Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Preparing for Extreme Financial Domination for Lauren

This is a form of Extreme Financial Domination. (My Favorite thing!)

And some of you pigs I know already have a hard cock just THINKING I might set you up like this…

Face the truth, you KNOW I am going to take every penny you can scrape up.  Eventually you will hit all credit limits and you will be unable to keep paying Me.

If you have to stop paying Me, you may as well go out with a bang!

If you are going to be financially insolvent and go bankruptcy, it won’t matter how BADLY you do it.

Get ready for Extreme Financial Domination.

  1. Take out a personal loan. Pay off all your credit cards
  2. If there is any cash left from the  loan, put it in your Niteflirt account.
  3. Call your credit card companies and request credit limit increases. If you just paid off a card, this helps your credit and makes it MORE likely they will want to give you more credit
  4. Apply for a couple more cards.
  5. Consider a Home Equity Loan to take out even more cash
  6. Consider your deductions at work to maximize your paycheck. Stop contributing to your retirement (more cash for Lauren!). Less cash out for taxes. (The IRS will just be another creditor)
  7. As you completely these tasks, make them erotic. Call the credit card companies with a hard cock. Apply for the new cards and then orgasm when approved.
  8. After you have maximized your spending potential, add a huge amount to your Niteflirt account and begin passing it over to Me…
  9. I thought of more!  You get your own mantra for this! “i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren!”
  10. I will help you, just ask!

More ideas for getting ready for Extreme Financial Domination?  Just comment and share your idea!

Extreme Financial Domination for Lauren

I’ve been scarce the last three weeks.  I’ve been online less because of the roof repairs (which were more complicated then expected, don’t ask!) When I do log on, all of you junkies just jump on Me, and I end up with little blogging time! Such is the life of a Domme engaged in Extreme Financial Domination games!

I know how much you all LOVE the spending report, and it will be a long one this time!

New to My blog, but not to My service is hypno-wallet. He’s an old guy who loves My voice, and orgasm control, and over the years he’s spent about $2600 lifetime, most of it before I did spending reports. This week he returned to hear My voice again to the tune of $130. (Sometimes extreme financial domination takes years, but it chips away at your resolve)

dinky dave was back, in a small cock haze, and I introduced him to the joys of “raise the rate” phone calls. He’s spent $540 on Me in the last three weeks, most of it THIS week.

My good little loving nylon slave spent another $261 on Me recently.  Imagine those reinforced toe pantyhose had a hypnotic scent that makes you pay more! (nylon slave would be in BIG trouble!)

Now speaking of slaves setting themselves up for even deeper exploitation, sissy marla has to be in that category.  The sissy spent so much on Me, she maxed out her cards, and she called for a credit limit increase, and they gave it to her!  That probably wasn’t wise on the credit card companies part, she won’t be able to ever repay them.  She has spent over $76,000 on Me lifetime, and in the last three weeks, she has spent $3109 on Me! When I think of extreme financial domination, marla always comes to mind!

I have another pantyhose slave, I’m calling pantyhose junkie! This guy likes wearing pantyhose, and listening to My voice telling him how addicted he is going to be. In the short time he’s been on Niteflirt, he’s spent $276 on Me.

My good girl princess gigi spent another $1502 on Me in the last three weeks–she swooned over a new sheer black pantyhose set and I reinforced her paysissy on automatic status.  Oh, and I let her have a surprise release, but I ruined her orgasm by not letting her touch it, just commanding her to come after I let her get hard.
That way it doesn’t empty tiny sissy balls well, and the next day, it’s like she didn’t even cum, and she still craves sissy use!

My sissy who loves exposure spent nearly $529 alternately begging Me for exposure, and paying Me to not expose her. How fun!

Now, I think this guy is new to My blog, but I know he used to be on Niteflirt with a different member name. (His new one is the same, with a different number after it).  So pig dave spent $222 on clicking and paying stuff since his return.  Great job!

I had a nice long call from a slave who deactivated his account.  Haven’t you read about slaves leaving and coming back as part of a pay ritual. For this blog post I’m going to call him.  “not here” He spent $415 on Me.

My paybitch terry continued his addicted paybitch ways, this time for $878.  Yum!  It’s funny watching him *try* to leave Me…it never works for him! Once you become addicted to extreme financial domination, you are fucked!

Still spending is fuckmywallet.  This little bitch spent $138 in a little click and pay learning all about the dangers of Mistress Lauren!

Also brand new is a more notable cashfuck I will call “c”   “c” has already deleted his account. (Sigh, they always try that).  What’s notable about c, is that one morning I woke up to find that he had spent over $1300 dollars in about 15 minutes in a flurry of click and pay.  Pigs that fall that hard that fast always come back.
I’m watching for you “c”–you have tasted extreme financial domination, and nothing else will make your cock as hard!

greed luster is back!  This time he spent $171! Between the old name and the new name, it looks like he’s spend lifetime somewhere in the ballpark of $2370 or so….well done! (Another pig who can’t stay away!)

