Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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Free Extra to My Serial Fiction Story

I am really enjoying writing My Fiction Serial, the Live in Paypig. I’m planning to publish Chapter 3 this coming Friday (2/17/23) My pigs have been clamoring for MORE!

Here is a free “extra”

Entitled “Oops”

Matt was a long-time admirer of Lauren, but at best he could be described as a lurker.  He subscribed to the webpage, but that was the extent of his spending on Her.  He devoured every word of Hers he could find, Her phone sex listings, Her blog, Her pay-to-view store, and now Her fabulous webpage. He no longer had orgasms unless they were from something of Hers, Her webpage, Her writings, and even Her feedback.

And now there was a paypig opening! That was the most arousing thing he had ever heard, his cock stood up and he stroked and stroked it all week long, as the applications came in. He never commented on the forum, but read every word, and the interrogation of the paypigs by the subscribers was deliciously humiliating.

He thought he would pretend to apply. That would be so hot! He downloaded the application and wrote out his answers. He took the prescribed photos, nude. Erect and soft (the soft one required him to jack off twice, he was so aroused by the whole thing) He saved those too. He saw the application fee. $750. That made him gulp. He had never spent that much on his porn habit ever! 

All week he fantasized about serving Her in person. He knew it would never happen, yet here was a chance. His cock throbbed with the fantasy.

He kept looking at the application.  $750.  He wondered what it would look like seeing his subscriber name “mouse” on the payment ticker next to $750.  He only saw it on the ticker when the monthly renewal of $50 came around.  He liked looking at the ticker of payments.

$75 tribute received from goondude

$15 for a photo bundle from fireman dan

$25 for mantra bundle from goondude

$30 received for video purchase from wallet toy

$50 subscription renewal from sissybuffy

The last day to apply arrived.  It was a Saturday, so he wasn’t working. He stroked his cock all morning reading the forum, and the responses to the applications.  Lauren posted a reminder this was the last day for applications.  He was so turned on.

He was staring at the application. He put the fee in the online checkout cart. He had to attach the application to an email in order for the cart to appear. The instructions in the cart said the email application would be sent automatically once the payment was received.

He stroked his cock and played with the pay button in the cart.

He was so turned on he pressed the button by accident, and it was sent!  He applied by accident!  His card was charged $750!! He came immediately.  He looked at the payment ticker and screenshot it.

$750 application fee received from mouse

$10 tribute from gentle ken

$15 audio from sharkbait

What would happen next?

He felt himself get hard again.


You can buy and read chapters one and two (at the time of this writing)

Begin here

Already have Chapter One? Here is Chapter Two

Also released recently was this dangerous slideshow

A word about My schedule.

I have been working hard recently sessioning you guys, which I LOVE, but it makes it harder to write, make audios, blog posts etc. So I am doing a temporary modification of My schedule, probably lasting 2-3 weeks. On Monday and Thursday afternoons, I won’t be doing calls, chat or PTV sessions, because I am going to get a lot of content creation done for you guys! I will be around in the evenings as My usual schedule. Feel free to drop and email or chat message asking about My availability. I will be around Wednesday and Friday afternoons and some Sunday afternoons, as usual.

Now it’s time for the FUCKOVER Report

Legendary Paypig Alert!

Dr x is back with a vengeance! I LOVE sessioning this good boy and he was spending, $1549 on Niteflirt and an additional $1098 on Amazon totalling $2647. This made My whole week! Getting the presents is soo much fun!

Huge Paypig Alert! My very good boy boomer is caught in a spiral of addiction, unable to stop calling and clicking and paying. I approve! He spent a hefty $931 this time around.

My robot paypig, wallet rape toy got another mention, this time for $278. This pig is playing with danger again!

Huge Paypig Alert! My tit slave, helpless dennis, continued his addictive ways, tributing, calling and buying pay to views. He spent $699 since My last blog post.

Calling and tributing $193 since the last time is My loyal slave j the junkie, he is sooo addicted to My alluring hypnopussy!

Once again under My power is My extreme leg slave jeff, who just missed a paypig alert, but who spent $291 in spending.

Earning a mention is payhog scott, who spent $109. I’m looking for more from you payhog!

Paypig Alert! My good boy PIG just squeaked into a red letter mention by spending $301. The addiction continues!

New Slave! New to My blog is snowball, who spent $124 finding out just how dangerous I can be. He’s just stratched the surface! Welcome snowball!

Back for more was fruity, who spent $157

Getting another blog mention was spawn, who spent $282, missing his paypig alert by a few dollars

New Slave! Another new victim was tool. Who plunged deep into My mind control pay to views. I am dangerous to pigs, and he is finding out! He spent $274

My good boy, Lauren’s footlicker spent $131 on Niteflirt and $28 on Amazon spoiling Me for a total of $159. Well done!

Huge Paypig Alert! My sissy buffy is eternally addicted. My triggers are like poison for her weak will, and she can’t stop spending! She paid her Queen $555 the past two weeks

My slave loser, footdazed bought a custom audio and did a good amount of click and pay to spend $130 on Me this time around.

My flipoff idiot did some click and pay for $116 worth of spending.

Huge Paypig Alert! Another good girl sissy was marla, who is too addicted to stop, even after years. She spent $631

My oink loser sissy, just missed a red letter mention, but spent $287 running her lifetime spending total up! En route to 20K!!

I love seeing Loserbeast get mentions. I want to pull him back in DEEP. He spent $227

Unable to stay away is sissy caged yankee. This sissy spent $133 this time!



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