swoon to My toes (the 10 lovers) and give Me $218.

PIG spent $376. He’s one of those pigs that never spents HUUUUGE, but always spends a moderate amount often, over time, almost nine years actually, and that’s why he’s on My top 5 list.

tit addict, new last blog post was back with another $595 in spending. Yum. Good little tit addict, I’ve got more tit abuse ready for you!

and My special paypig LOSERbeast was back!  This time for $751 worth of delicious click and pay. Makes Me wet I tell you!

and pigskin!  He spent $383 in click and pay, and here is the fun part. It was only FIVE emails. (And one was just for $8) the other four were big ones!

and also back was wallet rape toy!  This robot paid Me $977 he was supposed to send to the IRS. Oops. This robot has dreams of living in the most disgusting of places after I make him homeless. Oh, and it also bought a computer monitor for My boyfriend.  I love making it buy My boyfriend stuff. *laughs*  Keep hoarding your cash toy, Mistress wants another vacation soon!

Also, if you piggies could please leave Me feedback on your Niteflirt calls and purchases, I would soooo appreciate it.

Also I want to invite all of you to join My Pay Mail Club. In the description, it says I send out a PTV daily, but in actuality it amounts to 2-3 times a week, and its an inexpensive way to collect devotion photos of Me! If you used to be on it, but aren’t getting the emails, you may have been accidentally removed from the list, and just ask and I will put you back on!

financial slaves



March 14, 2016   2 Comments

Tis the season for fuckovers

I have been crazy busy and can’t believe a whole month has gone by since I blogged.

I did a new photo shoot recently, and last week released a seductive series. Everyone LOVES this set…you will too

I have done several large fuckovers–

There is the “No nonsense guy” who keeps trying to resist, and while I was sleeping, would spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I guess he’s a college student and blew his tuition on Me…nice! (wonders if it was borrrowed money, no idea)


My slave shadow has still been lurking, he keeps saying he has to stay away, but he joined the pay mail club and we do a small fuckover almost every day, which makes Me VERY happy.

There was a very hard and fast fuckover of a loser that got turned on by My Pay Loser Junkie Whirlwind

<————try it here!  He spend hundreds and hundreds in one evening and sort of fled, but I expect he will return. The losers always do

Wallet cunt reappeared for a small fucking of a couple hundred dollars, which isnt chump change, but of course I have had $6,000 dollar sessions with him, so I tend to aim large with him 🙂

OH, and sissy marla reported for some nice bimbo wallet rape sessions too 🙂 Yum.

And Pay Mail Club has been wildly successful, and part of the reason blogging has been hard. I send out the paymail Club email and suddenly My junkies are all clamoring to give Me cash. Yum.

You too can join, click for information

And, I want to announce that I’m looking for Christmas Elf shopping slaves!  The past two years, I’ve had slaves buy gifts for My friends and family and send it to Me for Me to give to them. Most of the time, it happens through My Amazon wish list.  Two years ago, Dr X did this, and last year Sissy Lily did. 

If you want to do some or ALL of My shopping for Me, let Me know. It’s very rewarding to know you are making My holiday fabulous.

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It’s My birthday today AND A new pay to view series

Three important announcements

1.  My new game is here! Go see how big of a pay junkie you are.  If you’re not a very big pay junkie, you’ll get off cheaply, the first one is only $2 and all levels have photos

2. It’s My birthday, so I know some of you like buying presents for Me

It only happens once a year on November 9th!  Or send Me Amazon gift cards (let me know if you get something off the wishlist because I won’t know who bought it otherwise.)

3.  Be part of My inner circle and join the paymail club.

What you missed this week in the paymail club


Captioned photos

perspective photos from the archives

Ass Worship photos and mantra and recording..

Feedback on the paymail club from NF members

“The pay mail club is a great way to serve every day”

“The Pay Mail Club rocks”

“Thankyou for the wonderful paymail club mail”

“Word of advice… join the paymail club”

What are you waiting for?

Enjoy the goodies!
Mistress Lauren

November 9, 2012   2 Comments

Oh and 4 more shopping days until My birthday!

I have not done a good job this year alerting all of you minions to My birthday! It’s Friday, November 9th 🙂

I’ll be releasing Pay to Views that day for you to buy of course, because “I like money”

And tributes are really nice, and of course, I am updating My Amazon wishlist, and also Amazon gift cards that you can send to are also really appreciated

And I’ll be adding stuff to My wishlist alll week-if you get Me something, let Me know..

I really really NEED the Senseo coffee pods. I have their coffeemaker, and I can no longer buy the pods in my grocery store, so I can only get them online, and I LOVE My coffee… that is something I always appreciate.

November 5, 2012   No Comments

Still here and raping wallets!

I’ve been a bit less available this week.  First, I had to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, as I had warnings in My area in New Hampshire.

The good news for Me, is that I made out just fine. Several of you emailed or tweeted Me to see if I was doing ok, and happy to report, that it was not bad at all in My area.  Thank you for thinking of Me.

Despite not being online much, the click and pay junkies were out full force, and another week beyond expectations in My bank account!

Back to My regularly scheduled wallet rapes.

Speaking of Wallet rapes, I have a new wallet rape Exploitation photo set up and ready to penetrate your money slave psyche. Buy it now, if you haven’t yet

And very exciting News!

I want to announce My Pay Mail Club.

Many of you are addicts who need My daily fix.

Many of you are future addicts who would benefit from Daily Indoctrination.

Get info.  You will want to join. There will be stuff that you can *only* get by joining My club

There is a financial domination Blog entry coming up..when I manage a moment: 
I may title it

‘you know you’re living your life for Lauren when….”  Or maybe

“you now you’re living poor for Lauren when….”

We’ll see 🙂

November 2, 2012   1 Comment