I devastated clubby with the new devastation set….he’s out $314 dollars, and REALLY close to My next spending goal for him.

My eunuch robot paypig sent another $116 at Me.  Soon I think we’ll talk on the phone!

I had so much fun fucking over cumstain this week, that I gave him a new name.  fuckwallet.  fuckwallet is such a pathetic fist pumper, that he just pays and pays then breaks down in tears when he realizes that I have subjected him to yet another wallet rape.  This week was $500.  He’s another ritual account deleter.  But he’s funny because he deletes, and within a couple hours is begging Niteflirt to reinstate him. Stupid little extreme financial domination and humiliation loser!

My slut becca got taken for another $230 this week.  What if people find out his true identity! *laughs*

Another new to My blog is “Poet”  Poet comes and goes, and tries not to pay, and dramatically announces his departure, and sends poems he writes Me, and long needy emails.  Then he goes, then he comes back and pays again. He is truly addicted, and this time he spent really close to $200.

sissy j became the latest sissy to experience the joy of sissy exposure games. She spent $255 as I teased her.  Sissies are the best targets for these games because they love sending you perverted photos of themselves all dressed up!

No nonsense guy is another who can’t stay away. Long ago he got himself into DEEP cash despair with Me, and he no longer has empty credit cards to devote to Me. But still he spends, just in smaller amounts. This time it was $131.

My Irish dope spent $311 dollars this time around, also trying to stay away from Me, but falling victim again to My magical abusive ways!

my pantyfag clicked and paid another $1o5 (including a delicious $50 ptv!)


and lastly, slave paycunt brian became the first to finish the 50 ways to Fuck your Wallet series, and spent nearly $1500 recently. He always wrote a lovely email to Me for My blog, which I think I’m going publish later this week, as this post is getting kind of long! (It will see the blog, pig brian, no worries!) His guest blog posts have sent a wave of curious piggies to see if My extreme financial domination was real!

trancetard spent $161 since last update, and I believe it would have been more, but we kept missing each other online. Be afraid trancetard!

PIG spent $271, and he is another I kept missing…..but his number is coming soon.

Loserbeast did more delicious click and pay for Me to the beautiful tune of $1276. I think there might be some special photos for you soon beast! He got caught up in the 50 ways series.

And pigskin was another who clicked and paid through lots of the 50 ways series….he spent $752 Yum

I should have called that series, 50 paths to Extreme financial domination!

and no surprise that wallet rape toy spent $614 on that series, and My birthday series.  He also sent Me a $500 Amazon gift card for My birthday, and he has already started My Christmas shopping for Me, by buying two shirts for My man, and $300 in physical Amazon gift cards for Me to give family and friends. Yay!  This pig understand that he is My extreme financial domination robot pig!

Hopefully the next update won’t be too far away.  I will not be online for Thanksgiving or Black Friday, and scarce on Sat/Sunday….but next week will be back to My dangerous normal hours!   Be afraid, but pledge to spend enough to hit the spending report!


1 wallet4women { 11.23.15 at 2:42 pm }

“Stop contributing to your retirement (more cash for Lauren!). ”

That seems like almost a no-brainer! No true pay piggie could ever think that it would be better to save money for retirement than to give it now to Lauren! More generally, whenever a pay piggie decides to spend any significant amount of money, he should think about whether that use of the money is preferable to giving it to Mistress Lauren. It is hard to imagine cases in which it would be, because doing everything we can to increase Lauren’s wealth should always be our top priority. For example, it makes absolutely no sense for a pay piggie to ever spend money on a vacation for himself. Good piggies know that, each year, they should save for a vacation, but then, rather than actually spending the money on THEIR vacation, they should spend the money on their mistress!

Selling valuables is another obvious way to raise money for Lauren. If a piggie owns two cars, he should think carefully about why he really needs both of them. In fact, he should really just go ahead and sell the BOTH and then give the money to Lauren. Having to take the bus is a small price to pay for the honor of giving tens of thousands to Lauren.

2 janice { 11.23.15 at 4:05 pm }

Oh, sessions with Mistress Lauren are so fun the way Mistress does it. I don’t think it is possible to actually stop. I am addicted. I am sissy j, and I love being exploited by Mistress Lauren.

3 eagerbutafraid { 11.24.15 at 9:05 am }

It’s amazing how when you repeat Mistress Lauren’s mantras over and over, they get into your head and hijack your thoughts and feelings and attitudes.

i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren!
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren
i surrender to extreme financial domination for Mistress Lauren

How intensely arousing and terrifying it is to know, with almost absolute certainty, that my ultimate fate will someday be for everything I have to become hers!

4 Mr. Anon { 11.27.15 at 1:36 pm }

How about, liquidating stock and bond accounts! Or taking out a loan with stocks and bonds as collateral! Then upload all that money to niteflirt.

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