Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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The Paypig’s Guide to Jerking Off

1, Mistress Lauren has given your Loser cock a purpose. It gets jacked off to enrich the bank accounts of Mistress Lauren. No other purpose is acceptable.

2. Listening to Mistress Lauren’s audios (or the audio portion of her slideshows and videos) is a great way to train your cock to please Her. Need some? Find some here or here

3. When your cock gets hard, it’s time to spend, head over to Niteflirt, or My pay to view store and start spending! You won’t believe how good it feels to stroke and pay

4. The longer you spend edging your cock and paying, the more intense and explosive your eventual orgasm will be! Try it.

5. In today’s world, with a cell phone and privacy you can jerk off anywhere! Anytime is the perfect time to pay Lauren and stroke your dick.

6. When you jerk off, focusing on the mantras that I give you, or you hear in My audios makes the experience more erotic. Try it!

7. Jerking off and paying Lauren is MORE important than having sex with your wife/girlfriend.

8. I know there are non-paying lurkers who jerk off to My blog posts. You know, you would have even MORE intense orgasms by paying, so if you are in this category, stop being a freeloader and surrender and pay!

NO more jerking until you pay!

Do you have this yet?
This is the first chapter of My Story, which will be an ongoing serial, and the pigs that bought this are raving about it, talking to Me about it and asking when the next installment will happen (Friday Feb 3rd, 2 days away)

I have a new dangerous slide show too, featuring more LR ULTRA brainwashing for you, get that too!

And as always it is time for

The Fuckover Report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Absolutely losing herself in My manipulations recently is My devoted long time sissy slave marla. This sissy has been with Me for more than a decade, and her lifetime spending is about $125K. (yes, not a typo) This time she added $2801 to her delicious total! She loves Me and sacrifices sooo much! Such a good girl.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My good girl buffy is on the verge of financial ruin, but she can’t stop. She tries. She tells Me she is going to spend less. Did she? Nope. This helpless sissy is so deep in love with Me and enamored by pleasing Me that she spent $1917 this past two weeks

Extreme Paypig Alert! Sliding deeper and deeper under My power is boomer, who has been craving fuckovers from Me more and more often. He spent $1712 in the past two weeks. Tasty!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another pig who is hopelessly addicted is helpless dennis. I have noticed that the harder he tries to quit his addiction to Me, the more he ends up paying Me! This pig spent $1540 this time around.

Extreme Paypig Alert! My newer sissy slave randi has become addicted to Me quickly, and has submitted to exploitation solely through raise the rate phone calls! In the past two weeks, this addicted sissy has spent $1175! Such a promising paypig for Me!

Extreme Paypig Alert! Another slave achieving an Extreme Paypig alert this time around was button! This addicted slave has spent more than $17K lifetime stroking and paying Me. Splendid!

My addicted slave sniffer, called again, spending $102 this time

Huge Paypig Alert! This freak slave almost had an extreme alert, and his addiction has reached new levels of danger. He only fucks his own palm, (we named his palm, Delores) and pay Me. Such a loser! He spent $940 in the last two weeks

Earning a mention again is Loserbeast, who spent $104. The best part is that he will also get a mention on the next blog, because he showed up and spent while I was writing this and after I calculated spending for everyone!

My special good boy tom continued with his Financial Domination therapy and spent $172 in the past two weeks

My good slave, Lauren’s footlicker did very well, spending $203 on Niteflirt and $43 on Amazon for a total of $246. This slave has consistentely spent for years!

Huge Paypig Alert! Another huge alert for My addicted payslave special K. This guy loves to call with his wife in the next room, as I describe how I am the superior Woman who deserves his $$ more than his wife. He spent $690 in his devotion to Me

My good devoted worshipper, nylon slave spent $138 sending to his Goddess.

surry was back clicking and paying and spend $108. Well done!

Huge Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG has achieved another plateau of addiciton, and he keeps returning to stroke his paystick again and again and again! Delicious! He spent $548 in the past couple of weeks.

My pantyhose addicted slave called a couple of times and I deeped his addiction to wearing pantyhose. He spent $160

Paypig Alert! My Niteflirt slave earned $411 since the last blog. I think he needs a better name. Ask Me about it NF slave!

My good boy freckles earned a mention with $107. He told Me about his plan to have a 4 figure session, and I am excited about that!

Paypig Alert! My good slave bloom was back again. SOoo addicted. This time for $416 worth of spending, such a good piggy!

pignic squeaked in with a mention for $100. Sometimes I think you guys plan it!

My slave cheekie got another mention for $102. Nice!

Paypig Alert! I am SOOO happy to give wallet rape toy a paypig alert! This pig spent his way into bankruptcy with Me several years ago, lost its house, spent more than six figures between Niteflirt and gifts, and I’m happy to see it have back spending again. It spent $316 to earn its mention this time!

My “white knight” was back, just missing a Paypig Alert, spending $298. It was a very nice and expensive phone call!

Formerly “because Lauren says” and now Leather john, he spent $138 on a new account pleasing Me. john, let Me know if you see this

My true loser, aka mr ed, LOVED My financial domination story. It spurred him on to $213 in spending since the last blog entry!

My spawn just missed a paypig alert, but he was obedient and clicked and paid $276 this time around. I really like this boy.

It’s been a while since My good boy “q” got a mention, but he earned it this time with $118 in spending the past two weeks. Nice!

New Slave! This slave found out how dangerous I am in just a couple of days! I am calling him dumbass, and he spent $224. Nice!

my good boy oldie was back, clicking anding paying and earning a blog mention for $106 of spending!

Getting another mention was beta male bert with $127 of spending. He’s really close to the $4k lifetime spending threshold!

Oink loser sissy earned a mention for $106 worth of spending on her march to hit $20K lifetime!


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