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Compete in the Paypig Olympics!

I decided to have some fun this last week of the Olympics and pit paypig Vs paypig in a run for the Gold!


  1. Contest runs from 4 pm February 18th to 4  pm February 25th (One week) This is Eastern Standard Time. (New York City time)
  2. The Paypig that spend the MOST money on Lauren will be awarded the GOLD Paypig Olympic Medal. 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded the Silver and Bronze Medals. Note: Medals are digital, not actual physical Medals. Winners will be featured a blog entry announcing their win!  Pigs who win GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE Medals will get some special stuff, to be announced.
  3. All Paypigs who spend at least $100 will be awarded a “Paypig Olympic Participation Medal” and get listed on the Blog Announcement
  4. Updates will be made at least every couple of days of standings of top 8 competitors, and a running tally of how many paypigs hit the $100 mark
  5. BONUS: For every paypig that hits the $100 level, ALL pigs who reach the $100 level will get a new photo of an unreleased set for each pig that finishes. For example, if only 10 pigs spend $100 or more, ALL of those 10 pigs will get 10 photos. If 30 paypigs hit the $100 level all of those 30 paypigs will get 30 photos, the more pigs hit the $100 level, the more photos all the pigs will get. Pigs have to hit $100 to qualify for this bonus. Work together guys!
  6. Money can be spent on things on Niteflirt, calls, pay to views, tributes, chatting. Also eligible are Amazon giftcards and purchases on Amazon.


I suggest joining PayMail Club if you haven’t, to get frequent chances to buy pay to views (but that alone wont be enough), and visit My store to find spending opportunites, or throw Me an email or chat message if you just want Me to send you some Pay to views!

Good luck pigs! May the odds be in your favor!
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To get you started, I made you a special Pay to view!

Also there are some piggies who spent $100 since the last blog entry a few days ago, and I am going to mention them now, because I want to start over with the contest!

My exposure sissy spent $122 on her exposure fun!

My british paypig spent $170 AND finally got the nerve to call Me for the first time, after years of serving Me. He was scared, probably for good reason.

My egghead spent $152 in the last few days too! He just has to surrender, obey and pay! I think he will do well in the Olympics actually

Pantyhose lover titcunt lost control on the Robot Paypig series and spent $274. I expect this bitch to be a prime contender for a medal

My virgin sissy, princess gigispent $145 in the last few days too. Good girl. Perhaps she will get  a medal too?

and finallly My longterm slave PIG spent $142 this week.

Who will get the glory in the Olympics?  We will begin now!

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My slave Dr X

Dr X is what I’ve called him in my mind since he won My online contest “The Game”  last summer.  He has become much more to Me since, and a loyal and devoted slave.

The past couple of weeks he has truly awe=-inspiring and the rest of you should take a page from Dr. X.

Last week after spending about $1000 on me, he went to my Amazon wishlist and purchased me a brand new laptop computer, and a very nice 35mm SLP Canon digital camera with a zoom lens. Actually, he accidently purchased 2 of those beautiful cameras, and he told me to return it for a $500 Amazon gift certficiate.  Nice!  Those arrived Thursday.

And last night, My good boy went crazy finishing my high stakes Hypnotized Money Slave series and spent over $2000 dollars, culminating in a $999 paid email. I wasn’t even there egging him on, and he did it anyway, just to surprise Me!

What a awesome sight  to see all that money in my account! I began My day with  a huge smile on My face, the rest of the weekend is just going to be frosting.  And good timing, because I’m going on a short vacation in July, and its nice to have a little extra pocket money.  Oh, and I’ll have a beautiful camera to record all my vacation adventures 🙂  New Orleans here I come!oh, and for the record, this is the game that created the mindfuck that made him pay and pay and pay

Well done Dr. X!

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