Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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The Game: 2022 Edition

It will run until Monday, Sept 19th at 10 PM est

Standing and Results page here

What is the Game 2022?

In 2009, I had the original paypig competition. The Game. It was a smashing success. If you desire, you can read about it here, but those are the rules to THAT game.

The Winner of that competition is a familiar name to you all, Dr X, and it was in that game, I gave him his blog name.

All Pigs Entering will get a mention. The Entry consists of buying the First PTV in the Game 2022 Series

This is the entry! Buy it to enter!

If you do not have a blog name, I will give you one and let you know what it is.

In the 2022 version, there will be two categories to win in. You are automatically entered in both categories

Category One: The Biggest PTV purchased. I will offer “The Game 2022” PTV series, which goes up to $100, than I will do custom emails for any and all pigs that reach that level. All pigs will get PTVs on the same schedule.
The schedule is:
$150 $200 $250 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700 $800 $900 $999 (the largest permitted on the Niteflirt system)

In the event of 2 pigs buying the $999 level, I will send additional $999 ptvs as a tie-breaker.

Category Two:

Total Spending during the time period. From the time I begin the game until it ends, I will calculate total pig spending. If you buy Me a gift on My wishlist, I will also add the dollar value of that in. (So if you buy Me something during gameplay, tell me!)

Surely you jest? Your prize is the GLORY. You get your name mentioned on My blog. And I will give you extra attention for a few days 🙂 (Sooo worth it)

Follow the Game on My Twitter Account @laurenrules

So what are you waiting for? Get paying!

Need to have the barriers broken down to enter? Try this video.

Fuckover Report

So I can start fresh for the Game 2022, I’m doing a short fuckover report for the spending over the last 2 weeks 🙂

Extreme Paypig Alert! Dr X has reemerged just in time for The Game 2022. This good boy spent $711 on Niteflirt and 476 on Amazon (mostly giftcards) to total $1187 for his extreme mention! Sooo erotic!

Paypig Alert! Warming himself up nicely for the game is boomer, My extremely addicted slave who managed to spend $492 since the last blog post. Very nice!

Surrendering himself to spend $263 was helpless dennis. Phone connection issues kept him from getting a paypig alert, but I believe he will hit it next time!

Paypig Alert! another pig warming himself up for the paypig competition was tPay, who dropped $446 on me one dangerous evening!

Coming around after trying to stay away was “glue” I managed to fuck him over for $280 one evening. Nice!

Paypig Alert! Earning another red letter mention was My very good boy irish dope. This good boy loves pleasing Me and rushes to get home from work so we can play. He spent $375 since the last blog entry

I had a fun time degrading and humiliating jerk jockey on the phone last night in a raise the rate session that cost him $155

Huge Paypig Alert! A client made a stealth one day appearance with a new member name. I believe he has been around before, but I have no idea who it was. For this time around, he’s loser289 and he spent $521. Nice!

Just barely missing a paypig alert was j the junky, who spent $295 getting more addicted to Me!

Huge Paypig Alert! Earning herself a nice mention, is My very good girl buffy, who just can’t stop spending. She will stay away for a few days, and come back and bing. I attribute this to the brainwashing.

Helpless dave is so weak for My body, I can tease money out of him sooo easily. He spent $142

Good girl caged yankee spent $157 this time around!

Barely earning a mention was My good boi wayne who spent $100 exactly

My taxpayer has been slacking in his tax payments, but he did do an installment for $282 recently

My good boy Lauren’s footlicker spent a total of $143 between Niteflirt and Amazon gifts. Such a very good boy!

My spawn stopped by to click and pay $152 away