Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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A long time since the last post, but you guys keep spending!

I cannot believe that it’s been way over a month since I blogged!

I’ve been really busy in My personal life lately (Life happens), and haven’t been able to even be as available as much, although you guys still manage to spend!  I’m working on trying to improve My ability to keep My blog up to date, and doing the spending reports (This is gonna be a LONG one)

Since you’ve all been so patient, I thought you all deserved a new gallery.  These are some photos from upcoming sets waiting to be released! You have a lot to look forward to, including a couple videos too. And I’m always doing new shoots too!


The Fuckover Report!


Starting off on the Fuckover report are a couple of Legendary paypigs!

Legendary Paypig! Spending more than anyone this interval was tPay.  This pig gorges on extreme financial domination and then disappears for a month or a couple years. I wish I could cash rape him every night like this!  He spent…..$6,092 in one session!  That’s what losers like him do. I bet he reads this and shows up for another wallet RAPE!

Legendary Paypig! Dr x can’t stay away. He spent $3,740 on Niteflirt and another $700 on Amazon. That’s a total of $4440 since last blog!  Lifetime on Niteflirt alone (not counting Amazon) he has spent over $156K lifetime, and probably at least 30K or so lifetime on Amazon too!  He’s been with Me for almost 13 years now.

Extreme Paypig!  Good girl princess gigi aka fagmuffin couldn’t stop her spending ways.  This sissy has been on again/off again with her girlfriend, but either way she can’t stop her addiction to Goddess Lauren.  This time around since last blog, she has spent $1470 (in six weeks)  She is completely helpless to My mercy (or lack of it more accurately)

Extreme Paypig! Good little loser PIG was back stroking his pigstick and paying more and more. How much?  $1,238 since last blog!  BOOM!

Extreme Paypig!  My good boy sunshine took a little spending break, but came back in fine form!  He spent $1,535 in cash and another $450 on Amazon, for almost $2K total spending on his Goddess. Good boy sunshine!

Extreme Paypig!   The long gap between blog entries helped paytit ATM to hit extreme status.  This piggy can’t afford this, but he does it anyway, because he is a victim of his addiction to Me. He is a good ATM loser. He spent $1007 since last update!

Next is long time loser paybitch terry.  He knows he’s a loser, pretends he isn’t sometimes, but he is. He comes back again and again. He spent $179 this time around, but I’m predicting a bigger session soon.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Good boy boomer spent $600 on phone calls and click and pay!  I LOVED seeing it. He’s getting pretty close to the $4,000 level of spending!

Back again and spending $154 was cartman.  Do it again loser!

Paypig Alert!  Back for more abuse was steve q fucked. I managed to rinse the loser for $391. He deserves to lose more cash than that to Me…. I’m waiting steve.

My special good boy spent $131, he returns again and again.  I really enjoyed our calls.

Paypig Alert!  My special good boy who loves stolen moments called Me a few times and bought some pay to views.  He spent $319 since last blog entry!

Spending $200 during this period was helpless dennis. He finds he can only cum now by calling and buying photos of My tits.

Paypig Alert! My good boy nylonslave couldn’t stop worshipping Me. He spent $350 worshipping Me! YUM

New to my blog is dusty, who squeaked into a mention with $100 dollar phone call.

My elegant foot lover spent $127.  I miss him, we haven’t connected much lately!

Huge Paypig Alert!  jeffnomore called Me twice and clicked and paid while he did it. These long calls and pay to views ended up costing him $758 since last blog entry!  Nice!

My long time slave clayton has been calling me since he was 18, and we figured out that I altered his brain development because he was still impressionable. I have no mercy, and he’s headed toward financial ruin at My hand.  He spent $258 this time around.

Huge Paypig Alert!  My good boy and financial gelding and I had a fun chat and tribute session and it was very profitable for Me!  How profitable?  He spent $559.  YUM. Can’t wait to do it again!

Back with a couple of phone calls was piglette, this little piggy spent $120 since last blog entry!

Calling for the first time in a while was gimp loser. I thought the worm had died, but apparently not. He spent $178 of his end of life cash on Me.

Huge Paypig Alert!  Loser noddy was back buying My pay to views one night. He spent $360. Soon he will be getting another legendary mention. I feel it in My bones.

My good sissy cocksucker went to sleep in a trance for Me and spent $275 as I had fun twisting the sissy’s mind!  This sissy is only about $7 short of lifetime $5k spending!

Huge Paypig Alert!  My long time slave eggy was back for several delicious paypig sessions. I can never get him to buy huge emails, but I can get him to buy a ton of moderate ones that add up.  He spent $693 since last blog entry!  I happened to notice that his lifetime spending is up to $39,910, so close to 40K!

Good boy gutter dweller was back for $130 of click and pay just a couple days ago.  Yum.

Paypig Alert!  The dane was back chatting and buying pay to views, and I was happy to see his spending add up to $395!  I like a dane with cash to spend!

Also doing click and pay a couple of days ago was beta male bert, who spent $144.  Nice!

another click and pay addict, that I call “click addict” haha, was back and spent $221 mindlessly buying emails.  Those click and pay guys that just spent on their own are really easy!

Huge Paypig Alert!   Sissy bambi just cannot stay away, even though I scare the crap out of her since I have unedited photos of her dressed in her sissy getup, and can expose her whenever I want.  She spent $602 since the last time!

Getting a mention this time is Lauren’s footlicker.  This good boy doesn’t usually spend a lot at once, but he spends every week and over time it’s added up.  This time he spent $110 and lifetime he is up to $3,565. Over time it accumulates!

My good girl sissy j spent $143, lifetime she is closing in on $12K ($350 more to go). Another example of how regular smaller amounts add up!

Lastly, getting a mention is wallet rape toy.  He spent $122, since I bankrupt him and they took his house, the courts have attached quite a bit of his income. But he still spends what he can on Me.  He had several legendary sessions with Me. Now he strokes to the memory of it.

Load up your account, so you can make extreme paypig memories with Me!





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1 LoserJ { 12.11.19 at 10:16 am }

Thanks goddess. You are our supreme divinity to worship. We have been waiting very patiently for updates. We will keep spending on you!

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